Chocolate Coconut Clusters Recipe

healthy coconut chocolate paleo primal desert low carb recipe

This recipe is almost too good to be healthy, and amazingly, it is one of my family’s most delicious and healthiest dessert recipes!

Chocolate Coconut Clusters

These chocolate coconut clusters also have only 5 ingredients, are simple to make and kids love them! My kids eat these like candy…. in fact, they prefer these to candy! They taste like a mixture of almond joy bars and raw coconut macaroons, and are a dessert you can feel good about letting your kids have because they are packed with healthy fats!

Nutrient Rich Ingredients:

The simple but nutrient dense ingredients are what make these so delicious, filling and nourishing. They contain:

  • Coconut flakes: A great source of protein, fiber and beneficial fats.
  • Coconut Oil: Has hundreds of uses and benefits. A great source of medium chain triglycerides and beneficial lauric acid. It is also filling and anti-fungal, making it effective at fighting overgrowth in the digestive track.
  • Almond Butter: Another source of quality fats and protein and it provides great flavor to this recipe. Sub or leave out if you have an allergy.
  • Dark Chocolate: Good source of magnesium and antioxidants. Some studies even suggest it might lower the risk of heart disease.
Healthy Coconut Bites Balls recipe

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Chocolate Coconut Clusters



Yield 12 +

A simple and rich nutrient-packed dessert with coconut, coconut oil, almond butter and vanilla wrapped in a dark chocolate shell.


  • 1 (5 oz) bag Flaked or shredded coconut- unsweetened
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. In medium bowl, mix coconut flakes, 2/3 cup melted coconut oil, vanilla, and almond butter until well mixed.
  2. Using hands, form into 1 inch balls and put on a plate.
  3. Put the plate in the freezer until the clusters harden completely.
  4. Once the clusters have hardened, melt the chocolate in a double boiler with 1 TBSP coconut oil until smooth.
  5. Dip the clusters into the chocolate and put back on a plate or in a small baking dish
  6. Put them into refrigerator and eat once they get cold.
  7. Enjoy the awesome mixture of crunchy chocolate shell and chewy coconut center!

Courses Dessert

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Try these… seriously! And then tell me about them below!

Who doesn't love chocolate? These chocolate coconut clusters are delicious and healthy. Only 5 ingredients and the kids can help make them!

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Reader Comments

  1. How much oil in each step? 2/3 in first…1 tbl in second?

      • Katie, it was clear to me !

      • Recipe calls for 1/3 c coconut oil. Instruct say 2/3 c. Readers say 2/3 c too much. What is correct?

    • I just tried making these and the proportions are totally wrong. Adding 2/3 cup of oil to a tiny bag of coconut and you get a bit fat oily soup. Please review these proportions. I am having a very frustrating time trying to save this mess, albeit a tasty one.

      • How do you suggest melting the coconut oil? I would like to try these. I haven’t ever used coconut oil, but I look forward to it. Thanks for the article. I haven’t bought coconut oil, so I don’t have calories counts etc…so do you know the caloric count, fat etc.?

        • Coconut oil is liquid at about 72 degrees, so I just place the glass measuring cup on a warm surface (I use my top of my toaster oven when it’s on). You can Google calories for coconut oil, but the jar will have the info you need right on it.

      • I just made them and chilled the mix in the fridge first before shaping, as mine was soupy as well. They are amazingly delicious once you figure that out. I’ve been using coconut oil in cookies and know that it has to become firm again before shaping. Yummers!

        • Also, I suggest using parchment paper as mine got beat up trying to scrape them off the plate.

          These clusters are divine with bittersweet chips.

          • Lisa – thanks for this added info. I’m in the middle of making some now and also put mine in the fridge to help harden them up so I can shape them. Great tip on the parchment paper, I’ll be using that.

      • I agree! It was a total mess. Too much oil. I ended up using .65 lbs of nut butter and lots of coconut. They were runny but we made it work.

        • I came back on here to see if anyone else had the same problem as me… yes, the proportions seem all wrong! WAY too much oil, however, like Kimberely, we adjusted, and then adjusted again!! And we made it work. But I put in an entire bag of coconut that was 16oz! Wellness Mama… whats the story?! (ps: the end result IS very tasty, but thank goodness I had the extra coconut on hand or I would have just thrown out the oily mess!)

          • I made these yummy treats twice now. They turned out fabulous! Put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 1/2 hour. They rolled beautifully. Then I put the rolled balls in the freezer for about 1/2 hour. Cooled the chocolate a bit and them dipped them, put them back in the freezer, and they were perfect! I keep them in the freezer and when ever I get my craving for something sweet they are ready to bite into. I did add about 3 oz more coconut, added nuts and raisins too. Just my preference on trying something with added ingredients.

          • I also think there’s an error as far as the amount of coconut oil. I only used 1/3 cup coconut oil and found that it was plenty. Result is definitely delish!

      • The recipe calls for 1/3 cup coconut oil

        • It’s been changed … It used to call for 2/3 cup oil ….

          • Yeah, I wondered looking at it. The ingredients list says 1/3 but the recipe says 2/3.

    • I need help I did the recipe using the 1/3 and I read everyone’s comments before trying this recipe so mine came out not soupy at a all and I’ve added a bunch of extra almond butter and coconut oil and now it’s been in my fridge for 2 days cause I lost my motivation but I really want one!!! Lol so any way to save this mixture I’ve already started ? Also the bag of coconut igot was 8.8 ounces so I just eyed that when putting it in but I couldn’t be that off HELP please 🙂

    • Does anyone know the nutrition count for 1 serving?

    • I just made these. How awesome! I actually had some creamed coconut I added to help hold the whole batch together and cut down on oiliness of coconut oil. found creamed coconut at a Mennonite store. Also refrigerating the recipe before rolling into balls really helped hold everything together. Did not use freezer. Made similar treat for dogs using peanut butter and oats minus chocolate. Thanks for sharing Katie.

  2. Just made these this afternoon! Sooo good. I love dark chocolate, so these are perfect!

  3. I’m going to make these tomorrow! I need to have great snacks for my kids so that I can wean them off the snacks they used to eat…crackers, and packaged crap.

    • any thoughts as to why my mix was SO runny…?.. 5 oz of coconut did nothing to bind it all so I added at least triple that..then chilled it…then made the balls since there would be no way to have made the balls with how runny it was…. maybe i should have let the melted coconut oil melt..?…however, then , it would have hardened…. sigh, they did taste good though…but i am wondering what i did wrong?…. i shouldn’t have had to add soooo much coconut shreds…

      • Follow the recipe the way she says, 5 oz coconut, 1/2 cup almond butter and 2/3 melted coconut oil… and of course the vanilla! It’s not going to form a “perfect” ball, like cookie batter. but it will form circular shapes, like a mound. Try forming them smaller as well. Hope this helps.

        • I just made them for the first time and I too had a VERY runny mix, like pancake batter. I kept having to incorporate ingredients to help the mix form some sort of shape…disappointing. I think there’s too much coconut oil for the amount of other ingredients.

          • What kind of shredded coconut did you use? I think there is some variation among brands…

          • I, too, had problems with the mix being too liquid. Then I thought that there might be a difference between shredded or flaked coconut that this recipe calls for and what I used – dessicated coconut. I added about 2-3 ounces more to make the mix manageable but the centers were more of a soft but crunchy texture as the dry dessicated coconut doesn’t soften much in the oil. In any case, it’s all good!

            Another little discovery I made was due to having some excess coconut filling and no more space on the baking tray I used for the mounds. I felt a bit lazy to make more mounds after finishing the chocolate dipping of the first batch, so I just mixed the coconut mixture into the remaining melted chocolate and poured it into a mini loaf pan. The result was a coconut chocolate bar much like the coconut haystacks I used to love. Just goes to show, totally yummy things can come out of a lazy afterthought!

        • I had the same runny mixture problem. I solved it by putting the mixture in the fridge for about 1/2 hour or so until it firmed up enough to handle. It worked beautifully. I also double dip them in the chocolate: I freeze them then dip and put them back in the freezer for a few minutes and them dip them again! Awesome! I put one in my smoothie in the morning and have one as my after dinner treat that tells my system I’m done eating for the day. Thanks Mama for this recipe, it took a little playing with but all good things do!

      • I just tried these and I agree with you . I think 2/3 cup of oil is too much for the amount of coconut. I could not make balls with my hands, it would have been a mess. I started to use only 1/3 cup of the oil and now I wish that I had done that. I will next time I make these. Otherwise they were pretty good.

  4. I have a daughter taht cannot have any nuts (in any form) or chocolate… any other ideas for treats or special snacks?

    • You could get things like beef jerky, cheese cubes, and berries. My kids love those for special snacks. Treats could be a little tougher. I’ve used sweet potatoes as the base for pancakes, cakes and breads before instead of even coconut flour, and this seems to work great (especially with cream cheese icing) I’ll try to get those recipes up soon or email them to you.

    • on a different site the lady replaces nut butters with tahini that she sweetens with honey might that be an option for your daughter?

  5. Is there a way to make those chocolate coconut clusters using unsweetened cocoa and sugar substitute? I am all about coconut oil, but please no sugar. Thanks.

    • We usually make them with bittersweet or baking chocolate. You can also roll it in cocoa powder before you freeze it, or melt coconut oil, cocoa powder and stevia in a double boiler and dip in that instead.

      • Is there anyway to make balls without the shredded coconut? I love using coconut oil but hate eating the shredded!!

        • HA! Seriously? The questions, complaints and “can I make these without chocolate and coconut”….??!! Perhaps this is pessimistic but this has me thinking one of two things, 1.) READ what the recipe is and move on if you can’t eat one of the main ingredients and 2.) I will NEVER, ever post a recipe online

          • I couldn’t agree with you more!

          • Amen! I totally agree too.

  6. Sooo good! All the ladies at the meeting loved these and couldn’t believe how easy they were. They were relieved and excited about the healthy ingredients!! Thank you so much!

  7. I made these yesterday for the first time. I accidentally omitted the almond butter (this is what happens when your 2.5 yo son is “helping” in the kitchen). I should have realized since they were hard to “ball up.” They froze well, though, and they were amazing! They are way better than the dark-chocolate-covered Ritz crackers that I send out as Christmas gifts. I think that gift has been supplanted. Thank you so much for this recipe! I will try to include the almond butter when I make them again, but I can’t imagine that they could taste any better!

  8. I made these over the weekend. Awesome!

  9. Hi Mama,

    Do you use refined or unrefined coconut oil for this recipe?


    • I use unrefined extra virgin, though refined might work too. The
      coconut taste from the unrefined is really good in this though. If
      you use refined, just make sure it is solid at room temp or it won’t
      hold together.

      • I was just wondering about the almond butter? If you have a peanut allergy is there any concern using the almond butter or is there a substitute? Or can it be omitted all together in this recipe?

  10. A-freakin-mazing. I made these as an attempt to quell my son’s cookie addiction…and I created an addiction of my own. These are awesome!

  11. about how many will this make?

    • Depends on how big you shape the clusters, but it makes about two
      platefuls at my house, which is over 20.

  12. These are AMAZING! My aunt made them for our Easter dinner and I had to have the recipe. 

  13. I got the baker’s chocolate 8 oz bar and would like to know how many squares I’d use for one recipe.  Also, would you weigh the 5 oz of coconut if you have it in bulk?  If I make my own almond butter, would the Eat Fat, Lose Fat recipe by Sallon Fallon and Mary Enig work?  It already has coconut oil and honey in it.  

    • Probably about 1 bar, though if you wanted to make it go farther,
      just add more coconut oil when melting it… you’ll still get the
      great chocolate flavor and crunch but with less actual chocolate and
      more coconut oil. The almond butter recipe you have should work. If
      anything, just have a little extra coconut to add if it is to thin,
      but I doubt it would be. I’d probably just weigh out the coconut, but
      if I remember, it works out to about 2 cups last time I made this.

  14. These were a big hit with my husband. He’s not into anything that is not the “real” thing and detests subsitutes. The great thing about these is just that: they are the real deal.

  15. I have Rapunzel Organic Cocoa. How much would I need to use? Also, to sweeten the cocoa I have coconut palm sugar, agave and raw honey.(I have stevia but my son doesn’t like it)Which is best and how much? Last, how much coconut oil and do i need to use the double boiler? Thanks so much.It would probably be so much easier to buy the chocolate.:)

    • My kids also dislike stevia. I will often pair it with another sweetener now to amp up the sweet taste. For example, just a teaspoon of honey or agave in tea, plus 4 or 5 drops of stevia. Now they all tolerate it fine.

  16. I had a question about the Chocolate Coconut Clusters below.Thanks so much!!

  17. Made my second batch of these tonight!  Love them!  I have been passing them out to all my friends and clients.  Every time I eat one I feel like I am getting a great does of coconut oil.  This time I added some almonds :), can’t wait to try them.  Thanks so much Wellness Mama!

  18. Just discovered you through Marks daily apple. So nice to meet you ;0)

  19. These have become our family favorite, but I add lots more coconut otherwise it was too runny and I just put it in a 8×8 pan… Delicious!! Thank you!

  20. I’m going to make these for a Paleo Happy Hour that I’m attending on Friday. I’ll let you know how it goes! Love your site 🙂

  21. could I make these with peanut butter instead of almond butter?

    • Yep… we just don’t use peanut butter personally (it’s a bean not a nut) but it does work in the same ratios…

  22. I didn’t like the coconut oil flavour particularly (I’ve bought 4 or 5 different brands but can’t find one that I actually like), so the 2nd time I made this I used almond butter instead, with just a little coconut oil. It was DIVINE!!

    • Thanks for this because I don’t really like the flavor of coconut oil either but I really wanted to try to make these!

  23. Looking forward to having a healthy chocolate option for when the chocolate demon cometh!

  24. HOLY SMOKES! This is AMAZING! SO simple, SO delicious! THANK YOU WELLNESS MAMA for ALL YOU DO!

    Have a great day!
    Jeni Clark~

  25. Soooooooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!  Thanks Mama!  I love your site 🙂

  26. Mine came out way too runny and didnt have any more coconut 🙁 I had to add oats and sesame seeds lets hope they turn out okay!

  27. After reading through the comments I see that I’m not the only one who ended up with a runny goop. I think there needs to be less coconut oil and much more coconut. I am surprised that a lot of people seemed to have success, yet mine was so runny. I’m curious to whether they had to add extra coconut. Once I got the mixture thickened it was definitely delicious. Cocoa powder was one ingredient I used to thicken it and then I had to use ground flax seed as I had no more coconut. 

    • I have made these twice. The first time they were a little runny but I could get them into balls, but the second time was horrible…they would not stay together. The only difference I can think of is that the first time my almond butter and shredded coconut were both stored in the fridge before I made them. The second time everything was room temperature. I am going to make them again but might just put the mixture in a 8X8 pan and pour the chocolate on top to save time. 

      • No extra anything on my part. I simply cover and chill the mixture, stirring occasionally, then I can actually roll them into perfect balls for freezing. It adds about 1\2 to 1 hour of time but its WELL worth it. This recipe is amazingly delish especially if you sprinkle the tops with sea salt after dipping and before chilling. I eat one every day with my coffee. The tricks are (1) chilling the mixture, (2) using parchment paper lined chopping blocks or pans and (3) adding a little pizazz with sea salt.

  28. I have a tree nut intolerance but I really want to make these! Do you have any suggestions for almond butter substitutions?

    • You can use peanut butter if you eat it, or just omit.

    • I made these with sunflower seed butter and they came out delicious! Super addicting!

  29. Just made my second batch of these. They are perfect for a special little yummy treat! Delicious! Although don’t eat too many before you go to bed, I was lying WIDE awake for a couple of hours after over-indulging! 

  30. Made these with my kids just now and wow, they are amazing, however I only had sweetned coconut on hand (im sure it makes it LESS healthy and I wont be as guilt free eating these with my kids) I also used cashew butter as that was all I had. SO YUM!

  31. Mine wouldn’t hold together so I just popped the mixture in the freezer for 10 minutes and then they rolled together fine. I’ve just got my balls in the freezer (wow that didn’t sound right ha ha) and am very exited to get the chodolate in them and give them a try.
    Thanks for all the recipies I’m very exited to try the hollandaise sauce tonight.

  32. Can I use frozen cooconut?

    • I’ve never tried… if there isn’t any extra moisture when it defrosts that I don’t see why you couldn’t…

  33. Made these with my non primal husband. Not only is it fun quality time but these are AMAZING. We both love almond joy so we made small ovals and put a raw almond in top of each one. He likes it better than the crap-in-a-package you buy at the store, which is saying something since he loves the bad for you foods, especially junk foods.

    I’m slowly weaning him… 🙂

  34. Do you know how many calories are in these?

  35. Just made these yesterday for the first time using your homemade chocolate recipe as well, fabulous, kids love them! Mine turned out slightly runny as well so I had some mini cupcake liners that I poured a little chocolate in, then the coconut mixture, let harden a few minutes and topped with more chocolate. I ended up with with mini “reese” cups, they were quite a hit! Love your site, thanks for all you do.

  36. I made these today, I planned on doing them like the clusters (and putting them in the freezer to cool down first because of the consistency) but I got a call to go out so I leveled it out into a 8×8 baking dish, put it in the freezer and when I came back home a few hours later it was frozen. I cut it into squares then coated it in the chocolate. I only tried one that wasn’t coated yet it was pretty good I can’t wait till they are set with the chocolate!

    • Oh yes, they are delicious! I believe my daughter will approve of these if she gets a chance to eat any 😉

  37. Like many others, my coconut/almond mixture also came out too runny. Part of my problem was undoubtedly that I put the extra 1Tbs of coconut oil into the filling. However, it was much too runny for that to be the only factor. I’m wondering if it has to do with measuring methods. I used liquid measuring cups to measure both the coconut oil and the almond butter. Also, I measured the coconut oil AFTER melting it. My questions are:

    1. Liquid or dry measuring cups?


    2. Do you measure the coconut oil before or after melting?

  38. Guys how many clusters come out in a batch? I’m doing an oral for school and I am also making peanut clusters. Please help!

  39. I made the clusters and the only twist I put on it was added some cinnamon & nut, meg and a touch of almond extract. The way to combat the runny mixture due to over mixing is simply pop bowl in fridge for 10 minutes, freezing will seize it up to much, love them enjoy a Happy Mommy

  40. Guys how many clusters come out in a batch? I’m doing an oral for school and I am also making peanut clusters. Please help!

    • Depends on how big you make them but usually around 18

  41. I’ve made these a few times now (have been keeping them in my fridge and taking them to share with family when I see them) and I have to say – It is TOTALLY worth it to make the chocolate yourself… The first batch I made I did the chocolate chips way with 1 TB of coconut oil, and it was good, but my sister gave me a recipe to make homemade chocolate using coconut oil so the next batch I tried with sugar to sweeten the chocolate. Still PRETTY good but the sugar didn’t dissolve (my mistake) so it gave it a gritty texture. This time I used honey to sweeten the chocolate and it is oh so delicious. Smooth melt in your mouth texture, just the right amount of chocolate taste and sweetness. It’s just unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, a little vanilla and sweetener, I like that it uses more coconut oil (1/4 cup, I think, but I had to make 2 batches of chocolate so 1/2 cup) that way so that’s just a little more I’m getting into our diet. My 2 year old cannot get enough of them I keep having to tell her no more. All the kids in my family have loved them even the picky ones!! Love that I found this recipe!

  42. Could I use white chocolate for these? Or will something go wrong if I do?

    • I haven’t tried it but it will probably work…

  43. I am allergic to nuts and peanuts is there anything I can supplement the almond butter with?

  44. I’d love recipes made with fresh coconuts and raw chocolate powder, cocoa butter… I live where fresh is in abundance and dried, processed and packaged is not. Got anything for me?

  45. I have to say I just made these over the weekend and my friends (and myself) could not stop eating them-so easy and soooo delicious! I will definitely will make them again.

  46. All the dark chocolate I find has sugar as a main ingredient… is this bad?

    • Any chocolate that is less than 51% pure cacao (ALL baking bars have the percent marked on the package.) will have sugar as the main ingredient. The higher the cacao percentage, the more bitter the chocolate. something like this would taste perfect with a 70% dark chocolate.

  47. Anyone from UK knows what almond butter is? Is it like peanut butter? And do you have the recipe in our measurements, i.e ounces or grams please? Thanks!

  48. I have a question, when I cook with coconut oil I get a coconut flavor. How do you get rid of that flavor?

    • Use refined coconut oil, not unrefined. Refined coconut oil doesn’t have the coconut scent.

  49. I just made these and they came out perfect. If you are measuring the shredded coconut, it is 1 1/3 cups. They are Really yummy!!!!

  50. Can you make these omitting the chocolate (due to allergies)?

  51. Do you have the nutritional info for these? Calories, carbs, sugar, etc? I made these last night and they are amazing!

  52. I LOVE these. So tasty. I make them really small and put them in little paper truffle cases, they look so cute!
    Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

  53. OMG! Thanks to you Mama, I was able to put my friends in to a orgasmic trance with these delicious and scrumptious coconut clusters!! And make no mistake…they are THAT good! In making them however, I used only 1/2 cup coconut oil, and my mixture was good to roll in to balls. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

  54. Just discovered your site today and already tried this recipe. I agree with the other comments, placing the coconut mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes made it easy to roll into balls. They are more delicious than I imagined. My 7-year old is already hooked wants me to make them for her class for a healthy Valentine’s party treat. 🙂

  55. I chose to use the coconut oil at room temperature when I mixed these up rather than melting it. Worked like a charm! I had no problems rolling it into balls. I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I made my own dipping chocolate with 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder + 4 tsp coconut oil + stevia to taste. They are unbelievably fantastic! It’s all I can do not to eat the whole plate myself.

  56. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!! Made these today. Added a spoonful of supergreens and a scoop of cococeps (idea taken from Linda Wagner’s website) in the chocolate mixture. Can we all say…
    decadent and healthy 🙂

  57. I ended up loving them, as did my husband, but I had a few problems with the directions. I got my oil a little too hot during the melting process and I couldn’t get my mixture to hold together enough to make balls. I ended up refrigerating it for a few minutes and that worked a little better. I also should have greased my plates or lined them with plastic or something because they stuck after being in the freezer and again after chilling, although my husband got to scrap off the plate. I should have read all the comments before trying it, I guess. I’ll definitely make it again!

  58. I didn’t see the calorie, fat, carb, etc. counts for the chocolate coconut clusters. Can you provide?

  59. I just made these today and they are great. However, after eating one I felt like I drank two cups of coffee ( I was hyper and jittery). I’m sure if it’s from the chocolate -I used the brand you suggested. Do you have any suggestions on other chocolate brands or toppings that would work good for this recepie? I would appriciate any tips. Thank you so much!!!

  60. I notice the recipe calls for UN sweetened coconut. I’ve never seen anything but sweetened. Anyone know what store carries unsweetened? Thanks

      • Thanks for your reply. I did not see a link above. I did check out Tropical Traditions, but could not use that kind of quantity. I’ll check Whole Foods, or just make it wth sweetened and hope it’s not too sweet.

  61. Oh my, these are fabulous! I entered the recipe into My Fitness Pal and came up with this nutritional data, based on my batch of 28 clusters, using unsweetened Baker’s chocolate (1 bar) and no added sugar or sweetener:

    Per cluster,
    Calories: 112
    Fat (g): 11.2
    Saturated fat (g): 7.3
    Polyunsaturated fat (g): 0.9
    Monounsaturated fat (g): 3.6
    Trans fat (g): 0
    Cholesterol (mg): 0
    Sodium (mg): 17.9
    Potassium (mg): 82.9
    Carbs (g): 2.6
    Fiber (g): 1.2
    Sugars (g): 0.8
    Protein (g): 3
    Vitamin A (%): 0
    Vitamin C (%): 0.2
    Calcium (%): 2.9
    Iron (%): 5.1

  62. These were delicious! I only had sweetened coconut 🙁 BUT I made almond butter by grinding blanched almonds (put them in boiling wTer for two minutes, then rinse in cold, then pop the skins off), instead of using Jif peanut butter. I used to strongly dislike coconut, but it’s growing on me. Thanks for the recipe, I’m on Day 2 of the Wellness Challenge.

  63. I made them with sweetened coconut as that was all I could find. I had been given some 70% cacao Lindt dark chocolate for a gift; I don’t like it plain so used it to coat the clusters. Perfect use for “Too Dark” chocolate; the flavors set each other off very well, and made a foil to the sweet taste of the filling.

    As others did, I put the mixture in the freezer to harden before rolling balls, and put the balls back in the freezer before dipping. That worked very well. Very easy and fast to make.

    They were good, but too oily for my tastes. I feel like I’m biting into oil rather than coconut. I love the taste of coconut oil, but it’s just too much. We consume a lot in cooking, anyway, so don’t need to try to sneak any more into our diets. If I make them again I will add just enough oil til the coconut sticks together.

  64. I found your site this morning while googling treatment for my seborrheic dermatitis. I was reading your 101 uses list and saw this recipe and had to try it. A trip to the store later and I was back home whipping them up. And yes, they are easy AND delicious. I goofed up and bought organic peanut butter instead of almond butter, but they’re still good. I also added almonds and used almond extract instead of vanilla. I figured out what everyone was saying about it being too runny to form balls. It was more of a candy making process, where I put a small blob of filling on my parchment paper and formed it into a little haystack. One thing that really surprised when I was trying them, was that they’re really rich, but I didn’t get the little tickle (almost gag reflex) at the back of my throat like I do when I eat a sugary candy bar or sickeningly sweet piece of chocolate cake. I wonder if it’s ’cause I went with dark chocolate or if maybe the coconut oil was keeping my gerd from flaring up. Or maybe both, I don’t know. Either way, they’re delicious. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe!

  65. These are the best dessert ever. Guilt free in my book. They are my go to sweet of choice!! Love em!

  66. I added some chopped almonds to the mix. My husband loves them, says they are his new all time favorite dessert!

    • I made them today and added sea salt on top. Soooo delicious! Pure Ocean (coarse Atlantic), Black Cyprus, and Murray River (Australian). I follow the recipe exactly, chilling the mix in the fridge before shaping, dipping using chop sticks, and now with a pinch of salt on top. I wish I could post a picture.

  67. I agree with most of the comments re: too much coconut oil. I use about 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil to make the mixture enough to stick together to form balls, and if it doesn’t, I end up dropping a tablespoon of mxture on to parchment paper, freeze it and then also drop a tablespoon of melted chocolate on top of the mixture to cover, then freeze it again to set.

    The only flaw is when you want to give away to friends, you want to make sure they don’t melt before they get them home.!!!

  68. Is there any way to make this without almond butter? I have a sister with nut allergies (she can have coconut) but I need an almond butter replacement…

  69. I haven’t tried these yet, but I am familiar with coconut oil. I am seeing that lots of people are finding the recipe runny, and I am wondering what type of coconut oil was used. I have found that Coconut oil for lower temps is less liquidy and the Coconut Oil for higher temps can be very liquidy when heated. Before I attempt to make these, I figured it was a question worth asking. What type of Coconut Oil should be used in the recipe for optimum results?

  70. I melted 2/3 c coconut oil and 3 tbsp raw butter in a saucepan on low heat. Add butter first as it takes longer. Once melted I added 1/3 c slivered almonds and an 8 ounce bag of organic unsweetened coconut I got at walmart. I heated the mix up for a minute mixing constantly. Then stirred in a tbsp of vanilla bean paste and let the mix cool in fridge. I used a bar of organic dark chocolate from traders joes. I also sprinkled some pink salt on the tops. They were so good!

  71. Just a tip for those with “soupy” mix. I added a tad more almond butter and then refrigerated before making balls for about 10 minutes, it thickened the mixture to make the balls;)

  72. I’m in the UK and tried converting all the measurements but it didn’t work at all! 🙁 they are oily and crumbly and won’t stick together to form balls. What am I doing wrong? I was so excited to make these but my baking skills are just awful apparently. Maybe I’m using the wrong measurements when converting…? Please help. Thanks!

    • Sorry this is a year later, but I just saw your post. King Arthur Flour has an ingredient weight chart that should help you. It does me.

  73. You’re the best.

  74. Great Paleo dessert! Refrigerating the mixture worked perfect. I let the melted chocolate cool before dipping. If you dip when the chocolate is warm it melts the balls. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  75. OK so I’m new to this site. I tried this recipe with my children and thought it was going to be a complete flop. My kids had messy coconut stuck to their hands and had problems making the balls, but we did the best we could….They came out so good!!! I learned a few helpful tips for the next time I make these. I will definitely make these again. They are so much better than the items we usually make. I’m trying to make healthier items for my kids. They are super picky. And they LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Hi wellness mama,
    Thanks for the great recipe. Was easy to make and delicious !

    I started with a half a portion of coconut oil and then added gradually to get desired consistency. It came out perfect. I also added a teaspoon of grass fed butter instead of almond butter (didn’t have it at home :).

    I just have a question! How do you store them?? I left it in the freezer, feels like it’s gonna melt if I leave the out??

    Thanks a lot!!!

  77. Made these for the first time today. I used roughly 1/3 cup coconut oil in total, added an extra small scoop of almond butter and coconut flakes, and some ground flaxseed. I also found it was easier to roll the batter into balls After putting the mixture in the fridge for 15 – 20 minutes. Then proceeded with the chocolate coating. (I use Lily’s brand- highly recommend! Vegan and stevia sweetened). Turned out great! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  78. I followed the recipe exactly and it was a total failure, a big gritty glop which was kind of a hassle to scrape into the compost bucket. 🙁

  79. If you were to recommend a brand of chocolate, which one you would?

  80. Hey! thank you for the recipe!
    Is the vanilla powered? Or liquid?

  81. I made the switch to whole, real food about 6 weeks ago. I completely cut out all forms of refined sugar and this was the first “dessert” I made myself. So, so good! I generally don’t follow recipes exactly so I just used as much oil as I felt was necessary. I also added a mashed banana, put it all into a food processor, then flattened the whole mixture into a square Tupperware layered with parchment, poured a little coconut oil on top, and popped it in the freezer for a bit. Then poured the chocolate on and then back to the freezer. After 15 minutes I pulled it out and cut into squares. Absolutely delicious. This is just one of many recipes on your site that I have been enjoying, thank you!!