Brain Power Smoothie

Brain Boosting and Skin Nourishing Protein Smoothie

Ever want a smoothie, but don’t want one packed with sugar that will leave you hungry in half an hour? For a filling snack or meal without the insulin spike, consider this delicious coconut based smoothie that is similar in taste and texture to a milkshake, but much more satisfying. It is even a fast on-the-go breakfast, and kids love it!

The protein in this smoothie comes from the gelatin powder and egg yolks, while the coconut milk and coconut oil provide beneficial fats. If you are not comfortable consuming raw egg yolks or don’t have a trusted source, you can absolutely leave these out. If you are new to Gelatin, I’d recommend starting with only a teaspoon or so a day and working up, as some people notice temporary digestive troubles from taking too much at once.

The banana is optional or it can be replaced with strawberries or any other fruit.

Brain Boosting and Skin Nourishing Protein Smoothie

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"Brain Power" Smoothie



Yield 2

A filling and delicious smoothie with beneficial fats, protein and natural flavors gives you a great energy boost!



  1. Put all ingredients into blender or Vitamix and blend until smooth.
  2. Wasn't that easy?!


This recipe can be adapted to fit your preferences. You can use cold brewed coffee, tea, almond milk, or coconut water as the base and add other fruits or flavors. The main thing is to get the gelatin and coconut oil for the proteins and fats.Note on Egg Yolks: Many people feel uncomfortable using raw egg in any form. After much research, I feel comfortable giving my children raw egg yolks as long as I know and trust the source of the eggs, but as always, do your own research before consuming any food raw!

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This brain power smoothie combines healthy fats like coconut oil or MCT oil with the skin and hair boosting benefits of collagen.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi there, I love your breakfast ideas. You hit on my exact struggle. For these smoothies, didn’t you say they had egg yolks? How many for the recipe? Also, how do you keep your coconut oil from solidifying with the cold ingredients?

    • Sorry! Just added that. What I get for writing late at night I guess! I usually add two egg yolks and the texture is great. We have a vitamix, so that helps with mixing everything smoothly, but even when we just had a regular blender, the eggs help the coconut oil emulsify and it all ends up pretty smooth. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Wellness Mama! I really want to try this, but the egg thing is throwing me a for a loop. Do I just put the egg yolks in raw? I’m very new to this diet so this may be silly, but won’t that put me at risk for Salmonella? Thanks!

        • Yep, just throw the egg yolks in raw. It is a great source of
          proteins, fats and nutrients. Just make sure you are using quality
          eggs from a source you trust (local farmer, etc) and there will be
          virtually no risk of salmonella. I wouldn’t try it with store eggs

      • Ummmmm what if your allergic to raw eggs what can u substitute with instead of the raw eggs ?????

        • You could just leave them out if you can’t eat them.

      • I’m curious why you don’t use the egg whites as well?

    • Hi! Can you use the “gelling” type of grass fed gelatin? That’s all I have & my gummies didn’t work out too well, id love to use it in smoothies if you think it would work? Thanks!

  2. yum! I’ve never tried almond butter in my smoothies… I’ll have to give that a try, with some cocoa powder. Thanks for this idea!

  3. How many does this recipe serve?

    • depending on how much you drink, 1-2 people. My husband can drink it
      himself, but it can serve 2 adults or several kids.

      • Can you store the excess in the fridge at all?

  4. what if we do not have fresh there a substitute or just don’t use them at all?

  5. Hi there, Do you ever add any protein powder of any kind to your smoothies?

    • Occasionally I add something like Mark Sisson’s protein powder Primal Fuel, but usually just make them from high nutrient foods, so extra isn’t needed. I also usually just throw in some egg yolks for cheap and healthy protein.

  6. We made these the other day and the kids liked them. We ended up adding an extra banana and 2 TBSP of the cocoa, but I figure we’re learning. These are very different than the green smoothies we are used to starting the day with. Today I told the kids we are going to use strawberries and they all ran to help gather ingredients: ) One more question; What kind of coconut milk do you use? Thanks for the recipes and the guidance.

  7. I wanted to share a chart from Ramiel Nagels article for levels of phytic acid.  Coconut has phytic acid too, if that is your concern, but it is a lower level.  Nuts have high levels, as much as grains.
    His work is based on Weston Price.
    I love his book, it has helped our family a lot and his research is very thorough on removing phytic acid in grains.
    The article is titled, Whole Grains Can Cause Tooth Decay
    He mentions that for children and pregnat women, the levels of safe phytic acid should be around 150-400, preferably at the lowest possible.
    FIGURE 2: PHYTIC ACID LEVELS8 In milligrams per 100 grams of dry weight
    Brazil nuts1719Cocoa powder1684-1796Brown rice12509Oat flakes1174Almond1138 – 1400Walnut982Peanut roasted952Peanut ungerminated821Lentils779Peanut germinated610Hazel nuts648 – 1000Wild rice flour634 – 752.5Yam meal637Refried beans622Corn tortillas448Coconut357Corn367Entire coconut meat270White flour258White flour tortillas123Polished rice11.5 – 66Strawberries12

  8. how many servings is this?

  9. I’ve been making a post-workout smoothie lately that my mom likes to call “Banana Nog”. I use 1 1/2 c milk, 1 med banana, and 1 tsp nutmeg. I also like to leave out the nutmeg and just have “Banana Milk”. Both my mom and I have never been big milk or banana fans until now, and just this week we’ve gone through over a gallon of milk each and two bushels of bananas. We feel great! It’s an awesome substitute to having juice or pop with lunches, too.

    • cows milk is terrible for you. Try making your own nut milks and making smoothies with them, wide arrange of nuts so the tastes are endless and much healthier.

  10. Ugh, i really want to try this smoothie, but i just don’t think that i could do the eggs! 🙁

  11. I am new to your blog, but its AMAZING. I have been obsessed with nutrition for a while but having a hard time coming up with a meal plan and whatnot for my family, my husband only eats healthy if I make it but I hardly have energy to do anything, which I’m thinking could be due to lack of iron and good fats, anyway we have 2 children, a 2 year old and a 6 month old, I just recently discovered that I am allergis to all forms of egg. I even ate a goose egg from my friend who runs a farmers market and it did bad things to me. My question is, I would love to eat many things but what can I use to substitue egg? I know I have candida and I have a mild form of rosacea which is actually clearing up since I no longer consume bread (unless it only has 5 ingredients or less) and have been making my own kombucha. I want to detox but don’t want my 6 month old to get sick from it, as I am still breastfeeding. Do you think someday I will be able to eat eggs again? I have been eating egg my whole life. And a few years ago started buying only organic free range.

    • Hopefully 🙂 It may be worth looking into something like the GAPS diet to help heal the allergies, but I have seen cases where people have reversed egg intolerance. Thanks for reading 🙂

    • In re: Rosacea: I suggest you give up all forms of gluten. I have had eczema for the past 10 years (on my face, no less), and my brother-in-law has rosacea. We’ve both been “paleo” for over a year, and the problems are much better, to the point that my BIL no longer has to use prescription medications for his skin problem. I recently began the GAPS Diet, and it’s helped me, already, with my inability to digest eggs and milk, both of which formerly caused migraines. I haven’t tried to reintroduce any gluten, yet, as I’ve learned to live happily without it.

  12. Are you adding egg yolks for the frothy texture or for the nutritional value?
    The reason I ask is because the human body can more readily absorb cooked eggs as opposed to raw eggs.  With cooked eggs you are absorbing approximately 91% of the nutrients however raw eggs is about 50%. 

  13. When you talk about almond butter, do you mean pureed almonds?

  14. Simplest sugar free smoothie recipe I have found, tastes great, no ice required:
    1 part orange juice
    1 part frozen fruit

    I like to use mixed frozen fruit, but any frozen fruit will do. Strawberries are particularly good. This doesn’t even taste like a health smoothie. It tastes like a smoothie you’d buy at a smoothie place! We have them on hot summer days and for breakfast or even dessert sometimes.

    • Sorry but that’s not correct! It should read “1 part orange juice to 3 parts frozen fruit”!

  15. I just made this… It is really good. Although I did add several drops of stevia to make it more palatable. I didn’t see the comment about not using store eggs until after I drank most of it…whoops.

  16. That was delicious, thank you! I am enjoying your website, you have so many great ideas for natural living. I have been good about eating natural foods and now I am switching over to natural health care and cleaning products. I think I am going to try to make the lotion soaps and lotion. Thanks so much for all the great info!

  17. I think the egg advisory should be listed in the recipe. I have a source of local eggs that I trust but would never recommend friends eat any old raw eggs.

  18. I started using raw organic free range eggs for protein in my smoothies and I love it but I noticed your recipe calls for just the yolk… is the white of the egg not beneficial?

  19. Free range organic eggs are a little out of my budget. But my sister uses beans in her smoothies for the protein/fiber content. Do you think that would work with this recipe?

    • I don’t eat beans so I’ve never tried, but completely different types of proteins…

    • Try to find a local farmer for eggs! They sell them much cheaper than in the grocery store. We have chickens and sell our fresh free range eggs for $2 a dozen! 🙂

  20. In place of the eggs, can I use organic whey protein?

  21. Can I use egg substitute?

  22. If you use frozen bananas, you won’t need to use ice, and it will be thick and yummy like an ice cream shake!
    Also, what do you do with the egg whites? Do you freeze them in ice cube trays for incorporation in other recipes? If so, which ones?
    🙂 annie in montanie

    • You can make macarons with the egg whites, Yum! =)

  23. Made this for the first time today, minute the eggs. YUM! Definitely going to be a regular around here 🙂

  24. this is not a protein smoothie! please don’t join the ranks of misinformation. great recipes, but inaccurate. it’s a yummy healthy fat smoothie. Wellness includes understanding what you’re putting into your body 🙂

    • I think “Brain Power” in the title refers to the healthy fat you mentioned, while “Protein” is in reference to the nearly 20 grams this recipe provides. 🙂

      • Thanks for clarifying that for me 🙂

  25. Wow!! Having my first breakfast smoothie – it is amazing! I know you suggested flavours of choice – but I went for it – adding cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries and some chia seeds. Delicious. Thanks for all your great recipes. 🙂

  26. Oh I love this (and everything else on your site!) You have been my #1 go-to for advice as I slowly transition away from my unhealthy lifestyle. I love everything in this recipe, but have a fun alternative. Instead of using ice, we freeze bananas overnight and use them in place of ice for our smoothies. It gives a wonderful texture and taste! This can be done by pre-peeling and cutting, or just tossing the ‘nanas in the freezer whole (which I do) then carefully cutting the peel off before use.

  27. I have lots of smoothie recipes I love, but one of my favorite/most
    unusual would have to be a Sweet Potato Shake. I use a medium sweet
    potato, baked, blend it with nondairy milk, a small piece of ginger
    root, a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg, and eggs that have been treated
    with heat and maple syrup- the ratio is 1 tbsp maple syrup for each egg (the maple syrup keeps the proteins in the eggs
    from denaturizing so they stay liquid so they can be blended, but also
    kills any lurking bacteria, since I can’t always get eggs from a reliable source.)

  28. I just made this for my son and I it was great however I used my goats milk instead of the coconut milk. I used my chickens eggs, but my husband is paranoid to consume raw chicken eggs.

  29. Cannot pin this without an image. Something is messed up with it. 🙂

  30. Hi, just wondering what would be a good substitute for the almond butter and how much? 🙂

  31. I tried this smoothie yesterday for breakfast [also had scrambled eggs], and I have to say, I completely forgot to eat lunch until almost 4:00 p.m. when I started making dinner. It will keep you full for sure! Now if I can just get my kids to drink it, since they both refused to finish it after one taste. Odd.

  32. Hi, Do you think that this smoothie is good for after work outs? I started a paleo based diet and was told to have a protein shake after working out. I really don’t like all the chemicals in those ready made shakes. Also, I don’t have access to farm fresh eggs. Can I use organic free range eggs? Thanks for all the help.

  33. Wonderful site, I am a gaps/wapf follower.
    Regarding the gelatine, I’m happy about that because of the added collagen in the diet and being a gaps follower, but wondering about the hydrolization – sounds eerily like hydrogenation – please enlighten me!
    Thank you for your great info.

  34. This is really good. I add 1 tbsp. maca powder, a sprinkle of cinnamon and occasionally 1 tbsp. raw cacao powder. Very easy and filling. I’ve also tried it with almond milk which works well too. Thanks for the great recipe…it’s my go to morning shake!

  35. Thanks for the yummy sounding recipe, Quick question: how do you deal with the coconut oil which wants to solidify when cold, for a cold drink? Do you melt it first and then hope for the best? I’m new to the whole tiung so I’m trying to figure out how to add it so cold drinks in general without the clumping. Thanks you very much!

  36. Tried this Breakfast Shake Recipe and added some things and took off some things that kind of suits my sweet tooth and makes this shake a little sweeter. First, I didn’t have a banana which is odd for me not to have one. So, for sweetness, I added palm sugar. A healthy, organic sugar from Navitas Naturals. This brought up the flavor and the sweetness allowing me to forget about the eggs which are in the drink. 🙂 Next, I added about a teaspoon of Chia Seeds to give it that extra bit of nutrients and supplement for a whole meal in one drink. 🙂

  37. Could you please help me with the transition to a collagen breakfast smoothie? I love smoothies in the morning and was recently using Garden of Like Raw Meal. I didn’t have any problems with it, I just wanted to try something without so many grains (it is gluten free). I tried the collagen smoothie and I was still staving afterward. I realized the Garden of Life had a lot of carbs. What can I add to this to feel full?

    • Maybe chia seeds? They are full of fiber so they can help you feel full.

  38. I am vegan. I DO use eggs because I get them from someone I know who has pet chickens and they are free-range and never slaughtered. She’s the only person from whom I’d get eggs.
    However, I have a big problem with gelatin, as it comes from cows and/or horses ( hooves, etc). Is there a substitute for the gelatin in the smoothie recipe?

    • You might be able to use powdered chia seeds to give that gelled texture, but of course that will change the nutritional profile.

  39. A week ago I was on your site and have been looking ever since. I was at home nursing a ankle with tendonitis and a sore hand & wrist that emergency couldn’t define but have a splint for both. I stated putting coconut oil on my face ankle and feet, let’s just say my skin. Even brushe my teeth with. Wasn’t too crazy about the looks of oil floating around in my coffee but it didn’t taste half bad. Will continue using it for a while. Need to lose weight but not quite ready to go whole hog because I like pinto and green beans, eat very little bread but when I do it’s wheat because I can stand gluten bread – too heavy and expensive. Tell me again what I need to ex out of my diet, I saw it but can’t find it. What is paleo and Gap diet?

  40. I started ordering the collagen peptides from Custom Collagen. Much better quality and less expensive. If anyone has a problem with beef collagen, they also have a fish collagen that works the same way.

  41. I would like your opinion on the use of goat’s milk, instead of dairy. I have a source that is reputable, but wondered if that is a wise choice. I think the dairy is causing some intestinal problems so need to make some changes.
    Have you ever used goat’s milk in a smoothie?

    thanks for all the work you do on our behalf, it is much appreciated.

    • Goat’s milk is great, especially if you have a good local source 🙂

  42. Thanks. going to get some fresh tomorrow, just located the store,

  43. Can you use powdered egg yolks for this recipe? I don’t have access to fresh eggs.

  44. This is a delicious smoothie recipe! You’re right, it does taste like a milkshake- but it doesn’t give me a stomachache, headache, and sugar rush after I drink it! I was uncomfortable with using our “store eggs” raw in this recipe, but to make sure I had enough protein I added almond butter. I also ate a hard boiled egg on the side. I’ve had this smoothie for breakfast almost every day this week because it’s nice and quick for rushed mornings. Thanks for yet another genius recipe, Wellness Mama! ?