Decadent Vanilla Mint Chocolate Massage Butter Recipe

Mint Chocolate Massage Butter Recipe

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I should re-word that to clarify that we have no vendetta against the occasion, we just try to avoid any “Hallmark Holidays” as my husband calls them. (We avoid Mother’s, Father’s and Grandparents’ Day as well as Halloween for similar reasons, but we make a point to celebrate the purpose of these many times throughout the year!)

I should also note that while this holiday is supposedly the celebration of the feast day of St. Valentine, very little is known about the actual Saints Valentine (there were several) and so St. Valentine was removed from the Roman Calendar. February 14th is actually the celebration of Saints Cyril and Methodius on my calendar.

History aside, it seems my husband may have good reason to financially boycott valentines day. It is estimated that the average consumer will spend over $120 on Valentine’s gifts, meals, and entertainment.

141 million cards will be exchanged and over 15 billion dollars will be spent total. Apparently it all must do something to add to the romance though, since more at home pregnancy tests are sold in March than any other month.

Another Way to Celebrate

Am I against romance or celebrating love? Heck no, I just prefer not to take the traditional route (anyone surprised?). The normal Valentines gifts are cards (I’d rather have a handwritten note), chocolate (unless it is 80% dark and organic, no thanks!), and stuffed animals (really?). It annoys me that this day is used as an excuse for kids to eat more candy and adults to indulge in unhealthy foods.

But does this mean we all go through Valentine’s Day as if it were any other day with no special notice given to our most precious relationships? I vote no.

How We Celebrate

My solution: Romantic at-home dinner with my husband, maybe kids staying with grandparents, and homemade massage butter. We avoid contributing to the sales for the day, and perhaps when I mention that fact, I can even talk my husband into a massage (now that’s a good gift!).

Our at-home menu will include Mongolian Beef from the Wellness Mama Cookbook (also a great Valentine’s Day Gift!) over cauliflower rice and spinach salad with homemade vinaigrette and dark chocolate fondue and fruit for dessert.

Thanks to this great at-home couples massage course (no worries, it is all PG), my hubby is an expert masseur. At least when he wants to be!

I’ve found that most conventional massage lotions make me break out. I started making massage butter years ago, and love this decadent recipe that leaves my skin feeling super soft. No sulfates of parabens here … and no breakouts!

Homemade Mint Chocolate Massage Butter

This is my favorite massage butter recipe. It also works wonderfully as a regular body butter if you aren’t into massage.



  1. Melt all ingredients except essential oil in a double boiler. You can also use a glass bowl over a small pot of water over medium heat. (Microwaving works too, I just don’t have/use one.)
  2. Carefully stir the ingredients to incorporate and add the essential oil.
  3. Store in small glass jar. Makes just over 1/2 cup.


This massage butter is thick and ultra-nourishing for skin. Since in massage, only a small amount is needed and it is worked in, I find it is the perfect consistency. It is, however, much different from regular lotion and more oily if just used as lotion.

Shelf Life:

Because this massage butter has no liquid ingredients added, it will last as long as the shortest shelf life of its ingredients. It lasts at least 6 months without a problem, though the scent of the essential oil fades slightly. I make a small amount and re-make when needed, but you can also add more essential oils over time if needed.

Ever made a massage butter? What flavor do you prefer? Share below!

Massage butter is a great Valentines Day treat. When it's made with mint chocolate, it's even better!

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Reader Comments

  1. I hear you about the ‘Hallmark Holidays.’ Seems like everything is just a marketing opportunity.

  2. The massage butter sounds wonderful, thought I’m confused, is it eaten or an actual massage butter?  lol  I’m confused because of the chocolate and honey ingredients, hehe  Call me slow, but I just can’t figure out how to use it without a mess and sticky skin 😉  thought it does sound wonderful and romantic!

    • haha… it would probably be safe to eat, but it works great for massage. It isn’t sticky, I guess because of the oil… but it is
      also edible 🙂

  3. I just discovered this site and I am in love!  Will this massage butter stain fabrics?

  4. Chocolate and honey is interesting already, additional for butter 🙂 3 in 1? Perfect. I love to try it.

  5. sorry to comment so late… but i was wondering how you got the butter so perfectly square in the picture?? did you pour it into a slice tin and flip and cut it?
    just wondering… thinking about making this for gifts and not sure how i want to present it..
    thanks so much for an awesome site… love your work!

    • I actually love just giving it in little jars or tins, but it can be put in a mold and left to harden in the fridge and then cut into cubes too…

  6. Can you recommend another oil (allergic to tree nuts /: )

    • Sunflower oil or olive oil should work just fine in place of the almond oil.

  7. I love love love all of your recipes! Quick question about this massage butter. Does it leave a brown tent on the skin? Also, can it be whipped?

  8. Thanks for sharing your recipe. What is the shelf life?

  9. I love this recipe. What is the shelf life and does it need a preservative or vitamin e to extend the life of the oil or prevent contamination?

  10. Do you need to use cocoa butter? Can you either substitute it or omit it from the recipe?

  11. Love this site, general question where do you purchase the jar and containers you use for the homemade items you make. Thanks


  12. Hi! I read this post more than twice to look for honey in the ingredient list, as people comment about honey being in the ingredients. Why don’t I see honey in the ingredients now? Is there any health concerning reason or any reason why you removed honey in the ingredients now? btw, it sounds pretty delish I might eat it!

  13. Jamie, I agree. Where does the honey come in as it isn’t in this recipe?

  14. Hi, I just made this as directed above but mine is quite liquidy still. Your photo looks almost whipped perhaps? I know it takes time to solidify as I’ve made many similar things but it’s been awhile and still fully liquid.

    This is correct ingredients, yes? (Just making sure, it’s a gift!)

    1 tablespoon liquid oil like almond or jojoba
    2 T coconut oil
    3 T Cocoa Butter, grated
    5-8 drops peppermint essential oil


  15. Can you post the link to which cocoa butter you used?
    There are so many to choose from and being new to this I’d like to be sure of getting the right one.

  16. I am confused. I do not see chocolate or honey in this recipe???

    • Well, would you really want to use actual chocolate for a massage? It would not work well. The cocoa butter smells chocolate-y, though.

  17. Oh no mine doesn’t look anything like the picture? Mine is basically pure oil? What did I do wrong?

  18. Yes mine too is just oil. Is the photo misleading ?

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