Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas (That Beat Chocolate and Flowers!)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas that beat chocolate and flowers

The most recent figure I’ve seen showed that the average consumer will spend over $126 on his/her Valentine’s date.

That is a lot of unhealthy food and flowers that will die in a couple of days!

Let’s Upgrade Valentines Giving This Year!

I love days that are reminders to tell my husband and kids how much I love and appreciate them. But this particular holiday has become a tribute to candy and store-bought goods that lose their value after a couple of days.

We all feel the need to spend a lot of money on expensive dates and gifts because a marketing team has decided that Valentine’s day is a great time for flower and candy sales.

If you are going to spend $126 on Valentine’s Day (Does anyone actually do that?) I have some gift ideas that will bring lasting health and happiness, not just a temporary sugar rush :-).

Better Gift Ideas

My husband and I actually stopped giving expensive gifts when we got married, partially for financial reasons and partially to give ourselves a reason to be more creative and thoughtful with our gifts. As a result, I have a file with hand-written letters and mementos from creative dates we’ve had over the years that mean so much more than a box of chocolates ever could.

The best gifts of all, in my opinion, are quality time or shared experiences. This is what I’ll be giving my family this year and would encourage you to consider it as well! Here’s a list of all of my favorite experiences to give as gifts. I also really love this at-home couples massage course (don’t worry, it’s PG) that teaches couples how to give each other a great massage (hint hint honey!).

My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you want to give an actual gift this year, these are some of my favorite ideas that your recipient will love, and you can feel great about giving!

For Her:

  1. Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Less than the price of one actual massage and SO relaxing!
  2. Royally Flawless Facial Moisturizer – Give the gift of gorgeous skin! I love this facial oil with the highest quality ingredients and no junk!
  3. RTIC Tumbler – I love this for hot and cold drinks and it is a reusable non-plastic drink cup.
  4. 10,000 Lux Happy Light – Feel blue this winter? I use this super-bright “happy light” to keep my cortisol levels healthy.
  5. Dry Brush – Brushing isn’t just for hair and teeth. Brushing skin can help it stay smooth, supple and may improve collagen.
  6. French Press Coffee Maker – Nothing says love more than coffee! (Coffee= my love language!)
  7. Grown-up Coloring Book and Markers – Grown up coloring books are surging in popularity and studies show coloring may reduce stress levels.
  8. The Wellness Mama Cookbook – Ok, I’m biased, but my new cookbook is filled with 200 delicious recipes that our family loves (and I know yours will too!)

For Him:

  1. Fire starter kit – He can “light your fire” literally with this tool to start fires without matches or a lighter.
  2. Smart Wool Socks – Warm socks that are great for summer or winter.
  3. Surefire Flashlight – Really high quality pocket flashlight.
  4. Wine Aerator – Wine = one of my husband’s love languages!
  5. Saddleback Leather Wallet – This wallet has a 100 year warranty!! (yes, really!)
  6. Quality Shaving Kit OR Beard Oil– Great options for the clean-shaven or bearded man in your life!
  7. Defender Pad – Protect his lap from EMFs when he uses the laptop.
  8. Tactical Pen – More than just a pen, it works in all conditions and can break a car window if a person is trapped.
  9. Whiskey Stones – Freeze these rocks to use in place of ice in drinks “on the rocks.”

Homemade Gift Ideas

Rather make a gift? Try these easy homemade gifts:

  1. A Great Massage– Get this digital massage course and learn how to give your love a great massage at home! Cheaper than a massage package and great because you also get quality time together! Don’t worry, it is all PG rated!
  2. Homemade Chocolate: If you are going to do the chocolate thing, why not make some gourmet chocolate that is actually good for you? This is my favorite homemade recipe made with cocoa butter and raw honey. You can also top with a bit of sea salt for a salted version ,or add a drop of food grade peppermint essential oil for a mint flavor. This recipe also works really well for making chocolate covered strawberries (or other fruit) or as a magic shell topping for homemade ice cream.
  3. A Creative and Fun Date: I share my 7 top favorite unusual date ideas in this post, but anything that gets you out of the house and breaks up the norm can be fun. I once made a scavenger hunt for my husband where he got one clue when he got in his car after work, and each clue led him to a new clue until he finally got to the date place (picnic outside and we played frisbee).In the long run, it will be the creative dates and the time spent together that they remember, not the expensive gifts or dates!
  4. Homemade Lotion BarsLotion bars are a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. They are completely natural and can be customized for men or women. Make in silicon molds in any shape to create a bouquet of lotion bar flowers (with a mold like this one) or stick with a simple bar for guys (like this one).

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day? What are you doing this year? Do any of these ideas sound like something you’ll try? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Love the idea of homemade chocolate!

  2. My husband and I are going to spend the day with our best friend married couple. We are going to start the day with breakfast together with homamade waffles prepared on a 100+ year old waffle iron and then spend the day together, traveling to another town and poking around in the shops and having dinner together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  3. Thank you for these!! I’m not sure what we are doing yet (it’s both of our first Valentine’s Days with someone and we are newlyweds!…and on a TIGHT budget), but it will be fun. Thank you for these ideas! Even if we can’t afford them yet, I can file them away for future gift ideas. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I just have one concern…

    While beeswax candles are healthier for people, they are NOT usually a sustainable or eco-friendly option. Bee populations are in great danger worldwide, which is a much bigger deal than dying polar bears or sea turtles because these awesome insects are responsible for pollinating a dizzying array of crops the human race relies on to survive.

    When buying beeswax (or honey, for that matter), it’s important to know your source. Harvesting beeswax requires the destruction of beehives, as it is the substance that creates the hives themselves. Naturally- or wild-harvested beeswax is bad for the planet because it decimates bees’ homes and larvae. The only surefire route to getting it in an eco-friendly way is to know your local, organic bee farmer, and learn whether her practices are sustainable.

    I know the ethic of this blog is family health, not planet health, but in my opinion the two go hand-in-hand.

    Advice on how to choose your beeswax source:

    • Wow, thank you so much for your comment, cls.

      I feel so much more informed now that I have read that article that you put a link to. I think the death of bees would ultimately lead to the death of humanity. Sure, it would take a long time, but bees are vital to our survival.

      I am guessing that the price of a sustainable-bees wax candle is more than I can afford, and to be honest I would sooner by the honey than the wax, but who really needs candles these days anyway when we are all struggling just to get grassfed meat.

      Thanks for the post, Wellness Mama, and thanks for your comment again, cls!

    • Bees in the endangered list are only if a certain of hundreds of varieties. We raise bees (really fun! ) and they aren’t doing quite as poorly as people are led to believe.

  5. My husband and I started our own business last year making pure organic beeswax candles as well as all natural soy candles once we learned how harmful the paraffin wax candles are to our health. I’m glad to see beeswax mentioned here. It’s not talked about much but it really is health promoting and not just “not bad” for you.

  6. Made the lotion bars last night for my son but used some for valentines for friends and they are perfect! Thanks so much! Everyone has loved them <3

  7. How do you take your maca? I have some, but it tastes awful. I can barely choke it down, even in a huge glass of chocolate milk.

  8. What is the difference between Macca and DE?

    • Maca is an herb (from a root) that is good for fertility, DE is made of ground up fossilized diomes and is mainly silica which is good for hair, skin and nails

  9. What is the appropriate dosage of maca for a postmenopausal woman?

  10. Donate blood together while thinking puff the, up to 14 lives, you’ll save.

  11. As I have studied about keeping bees and especially the top bar hives, I’ve learned something interesting. Some feel that one of the things that have weakened the bees is providing them wax for the combs. Commercial bee keepers do this because it helps the bees to make more honey. But some feel like it helps the bees to be stronger if they make the wax too. So it could be to the bees advantage as well as our own to use beeswax candles.

  12. Hello!!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I look forward to your emails & your insights!
    You are a trusted source of information.

    I love your Valentine gift ideas, but may I ask you to remove the comment “ideas that beat chocolate & flowers”? Your ideas stand on their own without dissing other gift ideas. I own a flower shop. There are hundreds of wonderful gift ideas for every occasion offered by hundreds of businesses ( many of them are small businesses) who are passionate about their products & also depend on sales of these products to make a living. Can we all present our lovely gifts ideas & offers without negating another’s?

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Vicki Bierman

  13. Are the massage videos a one-time only viewing?

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