3 Benefits of Using Herbal Tea During a Fever


Note from Katie: My post on why I don’t reduce fevers and what I do instead is one of my most popular, and I wanted her to follow up with natural things that you can do to help a fever. I’ve asked Meagan Visser from GrowingUpHerbal.com to explain how herbal tea can be used to reduce a fever naturally. Enter Megan…

Did you know there’s a way to help your child’s body during a fever by giving them herbal teas?

It’s true.

Teas are probably the best way to use herbs during a fever. Not only are they quick to make, but they’re easy to get to taste good so kids will drink them. They’re also full of vitamins and minerals thanks to water’s ability to effectively draw out these properties from the herbs.

But beyond being convenient, tasting good and being full of nutrition, there are some other really great benefits to using teas during a fever. Let’s talk about them below.

3 Benefits of Herbal Tea during Fevers

Like I said before, there are several benefits to using herbal tea, but today I wanna talk about 3 specific benefits during fevers.

Using herbal tea during a fever can help to:

  1. stimulate the body
  2. promote sweating
  3. help with hydration

Each of these things is beneficial to the body. Let’s look at each benefit a bit closer.

1. Stimulate The Body

Many commonly used herbs for fevers are known as “stimulating herbs”. They work to speed up circulation and drive heat out of the body. These herbs are things like peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, etc. Herbs that are fragrant and typically those used in cooking are common stimulating herbs.

So why is stimulating the body during a fever a good thing?

Well most times, when a person comes down with something and they’re getting a fever, the first sign is that they may feel cold. A person may feel chilled and unable to “get warm,” or they may shiver. This is an indicator that the body is trying to heat up. Stimulating herbs not only help the body by assisting it in heating up, but they increase circulation which helps white blood cells travel to where they need to be at a faster rate.

2. Promote Sweating

Many stimulating herbs fit this category as well. They’re referred to as “stimulating diaphoretics” and they help to warm the body so that the pores open up and the body can cool down by perspiration. These are herbs like yarrow, ginger, bee balm, and thyme. They too are those spicy, fragrant herbs.

So why is sweating a good thing with a fever?

The body will naturally start to perspire once it gets too hot. This is a natural mechanism it has to cool itself off. Not only does sweating help to cool the body off and keep a fever from getting too high, but it helps to release toxins as well. It’s a natural detox method, and when a person is sick, some sort of cleansing needs to take place. Sweating is a natural cleansing method. Using herbal teas that promote sweating helps the body in it’s efforts to heal itself from whatever is making it sick.

3. Help With Hydration

Another great benefit to using herbal teas during a fever is that they help keep the body hydrated.

Why is hydration important during a fever?

During a fever, the body loses water more rapidly than normal so it’s very important to replace this water loss in the correct way. In fact, as a parent, this is the most important thing to do when your child has a fever. Fevers, typically, are not dangerous, but dehydration is. It can get serious, fast.

So there you have it. Not only are herbal teas great to use during a fever because they’re quick to make, they taste good, and they’re full of vitamins and minerals, but they also stimulate the body, help it to sweat, and keep it hydrated. All good reasons to use herbal teas the next time you or your child comes down with a fever.

Which Herbal Teas Are Best To Use?

When it comes to picking and choosing teas that are great to use during fever… there are many, but here’s a few individual herbs that will get you off to a great start.

  • ginger
  • catnip
  • elder flower

If you’re unsure how to make herbal tea correctly, here is a guide to teach you how to make the perfect cup of herbal tea every time!

Meagan Visser is a Registered Nurse turned home-schooling, SAHM to 3 small boys. She’s a Wellness Media featured contributor and a family herbalist that is passionate about using herbs for health and healing. She teaches parents how to take charge of their children’s health naturally on her blog GrowingUpHerbal.

Do you use herbal teas during fevers? If so, what kind of tea do you use? Share your secrets with me in the comment section below!

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