How to Choose a Good Greens Powder

Did you know that even when consuming a great diet, we may still miss some important nutrients?

In fact, while many of us think we are consuming a varied diet, the majority of our diets is often the same 10 foods over and over.

This is the greens powder I use daily: Spring of Life Daily Energy.

The rest of this post is coming soon…. thanks for the patience.

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Reader Comments

  1. I didnt see the ingredients in the green powder. Does it have soy, wheat, rice, what kind of sugar, oats and where do the ingredients come from? Most green powders are not fit for consumption. I doubt this one is unless more information can be given. Then I can make an intelligent decision.

  2. I request you obtain al the intel and info you can so as to discuss the heavy metal contamination issue with powdered greens and teas informatively. I haven’t read it, but do you know if Adams’ “Food Forensics” address this? Because of this question I hesitate to purchase the product you’re promoting.

  3. This site to order the greens looks too risky. no where is there a place to preview the product; ie; the ingredients, servings per container. They wanted you to go immediately and purchase. I don’t do business with anyone that does that.