DIY Vitamin C Serum

DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum for health skin and wrinkle reduction

Vitamin C serum is a natural skin care ingredient that is often found in high-end beauty regimes, and Vitamin C serums, creams and lotions are popping up everywhere.

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is touted as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream. Many of these products also cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, there is a natural, homemade and inexpensive alternative (noticing a trend here?) that seems to work just as well. Vitamin C is helpful for brightening and tightening skin (this works if you take it internally too!).

Vitamin C has been reported to:

Some cautions from experience:

  • Measure carefully and do not add extra Vitamin C as it is acidic and can/will burn the skin if the concentration is too high.
  • If you have extra sensitive skin, dilute with even more water
  • This is best paired with a skin care routine like Oil Cleansing
  • For dry or aging skin, this serum is a good solution. It can be used for acne prone skin too, but it seems that Sea Spray for skin works better.
  • If you are dealing with a lot of wrinkles or very dry skin, extra vitamin C can be added, but work up slowly and test on the inner arm before applying to the face

Vitamin C Serum Recipe Ingredients

  • 1/2 teaspoon natural real food Vitamin C Powder (I used this one)
  • 1 tablespoon distilled water OR 1 teaspoons distilled water to dissolve and 2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerine (I used this one)
  • a dark colored container to store (Vitamin C oxidizes easily) (I used this one)

How to Make Vitamin C Serum

  1. Dissolve the Vitamin C powder in the water.
  2. If only using water and Vitamin C, you are done. This will store for up to 2 weeks or longer in the fridge.
  3. If using glycerine, dissolve the Vitamin C in the smaller amount of water, then stir in glycerine and store. This version will last a month or longer.

NOTE: Personally, I like the pure Vitamin C and water recipe as a toner after cleansing, though glycerine is moisturizing and softening for the skin and will extend the recipe. DO NOT use glycerine on anything that is used in oral care or in the mouth as it is bad for teeth.

Ever used a Vitamin C serum on your skin? How did it work for you? Share below?
Vitamin C serum helps support skin health by boosting collagen production and the natural acids in Vitamin C can help tighten skin and make it smoother.

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Reader Comments

  1. can regular vitamin C powder, not crystals, also be used? Do you know how much is absorbed? I am trying to up my Vit C dose and am interested in learning more about transdermal recipes, especially the most absorbable ones with no harmful ingredients. Thanks.

    • Hi Katie!
      I love your blog!! And use it a lot! Thank you so much!
      I have a question. From what I read, vit c is very unstable while dissolved and water-soluble which doesn’t allow it to get through lipid walls of the cells. In order to override those problems, the producers add all kind of stuff which make it so expensive.
      So, if we mix just water and vit c, do you think it still gets absorbed well? Your opinion ?
      Thank you

      • For all those in doubt please read the following article:
        Dr. Perricone
        Antioxidants & Skincare

        • He is absolutely inccorrect about Vit C ester.


          “Why it can be Disastrous to use the Wrong Vitamin C” for details. In the meantime, if you use a product containing ascorbyl palmitate, be sure to stay out of the sun. Under UV exposure, ascorbyl palmitate is toxic to skin cells and contributes to disease states including skin

          • That Felecia Rose site feels biased to me. Just the very uncomfortable feeling I get that they knock everything but don’t offer enough science to back claims. How honest can they be? They say “Skin levels of vitamin C drop 425% by middle age”; I only have a HS diploma but I wonder, how can something drop by 425%. After the first 100% of dropping, there should be nothing left to drop.

          • Tara is correct. Ascorbyl palmitate is bad for your skin due to the free radicals formed when exposed to UV rays (the sun).

      • I understand what your saying and I am going to experiment with mixing the Vit C with Coconut oil that I have used for many 20+ yrs., the oil soaks deep into the skin (fyi; no one be-leaves im over 60) All the newest natural skin and hair receipts have “Coconut Oil” as the #1 best ingredient. Now after reading Dr. Oz statement of using Vit. C and Hyaluronic Acid together for an alternative to plastic surgery, and after his words was a free trial offer (+ shipping) that was running out on the night i happen to be reading it?(seen that trap before) I so love Katie’s receipt, and her caring for sharing with others, so i did take a copy of it… I think its only fair and my wish to share my years of knowledge. Would like to share my idea with Miss Katie also. like her opinion of using the liquid C (wonder what that is mixed with, in order to get it to mix with my oil?) Hope I have given you some answer’s to your concern, Laura

        • I have been using 1 tbs. of L-Ascorbic Acid Ultrafine with with tbs of distilled water and 1 tbs of veg glycerin. Worked great; however, it discolors my hair and much of my clothing. On many fabrics (and hair), it stains. Does anyone else have this problem?
          Thank you,

          • Yes, I had been using a serum I made from an online recipe containing L-ascorbic acid, glycerin and vitamin E but the stuff stained my clothing even when I had just made a new batch of serum. I understand it oxidizes but that obviously was not the problem. So, I searched for a solution and found a site called Skin Actives. I emailed them and they suggested I use a more stable but just as effective form of vitamin c called MAP or magnesium ascorbic phosphate which can be added to another of their products called Sea Kelp Coral. You can add the MAP to any cream or lotion but it will turn a cream into a lotion if you are not careful. However, this will not cause it to lose its effectiveness. This seems to work better for me and so far, my blouse and t-shirt collars are not stained.

          • I have been using ascorbic acid, water, and glycerin mixture for a couple months and love the way my skin feels, I get a lot of compliments on my skin. However, never had a staining problem. Never heard of that till now??? Ohhh after applying the ascorbic acid I apply HA. Love the results!

          • Be careful of any vitamin C serum that turns from clear to yellow, tan or brown. It contains AA that’s being oxidized by air and light. Some manufacturers color their solutions orange to hide what’s going on.

        • Although coconut oil is a great oil for many things including the body skin, grapeseed oil is a better carring oil for mixing vit C and apply to face. Better absorption & less oily feel. I’m a massage therapist and know my oils & absorption rate. Look up absorption rate of different oils. Hope my comment helped.


          • Hi Jill,

            I am a 42 year old woman from India Recently I had some hormonal mess up which has left me with a lot of acne scarring . Have been trying essential oils (helichrysum and frankincense) in grapeseed oil as well as Vit C (LAA) in water as a diy serum. These have been helping but i really want to speed up the process a bit. So when I read your comment, was wondering if you could tell me what would be the correct proportions of Vit C powder and grapeseed oil? My skin is extremely sensitive and acne prone. Thanks in advance.

          • Laura, I appreciate this information. I can’t use herbals, extracts, or salicylates. Since I found this out, my cosmetic life is almost impossible. But I can use the ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C. Can you tell me where you ordered these products you use. I will try to duplicate this as it sounds like something I can use. Thank you for help from anyone!! Love this site, Wellness Mama! You are a genius to come up with this.

          • Jill where do I get the vitamin c at, and I will try your suggestion about the grapesead oil. Also what are the amounts thank you

          • I mix mine with pure rose hip oil, it absorbs better and together work wonders.

          • Well 5he main problem with coconut oil is it hardens in colder weather, so you won’t get a serum

        • in order to mix coconut OIL with vitmin c which is mixed with WATER, an emulsifier is needed as oil and water will not mix on their own.

          • I have mixed water and oil together. Use a mixer and whip it. Works fantastic.

        • Are you saying mix the Vit C with coconut oil & distilled water with a mixer? Then apply HA (what brand do you use?). Also could you give the exact measurements you use. I have deep wrinkles around my mouth that I hate. Never smoked either. Thank you for any information as I’m new to all this. Ruth


      • where can I find ph 3.5 strips? I ordered Hydrion stiprs from amazon. They tested 5.5 in vit c and also distilled water. I am returning them

      • How much percentage is this vitamin C serum batch?

      • Skin is naturally acidic to protect from external environment. That’s why you want to make sure that home made VC serum is between 2.5-3.5 acidity for it to penetrate the skin.

        Lower than 2.5, it will do damage to your skin while higher than 3.5 is rendered useless.

        And by the way, you can get ultra fine Vitamin C from Whole Foods. Whole Foods carries its own brand of Vit. C.

        Hope it helps!

        • Wow, you all know So much! I am just starting out after watching the doctor Oz show also, and i found a vitamin box from about 6 months ago, and i found some Vitamin C Crystals (says Ascorbic Acid with No L before it) at 1/2 level tsp. is 2.25 g. & 100% pure powder. But they Are Crystals. Could i measure as crystals for their amount for grams and use my coffee grinder to grind into a powder? Do you think? I don’t want to waste these crystals, i’m not sure why i bought them now. They are “Now” Brand..

          • @Kathy
            It is not necessary to grind Vitamin C granules into a powder first, regardless of whether they are cyrstals or powder, because Vitamin C is soluble in water.

          • your blog is simply awesome, my question is which oral vitamin and gelatin supplements do you use ?

          • I would recommend blendng the crystalls up to a fine powder before using it. It will measure more accurately and also dissolve more readily. What I do is take about 1/4 cup of crystals at a time and pulverize them in my nutribullet, then use that powder leaving the larger bag in the fridge until I run low. The additional benefit is that the main stock of VItamin C is not exposed to air as much as the smaller volume, and will stay fresher longer.

        • Been using this for almost 3 months now. The last time, and last time only, tested it and my pH was 6. Anyone know how I can get it to 3.5? I know how to raise it with baking soda but how do I lower it? I tried a different recipe with 1 tsp. vitamin c and 1 tsp. water with a pH of 3.5 but it left a powdery residue on my skin. Not grit, residue. Love this and even though pH is 6, I can see a difference, but want it to be most effective. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

          • lemon juice?
            tho I don’t know what the ph of lemon juice is.

            how did you test the ph? what did you use?

          • I used pH test strips. I just wonder if using lemon juice will lower the concentration? I’m currently at 20%.

          • more specifically, I thought about replacing the water with lemon juice.

            i googled it, and while i’m sure it varies, I saw somewhere that the ph of lemon juice was 2.

            if you do it, i’m curious to know how it turns out!

          • Ok, thanks, Tanja! Right now I’m mixing the C with hyalauronic acid but I haven’t tested the pH yet. I mix just enough for one application. If I remember, I’ll test it tonight and let you know.

          • Hi Tanja, just wanted to let you know the pH remained the same with the HA and C. Might experiment with the lemon juice or maybe ACV…

      • I have used this recipe and had amazing results!

    • @mar: The best and most effective form of vit c to use is an ‘ultra-fine’ L-Ascorbic Acid powder, which can be found on ebay or places like LotionCrafter, etc, but a google search for ‘ultra fine L-Ascorbic Acid’ will easily help you locate an online suppler.

      The inclusion of ferulic acid and d-alpha-tocopherol (vit e) are what really add a punch and help vitamin c serums work so brilliantly.

      • How much ferulic aid and d-alpha tocopherol (vit.e) should be used with the above recipe?

        • How much ferulic aid and d-alpha tocopherol (vit.e) should be used with the above recipe?

      • How do you mix your vit C (L-AA), your HA, and the vitamin E? I have been just mixing twice daily applications of L-AA with water and applying it and then applying HA and then putting olive oil on top (would like to switch to rosehip oil or something). How do you do it? So excited to learn! 🙂

    • I use powder , one can be swayed by others believes,I use my own common sense along with research & intuition.absorbic acid is such .also one can bath with Epsom salts,bobs bakeing soda,ginger to open pores,absorbic acid/2000 to 4000 mg.powder & your choice of essential oils. Then, after ,apply the vit. C serum. Presto…

  2. Does the glycerin version also have to be kept in the fridge?

  3. I use L-ascorbic Acid that is the most absorbable with water and instead of glycerin i use aloe vera gel.

    • Same proportions? How well does the aloe vera work? How often do you make a new batch?

      • yes same proportion. In general L-ascorbic Acid is very unstable, light, temperature, humidity sensitive. So small batches every week or two.

    • What / where do you recommend that I buy the L-ascorbic acid and aloe vera gel? Thanks!

      • I am sorry but I live in Spain and we have diferent suppliers here.

        • I live in Spain too, in Madrid. Could you tell me where you buy your supplies? At an herbolario?

          • I live in Sweden the health supplies is very pricy here so I buy from the company Iherb. You can find vit c for very good prices there. Just make sure its L-ascorbic

          • are great for these things

        • I am moving to Spain. Where can I buy these products?

          • What’s going on in Spain? Everybody is moving there is it expensive? I would like to live there too. What do I need to do first, visit and look around.

      • There are different molecular compounds of vitaminc C, but as it turns out the most absorbable and beneficial is the easiest to make: L-Ascorbic. For that reason all vitamin C powder is composed of 99% L-ascorbic. Beware of those charging you more because theirs is “L-Ascorbic”, insinuating the other cheaper stuff is not.

    • Hello

      Can you tell me what are the quantity you use for the aloea vera 1 oz? how many teaspoon of vitamin c powder to make 5%, 10% 15% 20%?

      how long does it last to oxidize?

      • This method is easier. Take a paper plate and fold in half Put the vitamin C tablet on the fold and close the paper plate. old in half again. Take anything a kitchen mallet or a shoe lolol and hit a few times. Once you have it down 2 shots does the trick!!!! also Vitamin C doesnt stay potent long. Really only a week and I put it in a dark bottle with a liquid dropper in it from a pharmacy. I am not the expert but my friend is. I buy the hydraulic acid from and that is less then $13.00 for a large bottle that lasts me at least 2 months. I used to use Henrikson and it was pricey for their vitamin C serum but after reading and seeing how fast it loses it potency I have done this. I do not refrigerate and the dark bottle helps tremendously for 7 days. I am not a youngster. I am 56 and I am very happy with my skin. Mind you this is a serum so stick with a good moisturizer. All department store stuff Lancome etc are crazy priced and yes I did use that at 1 time but since the year 2000 Macys had a line called Prescriptives and now you can get it on line and the service is amazing with decent prices. Once you sign up and start a first order they have a few times a year 30 percent off and I go crazy for their moisturizer and eye creams and UNTIL you find what you like free shipping both ways and service is unbelievable. On line chat, online picture chat and phone. If you wash your face and their all clean comes in a BIG tube and is amazing and lasts at least a year and put the hydraulic acid on and the vitamin C which you need after the hydraulic acid you need a TINY amount of moisturizer and that lasts for about 6 months too. I have returned things many times and never a problem. Chat is amazing too. I just wrote a book! I am sorry but I have hit comment and it isnt responding?

        • Hi Randy
          How much of hydraulic acid and vitamin c are exactly that you are using and how?
          I cannot afford the prices on the market I am 60 years old and I need good advice on how to erase some wrinkles around mouth ,eyes and in between eyes area…
          What can I say? …I feel that I am falling apart!

          • DONNA please don’t use vitamin c tablets like Randi has advised. You could be putting all sorts of things into your skin by using tablets….because tablets come with added ingredients like binders, fillers and sweeteners. You need to use a pure L-ascorbic acid. Try amazon. A small 100-200 gram pouch won’t cost you more than 5 dollars or so. But make sure it’s non gmo L-ascorbic acid. …and not plain ascorbic acid. You don’t need to mix with hyaluronic acid. …This is just an ingredient that helps to hold moisture in the skin. The cheapest and most effective method is to use plain distilled water…..or rise water or any other type of hydrosol, a little vegetable glycerin and the L-ascorbic acid.once you have mixed it, and provided it’s kept in a cool place in a dark bottle….It will easily latest 2 weeks. If it develops a yellow tinge,then it’s time to make a new batch.
            Vitamin E works miracles when applied over the vit C serum and works as a moisturiser as well as a sunscreen and helps to diminish any freckles or age spots that may have already developed.

          • I feel the same, Donna…falling apart… except I’m 69.

  4. This awesome!i have to try this as I do lot of aqua aerobic in chlorinated pool and was looking for ways to increase my vitamin c. Would like to all you though, if you don’t mind, which kind do you take orally? Is it the same powder and how much do u take from it?

    • I take camu camu as it is the one I tolerate better right now

      • How do you disolve camu camu powder?i tried a lot and it doesn’t t work

        • Same problem here! Camu camu doesn’t dissolve in water!

    • I take Ester-C tablets (and also L-Lysine) by Solgar to aid in collagen production. They’re both great products to use! It’s great quality for the price & it’s easy on the stomach and releases over time, so you don’t just get a huge dose then excrete it through the urine.

      • Hi I was just reading thru and at first is seemed to be a potion to be applied on the face and now you’re talking about taking the vit C orally. Could you pse explain cause I don’t understand where the facial cream stops and the taking of vit C orally begins. Thanks for being patient with me.


  5. I have Ester-C powder with Citrus Bioflavonoids by American Health. It is brownish-grey in color. Can that be used instead of the crystals?

    • No it can’t. Google. It will not absorb into the skin as well, although there is some implication it may help over the very long term with the deeper layers of skin. I am looking for immediate results, so perhaps a combo of both Vit C’s would be an option for you.

      • i’m very confused by your comment. i googled homemade vitamin c serums and came across a blip on youtube from a dermatologist who advised against making them specifically because regular vitamin c is water soluble and supposedly does not absorb into skin well. he said vitamin c ester is better!

        • Then that dermatologist didn’t know what they were talking about. For one Ester-C is just as water-soluble as regular C, and no more fat-soluble, and besides all the research says regular Vitamin C absorbs better than any other type (including fat soluble variety ascorbyl palmitate). Ester C contains partially oxidized C, which doesn’t contribute metabolism boosting electrons. All the pros of Ester C vs regular C is entirely produced by the Ester C industry. All other studies find it’s efficacy no better and often worse than regular c.

          • You are FULL of awesome goodness! Thank you for breaking that down for us!

  6. I just started using deep sean minerals,expensive (when you buy from the retailer) ebay it. wow wow wow, my skin is softer than it has ever been, I’m in my fourties,My combination skin is now under control, I no longer have servere oily T zone. I take Balckmore’s vitamin C to help from the inside out, my neck skin is improving amculatly. and only after nearly a week of taking VitaminC. 🙂

    • Please send me the URL address for the deep sea minerals

    • What brand are the deep sea minerals?

  7. I find glycerine makes the serum very sticky. I currently use the recipe from gorgeously green and her recipe only calls for 1 tsp of glycerine and I can hardly stand the stickiness from that. I’m going to try using aloe Vera with my next batch.

  8. I have been oil cleansing every since I read your post on it last January and love it. When I am finished there is some oil residue still on my face. Is it ok to use the c serum in top, or will the oil keep it from absorbing? I am anxious to try this!

    • Yes, I would love to know the answer to this as well.

  9. I was wondering if vitamin C tablets could be crushed finely & used instead of purchasing vitamin C powder ? Thanks

    • Am eagerly waiting to know the same.. please do let us know.. Thanks

    • I would like to know this answer as well. Cause I have plenty of vitamin C Tablets…

      • I mix mine with coconut oil or pure aloe vera- works great! I also use the Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin C capsules. I can just use one at a time and not worry about it going bad. Just open the gelatin capsule and dump it and mix either aloe or organic coconut oil. ( I also use coconut oil as a makeup remover.

        • Hi, I’m wondering where do you purchase hydraulic acid? I live in British Columbia, Canada.


          • Hi,

            I’m in BC also and have looked everywhere. I just bought mine from Bulk Actives online. I have the crystals from Choices but they are a pain to dissolve.

            I also use Hyaluronic acid and organic rose hip seed oil (natural retinol) in my serum and its amazing. The ultra fine l-ascorbic is so g=hard to find locally. I got 90g for 27 USD (shipping and all) bit pricey but it goes a long way.

          • I live in Okanagan and find that Nature’s Fare sells pure hyaluronic acid serum (Episilk), in a darkened, 30 ml bottle. It is rather costly at $74.99 plus tax, but the good news is that a little goes a long way. I use a Vitamin C serum (Viva Bio Brightening) in a dark 25 ml bottle for $34.99. Again, a little goes a long way.

            The Vitamin C serum also contains Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil Cold Press, Avocado Oil, Vit E, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vanilla Planifilia Oil, Lavender Angustifilia Oil, Angelica Dahurica, Mandarine Oil.

            You have to shake the bottle well and apply a THIN layer to desired areas. Use on a clean face. Open pores up by placing a hot as you can tolerate facecloth for 1-2 minutes. I exfoliate every 2nd day, as every day is said to be too much.

            Allow the Vit C serum to dry for a couple of minutes (skin absorption) and follow up by dabbing (do not overuse) hyaluronic acid serum. I am an older woman (over 50) and have just begun this regime, so I cannot state as of yet, any results. But I can say that my skin (after only 4 days) is already softer and I have seen reduction in some blemishes.

            I should say that after exfoliating, I use ACV (apple cider vinegar) mixed with equal part distilled or filtered water as a toner, then after a couple of minutes, use the ‘hot facecloth’, so that I am applying the serums to a clean face.

            Coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E are being used for eyelashes and eyebrows. Sweet almond oil for dark circles/bags under eyes. I am drinking plenty of water per day, cut out sugar, breads, sweets, processed food and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise is being incorporated into my lifestyle also.

            The sooner one starts in life the better! Thumbs up to wellness mama…keep up the great work! I only just stumbled across this site because I was wondering if I could save some money by making my own serums. ; ))

            The reason I mentioned diet and exercise (as well as plenty of proper sleep) is because the outside will definitely reflect what is going on on the inside. Hope this helps someone. God bless!

        • I bought hyarulic acid in gel capsule, and liquid vitamin c.. Can I add that strait to my coconut oil? How much do you think!

    • No, because they are made with binders.

    • Probably depending on what other ingredients were included.

      • Actually, the answer is no. Well, not ideally, because AA oxidizes the minute it hits the water, and so quickly, unless it is a fine powder that dissolves almost instantly, you will be losing all the healing power as you wait for the coarse powder to completely dissolve. I suppose if you want exfoliation……you could move a bit quicker? 🙂

        • Actually the rate of oxidation does increase dramatically when it is dissolved (why you really should use dissolved C within 7 days), but oxidation rate is slower when crystalline because the individual crystals are not dissolved.

    • I wouldn’t use crushed tablets as they contain excipients not wanted on the skin. Order a small container of NOW Foods Ascorbic Acid on Amazon. I’ve been taking it (orally) for 10 yrs. It’s good stuff & USP (pharmaceutical grade) which is important as you want purity….Good luck! I’m going to make my own and glad I already have the C on hand! I think I’ll make it with water and apply with cotton ball after I cleanse my face. Then, I’ll follow with my other skin care products, like moisturizer.


  10. what about using vitamin C ampoules? those who can be injected. Could it work directly or with the glycerin?

  11. Just so your readers know, I have made a similar serum, but had trouble with it being gritty. Then someone pointed out that I should put my C powder in a clean grinder (I have a coffee grinder I use soley for herbs) and grind it finer. That did the trick!

  12. What about using the powder in coconut oil after dissolving in small amount of water?

    • I am searching for the same answer about mixing ascorbic acid and coconut oil. Did you ever find an answer?

      • Oil and water don’t mix. Dissolve lecithin granules in the water and you will then get it to mix.

      • i would love to know the recipe as well and can i add vitamin e gel to it as well…please help…need correct recipe…

  13. Help! My Vit C crystals won’t dissolve – in water, oil, or vegetable glycerine!

    • Mine either. I even warmed up the water to dissolve it but then it recrystalised after it cooled down. I’m going to try and grind it like the suggestion above but any other suggestions would be great

      • you need to use distilled water. if you keep stirring (3 mins or so) it will dissolve

        • I am using RO water, is that the reason the vitamin C won’t dissolve like it should? What is the difference in distilled and RO? If I shake the bottle long enough, which is a LONG TIME, it will dissolve. Also, I like the vegetable glycerin but it’s too sticky so I cut back on it.

          • Hi, I can think of three reasons why Vit C doesn’t dissolve – there is too much Vit C powder in proportion to water (add a bit more water); water is too cold (try it warmer or room temperature); Vit C powder is not fine enough (grind it to a fine powder in a blender or clean coffee grinder).
            I don’t use much glycerine, sometimes none. That’s OK.
            Hope this helps.

          • Distilled water makes all the difference. Tap water has chemicals that seem to interfer with the C disolving. I also want to add that I have been using the C Serum on my hands for 3 weeks and age spots are fading and skin quality have vastly improved.
            Can someone help me determine how 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid and 100ml water equates to teaspoon or tablespoon?

  14. I use the peel from organic oranges, grapefruits and lemons, cut the peel and white into small squares and allow to dry for several days then grind into a fine powder…I add this to vinegar as a natural cleaner, I use it mixed with water for a facial toner, I add some to my breakfast for an extra boost of Vit C…the uses for your own homemade Vit C powder are endless!

    • Peel has the vitamin C or the flesh of he fruit .??

  15. This is great but ascorbic acid is synthetic vitamin c and usually is genetically modified. I would worry that using this type of vitamin c could do more harm than good. You can buy a pure vitamin c powder that is organic and high quality for just a few dollars more.

    • Ascorbic acid is vitamin c and vitamin c is ascorbic acid. They are identical and the process for making it is always the same. Until this process was invented some 90 years ago it was extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture. There are a lot of marketing techniques used to try to make one sound better than another (like “organic”). Don’t buy the hype. Vitamin C is not a compound of substances that can be considered “organic” … it is a specific molecule that is the same whether synthesized or . Look at the vitamin C molecule on wikipedia – this molecule is what all vitamin C looks like that you can buy. Anything with a different structure is not vitamin C. There are buffered versions (ascorbates), and palmitates (bonded to a fatty acid), but what makes it all vitamin C is that 11 atom molecule to which these structures are attached.

      • Great. It’s still derived from GMO corn. Buy organic that is not made from GMO corn or whole fruit Vit C like Camu Camu powder.

        • Almost all the ascorbic acid in the world is made in two factories in China. They do use glucose from corn but since GMOs are not used in China (Monsanto couldn’t buy them) the vitamin C is not made from GMO corn. All the Vitamin C is made to pharmaceutical or industrial standards because it is used in industrial processes. Tampering with human health is OK but not with industrial chemistry. So Dave is correct all the hype about organic or L-ascorbic acid is just to get more money from the uninformed and gullible. No insult intended.

        • I’m glad that the word is getting out about the ascorbic acid in most supplements etc is genetically modified from GE corn. It defeats the purpose of making your own healthy versions because you are trading poison for poison. I buy Organic Orange Peel Powder, Organic Rosehip Powder, Organic Amla Powder and Organic Acerola Berry Powder from Mountain Rose Herbs and mix up equal parts of each into a bowl and fill vegetarian capsules (size 00 – which holds 735mg) with it to make my own Vitamin C pills. I take 3 capsules a day. You will know that you are taking enough if your urine is clear. I plan to try the Organic Orange Peel Powder with this recipe and see if it works.

  16. My crystals are not dissolving!! Please help. What could I be doing wrong? I’ve tried to mix with just water and with the glycerin.

    • crush with a mortar and pestle … do not heat up, if all will still not dissolve you may be at saturation point … pour off the liquid for use and throw out the left over sludge.

      • To dissolve vit c, mix in tiny amt of water w half as much baking soda. It bubbles madly and dissolves

    • Dissolve vitamin C in aloe Vera gel and it works like a charm!

      • I dissolved 1/4 tsp vit C pow in 4 tsp water. It dissolved completely. But the moment I added 2 tsp aloe vera gel, it went pasty. Please help, what went wrong?

    • I buy the vitiamin c jell caps and I poke a hole in it . It has the creamy color I was looking for the reg jell caps but didn’t have.I buy vitiamin e oil to mix with mine since it’s good for put on face and neck

    • Use distilled water to dissolve the Vit. C in.

  17. Thanks for posting this recipe! I have been using the serum for about a week now and my skin has never felt better! I made some for my Mom & she loves it too! 🙂

  18. Can I use vitamin c tablet and grind it to powder form?

  19. What percent serum is this? 10, 15 or 20 % ??

    • I’ve been using vit c serum for 3 months and haven’t noticed any difference to my face, or hands, although it did burn my neck. I’m 62 and wonder if I’m too old to get a benefit from vit c. Just not sure what % to use either.

      • I would also like to know the answer to Mary’s question as it pertains to me also. Is there a different way we need to apply it?

        • Is it possible to get an answerer to the question Mary asked about using the Vitamin C for 3 months with no visible results. I have been anxiously waiting for a post.

          • Hello Pat
            I’ve now been using this serum for about four months and have to say that I am now noticing a slight improvement. (I had acne scars so we weren’t starting with perfect skin.) I have also changed my cleansing routine. Here goes – I cleanse my face with Jojoba oil (but any light oil will do), wipe the excess off with a warm flannel and then apply the serum. For my neck I leave Jojoba oil on and apply the serum over it. I am not sure what % of Vit C I use but this is what I do. Mix 1 teaspoon Vit C powder with 2 teaspoons rosewater. If the Vit C doesn’t fully dissolve I add more rosewater. If the Vit C did dissolve first go, then I add more Vit C until it is at a stage where it doesn’t fully dissolve and I have to add more rosewater. This is called saturation point and the Vit C is at maximum %. (It helps if the Vit C has been ground into a fine powder – I use a blender to do this.)
            Hope this helps. Kind regards Mary

    • In the original research paper, the L ascorbic acid absorption dropped above 20% aqueous solution at ph 3.2 . The acidic ph is necessary to neutralise the charge on the ascorbic acid so it can penetrate the skin Most of the study used 15% but left it to soak for many hours fresh additions over 1 to 5 days saturated the skin, and after 4 days half of the addition had been lost without further applications.
      Ref Topical L-Ascorbic Acid: Percutaneous Absorption Studies
      Sheldon R. Pinnell, MD,* Huanshu Yang, MD,‡ Mostafa Omar, PhD,† Nancy Monteiro Riviere, PhD,‡ Holly V. DeBuys, MD,* Linda C. Walker,* Yaohui Wang, MD,§ and Mark Levine, MD§
      In the © 2001 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. • Published by Blackwell Science, Inc. ISSN: 1076-0512/01/$15.00/0 • Dermatol Surg 2001;27:137–142

    • Yes PLEASE tell us the percenage of this recipe for face serum. Because I was reading something that I think you or someone else posted saying that if the PH percentage was less than 2.5% it harms your skin & over 3.5% does nothing. So the percentage is very important.

  20. am I able to use a natural vitamin c powder derived from fruits? I’m hesitant to use L Asorbic Acid since it is usually derived from corn and genetically modified. Thanks for this post!

    • All vitamin C is L-ascorbic, regardless of the source, and all vitamin C supplements are synthesized from the reichstein process regardless what you’ve heard or read. Vitamin C is a specific molecular structure of 11 hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Genetic modification has nothing to do with it’s structure. There is no genetic material in Vitamin C.

  21. I made some of this. I see nowhere says how to use it. How do you apply to skin, leave on or wash off…instructions are needed

  22. How about mixing the vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid?? Will this need refrigeration?? 🙂

    • I’ve been asking the same question I wish I could get an answer????

    • This is an idea I might try. Those anti wrinkle promotion ads say they combine Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles in two weeks. Guess which food contains mostly Hyaluronic acids? sweet spuds!

    • Hi! Did you ever find an answer to this question??

    • Hi. I am using a store bought c serum that contains hyaluronic acid. I purchased ascorbic acid and hyaluronic acid powder with the intention of making my own c serum. I’ve been searching for a recipe that includes the two, and I still haven’t found one. I would love to know if there is an answer to your question. Thanks.

        • wow – thank you so much! that article makes TOTAL sense.

      • I recently ordered both Hyaluronic Acid powder and L-ascorbic powder, hoping to make a mix of them too. However, what I’ve been reading online is to keep the 2 serums separate. Apparently, the Vit C needs about 10 min to soak into the skin, and it’s tricky getting the right % (5-20) figured out. Then, the Hyaluronic Acid serum is applied to help moisturize. If you mix them, the Vit C might be too strong or too weak and could waste the expensive Hyaluronic Acid. I guess I’m making 2 serums. Sigh. Hope that helps!

      • Read the beginning of these posts , someone already gave recipe.

  23. I make my own facial oil with jojoba, tamanu, and various essential oils. Any tips on incorporating vitamin c? I’m not too sure about how much I should add to my 1 ounce bottle and if I can just add vitamin c powder directly without diluting in water.

  24. Hi! Love all your recipes:) I don’t buy synthetic vitamins, but I do have camu camu powder on hand. Any idea if that would work? Thanks!

  25. What are the use instructions for this recipe?

  26. What % of vitamin c are you getting with the 1/2 tsp. to 1 tbs. of water mixture? Is it over 20% ?

  27. I just started using your DIY formula and bought the same ingredients you use. Truthfully I see no difference in the appearance of my skin but it has only been 4 or 5 days and it needs alot of help! My question is, no matter how much I mix the water and powder it does not seem to disolve completely, what am I doing wrong. I can actually feel some of the powder when I apply it.

  28. Is this safe to use right under your eyes?

  29. Do you leave this on or wash it off?

    • you leave it on

  30. Hiiii…..
    I m From India….So can u pls tell me where do we purchase the Vitamin C powder from???and in which form it is available in??? and also, i have a wheatish complexion but have tanned over the years…so will this help me get a brighter and fairer complexion???? thank u 🙂 🙂

    • Hi, i live in india too. i get mine from

  31. hey guys, i noticed a few people are having problems dissolving the crystals.
    add a tiny tiny bit of alcohol to the powder or crystal and it should help it dissolve quickly. It might get a little runny if you add too much so make sure you only add a bit. I used to work at a pharmacy and we used to make prescription body creams for people with skin problems, whenever we added crystal menthol or camphor crystals the only way to dissolve them properly was to add a bit of alcohol. Hope this helps and if anyone disagrees please do your research accordingly.


  32. This is great addition to my routine! I’m using Eu Natural’s Clarity Vitamin C Serum every other day along with my DIY serum. My friends have noticed my dark spots are disappearing.

  33. Can I use coconut oil instead of Veg Glycerine? Will this extend the shelf life and make it even more effective since coconut oil is good for anti-aging, nourishing, moisturizing etc?

  34. What is the differece between ascorbic acid and L ascorbic acid?? Which one is better for making a vitamin c serum?? Plz reply asap

      • actually L ascorbic acid is the one to use. Its the most “natural” one and only
        L ascorbic acid is recommended in topical serums 🙂

  35. Can I mix hyaluronic acid with this mixture

  36. Hi!!!
    If u cud tell me whether Vitamin c ascorbic acid and L ascorbic acid are same or do they contain different properties?
    Online I m getting more options for Pure Vitamin C ascorbic acid (1000g for INR 3200) and hardly any options for Vitamin C L ascorbic acid except for this one where I m getting 500g for INR 2500
    Which deal should I go with?

  37. Hello I was wondering abt the glycerine if we put it on our face do we have to rinse it bcs i find glycerine is so sweet and sticky. Do reply asap thnk u 🙂

  38. Can hydraulic acid be mixed with the vitamin C ?

  39. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to distilled water for this recipe or just another way all together to make a vitamin c serum? I live in a place where distilled water is impossible to find and its very expensive to have it shipped to me. Thanks!

    • You can use regular water that has been boiled but it just won’t last quite as long.

    • Try your local gas station for distilled water. It is used for topping up car batteries.

  40. Made it, Tryed it, Loved it, Making more. I justed used the water recipe. I used it on my 6 month pregnanat belly and face. felt great on both I put it on at night and took a shower in morning to rinse off. my face felt great for days. I also did the honey as a mask for 20 minutes a few days before the C. thankyou Katie for all the awesome DIY recipe been needing this in my life. ever greatful

  41. The link for the one that you use “Vit. c” in the recipe takes me to Royal Camu. is this correct? or is it suppose to take me to an ascorbic acid? Thank you for responding~!!!

    • Either will work. Ascorbic acid is often easiest for the face. I’ll check the link

      • I’m sorry Katie, I’m still confused. Even though I made a batch using Royal Camu, I’m still wondering if I should have used an l-ascorbic acid instead? I’m not sure the Royal Camu would be effective. Please let me know.

  42. Katie,
    I absolutely adore your blog, thank you for existing! I have a question. My face has two tones due to excessive sun exposure (23 years living in Puerto Rico will do that to you) but overall it’s still a few shades lighter in color than the rest of my body, maybe because I take more of it. What can I use to even out my whole skin tone? Thank you very much for any help.

    • I’d try oil cleansing and not use anything harsh or bleaching. Taking something like Astaxanthin might also help

      • Katie how well does the vitamin c dissolve because I’ve tried a different brand and it didn’t work.

  43. I meant I take better care of my face than my body, speaking about sun exposure.

  44. Hey Wellness Mama! Cute name for a blog 🙂

    From what I have learnt in my travels vitamin c powder in its wholesome form could be irritating to some skins. Would it not be better to use L-Ascorbic Acid (the component of vitamin C that is beneficial to skin) ?

    The product you use sounds very interesting in itself though. Amazing amounts of vitamin C in it!

    Anyway, much like your blog. Thanks for the recipe. I shall attempt this once I get my L-Ascorbic in the post.


  45. Would you recommend using this around the eye area to help with wrinkles ?

  46. Why do you have to use so much more glycerine than if you just used water? Wouldn’t the concentration be much less?

    • I agree with Jill. If you are using 1 T water, shouldn’t the glycerine option be “1 teaspoon water and 2 teaspoons glycerine?” That would make it a total of 1 tablespoon either way. I think 2 tablespoons glycerine and 1 teaspoon water would produce a much more diluted recipe.

      • I was wondering myself if 2 tablespoons of glycerin was a typo and should be 2 teaspoons. Makes more sense.

  47. Asorbic acid is usually derived from corn, and anything from today’s corn always scares me. Do you know of any non-GMO brands?

    Thank you!! 🙂

  48. Hi, this is a great recipe, thanks for sharing this. Can I make this recipe without water and just liquid vitamin c? That is, if I use liquid vitamin c, then I assume I won’t need water to dilute the powder? Please advice, thanks!

  49. The glycerine in this recipe is too much as glycerine tends to be sticky in larger quantities.
    I used 1/2 tsp. only and worked fine. Also, Aloe Vera gel is great to mix the Vitamin C with. BUT, Vitamin C tends to have a noticeable smell and when I applied it once on my body my husband asked me what smelled so strange on me…Blending in some essential oils helps to mask the smell.

  50. Is it better to use this as a toner or the sea salt spray that is mentioned on your website as a toner?

  51. I can’t say I’ve noticed a smell from ascorbic acid but I do use rosewater instead of distilled water. My opinion is that the serum should have as few ingredients as possible (ascorbic acid, water/rosewater and a small amount of glycerine so that it is easier to apply to the skin. This is because the ascorbic acid can react with other ingredients, thus diluting its efficacy when applied to the skin.

    • I buy brown bottles with droppers from health food shops. Alternatively ask your friends to save their small containers for you. As a last resort we have shops that sell plastic containers of all sizes.

  52. Hi, Thanks for this blog! iam using calcuim ascorbate crystals as a food supplement from Solgar, can I use this for vit c spray for my face and body ? 1/4 tsp provides,1300mg calcuim ascorbate, 1055mg buffered vit c? fortunately it seems to dissolve very easily in warm water, Many thanks- south africa

  53. I bought the ingredients, brought it all home and made a serum…I found as well, that is is a bit sticky, but I’ll use it at night. However, I went to my local organic food store, and not reading the label properly, most likely in haste or sheer excitement, bought the wrong stuff…

    What is the different in the L-ascorbic acid verses the calcium ascorbate I bought? (my serum oxidized before I got it into the bottle by yellowing too!) I used it a few times before it yellowed and it feels good on my face and once I get the proper flipping Vit C I will do this again! Thanks for the great recipes … Dee

  54. Where do you get all of your jars and containers?

    • My local health food shop sells brown bottles with dropper tops. Alternatively ask your friends to save their used small containers. As a last resort, we have shops that sell plastic containers of all sizes.

  55. My spin on the above recipe: 1/8 tsp Vitamin C powder, 1/4 tsp orange blossom water (or rose water), 1/4 tsp squalane (purchased for $15 at local vitamin store) stored in amber bottle. I made very small quantities to try to ensure the stability of the Vitamin C. I make sure I give the bottle a good shake before application. My skin feels amazing soft after use and the water used imparts a terrific fragrance without having to use essential oils.

    I’m surprised by how many comments are being posted questioning the forms of Vitamin C, etc. I would think that women who were interested in DIY makeup would be a little more adventurous. Ladies, just experiment. Do patch tests on the inside of your arm if you’re worried but stay in the spirit of DIY and figure it out. Wellness Mama – your blog is amazing. I’ve tried several recipes and continue to enjoy your blog. Thank you.

  56. Does anyone have a good, natural, whole skincare regime for antiaging? It would really be nice to tie the oil cleansing and the vitamin c in with the rest of your regime such as for the eyes, a moisturizer and an exfoliator using all natural products.
    Thank you!

  57. Hello, I have tried the vit C serum with ascorbic acid in the past but I decided to quit because I was getting wrinkles under eyes. From what I read this is what you go through at first and then it improves. I didn’t wait but quit because got scared. I feel like my mistake was that I had it too concentrated. Need to start with mild concentration and increase slightly every 2-3 weeks so that the skin gets used to it. Well, after I quit with the vit C and glycerin serum, I went on different products that didn’t do any good to my skin but actually made it worse. Don’t try too many products!!!! Even though is very tempting when you see something new on the shelf in the store that looks very promising, don’t do it!!! Now I ended up with spots, acne and dehydrated skin. I pushed all those products away and started all over the process of repairing my skin. I found out that parfums, alchools and dyes are the skin enemies because they dry out and irritate the skin, so I bought the avenoo foam cleanser that doesn’t contain fragrance and any kind of alcohol and use it on a washcloth morning and evening. After I cleaned the skin, I need to give it some vit. C. I smash a strawberry really well and apply all over the face for 15-20 min. The mask I do every other day. Strawberries contain also salicylic acid which helps with acne and other good things which help tighten, cleanse the skin and brighten it. I wash the mask off with lukewarm water. Pat dry and then apply moisturizer. My moisturizer is now made of a drop of vegetable glycerin in the palm of my hand and add water as it can hold so it doesn’t spill. I found that if I make the mixture of glycerin and water for a week or two it goes bad and I waste a lot. So I just make it right before I apply it. It is so quick and easy. I apply all over the face and that’s it. Hydration provided!!! Now I struggle with myself to apply sunscreen when I go outside just don’t like the consistency of it! But I see that the results of this natural products routine has improved the color and my skin is more hydrated than before. Rarely now I have blackheads. My acne scars are fading slowly! I will stick to this routine and just wanted to share with you my experience maybe someone that didn’t go through this will benefit. This is cheap and not harmful to the skin. I spent a lot on creams and cleansers that made my face feel tight. If anyone tries this routing please write and let me know how it works for you! Wish you all good skin!!

    • Hi did your routine help with wrinkles as well”

    • Going to try glycerine and water today! Thanks!

  58. If you only use water and vitamin c powder as a toner, do you put it in a spray bottle?


  59. I wouldn’t use a spray bottle for Vit C serum. The spray will discolour anything it touches, clothes, walls, floor. The stain does wipe off but in the meantime it leaves a dirty yellow colour.

  60. Hi OCM is beyond amazing! May I ask a question, I read one can add a pinch of Epson Salt to the oil, why and is is beneficial??
    Thanks again for this amazing site, believe it or not I read every single comment, because most of the questions are already dealt with!
    Thanks Katie

    • I have never heard that… I am not sure why that would be a good idea unless you are just want more magnesium at any cost.

  61. Dry but. C is shelf stable for up to a year, but once in a solution it breaks down in just over 2 days. How do you stabilize it?

    • Thc original research paper which i poster the referenve used a comination of zinc hylauronic. Acid and some complex buffers to stabilise during the course of the application (24 hrs) , all not easly available. I am afraid. However, if you go to the linnus pauling institute site and click skin health it will reference other stabilising methods from peer review research using natural products. Of which the name escapes me

  62. ouch this burns my skin!! 🙁
    is it supposed to??

    • It should not… you may need to use less Vitamin C.

      • More than 20% will inhibit absorption and you need it to be acidic to absorb at all

  63. Hi, I apply a light oil (you can use any moisturiser) to the sensitive parts of my skin first. This helps reduce stinging. Your skin will get used to Vit C but, as suggested, you could also dilute your Vit C.

  64. how often shud you use this vit c serum everyday? do u no the ph level of this? thanks do you notice a diffrence in your skin since using it?

  65. Hi Katie – I love your site and refer to it all the time! I’ve been making this serum for a few weeks now and wonder if using witch hazel instead of water would work? Or is there any reason this should be avoided? Thank you!

    • Haven’t tried it but it might work… let me know how it does if you try it!

  66. Hello,

    I rant and rave about your site all the time!!! I’ve bought the brand you gave as an example, and now realize you wrote powder, but showed crystals. Which is best to use?


  67. I bought hydralauric-vitamin C capsules. I empty one or two at a time and add water, It’s a little gritty so I use it at night. I’m going to try grinding it in a mortar/pestle. It’s enough for a couple days using it on face and neck. Last night I added coconut oil.

  68. I used the Mortar and pestle to grind my Vit C . It seemed to decrease the grit a little and I make a small bit at a time, and have used Glycerine and I have used rose water and both separately…I also found that you should wear old clothes and cover your bed sheets…Night time is best…lol…keep the updates coming love to read about how others are able to create…Cheers…Dee

  69. I’ve been using this exact recipe for 6 months and it works great!! I notice if I don’t use it for a little while, my skin gets dull. I use the distilled water and the glycerin. It takes around 15 minutes to dissolve the crystals in the water. I put it in a glass measuring cup and stir with a plastic straw. Stir, stir, stir!! Then add the glycerin and mix until smooth. Use a small funnel to pour into amber glass dropper bottles. I have 5 of my girlfriends addicted to it, I make it for them. I also use it on my chest and back of hands, as it makes a good amount for 30 days. We are all 38 years old and up, notice results, and no irritation or burning!!

  70. Can I crush vitamin c pills to use?also does the vitamin c have to be acidic?I saw buffered c powder but was not sure if that would absorb help need answer a!

  71. my grandmother simply used lemon or lime juice mixed with olive oil, and sweared by it. is this the same vit c and was it absorbed by the skin?

  72. I have been using Ascorbic Acid mixed with Reviva Labs Rosewater facial spray. the spray contains distilled rosewater, glycerin and hydrolic acid, and some other beneficial ingredients.
    The C desolves without much difficulty.
    The problem is it seems to leave a film on my skin that makes me wonder if it is indeed penetrating the skin or simply sitting on top of the surface of it. I thought it would be a good combo. I’m currently using a 15% recipe.
    Should I try the original recipe instead? Has anyone have the problem of a hardish film being left on top of the skin?
    It stings a little too but not that bad. Its the “film” left behind that leave me concerned about absorbtion.

    Thank you, Maureen

  73. I have been making this for years.. But I have found that glycerine is just too sticky..

    So I substitute Jojoba oil.. which is the closest oil to our skins own natural oil..

    And it works beautifully.. I’m 73 and am taken for 50.. And this Serum is the key… So Keep it simple girls and don’t add anything else, 3 ingredients is all you need.. and give it time, it is not an instant fix.. Every ones skin is different, it may take some of you longer to see results..

    I have found that the ideal time to use this serum is at least 1/2 hour before you go to bed.. (to give it time to absorb).. In the morning rinse your face with filtered water (never use tap water on your face) and then use your moisturizer…

    Speaking of your moisturizer, you can add a little of your serum to it for daytime use.. (put a little of your moisturizer in the palm of your hand and add 1 or 2 drops of your serum to it and blend..

    And girls.. Never Ever use sunscreen.. It is full of harmful chemicals..
    There are natural substitutes.. Frankly, the only time you really need sunscreen is if you are spending a lot of time outdoors.. But for most of us that are just going to the store and in and out of the car running errands or going to work.. You really don’t need Sunscreen.. In fact the vit. D you get from some exposure to sun is healthy for you and your skin…

    Hope this helps..

    And to our Wellness Mama, that gives us all this wonderful info with her generous Heart.. Thank-You for all the time and effort you give to others.. you are a Blessing…

    • Thanks Patricia for your detailed post!

    • Hi Patricia

      That’s very encouraging, thank you :).

      Do you really mean three ingredients, or four? Ascorbic acid, Jojoba oil, water and…hyaluronic acid? Also doesn’t there need to be a fifth ingredient to emulsify the Jojoba oil? How do you get the oil and water portions to blend?

      I also get Maureen’s film-forming problem. Doesn’t mater if I use water or aloe, glycerine or no glycerine, I still get a kind of dry film that makes me doubt penetration. This only happens with ascorbic acid serums. My other serums in the same HA base are fine.

      Thank you 🙂

      • Wondering if you got the answer to your question & what it was….thanks ?

    • Can you please share your recipe? I used to make 1/2 tsp of l-ascorbic with 1 tsp of aloe vera, but I didnt see difference.

  74. Hello! I really want to try this Vitamin C serum, but the problem is – I don’t have no access of vegetable glycerine 🙁 I have read somewhere you can use Aloe Vera gel as a substitute? Can you use it? Thanks!

  75. Hi everyone,

    I have been using the ascorbic acid serum on my face for a week now, and I have noticed some tiny pimples on my forehead. Did anyone else experience this? Should I stop with the serum?

  76. thanks

  77. For those asking, the ratio of vitamin C powder to liquid base in this recipe is 1:7, or about 14%.

  78. Hi!

    My naturopath suggested that I use a Vitamin C (or E) based cream to combat the thinning skin under my eyes (which make the veins there more noticable and aging). After some internet research I decided to go the DIY route with your serum. I’ve been using it for about a week, and I noticed this morning that there are a lot of fine lines around my eyes that weren’t there before! Has anyone had this problem with the Vitamin C serum? Should I adjust something in the recipe? Should I stop using it under my eyes and just use it at the corners where the veins are? Or should I just get more sleep? It’s a bit distressing, as everyone says so many good things about this serum!

    Thanks for any help!

    • I’ve never heard of that reaction. Are you drinking enough water? Sleep is definitely always a great option if you can do it!

      • Thank you great points also your recipes are phenomenal wellness mama

    • Kate..

      Since that skin around your eyes is so sensitive.. I would suggest that you use
      the C serum just on your face.. and use Vitamin E around your eyes..
      After a couple of weeks try mixing a little C serum with the Vitamin E and see how
      your skin reacts..

      We are all so different, so don’t fret..
      Let us know how things go..

  79. I’ve been using the DIY C serum for about a month & I’m not impressed. I also think my eye area looks worse…Not sure what this is all about…

  80. The onions on feet.. is that safe while pregnant?

  81. I have a purchased serum that I love, but I’ll be doing DIY once it’s used up – so much cheaper and fresher. It’s so easy to make with water – you can make a small amount fresh every day, with tap water and use as a toner. If you want your small supply to last longer, you can add a tiny bit of grapefruit extract or Vit E oil. If your serum changes colour or develops an off odour, throw it out.
    It should be the first thing you apply to a clean face, before other serums and moisturizers.
    I have definitely noticed a difference in smoothness and clarity.
    I’m just going to use a smidge of glycerine or else aloe vera juice. I think the idea of rose water (for dry skin) or witch hazel (for oily) is a good one.

  82. Planning to try this. This blog has been helpful,thank you.
    One question, tho: do not find anyone answering clearly the question about
    combining hyaluronic acid with this to enhance absorption.
    Does anyone know if that can work,combining it into this serum?
    Or would one need to make separate hyaluronic serum as some
    other sites suggest? Or is advice to leave it out entirely? Thanks for
    any input before I go forward with concocting my serum.

    • Hi Melissa

      Concerning your question as to whether or not to use Hyaluronic Acid…

      First off you didn’t really specify what type of HA you want to use..

      But just make certain that the HA you use is of low molecular weight, otherwise the skin just
      can’t absorb it.. (Not all creams use this).. The low molecular weight allows the HA to penetrate
      the skin, rather that just sitting on top..

      Also make certain that you don’t use more than 1% in your serum.. Once you have
      made this use sparingly and judge how your skin responds..

      The main purpose of using HA is that it helps your skin retain water.. And as a result, many have
      found that it has helped their skin look more youthful.. But it doesn’t work for everyone..

      And if you find Melissa that you don’t see any improvement in a couple of weeks.. Try adding a
      a drop or two of lavender oil to your mix before giving up.. It may help…

      Frankly I find that simple mixes without a lot of ingredients, are the best DIY treatments we can
      use for our skin.. And don’t forget that some of the best ingredients are right in your own

      It would be nice to know how this works out for you Melissa.. So keep us posted…

  83. I truly think it’s best to omit any oil & just mix the ascorbic acid with water. The skin absorbs all the C & when dry, I then use my moisturizer. Otherwise, too goopy & then moisturizer can’t absorb. Make sense? I think so.

  84. I’ve been using this formula for about 4 weeks now and am absolutely amazed by the difference in my skin. I’m a 41 year old male from Australia and have enjoyed way too much sun in my life….spent all spare time at the beach, with my face and arms displaying the ravages of the sun. My hands and forearms are already looking much firmer and pigmentation has reduced. As for my face, the skin is feeling firmer, more hydrated and also the pigmentation spots have reduced significantly. The serum as described is a sinch to make and I’m committed to using it into the long term. GUYS…..get to looking after your skin with this wonderfully simple, effective and inexpensive product. Thanks a million wellness mama 😉

  85. Just watched doctor OZ last night telling about the help of Vitamin C and E creams in Australia I have found there is no vitamin C cream but have bought Vitamin E oil pure thank you for the Blog am taking C orally
    hmmm my age is 83

  86. Hi.. im just new here.. i’m very interested to try this serum.. I just want to know how to use this.. Is it okay to use this overnight in the face? And is it safe if I use Tretinoin & Hydroquinone first and then apply the vitamin c serum overnight? Please advise asap.. Thank you..

  87. Hello, I did some research and found out that 3 components that increases the absorption of Vit C are:
    1) Type of Vit C- Ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid are the most effective ones
    2) Concentration- 20% Vit C has the highest absorbancy rate
    3) pH- It is best absorbed at the pH of 3

    I was wondering if this recipe satisfies all these components?
    Thank you!

    • Just looking for the reply!

      • I am amazed there are so few answers from Wellness Mama; You make a blog and these people want your help.
        Anyway, i use destiled water, that will make it last longer, licorice root (anti bacterial & hyperpigmentation) and let it sit in the fridge overnight.
        Add Ascorbic Acid (is the same as L-Ascorbic Acid). It oxadizes quickly so i put it in an brown glass bottle and shake it, a lot 🙂
        Store in fridge, warmth, air and light will make it go bad faster.
        Don’t worry about ph when just using the water. Your skin needs to adjust so you can add more in time.
        It is water- solube so it wont dissolve in oil.

        Don’t use containers that have iron components, it reacts with the acid.
        I don’t like the stirring because of the oxidizing. It will dissolve and i make it for the next day when i have just enough from the prior batch.

        When i want i add vit e powder or a tiny bit of vit e oil and niacimide. a golden combination according to a great dutch dermatologist dr. J. Ultee
        And hydrolized wheat proteine (elastine), and hyaluronic acid.

        For my skin this works great.
        I get breakouts from most moislurizers 🙁

        I just poor it on my clean hands and massage it on face, neck and chest.
        Used sprays but they clogged so fast (maybe the elastine).

        In my research i came across L-Lysine a lot, an amino acid that works for your skin. Need to take it with vit c for good performance so i take a 500 mg tablet and 1 vit c tablet a couple of times a day when my skin is really bad.
        Also very good for cold sores.

        The film on your skin, yeah i have that too…it looks and feels like an exfoliant and they work fine.
        I just hope the skin absorbes enough of the vit c serum.

        Oh my what a long piece i wrote. It is just my personal research, if i am wrong about something please let me know 🙂

        All good luck with you skin!

        • Thanks so much Marlies for the thoughtful and helpful comment and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry if you’ve seen comments that I’ve missed responding to. I truly try (and want to) respond to each comment, but I now get hundreds per day and can’t sacrifice any more family time to answer every single comment. I appreciate you sharing your experience and helping others.

          • Thank you Katie,

            yes i should have thougt of that, i m so sorry for drawing an unkind conclusion.
            You’re right to spent precious time with your family 🙂
            It must be a huge pressure and i suppose people can do research themselves, it’s not that hard..just takes time 🙂
            I am glad to be subscibed and looking forward to learning new stuff from all of you! x x

    • Someone commented above that this recipe calculates to 14% concentration. My guess is that the 3.0 pH level will indicate you’re at 20% concentration – based on your research. Play with your measurements to achieve the 3.0 pH on the litmus paper, and then calculate to find the percentage of vit C you used.

  88. Hi,
    I have read of all the benefits of vitamin C for the skin and really want to try this serum, however I’ve also read that glycerin works by drawing moisture from around it. If you are in an area with 65% or higher humidity it will draw moisture from the air and lock it into the top layer of skin. But if humidity is less then it will draw moisture from the bottom layers of your skin 🙁 Is there an alternative to glycerin for this recipe? I’ve heard Aloe is a good one but I’m not a huge fan of the feeling of Aloe. Any suggestions?

  89. The vitamin C recipe with the glycerin, does that need to be stored in the refrigerator as well?

    Also, does the water w/vitamin C work well on lips, mine get so dry?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Wendi,

      I too had the same question & couldn’t find an answer & thought I would ask you if you got an answer to your question, does the Vitamin C recipe with the glycerin need to be refrigerated too?

      Thank You

      • No, I didn’t get any answer. Let me know if you find out. Thank you!


          • Finally….thank you sooooooo much.

  90. Hi Katie,
    I’m wondering if I can crush my 100g Ascorbic acid tablets and mix with mineral water and apply to my face instead. Glycerine, distilled water and rose water are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Ghana. And I’m having a hard time finding ascorbic acid powder. It doesn’t state the ingredients of the tablets on their foil…
    Also I’m taking 1000g vit c and 400iu vitamin e. Is it safe to do this while using this recipe ?
    Thanks. 🙂

  91. I made the vitamin C serum like the recipe said. I put it on my face and it feels sticky, is it suppose to feel sticky? Please reply.

  92. Hi,
    I am 27 years. I have mixed four celin tablets (Vit C tablets) in 4 tbsp distilled water, 2 tbsp glycerin, 2 vitamin E capsules. Applying this serum for four-five days in the night time. Firstly its creating white spots, secondly freckles are increasing and the area near my nosehave become redish. However, skin is not getting dty and am not applying any moisturizer over the serum. Please help.

  93. Vitamin C doesn’t start to produce collagen until 10%,however I would recommend starting off at a 5% for at least 2 weeks until your skin gets used to it. Then gradually move up the scale.

    5% Vitamin c = no collagen produced
    Dissolve 1/2 tsp LAA in 8 1/2 tsp distilled water
    Once fully dissolved, add 1 tsp glycerin

    10% Vitamin c
    Dissolve 1 tsp LAA in 8 tsp distilled water
    Once fully dissolved, add 1 tsp glycerin

    15% Vitamin c
    Dissolve 1.5 tsp LAA in 7 1/2 tsp distilled water
    Once fully dissolved, add 1 tsp glycerin

    20% Vitamin c
    Dissolve 2 tsp LAA in 7 tsp distilled water
    Once fully dissolved, add 1 tsp glycerin

    It is important to remember that anything over 20% vitamin c is going to have adverse and negative effects so please don’t go over 20%.
    Also don’t add the glycerin until the LAA is fully absorbed by the water.

    • Thank you so much for the instructions!

    • More than helpful info breakdown… Thanks a lot Melissa. And to you Wellness Mama for blogging a piece this beautiful, generating so much to learn from, many blessings. Keep up the good work

    • Hello! I am new to this thread. Can someone tell me what LAA is? thanks!

  94. Thanks Melissa. Great instructions!

  95. My skin is extremely sensitive and a fair amount of sun damage from sailing in the Caribbean. This recipe is way too strong for me. After a couple of days I had a “chemical peel” reaction… much like a really bad sunburn. I cut back to 1/2 teaspoon Vit C per 3 tablespoons distilled water. Now I am at 3/4 t to same amount of water. I actually sub 1 t aloe vera gel for 1 t of the water which gives it a little more sticking power without the real stickiness of the glycerine. I am seeing a big improvement in the sun damaged areas on my hands, arms, & face. Be sensible and pay attention to your body on the ratios …and of course not above the suggested 20%.

    • Hi,
      I’ve been reading Katie’s website for a couple of years and have had great success with so many products (hair, face, deoderant, etc.). I can’t get the consistency of the serum right! Glycerine adds moisture but is stick . Has anyone found a less sticky natural emolient?

  96. hello!
    I’m very eager to try this recipe but was wondering when I should use it. Do I use it before or after my moisturizer or in place of it…?

  97. Hey Katie…will definitely try this one…just wanted to know…can I add essential oils in this like tea tree, lavender and lemon grass or either one of them if yes then what quantity and if no can you suggest me a recipe where I could use tea tree essential oil ( for my acne scars ) eagerly awaiting your reply…God Bless ?

  98. I have to share my experience which is noticeable. I was skeptical but going into my 6th week, I’m satisfied, thus far, and anxious to see what the future holds. Imagine my surprise when I was examining my nails after polishing them earlier today and also checked my palms. I apply my serum with the middle finger of my right hand. Not a wrinkle or crease of any kind on the pad of that finger! Yes, it works!

  99. I didnt try that one – but for the last 2 weeks, I have been using the Lady Soma Renew Serum and it feels divine on the skin, and the results were a little astounding. Immediately I noticed my skin looked plump, hydrated, glowing. I thought surely this was a fluke. Nope. Every time I use it I see the same results and they continue to get stronger.

  100. I used Avon’s Clearly C for many years. It worked unbelievably well. My skin glowed. People guessed me at about 15 to 18 years younger than I actually am. Then, of course, they took it off the market. I have found that anything I really like from Avon goes off the market so I will no longer buy anything from them. I have used other Vitamin C serums but they were never as good as the Clearly C. So I decided I am going to make my own now so I can control how much Vitamin C is actually in it and I can also add any other ingredients I may need. Thanks for the recipe. I am so glad that people are coming up with these recipes and sharing them. I hope I can come up with something great and share it too.

    Thanks again.

  101. Hi. I love all of your ideas/recipes. Thank you for sharing. I am on info overload now. I cannot decide between washing my fash with honey, oil method or the microfiber cloths. And then what do I use after? You have so many great ideas with the vitamin c and oil blend for moisturizing. Can you take me through your morning and eve routine so I can simplify this….

    • A question…i am at 20% now, and when stored in the fridge it becomes solid…the fridge is now from high to low temperature and still sort of frozen/solid.
      Does anyone have had the same issue, do you know what to do?
      It can’t be good to warm up and cool down 2 times a day 🙁
      My batch is for two weeks…
      Have a nice day!

  102. I keep my serum underneath my bathroom sink where it’s dark and always cool. So far, that’s been working well. I didn’t know this could be used twice a day. Have you been doing that all along? Please let me know. And thanks. I’ve been using the serum about 2 months and very happy with the results so far.

    • Hi Carol,

      thank you for your advise, i store it in the bathroom now and cover the bottle with tin foil, that makes it last way longer, so happy!
      From the start i used it twice a day, my skin is more plump, i am a skinny woman and my face looks fuller now.
      Love the serum!

  103. Thank you for your Vitamin C Serum. I like using the one made with distilled water but it turns green after a few days. Is it still ok to use?

    • I’d toss it. I got dark floaters and considered it bad Green can’t be good.

  104. Hi all! Great post. I am new to this DIY facial products and have been reading/researching almost every spare moment I have before I take the plunge in buying products. One really important point I would like to share is that there are many different types of Vit. C. The more fat soluble vit C’s ie.ascorbyl palmitate can do more harm than good for your skin and actually be a carcinogen to your cells causing oxidation of the cells. Though its more stable and can get into your cells more efficiently it may be a risky choice in skin creams. Now with that being said I am sure it depends on the strength and PH etc. I just wanted to share a bit of info. I read. Ascorbic acid (water soluable) AKA Vitamin C may be a better choice but self life may be short. Please let me know if I have wrong information as I’m always ready to learn new things!! Dana 🙂

  105. Sorry let me make a statement about my post far as the cell damage it talks about when you are exposed to UV rays, so maybe using it at night time would be better? 🙂 thanks!

    Here is where I read the info:

    Title: Is my expensive vitamin c serum killing my skin?

    Hope this helps 🙂

  106. Im very interested in trying the Vitamin C serum. But the recipe doesn’t say how often to use it or when to. Do you use it in the morning or when you to go sleep?

    • Nighttime is best: vitamin c can increase your chances of a getting a sunburn if you spend time in the sun during the day.

  107. Love this article – I don’t really use a lot of vitamin A because I’m still young but I love using the Made from Earth Vitamin C Moisturizer !

    I have a few vitamin C products I like – but the one from Made from Earth is so perfect – I noticed a difference in about 2-3 days of using it. It kind of brightens a bit without any of the burning.

  108. Congratulations on the new baby on the way. Looking forward to the developments!!! Exciting.

  109. Thank you so much for the recipe to make your own vitamin c serum. It has really made a difference!

  110. My wife has been using The Made from Earth Vitamin Firming Serum for around three weeks now and both she and I have noticed a definite reduction in the surface lines and wrinkles that she hates. She has been using it before bedtime….she has been very pleased with this product….

  111. Hello,
    I have a question regarding using this recipe for my face after a chemical peel?
    What are your thoughts on this? Would it be better to buy an over the counter
    cream from a well known manufacture?

  112. Hi.. can I use vitamin C tablets instead of using powder by just crushing them up?

  113. Does the diy vitamin c serum need to be refrigerated if you make it with water AND vegetable glycerin!? If so, I made some last night. Is it still okay to use since it hasn’t been in the refrigerator?

  114. Hi Carrie, I have been using this for about 6+ months and I’ve never refrigerated it. I keep it under the sink in my bathroom. It’s dark and always cool down there. Also, sometimes I use glycerine and sometimes I don’t. Works either way.

    • Thanks! The directions say specifically to refrigerate if only using water but aren’t as clear with using vegetable glycerin.

  115. I used too much vitamen c powder, and it left my face red, bumpy and burned. Has anyone else done this? Will it heal?

  116. Could anyone please clarify what colour this serum should be when first made? And still safe to use ?

    Thanks so much for all the info.

  117. Hi,

    Could anyone please clarify what colour the serum should be when made? When I first made mine it was clear and even though refrigerated had turned a brown/ orange colour two days later. On the positive side I think my skin looked plumper.

    Thanks so much for all the info.


    • 2 days! Wow, I dont think that should happen. I suspect there was something else in your solutions that reacted together to form that color.

  118. Hi, can I just have the normal Vitamin C tablets then pulverize it then mix it with water? Is that also okay or not??

    • It would really depend on what was in the tablets. Often, they have added ingredients to make them into tablets.

  119. Hi, I just bought the 1000mg soft gels of vit C. I poked a hole in it and squeezed the cream out and applied to my face. Is that ok? Or is it too much? I just read your recipe and all the comments as to how well it is working, but now I have 300 gel tablets that I can’t take back. What do you recommend?

    • I’ve never tried with softgels and don’t know what the ingredients are so I don’t really know if it would be effective or not. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  120. Really great post thanks so much for sharing this!!

    I’ve got a super rich recipe for vitamin c serum made from essential and carrier oils – skin feels amazing using this. Its based on the product Cellular C Restorative Serum (the super anti ageing version) but this recipe is the base without all or the exotic ingredients. Its vitamin C A and E rich but if you do add the other essential oils it’s awesome for wrinkles and discolouration too.

    The recipe below is a good basic one to make at home with plenty of benefits. The oils we have suggested absorb quickly into skin, you can add 5% wheatgerm and/or avocado if you have drier or more mature skin.

    6 drops carrot seed oil.
    4 drops neroli or frankincense oil.
    1 tsp rosehip oil.
    8 tablespoons soybean, grape seed, almond or apricot kernel (apricot oil is the lightest followed by almond and soybean). Apricot oil is my favorite for it’s rapid absorption (I have oily skin even in my 40’s) and it leaves your skin feeling soft and youthful. It’s also rich in Vitamins A, C and E, all of which have anti-aging benefits for skin.

    Cellular C Restorative serum also contains sea buckthorn oil, ylang ylang, lavender and lots of other oils you can add (but they are pricey to buy on their own)…

  121. It’s a nice idea, but in reality, that vitamin C that you are using is not absorbing into your skin and is ineffective. Also, it is unstable and oxidizes quickly especially if you use water which you are. Oxidized vitamin C is very damaging to skin and CAUSES free radicals (which causes cancer). You are better off using oils that are rich in vitamin c or if you must make a serum, then at least use a stable one that doesnt oxidize like Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

    I think your blog is nice to read but this article can be very damaging to people’s skin if they listen to you. I’m a biochemist and do much research on skincare vitamins. I would urge you to correct the article or do some research on PubMed if you have it. Good luck.

    • Hi, the reader, hasnt read peer review research on the effectiveness f freshly prepared vitamin c solution. If its below at pH 3.5 the molecule is neutral and has been shown to be resdily absorbed amd used in metabolism. The alternative also trialed doesnt appear to lay a role in the appropriate metabolic pathways for collagen formation. Gave tegerence to these papers eatlier last year I believe
      And it works for me, people have made favorable comments about my skin
      without being prompted

  122. This is a tough one for me…there are many varying opinions. I’ve tried many recipes from Wellness Mama and love most of them (spent last night making several healing lotions which all start with a lotion recipe from this site).

    I also tried this Vit C recipe, but after trying two types of Vitamin C, I’m just not liking it. I have a lot of experience buying Vit C serums, and have finally narrowed down to 2 I love, they are just hard to get in my town. So was exciting to try a DIY version.

    Here’s my experience….I followed the recipe with the 2 TBs of glycerine and a food based, natural Vit C powder and then a capsule. Neither Vit C dissolved entirely and left a chalky effect to the serum. The Glycerine is too much, in fact the glycerine if not fast absorbing so the final effect with more like a mask then list a serum that should quickly absorb into the skin. Finally, it didn’t appear to do anything for my skin, like my other Vit C serums.

    After reading the comments above, and varying opinions on which type of Vit C is best, ph levels, percentages of Vit C, possible outcomes….I think I’m going to skip this DIY option for now.

    I will continue to tackle other DIYs from this site though!
    Thanks for everyone’s information!

  123. I was looking for a vitamin c serum and your website popped up and I am so glad I found you .Thank you for all your wonderful ideas .I have found your site so informative and easy to use.I cant wait to try some of your recipes.

  124. I could only find Vitamin C ampoules (those who can be injected), 5ml solution contains 500mg ascorbic acid and some water. May I use this vitamin C and how to make 10% vitamin C serum using this ampoules. Thank you

  125. Hi,

    I have local health food stores I phoned around for to buy pure vitamin c, they said the only type is l ascorbic powder that the skin absorbs.

    Is that what this is too?

    • L ascorbic powder is exactly the type you should be using. But a cheap ceramic mortar and pestle from eBay. . It should only be about £5 or even less for a smaller one…but make sure it’s a proper white ceramic one with a ceramic pestle…because these are finely made and allow you to grind the L Ascorbic acid to a really fine powder (it will usually be sold in crystal form that takes a while to dissolve in water)
      Grind a couple of tablespoons at a time and keep in a separate container. …send use from this for your bi-weekly serum creation.

      • you can also use a blender or smoothie maker.

        • Unless you use a professional medical grinder (starting at £100 odd) you wont get an ultrafine powder.
          I have a professional grinder, and a ceramic mortar. I use the pro grinder for large quantities, but am aware most people dont have one. For smaller quantities, the ceramic grinder will give the best and finest results. Smoothie makers and blenders come no-where close.

  126. Katie and others in the know,

    I have ordered the ingredients for your tallow lotion and bars. My question: given the ready benefits of tallow, why should I also use a vitamin C Serum? How do they stack up against each other. A good argument for the serum would have me ordering those supplies as well 🙂


  127. Hi
    I am new to creating and using diy cosmetics and have been very inspired by your blog. …especially this serum because I recently paid £16 for bottle of vit c serum from the body shop. …that was only 5% vit c…..A joke when you consider that 10% should be the starting point of it actually doing anything for your skin. I am interested I using royal jelly powder in this serum but can’t seem to find any info on whether it can be combined with the vit c…..or whether the acidity of vit c will kill the effectiveness. And also….how much I should be using. I have recently moved to a 15% formula and hope to get to 20 % next week….which is where I will stay. I would appreciate any help, advice and info you could provide on this matter.

  128. Thank you for the formula. After much research on Vitamin C, most are made in labs, so they are not natural to start with. May be why I, (and others) have had trouble with it dissolving. I found a vitamin C that is made from berries and rose hips, nothing artificial or made in a lab. I used your formula and it dissolved immediately with a little stirring, no glycerine needed. It comes in a powder form so it worked perfectly. Now for the test to see how well it works. It is Pure Synergy, Pure Radiance C. Found it in our local health food store but they are also on line. Good luck to all. Donna

    • But is it L-ascorbic acid? There’s a difference between the way the active ingredients work. L-ascorbic acid is a left handed acid and I suspect it works in a different way on skin than does the supplement you have mentioned.

  129. I followed the recipe and used Pure Vit C L-Ascorbic Acid powder (from Amazon) with water but it dried and left a white chalky residue on my face. I don’t think it absorbed at all.

    The store bought Vit C serum gets absorbed quickly with no residue but this concoction was horrible and hard to remove.

    I noticed someone else had the white chalky problem also.

  130. What is a good moisturizer for dry mature skin with wrinkles around my mouth . But I want the moisturizer to be applied first then makeup. I’m having problems with the makeup looking caked on especially with my dry skin. Thank you in advance.m Ruth

  131. Rose hip seed oil, just a few dabs around the lip area, it’s fast absorbing so it won’t cake up.

  132. Dear Wellness Mama,
    I am new in the DIY field and your posts are the first I came across. I love your site and thank you for what you do! I have a question about your Vitamin C serum. I would like to know how much to add of Hyaluronic acid powder and how to dissolve it. I want to add vitamin E and glycerin, Is that possible?

  133. What brand of gelatin do you currently take?

  134. I am very interested in using this recipe but I am confused. I use organic Orange Peel Powder instead of the Vitamin C that you find in stores that is synthetic and made from GMO corn. Do I need to be concerned with the PH level of the ingredients? If so, what is the best PH test strips to use. I bought vegetable glycerine to use with the recipe and now after reading the comments I am wondering if I did the right thing. So, please clarify the ingredients in the recipe.

  135. Is this what you would recommend to brighten and even out skin tone? I don’t need the wrinkle part just yet! ?

    • Yes, I’ve found that it helps with that.

  136. I am wondering what can I use to make serum smell nice?

  137. I read this recipe and ran out and purchased Now buffered C-complex powder with bioflavonoids, rose hips and Acerola…This is a Non-acidic version. Will it still absorb??? Also, does the serum with glycerin need refrigeration?

  138. Can you add any essential oil (s) to the vitamin c recipe for added benefit such as frankincense or lavender ? If so how much!!!



  140. I just wanted to point out that if you are using powder Hyaluronic Acid, you can use .3125 grams which is equivalent to .0625 tsp aka 1/16 tsp aka a pinch. In cooking we just refer to it as a pinch. You can actually purchase teaspoon sets that have the “pinch” measurement (aka 1/16 tsp) at specialty cooking stores or on Amazon. If you dare live on the wild side, just use an old school pinch with your fingers. ?

  141. How do you feel about metals and/or plastics coming into contact with the Ascorbic Acid. How would the metal affect oxidization? Would plastic affect oxidization? Would the Ascorbic Acid eat away at plastic? I’m just trying to decide how much care I should take in avoiding the aforementioned (i.e. Metal measuring spoon, metal mixing spoon, metal bowl, metal ball in a glass roller, plastic bowl, plastic spoon, plastic dropper, etc).

  142. Hi there,
    Can I use the following to make this serum:

    Package says: Vitamin & liver support
    Vitamin C ascorbic acid 100% pharmaceutical grade.
    Say product is synthetic.

    Look forward to a reply.

    Many thanks in advance.

  143. I found 4-5 drops of the tree oil mixed with 1 tsp vitamin c serum and 3-4 drops vitamin e with aloe works very nice.

  144. Can i use camu camu power ln place off the vit c?

  145. Does this vitamin c serum oxidise whilst it is on your face? If so, should you use it only at bedtime?

  146. I made my 10% vitamin C serum with distilled water and L-asorbic acid cosmetic grade. The pH came out at about 1. After 3 weeks of use (with a SPF70++ broadspectrum sunscreen following), the areas I applied become much more tanned and orangish, especially the nails and the skin around them. Is it because the pH of my solution is too low?

    Looking forward to your answer.


  147. Vitamin c alone with water can stain your nails n skin cuz its too strong. Becareful.

  148. I got some Ester-C powder, but the acid has been removed so all it is is Calcium Ascorbate. Will this work?

  149. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid or any ascorbate will turn orange. That is the color the vitamin C in solution becomes when it has been oxidized otherwise it would be in every cosmetic on the market. Strength of solution has little to do with it. Perhaps you are using too much or putting it on top of something that does not allow total absorption. Of course it will not absorb thrush your nails so just scrub them. Vitamin C is an acid so baking soda will neutralize it and wash it out of your clothes.
    I advise against using a sunscreen. Vitamin C acts like a SPF 30 and at the same time allows the UVB to convert the cholesterol on your skin to Vitamin D which is so important that it is the reason there is such a thing as white skin. It works by repairing the UV damage at the cellular level. If applied after a sun burn, it will promote healing and may even prevent pealing of a serious burn. After sun exposure do not wash the exposed skin with soap. It takes 24 hours for the vitamin D to be absorbed. I only use soap on hair, pits and crotch.

  150. I made the water only version of this and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. It’s really added to my skincare routine and I can see results in it evening out my skin tone. Really awesome and so easy to make and apply!