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Garlic soup recipe - soothing and immune boosting

Soothing Garlic Soup Recipe

Garlic is a wonderful herb and culinary ingredient that has been used for thousands of years for its flavor and health benefits. I use it in my kitchen often in Italian dishes and take it raw to ward … [Read more...]

How to use castor oil for thicker and longer hair naturally

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

I've been experimenting a lot with Castor Oil lately as a natural beauty remedy. I already use it in my oil cleansing blend each day, and I'm enjoying the results from using castor oil packs on my … [Read more...]

Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap Recipe

We go through a lot of hand soap. A lot. From the diaper changes to the "mom come wipe me"s, there is much hand washing in our house.Ever the DIYer, I've been making foaming hand soap for years, … [Read more...]

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