Sweet Salt Texturizing Spray for Hair

Sweet Salt Texturizing Spray for Hair - Simple Recipe

I've shared my natural hair spray recipe and my Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray before. I like both of them but wondered if I could combine them to make one everyday hair product. Sugar and Spice and … [Read more...]

How to Get Enough Calcium Without Dairy

How to get calcium without dairy and why this might be a healthier option

When our third child started to eat solid foods, we found out that he had a pretty severe dairy allergy. He was born 5 weeks premature (that whole story and my other birth stories here) and I found … [Read more...]

Leaky Gut, Heartburn, & Digestion: Podcast Episode 9

Leaky Gut, Heartburn and Digestion with Steve Wright

In this episode, I welcome special guest Steve Wright from SCDLifestyle.com to talk about all things digestion. Steve is the co-creator of SCD Lifestyle and the Solving Leaky Gut System. He is a … [Read more...]

So, I Cheated on My Vitamix

Blendtec Review- Blendtec vs Vitamix

I've been a die-hard Vitamix fan for over 7 years. We use it daily to make veggie smoothies, sauces, and to chop up food. I didn't think I could ever be swayed from my loyalty to Vitamix so when … [Read more...]

5 Essential Oils I Use Daily

5 Essential Oils I Use Daily- and how to use them

I get more questions about essential oils than almost any other topic, probably because they've gained such immense popularity lately. Our family uses essential oils daily in our personal care … [Read more...]

Real Food & Killing Ants Naturally: Podcast Episode 8

Real Food on a Budget and Killing Ants Naturally

I had so much fun on this interview with Katie of KitchenStewardship.com. She is a featured contributor for Wellness Media, pregnant with her fourth child, and manages a household and her popular blog … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil Pulling?

Coconut Oil Pulling - How to use coconut oil to improve oral health

I wrote about oil pulling a couple of years ago, before it gained mainstream attention in the news and on fashion blogs. It is something I've been doing off and on for years and that I see … [Read more...]

Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Options

Best Natural Nail Polish Options

I've written about how to make natural hairspray, deodorant, toothpaste and lotion bars but one thing I've never been able to find a DIY for is nail polish. Conventional nail polish can be one of … [Read more...]