Shrimp & Cucumber Appetizers

shrimp Shrimp & Cucumber Appetizers

Ok, so I was just trying to make these sound fancy by calling them “Appetizers” but these are one of my favorite (and super easy) snacks. They also make great appetizers for parties too!

You could probably figure them out just by looking at the picture, but here’s what you need:

Shrimp & Cucumber Appetizers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A fresh and light appetizer of shrimp on top of cucumber slices with cream cheese.
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 2-4
  • 1 cucumber (organic if possible since you are leaving some of the skin on)
  • ½ cup strained greek yogurt (strain it through a cheesecloth or towel for a few hours and use the part left in the towel. You can also use cream cheese, but this version has probiotics)
  • 1 teaspoon dried dill (or fresh)(optional)
  • pinch of sea salt and sprinkle of pepper
  • 10-12 shrimp (precooked)
  1. Peel the cucumber in alternating strips to leave a striped look on the outside.
  2. Slice the cucumber into ¼ to ½ inch slices and put on a plate.
  3. Mix the strained greek yogurt or cream cheese with the dill, salt and pepper.
  4. Put a small amount of the yogurt mix on top of each piece of cucumber and top each one with a (precooked) shrimp.
  5. Serve immediately or keep in fridge up to six hours.

What is your favorite easy snack idea? Let me know below!

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