Lifting Weights for Strength at Home

Lifting weights for strength

I’ve decided to do an experiment over the next three months, and I’d love for you to join me if you are interested! I’ve read so much lately about the many health benefits of lifting heavy weights for women. I’ve done weights before and love kettlebells now, but it has always been about maintaining or attaining a certain look, not about gaining strength.

This usually led to a lot of reps of moderate weights, as many trainers always told me this would keep me from getting “bulky” (this doesn’t actually prevent large muscles, and without steroids, most women simply won’t put on noticeably big muscles.)

Instead, I’ll be lifting heavy weights with the intention of quickly adding strength, though the program I am following often leads to fat loss also.

The Basics

  • Fasting 10-12 hours a day so that all my meals will be between 8 am or 10 am and 8 p.m. and the biggest meal is right after working out. I’ll also be focusing on eating more protein than I normally would to support muscle gain.
  • Monday: Deadlifts (3 sets of 5 reps) increasing weight approximately 2% per session (starting @125), chin-ups (as possible working up to 2 sets of eight)
  • Wednesday: Pushups, 2-3 sets of 5-7, and  pull-ups (as possible work up to 2-3 sets of 5-7),
  • Friday: 2-3 sets of 7 squats, 2-3 sets of 7 lunges, 2-3 sets of overhead press (work up to handstand push ups).
  • In between, I’ll just do some kettlebells, hiking, and fun activity but no real “cardio.” I’m also adding some gelatin for protein and joint strength.

Not sure about the fasting? This article is one of the best I’ve seen of explaining the benefits of fasting and how even daily fasting doesn’t cause muscle loss, lowered metabolism, etc. (Warning, he often uses language that many find offensive).

My Expectations

In three months of this program, I’m expecting to be able to do full sets of pull-ups and chin-ups and to see my lifts increase by at least half. I’d also expect some fat loss as a by-product along with some body composition changes.

If you decide to join me, make sure you know how to do all the above exercises correctly and consult with a qualified trainer if you don’t. This is a program I have decided on based on my own research and knowledge of my own fitness levels. Make sure that you start at a safe level for you!

What is your workout plan for the next few months? Your goals? Let me know below!

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  1. My goal is to be as fit as you look in that picture. I can fast, hike, kettle bell and can stand to drop a few pounds. I can’t do a pull-up or chin-up, that will be my goal along with losing a few lbs. and feeling all around more fit and energetic.Count me in!

  2. How do you consume the gelatin powder?  In a protein shake or smoothie?  My husband is always looking for ways to get extra protein in his diet, and this looks pretty cost effective and easy.  I would love to find out more about it!

    • In a smoothie, veggie smoothie or even in plain water. It doesn’t taste like anything, so I can add it to pretty much anything. It is also supposed to be great for hair, skin, nails and joints, which is an added protective benefit when lifting!

  3. Are you nursing?  I had a baby in May and was wondering about fasting and nursing and whether or not that was okay?

    • I was going to ask the same thing. In my experience with my 7 month Old fasting leads to less milk. This seems extreme for a new mom but she is an expert… We aren’t.

      • I’d definitely encourage watching carefully and knowing your own
        body. I usually have trouble with too much milk, rather than too little, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye on it.

    • I am nursing and I’m monitoring really carefully to make sure my milk doesn’t decrease at all. I’ll still be eating the same amount, if not more, and only waiting a few hours longer to eat in the morning, so I’m not too worried. I’m also going to be making sure to get plenty
      of coconut oil, keep taking prenatals and drink tons of water, just
      to make sure. Of course, if my milk goes down, or I see the least problem with baby or nursing, I will back waaaay off the weights/ fasting.

      • I see this was.a year ago so did it have any affect on your milk? I am currently nursing a very hungry 7 month old.

        • My milk didn’t go down, but I’ve since reached my goal and have been eating normally to maintain. If you have any milk concerns though, I’d avoid the fasting aspect…

  4. Funny you should mention this.  I just read The New Rules of Lifting for Women which also recommends using heavier weights.  I’ve been loosely following the lifting plan in that book, but need to bump up my nutrition a notch (this book espouses low-fat and whole-grain, no thanks) and found the article you linked to on fasting quite interesting.   I don’t have equipment for chin-ups or pull-ups or deadlifts at this time, but the rest of my workout is quite similar and I will be continuing that and hopefully progressing with weight.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog, and love what I see. I just started a heavy lifting program by Nia Shanks ( and she follows the IF, and designs programs similar to what you list. I have been lifting heavy for about 2 years, and am slowly dialing in my nutrition. I was already gluten free, and recently have been experimenting with grain free and/or paleo type of eating. My challenge with IF is that I workout first thing in the morning; I did not eat enough friday (squat day!) and ended up with an exercise-induced migraine due to low blood sugar. So, no IF for me unless I fast from after lunch till 5AM. :)

  6. I’ve been thinking I need to get back into more lifting. I’m wondering what you are using at home for the chin-ups or pull-ups??? I’ve looked at the over the door-trim pull-up bars, but I’m skeptical if they would work. 

  7. I’m really interested in increasing my strength as well. I’ve been working out for a long time, but I’ve been stuck in “moderate weight, high reps” land for so long. I also have three young children, and not a lot of time! My question is – on any of those days, is the workout you posted the entire workout you plan to do that day? For example – Monday you’ll do the deadlifts and chinups and that’s it? Are you doing kettlebells, etc. on the off days? How long does a workout take you, typically?

    This is such a different approach to exercise to what I’m used to, but I’m so intrigued!

    • Yep… that’s it on those days. On the between days I hike, kettlebell, or play with the kids, but on weigh days, it is just weights, before eating. The weight workouts take less than half an hour and I actually look forward to them. I’m doing deadlifts
      tomorrow (monday) and can’t wait (if you haven’t tried them, they are actually a lot of fun).

      This approach is different than what I’m used to also, but from what I’ve read and seen with clients it shows really fast results in strength gains and body recomposition. I’m excited to see what it
      does over a few months!

      • Thank you so much for your reply!

        I’m really inspired – I think I might give this a shot. I’ve been thinking I need to really focus on strength and I keep looking into crossfit, but I don’t have the time or money to join a new gym.

        I have to get over my preconceived notions of the length a workout should take :). I keep looking at your plan and thinking… that’s it? It’s so simple!  But that’s what I love about it, and having a goal always makes a huge difference. I’ve been sans goal for too long, hence I’ve slacked and I feel it.

        Thanks again!!

          • Thanks!!

            I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be Miss Crazy-Question-Asker, but I have one more :). Is there a difference between a chin up (Mondays) and a pull up (Wednesdays)?

            Thank you so much for your replies!! :)  

          • chin up is with the back of your hand facing you (overhand grip) on the bar – pull ups are with your palms facing you in an underhand
            type grip. Not sure if that made any sense (i’m tired) but google for pictures if it didn’t. I’moff to bed :-)

  8. I’m in and super excited!!! Starting tomorrow (we were out of town for the weekend, just got back this evening).  My weights will be significantly lower because I’m so weak right now, but you have to start somewhere!!   :-)  Chin ups and pull ups will probably be negatives or assisted…. 

  9. I think it’s great that you’re ‘getting back in the game’ so to speak with your work out but you might want to reconcile what you’re currently doing in your ‘4th trimester’ with what was written back in Feburary by guest blogger Charlotte:

    Between sleepless nights, sore nipples (and by “sore” I mean “eaten by
    aardvarks”) and the post-partum blues, workouts are going to be really
    hard to fit in. And you know what? The research supports rest! Studies have shown
    that women who exercise intensely right after having a baby not only
    don’t lose the weight faster but also up their risk of getting sick.

  10. hi,
    my friend and i are starting this tomorrow.  i have a question about kettlebell workout on day after weights. is that ok? isnt that doing weight training 2 days in a row?
    i have a 20# kettlebell, and i do swings and some other stuff with it…. can i do that on tues/thurs? or just saturdays?

    • Let your body tell you when you are starting out. IF you are using a 20lb, you should be fine, but if you are sore or have too much tightness from weights the day before, back off and let yourself rest. I’m definitely finding much better results than I had hoped from much less effort that I expected. I’ve been having to keep myself from working out more. If your muscles are up for it… kettlebell away!

  11. I have believed fasting is so good for healing. I am on a fast now and hope to continue for a couple of months for intense healing. I suffer from the autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis disease and I, along with a few others in our support group, have discussed how much better we feel when fasting. After researching about fasting and healing, I learned that our bodies increase cortisol when we fast. Cortisol is anti-inflammatory and I truly believe the body produces more cortisol during a fast and that is why we feel so much better when fasting. Therefore, I totally disagree with the part of the article that says there’s no increase in cortisol. However, I do like the rest of the article.

  12. How has your progress been with this fasting/weight training method? Im looking forward to getting back into weight training after my pregnancy (4 weeks to go) and I am curious to know how women that are having success with this program.

  13. If I could just do a single pullup in 3 months I would be SO HAPPY. I am male, but I just started ‘Starting Strength’ so I am doing squats and deadlifts 3 days per week and alternating press and bench press on those same days. I also practice my pullups each time but I can’t do one yet!

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