Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for Clean Air and Reduced Allergies

I have several Himalayan Salt Lamps at my house and I’ve talked before about how I use them to help purify indoor air and for their soothing red glow.

We use these lamps so often that I figured they deserved their own post.

What are Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are simply large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. They can be solid pieces of salt (like this one) or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt (like these).

It is important to make sure that the lamp is from a pure Himalayan Crystal source and not a cheap imitation made from rock salt.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from pure, food grade, himalayan salt crystals and can even be powdered to use as salt in recipes if needed.

The importance of negative ions…

Salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. At any given time, there are both positive and negative ions in the air. As a flashback to freshman science:

“An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom a net positive or negative electrical charge.”

Negative ions occur more often in nature and they are often created by things like lightening storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. This is one of the reasons people often report feeling renewed or refreshed after a storm or at the beach.

Positive ions are often created by electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners and can often exacerbate problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions (they bond together) and help cleanse the air.

The unique combination of salt and a light source in salt lamps are what cause the negative ions. Salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts water to its surface and this water evaporates quickly due to the small amount of heat from the light source (this is also why salt lamps tend to sweat and appear wet in humid climates). The negative ions are generated during the evaporation process.

Since things like airborne mold, bacteria, and allergens often carry a positive charge, they can be neutralized by negative ions.

WebMD explains some of the benefits of negative ions in the air:

Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.

“They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.”

And for a whopping one in three of us who are sensitive to their effects, negative ions can make us feel like we are walking on air. You are one of them if you feel instantly refreshed the moment you open a window and breathe in fresh, humid air.

Places like waterfalls and beaches where negative ions are naturally produced can have a negative ion concentration of up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter whereas busy cities can have negative ion levels as low as 100 ions per cubic centimeter.

What we use…

It is possible to buy machines that create negative ions, but I’ve found that salt lamps are a less expensive and very effective alternative.

I use salt lamps often in our home, and especially in winter months when it isn’t possible to have the windows open or to spend as much time outside. We now have a solid salt lamp or a basket lamp in each room of our home and I love them for their ambient glow and their negative ions.

More articles on air quality

Thayer, R.E. (1989). Biopsychology of Mood and Arousal. New York: Oxford University Press
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Yepsen, R.B., Jr. (1987) How to Boost Your Brain Power: Achieving Peak Intelligence, Memory and Creativity. Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale.webmd.com/balance/features/negative-ions-create-positive-vibes

Ever used a salt lamp or other air filter? How do you like it? Tell me below!

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      • Hi Wellness Mama, I have been a fan of yours for quite a while but I want you to know that Himalayan Salt lamps do not generate any measurable amounts of negative ions to purify air. Here are my sources. http://www.negativeionsinformation.org/saltcrystallamps.html



        Sorry but it is not true. I actually bought one too and all it does is look pretty. I want you to learn more about it because scientifically, there are no evidence to your claims. Thanks. I hope you will do more research. If you do have scientific evidence on how a Himalayan Salt Lamp does indeed work, please do share because I want to know too.

        • Some of that information seems somewhat compelling…..but so is the rebuttal by “Mark” at the end of your third link.

          The first link only shows a conclusion of very low measurable levels of apparent negative ionization, and the salt lamps are deemed, therefore, devoid of value in that area—and does not contribute much to the discussion otherwise.

          Admittedly, I did not investigate the wiki link, as that site has a tendency to boil my blood, and I do not find it to be an implicitly credible source (for what should be obvious reasons).

          The third link, however, was the compelling one of which I spoke…..

          However, I am not impressed by “sciencey” speak and contemporary science tests. See, the world is a grand place, and over history we have thought things, only to be proven wrong, and thought new things, only to be proven wrong. We are not the creators of the world, only inhabitants. I do not wish to spark a debate, in fact, it doesn’t matter if you believe in Creation or evolution, the position still sits…..WE ARE NOT ALL-KNOWING on this planet. The problem I have is that we often act like we are. For example, in this instance of the ionization tests—how can we know that we have tools devised to detect all kind of negative ionization, or that those devices are even perfectly accurate? What would be considered “anecdotal” evidence still has to be considered, regardless. Yes, the scientists just relegate these things to “well, I guess it’s because they BELIEVE it works”, and yet never want to admit that perhaps they are wrong in their limited observational powers. There are clearly forces at work that we cannot always see, or understand, and though it doesn’t mean we never will (understand them), we often don’t at a certain point in time, at least (otherwise, we would be all-knowing).

          I’m merely trying to point out that scientists are not infallible, claims and experiences that these salt lamps work still have to be “explained away”, and maybe they do work better than the tests say (or not, I dunno). It would still be dishonest marketing on the part of some companies to claim such things if they know they can’t be proven, but again, I refer to “Mark”’s rebuttal in the third link. He also has some compelling “facts” to be considered in the matter, which appear to counter the article’s “science”.

          I would just encourage to not necessarily dismiss something so heartily based on a couple articles….something such as this, anyway.

          P.S. We just bought a salt lamp yesterday. I feel impartial to the matter, because honestly, they seem a little “hokey” to me (don’t tell my husband), though I hope they work, and wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it’s one of those miracles of creation that man just doesn’t understand fully. Anyway, it’s beautiful. 🙂

          • Well said, well thought, well written! Your reply both impressed me as well as took my breath away. Thank you for such a well thought message.

            My daughter thinks we’re funny for believing these lamps have the ability to do what the claims say, but I, personally, do feel “at peace” when around it. Like being out in nature, you know?

            To add to your reply: this is something that deserves to be experienced and to dismiss such based entirely on other’s thoughts is, well, foolhardy. As a rule, I reserve judgement until I feel it firsthand. I don’t like basing my beliefs on other’s whims.


          • I’ve just purchased mine and have had it on for nearly 2 hours. I must be one of those highly sensitive folks. I feel better. My BP was lower by 10 points. I believe in Pink Himalayan Salt and use it because of the minerals you cannot find in Table, Sea (Unless it’s Dead Sea) or any other salt. believing is part of wellness for me. Only time will tell is it works for me or not. I don’t have anything to lose but 27.00, which was a steal. Thanks for the article.

          • These lamps seem perfect for mood lighting in the bedroom and my husband wants to get two, one for each side of our bed. Regardless of the ‘science’ how can you go wrong with such a lovely light source!

          • I have three of the salt lamps that are on all the time, cannot remember ever turning them off for any reason. You have to like pleasant lighting in your home to do this. The one in the bedroom does get turned off at night when sleeping. It is so pretty! The one in the front room is a larger one, about 14″ high and sits to the left side and behind my recliner which I use a lot. The third lamp I have is in the dining room, these two never get turned off.

            2013 I tore my achilles tendon in my right leg and in 2014 I had a knee replacement in my left leg which ended up with two more surgeries, three in all. It’s been a challenging three years and has altered my life considerably, but that being said I have had the most amazing acceptance of my circumstance with an on-going positive attitude. No feel sorry for myself although I don’t like this a bit, and I just continue to do the best I can do every day. I feel very strongly that these lamps have played a major part in my attitude in looking back over what happened, I bought my first lamp about 6 years ago and two more since. I highly recommend people having one in their home, for ambiance if nothing else. Cheers!!

        • I am not always in agreement with science either, but it is somewhat concerning that this lamp is to affect your mood, especially in light of many harmful new age misrepresentations that are not from God.

          • Hi Tammy,

            I know it may look like a new age-y crystal, but I think you’ll agree with me that God put all elements on this earth for a reason. Of course, we can take it to extremes by depending solely on the elements for “peace” or “a positive outlook”, instead of looking to Christ (the creator of those elements) for our perfect peace. I just got my Himalayan sea salt lamp in the mail today, and even though I haven’t noticed any kind of change of energy (yet), the light is soft and soothing and beautiful coming through it. For me, it is like having more of the beauty of creation in my home. I’m not catching on to what the “new age misrepresentations that are not from God” are, but it’s just a hunk of salt. 🙂 It even inspires me a bit, since it is both salt and light, and that’s what we are called to be in the world. If we can be that, maybe we would be able to claim being able to benefit people in a way similar to this little lamp. #deepthoughtswithme ….lol. ?

    • Just purchased a salt lamp. Do I turn it off during day when I am not in the room, or are they supposed to stay on all the time?

    • Leave it switched on all day if you like as the 15watt bulb uses very little electricity, but night time use is of most benifit.

    • High, I would like to comment on having the light in the bedroom. I watched an eppisode of Dr. Oz and he puts orange light bulbs in his bedroom. The light from the salt lamps, my lamps give off a orange hue. If you go to Dr. Oz website you can get the specifics on the benefits of an orange light. Hope this is helpful.

    • I have just bought two salt lamps. One is in the bedroom. Does it help with a good nights sleep and do u wake up feeling more refreshed.

      • I’ve had mine in my bedroom for 3 nights now and have finally slept soundly through the night, all three nights.mi keep iton high all day, but turn it down to lowest dimness at night. Tonight, I am trying it on high all night. Mymhubbymand I love it! It feels very calming. I just put one in each bird room as well.

    • I had mine close to a plant and the soil turned white in the plant, while the salt chunks (basket lamp) have a white powder and there are starting grey/black spots on the salt. What happened? Too much moisture, move plant?? And how do I clean the salt? Help

  1. I too have a himalayan salt lamp. Unfortunately I had to put it away. I have tried to put my digital alarm at least three feet away from my bed, knowing that the emf from it are not healthy. I wish I could use a traditional ticking clock, but it keeps me awake… so I put the alarm clock as far as I could, and got a salt lamp, but the glow also keeps me awake… I have room darkening curtains, and sleep in a DARK room, and sleep very well, but the glow from the lamp is disturbing to me. I suppose I could use it in another room, but wish I could use it in the bedroom. I tried to put it on the other side of the room, but that didn’t work, either. Sigh.

    • You don’t have to leave it on all night. Turn it off before you go to sleep. Just try to eliminate as many positive ion producers from the room as possible during the night.

    • I have one in my bedroom but just turn it off at night! Then I leave it on during the day. I also have one in my living room and since we don’t have doors in our house (it’s tiny) I just turn it almost all the way down, but not quite off. Then it’s dim enough that it doesn’t bother me, but is helpful when I go to the bathroom in the night. (A million times, now that I’m pregnant!) Then I just turn it up to full blast again in the morning.

    • I’m posting this here because I have an “update” on my original comment. (above)
      This article encouraged me to re-think HSL for healthy benefits.
      I searched out the one I had packed away, and now use it in the main room of my home when I am there. I also purchased a newer type model that has a dimmer switch, and I will try using that one in the bedroom. The bedroom one will be on fully when I get home from work, dimmed for sleep and turned of until I return home in the evenings. I really do believe in their helpful benefits.
      I do have one question, that I’m hoping someone can answer: I have to put the lamp right next to an air cleaner. Will they counteract each other? Will the air from the cleaner damage the salt lamp? Right now, I’m not using the air cleaner, but in the winter, I need it as my home is extremely poorly built and I have gaps in the floor/wall about 2” where the moisture/air comes in, and although I have ‘packed’ it with long round pillows, there is still air and “stuff” coming in from outside. I want to counteract the pollution (hoping the salt lamp will help with this as well). I do live in a rural-ish community, but the road is very close to my house, and it is very well traveled at all times of the day.
      Sorry to be so long-winded, but I hope someone will have a helpful answer, or will have a similar situation with suggestions.

      • I don’t think that they would counteract each other, since they work differently. Salt lamps work with the evaporation of the moisture in the air, and air filters typically work by running air through a filter. I would put a little space between them if you can to be safe though.

        • Does that mean that running a salt lamp and a diffuser by each other that the salt lamp cancels out what I’m diffusing?

          • I thought the same thing at first. I keep a salt lamp on one side of my bedroom and place my diffuser on the other. So far, I haven’t had any problems. My diffuser still helped us get through some congestion issues and I keep my salt lamp on all the time.

        • I was under the impression that they worked by the heat from the light (why it uses an incandescent instead of the more efficient LEDs) to heat the salt and the salt releases the negative ions being shed by the salt into the air …. ….the heat rises up & out of the lamp and… … into the air.

          That it was these negative ions that bound to the +charged particles in the air?

          Much like ion generators in most air purifiers, but where *those* produce ozone (o3) and as the O3 breaks down in the air into O2 and O1 …. the O2 simply being ‘oxygen’ (makes it easier to breathe!) and the O1 being the charged particle that attaches to things in the air… both rendering them less effective/reactive, as well making them more likely to bind to other things in the air… creating larger particle sizes, and… well, thus, turning them into ‘dust on the ground’ vs ‘stuff in the air’?

          the main difference being that the O1 from the O3 breakdown is oxidizing … and the negative-ions from the salt lamp … aren’t O1 but, instead -charged particles from the various (other) mineral-types found in the HPS?

          ….vs pulling things into it

          • My response is to Nancy above. I have a sale lamp from Amazon that has a glass dish set into the too of it for diffusing. I put water in it with a couple drops of essential oil and it works great!

          • If a bulb that is too low wattage to warm the salt isn’t effective, than is a bulb that is higher wattage more effective, ie hotter the better?

        • Hi Katie. I love your site and your sense of humor:) I was considering buying my parents a Himalayan Salt Lamp. One of them has a heart defibrillator. I have tried researching information online whether it is safe to use with a defibrillator but to no prevail. I know you are not a doctor, but you are filled with such knowledge. Could you give me your opinion on this?

      • I have one in my bedroom and initially had problems with the light as well. But then I got some free sleeping masks and figured I’d give it a try. I sleep even better now and am able to leave the light on all night!

        • Hi, I love my lamps, I do however need a dimmer switch for the bedroom. Couple questions, is it the hotter the lamp is the better it works?? And in the summer I open the windows, should I turn it off when the windows are open?? Thank you!!!

      • Hi I bought several of these after hearing about them. Has anyone experienced anything negative with them? I feel like I can taste salt all the time and my feet have been getting swollen (but that could just be from overindulging in food and alcohol over Xmas…!)

        • Hi, I have wondered about this too? Are there any negative effects?

          I have a new one on in our main living area (been there for three days) and I love the ambience of it but, i too, have experienced a strong salt taste in the air and i’m sure i can smell salt in the air too, like at the beach (which i love).

          My husband bought ours home as a surprise (he purchased it from a local news agency ;-/ ) and I wonder how i can confirm if it is real himalayan salt or not. I assumed other people may want to know the answer to this as well so i thought i’d ask.

          Thanks 🙂

        • I’ve had one in my bedroom for 3 days on constantly and yes all I can taste today is salt I’m going to see if the taste goes away tomorrow

      • I would love a salt lamp in my room but they are so bright we couldn’t sleep, where can I get the dimmers switch from and what’s the cost please?

        • It’s better to have a darker salt lamp for bedrooms if the light is too bright. If you dim the light the heat required for it to work most effectively may not be enough. Personally I have two in the bedroom a lighter lamp that I do turn on each morning and off each night as well as a darker salt lamp that I keep on at all times day or night.

    • I sleep with sock over my eyes or a sleeping mask as I am not able to keep all light out of our room. It helps tremendously

    • The reason I found this site is that my wife received a salt lamp with a built in dimmer as a gift. She keeps it on the dresser on her side of the bed. I cannot sleep a wink when it is on. Not one wink for one night that it’s on!! It has boggled my mind enough that I am searching for answers which led me to this site. I am not really a light sleeper I can fall asleep about anywhere but even with this light set dimmer than dim I absolu cannot sleep.

    • If your bed is high enough you could place it under your bed. I had this same problem with the glow and went with a shorter fatter salt lamp (since they come in so many different sizes) that would fit under my bed. you can also switch out the bulb with a lower wattage than 15 watts. they have 4 watt nightlight bulbs.

    • paint a portion of the bulb with black high temperature paint. It will mute the light, but allow the heat from the bulb to remain the same.

    • I put my big one in the living room on continuously. I put the candle in my bedroom because it burns out before I wake up. I’m deaf so I need to see my light flashing to wake up and the lamp totally drowned it out. This works well for me.

    • I have the same problem as you (I’m a very light sleeper and everything wakes me up) I dont have a salt lamp yet but have just prdered the t-light holders instead as they aparently are stronger as they produce more heat and you dont need them burning at night, just the day. With your salt lamp, could you keep it on and just put it on the floor near your bed instead? That way it should disturb too much of your sleep.

    • I suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and have had such a bad bout of depression that I can’t get motivated in the mornings. I want to buy a few of these for my home but would love to know, which of these are better? T-light holders or lamps? And would both of these have to be used differently from each other?

  2. I have one of these lamps and I have purchased them as gifts. I love them! My boyfriend is deaf so he has his alarm hooked up to his regular lamp and it flashes in the morning. I wish we could hook up a similar alarm with this lamp, using the dimmer switch, because I would love to wake up to this gentle light. It is great for in the middle of the night when we have to talk to each other through sign because it’s not the glaring light of the regular lamp that wakes you up enough to the point where it’s hard to go back to sleep.
    I do have one question for you, do you leave yours on throughout the day to reap the air cleaning benefits? Or do you turn it on only when you’re using it?

      • What is your take on these being dangerous? I have read the ratings, and some are concerned with salt gathering by the light bulb socket and it leaving water puddles on table tops. I would love to get one,but I live in an area that has a lot humidity.

        • I live in the tropics of Australia.
          I slowly watched my salt lamp get smaller and smaller – and the puddle of melted salt lamp get bigger and bigger.
          It eventually completely melted. – I used a candle with mine- so was not an electrical hazard, but after seeing what happened to my salt lamp – yes I would definitely be wary of your electrical lamp.

          • When you live in the tropics / high humidity places, and your lamp is ‘not on’ then you need to cover it in plastic wrap. When Himalayan Salt Lamps are not turned on they absorb moisture from the air and sweat, if you cover it in plastic then this wont happen. When you are home your lamp should be ‘on’. You should also ‘not’ use a dimmer switch on a Salt Lamp … if your lamp came with a dimmer switch then make sure it is on full at all times… if you put it on Dim less heat is coming out of the bulb – you need heat from the bulb for the lamp to work. I have been teaching about Himalayan Mineral Salt for nearly 10 years.

    • I once used a Sunrise Lamp (or SAD lamp Seasonal Affective Disorder – lack of day/natural light) which had alarm clock, digital display and a dimmable option to turn light up down & set alarm to gradually wake you & button to automatic dim @ ‘sunset’ time before sleep.

  3. My naturopath said that salt lamps do not generate nearly enough negative ions to have an impact. He compared it to a farmer trying to water his crops by hand, instead of using an irrigation system. In theory, you can do it but really it’s not nearly enough. I have one I still use because I like the orange glow though!

    • I’m sorry but I disagree with your naturopath, there are hundreds and hundreds of researches regarding the negative ions.

      Lots of people had positive results with their allergies.

      Is scientifically proven to act like an air purifier.

        • Hi,
          basically you know it’s real if you scratch a little with your nail and some salt rubs off. if it’s made of plastic or anything else, this won’t happen! 🙂

      • The negative ion thing is true, but even the instructions that came with the lamp said you need 10 pounds of salt per 10 ft of room space for it to be effective! Absurd to even contemplate! So your naturopath is right. Enjoy the glow, but unless you have a tiny room and a huge lamp, the health benefits are from a placebo effect.

      • How much do they usually go for? I got mine in Queenstown, New Zealand today for $25 it was on special down from $210 although the shop had a closing down sale ,and was the last one so I felt the universe wanted me to have it I touched it and it was like I seen into its salty soul. Its rather a large lamp too i’d say 9-10 kilograms. But yeah how much do they usually sell for?

      • You can do an Amazon search I bought 2 from wbm international and they do work the air in my bedroom is dramatically improved and I am sleeping well waking up early and refreshed. Good luck!

  4. I bought a salt lamp that was carved into the shape of a globe. It’s very beautiful, but I was wondering if the smooth surface has made it less effective? I’d also like to know, is color a reliable indication as to a salt lamp being genuine himilyan salt?

      • You said you got your Himalayan salt lamp on Amazon? What is the brand name? I tried to find information online, but I need advice from someone I trust. I love your site and I follow a lot of the advice you give. So when I googled finding the best Himalayan salt lamp and saw wellness mama, I knew you could tell me. I will not order them (I would like to get a couple) until I hear back from you. Thank you so much Katie.

    • Hi I’m curious about this too. I saw some beautiful lamps on Amazon but I’m afraid they’re fake. I want to get a real one and I don’t know how to tell the difference. I read on some websites that some places try to pass off rock salt as a Himalayan salt lamp. is there any way to know the difference before you buy?

    • I got mine from Amazon and it’s real. I love it!! It’s been helping my daughter sleep at night, she has autism and is drawn to it.

  5. Love all you information. Thank you.
    I live in a humid climate, how bad do the lamps sweat? Do they leak water on to surfaces? Could you elaborate more on that.

  6. I can’t sleep with the brightness coming from the salt lamp. How beneficial do you think it is to have the salt lamp on in my bedroom during the day when I’m not in there very much? Should I consider putting the lamp in the closet with the doors closed at night? Would that be beneficial?



  7. My cousin had one of these and I’ve been interested in getting one for a while now!! I’m so glad you did a post on it, and yours is beautiful! I’m picking up one… or 5 soon.

    • I bought 2 & put them on cup warmers, no light & they warm up the salt better! I also used an empty votive candle holder underneath when I’m gone so as not to let the salt rock get too hot! I sleep so much better when it’s on! I love them!

  8. Is the last source a web link? I couldn’t access it. And thank you for doing a post about the salt lamps. I got one as a birthday gift from my husband, but he wasn’t convinced that they actually help purify the air. I tried to find some trustworthy articles online, and couldn’t find any. Thank you!

  9. I buy mine at Natural Grocers and I alternate days that it is in the kid’s bedroom and put it in the bathroom at night (it is too bright to leave on at night). I also bought one for my son’s classroom as they have ipads and I do not like all the electromagnetic activity they are exposed to. It does make the air feel cleaner and clears the odor from my husband’s workout clothes (in the bathroom).

  10. We have 4 in our house. I love them so much! My husband uses one in his office too. Once I saw the beautiful glow they created, and saw how calm they make me feel, I kept buying more. They can be addicting!

    • I bought a basket one with chunks in it & took 2 pieces to work & put them on a cup warmer! The office seems cleaner & calming!

  11. Hi katie,
    Wow!!!! Im glad i bought salt lamps 10 yrs ago. I have them in every room and kept them on 24/7.

    Thanks for the great post!

  12. Hi Katie! Thanks for the article, it was really helpful and informative. I always love hearing about things like this that I would never come across on my own… (Just like the idea of Earthing products… what an amazing idea!)

    I’m just wondering… I know you mentioned that you find the lamps to be an effective alternative to machines that create negative ions, but I was reading an article about it (http://blog.golbsalt.com/2012/09/27/healthy-or-hype-himalayan-salt-lamps-negative-ions/ if you’re interested) and it mentioned that it would take hundreds of years to produce the same amount of negative ions that it would take the machine to produce in an hour! Not sure if that’s just an exaggeration or what, but it seems like it might be a pretty huge difference…

    So I just wanted to know whether you had tried the machines before, and if there was any real discernible difference between the two? Obviously I would rather spend my money on the lamps if they did basically the same thing, ha! Plus, they certainly look cooler than another machine lying around! :p

    I really value any input you have! Thanks again. 🙂

    • The machines can also produce ozone which some sources say is dangerous. I’ve seen evidence that the lamps do create much higher levels of negative ions. I’ll work on finding those and adding them to the article

      • What about the Salt Lamps that use votive candles? Do they work in the same way? I guess one that works with electric is more cost effective and safer. I just purchased 2 of the ones that use candles and I love it but wish I didn’t have to mess with it….Any tips for these?

  13. I bought one a while ago, but after about 7 hours of light the bulb exploded and it damaged my fridge. Same thing happened again after I got a new lamp. It’s a solid lamp and very similar to the one you’re linking to. Did anything like this ever happen to you? I thought it could just have become too hot inside the lamp?
    Now I just use my two lamps without the lamps and try to put them in direct sunlight or with a bright reading lamp shining on top of it. Think that would also work? Thanks!

    • By the way, it damaged my fridge because of some electricity issues, not because the bulb exploded right next to the fridge 🙂

    • I just got one for my husband for Father’s Day, it arrived yesterday, and the bulb it came with went out today. 🙁 I took it out and the bulb exploded. WEIRD. Was a pop then glass went everywhere. I was glad my daughter wasn’t close by… Wondering if the pressure built up inside the lamp.

      • Becky, I just got mine last week and used it for a few hours on Friday and maybe 4 today (I’m keeping one it in my office at work). I got back to my desk today after lunch and the light had stopped working. I went to pull the bulb out and it also exploded (in my face!). Thankfully I was still wearing my sunglasses after walking inside. Not sure what happened but I’m a little concerned about putting a new bulb in. That was kind of scary…

        • The instructions that came with my lamp says, a 15-watt clear bulb. However, it could depend on the brand and size of the lamp. You should check with the manufacturer of your brand of lamp.
          Mine is made by Evolution. I purchased it at Natural Grocers.

      • Hi Katie,

        I LOVE your blog!
        I was just reading in your resource page about a discount on these lamps. Is that an old offer or can I still get it?
        When I clicked the link it appeared to not be active any more.

        Just wanted to be sure.

    • I’ve been checking these out today, trying to find genuine himalayan pink salt lamps in the UK. From what I’ve read, I think the bulbs should be either ‘oven’ or ‘fridge’ bulbs. Maybe this is why lots of people have had trouble with the bulbs exploding.

  14. I have a Scentsy wax diffuser that I no longer use because of the chemicals in the wax.

    Do you think it would work to heat the salts up?

    • The one I just bought came with a little slip of paper instructions and says never to use more than an 8 watt bulb. The one that came with it looks like one of those old Christmas tree bulbs. I did see a Youtube video from someone in Australia that sells them. He said they were bulbs that you use inside of an oven.

  15. i wasn’t able to read through all the comments So I’m not sure if anyone has thrown this out there but I replaced the clear bulb that came with my salt lamp with a red bulb. The most important aspect from what I understand is the heat from the bulb. The red bulb gives it more of a darker glow. They sell them at the “spa” salt room (if anyone gets a chance check out a salt room they are great) place near my house and they said that 12-15 watts is best. They also said to check the depth of the hole drilled into the salt because you don’t want to crush your bulb. I’m going to keep my eye out for red replacement Christmas bulbs this season. I’m also looking for a dimmer switch so I can keep my light on while I sleep because even with the red bulb it’s still a little bit too much to sleep with. Hope the suggestions help anyone. Just wanted to share what I learned on my salt lamp journey!

  16. What are your thoughts on Himalayan salt tea light holders. I have a very small study and purchased two of these to use whilst I write. However I find they don’t heat up like my lamps do. Are they still benificial?

  17. I just bought three. My husband has allergies so I can’t wait to try them to see if there is any improvement. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi,
    I didn’t see this addressed in the previous comments, but maybe I scrolled too fast. Does anyone know how these items are sourced: the salt for the lamps and the Himalayan salt you can buy in the grocery store? Since the Himalayas are land locked, do companies use strip mining to remove the salt like mining companies do with other minerals?

    I like salt lamps too and have purchase some in the past, but I started wondering about this when I began to see lots of pink salt for sale in the condiment isles.


  19. What is the difference between the numbers on the various salt lamps (on Amazon)? like light # 1002 or #1301 ? does it matter which one I buy?
    Also, I didn’t see a reply on the post that stated one member’s naturopathic md feels that the lights can’t make enough of a difference to warrant buying one. Is there research to refute that statement?

  20. Hi just had to share my excitement. Have been wanting salt lamps for ages, but oh boy are they expensive here in South Africa.
    I was just through a website similar to ebay, and to my amazement found a Taiwanese gent selling 3 for an amazing price, so naturally bought them all, I absolutely love the ambience.
    The only sad thing is, he has just finished his Phd and cannot find a job here, and is going back home, what a loss to our country!
    Thanks still loving reading all the amazing info!! Never too old too learn.

  21. Ionic air purifiers emit ozone, increase asthma symptoms and are not good for breathing in. How are salt lamps different? Or are they just as bad?

    • They don’t create ozone. They just create natural negative ions when the lamps attract moisture and then the moisture evaporates with the salt. Ionizers use a mechanism that creates ions and ozone from what I understand.

  22. I just purchased my first salt lamps, and I am loving the beautiful glow. My question is, the literature in the box recommends 2 lbs of salt lamp per 10 square feet. That would mean I would need more than one lamp for the larger rooms. Is that necessary?

    My next question is about having light in the bedroom while you sleep. You recently posted that we shouldn’t have light in the bedroom at night. Do you turn them off at night? Do they disrupt sleep?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t use that many, but it’s up to you. I keep the salt lamps out in the kid’s rooms, but sometimes the one in my room gets left on. I sleep with an eye mask so the light does not bother me.

  23. I am intrigued to try this; seems like it would be a great thing for the office – especially in the afternoons when it’s hard to stay focused!

  24. I bought a salt lamp after reading this post, and because I heard of it years ago from a friend and have been wanting to try it. I can’t for the life of me find anywhere that says the lamp gives off enough negative ions to be worth it, which bums me. I’ll enjoy the one I have and probably won’t buy another unless I find research or notice that this one dramatically helps health-wise.

    • I don’t know why you couldn’t do that. In fact, I’m going to try. I also stopped using the warmers due to the toxic nature of petroleum-based wax. I put beeswax in mine with a few drops of essential oil!

  25. Thanks for this informative article! I received a salt lamp as a gift. Is there a way to discern if this is a Himalayan salt crystal lamp vs. an imitation rock salt lamp? Also, why is the Himalayan better than the rock salt, if both consist of salt? Thanks in advance for your time to answer these questions.

  26. Thank you for your quick response. Another pregnancy related question- FLCO- are you concerned at all when your pregnant with mercury/toxins from the FCLO, specifically Green Pasture brand? How many capsules would you recommend daily?

    thanks in advance

  27. I’ve purchased a number of salt lamps for our family and we love them. However, my husband was talking to someone last night who has been told they are radioactive. Any thoughts or suggestions on where to look to find out more?

    Many thanks.

  28. in all the comments and information you gave us up top you never discussed the cleaning process….so my question is do you need to cleanse its energy or not….and if so how would the best way of cleaning be

  29. Can you answer that? What’s the difference between the genuine Himalayan salt and the cheap Rock salt lamps? How can you tell? Please advise.
    Thank you!

    • The answer is above in previous comments. From what I read, you simply take your finger nail and scrape it on the lamp…of salt comes off ~ it’s Real???

      • Any salt would ‘scratch’. I think the question is, how would you know if it’s actually HIMALYAN PINK SALT.

  30. I am thinking of purchasing an EO diffuser (likely the ZAQ you link to) and a salt lamp for my office (small with windows that do not open). I understand the concern re: moisture and the lamps. Do you think I need to choose one or the other? I really want a healthier space.

  31. I’ve got a salt lamp that I’ve been using as a night lamp and I usually leave it on a brigter setting since I get up during the night and I need to see. But a couple of nights ago I decided to dim the light more and more and I ended up having some vivid and very weird dreams. Has anyone heard or experienced something similar?

    • I just got a lamp yesterday for my birthday…..I put it by my bed last night, and had the Strangest dream ! I dreamed a family friend of ours who we haven’t seen in a year….got shot and robbed. It was Crystal clear ! So….Weird…..I told my husband about it and am making him call our friend. Strange….

    • Got my salt lamp yesterday and it is very nice. Came from a salt mine in Arkansas. It came with a dimmer switch (spent extra for the special cord) but it is still too bright for me. I will move it to another room and leave on 24/7 mostly because of the vivid dreams I had last night which I do not wish to repeat.

    • I definitely notice that I am having so many different and vivid dreams all night long. Timing matches up to when I put one in my bedroom. My husband hasn’t noticed this.

  32. I am trying to find a Himalayan salt lamp that is real.
    I am on Amazon but they have several to choose from.
    Are all the ones on Amazon real?

  33. I have read once that since these salt crystals are produced from lightening, radon and cosmic reactions in the earth’s crust that they emit radin into the air of your homes… Can you verify whether or not this is true?

  34. What are thoughts on using a humidifier and a salt lamp in the same room? We have cold, dry indoor winters and the humidifiers help in a lot of ways at night in our room as well as our kids. Would you just cover and turn off the salt lamp at night when the humidifier is on? Would you still reap the same benefits by just having the salt lamp on during the days when we are not in our rooms as much? Thanks!

  35. Ny salt lamp is on my nightstand my alarm clock iPhone & iPad are also on my nightstand is that cause a problem this is the first salt lamp and I was unable to read the instruction thanks for your help

  36. I have a question ~ Is it safe to leave my lamp on all night? I like to have some dim light in my room at night and I wasn’t sure if it would get too hot on the inside of it where the bulb is and cause a fire. I plan to turn it off during the day when there’s natural light outside and only have it on when it’s dark out.

    Also from reading the comments and questions by other people, I hope it’s safe to use it in the summer when it’s really hot and humid (even when it gets like that at night). I like to keep my windows open and don’t like air conditioning (I like the hot and humid weather we have in the summer).

    I hope to read a reply soon ~ Thanks.:~)

    • I have been feeling my lamp after it’s been on a few hours, and it gets HOT!! I bought a timer for the plug, so that the lamp will not stay on more than 2 hours. I googled for information, and it looks like the bulb/plug inside the lamp can indeed catch on fire. I assume my lamp was made in India or China or another country where they might not have strict manufacturing standards (or maybe I’m making that up; I’m not sure). I’m not willing risk the lamp melting down and catching my bookshelf on fire. I personally would not leave it on all night.

  37. Hi, I have this Himalayan salt lamp one in living room and one in bed room but after using for couple days I noticed that air became so dry. Is this lamp not good to use in winter time? Thank you.

  38. How far away can you be from the lamp and still get a positive effect? My mom got me one for Christmas and I have it in my office b/c I heard it helps with the radiation from the computers and stuff. Does it help the whole room or only a small area? I also have an essential oil diffuser that I use in my office.

  39. Just received a Himalayan Salt lamp for my birthday, it really has a very relaxing glow, absolutely thrilled with it.

  40. If I’m to believe this . Why isn’t the most most important question answered.. what about radons and radiation being n

  41. I got one of these lamps at Walmart.Mine is electric.I have a. Breathing problem and what a difference it has made ?I can breath so much better.I will buy another one as soon as I can.Mine was about $16.00.

  42. Can these protect against toxins that may be released from furniture. Specifically, things like polyurethane (fake leather) recliners, etc.?

  43. I have one in my bedroom and one for my daughter’s too. Problem is the light at night bothers us. Wonder if there are dark bulbs or a different heat source you could use so that it doesn’t light up. Or if we shut it off at night will the effects not last.

  44. Can you actually cite any research or proof to show that salt lamps generate negative ions or that negative ions are beneficial? It’s funny that you mention science in this article, but completely fail to explain how salt lamps could possibly generate these ions.

  45.   There’s some questionable science that supports possible benefits to devices that change the ionization of the air; but there is not the least bit of plausible scientific evidence that these salt lamps do any such thing.  No plausible scientific explanation that supports the idea that these lamps in any way add anything to the air, remove anything from the air, or cause any change of any kind to the air other than a slight addition of heat from the light itself, exactly the same as from any other incandescent light of comparable wattage.

      If you find the lamp pleasing to the eye, and you like the aesthetic effect of its light on a room, then buy it for that reason only.  If you buy it because you think it will in any way improve the air, or provide any health benefit, then Laurence Tureaud has compassion on you.

    • There may not be any plausible evidence but I started using one a year ago. On the days that I forever to turn it on I will see all kinds of dust floating in the air. When I run it consistently I do not see the dust particles. That’s proof enough for me

  46. This may be a silly question but I will ask anyway. We used to live near the ocean and moved to the country. We really so miss the smell of salt air so this would be a great alternative for us. My question is do they create rust like the salt air from the ocean??

  47. Everybody seems to be quite taken with this product, however, how can you simply just say “negative ions”? that is the most vague, unspecific thing you could say. You cannot possibly say that there are more “negative ions” than “positive ions”. They are a mutual entity; one cannot exist without the other, otherwise that would break the rules of thermodynamics.

    Positive ions are essentially how your body works, negative ions help maintain balance as well, so there isn’t really a benefit from a surplus of either. Any anatomy/physiology/biology course will tell you this. I don’t see how you can honestly expect a health benefit from a salt lamp. Really think about the chemistry here, it doesn’t add up.

    You cannot neutralize bacteria and mold with charges. Perhaps IF they were to try to live ON the lamp, but not the whole environment. Bacteria and mold are living things, not charges, so they don’t just disappear when you add a negatively charged molecule to it.

    One last thing. When comparing charges like above, 10,000 ions/cm^3 and 100 ions/cm^3, this is literally statistically irrelevant. When you look at molecules and atoms, you’re looking on the magnitude of billions of billions. A few hundred thousand will make absolutely zero difference biologically.

    I’m not saying this is a bad lamp, its just very inaccurate. Its actually a pretty nice lamp. Very soothing.

    I have a chemistry degree if anybody was wondering.

    • Thanks for your comment. I started to get sucked into the hype of salt lamps and then did some more research. The science simply does not add up. I have one because I like the looks of it, but it doesn’t do anything for the air.

    • I beg to differ. I live in the Pacific NW. Mold basically grows on anything that does not move. Before placing one of these lamps in the bathroom it would take about a month for the bathtub to start turning pink and then go to mold. After I placed a salt lamp in the room it now takes closer to 4 or 5 months for the pink to show. I have no clue as to health benefits, but I can say it certainly helps contain mold.

  48. I bought my salt lamp, from Bed Bath and Beyond, it lasted a week, I took it back and got another one,Mine turns different colors, just love it,I do wish it had a shut off switch on it though. How can one be put on it? I hope this one lasts longer, what do you think happened to the first one? Thank you, Margie

  49. so can i leave it near or next to my laptop on my bedside table when my laptop is on? i was a little confused if this would help the radiation or make it worse?

  50. Just heard from a friend she cannot have her salt lamp all day because it gives off too much energy. Anybody heard of this before. I have had mine for four years and love it.

  51. I am sorry if someone has already asked this question.
    There are a lot of very pretty looking usb salt lamps but they all seem to have colour changing led bulbs, surely these do not heat up enough to be beneficial.

    • This is something I’d actually like to know more about too. I always thought that the electronic ionizers generated ozone which was bad for your lungs. From what I have been reading it almost seems like low doses of ozone are acceptable but I haven’t found a definite answer yet.

  52. Have you had any issues with puddles or water damage? Mine seems to be great so far, but I’m reading some horror story reviews and getting paranoid!

      • I received a Himalyan Rock Salt candle holder – and used it with votive candles. Unfortunately I left it on my wood stove – and the condensation created a rust like patch on the stove – which also seems corrosive. Any hints as to how to I can remove this patch – something that is safe to use on a wood stove surface…it gets really hot!

    • I haven’t had any issues either. They can sometimes “weep” and it’s a good idea to make sure they’re on a surface that won’t be damaged.

      I heard they pretty much last indefinitely, but a room with high moisture might be a problem.

  53. I work at home and spend a ton of time around electronics and at my desk. I felt like I was getting irritable and had concentration/anxiety problems. I purchased one of the more expensive AC filters and also placed a couple salt lamps at my desk. The difference was like night and day. I actually have to thank Katie because I wouldn’t have found my lamp if I didn’t read this post.

    I wish I did just the salt lamps first so I could point to them as the sole reason for my improvement but either way I think they helped a ton. I’m much more productive now.

    I’ve gotten really interested in salt lamps since my improvement and I started writing about them myself. I’ve been trying to compile all the scientific data and anecdotal evidence that I can find.


    The only thing I have to caution though is that you make sure you know the source of the lamp before buying it. There seems to be some counterfeit lamps for sale and since they’re expensive you wanna make sure you’re getting the real deal. From what I heard, light shades of pink that look structurally weak and have marks on them might be fake.

    You should be able to email the company and ask for a certificate of analysis to find out the origin.

    Another issue is child labor / unfair working conditions. I usually email the company directly and if they’re dodgy or anything with their answer then I don’t buy.

    I’m wondering if anyone has tried the ionizing machines like the one Katie linked at the bottom of the article? I was worried about ozone generation but it seems like low amounts of ozone are acceptable and might be beneficial?

  54. Hi! I was wondering if it is safe to use the lamps during pregnancy. I am interested in getting one for my living room and bedroom but I am pregnant and high risk so I want to be extra cautious. thanks!

  55. I just got a salt lamp and a salt tea light holder. How do I know if my tea light holders are putting off enough heat to be effective? And I’m going through tons of tea lights having it lit all day. Will a flame less LED tea light give off enough heat? Again how will I know if it is?

  56. How warm does the lamp have to get to be effective? I have a thick lamp and do not feel the warmth of the light on the outside. Is this effective or do I need a stronger bulb?

  57. I am just curious if salt lamps can change a persons mood for the worse. It may be a coincidence but I only just got mine while at a retreat and had it on for a few days before we moved. My hubby said he was in a terrible mood those days. We moved and had not had it turned in again till last night. Today he is in a sour mood. Just wondering about negative side effects. Thank you.

    • Hello!

      It is believed that diffrent stones (gemstone, crystals, and such) give of certain energy. The same way its energy can affect us, we can also affect it. When a stone is exposed to many negative emotions, it absorbs these energies, and later on it will give of negative energy. You can “cleanse” the himalayan salt lamp of the negative energies by putting it out in the sun.

      Other then the possible explanation is, if you leave the lamp on during the night, the light might me to strong for your husband, resulting in a bad sleep, and than throwing him into a bad mood in the morning.

      • Awesome info to know. Thank you so much. His mood has jnproved the longer he gets use to the stone. He is a natural healer so he could just be getting use to it and the effects it has on him.

  58. I have a large (38 cm) Himalayan salt lamp, plus a small one. The large one is in 24/7 but never seems to warm up with its tiny bulb. The small one becomes warm and seems more effective… I can only use a tiny 40w bulb in the large lamp. Do you have any suggestions for making a larger lamp warmer/more effective please?

  59. I have recently purchased 4 x 1-2 kilo salt lamps, however they do not heat up at all. Came with 7 watt globes, because they r small. Would it be safe to put in a higher wattage bulb in such a small lamp? A downfall with this would be they will be so much brighter (which I don’t want). I am guessing they r so bright because they r so small.

  60. My salt lamp is very hot to where I can barely touch it !!! Is this normal or should I change the bulb wattage ? It a larger salt lamp maybe 20pds ,it’s my first lamp 🙁 o have no a/c on and my house is warm and humid ? But I’m not sure it’s normal for it to be that hot please help

    • I just bought the salt lamp a few days ago I love the color I have not had it that long to comment on the lamp I love tno wake up and see the color at

  61. I have an essential oil diffuser to help with allergies and especially for cold & flu season…Would they counteract each other? Also, could I have them next to each other (i.e. both on my night stand).

  62. If I need a humidifier during the winter cause it’s so dry and cold where I am would buying one of these be pointless? I suffer from asthma and allergies. I’m always in for bettering myself! Tia!

  63. I read this article quickly, so apologize if you mentioned this. Please note that if you don’t have a high enough wattage of bulb in them, they do NOTHING. Depending on the size. I have a large one that is categorized by weight 11 – 20 pounds and it needs a 25 watt bulb. If the lamp isn’t warm to the touch, it’s not high enough watts. I am wondering if you can guide me on how to know if it’s a good quality lamp or a cheap salt lamp? Is there really a way to tell. I want to buy one locally too, so I don’t have to wait for it to be shipped, if possible. Thanks so much!!

  64. I’m trying to locate the actual scientific evidence that support ‘salt lamps emit negative ions’ and some documentation to support when/where the research has been done providing the information regarding health benefits. I would like to invest in some lamps but as I was researching, I found a few articles stating there is no proven health benefit nor is there any scientific research supporting the negative ion information. Any luck with this?

    • All I have to say is that the proof is in using it. On the days that I forget to then it on I can see dust particles in the air. On the days that I have it on consistently I don’t e the dust particles.

  65. I looked on amazon and they also have candle holders made of the salt, do these do the same thing? Also how do you know how many to have? I wanted to start with one in my living room, this is a large room, would one still be sufficient?

  66. Hi there, I have 3 lamps in my house and have had trouble with bulbs blowing regularly. I have limited movement and given them sole power source (no extension cables)
    I like to sleep with mine on.
    I just a found some ‘salt lamp LED bulbs’ online and was wondering whether these would work as they don’t heat up like other bulbs. What are your thoughts?

  67. I need help with my salt lamp! I bought it but when i put it out from the package it started sweating so i had to put it inside fhe refrigerator since 2 months ago! The weather in my city is very hot and 70-90% humidity

  68. Do you all sell he Salt Lamps? I bought one 2 to 3 weeks ago…when it arrived, I got it out of the box to start using it and the cord would not work at all. Had a horrible experience with the owner of this company. Anyways, is there any way to order a cord and bulb for it? Thank you 🙂

  69. Hello!

    Here is a very complete study I found that suggests that light at night, whether blue or red (at either end of the light spectrum) causes a corresponding spike in cortisol. Red light allows for normal melatonin production as if you were in darkness, but it also spikes cortisol levels to near the amount we have in the morning.


    While salt lamps might mitigate the effect of outright blue light on our melatonin levels and a proper circadian rhythm, even green light has been shown to depress melatonin levels slightly less than blue light. If red light increases cortisol at night just as much as blue does, being at the other end of the light spectrum, then it is safe to assume that any light, salt or not, can really increase cortisol production at night.

    Now, I do not know the specific effects of higher cortisol at night, but my theory would be that it interferes with proper sleep as it is the stimulators hormone produced in the morning to get our butts out of bed and into the light.

    I am also a purist in the sense that we used to sleep in a much more complete darkness for thousands of years, and we followed a sleep/active cycle in line with the available sunlight of the day. My conclusion with the information from this study is that we must simply return to having our evenings in darkness. I am going to begin doing dark meditation later at night instead of the usual Netflix, or even reading via red light. We’ll see how it goes!

    Thank you Wellness Mama for all of the content you’ve contributed to the Web, and for guiding like-minded people to healthier alternatives to a host of different things.

  70. have you considered making your own salt lamp? I know their is option to get Himalayan salt block that is given to a horse (ex. from a feed store)…wondering if I should make my own lamps. Otherwise I saw online Gordman’s has these, I have yet to make it to my local store, they only have 1 size instock locally.

  71. Before purchasing, can anyone tell me if it has a smell or give off any “little bit” of an order. I know someone that could benefit from this. She is alergic to everything, can’t even run a clothes washing machine without having issues. It’s called mast cell..

  72. Has anyone ever experienced adverse effects? Salt lamps make me feel worse like I am walking through paste with lightheadedness and heaviness on my chest. Not finding much info about possible negative effects for some people like my super-sensitive self. Thanks.

  73. I bought a lamp and when I got it home I realized it has an LED in it that changes colors. The lamp is beautiful and the changing colors are very soothing but I am wondering if the LED produces enough heat to produce negative ions. Do you know?

  74. Great article;

    We brought a lamp from a local museum in Dallas. Alas my 5 yr old dropped it and it broke into 3 pieces. My wife & I are wondering if it is safe to consume the salt ? Please advise.

    • Yes, you can eat it. You can even buy it that way. For example, Trader Joe’s has a shaker of coarsely ground Himalayan salt to put on food. It is also good to take a bath in.

  75. I have used electric ion generators in the past and it seemed to give me a sore throat. It’s happened more than once with the electric generators. I’d love to get one of these rocks, but don’t want to have the same thing happen. Can anyone explain that? Thank you.

    • Mine have never gotten too hot with the bulbs that are included but I don’t think heat would ruin the salt, as there are salt blocks that can be used for baking and roasting without a problem.

  76. Negative ions (also called “free radicals”), which those lamps supposedly emit, are the oxidizers that people try to remove with “detoxing”. They do damage DNA and in large quantities could cause cancer and other decease. O3 (ozone) is a very strong oxidizer due to the easily released third oxygen atom. It is linked to severe inflammation of lungs and asthma.

    Luckily, those lamps do not generate any negative ions. They are beautiful and emit yellow light which is calms people (as opposed to the blue light emitted from the screen you are now watching). Other than that they do not do anything.

    • This is rubbish; negative ions are known to be life supporting – why don’t you check out the reports from places that have a natural occurrence of negative ions – I know there are several reports of places in Europe- and people living in these areas have much less incidence of sickness or disease

  77. Basic research shows that opening a window gives more negative ions than these lamps. Science has completely defrauded the “benefits” of these lamps. While they are pretty – they are useless. Be wary of Internet advice that is absolutely baseless and please have your facts (science proven) straight rather than offering opinions disguised as facts. I doubt this will post but I hope you take it to heart in future posts because people subscribe to you to improve their lives – they deserve facts not fiction.

  78. I suffer from depression caused by arthritis and other health problems. I just recently purchased a basket salt lamp for my bedroom. I totally was not expecting much I just loved the look of it and from the first day I have been amazed. I sleep better, my energy is better and I am actually getting things done. I love it so much I just purchased another for my living room.

  79. An ion is _not_ an atom OR a molecule, an ion _IS_ an atom. A molecule is a grouping of atoms to form the elements (like Hydrogen and Oxygen) and larger compounds like water (a collection of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

    A ion is an atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons.

    You can have ionized air, it’s called Ozone. Yes “air” is a molecule and it may sound like splitting hairs. The O2 molecules are not ionized; their constituent parts (the atoms) are in Ozone.

    These lamps are like the new “energy crystals” except they require electricity. The post above from @robert is correct: opening a window will let in more negative ions than these lamps will.

    If you really want negative ions in your house, buy an Ozone Machine. It will guarantee you results; no question.

    Hotel’s use them to freshen rooms and car dealers use them to de-stink cars driven by smokers. They work and are based on _science_, not _hooey_.


    The lamps do generate a cozy glow…

  80. I currently use a humidifier for my sinus,. Recently purchased a salt lamp but wonder can I use the humidifier and the salt lamp together?

  81. We just purchased one for bedroom and one for lounge, I thought I was meant to get good night sleep, now getting less sleep than before. Have decided to place a dark handkerchief over it at night, see how that goes. If your globes keep blowing, go to appliance shop and get an oven one, will last forever then.

  82. I have four salt lamps that I bought from Mercola.com. Very please with them. I also bought one for the office. I gave salt lamps for Christmas gifts this last year and all were very please with them. My co-worker said he could tell that he thinks clearer.

  83. Hello Katie,What would be a reputable company to buy a salt lamp or lamps from and be assured that they are truely himalayan salt.Because i love all natural healing remedies.Thanks

  84. This is a great one: My husband, who is a skeptic about anything and everything without doing any research, informed me that he doesn’t believe that our new Himalayan salt lamp. which I bought one day ago, did anything but sit in the corner and glow. He never bothered to ask me what it’s supposed to do. In the next breath he told me that he went to bed feeling unusually positive and woke up feeling the same way. Ha ha ha! Guess it DOES work!

  85. Do you have any idea if wearing a piece of himalayan rock salt in a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet offer a similar effect or does it need the warmth to work at all? Thank you.

  86. I purchased 3 salt lamps. One about 11 pounds, one 5 pounds and one 7 pounds. I placed the smaller one in my bedroom on the night stand, the medium one in the kitchen dining room, and the large one in my living room with my ferrets. My apartment is only 750 square feet. The first two nights I could not sleep at all (figured I needed to get used to a light in my bedroom). On the fourth night I realized I could not smell the ferrets (they naturally stink) or their litter box (it really stinks by the evening time and has to be changed prior to me going to sleep). The only thing I can contribute this to is the lamps. I also have had better nights sleep and feel much more energetic in the mornings. My lamps are on at all times.

  87. I was given a salt lamp today from my friends garage. I don’t know how old it is and I found that it is broken into3 pieces. If I stack iit back together, can it still be used?

  88. I am trying to reduce EMFs in my home. I have a salt lamp in my daughters room for her allergies, but I wonder are these emitting emfs? Does anyone know?

  89. How do you know you have an authentic salt lamp (I have 2 of them that the box they came in says they are Himalayan salt lamps) and where can you purchase an authentic one? Thanks.

  90. I started with one Himalayan Salt lamp in the bedroom since I usually get congestion/allergy issues over night. I have far less issues with congestion and allergies and have since put a lamp on each floor. I also feel more positive and have gone off an anti-depressant medication.

  91. I had to completely damp wipe my lamp due to smoke/soot from a house fire. Of course, all the salt has been removed so how do you get the salt back into the lamp? Is this lamp in good working order without the salt?

  92. I had a very stuffy nose when I woke in the morning. I bought a salt lamp about a month ago and I have no stuffy nose in the morning. I have now bought a large salt lamp for my living room. It has a 40 watt bulb in it. Should the bulb be of a lower wattage ?

  93. I have a huge chunk of Himalayan Salt. Weighs about 40 lbs. Is this just as effective as a salt lamp does anyone know?

    • Hi Marilyn! The salt lamps work through heat, so you would need to have some kind of heat source inside of the salt. Simply placing the salt on a tableside would not work. The heat source is what creates the negative ions when moisture is attracted to the salt lamp (naturally), it evaporates from the heat source and that’s when the negative ions are created. Right now, your salt is attracting moisture, but it isn’t doing anything with it. You may notice that your salt “sweats” or “weeps”, especially if you are in a humid climate.

      • Thanks for the reply. Nope, I live in a very dry climate. It sits in the sun so I thought it might be doing something good besides looking pretty.

  94. Salt lamps attract water molecules from the air by hygroscopy. The evaporation of water, and reaction with sodium chloride, create negative ions, however they are short-lived and don’t make it far beyond the lamp.
    Improved indoor air quality is achieved because attached to airborne water molecules are all the airborne irritants like viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi; with a long list of asthma and allergy triggers as well.
    Moisture is REQUIRED for these things to remain in the air and viable; otherwise they fall to the floor…leaving surrounding air healthier.
    What extends the effect a salt lamp has in a given room is directly related to humidity, along with a lamp’s salt surface area and the warmth of the lamp. Warmth creates a rising convection of air from the lamp and adds circulation to some degree. Existing conditions and individual sensitivities dictate the overall benefits realized. For some a little, for many a great deal.
    And regarding smoke from beeswax candles…Beeswax is made by nature’s worker bees.
    No artificial scents or colours are required and it’s free from petroleum products and chemicals.
    Beeswax candles last up to three times longer than paraffin wax candles and twice as long as soy candles of the same size. Beeswax candles do not drip and are smokeless if made and used correctly.
    Regarding smoke from making bamboo charcoal-many companies collect the smoke and filter it to make bamboo vinegar. In the long run the benefits of bamboo charcoal far outweigh the environmentally risks when made this way.
    Sorry I didn’t stop to obtain links to above info, research into anything you don’t understand is key!!
    And don’t click on the top google results either. Seek out medical/university studies, papers, journals and information from all around the world.
    And don’t forget, the power of massive pharmaceutical companies unfortunately dominates the learning and progression of modern medicine and science.
    Natural is always best!!

  95. Hi I have just been giving a present of a salt lamp. I have also got asthma and other lung problems. Do you think the lamp would be OK for me to use. Thanks

  96. First of all: there are no salt mines in the Himalayas. Pink rock salt is usually mined from Pakistan or Poland. “Himalayan” is just a descriptor, because a “Punjabi Foothills salt lamp” doesn’t sound quite so exotic.

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