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Thanks for Subscribing!

Would you do me a quick favor though? Go check your email and make sure the welcome email I just sent is in your inbox and didn’t land in spam. Make sure to move the email to your inbox and contact list so you never miss out (and click the “Confirm your subscription” button so I actually have your permission to email you!). I would also love it if you would please reply back to that email so I know you received it! You can always unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email, but I want to make sure all our emails land in your primary inbox and not in spam.

A lot of email companies filter emails so you don’t see them all. And since you signed up to actually get my best tips, resources, DIYs, recipes, articles, podcasts, and discounts on your favorite healthy products, these two steps will make sure my emails don’t land in your spam folder. ?

  1. You can drag an email from “promotions” to “primary.” If you’re using Gmail or a similar email provider, dragging this email into the “primary” tab of your email inbox will help ensure you always have easy access to my emails. If you’re using another email provider, here are instructions on how to “whitelist” Wellness Mama emails.
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These two quick steps will help make sure you always get the latest info and resources I send out each week! Let me know if you have any additional ones to add!

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