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Tim Masters

Tim Masters is a father of five who created My Green Mattress in 2007 after his infant daughter was suffering from severe allergies and eczema. As a mattress craftsman by trade, he knew there was something better he and his wife Cindy could be doing by sourcing the best all-natural and organic wool, cotton, and latex to ease her chemical sensitivities. Tim created the Emily Organic Crib mattress in 2007 and soon after created a line of safe, healthy, affordable organic mattresses free of harmful toxins for the entire home. 

At age 17, Tim worked as an apprentice at a local family-owned mattress company just outside Chicago called Quality Sleep Shop. Here he learned how to handcraft a mattress and customize the layers to fit each customer. To this day, Tim can tell immediately if a customer is a back, stomach, or side sleeper. At the age of 25, he had the opportunity to purchase the company from the previous owner who was retiring. Tim and his wife Cindy grew the business until their second child was born with severe allergies and skin sensitivities. This marked a major shift in their business as they quickly realized there were other families out there with similar challenges. My Green Mattress was born out of this need and the mission of My Green Mattress remains committed to building the best, organic certified, and hypoallergenic sleep solutions from Earth’s finest, all-natural materials while also remaining accessible and affordable for everyone.