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Dr. Sonya Jensen

Dr. Sonya Jensen is a naturopathic physician with a mission to change the way women understand their bodies and themselves. She believes that women are the center of their families and communities, and by supporting them, we are creating a ripple effect that will support the whole community.

She’s a mother of two boys, author, yoga teacher, podcaster, workshop and retreat leader, as well as the co-founder of Divine Elements Health Center, The Longevity Lab, and The Health Ignited Academy alongside her husband, Dr. Nicholas Jensen.

Her background is in cell biology and her lived experience with Ayurvedic Medicine in her home has given her insight into the human body that helps her serve women and families from multiple different lenses.

She believes it is everyone’s birthright to live a happy, healthy, joyful, and abundant life, and she’s honored to help our community move from a state of simply surviving to genuinely thriving.