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Dr. Hillary Lampers

Dr. Hillary Lampers is a Naturopathic Doctor who currently practices full-time in Bozeman. Montana. Since 2007, Dr. Lampers has specialized in structural and pro-aging medicine with a focus on hormonal and brain health. She has continued training in hormonal therapy for menopause and andropause, the Bredesen Protocol, and PeriNeural and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for aesthetics, sexual health, and orthopedics. She is Co-Founder of StHealthy Hunter Brands and Get StHealthy Events, and host of the Hunt Harvest Health Podcast with her husband Ryan Lampers, where they share naturopathic medicine, gardening, wildcrafting, ethical hunting, sustainable living, and outdoor mentorship.  She lives in Three Forks, MT, with her husband Ryan and two daughters, Pailey Belle and Tanna.