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Four New Paleo Books - Book Reviews
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I taught myself to speed-read in middle school, and to this day, it is probably the most valuable skill I’ve ever learned.

One of the really fun perks of blogging is that authors occasionally send books for review. This month, I’ve received several great paleo cookbooks (and several others I decided not to review), but the speed reading came in very-handy in having the time to read all of these great new books. The four books below are my favorites this month:

The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo

Alison Golden is an online friend of mine and she has compiled a very practical and to the point guide. The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo includes tips/advice on:

  • Getting started without becoming overwhelmed
  • Meal Planning and practical tips
  • How to stay consistent
  • Organizing a paleo kitchen
  • Shopping for healthy foods on a budget
  • The importance of other factors like sleep and stress
  • How to involve children or other adults without an up-hill battle

What I liked: Alison’s personality really shines through in her writing, and this book is a great read. Having been through it herself, she gives practical tips on changing diet and dealing with a spouse who isn’t on board.

The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook

At first, the title may seem like a paradox – chocolate and Paleo don’t always go hand in hand, but this book is a compilation of 80 mostly-healthy dessert recipes that are grain and dairy free. Certainly, any kind of treat should not be a daily indulgence, but for special occasions and gatherings, the recipe in The Paleo Chocolate Lovers Cookbook look delicious. I made the chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting for a party recently and they were definitely a hit. Other recipes include:

  • German chocolate cake
  • chocolate granola
  • chocolate pancakes
  • fondue
  • chocolate swirl cheesecake
  • Salted Carmel Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
  • Homemade truffles
  • a lot more

What I liked: All of the recipes were coconut/almond flour based and on the healthy end of the treat spectrum. I would feel comfortable letting my kids pick a treat out of that book to make on occasion and the pictures were wonderful!

Make Ahead Paleo

Two trends seem to be very popular (at least on Pinterest) right now: slow cooker/make ahead food and paleo/grain free food. This Make Ahead Paleo is the intersection of those two ideas. The recipes are grain/dairy free but many can be made ahead or are very fast to prepare.

Tammy Credicott (of Paleo Indulgences and The Healthy Gluten Free Life fame) compiles recipes that are easy to prepare, kid-approved and easy to eat on the go. I made her Thai Coconut Meatballs and they were a hit with my family.

What I liked: The pictures were great, the recipes were simple and all were grain/dairy free.

There were also some really creative meat recipes that I am looking forward to trying.

Paleo Happy Hour

This book would be a great gift for college students or single/newly married adults who struggle with making dietary changes because of the social implications. It compiles healthy alternatives to common restaurant and bar favorite foods in easy to prepare recipes.

Paleo Happy Hour also includes recipes for healthier alternatives to common drinks. They still contain alcohol, but remove ingredients like sugar and grain based alcohols and instead use more nutrient dense ingredients. Example: Avocado Rita (just like it sounds, a margarita sans sugar and with avocado).

What I liked: The design of this book was beautiful and there were some really creative alternatives to regular restaurant fare.

Read any good books lately? Read these? Tell me about it below!

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4 responses to “Paleo Cookbooks Review”

  1. chantel Avatar

    I am also curious about speed reading. I read quite a bit as is, but i have a LONG list of books to read so would love to squeeze more in!

  2. Matt Avatar

    Thanks for the book reviews!

    As TeaJae inquired, I am very curious on where you would recommend to start in learning to speed read? A certain book, program, etc. to start with? How consist to you have to practice it before it becomes a habit? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!!!

  3. Tracey Johnson Avatar
    Tracey Johnson

    I’m just learning about Paleo just this week. It makes sense to me and I totally see the logic in eating this way. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Eat Drink Paleo Irena website from Down Under and I love what I’m learning.

    I’m new to your site enjoying it very much so far always learning new info.

    On a different note: Speed Reading? I want to know all about that. How did you learn it? Is there a program?

  4. Kirsten McCulloch Avatar
    Kirsten McCulloch

    I love the sound of the first book – getting started without becoming overwhelmed, and getting kids/other adults involved without an uphill battle. General recipe books don’t do that much for me, because I prefer to google particular ingredients I want to use, or the idea of something I want to make. Keeping a book on the shelf filled with recipes I probably won’t make doesn’t do it for me. But, cook/food books with more how-to info (with a few recipes), I find really useful.

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