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Book Review-Naturally Knocked Up
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I get a lot of emails asking natural fertility questions, and I recently had the chance to read and review this book: Naturally Knocked Up, which is a great resource for couples who are trying to conceive.

Written by blogger Donielle Baker, who blogs at, it is an easy to understand and comprehensive resource for naturally supporting fertility with food, supplements, and lifestyle factors.

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and has overcome infertility struggles herself and now has two little ones. She writes with compassion and hope for couples facing the same struggles she did and provides easy to understand steps to make improvement.

With infertility now striking one in six couples, this information is so important! I continue to keep getting emails on fertility related questions and have seen first hand what a difference nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes can make for those struggling with fertility. The body naturally wants to be healthy and fertile, but in a world where we are constantly bombarded by toxins in our food, air, water, and environment, it can be an uphill battle. The good news is that the body is, in most cases, capable of improving it’s own fertility  and functioning optimally when given the right support.

What Naturally Knocked Up Addresses:

Naturally Knocked Up addresses many factors of male and female fertility to help couples improve their chances of conception. Even for those not struggling with infertility, the tips in this book are a great resource to help improve the chance of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. In Naturally Knocked Up Donielle talks about:

  • Foods that are cleansing to the body
  • Ways to reduce chemical exposure in the home
  • The right type of exercise for fertility and what to avoid
  • How to use Natural Family Planning (which I use) techniques to improve odds of conception
  • What foods are the most supportive of optimal hormone production and fertility
  • Foods and factors that harm fertility
  • An example of the optimal diet to eat to promote fertility
  • Alternative therapies that can help boost fertility
  • How stress can impact fertility and what to do about it
  • Forming your own plan for optimal fertility
  • Recipes for fertility boosting foods

If you’re struggling with infertility or even if you are just hoping to conceive soon, this book is a great resource for helping your body support healthy pregnancy and optimal fertility.

Have you ever struggled with infertility? Used any natural methods help you? Share below!

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8 responses to “Naturally Knocked Up Book Review”

  1. bella Avatar

    My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the past three years, We were going to a fertility clinic before somebody told us to contact Pastor Audric who is so prayerful at christ warriors assembly church, for him to help us, then we told him our problem, he told us that i will conceive for my husband if i have faith in the lord, but after three years of trying i was at a point of loosing faith. And I’m glad we came to Pastor Audric Because he prayers put us at ease, and I honestly believe him, and the lord use him to restore our faith and, I am thankful for all he has done. by september 2016 i gave birth to my baby boy. am so happy the lord had blessed me.

  2. Vivian Avatar

    What will be causing miscarriage of 3month and below. I want to know because I had up to 6 times and including ectopic pregnancy.

  3. Emily Avatar

    Karen, it sounds like you are doing so much to get your body ready for pregnancy – good work!! Can I recommend Napro technology to you? The goal of napro is to find the root cause of infertility and treat it. They don’t try to cover up the problem and “make” you a baby. For us, is meant diagnosing my low progesterone and endometriosis. I know countless couples who wouldn’t be parents without napro technology, including us! Here is a link for more information –

  4. Beth Vaughn Avatar
    Beth Vaughn

    Getting pregnant was fairly easy for me, but staying pregnant wasn’t. After several consecutive miscarriages, I sought ought an accupuncturist that specializes in fertility. She has helped lots of women get pregnant, so I hoped she could help me stay pregnant. And she did! My baby girl just turned 1! I highly recommend adding accupuncture to healthy choices for fertility!

  5. Karen Avatar

    I found examples of the kind of diet she recommends online and actually I realised I’ve already been doing 95% of it for a while now, including even moving home and refurbishing with way less toxins. We also eat mainly only organic, cook everything at home, avoid bread and junk food, take lots of supplements and have plenty of good fats, green vegetables and protein, use fertility monitors etc etc etc. Unfortunately so far it hasn’t helped to do anything about infertility and we are still waiting for our first baby, even though medically all our tests showed we are in great health and supposedly fertile and young as well. So I would say sometimes it’s just not in our hands… Having said that, I have found out a lot more about my body by paying better attention to how I eat and I haven’t given up on trying to find out if there is something that I am intolerant to that I haven’t yet realised (for example right now trying to eliminate all grains 100%, not just most of the time, and coffee). So it hasn’t been in vain. But also I wish people realised that diet and lifestyle can’t change everything: I’m so fed up with well-meaning women telling me how I should try this diet and that diet because I’ve really tried them all, and most of those women had kids easily without those diets!!

  6. sarah Avatar

    I have struggled with infertility since we first started trying to conceive over 5 years ago. We did the fertility treatments with drugs, shots, tests, etc. and got pregnant with our 3 1/2 year old little girl within a few months. Then, 2 years ago, we started trying for another and got pregnant again within a few months. After a heartbreaking miscarriage at 10 weeks, we tried once more right after and got pregnant the first try, losing the baby at 5 weeks. We took a break for several months and then started back with the fertility drugs. After 6 months of getting absolutely nowhere with it, we gave up. This is one of the main reasons I was looking to make a big change in my life. I knew all along that I needed to do something major, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I am hoping that the drastic changes in my diet and lifestyle will help give us our second child.

  7. Jessica West Avatar
    Jessica West

    We are planning on trying for another little one starting next month! I have already read everything you have here on healthy pregnancy, but I will definitely be checking out Naturally Knocked Up! We got pregnant pretty much immediately when we began trying for our first, but I want to be healthier from the start this time. Thanks for the info!

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