7 Natural Remedies for Winter

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7 Natural Remedies to Keep on Hand in Winter
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My Amish friends are predicting a really cold winter based on the fuzz on caterpillars, the shells on acorns, the movement of squirrels, the size of pinecones and the bird migrations. Who knows if any of these predictions are accurate, but I’m actually excited at the prospect of a cold winter this year and hopefully even some snow (as all of you from north of us roll your eyes at this southern girl!). With the onset of cold weather, the common cold, flu, and general sniffles can become a regular occurrence. That’s why I like to stay prepared with a few natural remedies for winter.

Natural Remedies for Winter

My Amish friends are also stocking up on remedies (natural and conventional) in preparation for winter. Travel gets more difficult for them in the snow and ice and they are trying to be prepared ahead of time. In the past, I’ve found that they tend to be right about their predictions most of the time, so I’m working on stocking up too!

In particular, I’m stocking up on my seven favorite natural remedies that I always keep on hand as we approach cold/flu/general illness season. They are:

1. Elderberry Syrup:

I’ve written before about how much I love Elderberry Syrup for warding off cold and flu (or speeding recovery if we get it). My recipe combines dried elderberries, raw honey and herbs for a potent and effective natural syrup.

It is simple to make and much less expensive than store bought versions with similar ingredients.

Here’s my printable Elderberry Syrup Recipe.

2. Vapor Rub

If cough or cold strikes, I like to have homemade vapor rub on hand. I use it on the bottoms of feet and on the back and chest to calm coughing and congestion. Always ask a doctor before using anything herbal on children.

Here is my natural vapor-rub recipe.

3. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

We take fermented cod liver oil daily in the winter for the fat soluble vitamins and Omega-3s. I’ve found that it is especially important during months when I’m not getting Vitamin D from the sun, and from tracking my blood levels of Vitamin D, I absorb the fat soluble vitamins in a whole food supplement like cod liver oil much more easily than isolated capsules of D3.

This is the Fermented Cod Liver Oil I take daily during the winter.

4. Homemade Cough Syrup

Another thing I keep pre-made in the fridge is my homemade cough syrup. It combines raw honey with lemon juice and herbs to help sooth cough or tickling throat easily. I’ve found that the honey/cinnamon combination also helps speed up recovery from many illnesses, even if there isn’t a cough.

Here’s how to make homemade cough syrup.

5. Broth

I’ve written about the benefits of broth and talked about it on my podcast, but broth is a superfood we always have on hand in the winter.

I typically make my own broth and always have some cooking and in the fridge, but you can also buy pre-made broth to save time.

6. Garlic

During winter months, I keep raw garlic on hand to speed recovery from illness (and for us in soups and stir frys). I typically mince one clove or raw garlic and drink with water when I feel an illness coming on.

I repeat this every few hours until the illness is gone

7. Probiotics

I also take probiotics preventatively and extra in case of illness. Hippocrates famously said that all illness begins in the gut, and in winter months, the gut needs some extra TLC. I take Probiotics to keep my gut happy and take a few extra in case of illness.

8. Hygge

A little comfort goes a long way. See this post for my real-life version of hygge and the way I keep my winter blues away by staying cozy and making the best of the indoors.

What natural remedies do you keep on hand in the winter?

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27 responses to “7 Natural Remedies for Winter”

  1. Mariah Avatar

    I’m so forever grateful for you blog! But where’s the remedies for infants?? My infant and my toddler have a very bad cold or something viral stomach bug. With dry cough, breathing issues, and they don’t want to eat. My youngest is 6 months old and he can hardly take the syringed milk I give him let alone bone broth. I’ve made the bone broth, I’ve given it to him. I’m been doing steamed showers, and homeopathic medicine. They have been sick with similar and same symptoms for 14days. I’m worried and don’t want to go to a conventional doctor but don’t have the money to go see a naterpathic doctor. I can’t seem to have a straight mind and I’ve been foggy. We eat a lot of organic veggies and fruits in our house. Lots of chicken meals and we stay hydrated but not with a Berkeley filter yet.
    Why should I do!? I’m loosing my mind and my sleep. And it seems to me no one has the answer. Thank you Katie for you help and your blog. I’ve been your biggest fan, I’m on it all the time! I even got you cool book and the natural remedies e-book which didn’t hve much I was looking for this specific case. Thank you again! I hope my boys get better soon! I’m not the one to go to the hospital to get more sick but at this point. Nothings working

  2. Tom Avatar

    I chew a clove of raw garlic and wash it down with a swig of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. I have not had an out-and-out, put-me-on-my-back cold since 2001. I swear by this.
    It can be a little hard to do for some, but if you stick to it, you will get over the nastiness.
    I am going to try a few of your recipes for a change in flavour.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Celicia Coniff Avatar
    Celicia Coniff

    Is there any alternative to FCLO? I have had reactions to it and regular fish oil before but I would really love the benefits of it!

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