71: Winecast: All the Unusual Things We’ve Tried In the Name of Health

71: Winecast: All the Unusual Things We’ve Tried In the Name of Health

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Winecast with Heather: Confessions of Unusual Things We’ve Tried in the Name of Health

Join Katie and Heather for this tell-all episode of all the unusual things they’ve tried in the name of health! But there are two things they aren’t admitting to … care to guess? Leave your guess on the two things they won’t admit to in the comments!

In the Name of Health…

When a person is a health blogger, she tries some unusual things in the name of health (or because a blog commenter asked about it. Between the two of them, they’ve tried A LOT of unusual (and somewhat crazy) things in the name of health. In this episode, they fess up to all most of the strange things they’ve tried.

Weird Health Things They Have Tried:

  • Spraying bacteria on their skin (on purpose) – here’s why
  • Standing in a Cryotherapy tank at -280 degrees
  • Floating in a thousand pounds of dissolved epsom salts
  • Sitting in a chamber that gets up to 170 degrees to get heat shock proteins
  • Methods to increase their amount of brown fat
  • Mud baths (the photos have not surfaced … yet)
  • Brushing teeth with charcoal
  • Wearing orange sunglasses at night … even in public
  • The benefits of Sauna Therapy- See Heather’s post and Katie’s post on this

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So … weigh in, what are the two things you don’t think they will admit to?

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Reader Comments

  1. Leeches and eating placenta

  2. Coffee enemas must be one!

  3. Coffee enemas and placenta pills

  4. .Jade eggs…Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog recommended that women put jade eggs up their vaginas to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, etc

  5. I’m thinking drinking their own urine. THAT is one I just can’t try – and I even do enemas!

    • I was going to say drinking urine as well. Or using it on skin or hair. Urine has many reported benefits so it would not surprise me if they have tried it, but refuse to admit to it.

  6. Love you posts and blog. Please don’t take this the wrong way…….but…..there are way to many “likes” in there. Its a pet peeve but please don’t say “like” so much in the discussion.

    I vote for eating placenta as an unmentionable.

  7. rubbing kefir on your lady parts when your pregnant?

  8. Hey Katie + Heather!

    Are you saying if what we vote (about what you won’t eat) is correct?

    Love your podcasts and posts.

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