192: How to Avoid Rushing Woman Syndrome & Balance Hormones With Dr. Sonya Jensen

192: How to Avoid Rushing Woman Syndrome & Balance Hormones With Dr. Sonya Jensen

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How to Avoid Rushing Woman Syndrome and Balance Hormones With Dr. Sonya Jensen

Do you ever feel stressed about trying not to be stressed? I’m sure we’ve all been there, and I’m grateful we have an expert like Dr. Sonya Jensen to talk in-depth about some of the pressures (and opportunities) women face today. We’ll go deep on topics hormone balance, anxiety, detox, and how to have a healthy mindset.

Dr. Sonya has done extensive work around the globe providing naturopathic maternal and pediatric health care, and her experiences confirmed her desire to help women everywhere live free and balanced lives. She now offers weekly or monthly workshops for women to support them in all aspects of life. Check out her upcoming workshops and retreats below (as well as a special discount for Wellness Mama listeners!).

Episode Highlights With Dr. Sonya Jensen

  • what “Rushing Woman Syndrome” is and how to overcome it
  • what happens to your progesterone if you are stressed
  • the reason we need progesterone and why we feel terrible when we don’t have enough
  • why it is not all in your head and how to find your hormonal root causes
  • foods to support natural progesterone production
  • the link between mindset and hormones
  • her approach to heavy metals in the body
  • how children are getting heavy metal toxicity in the womb
  • the many reasons we are living in the most toxic time in human history
  • how to use nature to optimize cortisol
  • how a simple breath practice can help put the body into a parasympathetic state
  • factors we can use to optimize our children’s health from an early age

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Episode Quotables From Dr. Sonya

We are not just living for ourselves but we are living for the generations to come.

I think it’s so important to show [our kids] our vulnerability and show them this side of us that we too are still learning. It makes it part of the family’s growth if you’re all growing together, and then they don’t feel so much pressure to be perfect either.

One question I always tell women to ask is when a belief comes into their mind or a thought comes in, ask yourself, “Okay, who does this actually belong to? Is this mine or is it the culture? Is it social media? Is it my family?” Really ask yourself that one simple question and right away, it turns you into an observer rather than being part of that story or being attached to the story that’s coming out for you.

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