41: Natural Remedies for Back to School

41: Natural Remedies for Back to School

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Natural Remedies for Back to School

School is starting again in many places… Whether we are sending our children to a traditional school or beginning school in our own schoolrooms, this time of year tends to bring with it more time inside and more exposure to illness.

It seems hard to believe as we enjoy these last weeks of summer, but cold and flu season isn’t far away as the days get shorter, we get less Vitamin D from the sun and we are exposed to more illness while spending time indoors.

Natural Remedies for Back to School

I always begin preparing many of my natural remedies for Fall and Winter when we begin school again and this almost always ends up as the perfect time to start.

We don’t typically need these remedies for a few months (and hopefully not at all because we are ill), but making them now is helpful because some traditional remedies, like tinctures, take months to make.

My favorite remedy for warding off illness or helping kick a cold or flu once it hits is elderberry syrup. This one can be made in a couple of days, but the dried elderberries needed for the recipe are often out of stock once cold and flu season hits. Since this recipe stores easily in the fridge for a long time, I prefer to make it ahead and keep it ready for when we need it. (Here’s the recipe)

Unlike elderberry syrup and some simpler remedies, tinctures take at least six weeks to make and are really important to have on hand before you need them. Certainly, you can use herbal teas to get the benefits of many herbs if you don’t have tinctures pre-made, but tinctures are more concentrated and often more effective. This is the perfect time of year to make tinctures to have on hand.

Herb infused oils are similar to tinctures in that they are most effective when they have 6-8 weeks to infuse before being used.

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What natural remedies do you use to help ward off illness?

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Reader Comments

  1. A great cough syrup for children above the age of 1 is layering thinly sliced onions and local honey..put in fridge,let set for 3 days and give 1 teaspoon as needed….they will love it and it works great….

  2. Which OxyBump products are you using?

  3. They have one for Children’s Cold and Flu. I do not see one for adults. Would you use the Children’s one for yourself?

  4. Hello, I was curious if anyone has tried to order from oxybump and is having issues. I tried to place an order several times now, and the website is not working. As soon as I click place order to submit my credit card information the next page states, “No Results Found.” I filled out the contact us information for them to get back to me via email. I would rather make a phone call :^(, I have no idea if that went through either. Katie how did you order your products I would really like to try these products out, the smoke from the fires around the state are killing my sinuses.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks – Marjorie

  5. Absolutely love your podcasts Katie! Have learned so much from you. I have raspberries growing in the garden, could I use these leaves to make tea? Would it be same nutritional profile as red raspberry leaf tea you buy? Also love rose hip syrup this time of year:)

  6. As always, your podcasts are stellar, and this one is particularly wonderful! Some crucial caveats your readers should be aware of: If you have a seafood or shellfish allergy, you might not want to supplement with Vitamin D, since bottled Vitamin D comes from fish oil. I learned this the hard way when my well-meaning doctor told me to take D3 supplements. I got worse instead of better, until I made the connection: most seafood/shellfish allergies are actually allergies to the Iodine in the seafood, and Iodine is in ALL THINGS that come from the sea, including seaweed. So I have to be cautious even of the wonderful green algae products on the market, many of which contain traces of Iodine.
    Another caveat to remember, is that when you use coconut oil in a smoothie, as you suggest, do NOT rinse it down the drain when washing your blender, since the oil solidifies in cool weather and will clog your drain badly over time. Always use a paper towel and wipe out the blender instead! This, I also learned the hard way!
    I love your podcasts — please keep them coming! Your loyal fan in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, julie

  7. When making homemade lotion can grape seed oil be substituted for the almond or olive oil?

  8. My kids will drink tea when they won’t choke down medicines. I have used Gypsy Cold Care in the past, but it’s not recommended for kids. Can anyone recommend some really good teas to have on hand?

  9. I am fostering a 6 month old baby who has had a second cold in just a short period of time. As far as I know we can’t really do anything for them at this age, but I am hoping that there might be something natural I could do for her to help her runny nose. Any suggestions to help strengthen her immune system would be greatly appreciated too. She was given heavy doses of antibiotics before foster care in July. Thank you for your time and blog!

    • I am thinking now it might be allergies instead of a cold, but not real sure.

    • I am thinking it might be allergies instead, but not really sure. Will find out next week. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. Hi, you mentioned Yarrow as a good herb to use w/ kids, but I didn’t see anything about it in the show notes. Maybe I missed it? If not, how do you use it? Thanks for more great resources!

  11. I tried to subscribe to your podcast with Podkicker Pro on my android and got this error: “unable to load. connection closed by peer” I am subscribed to lots of other podcasts so it’s not the app. Just an fyi. 🙂

    • I’m not familiar with that app so I’m not sure what the issue could be. New episodes *should* be published very soon, so maybe try it again once that happens.

  12. Can you post the oxybump website? I can’t seem to find it on the links from your website or on Amazon. Thanks!!

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