144: What Breath Acetone Can Tell You About Fat Burning, Metabolism & Inflammation

144: What Breath Acetone Can Tell You About Fat Burning, Metabolism & Inflammation

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What Breath Acetone Can Tell You About Fat Burning, Metabolism & Inflammation

So you may have heard about this little thing called the ketogenic diet from, oh …everyone?! Consider the low-fat craze of the 80s and 90s officially over, now fat is king! Eat more fat and you’ll be healthier, right?

True, a ketogenic diet uses liberal amounts of fat to fuel the body, but how much fat does each person’s body need to be in the zone? Without a window into what is happening on a chemical level inside the body, the truth is we’re just guessing what to eat and when.

Thankfully, you don’t need blood tests or doctors to find out exactly what it takes to get your body into fat-burning ketosis. Enter Joe Anderson and LEVL, an easy-to-use at-home device that gives personalized feedback on your metabolism … just from a breath!

The Science Behind LEVL and the Ketogenic Diet

Today’s podcast guest is the real deal — a scientist and researcher on the cutting edge of today’s health scene. Joe Armstrong brings over 20 years of expertise in pulmonary physiology and breath research to the table. His job is literally to pioneer new ways to personalize medicine to the individual, which I think is so exciting.

He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington and also serves on the faculty there, and he’s published in over 40 peer-reviewed publications, so he’s just the right person to explain how this technology works.

Yes, investing in this kind of health technology isn’t the norm (yet) but it’s becoming more and more accessible thanks to researchers like Joe. I’m looking forward to learning alongside you all on this one!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • what ketosis is and how to measure it … without needles!
  • how we are all in a mild state of ketosis throughout the day
  • the key difference between ketosis and diabetic keto acidosis
  • what the Warburg effect is and what it means for reducing cancer risk
  • simple changes that can increase blood acetone and reduce disease
  • what exogenous ketones are (and do they work?)
  • the best way to experiment with ketosis and know if it is working
  • how MCT oil can help improve ketosis
  • why WHO (The World Health Organization) changed its recommendations on sugar consumption
  • how much sugar should we actually consume (more like not consume!) for best health
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

What do you think? Would you buy a device to get this kind of real-time health feedback? Please share in the comments or leave me a review on iTunes. I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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  1. This is too expensive. I would consider this for $300. Was excited after podcast, but very disappointed when visited LEVL website.

  2. Sticker shock here, too! Katie, if I purchased all the wonderful but expensive devices you recommend for measuring various aspects of health, I wouldn’t be buying good organic food and supplements. That being said, I LOVE reading and implementing so much of your research. Grounding, fermenting, ketosis, and much else. Thanks so much for your writing. We are measurably healthier because of it.

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