171: How to Keep Kids Water Safe With Tips From a Water Safety Instructor

171: How to Keep Kids Water Safe With Tips From a Water Safety Instructor

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How to Keep Kids Water Safe With Tips From a Water Safety Instructor

Many of us enjoy time spent in the water, whether in a pool or the ocean. It turns out that, especially when it comes to the ocean, the water has some health benefits as well!

But water time isn’t without risk. In fact, accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children. Water safety is important and thankfully there are a few simple and important steps that can drastically increase water safety and fun!

How to Keep Kids Water Safe This Summer (& For Life)

Today’s guest has a lifetime of experience in helping people stay water safe.

Josh Spears, founder of Kids Love to Swim,  grew up in a family of lifeguards and was always around the water from a very young age. Josh worked as a lifeguard in high school and after having to pull out multiple children he became passionate about preventing drowning and became a Water Safety Instructor through the American Red Cross.

He has now taught hundreds of kids (and adults) to swim, and has taught many parents to teach their own children to swim without stress or fear.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The reason accidental drowning is so common
  • Practical ways to keep our kids safe
  • Why we, as humans, feel such a strong pull toward the water and the many health benefits of spending time in and around water
  • An important reason to think twice about puddle jumpers and life jackets in the pool (and what to do instead)
  • Josh’s story and the things he sees as the biggest risks for kids around the water
  • The importance of our attitude, as parents, about the water and how to set a great example
  • Why early childhood experiences in and around water are so important and how to create them for your own kids
  • The best time to get kids in the water and start teaching basic skills
  • A simple set of guidelines to use in your family to keep kids water safe
  • How to teach your own kids to swim in two weeks or less, and why you should be the one to teach them!
  • The statistical difference that it makes when kids know how to swim

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Reader Comments

  1. I taught my son to swim at what I consider a late age. My ex-husband was terrified of water, and my son had learned that fear before I regained custody of the boy. The most vital task was to teach him not to fear, or instill confidence. I actually had him floating, blowing bubbles, and dog paddling within an hour (with assistance form my father) I see the biggest obstacle to success as fear: child’s fear, or parent’s fear. He was never left alone in a pool or lake, and learned to respect the safety rules.

    • My daughter goes swimming with her friends tons and she’s sometimes afraid thats why she gets incuraged by her friends because she knows if she needs help they wil help her

  2. Great great talk!!

  3. Great podcast! I have a question. While at the ocean, should children wear a life vest, especially in the case of a toddler who has not learned to swim?

  4. Thanks for the information

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