247: Vaccine Injuries, Autism, and Homeoprophylaxis With Dr. Jeff Knight

247: Vaccine Injuries, Autism, and Homeoprophylaxis With Dr. Jeff Knight

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Vaccine Injuries, Autism, and Homeoprophylaxis With Dr. Jeff Knight

Dr. Jeff Knight is a chiropractic physician who works to help people tap into their natural ability to heal. His multi-therapeutic approach includes functional medicine, functional neurology, muscle activation, brain and cellular detox, and more. Today I’m talking to Dr. Jeff about a much-requested and highly controversial topic that every parent has had to weigh: vaccination.

Yep… we’re going there!

Let me start by saying that our goal in this episode is not to discuss whether to vaccinate or not. Instead, we’re bringing up important questions to consider so we can give vaccines the same careful thought we give to other areas of health. Bottom line, we’re certainly not judging any parents for their decisions one way or the other, since we are all trying to educate ourselves and do what’s best.

Episode Highlights With Dr. Jeff Knight

  • Whether or not vaccines have anything to do with autism
  • Genetic factors that determine how well we detoxify from heavy metals
  • What makes certain children more susceptible to vaccine injury
  • How generational toxins are passed down from parent to child
  • The concept of herd immunity and some important questions to ask
  • Whether we can “overuse” vaccines the way we have antibiotics, and why this is a tough question to answer
  • Homeoprophylaxis: is it a viable vaccine alternative?
  • The role of parents in the vaccine decision & how to get educated
  • The detox protocol Dr. Jeff follows for a child with vaccine injury
  • Whether there are other safe and effective ways to provide immunity
  • And more!

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you for doing this and we know that vaccines cause great harm to some children. If autism was genetic, there would be no recovery and we know there is much recovery. Do some research folks. Vaccines are full of aluminum, polysorbate 80 , tween, bovine serum, etc.

    • Nancy, well said. And doing the research to be confident with your decision is super critical. It has to be a personal decision, and no one should force you to vaccinate as well as no one should force someone to not vaccinate!

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because a condition is genetic does not mean it won’t improve with therapy. Neuroplasticity in children’s brains allow them to lay down new neural connections, strengthening the brain pathways that are responsible for language, learning, speech and movement etc. The more exposure a young brain has to intervention, the more change in behaviour we can influence. There is a genetic component to ASD which has been shown time and time again. The one study that connected ASD and vaccines and been completely exposed for being a work of fraud, where the results were not accurately presented. And there have been countless studies after this one horrible work of research that have debunked the ASD – vaccine link time and time and time again. And yet that isn’t enough to change your minds? The wealth of research points to NO link, why are you still focusing on the one study, that the published admitted to falsifying the results when this has never been replicated? Talk about “do your research folks”. Go and do a biochem degree to understand the role that different vaccine components play instead of talking about “scary chemicals” that are in truth, harmless.

  2. I thought this was a great podcast! I have a 17 month old and have been learning a ton on this subject since I was pregnant. There is so much to sift through when trying to make the right decisions. I really appreciated this conversation with Dr. Knight.

    Also, I shared your post via facebook and a few hours later it said the content was removed. Not sure if that was you or facebook?

    • Katie, I’m glad you found the information helpful. One of my goals with all that I serve is to be able to educate, empower and inspire individuals to be confident in taking ownership for their health and that of their family.
      And far as the Facebook post being taken down, it was likely Facebook that did that. Just within the past month they have cracked down on any talk that might sound negative of vaccines. It’s really unfortunate that they are trying to take away our freedom to speak and share things that ultimately are helpful and beneficial. You wonder why they would care so much about this topic??

    • Facebook and other platforms are removing much of the information being shared about vaccines that is not pharmaceutical approved. Makes you think there is something they don’t want us to learn about

    • Do you have a recommendation on where to find homeoprophylaxis?

  3. Thanks for the great information. For those parents who choose to vaccinate their kids, are there any other ways you recommend that we help our children prepare for and detox from vaccinations? I know in the episode you mentioned the use of two supplements, ice, and bentonite clay. I’ve also read that cod liver oil, probiotics, cilantro, garlic, and epsom salt baths can be helpful. Do you find this to be true as well, and are there any more remedies you recommend?

  4. I was very disappointed by this podcast episode. I’ve been a listener for years and this is the first time I’ve had anything negative to say. I wish that the vaccine issue was treated with more scientific evidence that was actually cited. I think it is important to present the facts. It would be interesting if you could have a speaker from the CDC or another vaccine specialist to present facts from a medical standpoint. I know you started the show with a disclaimer, however, as a medical professional, I was surprised by how biased this episode was. I agree with the no-judgement either way for parents, but it is so important to be informed before making that decision.

    • Megan Lane, I also agree that it’s important to present the facts, and to be well informed before making any decisions that effect our children’s well being, which I think is precisely the reason for this podcast. Were there facts missing from this conversation you wish were presented?

      It’s also interesting that you said you wished a representative from the CDC had been part of the conversation, when 1). a mediated debate has never been Wellness Mama’s modus operandi, and 2). all of the info is stated clearly on their own website. What value would having a representative from the CDC be, when there is plenty of information on the other side of this debate that is regularly communicated in the mainstream media?

      Like you, Dr. Knight is also a medical professional. Might you also have certain “biases” that come from being in the profession?

    • Megan Lane, I appreciate your opinion and your viewpoint on what you consider to be right or wrong. I, like you, appreciate more scientific evidence, and if I were talking to an audience that were all health care professionals I most definitely would have shared some articles and research, or in some cases the lack of research. Of course when it comes to “bias” we all share things how we see the world and not always how things really are in the world. I agree with you that everyone does need to do their research and to be informed as to what people choose to do with their health and that of their child’s health.

    • I follow this topic closely and I have not seen one professional from the mainstream step up and debate those who are calling for vaccine safely testing. One would think they have something to hide.
      There were two major platforms that set up debates with leading vaccine experts and they cancelled at the last minute. The most resent a few weeks ago in Hartford, CT with Robert Kennedy. Kennedy showed up anyway: https://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/20190319_panel_canceled_but_vaccine_discussion_continues_at_capitol/

  5. Thank you for this informative podcast. It was eye opening to hear about an alternative method to build up potential immunity to many of these diseases vaccines are trying to cover. But it left me with several questions:
    – where can I find more information on homeoprophylaxis?
    – is this something we can do at home, or must we find a practitioner? If the former, where can we find a schedule and products to do so? If the latter, how easy is it to find a practitioner? I feel like this alternative method is not widely known and most likely being kept hidden, therefore making access to it difficult.
    – in this age where vaccine exemptions are being eliminated, and blood titers are the “proof” needed to avoid being vaccinated, does the homeoprophylaxis route produce these titers?

    Thank you

    • Those are great questions Andrea. If you share with me your email then I will gladly send you more information on Homeoprophylaxis (HP). The HP kits can be used at home with the proper coaching. I would be happy to guide you through the process virtually if you so desired.
      HP does not typically produce antibodies since it is an “energetic medicine.” It will make more sense with the additional information I send you.

  6. Please think about community at large when talking about this issue. Some people cannot get vaccinated due to their medical conditions, but they also cannot afford to get infected by the preventable diseases. They rely on other people around them to NOT get sick and thus reduce the chance of them getting infected. I listened to a phone interview on the radio of somebody with this situation and he pleaded for everyone to get vaccinated. He already had a hard time going out of the house just because he could not afford getting even a simple cold. Just another thought here. I’m all for all natural living, but I still need to think about community at large also.

    • And yet cancer wards and patients are told not to be around recently vaccinated due to the shedding. What about those recently vaccinated people walking around possibly infecting others? And who does the testing on children to ensure they are healthy enough to get vaccines in the first place since we know that some people are not healthy enough to get them? And since when does being not vaccinated automatically assume that you will get sick? Vaccinated people get sick too. Vaccines are not 100%, and there have been outbreaks in highly vaccinated communities in the vaccinated individuals. There are other ways to support the immune system. The issue is a lot bigger than just thinking getting a vaccine protects others.

      • Hi! That was another consideration that I’d like to share because most anti-vaccine people mainly think about the possible harm to themselves. Vaccination is really about community at large. It might not work 100% for some people, but look at the percentages of disease chance compared to the era before vaccination. We might not be able to be where we are right now if we had to deal with plague all the time. If there is another way that people at large can get access to natural immunization, I’m all for it. In the mean time, it is not wise to skip vaccination altogether. For the most part, our immune system learns to fight diseases by actually getting sick. Some people prevail at overcoming it, some die from it (and not a small percentage). Unvaccinated people today can live safer because many of the preventable diseases have been (or almost) eradicated due to vaccination program.
        Also, for those people with medical conditions that prevent them from getting vaccination, the risk of death for them from only common diseases is very high.
        From the economic point of view, imagine how much money we had to allocate to treat the diseases that could actually be prevented. It would be a bankruptcy situation for the government and individuals.

  7. Very informative post. I really do hope and pray this stuff works

  8. I have a few questions. So my daughter is to start kindergarten this fall and I am trying to figure out what to do. I really don’t want to vaccinate just because I know the harmful things that are in vaccinations but at the same time, I would love for them to be protected but in a more natural way. Also I would like for my kids to go to public school so they can be around kids and make friends and develop social skills but they can’t go to public school unless if they are vaccinated or unless if I present some kind of medical or religious exemption.

    Soooo…with these homeoprophylaxis’, could those be accepted as a form of vaccine? And if so, do I need to find a doctor who could help us with that? What do other parents out there do with their kids if they are unvaccinated? Do they homeschool or are their kids going to school? I just want to know what I can do. To be honest, I worry a lot about my 4year old son. I feel like he might have ADHD and i’m Afraid if I get him vaccinated he might become autistic. Lol maybe that’s me just being a paranoid mother but i’m scared ????? Do y’all have any answers for me?

    • Geniel, if you choose not to vaccinate then you can request the philosophical or religious exemption. I do have a professional explanation of what Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is that you could share with your school so that they see that your child is protected. The schools don’t accept HP as a “vaccine” unfortunately.
      The only states that currently demand vaccines, unless you have a medical exemption (meaning your child already had a bad reaction to a vaccine or there is some other way to prove that he/she may have a bad reaction), are California, West Virginia and Mississippi. Every other state, as far as I know, allows either the religious or philosophical exemption.
      You have a legitimate concern with your son who you believe has ADHD. I created a video on my FB page this past week for families that choose to vaccinate but want to minimize the toxic effects. It provides some general ideas on what you can do.
      As for other parents that don’t vaccinate their kids I’ve seen all of the above – home school, allow their child to go to school with an exemption or wait and vaccinate right before kindergarten.

  9. Dr. Knight, is there a homeoprophylaxis kit or provider that you recommend in your practice?

    • Madison, I would be happy to help anyone with homeoprophylaxis kits. Reach out to our office and email [email protected] and we can send you information on how to obtain the kits and learn to administer them to your family.

  10. Dr. Knight,

    I would also love more information about HP. Is that something our pediatrician can prescribe or is it purchased else where? What disseas does it cover?

    • Kathryn, you can email our office at [email protected] and we can send you more information on HP.
      Pediatricians don’t prescribe this, you don’t need a prescription for utilizing HP.
      The HP kit will cover the following diseases with 16 remedies:
      – Mumps
      – Measles
      – Pertussis
      – Pneumonia
      – HiB
      – Polio
      – Tetanus
      – Meningitis

  11. Hello Katie and Dr. Knight!
    Thank you for the excellent podcast, very informative and respectful of all parents choices regarding vaccines.
    My question is regarding the supplements referenced to help the body excrete toxins/ heavy metals after a vaccine is administered. Bind and Phyto Detox (SP?) were mentioned. Can you give us more information on these? or the manufacturer?

    My son is 12 months old and has not had any vaccinations yet. There are a few vaccines that we would like him to get and have waited until now for several reasons. Are these safe for a 12 month old?

    Thank you

    • Kristyn, on my FB page I shared more details in a video about some of the supplements that you can take if you choose to vaccinate. The supplement CytoDetox is safe for a 12 month old in small doses. You would want someone who understood proper ways to detox to guide you through that. As for the Bind I would recommend mixing it with applesauce, and that too is safe for a 12 month old.

  12. Katie, thank you so much for sitting this podcast and bringing light to important questions pertaining to vaccines. The CDC itself says that the MMR vaccine shouldn’t be given to anyone with autoimmune disorders in their family. Additionally, in mainstream media (funded and controlled by Big Pharma), we are only inundated with blanket statements such as “vaccines are safe and effective”. Considering today’s climate around vaccinations, we need more education on all the research, and lacking research used to determine the CDC schedule. Thank you! Please cover this topic again, discussing detox options and perhaps the private research studies.

    • Amanda, unfortunately there is no research that has been done to show safety and effectiveness of vaccines. And some of the research that was done ended up being bogus filled with untrue statements and statistics which led to one of the top research scientists for the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, to expose the truth and blow the whistle!

      The movie Vaxxed does a wonderful job explaining these details.

      The big reason why you won’t find any studies to show safety and effectiveness with vaccines is because if they can’t prove safety and effectiveness then they will have to pull the vaccine out of the schedule which would cause the pharmaceutical company billions of dollars. From an Act that was signed in 1986 by Pres. Ronald Reagan, pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity to any law suit against themselves and cannot be sued. It gives them no motivation to studies because vaccines are so profitable regardless of the risks they can place on our children. But you will see drugs for blood pressure get taken off the market if there is a large amount of negative reactions, but they won’t do studies on vaccines because they don’t have to. Crazy and frustrating!

  13. I have the same question. Following.

  14. The myth that vaccines cause autism has been debunked. I unsubscribed from this podcast after I listened to this episode. I don’t want to get stressed out about things that are not research-based or support the spread of misinformation.

  15. Great podcast! However I still can’t get an answer to a question I’ve been struggling with for a while. We’ve chosen to hold off on vaccinating our 7 and 4 year old boys and already my 7 y.o. has had to stay home from school (school District policy) due to a measles case at his school last winter. If they are always taken out of school during an outbreak and there are not a lot of measles and chicken pox around our community in general, how will they ever have the chance to achieve natural immunity? I’m worried they will have it later as teens or adults and have a much harder time fighting it off ?

  16. I was going to bring up the same thing, Kathleen! Nobody at the CDC, pharma or anyone largely pro-vax will have an adult conversation or debate with anyone who questions vaccines. And as you said, my thought is that if the truth is on your side, you will gladly debate and have nothing to hide. But that’s what they do, hide. There’s your answer.

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