150: Debunking Myths About Gallbladder Disease With Deborah Graefer From Gallbladder Attack

150: Debunking Myths About Gallbladder Disease With Deborah Graefer From Gallbladder Attack

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Debunking the Myths About Gallbladder Disease With Deborah Graefer From Gallbladder Attack

Gallbladder attack = surgery, right? The answer is, not always!

Today’s guest Deborah Graefer is an expert in gallbladder disease. She first became interested in the subject when she experienced her own digestive issues from childhood, and eventually figured out how to heal her gallbladder issues with diet and lifestyle changes.

Moms are especially at risk (those fun hormones again!) and gallbladder attacks can often start during pregnancy, so it’s important to be aware of how to prevent gallbladder problems even if you aren’t currently experiencing them.

Stopping a Gallbladder Attack Naturally

Deborah has helped thousands all over the world to alleviate symptoms of gallbladder pain. She specializes in uncovering the underlying causes, such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, food intolerances, leaky gut, and toxicity.

Trained at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Deborah brings a holistic perspective to the concept of inflammation and toxicity in the body and how to heal it. Her practice is now devoted exclusively to gallbladder and related diseases and she’s a wealth of knowledge concerning the current research in the field.

If you have gallbladder problems or even if you’ve had yours removed already, this episode is a must-listen. I’ve tucked away her info in a note on my phone so I’ll know what to do if anyone in my family ever has an attack!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the important function of the gallbladder for the body (even though doctors say we don’t need it)
  • why moms are one of the highest-risk groups for gallbladder problems
  • how to recognize a gallbladder attack (and natural ways to relieve the pain)
  • why you may have gallstones without even knowing it
  • common causes of gallstones and low-functioning gallbladder
  • why someone who eats a healthy diet could still develop a gallbladder issue
  • how the US treatment of gallstones differs from other countries
  • natural remedies to manage the pain if a gallbladder attack strikes
  • reasons you might want to keep your gallbladder (if you can)
  • how to know when a gallbladder needs to come out
  • what to expect if you get your gallbladder removed
  • the one food to never eat if you have a gallbladder problem
  • whether a coffee enema can help

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Deborah Graefer at GallbladderAttack.com

Deborah’s Recommendations:

Other Gallbladder Support:

For More on This Topic, See:

Have you ever struggled with gallstones or had your gallbladder removed? What would you ask Deborah? Let us know in a comment below or by giving me a review on iTunes. I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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  1. Thank you this was very helpful. I had surgery as an infant to connect my gallbladder so in Chinese medicine it’s weak. I have times of skin issues when my liver gallbladder can’t keep up and I detox through my skin. So I am continually tweeting my self care. To help my body function optimally. Again thank you

  2. The best seminar I have heard on gallbladder health and what may be the root cause of gallbladder issues. Excellent! Thank you so much.

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