67: Easy Everyday Detox Tips with Megan the Detoxinista

67: Easy Everyday Detox Tips with Megan the Detoxinista

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Detoxing is a Lifestyle Not a Fad Diet with Megan the Detoxinista

The lovely Megan Gilmore—perhaps better known as the popular health food blogger “The Detoxinista” and author of Everyday Detox—sat down with me to share her fascinating journey from fast food junkie to green smoothie goddess.

In her earlier days of searching for a healthier lifestyle, Megan tried a variety of extreme detox diets but found she would always yo-yo back to fast food or binge eating. Now a certified nutritionist consultant (CNC) with years of experience under her belt, she’s settled on a more moderate “everyday detox” approach that keeps her on track and works for her whole family.

More real food, more veggies, more sleep. That’s a detox that’s doable!

Everyday Detox for Your Best Health

So what does it mean to “detox,” really? That word can certainly take on a host of meanings in the health world.

Megan defines it as eating nourishing foods that support the body’s natural detox functions. And this makes so much sense. Every day we are exposed to toxins, many of which are beyond our control, creating a burden on the body. Everyday detox means also taking in, every day, those foods that best support the body’s design for purification, digestion, and elimination. (Basically, green veggies!)

This creates a sustainable, ongoing detox.

Everyday Detox for Your Best Family

I especially love Megan’s openness about the challenges and joys of being a mom and entrepreneur. She even developed the fast and easy recipes in her new No Excuses Detox cookbook while babywearing. (I can so relate!)

Because we’re both multitasking moms, we speak the same language when it comes to cooking. The ingredients in her cookbook are easy to find and steps kept to a minimum … because of course even health-conscious moms don’t want to live in the kitchen!

We both have a deep love for the Instant Pot, big batch cooking, and “sneaking” veggies into recipes so kids don’t even know they’re there. (And let’s face it, sometimes we grownups need to hide the taste of certain veggies too!)

Everyday health eating can’t help but influence the whole family for the better. And family is very much Megan’s focus.

In This Podcast, You’ll Learn

  • how the Detoxinista got her start (she wasn’t always healthy)
  • the principles of her everyday detox plan that doesn’t go to extremes
  • the lowdown on “food combining,” a smart alternative to counting calories
  • easy ways to simplify food prep for family weeknight meals
  • how Megan handles picky eating in her house
  • Megan’s favorite go-to meals and snacks to have on hand
  • the important fruit that makes labor and delivery easier (imagine that!)
  • tips and tricks to sneak more veggies into your family’s diet
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Did you know that meal planning is my secret sauce for grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking for a large family? Here’s how I do it– it’s been a game changer!

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  1. I heard on the podcast that there was a special if you ordered the book through here. I do not see that. Thanks!

  2. After listening to this podcast on my bike ride this AM, I was inspired to come home and infuse my water with basil and cucumbers I received from my CSA yesterday. You are right; it is the small changes indeed that lead to the big benefits. Thanks for the inspiration!

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