73: The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid Them!)

73: The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid Them!)

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The Truth About EMF's, Wi-fi, and Radiation (& How to Avoid Them!)

There’s no doubt manmade EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are on the rise and growing by the minute in our technology-driven world. Cell phone towers, cell phones, laptops, Bluetooth, and WiFi hotspots are increasingly available on airplanes and everywhere else. What’s more, these signals grow in strength as technology “improves.”

So, what to do … panic? Get rid of your devices? Far be it from me to suggest! My laptop is way too important!

Today’s guest Daniel DeBaun, inventor of the popular EMF Defender Shield (I use his shields on my devices every day), offers some much better ideas.

Daniel DeBaun is an internationally recognized expert in EMF protection and author of the new book Radiation Nation. He has 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry and his concerns over EMF exposure grew from his in-depth knowledge of what it is and how it works. He’s here today to demystify EMFs and explain how to keep your family safe.

All while still enjoying the perks of your favorite devices!

EMFs: Answering the Skeptics

Whether or not these everyday EMF exposures cause harm is a long and hotly debated topic in the health world. Ever heard statements like this in response to your EMF concerns?

“Studies don’t prove that.”

“These are low, safe levels. It’s not the same as radiation.”

“What can you do about it anyway? It’s everywhere.”

But as a cigarette ad from the 1950s proves, real data on the safety of a product often comes only with time (and let’s be honest, litigation!). Companies don’t want to admit their products might have a safety risk … even a low one … until forced.

A lack of scientific data has allowed many to deny the claim that low-frequency (and non-ionizing) EMFs could cause cell mutation, cancer, and other health problems over the long term. But, with the results of a peer-reviewed government study by the National Toxicology Program in 2016, clarity is beginning to replace controversy.

And to many who know the science like Dan DeBaun, the risk made sense all along.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • how cell phone, WiFi, and other wireless technology works … in terms we can understand
  • the relationship between your microwave, an X-ray, and your cell phone
  • the impact of EMF radiation on our bodies’ cells
  • recent “improvements” in the telecommunication field … like 5G … and how they might affect us
  • whether wired connections (ethernet) are safer than wireless
  • smart meters: do they represent a risk?
  • why avoiding cell phone and WiFi use in a car or plane is a good idea
  • a safe distance to live from a cell tower
  • how an EMF shield works
  • what a faraday cage is and other far-out EMF solutions for the very sensitive
  • practical strategies for protecting our kids from EMFs … (and the most effective doesn’t require buying a thing!)

EMF Hope … Not Hype

I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate Dan’s balanced, informed approach to this hot topic. He even admits we don’t need to buy a product to take huge steps toward protecting ourselves.

Rather than moving to the woods and hiding under an earthing blanket, Dan reminds us of the best advice for managing EMF exposure: “Simple distance is your best friend.”

Educating ourselves and taking a few steps to reduce exposure within our homes make sense until the science rolls in. It’s my hope this podcast helps us all learn the lingo and feel confident the next time this controversial topic comes up. There are simple solutions within our reach.

Where do you fall in the EMF debate? Is it hype or something worth thinking about? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Reader Comments

  1. The head of our bed is very close to a breaker box. There is no other place to put the bed, so how can we protect ourselves from this exposure?

    • Hi Audrey, what I did was buy a piece of EMF proof material from lessemf.com (No I don’t work for them!). I bought the copper taffeta and pinned it around my box – it’s in the garage so I don’t have any aesthetics issues. This blocks the majority of the radiation from entering through the wall into my house (I have an EMF meter). I’m sure if I put two layers it would block all of it. It’s not that close to any of our heads when we are sleeping, but I just put it as another precaution. Hope that helps!

    • Dear Audrey, After learning that our son’s body was holding EMF’s it was suggested to us to do for him what has been done in Germany. Surround the bed or box spring with copper wire, leaving an opening of about 4″ at the foot of the bed. It has helped.


      • Thanks, can you share the mechanics of this? How/why it works…And what were your son’s symptoms?

    • You can always call your provider electric / gas company and opt out. Request a analog meter. That’s what we did. If more people did this maybe they would start to see the issue with these “smart” meters!

  2. Hi Katie!! Can’t thank you enough for always sharing amazing research and ways to keep my family healthy. You are an inspiration! Anyway funny that I listen to your podcast about EMFs and then the next day heard another podcast on “live to 100” on EMFs. It’s getting my attention. Anyway I wanted to ask you if you have heard of the filters you plug into outlets (Steizer filters, I think) they were mentioned on the live to 100 podcast and seemed interesting so was curious if you have any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Yes, It’s something I’m still researching but will write about them once I have more info 🙂

  3. Audrey, it “may be possible to successfully shield in some way, but it’s a tough situation. I’ve become so extremely EMF-sensitive I’ve recently changed all my wireless to wired and finally invested in a tri-meter to determine what are the worst offenders. When I have time, I’ll be posting about these issues, too, but it won’t be for a while. I haven’t listened to Katie’s podcast yet, but I’m curious to hear what’s said, too. I love that more attention keeps getting drawn to this because it’s SUCH a serious subject. I was desperately trying to educate my son and daughter-in-law about it, especially because she’s pregnant. There is absolutely NO question this is harmful and there are many factors we can’t know for individuals and situations that can predict how anyone will or won’t be affected and to what degree. Lloyd Burnell has a lot of useful info on his Electric Sense site and I recently found out about the wifiinschools.com site, too. Good luck!

  4. I need to look into this, too, at least to try to minimize the emfs from the wiring, but I don’t think it has an affect on the actual appliances, etc., which can be pretty high, especially things with digital clocks and anything with digital clocks/panels, heat of some kind, adapters are very high, surge protectors, and cordless phones and towers are a nightmare.

    Great post, Katie! If and when I get around to writing mine, I’ll be linking to this post, for sure!

  5. Hi. I wonder if handsfree with a wire to the ears is safe for talking in an cellphone or listening to music frome a cellphone?

  6. With all this emf stuff it can be confusing. Last year the electric company put up a new meter on our house, a digital one. Since that time I have had ringing in the ears. When I go away from home I don’t have the ringing. Is it because of that meter and is there anything we can do about it if it is?

  7. Good morning:
    I have a concern for myself and my family with regard to protection from EMF. We live in a suburb of a southern California and I have a neighbor who is an avid ham radio operator. His antenna is installed in the back of his house which places is closer to our house and there is No barrier between us and it when it is extended; except for 5 ft wall.
    It is telescopic and extends to about 50-60 feet when full extended.. It retracts into the ground during high winds.
    On any given night you can hear it hum with electricity. If it ever fell over fully extended it would be in my house… it is that close. How can I protect myself from the EMF is huge thing creates? We have had device issues ever since our neighbor moved in behind us and I’m sure thing antenna has a lot to do with it.
    Appreciate all your advise.

  8. we not only have what is mentioned but now our utility companies are putting in smart meters and we have no choice, we have to let them install them, we have a water meter, soon an electric meter and I’m sure eventually a gas meter.

  9. Thank you Katie. This is such important information–everyone needs to be concerned about EMF’s! I just purchased Radiation Nation in hopes that it will be an excellent reference as I’m tired of getting snippets of information on EMF’s here and there.

  10. Hi Katie, EMF’s a very real. In the 70[s and 80’s lots of children were effected because schools and developers pruchasead (cheap) land under or very near electricity poles and came down with cancer (their parents too). To further your education go to http://feelthebodydrive.com/randisusan/biozen-emf-protection.shtml and read and watch the videos about the science 😉 Thanks for all you do. I am enjoying your articles and information!

  11. There’s no debate about the dangers of EMF’s. There are simply those who are informed and aware, and there are those who are unaware and uninformed. But you really don’t even need to read the BioInitiative Report or any of the other science out there showing cellular DNA damage, blood viscosity effects, etc of EMF’s. You just have to use common sense. Does irradiating yourself 24/7 with unnatural radiation right into your brain really sound like it would be a great idea? Really there needs to be a massive overhaul of and heavy regulation of the use of wireless technology. It’s not just harming us, but wildlife and the planet as well. Think of whales who communicate with a sonar type of ability that has an effective range of miles. They are probably highly sensitive to EMF’s. And who knows what other animals are as well. Then you have schools implementing things like wireless tablets for all the classrooms instead of books, and calling it “green friendly” or whatever..It’s a pandemic of the modern age. No wonder autism rates are exponential. The assumption is vaccines, but that exponential growth from the 90’s to today or so also directly correlates with the rise of wireless technology. The metals probably play a role though as well since metals are conductive, which may be why some people are highly sensitive and others not as much.. But anyways it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the topic, but that’s the first step, is recognizing a problem. That just means we’re one step closer to a solution for the problem. But yea basically there’s two fronts to work on, first there is practical things we can do in our own lives right now, and then there is raising awareness on a large scale, outside of ourselves, into society, about the issue. Once people are aware of the issues then I have no doubt they will move quick to eliminate them. Of course there will be some initial denial about the problem, but that is entirely natural.. If most everything could just go back to wired technology that would be really best and would improve everyone’s health so much and things would basically be the same, still able to use the internet etc, just without radiating ourselves and the whole neighborhood as well.. Wired connections are so much better anyways in terms of performance and speed.

    • Actually Matta, there is a big debate and after reading this I dont see how it’s possible to refute.

      See the guardian article “household electronics don’t make you ill or cause cancer” Then read the comments. Hope this helps.

  12. I know a 17 yr old girl who has a cancerous tumor on her behind in the same spot where she had been carrying her cell phone for a few yrs. She has been through Chemo twice and isn’t through yet. She only wears pants that doesn’t have a pocket anymore. I have seen women stick their cell phones in their bra when walking and tell them this story. It’s a real eye opener for me.

  13. My mother has a rare siezure disorder triggered by noise that is 100% untreatable so she has to live with a buffer to sound around her. Recently we discovered that our cell
    Phones and Kindles trigger her seizures also. So, I believe that EMF waves arent completely safe. I am 44 and back in the 80-90’s at worm I had to use a special portable screen that blocked the waves from my computer monitor or I would almost collapse from exhaustion.

  14. We eliminated EMFs by using wired ethernet. He’s right, though: you have to make sure you turn off both Bluetooth and wifi on the computer. (Some PCs have “airplane mode” on them, but Macs don’t and will continue to emit a beacon signal unless both of these are turned off.)

    You can buy Faraday cages made with silver thread. A friend has one around her bed so that she sleeps without even cell tower emissions.

    Personal grounding is also known to help diffuse the stress to the body — standing on the ground for at least half an hour a day or connecting to the ground via a wire.

    Your exposing the issue is very much appreciated, Katie. People often scoff at concerns, but the smaller you are, the less carbon you have to absorb the EMFs, and the more at risk you are. What does that mean for children? Yikes. We need to stop denying this ubiquitous problem and mindlessly exposing our most vulnerable population.

  15. I am wondering whether are emf’s emitted from a Fitbit. My husband where’s the one that monitors your hours of sleep as well so wears it all the time.

    • Yes, they work off Bluetooth as well.

  16. Katie,
    Thank you for this interview. It’s something I have been trying to research for a while now and glad to have some more information on it. Wondering in your research if you would have any ideas for my husband. He’s a police officer and is in a car for 8 plus hours with a cell phone and laptop but transmitting wifi. The cell phone needs to be able to be on him all the time. Is there anything beside a phone case that would help with the emfs? Also the computer in the vehicle is on a perment stand. Again he can’t set it on a grounding pad. Thoughts on how he can protect himself from this? Thank you

  17. I’m confused. My husband’s computer is hard-wired, but he has the wifi router on the same desk. I use my laptop three rooms away via the router. Which one of us is exposed to more EMFs?

    I also don’t understand how the defender shield works under my laptop. Isn’t the wifi signal coming out of the top or side of the laptop?
    Thanks for any clarification possible.

    • It sounds like technically he would be from being closest to the router, though you’d get some from the computer itself.

  18. I rented EMF meter and tested the pad you are suggesting, it’s worthless. It doesn’t even cut radiation in half : ((( Very disappointing because it’s not cheap and I bought it for my laptop after reading your recommendation.

  19. Do you have a favorite EMF tester? I found many hand helds available at varying prices. Thanks, Kellie

  20. Any feedback on a metal roof? My husband would like one on our new home…however I’m wondering if this would amplify the EMF exposure in our home?

  21. What are your thoughts on wearing copper bracelets or Q-link products to help minimize the EMF waves to your body?

  22. Devices made of orgonite material mitigate the underlying harmful and negative (Orgone, Chi, Prana, Life Force) energy that all electrical devices produce. Orgonites are very much based on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich who successfully measured and collected this mystical life force energy proving that it is not some metaphorical force. Lots of people sensitive to EMFs report that Orgone Energy devices help them to cope with electromagnetic pollution and greatly improve the quality of their everyday life. But what’s important to note is that orgonite doesn’t change the EMF radiation per se, but changes the underlying negative Orgone (Chi, Prana, Life Force) energy into balanced and positive energy.

  23. Hello everyone, what are the thought about the gizmo watches as it pertains to EMF?

  24. I use the RadiArmor case for my phone (less expensive than the ones you advertise above) and supposedly 99% effective at blocking EMF radiation. Hopefully that is true, because I have my phone in my pocket most of the day.

  25. Hello, just got a wifi router. I’m concerned about the negative health effects of the emitted energy.

    Can I shield and block most of it? Like put it in a aluminum foil box with a small hole to allow only a small amount out and directional .


    • Yes, there are new fabric products you can use to cover your WiFi router to reduce the radiation. Examples include Signal Tamer, and there are others. These are fabrics encased around metals like silver, copper or nickel that block some of the radiation while still allowing the WiFi to work. Get the largest size and you can double the fabric for more protection.

      WiFi routers are notoriously overpowered, hence the ability to see signals from neighbors. If going wired is not an option, I suggest this as a next best option. Asking neighbors to do the same would also be helpful, or get them one and ask them to use it.

      Also, bear in mind that just installing ethernet wiring does not eliminate WiFi radiation unless you also TURN OFF the Wifi. Just having the ethernet cable connected does not mean WiFi is off. Some WiFi routers have an on/off button, some do not.

  26. I’d like to start turning off my WiFi at night, but have a wireless security system. What sort of options are there now days for security systems that are not wireless?

  27. i highly recommend Memon brand products. My naturopath sells them.

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