178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMF Kill Switches Can Protect Our Children

178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMF Kill Switches Can Protect Our Children

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A Pediatrician Explains How EMFs are Dramatically Affecting Our Children with EMF Kill Switch

I seem to specialize in being passionate about controversial topics, and my guest today is right there with me. Dr. Amy Munro is a pediatrician with over 30 years of experience and she’s been following the research on EMFs and how they affect the body for decades.

Hiding under a rock isn’t an option last I checked, so Dr. Amy offers a long list of easy ways intercept electromagnetic frequencies in our homes with simple devices like an EMF kill switch. It’s an easy way to protect our families from EMFs until we know more about the long-term health effects.

Episode Highlights: EMF Kill Switch

  • What volted gated calcium channels are and why they help explain how EMFs affect the body
  • How EMFs increase reactive oxygen species in the body (that’s not a good thing)
  • What reactive nitrogen species are and how EMFs contribute
  • The way electrosmog exposure can create breaks in DNA
  • How heat shock proteins are affected by EMFs
  • The blood brain barrier and the unusual way it responds to EMF exposure
  • Why studies show that EMFs suppress melatonin and how
  • The result of thousands of studies on EMF exposure
  • The real reason “non ionising radition” is still harmful
  • How to measure and mitigate EMFs in your home

Quotables From Dr. Amy Munro

In my career as a pediatrician, I have seen changes, especially I would say in the last five years, that really our conventional thought has no explanation for.

The defenders of the telecom industry and technology will point out that there is no preponderance of proof on these studies. And it’s true that the results are mixed. Henry Lai, a professor at the University of Washington, did an analysis of studies, and overall, there was about a 56% rate that show that EMFs are harmful and a 44% rate that show that they are not. If you break it down by funding [and] take out the ones that are funded by industry, it will show you that about 67% are harmful and 28% are not harmful.

Solutions exist. Don’t get overwhelmed, take baby steps. It’s what inside of your home is what counts the most.

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you for this episode. I have EMF sensitivity, and because it’s not well recognized, I dont talk about it with my Dr. My hands tingle and burn when I hold a cell phone. I now have protective gloves. We also bought an ipad shield for our son, but he’s expected to turn off wifi when he doesnt need it or keep it off his lap. He has Colitis, so super important! All devices go to airplane mode at night. Still need to get a timer back on the router, though. Id love to get a kill switch, but wow, it’s over $500! My neurovestibular symptoms are usually better when we’re camping, so that tells me something.

    Do you recommend mitochondrial supps for patients with EMS? I took it for awhile, and it helped…along with COQ10 and glutathione.

    • Hi Karen, Mitochondrial theory of disease is a hot topic these days, and I do think that a lot of the ideas are valid. When it comes to EMF and mitochondria, I think it is easy to imagine how an external charged/magnetic force could disrupt the incredibly precise flow of electrons needed for energy formation. Will coq10 , PQQ and so forth help? I think perhaps but only marginally —. Essentially just a bandaid on a big underlying problem…. The supp that makes the most sense to me is magnesium as another of EMFs cellular mechanisms is disruption of calcium homeostasis resulting in abnormally high intracellular calcium. Magnesium is calcium’s antidote in the body. Interestingly most everyone is magnesium deficient these days….

  2. Kill your ” smartmeter ” that probably us the best place to start along with leaving your smartphone,tablet or laptop far from where you and your kids sleep.

  3. What does the kill switch do?? There is literally no product marketing material other than telling you how bad EMFs are, which we all know already. I’d like more info before shelling out nearly $500. What does it do? How does it work? Are there studies showing it is effective? How is this product better than other EMF protection devices? What is the sq footage or radius that it protects from – a 5 foot room? The full house? Can you show before and after EMF reduction with an EMF meter reading? What is required for installation? Do I need an electrician? Is it easy to uninstall? Etc? Hey send me one and I’ll review it for you..

    • The web site is actually quite extensive. The landing page “sums” the solution up: it is a remote control cut off switch for the wiring that is in your walls around your bedroom. Those wires emit electric fields that are just as noxious as wireless radiation to your body — and nighttime is your real and most important opportunity to mitigate EMF. There are multiple pull down tabs giving more information and showing how the product works. This product eliminates electric fields by remotely
      disabling the circuits at your main panel: it takes the place of walking out to your main panel and “throwing circuit breakers”. The research is strong that all EMF exposure is cumulative — meaning wired fields (electric and magnetic) and radio-frequency (wireless) damage us similarly: to mitigate, you need to limit whatever exposure you can whenever.

  4. Before installing a remote cut off like the EMF Kill Switch for your breakers you really need to know which circuits are contributing to the electric fields in your sleeping areas. It may be multiple circuits and not only the ones controlling the lights or outlets for the room in question. You need a good electric field meter to measure this. One that measures down to a tenth of a volt per meter. A licensed electrician is required to install a remote cut off system. These systems only deal with electric fields not other types of EMFs. So definitely important but not the whole picture.

    • Anja,
      You are absolutely correct: electric fields and radiofrequency (wireless) and magnetic fields are all important/additive and need to be dealt with. On our website we have a section (pull down menu) detailing the body voltage measurement process for evaluating electric fields. We recommend that your body voltage be less than 30 mV
      (milli volts) and as close as possible to the Building Biology standard of 10 mV. It is very common for people to have anywhere from 2-4 Volts on their body’s in their bedrooms prior to disconnecting the circuits. Our website also has a section entitled “mitigation strategy” which gives a basic outline to addressing the different types of emf. The section entitled “which unit” speaks a bit more about approaches to addressing electric fields.

  5. Protective gloves? Can you share where you found these please!

  6. How is the G5 technology affecting us now and how will it affect us in the future?

    • Hi Mara,
      G5 is just starting to be implemented in a very few limited places. We don’t know just what the effects will be — and in many ways that is fundamental here: Why are these frequencies being allowed if not proven safe? The concerns for G5 center around the fact that the physics of G5 dictate that many, many more towers will be necessary. This is because G5 energy waves are described as pretty much being “line of sight”. (They don’t turn corners or penetrate surfaces as well as previous gen versions — this has led some experts to predict more “surface” health issues including skin and eye effects.) I have read that there will be a transmitter on most every telephone pole. This level of blanket coverage will result in a “denser” version of “electrosmog”. Given that, I think it becomes even more imperative to control whatever environment that you are able to in your own life and mitigate your exposure wherever possible.

  7. I do not understand, how to measure body potential with a voltage meter. 🙁

    • Hi Konstantin,
      If you take a look at our website, there is a section on body voltage measurement. Basically, you need a decent meter — that will range from milivolts to volts — with a “handle” that you hold onto. It will measure the potential difference from your body to the ground.

  8. Dear Amy,
    Thank you for your hard work in creating this product. Before I heard your podcast, I casually mentioned to my husband that we should probably be cutting the electricity from the circuit breaker at night and he said that would be a bad idea, as it might damage the circuit breaker. I was interested to hear that he was right and glad that you created a work around.
    Two questions: 1) For a body voltage meter to work, do you need to be able to drive a part of the meter into the ground to “ground” it? We live in the dessert and cannot do this as the earth close to our home seems to be rock; 2) If you wanted the kill switch to the kids bedrooms activated at one time and a kill switch to the master activated at another, would you need two? Thanks. Much appreciated.

  9. Hi Tiffany,
    1. you can plug the ground cord of the meter into the ground of your house (which is connected to a copper rod driven deep in the earth at some point) — at an outlet. Take a look at our body voltage demo on the website. First, the outlet is tested as safe and then there is a special plug that has plastic non-conductive dummy rods except for the round metal ground rod. This serves as the ground reference against which body voltage is measured.
    2. our kill switch is zonable (very easily into 2 different zones and with a little tweaking into 4 zones) — so you only buy one unit and zone as needed.
    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you so much! Truly appreciate the work of your, Katie and her guests.

  10. The linked volt meter is no longer available on Amazon. Do you have another recommendation?

  11. I have solar panels installed on the roof of my house and found out they produce a lot of EMF. I have being feeling terrible suffering from insomnia to depression etc. please any suggestions?? And have two children whom I need to protect.

  12. Has anyone tried to call emfkillswitch? I had call so many times but they don answer.

    • Blanca, I answered your previous question yesterday (at length) so I am not sure why it has not posted yet. We are a small company and use an answering machine at this point…. please leave us a number and we will get back with you. — or email support on the website directly with your number and a good time to talk or a phone number and we can set something up. sorry for your frustration.

  13. I did leave my phone number when I left the message. I will try to call today again. Thanks.

  14. Hi Blanca,
    Thank you for your interest in our product. We have tried to reach you at the phone number you provided, but something is awry… please send me an email at [email protected] and I will be glad to assist you.

  15. I appreciate this podcast very much. We are building a house and I’d like to mitigate EMFs as we build… any resources along the lines of how to best do that? We are building in the mountains (septic, well water, propane heat) of SC. No smart meter yet but the area is moving that way.

    Also… why not mention the elephant in the room— vaccines? Wouldn’t those be an equally likely contributor to the crazy upsurge in autoimmunity & malfunction? Especially now that multiple shots have human DNA fragments in them?

    If EMF have a slow cumulative effect, why would they be the main suspect for damage in kids… when shots are high-level toxins injected repeatedly into their bodies? Aren’t those a more likely culprit?

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