91: Are IVs the Answer to Modern Nutrient Deficiencies with Dr. Craig Koniver

91: Are IVs the Answer to Modern Nutrient Deficiencies with Dr. Craig Koniver

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Are IVs the Answer to Modern Nutrient Deficiencies with Dr. Craig Koniver

Dr. Craig Koniver is here to share about a health topic that might be new to many of you listening. It sounds a little unusual! Ever thought about taking vitamins … through an IV?

I’ve been interested in nutrient IVs for several years since receiving one at my doctor’s office and noticing the results. Thanks to a few gene mutations, it is hard for me to absorb certain nutrients correctly, and the IV seemed to really help.

Today, I delve into the science behind nutrient IVs with Dr. Craig Koniver, creator of the FastVitaminIV™ system, the only patent pending performance medicine IV that delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream in 60 seconds or less.

A proactive (and natural) approach to health? Yes please!

Dr. Craig Koniver on Vitamin IVs

Early in his medical career, Dr. Koniver realized he wanted to offer his patients more than prescriptions. He opened Primary Plus Organic Medicine LLC in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2006 and turned his attention to learning about the cutting edge of natural medicine.

Dr. Koniver noticed the growing trend of professional athletes and patients interested in receiving nutrients intravenously and began to look for a better way to deliver these benefits (without sitting with a slow drip IV for an hour).

As someone who has struggled for a long time my thyroid, I know how challenging it is to figure out certain health issues. You can make all the “right” changes but still be missing a piece a big piece of the puzzle. Nutrient IVs have been a part of that missing piece for me, and I hope it can help some of you who suspect you might be in a similar situation.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • reasons why today’s population is more nutrient deficient than ever before
  • the major epidemic affecting women today
  • how much benefit we really get from those expensive oral vitamin supplements
  • why we often can’t get all our nutrients from food, even with a healthful diet
  • what macronutrients and micronutrients are, and how they control hormone balance in our bodies
  • Dr. Koniver’s unique solution to managing health proactively, and why he chose it
  • what makes fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D so important, and how to know if you have optimal levels
  • the role of amino acids in the body … it’s one we don’t want to ignore
  • benefits of glutamine: the all-important amino acid for gut health
  • the vitamins Dr. Koniver considers most essential to his protocol (he makes sure they are in every FastIV!)
  • why the speed of intravenous nutrients matters (beyond just saving you time)
  • where to get access to nutrient IVs, who should get them, and how often
  • positive hormone-boosting effects of putting down your phone and tapping into real community
  • Dr. Koniver’s own strategies for reducing stress and improving health in everyday life
  • my own take on how it feels to get a nutrient IV, and whether I recommend the experience!

Resources We Mention


List of Fast Vitamin IV nutrients and their indications

Have you heard of intravenous vitamin therapy? Would you try it?

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Reader Comments

  1. I’m sorry. I just can’t listen to someone (who obviously is very knowledgeable) continue to say “you know”, “like, you know”, incomplete sentences, “I mean” in inappropriate places. Seriously, Dr?

    • GREAT interview.

      I’m opening a brand new wellness center in NYC, NAO Wellness on 28 West 12th Street where we’ll be administering the FastVitamin IV mid-August 2017,

      Mention Wellness Mama to get a 10% off discount on your first IV.

      XO, Nikki

  2. Interesting interview. I have never heard of the Nutrient IV but it seems like a great idea. I have to check with my doctor but I don’t think that she would be up for it. Thanks!

  3. Sounds very intriguing. Also, unfortunately, very expensive so out of reach for most.

  4. Great info! I’ve been wanting to do IV therapy so I’ll have to see if I can find one in my area.

    • How do we find someone in our area? I don’t see that option on the website.

  5. Hi Katie,
    Love your podcasts and listen to them while I’m walking the baby out in nature! I am dealing with a lot of long term health issues that I suspect are related to thyroid and symptoms have recently worsened after an injury. I finally decided to bite the bullet and am feeling very lucky to be seeing Dr. Lauren Beardsley with Dr. Christianson’s practice (he is not accepting patients) in November. I know that you personally saw Dr. Christianson and I believe Dr. Wentz talked about him as well during one of her interviews. I am curious if Dr. Christianson’s Integrative Health practice utilizes this type of IV. You mentioned that up until trying the fastvitamin IV you had been using more “traditional” IVs. This doctor made it sound like some of those traditional IVs are not very effective. Since nutritional IVs are a part of Dr. Christianson’s practice and it is very possible they might be recommended for me, I am just curious as to your experience. If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear more. Are you still followed by Dr. Christianson or have you switched doctors? You get to meet so many great minds, I imagine you have different options.

    Thanks for all the great information and wonderful guests. I always learn so much and have tried to incorporate many of the suggestions. But yes, I still do eat sugar in moderation! 🙂
    A Happy Mama,

  6. Hi Katie,
    I love your podcast and listen regularly while out walking my baby in nature! I have a kind of personal question about this particular episode and your own health practices. So, after quite awhile of dealing with what I believe is a thyroid issue but getting nowhere with Western medicine, I finally decided to bite the bullet and will be going to Dr. Christianson’s clinic in Scottsdale in November. I know that you personally saw Dr. Christianson and he helped you get to the bottom of some of your health issues. Unfortunately, he is not taking on new patients but I am able to see a colleague.
    In this podcast, it was mentioned that you have been doing “traditional” IV treatments until you tried Dr. Koniver’s FastIV. He also indicated that many practitioners are not giving patients the correct components in standard nutritional Ivs. So, I am curious if in your experience, Dr. Christianson’s practice has moved towards the FastIVS as an option or if you are seeing a different practitioner now. Are you still followed by Dr. Christianson? I imagine that you have a number of options given all the amazing experts you feature on your podcast.

    Love your work and curious about your experience with this! Thanks for all you do!
    A Happy Mama,

    • Hi Nicole! His whole office is great so whoever you see, you should have a good experience. The IVs he uses are still great and are the correct ratios based on what your body needs. I think Dr. Koniver was talking about these pop-up “hangover clinics” that offer IVs with general amounts of different vitamins without testing to see if they are needed. I’d still feel great doing either type (Dr. C’s or Fast IV) if needed.

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