105: How to Beat Anxiety and Resolve Panic Attacks with Targeted Amino Acids

105: How to Beat Anxiety and Resolve Panic Attacks with Targeted Amino Acids

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How to beat anxiety and resolve panic attacks with targeted amino acids

It seems like more and more people these days have a tough time managing anxiety. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America defines anxiety disorders as the most common mental illness in the U.S.

Something, somewhere, is off.

The pressures of life today are so different from those just a generation or two ago. Sure, we have bigger houses, more possessions, and more education and job choice. But on the flip side we suffer from nutritional deficiencies from depleted soil and processed food. We deal with modern stressors like toxins, electronics, and being indoors too much.

So, could anxiety be more than in our minds? Is there a food-mood connection?

Healing Anxiety Nature’s Way

Food mood expert and clinical nutritionist Trudy Scott says a resounding yes to these questions. With her love of rock climbing and traveling the world, she never thought she was a candidate for an anxiety disorder. But as she neared her late 30s, she felt increasingly anxious … to the point where it was debilitating.

Trudy went back to school to become a nutritionist and learned the biochemical reasons why we become over wired and over stressed. Her mission now is to share how to use targeted amino acids like GABA, glutamine, tryptophan, and 5-HTP to reset and rebalance body and mind.

Many of us know to supplement with vitamin D or fish oil, but amino acids are a bit of mystery. I’m so grateful Trudy is here to give us some guidance!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • nutritional deficiencies commonly linked to anxiety, depression, and other problems
  • Trudy’s own story of recovery from severe panic attacks
  • why perfectionism and worry might have more to do with body chemistry than your personality
  • the underlying causes of anxiety and how to know which are affecting you
  • how to find the targeted amino acids for a particular case
  • all about the key anti-anxiety amino acids: GABA, theanine, tryptophan, 5-HTP (and others)
  • how low vitamin D, low zinc, high copper, and other nutritional factors add to anxiety
  • the low zinc and high copper link to postpartum depression
  • the potential neurotransmitter issue that leads to cravings
  • precautions if taking amino acids on an SSRI antidepressant
  • the link between the thyroid and anxiety
  • why to take amino acids separately from food
  • biochemical reasons some people are introverted or socially anxious
  • guidance for pregnant moms who can’t take amino acids (and what to do if you’re nursing)
  • the science-backed reason that exercise helps anxiety and depression
  • the way an MTHFR mutation is linked to anxiety and how to resolve it
  • why detox pathways influence mental health
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Find Trudy at Antianxietyfoodsolution.com and EveryWomanOver29.com

Trudy’s Blog:



Other anti-anxiety helps:

Caffeine and coffee alternatives (sigh!):

Could you use help managing anxiety? Have you tried taking targeted amino acids? What were your results?

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Katie
    Thanks for inviting me to share my story and anxiety nutrition solutions on your wonderful podcast! My goal is that the information about targeted individual amino acids offers hope and practical ways folks in your community can alleviate anxiety and panic attacks. Everyone deserves to feel their absolute best always!

    • Hello,
      I was wondering if these supplements are okay for children? My 8 year old has fears and aniexties around death. He’s very negative about school as well. It sounds like serotonin from what you were saying. I was wondering if you would recommend B6 and zinc or anything? And what brand do you like? I’m having trouble finding a kid friendly, clean B6.
      I would love and appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

      • Take some Glycine and lysine it will you good

  2. This was super interesting. It’s always great to learn about new holistic approaches to health. I’m going to be reading up more on using tryptophan to help with seasonal affective disorder!

  3. My 10 yr old daughter suffers from anxiety- has for years. She fears animals, bugs, big crowds, loud noises, and stresses over disorganization. She has turned her feelings of distress into anger toward her younger sister and picks on her daily. They go from being best buds to explosive. Always initiated by my 10 yr old.
    I’m tired of dishing out consequences. I’d like to resolve her nutritional problems if that’s the case. Any advice would be great. She currently takes Vit D daily 2,000 and we’ve started a B12 bc we eat a plant based diet. Pediatrician is holistic and only suggests the above along w two types of homeopathic medicines. One for daytime fears and one for nighttime hyperactivity from focusing on the next day.
    Any thoughts?

  4. Be wary, mamas. For several reasons. If you/your child had a broken leg would you just rub in essential oils? No, you’d go to a doctor and get a cast on. Offering supplementation as solutions undermines the seriousness of mental illness.

    Mental health is serious stuff, and the solutions often aren’t simple. A combination of counseling/medication is usually necessary, and the solution will change with age and your brain chemistry. As a nutritionist (I have my BS in Nutritional Science, minor in Chemistry, and currently working on getting my RD/MS degrees) and someone who suffers from anxiety, I have serious doubts about what’s presented here. Over supplementation is a SERIOUS thing, and often we don’t treat it that way because it’s considered ‘natural’.

    For your own sakes and that of your children, please double and triple research these ideas. And I say this as a mama of 5 who has had homebirths, uses essential oils and herbs, and has encapsulated/injested my placenta. I like crazy ideas that have credence. But this is not one of them. Mental illness is serious. Supplements are serious. REQUIRE sound scientific evidence before you subscribe to ideas like these. Sorry to throw cold water on this, but this does nothing for the betterment of anyone’s physical or mental health.

    • Oh my nerves- so you’d give your kids man made medicines but scoff af all natural treatments?
      Do you have a clue how horrible withdrawal is from those ssri’s? Or that they can just stop working? If you can treat your kids naturally, it’s ? better.
      Of course you need guidance and shouldn’t just take everything, but all natural is best.

    • Did you listen to the podcast?

  5. Take her to counseling. Counseling is a fabulous tool; I’d suggest you find one that matches your religious views. Counseling is much more effective and natural than nutritional means for mental health.

    • Carrie, seeing my clients and done deep research, counseling is all good yes, but if you don’t address chemical imbalance, then the therapy can be such waste of time.

  6. I would love to try using amino acids however, I take antidepressants along with anti anxiety medicine. Everytime I try to decrease my meds It’s like I have pure adrenaline rushing thru me and I’m not able to function….I’m currently not able to work due to this debilitating circumstances. It breaks my heart!!!

    • Try. Integrative psychiatry . Net

  7. This was such an excellent post and full of information that I think will finally help me with my Fibromyalgia issues and my daughter’s anxiety. I am passing this information onto my naturopath. Thank you!

  8. For anxious kids, I would check out the book “Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents” by Lynn Lyons & Reid Wilson. They also have a book for kids called “Casey’s Guide” – which is a great companion book for kids to read. Different things work for different people & good nutrition is important, but arming kids with practical skills to handle worry and anxiety their whole lives is incredibly powerful.

  9. Did you listen to the podcast?

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