Bronzing Moroccan Oils Lotion Bars

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Moroccan Oils Bronzing Lotion Bars
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Ever since I made my first basic lotion bars, I’ve been experimenting with fun variations and natural scents. Lotion bars are wonderful because they are used on dry skin and are a concentrated lotion that leaves skin feeling like silk.

Along the way, there have been Pain Relief Lotion Bars and End the Eczema Lotion Bars. I’ve made lotion bars to keep the bugs away and homemade deodorant bars.

Moroccan Oils Lotion Bar Recipe

At first, I just made these in silicon molds (and I still love making them this way) but once I discovered that I could make them in empty deodorant containers and that this would make application easier, I’ve been making them as gifts.

These Moroccan oils lotion bars combine so many of my favorite ingredients:

  • Shea Butter to soften and protect skin
  • Coconut Oil to nourish skin (I get it at a discount here)
  • Beeswax to form a protective barrier on skin and make the lotion bars last longer
  • Optional: Argan Oil to hydrate skin (also good for getting rid of stretch marks) It is expensive but amazing for skin. I use one drop per day to moisturize my face
  • Bronze Mica Powder for color (also optional) This adds a faint shimmer to the skin

I used these empty white deodorant tubes to make these lotion bars in but there are more decorative ones available if you are planning to give them as gifts. If I give them as gifts in these tubes, I usually glue a piece of burlap around them and tie with twine for a natural look.

Moroccan Oils Bronzing Lotion Bars
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Bronzing Lotion Bar Recipe

Make nourishing lotion bars that smell amazing with the addition of moroccan oils like mint, citrus, basil, fennel, and chamomile and add a slight shimmer with bronze mica powder.
Prep Time20 minutes
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a double boiler, melt the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.
  • Add the argan oil and essential oils, if using, stirring well to incorporate.
  • Stir in the bronze mica powder.
  • Quickly pour the mixture into empty deodorant containers or molds.
  • Apply to dry skin as needed.


Makes enough to fill five empty deodorant containers.

 What are your favorite essential oils to use?

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38 responses to “Bronzing Moroccan Oils Lotion Bars”

  1. DavetteB Avatar

    I was just wondering what size containers you used – 2oz, 30z ,or other?

  2. Lilianne Stewart Avatar
    Lilianne Stewart

    Love the idea of lotion bars. I would never have thought of it. Very good idea for gifts also. I will try these. I will also start using my PT facial cleanser again. I stopped because i use a fair bit of foundation to hide brown sunspots and disliked washing all the cloths. But I will use your method of leaving the facecloths on my face for a minute. Thank you for the good info. Hope I can find these recipes after I’ve closed my iPad. ??

  3. Katherine Avatar

    I suppose it might be obvious, but is this bronzing bar supposed to be used on the face? Ive always had a problem with oily skin and break outs, and your suggestion of a honey and lavender wash has been a magic bullet. I don’t want to undo the effect by adding something my face that will cause break outs. Any experience/recommendations?

  4. Amaya Avatar

    Is there another oil I could substitute for the hydrating benefits? I’m allergic to argan oil.

  5. carlen Avatar

    Do you know if the less expensive deodorant type containers you recommend are bpa free? Thank you

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