Magnesium Body Butter

Magnesium Body Butter Recipe DIY

I’ve posted before about how to make your own magnesium oil, and I’ve seen posts on other blogs on how to make magnesium lotion. For summer, I wanted to figure out a recipe for a magnesium infused body butter that would also double as a mild sunscreen/tanning cream and I’m finally happy with the result. (Not sure why you’d add magnesium to lotion? This article talks about the benefits of magnesium)

This recipe uses all natural moisturizing ingredients and makes skin soft and silky. It is great for kids too and doesn’t have the tingling that regular magnesium oil has when you first start using it.

Magnesium Body Butter doesn’t have any preservatives, so I make in smaller batches and keep for up to two months without a problem. It can also be stored in the fridge for a thicker and cooling lotion that is great to use after sun exposure to help the body absorb Vitamin D.

Coconut oil and shea butter are both naturally SPF of 4-5 and magnesium is needed for absorption of Vitamin D, so this lotion is great for mild sun exposure. I use this or regular magnesium oil on my kids feet each night to help them sleep and boost magnesium levels. It is also great on sore muscles. You can add essential oils for scent, but be careful about essential oil use during pregnancy, and don’t use citrus oils if you’ll be using this in the sun as they increase sun sensitivity.

Magnesium Body Butter Ingredients:

Magnesium Body Butter Instructions

  1. Pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water in to the magnesium flakes in a small container and stir until it dissolves. This will create a thick liquid. Set aside to cool.
  2. In a quart size mason jar inside a small pan with 1 inch of water, combine the coconut oil, emulsifying wax and shea butter and turn on medium heat.
  3. When melted, remove the jar from the pan and let the mixture cool until room temp and slightly opaque. At this point, put in to a medium bowl or into a blender.
  4. If in a bowl, use a hand blender or immersion blender on medium speed and start blending the oil mixture.
  5. Slowly (starting with a drop at a time) add the dissolved magnesium mixture to the oil mixture while continuing blending until all of the magnesium mix is added and it is well-mixed.
  6. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes and re-blend to get body butter consistency.
  7. Store in fridge for a cooling lotion (best consistency) or at room temp for up to two months.

Ever made body butter? How did it turn out? Got a variation to share? Do so below!

Magnesium is a vital nutrient for the body and this magnesium body butter includes natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter for healthy skin.

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Reader Comments

  1. Love it! You come up with fabulous ideas Katie! Do you think the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil would work in this? It seems pretty potent. I haven’t made my own magnesium oil before. Also does it leave a sticky residue like the magnesium oil alone does?

    • This recipe isn’t sticky at all. you could use the ancient minerals it just won’t be quite as potent since the homemade one in this recipe is really concentrated.

      • to you add the premade magnesium oil in the same way you did the home mixed flake/ water? or do tou melt it with the oils and butters?

        • I’m no professional but I would guess that you would still add the magnesium oil later b/c you are emulsifying the mixture to whip it.

      • Hi Katie,
        I am new to the skin care, but I have been making all my household cleaners for many years. I have one very important question…what oil can replace coconut oil….I am allergic and it causes all kinds of skin itch’s.
        Thanks for your help,

        • I make a lot of my own body butters and substitute sweet almond oil or grape seed oil for the coconut, coconut oil dries my skin out more than it does any good, for me anyway.

      • Wellness Mama,
        I use Ava Anderson non toxic body butter. Can I just add magnesium to it? How would I do that?

        • The magnesium has to be dissolved first so you’d have to mix it with a liquid and blend in, but it would change the texture of the finished version significantly.

          • Instead of mixing the flakes with water ahead of time, could it be mixed/dissolved directly into a small amount of the warm liquid oil (then slowly mixedd into the whole, as with the water version)?

      • Hi there! Could i use magnesium flakes in my natural creme deodorant?

    • Made it & hated it! It dried my skin out soo much. I added extra coconut oil to see if it helps.

      • MDGomez,

        Thank you for being honest. I have skin issues and need to re-consider now.

        • I re-made it, & I’m happy with it now. I must have done something wrong the first time. I used her whipped body butter recipe & her concentrated magnesium oil from this recipe.

      • Coconut oil over-use can cause skin dryness. Try substituting another type of oil such as Shea Butter. I cannot use Coconut Oil due to diet/health issues, so I find Shea a good substitute and it whips up beautifully! Good luck!

        • Using coconut oil topically shouldn’t effect your diet though. Can you elaborate?

          • Some people are allergic to some oils or perhaps they do not consume any oils at all. There are a few reasons for this, but they do not mean that it will effect the diet.

        • I used coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, & vitamin e oil in my butter mix. Try it see how it works for you but it left my skin feeling dry & tight. Maybe I’ll try it again with a pre-made magnesium oil.??? Will update when I do.

          • I have very dry skin and it became even dryer after my hysterectomy several years ago. I tried organic coconut oil for a time and my skin was dry within an hour or less. My neighbor, a retired nurse, told me shea butter was the best for dry skin and I’ve been using it ever since-it’s a bit expensive but worth it!

      • I’ve got some made with avocado oil instead, and I love it. No skin drying at all.

      • Some people do report that coconut oil dries their skin out-sometimes severely. Maybe try adding a more moisturizing oil to the mixture of coconut isn’t a good fit for you. I enjoy the smell and taste in oil pulling but I haven’t had luck with skin related uses myself.

    • I tried this – not sure where I went wrong. The end product is very sticky once I get it on my skin and leaves a white coating on everything I touch afterwards. I would love to know how to correct this as I really need the extra magnesium

      • Me too! I mad two batches, one was very sticky the other is gritty. I’m sure it is something I did wrong but I’m not sure what.

        • I made a batch last night and it is gritty. I am sure I did something wrong, but can someone tell me what it might be?

          • I have made salves with coconut oil, olive or avocado oil and beeswax adding EO’s for various things. I added shea butter (I forget now) to one for extra skin care to give to my mom and she later mentioned that one of the jars I gave her was a little grainy. I’m guessing it was the one I had added the shea to and I’m thinking there might be some trick to adding it to a mixture so it doesn’t do that but I don’t know what it is. Maybe it has to do with temp? Also maybe whipping it helps prevent that, I don’t know because I have never tried the whipping method and created a “butter”. I know this doesn’t solve your problem but maybe helps shed light? I’m anxious to see if anyone has info or tips about this too.

        • I made Dandelion Lotion Bars from The Nerdy Farm Wife. She says overheated shea butter can get grainy.

    • How many ounces or jars does this recipe make?

  2. What if I add this to homemade lotion that I already have made? It has vitamin e oil in it (to preserve). Is this good as an everyday lotion or should we limit the use?

    • It can be used everyday and you could add the concentrated magnesium part to a pre-made lotion 🙂

      • Hi there. I was wondering if adding vitamin E oil to this recipe with prolong shelf life? I was planning to make some for Christmas gifts this year (for all my fellow insomniac siblings).


  3. Have you subbed anything in for the shea butter? I don’t have any at the moment and was wondering if I could use cocoa butter- that way I could make it faster, because I desperately need more magnesium in my life (and the oil makes my skin sting/burn a lot).

    • Yep.. works with cocoa butter or mango butter too…

      • Katie can grapeseed oil be used instead of coconut oil? I’m want to use what I have on hand. Just ordered the magnesium flakes from e-bay online. Can’t wait to make this body butter!!????

    • It’s also a good idea to use a substitute for shea butter if you have a latex allergy.

      • I actually have a very severe latex allergy (anaphylaxis), but have no problem at all with shea butter. I use this all of the time as a primary moisturizer for my body.


    • Magnesium only stings your skin when you are bodily deficient in that mineral. Once the required balance is reached, your skin no longer stings when it’s applied.

      • Heather, is that true?! Mag Oil stings me pretty bad when I apply- i wonder

        • Yep, very true! Had something close to feeling a severe sunburn in the beginning (I apply magnesium oil, but much rather throw in loads of magnesium flakes in a hot bath as it doesn’t become sticky). Now I only feel a little tingle on my back when applying.
          But make sure you don’t apply anything with magnesium on open wounds (finger cuts etc.) It will sting for the entire day!
          Ps. making the body butter right now, although largely adapted due to lack of ingredients. Just added the concentrated oil. So far, so good 🙂

        • Yes, it’s true The degree of sting determines the level of deficiency. Bear with it though because the more often you apply the oil the quicker your levels will restore. When I increased the amount of exercise I was doing the oil started to sting again so I’ve had to really up the amount I use.

        • Sure makes sense to me. When I first started using the spray oil it stung and soon that stopped. Now when I don’t use it for a day or so it will sometimes sting again, it varies. So make sense to me the variable is how deficient I am (or not). It does dry my skin out though, in a very different way though from regular winter dry skin. It’s sticky too.

      • Thank you for this comment! I kept wondering why my legs would sting every time I applied the magnesium oil. I am currently pregnant and looking for any and all helpful tips to keep my body strong during as well as after.

      • My doctor started me on liquid mag twice a day. Prior to that, I was spraying oil and soaking in epsom salt. The spraying used to sting. But since I’ve been on the liquid mag, I was wondering why the spray no longer stings! I thought it was getting old, however there’s no expiration date….but I did wonder if I’m no longer as deficient.

        • Hi my magnesium levels are mid range but when I bought a magnesium spray my skin tingled. I supplement vitamin D and started getting upset tummy with these. Spoke to some other people regarding this and they said my magnesium levels might be low. Is this true and would the magnesium supplement help with the upset tummy when using the vitamin D? The vitamin D supplement has never affected me like this before. Thank you

          • From everything I’ve read about vitamin D:
            •must be Vitamin D3
            •”Prescription vit D” IS USELESS!!! (I think Dr Mercola has an article on that topic)
            •vitamin K directs the D3 to your bones, otherwise it settles in veins, kidneys (stones!)
            •the Trifecta includes D3, K (K2?), Magnesium, and they all work together to get calcium into your bones

            I know there’s lots more, but if you have an extra day, spend it reading everything on the above topics and get educated! (something I am not, yet, but I’m getting there!). Most frustrating is my Dr said I needed to take vit D (did not say D3) because of Rx I’m on which affects bone density, and NEVER MENTIONED VITAMIN K!! Also, there are a couple of FDA we pages out there that not only contradict one another, but both are dreadfully behind in current expert opinions.

          • Trudy, you need to read Dr. Brownstein’s book on Why Medications don’t work. There is a chapter on Bone Density drugs.

      • Hi Katie, I love your blogs and recipes. I’ve been using them for about 6 months and I’ve had nothing but good outcomes. That’s saying a lot
        I have severe psoriosis on the soles of my feet from taking Levaquin ( antibiotic) and I can’t bring myself to try putting magnesium there. I’m very sure I need to add much more magnesium. I take baths with magnesium and Epsom salt and many other things as you suggest. I add a drop of Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil to my homemade toothpaste (also your recipe) but I cant tolerate even a small amount on my skin. It doesn’t just tingle it burns and itches and I have to wash it off almost immediately. I can’t take it orally so I’m struggling trying to add more to my body.

    • I have had that experience also…it burns and itches. So I am thinking the butter may be the way to go. I also take Magnesium Malate at night, but I sometimes also have nightmares????? I am really amazed that some people have commented on the nightmares. I have never thought about the magnesium maybe being the cause, Great info. Thanks.

  4. Brilliant! My favourite lotion for my family is without a doubt the whipped body butter. I have tried all your recipes and like this the best. How would you sugest incorporating magnesium into this recipe? Thanks so much! x

    • This will make a very similar consistency to the whipped body butter. If you want it even more so, just re-whip it after it has cooled…

    • Either or would work. If you make it by these directions, just using on your whole body once a day should give you a big dose and using on kids feet will work great too…

      • Can this lotion be rubbed on newborn’s feet or is there an age restriction? I am due in 5 weeks and am wondering if this will help a little baby sleep better.

        Thank you,

        • Just make sure to start slow… really the only issue is too much tingling.

          • Thank you, Katie!

  5. If I was just starting to use magnesium oil, would you say using this lotion once a day would be enough, or would I also need to do the oil separately at some point? And would you use this on kids feet to help them sleep, or just the oil? Thanks!

  6. I like this idea!!

  7. This is genius! It will be such a time saver – no need for magnesium oil and a separate body lotion anymore. Thanks Katie!

  8. Thanks, I love all your recipes! Since I’ve learned about the importance of magnesium and sulfate (Dr. Mercola and Dr. Stephanie Seneff) I’ve been using the magnesium lotion from Ancient Minerals with Opti MSM (MethylSulfonyMethane). Do you have any idea how I could find and incorporate MSM in a lotion recipe like yours, so it could be supercharge with health benefit. Thanks!

    • Yep… just find a powdered form or a tincture that could be added to the magnesium and water mix…

  9. The link to the magnesium flakes was for magnesium chloride, but I have magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt). Will that work as well?

    • It isn’t as absorbable and it irritates some peoples skin but it will work…

  10. Brilliant!! Do you think epsom salt would work?

    • I made it this afternoon with Epsom salts – it didn’t dissolve well with the 3 tbsp of boiling water so my body butter seems more like a scrub with little Magnesium crystals. Oh, well, I’ll use it anyway and order some magnesium chloride.

      • Try a coffee ginger to pulverize the Epsom salt into a fine powder…wa-la!

        • What’s a “coffee ginger?”

          • I think she meant coffee “grinder” not “ginger”

          • OH! Now it makes sense. Thank you Sharon! lol

  11. Katie, what does the beeswax do? Is it really necessary or can I make this into a lotion without it? Thanks!

    • You can make a lotion without it but it just won’t be as thick…

      • Good to know thanks. I was looking around this week for some because its my mother in laws birthday an she recently mentioned wanting to get more magnesium…an what a great/cute gift in a Ball Glass Jar for her an one for myself!

      • I used the full 2 TBSP of beeswax and I think it was too waxy. I think I’ll use half that much for my next batch. Otherwise I’m very excited for a new way of getting magnesium!

      • Does it have to be pastilles or can it be from a block?

        • I use a block when I do it, it works fine but takes longer to melt.

    • I made this recipe recently without the wax, and it turned out as a nice, thick liquid lotion. I have not had to refrigerate it, as the consistency doesn’t change. I love it! I have also used it on everyone else’s feet at night, and so far, no complaints. 🙂

  12. Can I use the same blender I use for blending food? I am concerned that there will be residue that is hard to rid off… Thanks!

    • You can… it is hard to get rid of but I am usually able to by wiping out with paper towels, then using soapy hot water….

  13. Great idea! I am going to place an order at Mountain Rose Herbs so I can start making body butters! I also want to try your tallow recipe. I have tallow in the freezer from making bone broth. Do you think it ok to use previously frozen tallow?

    • You can as long as it is shelf stable after being heated….

  14. This is great. I’m curious as to how you use this with your kids to help with sleep. Is it something that you’d put on their body right before bed? How long does it take to be effective? Also, is it safe for newborns?

    • My newborns sleep great if I’m taking magnesium, but on older kids I use on their feet and lower legs and massage it in before I put them in bed…

      • Bottom or tops of feet?

          • I’m curious to know how much magnesium you take while pregnant – does a once all over application of this mag lotion supply you with enough? Do you also supplement with a pill form?

            Also, will a few spray on each child’s foot suffice? I feel it’s hard to know how much mag you’re getting in each spray. Thanks!! Your site is SO informative!!

          • There isn’t enough in this to overdose and the skin regulates it well anyway, so I use this all over when pregnant and also usually take a supplement form at night.

          • So i can use this all over my body daily and on my kids feet daily plus take a magnesium supplement for me and the kids? Also just to clarify i can use this as a sunscreen for my kids and myself? If so i think ill add carrot seed oil to it.

          • It does have a low SPF but it isn’t a sunscreen specifically. You could add carrot seed to up the SPF but I’d still test carefully and slowly with your skin to make sure you won’t burn. I use this daily on myself and my kids.

  15. I read the article on the way they heat process the flakes and was wondering if this Would work with normal magnesium powder?

    • I don’t think it would work with the chalky type powders but I haven’t tried it…

      • I just saw some liquid magnesium form. Do you know if that would work? I live in Hawaii and its over $50 to ship the flakes here.

        • If it is just magnesium and water it should work…

        • Melina, try Amazon. I too live in HI, and got free shipping on mine.

        • I use the liquid form of Magnesium Citrate for my lotion it works great. Just don’t add any water to it. My lotion is
          1/2 cup magnesium chloride
          1/2 cup organic coconut oil (unrefined if you can find it)
          1/4 cup almond oil
          1/4 cup grapeseed oil !!!! Please note, you can use any oils you want as long as they total 1 cup!!!!!
          3 Tbsp beeswax
          1/2 tsp vitamin E oil
          10 to 20 drops essential oil (any you like .. I used 4 Thieves and lavender

          in a double boiler, completely melt the beeswax into the oils then off the heat add the magnesium citrate. Using a stick blender or mixer mix thoroughly.. let it sit on the counter to cool, mixing occasionally. When it is just barely warm to the touch add the vitamin E and essential oils, mix again and put into your containers. (If you referate it, it will become hard, I just let mine sit at room temperature. Feels so good going on)
          Also note: they do not recommend coconut oils for pregnant women…( I don’t remember why but check out anything you use in or on your bodies)

          • I made a mistake in my recipe… I use the Magnesium Citrate not Magnesium Chloride. The Magnesium Citrate is the bottles they sell to clean you out. The laxative. It’s only .98 cents a bottle and a bottle will make about 4 of the recipies. It does not irritate my skin, and I use it on my mother who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimers. The last time I saw her she knew my name. Not saying it was the Magnesium, but she has not known anyone’s name if a really long time. Also, it is best if rubbed on the feet, it absorbes much better. And coconut oil can be drying to the skin.

          • Not sure where you got the information to not use coconut oil while pregnant, but it is incorrect. My daughter works for an OB/GYN, and they encourage pregnant women to use coconut oil to help prevent stretch marks, and they also encourage cooking with it. It is not harmful in any way, to mom or baby.

        • Melina- If you have any friends or family on the mainland, have them ship it to you in one of those “If it fits, it ships” boxes from the post office. I have a friend in Hawaii and I do this for her. In fact, if there’s room in the box, perhaps she can fit more than one or other things in addition to the magnesium.

      • I used the Magnesium powder and it did not dissolve. Is there something that I can add to make if less “gritty”?

  16. Do you know if magnesium citrate powder (starwest) will work the same as your magnesium flakes?

    • I think the citrate form would irritate the skin…

      • I used the magnesium citrate in this recipe and it did not dissolve. When you rub the body butter on your skin it leaves behind the fine grit of the magnesium citrate. Is there anything that I can do to make it dissolve? I hate to waste all this good stuff!

        • I don’t know… Did you dissolve in water first? I’ve used the magnesium sulphate or chloride so I don’t know for sure

        • Carolyn, did you figure out how to use the magnesium citrate? I have tons of magnesium citrate and would love to make lotion from them. Thanks!

  17. I already take a magnesium supplement at night recommended by my doctor. I dont’ want to over do it and have “intestinal problems.” Do you think I should still do this or perhaps not? I’d love to make this for the little bit extra kick it would give me. My system is a wreck!

    • I personally take internally and use this since it is easier to absorb from skin in most cases, especially if there are any kind of intestinal problems…

      • Katie, are you saying that magnesium is easier for your body to absorb transdermally than it is internally?

        • The most effective way is to use a variety of intakes, so I use both magnesium body butter/oil and take it internally.

    • Take Magnesium Glycinate instead. It will not cause diarrhea like other forms of Magnesium. It works well for muscle aches and migraines.

  18. I use magnesium oil and it has caused my robe to fade where it came in contact with the oil before it fully absorbed into my skin. Could the same occur with the body butter??

  19. Hi, This sounds great but I’m having a problem finding magnesium chloride hexahydrate in South AFrica. What is the difference between that and Magnesium sulphate/epsom salts?

    • Chloride is a more absorbable form, but the epsom salts might work too… let me know if you try them!

  20. Is this as beneficial as the magnesium oil that you make? Trying to decide which to make..the butter or the oil 🙂

  21. Could the magnesium concentrate be added to your lotion bars recipe? I want to make some lotion bars (cause I love them) but would love to have the added benefits of magnesium. Thank you so much!

    • I’ve been working on a formula for this. Havne’t mastered it yet though because the magnesium adds a liquid component and it is all oil before. I think I can infuse the magnesium in to the oil somehow though… working on that 🙂

      • Please share 🙂

      • You would need an emulsifier. I have a cold cream recipe that uses beeswax and borax as an emulsifier for oil and rosewater. I haven’t had experience using other emulsifying waxes as of yet.

  22. I have super sensitive skin with eczema, and major allergies to all living things (or so it seems), but would love to try this recipe. I have used the same Kukui Nut (ALBA) body butter for 7 years, but would like a change. What type of jar do you recommend, and how much of the butter does the recipe yield?

    • I just used a pint size mason jar and it just about filled it…

    • I used to have very sensitive skin and severe allergies too since I was a teen. That all went away after I started using herbal cleanse/detoxing about 6 years ago. I was so toxic that if I went out in the sun on a warm day within 1-2 minutes it felt like my skin was on fire and if I got hot and sweaty I itched all over. After doing the first 10 day detox/cleanse and switching to a mostly organic diet all of that and much more went away.

      • what cleanse/detoxing have you been doing I suffer terribly too.

    • I am always gammering on about coconut oil but I have a friend who had eczema. She did and still does have a spoonful in her tea in the mornings and rubbed coconut oil on her skin paying particular attention to areas where she had eczema. She got rid of it in a few months. Sorry to have gone off topic.

    • Jean – I have ezcema also use a straight Mag spray and it does burn my sikn when I apply it if I have a breakout, and unfortunately I do have it one my hands which makes it hard to apply it but the burning doesn’t last long – at least for me anyways. The mag. will soak in after about 60-90sec and you can apply lotion which will help the burning subside. Since you are using the Mag lotion hopefully you wont have much issue!

      I’ve found that my eczema flairs up mostly when I eat things I’m allergic to (eggs for me), but I also have a lot of environmental allergies that can “over load” my system too.

      Good luck!

  23. Would it work with coconut butter instead of the shea butter Katie?

    • Do you mean coconut oil or cocoa butter? Coconut butter is entirely different…

  24. Where do i purchase these products

  25. A lot of people in my family suffer from restless leg syndrome. I was talking to my dad about this body butter and he was wondering if something like this would be good in naturally treating RLS symptoms. If not do you have any idea as to what would be a good natural remedy for RLS? My mother was thinking a valerian root EO in a carrier oil.

    • I would also cut out sugar/caffeine from the diet. I’m currently pregnant and have had problems with RLS during this and other pregnancies. I’ve found for myself that staying away from sweets for most of the day (lunch time ’til bed time) and doing leg pilates or another type of easy leg exercises (what about a night-time walk?) before bedtime has helped me out tremendously.

    • Also eating a bananas can help RLS a lot.

    • Ashley, drinks of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. – 1 Tbsp. in 8 oz. water 3 or 4 times a day alleviates restless leg for many people, including me. Adding an equal amount of raw honey makes it more palatable. You can make up a jar of it and keep in fridge, ready to take with you to work or when you go out. Have a glass before bedtime, too. And yes, this body butter would be helpful, too. Wish we’d known about this when I was a little girl. My mother would often rub my aching legs at bedtime — “growing pains,” it was called — to enable me to go to sleep at night. This body butter would have been so soothing. Thank you, Katie.

    • My wholistic MD said that my RLS was due to magnesium deficiency. When I applied magnesium oil for a whole week daily, the restless leg symptoms would disappear. They do come back when I stop the magnesium oil.

      Worth a shot to apply magnesium daily and see how your symptoms do.

  26. My daughter suffers with eczema and asthmatic will this help? Am at wits end and DO not want to use doc prescrip of cortisone she is only 7 and gets seriously itchy!

    • Tami, don’t give her the cortisone. It will make it worse in the end. Get some food sensitivity testing done and look into gut healing (leaky gut). It’s a long process, but you can turn it around.

    • If my child had asthma and I wanted to get magnesium into them I’d read up on Nebulizing Magnesium plus research the different types of magnesium formulations – like magnesium bisglycinate – that would be more readily absorbed.

    • Tami, I was having the same problem when my daughter was little. She started getting eczema when she was only a few months old, the asthma started when she was about 3 years old.

      We found out that she was allergic to hazel nuts, pea nuts, cats, dogs, birch trees and grass. We changed the washing detergent to one that was unscented, we didn’t use any fabric softener on her clothes, we used only cotton clothes for her. When she as a baby I added olive oil to her bath water.

      When you have dry skin and eczema it is important to keep your skin moisturized. Jojoba oil is a good oil to use all over your daughter’s body especially after she takes a bath of shower. My Emilie had eczema on her hands + wrists and ankles so I made sure to put on a good cream before she went to bed. To not get the cream all over I put socks on her and cotton gloves. I wasn’t able to find any in child size so I had to make a pair..

      When her eczema was bad I did use cortisone cream just on that area. With the moisturizing creams and changing the washing detergents we didn’t have to use cortisone that much.

      If you don’t use cortisone cream you risk that your daughter will scratch and get infections and maybe scars. If you’ve never had eczema you have no idea how much it really itches!

      But you need to ask the doctor to have a test done to find out if your daughter is allergic to something so you can avoid those things or no cortisone cream is ever going to help!

      I have a simple cream that is good for dry skin but the shea butter can be something you react to if you are allergic to nuts. If you are not allergic to shea butter it’s a good product to use at night by it self since it’s very creamy.

      6 oz Coco butter
      6 oz Coconut oil
      3 oz Jojoba oil
      14 oz Shea butter
      1.5 oz Olive oil

  27. I wanted to add carrot extract to the mix as a sunscreen…would the sunscreen effect cancel out the absorption of vit D? Or do I make a batch with and without carrot extract?

  28. Is it possible to add zinc oxide to make this a magnesium butter-suncreen?

      • I already use Shea Moisture’s shea butter as my body moisturizer, could I just add some magnesium oil to it?

    • Mango butter is pretty much unscented…

  29. Neat Body Butter. I’ve never made a body butter before and would like to try this. I quit using lotions years ago mostly because of the smell and extra ingredients. I use plain coconut oil now. Is there a way to make this without the shea butter or cocoa butter as I really don’t like the smells of those two, even though they are really popular and good for the skin. Any neutral smelling substitutes or could I just leave them out and fill in the gap with extra coconut oil or beeswax?

  30. I have been using Magnesium Oil (Ancient Minerals) on my face daily for about a month. It has helped even out my skin tone, fade brown spots, treat my hormonal Rosacea and fade fine lines. This stuff is AWESOME!! I am currently on vacation at the beach, and did not have a base tan AT ALL!! I burned everywhere except my face!! I tried so hard to get sun on my face, and I got a very slight tan! So I can wholly believe that it would make an AWESOME sunscreen!!
    P. S.
    I used the Magnesium Oil to help heal my sunburn! Stings like the dickens, but no pain or swelling the next day!

  31. Hi Katie. I made this today and I have a question. I used the magnesium flakes you linked, used TT coconut oil, mango butter (shea is stinky to me), and white beeswax pastilles. Followed the directions to a T. After the second whip, I wasn’t enjoying the scent so I added some vanilla and essential oils, chilled again and rewhipped. I used it after my shower, it’s now been about 10 minutes since I put it on, and my clothes are sticking to me. It was also hard to spread around my skin. Any clue what I did wrong? Is it supposed to sit on your skin this long? Thanks!

    • It is probably just the magnesium. It seems like it feels more sticky like that if you aren’t used to it, but it seems that this lessens over time.

      • You are so right. A couple days later and it’s not sticky at all. I’m still not a fan of the scent, so I’ve been using it on my feet at night. Thanks again!

  32. I am magnesium deficient and have been using both oral supplements and trans-dermal oils and gels. The trans-dermal methods tend to dry out my skin, so this is a great option. Thank you for the recipe. I just made a batch and can’t wait to try it out. Also, another great way to provide my daughter with trans-dermal magnesium.

  33. Has anyone tried this recipe for a deodorant? I’m really sensitive to the baking soda in most homemade deodorants, and am currently using milk of magnesia, but I’d prefer a cream over the liquid. I’m wondering if I could add the cornstarch or arrowroot powder used in most recipes for moisture control and use this for deodorant. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts!! Thank you.

    • I haven’t tried this recipe as deodorant, but I am sensitive to baking soda too. I have been trying different homemade deodorants for about 10 months and still haven’t found the right one for me. But I am using magnesium oil as a deodorant now and it’s working pretty well, still getting the tingling but it doesn’t last too long and people say it will go away. Gonna have to give this a try.

      • Vodka or grain alcohol with your choice of essential oils in a little spray bottle…works for me!!

    • I have been using it for a week and half as a deodorant-works VERY well!!! Summertime will be the real test though. I’m thinking of adding more beeswax so it will hold up in a deodorant tube.

  34. Can you add essentail oils for a nice scent or will this negate the effectiveness of the magnesium?

    • Ah sorry I should have read the instructions properly…

  35. Hi. So I have solid beeswax bars and am trying to figure out the conversion… Any idea of the weight of 2 tablespoons of the pastilles (grams or oz would be great). Thank you!

    • 1 oz

  36. Can the magnesium flakes be mixed with coconut oil alone? or do they have to be combined with water and then blended?

  37. I’m wondering if you could just use olive oil only with the mag or will that just split? Do you need the beeswax to make it mix together?

  38. I’m making it right now! can i add some peppermint oil for scent or does that react adversely with the magnesium? thanks!

    • yep i’m dumb too…sowwy 🙁

  39. I have a question… I bought some liquid magnesium to be taken orally. Could this be applied to the skin as well?

  40. very informative ideas and soloution im happy but little think is live in malaysia so i dont know all things where is available shops ?amazon etc online stores not delivered in malaysia plz ur guide me thanx GOD bless u.

  41. Hi! Thanks! Would it be possible to blend this by hand with a whisk? Or do I really need an electrical blender?

    • It would be tough by hand, but might be possible… YOu have to get it to emulsify…

      • Similar to whipping egg whites by hand, or even harder? Thanks!

  42. hi
    how available in all ingredient in online store i live in malaysia?

  43. Is this safe for use while breastfeeding? I don’t have magnesium flakes but I think I will try this with Epsom salts and maybe order some flakes for next time.

  44. I just made this… it normal for some “liquid” to be in the jar. It looks like I “squeezed” some oil out. :S — Thanks

  45. Katie, you’re the bomb!!

  46. I made this the other day, using mag powder as I couldn’t find flakes. I love the balm but for some reason the mag has crystalized and now it feels like there’s sand in it. Any suggestions to smooth it out? Today I’m going to reheat and add a little more water. It’s so dry here and Colorado and temps in the house have dropped too. Great, easy recipe. Thanks!

  47. I don’t have time to make my own but to order on line is so expensive is there a place you can get it cheaper? I suffer from almost all those symptoms

    • Swanson Vitamins has the flakes for a good price. I buy a lot of my vitamins, etc from them & can vouch for their service. They also have a premade oil but it sounds like some people react to it, so probably safer to stick with the flakes. Katie’s recipe for oil is super fast and easy – you could do that instead of making the body butter.

      • I too will vouch for Swanson, I can get Aura Glow for like 5 bucks there when it is 9 bucks from the manufacturer. I honestly don’t know how they stay in business.

    • I buy Dr Shealy’s mag lotion. Along with jigsaw mag malate, it’s an excellent addition. I also like to spray my feet with mag oil at night.

  48. What is the purpose of the beeswax in this recipe? Can it be left out? Thanks.

    • I think it helps the consistency and I’m not sure if it is necessary for the emulsification.

  49. Hi, I have my own good quality magnesium oil which I purchased however it is not a thick oil so can I use it in this recipe since you mention that the oil while cooling becomes thick?

  50. It’s also bad for people with acne, so yeah. I don’t know why everyone seems to want to include it in things you’re going to smear all over your body… I suggest using a butter with a similar melting point? Babassu oil is nice, creamy, and cheap! And melts at about the same temperature.

  51. I love this recipe and I desperately need transdermal magnesium supplementation, but I’d like to know how long I’m in for as far as the itching/tingling (I seem to notice it largely on my torso area – guessing that’s because its the area with the highest blood flow) and if there’s something I can do to actively minimize it during the adjustment period. It nearly drove me up the wall last night!

  52. Love this recipe, thank you Katie. I had an issue with my lotion separating… Any tips to avoid this ? Thanks 🙂

  53. I accidentally bought magnesium citrate powder a while back. Can I use it for this?

    • I think I saw her tell someone else that it is more irritating so not as good for trans-dermal applications.

  54. I totally love all these homemade things. im newly retired n need something to do. plus it will help my family thank u

  55. Many Thanks!!! I’ve been thinking of using/finding a recipe for something exactly like this; as I’m a Diabetic for 30 years now.

  56. Katie what about folks like me who cannot use/eat coconut anything anymore? (New allergy I’m major bummed out about it). What alternate oil or butter could work just as well in this blend? Thank you

    • just saw some else had posted replies earlier about this very question I had missed them before. I have my answer now. Thanks

  57. Coco butter, Shea butter…there are several other options that can be substituted for Coconut oil in these recipes though sometimes you might find you want to alter the amount of beeswax you use because they have a different melting point. I believe she has some lotion or body butter type recipes without coconut oil as well and I think she has said that these things are fairly interchangeable It’s all preference and just as many people seem to have a dislike for the scent or an allergy to Shea or Coco butter too. Again it’s an individual preference (or need) thing that’s the beauty of these recipes they can be individualized.

  58. The only thing missing here is how much this makes: I’m planning Christmas gifts…

    • Makes one full pint

  59. I love reading your posts and I ordered a lot of different ingredients today to make this as well as your toothpaste. I have one question though, are all essential oils bad during pregnancy or are there only some that should be avoided? I just found out we are expecting #3 and I was hoping to make this as natural of a pregnancy as possible while upping my magnesium and other important minerals. Thank you so much, I have learned so much from reading your posts!

  60. I really want to make this but I also have beeswax bars – can I just grate two tablespoons?

    • That is exactly what I did. (Heck, I just eyeballed it and considered it good!) The end result was fine. I think people suggest the pellets for projects like this because it is easier to measure out.

  61. Hi. I have made this cream but it leaves a sticky residual on my hands. But when i wash it off. It leaves my skin so soft. What am i doing wrong

  62. I just did this. without the beeswax since I do not have any. The liquid though did not want to blend into the oil. is there anything I can do about it?

    • There are a lot of things that are traditionally used as emulsifiers in lotions. Emulsifying wax is one, lecitin and borax(sodium borate) are others. Vegetable stearate also helps in some cases. I have a really great lotion recipe that uses hydrosols in it and you could easily replace some of the liquid with the magnesium oil.

      3/4 cup sweet almond oil
      1/3 cup coconut oil or cocoa butter
      1 Teaspoon lanolin
      1/2 ounce grated beeswax
      Melt ingredients together over low heat and cool to room temperature. When cool, add:
      2/3 cup rosewater
      1/2 cup aloe vera gel
      1 – 2 drops rose blend EO
      5 drops Vitamin E oil
      Whip all ingredients to a smooth consistency. Store in a sterile covered jar.

      for a lotion

      2 Tbs. fractionated coconut oil(you can use whatever you’d like, I didn’t want an ‘oily’ base)
      1/4 cup stearic acid
      1/4 cup aloe vera gel
      1 Tbs. shea butter
      1 cup distilled water
      1 tsp. borax (sodium borate, not boric acid)

      Melt the oil, stearic and shea butter.
      In a separate pot, melt the soap in the water and borax until all is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in the aloe gel.
      Let both mixtures cool until just warm, if either one starts to solidify, reheat until melted.
      Using a stick blender, slowly add the soap base to the oil base while blending, blend for about a minute adding fragrance or eo’s if desired, leave for 10 minutes or so, come back and stir some more. Let cool completely before putting into container.

      I have used both of these the top one is a tick butter the bottom one a light lotion.

  63. I made this last night and I think I discovered how to get your lotion bar…

    I chopped up a beeswax bar since that’s what I had access to and while I thought I measured 2T I suspect I ended up higher, as I now have a jar full of very solid magnesium lotion. It looked great when I whipped it last night and it certainly didn’t deflate, but it’s NOT a whipped consistency anymore. It’ll be fun getting it out of the jar, but it still melts well and should still do the trick.

    I used rosewater for the water to dissolve the magnesium flakes (just heated them together over the double boiler stirring till dissolved). That worked fine and the finished product smells lovely without being too strong.

    Thanks for sharing, my three year old likes to have his legs and feet rubbed as he falls asleep, this should made it even better for him.

    • Mine is more of a wax than a butter, too. I just scoop it out of the contain and rub it into the skin where it quickly melts anyway.

  64. Katie – I tried this with tallow instead of Shea butter and it was a flop, any suggestions?

  65. Can anyone give me a testimonial on how this improved your health? Thanks!

    • I deliver mail, and just learned a new route, so have been really hustling to get back to the office on time. This had given me a horrible sore shoulder and neck. Think like having a car on your neck and shoulder, and you’d be pretty close to the pain! I came home and slathered some of this magnesium body butter on my neck and shoulder, down my arms and went to bed. The next morning, I couldn’t believe how much better it was! From a 10 on the pain scale to about a 1.5! I used it for several days, and then slowed down on the route, and haven’t had problems since! This really works!

      • Thank you so much! If anyone else has any, I would love to hear!

    • I have been using this now for about 3 weeks-month and I find I crave it. I do rub it into my feet at night and find I sleep so much better. I am also more relaxed. It used to go on a little sticky but that seems to be lessening. I have used the magnesium oil and don’t love it because of the stickiness, so I will be phasing that out and only using this butter in the future.

  66. Just tried this and it came out beautifully. Thanks for the recipe. I will be making this often I think.

  67. I just made some of this for gifts this Christmas: did I do something wrong? The color and texture in the photo, the MBB appears white and fluffy. Mine turned out gooey (not runny, just sort of gloppy) and sort of a greenish beige. I did double the recipe, and didn’t blend DROPS of the magnesium blend into the butters as that would have taken HOURS, and the butters were setting up quickly…Do you think it is ok to use? I did follow all the directions and used the proper measurements…

  68. OK, now I KNOW I must have done something wrong! This is horrible! It is sticky, thick, and reminds me VERY much of some raw lanolin I got years ago, INCLUDING the smell! Anyone know what I could do to fix this? I made a double batch, and now wish I hadn’t as the ingredients were pretty spendy!
    It won’t blend into the skin, just coats it with a thick sticky film, and my clothing sticks to me as well. I’m also wondering what the remnants on the utensils I used are doing to my pipes as they are washed……..

    • I totally agree with you. I just made this recipe today and it sounds just like what you have described to a t. I thought about doubling the batch also but so thankful I didn’t. I definitely won’t be making this again and I was so excited to give this a try, but very disappointed in the results! 🙁

      • You may have used too much beeswax. Don’t give up!

  69. I like the sound of this Magnesium Body Butter and can’t wait to make it. Could you tell me if it would make a difference if I used Emulsifying Wax instead of the Beeswax?

  70. Oh, I especially love this because the thing that keeps me from using the mag oil is waiting to let it dry on my skin. So this is great!.

  71. Frequency anyone?

    I made this and like it though it is not at all a whipped consistency anymore (only right when I made it) but more crumbly which does not rub in well. But I still find it good and I do think that my energy levels have improved a lot and think this is the most likely reason. I have had fatigue for years so I hope this is the key. My question is: how often do you put it all over your body? I thought I read this before but do not see the answer now. I do not want overdose but do want to use enough for it to be useful. All over the body daily or every few days and rubbing on feet regularly? Suggestions from the others here? Thanks!

  72. Turned out so hard it is very difficult to scoop out what I want. Winter and my home is 68 deg during the day and 61 at night. Thinking I should be using a spoon to avoid contamination??

  73. Hi Katie,

    How long does the lotion last? Is there anyway to preserve it?

    Can essential oils be stirred in just before applying to the skin? I am thinking to also use it for damaged skin.

    Can you give the exact links that you bought your containers from please?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  74. How do you get it so thick? I followed the recipe and mine turned out more like a think pudding. Still usable but would like it to be more “butter” texture

  75. I have cocoa butter on hand, would that work in place of shea butter?

  76. Hi Wellness Mama – new to discovering Magnesium supplementing (6 months preggo with THE WORST back pains and charley horses in the middle of the night in both my calves)… can you speak to the use of (liquid) Milk of Magnesia? I got some from my local health store, but not sure how to use it… and with all the supplements I take every morning… well, I need the most time effective option available.
    Thoughts?? Thanks for your time. 🙂

    • Lindsay – for good use for your MOM (Milk of Magnesia) look up the recipe for homemade Magnesium Bicarbonate Water……or…..go to:
      and read all about Mg Bicarb water and find a commercial brand that can be used diluted for extra, easy to drink magnesium water. I use MOM with seltzer water or club soda and mix my own concentrate and add to a liter container of distilled water daily. I ‘think’ (please check online) the recipe is:
      1 capful of MOM into
      1 qt bottle seltzer or club soda
      Shake with lid on like crazy and cool in fridge until liquid clears
      Shake second time and then for sure all Mg will have bonded (except a little still on bottom of bottle)
      Use this newly made concentrate to add to distilled water to drink each day.
      The following site will get you started with homemade version:

  77. Hi! Love your website! I’m pregnant and wondering how much magnesium I will get by using this body butter? I don’t want to overdo it! Thanks! x

    • Magnesium has a built in safety feature. Take too much too quickly and you’ll have loose bowels. As long as your kidneys are healthy, you can’t overdo magnesium. Dr Carolyn Dean has a lot of info on her site.

  78. Magnesium powder burns extremely well and reaches temperatures of 2500°C. I realizing your recipe indicates you are use magnesium flakes. But this still sounds dangerous.

    • This uses magnesium chloride flakes which are a great way to get more magnesium into the body. Very safe! Have you heard of using Epsom salts in a bath? Those are magnesium sulfate. Mag chloride absorbs into the body better and is a better form to get more mag into the body. Perfectly safe when using in a bath, to make mag oil or mag lotion.

  79. I just made this recipe using the listed ingredients and was disappointed in the feel of the butter. Mine felt sticky and greasy and left my skin still wanting moisture. It is almost like it is just setting on the surface of my skin. Mine also looked nothing like your picture. It was more like a thick, creamy lotion. It looks wonderful but the feel on my skin is little to be desired. Anyone else have these results? Would love any suggestions or comments.

    • Denise, I posted the “it’s horrible” comment, but didn’t see it here. Anyway, I actually added more of the magnesium stuff into the gooey batch I made, which made it slightly better. I have read several posts regarding body butters, and they all say to get it really cold and whip it with a *heavy* duty mixer, which I also didn’t do. ( I mis-read and used a stick blender, which I think wasn’t very powerful enough…). After adding in more magnesium flakes, and trying to blend it again, it isn’t so bad. I also added some essential oils,(sandalwood, I think) just enough to take away the strong shea butter smell. It still looks like beige putty, with the same consistency as well, but it does seem to work, and it isn’t as bad as I originally thought.

      • I also used a stick blender and it got very warm and I thought I better stop before I burnt it up. That could have been the problem. Well, thanks for the response and I am glad to hear it is better for you. I have to say after having it on my skin for sometime, my skin does feel soft so maybe I just didn’t give it a chance. I will definitely use it cause I know the ingredients are beneficial and as you commented before they aren’t exactly cheap so we shall see. I may end up really liking it.

  80. I just made this recipe using the listed ingredients and was disappointed in the feel of the butter. Mine felt sticky and greasy and left my skin still wanting moisture. It is almost like it is just setting on the surface of my skin. Mine also looked nothing like your picture. It was more like a thick, creamy lotion. It looks wonderful but the feel on my skin is little to be desired. Anyone else have these results? Would love any suggestions or comments.

  81. I wish I would have read the comments before trying this lotion. This was easy to make and, after cooling in the fridge overnight, looks just like the picture… but the lotion is sticky/waxy feeling. I put it on my legs and stomach after my shower this morning and gave it a good 45 minutes to absorb before trying to get dressed, but I don’t feel like anything absorbed. Even after wiping all the excess oil off with a towel, I feel like I have a layer of wax on my skin. I had to scrub my hands with soap and water to get the waxy feeling off.

    I’m not sorry I bought the ingredients though. I use coconut oil for cooking anyway, the shea butter feels amazing on my skin, and I’ll probably try a plain magnesium spray. The only thing I need to find a use for is the beeswax (which is what I’m assuming left the waxy feeling).

  82. i am wondering if you know how many mgs are in each tablespoon/teaspoon etc. so one would know how much to apply at night to get the required amount?

    • Hi! I calculated this. If you use the Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes and follow the recipe, the finished product has about 200 mg of magnesium per teaspoon.

      • Thanks for this info! 🙂

  83. I don’t have any magnesium flakes (will order) but while I am waiting for them, do you know if I can use Epsom Salts instead? (Will it work for making magnesium oil as well?)

  84. I must have done something wrong. I only yielded about 3 oz. Is that right? Mine was very greasy.

  85. I noticed you said not to add citrus oils due to sun sensitivity, but could you add vitamin c powder to this so it doubles as a magnesium boosting moisturiser as well as helping after swimming in chlorine?

  86. Try an Epsom salt solution before you make a butter with . It felt really weird when I tried it a while back.
    I just made the mag body butter and boy what a mess! But I like the product. It came out a real nice Still kinda sticky and mildly stingy on a couple little cat scratches – a little like the oil. For the oils, I used some lotion bar that was still in the mason jar after I filled all my molds. Best way to clean up is to squeegee utensils with hand/ finger, apply to self, repeat. I t does have a slightly oily waxy feel, but I am not greasing everything I touch. The lotion bar with same ingredients except the mag oil hasn’t got that sticky waxy feel so I assume the mag oil causes that. Thinking back the mag oil itself does have a feel like that and also does feel a little drying. It definitely solves my problem of hating to wait til the mag oil dries on skin.

  87. Does anyone else feel kind of hot and sticky when using the magnesium lotion? I used a whole batch and hot a little more used to it, but my teenage daughter felt warm and sticky when using it, so she hasn’t used it much. I hate to think of using it in the summer if that never goes away! 🙂

  88. Hi! I love the info… and am embarking on home made creams and lotions like this, and want to make some differing ones as well. I would love to add vitamin c to a cream… how is the best way to do that? I have a powdered form of Sodium Ascorbate…seems like it could work..? Any input..?

  89. Thanks for the recipe! Can I use this as a face moisturizer as well?

  90. I’m making this today, but the magnesium flakes are not dissolving. I’m sure I used the right amount. I’ve put it in a bowl in the water in the top part of my double boiler and it is taking forever? Is this normal? Will the heat effect the integrity of the magnesium?

  91. Any thoughts on what I can use in skincare recipes in place of beeswax? It is the only thing I am allergic to (itchy red rash/hives…I found out from using Burt’s Bees products). I guess I would just need something thick? LOVE your site. You are a true super-mom!

  92. I made two batches of this yesterday. The first, I accidentally (read: failed to read the instructions properly!) added the dissolved magnesium solution at the same time as I added the shea butter, bees wax and coconut oil to melt on the stove.
    I assumed that I had just ruined the batch and and so I made a second batch, following the correct steps. I continued with both batches and I found that the consistency of the first batch (where I made the mistake) was a little better once whipped because I had trouble with some of the magnesium/water not incorporating 100% (I was left with a little water in the bottom of the bowl).
    What I was wondering though was whether there is any reason not to add the magnesium earlier in the process? Does the heat of melting the oil ingredients harm the magnesium? I did notice that it took longer for the beeswax pastilles to melt with the water solution in the same jar, but it did melt after some time.
    When I make the next batch I would love to know if there is any issue with this process (ie. less magnesium content). Thanks!

    • I am not an expert and don’t know for sure but based on my research on the Ancient Minerals site about their oil vs flakes the flakes have already been heated to a very high temp so I can’t see why heating them again would be a problem. Basicly you are doing the same thing they have already done. It also makes some sense to me since water is used in the processing of the oil and heating it (along with the other oils) evaporates the excess water doing it your way in theory should help keep excess water from separating out later. Again I’m not an expert so maybe it does something else that’s undesirable (I’m still a bit confused about their explanation of it all). Hope that helps a little.

  93. I posted a question but do not see it. So I will ask again. Can you use emulsifying wax instead of the beeswax? I have emulsifying wax from MRH on hand, you like to use it if it will work. Any ideas?

  94. Is there an age that’s too young to apply this to kids’ feet? My kids are 3 and 5 years old. If it’s okay to use it on them, I was thinking of adding a few drops of chamomile EO to help with sleeping. Or would that affect/decrease the effectiveness of the butter?

  95. I have been making this lotion and absolutely LOVE it! I’ve been sharing it with everyone because I’ve noticed such a difference in so many health aspects! Thank you! One question…I shared some with my mom and it started turning the soles of her feet and between her toes black. Her skin also started peeling on her feet. I was thinking maybe the black was because it is pulling toxins from her body?? Do you have any thoughts on this and also why it may be making her skin peel? Thanks so much!

    • I’ve never heard of it doing that! I don’t know what would be causing it…

  96. Can I add zinc oxide to this to make it somewhat of a sunscreen?

  97. I know that you’ve answered at least one other similar question, but it’s been a couple years and I was hoping you might have a little more info on this now:
    I’m taking a powdered magnesium supplement and I’m experiencing crazy, vivid dreams. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night practically hallucinating – I couldn’t come out of that heavy, dreamy state. It was very unsettling. I’ve vowed not to take any more magnesium orally, but I do want to continue supplementing. Have you heard anyone say that switching to a transdermal version has alleviated this terrible side effect? I can’t find anything about it on the web. Thank you!!

    • Yes. I’ve talked to two people who had the crazy dreams and didn’t get them when using it transdermally

      • Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!

  98. I just made this and it came out perfect!!! I’m wondering if it’s advisable to use after a shower and before bed? Should it be a foot and hand cream or an all over body cream?

    Thanks for sharing I’d been meaning to try magnesium flakes 🙂

    • Angie, I think it depends on the person but I’ve noticed some burning/itching if I use it anywhere I may have razor burn, an open cut or dry skin. Because it’s salt it has been irritating at times. It burns/itches pretty bad if you use it after shaving. I typically use it on my feet but I’ve also used it on my stomach, back or hips as well.

      Enjoy! This stuff has changed my life!

  99. I tried to read thru all the comments and didn’t see one about subbing cocoa butter for shea butter. I would think the two are interchangeable but it has been a long long time since I made my own soaps and lotions. I also will be using the emulsifying wax since the recipe calls for water. I remember that emulsifying wax works better in recipes using water. I just made the magnesium oil recipe from your site and am anxious to use it also.

    Thanks again for the recipe and instructions…

  100. Hello!

    I have just read through every comment and didn’t see this question so hopefully its not repeated, I was wondering about Magnesium Oxide and if can be used to substitute. I have Epsom Salt as well but I have heard that is does not absorb as well. Nothing about the oxide though….any thoughts?

  101. How long does it typically take to feel the effects of the magnesium after using the body butter on a regular basis?

  102. Could I mix some zinc oxide in too for more sun protection? Sorry of this question has been answered before… too many comments to read them all!

  103. Love this it works great I added a some drops of lavender in it

  104. How old were your children when you started using this on them?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I use this on the bottoms of my kids’ feet and they’re 7, 6 and 2. I also have a friend who’s son has been having some growing pains, he’s 7, and they’ve had great success using this on his legs at night 🙂

  105. Can I replace shea butter with cocoa butter?

  106. Hi,
    I’m new here , but why are you adding Wax to this?
    In’t Wax un-heathy to absorb into your body?


  107. I was wondering about this when I read your article on magnesium. I thought “what if you just put it in a lotion…” haha! here it is! 🙂 Thanks again! Although I am wondering where the sunscreen effects are coming from that you mentioned… you didn’t ad any zinc. does the magnesium provide screening? I can’t remember.

  108. Made this today, thanks! It’s a mess to clean up! I didn’t know what to with the blender after, and I have a baby strapped to my back… I need a nap hehe!

  109. I’ve noticed that it causes a bit of sensation, slight burning and tingling, for about an hour after application. Is this from the magnesium? I’ve taken baths with it before and never noticed an issue, but other than the magnesium I’ve had all of the other ingredients on my skin previously without any issue.
    Also, it feels like it leaves a residue behind. Has anyone noticed this getting into clothes and staining or making the material feel funny after a while?

  110. I just made this by subbing cocoa butter for the shea butter since I am very sensitive to shea butter (it makes my eczema worse). It was horribly greasy and when I rubbed it into my hands (I have bad hand eczema) and it burned like the dickens. I couldn’t wash it off fast enough. I am trying to figure out the irritant. Would the magnesium water (I used the flakes) be that irritating? Or could it be the cocoa butter? And mine did not yield nearly as much as you said yours did. My recipe filled a half pint jar. I really want this to work as I have bad RLS and was hoping this would help me sleep better. Thoughts?

    • Some people do notice a tingling sensation from the magnesium, but it might be a little strong for you if you have eczema. You could try balancing it with more of the other ingredients, which will also increase your yield.

  111. I just tried to make this, but the magnesium seems to have separated! Do you know what I have done wrong? Did I start adding it when it was too hot? It was fine until I took it out of the fridge to whip again… I whipped it and then all of a sudden there was water in the bottom of my bowl. I’ve never made anything like this before, so it could be something really silly!

  112. How much do you use each day?

  113. Aye aye aye. I’m a novice DIY lotion maker and didn’t realize what a mess beeswax and shea butter are. The lotion turned out good, but I spent a good hour and a half trying to clean everything up. Anybody have any tips or tricks? For me it was very hot water, then castor oil followed by dish soap that did the trick.

    • I usually have to use almost boiling water, with soap added, to clean up anything I make with beeswax.

  114. Just made this and LOVE It! I could feel it relaxes me when I put it on my feet. Katie, I am wondering are there application/dosage guidelines for how much one can use a day? Is it possible to overdose on Magnesium ?

    • It’s hard to do… You really have to take a lot of it in. Your body has a natural and effective way of eliminating excess magnesium.

  115. I am having a hard time getting the magnesium flakes to dissolve and it makes my butter gritty like a scrub. Any suggestions?

  116. I wonder if I could use Kokum butter or Cocoa butter instead of Shea butter since that’s what I happen to have in the cabinet? Both these are very hard, even in summer, and I don’t know what Shea butter is like. Do you think the same measurements would work? This recipe sounds wonderfully luscious!

    • You could try it with the same amounts. I think they are actually pretty close in consistency.

  117. I noticed your spray deodorant recipe is just plain magnesium oil. can this butter be used as a deodorant too, or do the other ingredients dilute it too much?

    • It could… That is how I discovered that the oil works!

  118. I have been using this wonderful body butter for about 1 month, and I really noticed a difference on how it relaxes me and my husband and help us with our sleep!

    HOWEVER, I also noticed my husband and I also been feeling quite sluggish in the morning upon rising, rather than refreshed. I have also noticed it seemed to relate to sudden mood swings for me when I apply more than one time….

    I looked up Magniseum overdose and here is what I found:

    Overdose Signs

    There is also a possibility to over dose this supplement and the signs are as follows:
    Changes in Mental Status

    The over dose toxicity could cause mental irritability and uneasiness, mood changes and chemical imbalance.

    The person can become nauseous and uncomfortable.

    It could cause diarrhea.
    Loss of Appetite

    Loss of appetite could be experienced.
    Muscle Weakness

    The person experiences weakness, lethargy and lack of muscle strength.
    Difficulty Breathing

    Breathing might become difficult and uneasy.
    Extremely Low Blood Pressure

    The blood pressure could drop dramatically.
    Irregular Heartbeat

    It could cause irregular heartbeat patterns as a sign of overdose and toxicity.


    I love this butter but I think using in moderation, for me once a day, is key! And it’s important that one knows what the potential side effects are before using so you can monitor your intake!

    Hope this helps:-)

    • Now I’m scared! I am gathering my ingredients now and want to try this. Can I replace the magnesium with something else? I am also wondering if it can be stored in the freezer for a longer life?

      • You can just leave out the magnesium if you are concerned, but it’s like many things: it’s ok in moderation.

  119. hello everyone,
    Gosh, what alot of comments !!! I make a body butter by whipping the shea ( refined doesn’t smell ) and slowly adding the barely melted butters ( if using cocoa) in liquid oils…too much heat can hydrogenize fats , just like with food… alternating the mag oil with the melted oils when whipping…
    If your magnesium is dissolved in water…I always use distilled, and a few drops of a decent antifungal/antibacterial ( like optiphen ) . it will not affect the properties of your ingredients, just won’t let mold grow …anything with spring/tap water grows mold, and fast…
    a teaspoon of arrowroot powder per 4 oz of product helps with the stickiness …and hasn’t interfered with absorption so far for me…
    clean your coffee grinder with some dry oatmeal and pitch it out to the birds…
    coconut can be drying, using jojoba ( which is a wax very close in chemical makeup to human skin ) and almond or avocado work grand ( but have a shorter shelf life )
    cocoa butter is an emulsifier because it is solid at warm temps, but beeswax, soya wax, candelilia or another emulsifier can be used …or everything will melt in a warm steamy bathroom closet or sunny windowsill…
    carrot oil is really good for skin, and chamomile…and from other posts katie has made… I love the idea of calendula or comfrey infused oil…
    don’t you love all this stuff ?

  120. How long does it need to be whipped to make it fluffy? I just whipped it and it will not get fluffy, just a thick lotion, but not fluffy….

  121. I know this is a rather old post by now, but I wanted to sing my praises for this recipe. I have had 3 pregnancies where my morning sickness was really, really bad. 3 months before conceiving my 4th child, I started making and using this recipe. I am happy to report, I had ZERO morning sickness with this pregnancy. I have also had pre-eclampsia or post partum pre-elampsia with all 3 of my previous pregnancies/postpartum. I am now 30 weeks pregnant, my blood pressure is in the 100teens/60s and 70s. I am praying no post partum pre-eclampsia this time. I promise to update you! I cannot thank you enough for posting this recipe. I had tried straight magnesium oil before finding this recipe. I have sensitive skin and it burned, every time I applied it. This recipe, I put on the bottom of my feet at night, just before going to bed. No pain. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  122. I am really excited to make this. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and have been using Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion with great success. However, I am blowing through it and I just can’t justify the cost ($40/month on lotion is just crazy), not to mention all the wasted packaging. Is there a way to add melatonin to this recipe? I searched for a topical source but wasn’t able to find a reputable or pure source. I really feel I benefit from that particular ingredient.

    Thank you so much for all your amazing information! I am addicted to your site.

  123. For sunscreen protection, could I add zinc oxide to this and how much?

  124. So, how in the world do you clean this out of your blender?!!!
    This was my first attempt at making any type of lotion & it did NOT whip at all. There was not enough volume to get around the blades, so I dumped it out into a bowl & hand whisked. It didn’t whip, but did make a nice thick lotion.
    But now I’m sitting here with an extremely greasy blender that I have no idea how to clean! Dish soap did nothing. Vinegar did nothing. Baking soda did nothing. I’m scared to put the blender in my dishwasher with this much oil!
    Anybody got tips?

    • I’m going somewhere with no refrigeration. Would a little vitamin E oil help preserve it?

    • I find really hot water and the blue Dawn dish soap helps the best.

  125. Hi I am ready to try the magnesium body butter, wondering if I can make extra and store in the freezer to extend life?

  126. I’m going somewhere with no refrigeration. Would a little vitamin E oil help preserve it?

  127. Can you use ionic magnesium in this recipe? If so how much should you use?

  128. I am sure people ask you this ALL the time, but have you considered selling this stuff in kits? Where you buy the bulk ingredients, put together a kit of the needed ingredients for a recipe and then selling it for your followers to make themselves? I love all the ideas on here, but after clicking on 10 different websites for different items with 10x’s more quantity then I need I don’t end up buying anything.

    • Great idea. I’ll see if I can work out an arrangement with a company to do that for you guys.

  129. This is kind of a weird question but with the magnesium body butter do you get the, er, same affects that you would get when you take magnesium internally (I’m sure anyone reading this who’s experienced this knows what I mean!)

    • You can if you use too much. Work up slowly, and you may notice that you have an easier time with elimination. Slow down if you start having truly loose stools.

  130. THANK YOU! I have been using this for four days on my lower back. I have two ruptured discs and have found no drug that can help, both OTC and Prescription. I thought what the heck, I’ll use this on my back. I was already taking Epsom salt baths every day with little help. I have had such a great deal of pain relief from this I had to write to thank you for posting the recipe! I first spray the magnesium oil from your recipe and then use this body butter. I am getting about 10hrs of pain relief from it. I still have just a little muscle pain in my back but NOTHING like the debilitating, unable to walk, pain I was experiencing before.
    I wasn’t sure if it was actually the magnesium or just a fluke that my back felt better so I have put it on my husband’s knee for two day and he too see a great difference!

    Again, THANK YOU!

  131. I made this to rub on my feet and my 6 and 9 year old’s feet at night. They complain that it makes their feet itch and/or sting. Am I doing something wrong? It turned out perfectly and I didn’t add anything else.

    • That is actually pretty normal for anyone who is deficient in magnesium. It should actually be a lot less with the body butter than with the pure oil. The good news is that it does get better as magnesium levels go up. I’d try rubbing some coconut oil on the feet first and then the body butter to dilute it a little bit…

  132. can i substitute magnesium bath crystals? it’s 100% magnesium chloride salts.

  133. Katie ~ you look so young to be so smart and creative!! 🙂 Have you ever had any readers have a bad reaction to coconut oil? I tried using it as a facial moisturizer only to have my face turn red and peel – after about a month of use. I made deodorant (coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch), which I loved! but ended up with red, itchy burning armpits – again, after a month of use. I’m wondering if I could make the deodorant with shea butter or something else and if it would work as good? Also, I’ve made your magnesium oil (I have to use sparingly due to bowel issues) and would like to make this magnesium body butter, but wonder if I can use something other than the coconut oil. Thanks for your input (and all the research and testing you do!). Blessings, Teri WA State

    • I have heard a couple of people say that they had reactions to it, so you might be experiencing an allergy.

    • Teri, I just saw your question about coconut. My daughter is very allergic to coconut oil. She gets a rash right away if she uses a cream I have added coconut oil to. She is allergic to nuts but she can use shea butter so when I make cream for her I usually add more shea butter and coco butter to make up for the hardness of the coconut oil.

      If you want something for your face I would probably go with jojoba oil or grape seed oil. Grape seed oil has a less greasy feeling and will be absorbed by your skin quicker.

  134. Can this be made into a hard lotion stick? And do you know if it would be safe to be applied to broken skin? (cuts, blisters)


  135. Can you please elaborate on your research regarding absorption and bio-availability of the magnesium flakes in this product?

    Thank you

  136. So I am new to this magnesium oil thing. My chiropractor suggested I use it and after looking into several of your articles I can see I probably need it badly! I figured a lotion would be less drying to the skin, but here is the question. Is this going to be the same concentration as if I sprayed 10-20 spays of the straight oil? how much of the lotion would you apply and do you do it instead of the spray or in addition? (Sorry so many questions, just trying to figure this out!)

  137. Like other posters mentioned, I’m also having a hard time getting the magnesium oil to mix with the butter mixture. But I also used refined coconut oil instead of unrefined. Would that have anything to do with it? What exactly is the difference between the refined and unrefined coconut oil?

  138. Can I use Dead Sea salt instead of magnesium flakes? I just got some from mountain rose herbs, it says it is 35% magnesium chloride. Not as much magnesium, but since it seems like a good idea to start slow, perhaps that’s a good thing!

    • Update: Dead Sea salt is not such a good idea. I tried it and couldn’t get the salt to dissolve. It was also quite sticky. When I put it on my son he told me “Mommy, your hands are dirty.” Still, I discovered it makes a good deodorant!

  139. Hi there

    making this in UK – we don’t use Cups. When I looked up the conversion it said 1 cup = 13 tbsp! I’m trying to work out how many tbspn equivalent I use of magnesium flakes but 7.5 tbspns seems excessive – unless the UK tablespoons are a different size to US ones. Help ))

    • 1 cup is not 13 Tb; 1 cup is 16 Tb. Recipe calls for 1/2 cup (or 8 Tb) magnesium flakes, that is the correct amount (see recipe note that this is double strength magnesium oil when combined with 3 Tb hot water).

  140. I make mine using Organic Cold Pressed EVOO and Organic cocoa butter. Love it!

  141. Do the magnesium flakes have to be dissolved in water or can they be dissolved into the oils and beeswax as they are heated and melt?

    Thank you!

  142. I used one quarter cup of avocado oil and 3 tbsps of coconut oil along with following the rest of recipe. Absolutely love it!!!

  143. I keep having to make this because everyone loves it! My children use it on my grandchildren so they sleep. Then they use it themselves for deodorant and for sleep. My son and husband use it for deodorant. I use it for sleep and deodorant. I took it to my physical therapist to try on my tight muscles. She couldn’t stop raving about it. And she kept it. So now I’m making more! Thanks Katie for the awesome things you do. We are so grateful!

    • Awesome! So glad it works so well for you guys. We use it all the time too!

  144. Making right now…… far so good!

  145. I used the Ancient Minerals pure magnesium oil and when it gets too cold or at room temp the magnesium seperates from the already whipped and blended cream. Is this seperation just water? Can i discard it or is this the magnesium oil itself? If so, how can I keep it together?

    • Good question.

  146. I have been wanting to try this recipe for months but never found the time, until finally our bottle of mag oil ran out.. my kids despise the oil because it stings and itches, so I never use it as often as I want to (daily, ideally).
    So the other night I made this, and first of all, I got so much pleasure just from the making. It’s the first body product I’ve made and I enjoyed it greatly, and felt so proud of my finished result. Then I started using it, and now I can’t stop putting it all over myself and everyone in the family! It smells great, it feels lovely on my skin, my dry elbows and legs are softer already, and the magnesium makes me feel so good. My kids have been falling asleep much faster than usual, and sleeping really well. Yay! Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try out more of your stuff now.

  147. My lotion came out gritty as well. I think it may be related to the magnesium flakes being not quite dissolved when I mixed the two parts together. Would it be ok to reheat the entire jar of body butter and rewhip to achieve a better non-gritty consistency?

    • I did this, which helped to dissolve the magnesium better. It has become smooth, but separates if I don’t beat it every 10 minutes or so. I have reheated it twice now, but I’m getting worried about heating the oils too much. Also, I added a little more magnesium in the beginning, but the butter is pretty sticky. Maybe best to make a new batch… In any case, be careful when reheating.

    • I just made this myself, as I was curious about it. I followed her recipe to the letter, using Ancient Minerals premade Mag. oil at room temperature. I’m wondering how long it took everyone to make this, because at the rate of adding the oil a drop at a time, it was taking over an hour. (Really? Who’s got time for that?) During the entire process, the “lotion” would get grainier & grainier with every single drop added. I finally stopped adding the mag. oil after about 24 mL., because it was certainly NOT turning out like it seems it would. I placed the rest of my oil back in it’s bottle, and watched as what was added to the “lotion” started to separate. I was then left with a bowl of what looked like polenta with melted butter, & dumped it out. Disgusting. Definitely not something I would attempt making again, personally. Glad I didn’t use the entire 1/2 cup of magnesium oil.

  148. I just made a double recipe of the magnesium body butter. I have great hopes that it will come out well. I read, after I finished, that over-beating of the water-based magnesium oil into the oils can cause separation.

    This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you, Katie!

    • Well THAT would have been good to know before I started! 😉 I’ve put in about 1/4 cup of my pre-made magnesium oil and have what the above commenter noted looks like polenta in greasy water :\

  149. Is Rose Mountain Herbs refined coconut oil good to use in your body butters?

    • I prefer unrefined coconut oil, but for topical use that should be fine.

  150. I make my own body butter with coconut, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E, essential oil (lemon, lavender, orange) for scent and beeswax to thicken. Love it! Use it head to toe. I’ve even got a couple of my sisters begging for it.

  151. This cream is very good for extra dry skin but it’s not the best for dehydrated skin. Dehydration issues need to be dealt with water – not oil. Also, beeswax, tends to overload the skin if used too much…It’s a great natural emulsifier but the less the better.

    For my dehydrated skin type, I used pure aloe vera gel instead of beeswax. I whipped by hand the magnesium oil into the aloe vera gel and then slowly added the oils and turned into a wonderful hydrating lotion/cream. The less oils the lighter the lotion. Instead of coconut oil I used extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil for the winter season and shea butter with olive oil or cocoa butter with apricot oil for the summer season – all mixed with pure aloe vera gel.
    It’s about experimenting and about personal preferences and this recipe has given some great ideas!

    • Beeswax is actually low on the comedogenic scale so low chance of clogging pores and it helps to hold the texture.

  152. I love these DIY recipes with shea, beeswax, and coconut oil but how do you clean your utensils and appliances after. It’s so messy and this recipe suggests using a blender or hand mixer. I used my kitchenaid mixer but I can’t get clean and soap does nothing lol. Help LOL.

  153. Do you recommended use it with hair? Please advice for magnesium hair straighter recipe thanks

  154. Can you make the magnesium oil with powder instead of flakes? Are they basically the same?

    • Magnesium Oil is simply magnesium chloride and water. if it’s mag oil you want to make it just needs to be mag chloride ( nothing else). You can certainly make the recipe anyway you want but to be true to this recipe it is using mag chloride.

      • Thanks, the one I have is magnesium citrate. Guess I can’t use that, right?

        • I’ve never heard of citrate used topically. If you’re on Facebook an excellent group is The Magnesium Advocacy Group. If you access it by a computer at the top are “files”. Lots to learn there. If not look up Morley Robbins and he has a website ( he is owner of the Facebook group).

  155. I just made this, but I doubled the recipe. I also added some olive oil, chamomile oil (sunflower seed oil base), vitamin A, E, and D oil, and some EOs. My shea butter is pretty yellowish, and my beeswax was yellow (natural color) so the end product came out more cream-colored than pure white as in the picture. Nevertheless, I think it turned out pretty well. Scraping it off of my food processor and blade was the hardest part, lol, as well as washing them up. But I am excited to start the New Year on a natural note. Husband and I use the magnesium oil as a deodorant so I will keep making it, and we use the squeezable toothpaste and the coconut milk-castille soap shampoo also. I use homemade soaps, lip balm, and lipstick. Pretty much everything that my husband and I use on our bodies is all-natural, except for nail polish and nail polish remover (and only I use that, and not so often… Are there any more natural options for nail polish/nail polish remover?).

    Thank you so much for this so helpful site. 🙂

    P.S. It won’t let me rate this recipe at 5 stars, when I get to the last star, only 3 are highlighted and it won’t go any higher… :/

  156. I made this yesterday. Instead of beeswax I used 3 Tablespoons of Almond Oil. I also added MSM for the magnesium co-factor and the amazing results it’s supposed to add for the skin. It has a very nice creamy consistency. I noticed it has the tacky feeling of Magnesium oil that I was hoping to avoid. I wonder if anyone has cut the amount of Magnesium and had good results with that issue? But still getting enough magnesium

    • I’m curious, what is the proportion of msm did you put inis recipe? Did you just add it in addition to the magnesium? Or did you do half and half? addition


    • The reason I don’t make this lotion is the tacky feeling after using it. I have found other body butter recipes that I greatly prefer.

  157. Hello
    I would like to know if arrowroot powder could be used in place of the beeswax as I do not have that.
    Thank you

  158. It should be mentioned that people with allergies to sulfa cannot use this as the magnesium is processed with sulfa. Just an FYI.

  159. Mine turned out super gritty it actually hurts to use. I’m guessing because the magnesium flakes didn’t dissolve completely… Can i remedy this now that it’s already made? Would re-heating to melt and rewhipping mess it up or do anything at all to help?
    I love my tingles after using it. 🙂

    • I did several times (what have you got to lose?)

  160. Hi Wellness Mama!

    My magnesium butter seems to need an emulsifier. When he made it, my husband said he was able to whisk the dissolved magnesium flakes into the emollient mixture successfully and it stayed together for long enough for him to load it into jars. As I opened the jars, even that same night, I found pockets of what appeared to be water here and there in and underneath it, and I just dumped the water down the drain. Now he tells me the magnesium was in the water. In which case I am not going to raise my magnesium level using it.

    What’s the story? How can we be sure the magnesium stays dispersed in the emollient mixture?

  161. Hello Katie, just love this recipe as I use it on my son with ADHD to increase his magnesium needs and it actually helps with his muscle aches and pains associated with sensory issues. Anyway, I was wondering if there is any way to turn this into more of something that could be like a lotion bar that I could put into the lotion bar tubes. It would be so much easier for the both of us to apply. I tried more beeswax and still either too creamy or sets too much to pour into tubes before it is well incorporated. I’m sure I’m just not getting the ratio correct and hoped you might have some tips. Love your blog and all the information you share to help keep our families healthy naturally. Blessings, Dee

  162. Okay I made this and my kids and even I freak out because it makes an itchy tingling feeling. What did I do wrong? To much magnesium. Maybe I measured wrong.

    • That can be normal even with it diluted for some people, usually because of deficiency. Try just using on the very bottoms of their feet where skin is thicker and see if that helps.

  163. Sorry, but to repeat the question Elizabeth had above about the liquid that accumulates in the jar of magnesium body butter: does the presence of that liquid indicate that the magnesium has drained out of the body butter and should be re-mixed, or is it a natural process that has little effect on the amount of magnesium in the body butter itself? Thanks for all of your support for the community.

    • I haven’t had this happen, but it is just a product of separation and shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

  164. I made this last night and it totally separated after I put it in the refrigerator and then tried to rewhip it. What could I have possibly done wrong?

  165. Quick question…I have a sister-in-love who is allergic to beeswax. Any suggestion for a substitute? Thanks.

    I enjoy your site and all your wisdom. Thanks for sharing so freely!

  166. Katie, I absolutely LOVE it your blog & recipes. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on adding Ylang Ylang to this recipe?

  167. Noticed recipe stated be careful using essential oils while pregnant. There’s essential oils in most of these natural recipes. So i’m thinking they may be harmful in body care during pregnancy? Please help. I’ll just keep them EO free while pregnant. I use mostly orange EO in my natural cleaning products and use Pacifica’s perfume oil from whole foods with EO’s so im a little concerned now.

  168. Can you tell me why your page has to have such a large space taken up with your header? It takes up 2 inches of my screen and only leaves 3 inches for me to read which is pretty annoying. I can’t even see this whole comment section. Love your information though.

  169. what about for mens faces

  170. Hi Katie! Have you whipped this up in a stand mixer? I was planning on throwing in the kitchen aid with the whipper attachment…. please advise 🙂

  171. Hi Katie..

    I recently purchased 1 pound blocks of beeswax for making lotion bars and I am wondering what the amount of bees wax I would need for the “2 Tablespoons Beeswax Pastilles”? Would I be wrong in thinking it’s still 2 Tablespoons of grated beeswax?
    Thank you!

      • Great! Thank you for the reply 🙂

  172. I have a bottle of Mag Malate Renew. Each cap has 793mg Mag Malate Dihydrate – 100mg Elemental Mag and 545mg Malic Acid. I could not take this orally, but would like to try to use it. Could this be substituted in the lotion? At what amount do you think? Thanks for your help. 🙂

  173. I’ve done it. Already tested. Great!!!!!!! Mine is just more yellow than yours….

  174. Hi! I just need clarification please: when you said to use flakes + boiling water OR the premade magnesium oil…. are you saying if I use the oil and not the flakes + water version, that by using the oil version I wouldn’t get as much magnesium in the final product and therefore it not be as potent?

    Thank you so much! I cannot wait to make this for myself and my family. 🙂

  175. I made this recipe and even added 1% vitamin E oil (non GMO, non soy) and 1% tea tree essential oil specifically to prevent oxidation and microbial growth, and it still oxidized in way less than the suggested shelf life of 2 months – it was less than 1 month (the top has turned a darker color). I assume this is due to the water in the magnesium oil. I worry that other’s people’s magnesium oil lotion may be going bad and they don’t know it, and are then putting oxidized lotion (i.e. containing free radicals) on their body, so this is an FYI warning to others. Thank you.

  176. So many great suggestions! I love the butter but hate the smell. I should have purchased refined shea butter I suppose. Is the refined as beneficial to use? Now that my butter is exactly right, I am wondering about the best essential oil to use for covering the smell and make it appealing for use by a recipient as a gift. Would I be able to simply re-blend the butter with the essential oils or would it be advisable to re-melt the butter (easiest) and stir them in? Would melting the butter make it separate? My butter is very thick and difficult to blend in its current consistency.

  177. Can you use magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) instead of MgCl?

  178. It doesn’t absorb nearly as well as the Magnesium chloride, and it can be a little more irritating to the skin

  179. I made this yesterday and used it at bed time and slept better than I have in a while! Thank you for another great recipe!

  180. so I just made this and it separated during th whipping faze. However now I see I forgot the beeswax. Can I remelt and add the beeswax to try and save the mixture ?

  181. re magnesium butter: I know that we are to use glass bowls instead of metal when mixing magnesium oil. My question is: When making magnesium butter, is it ok for me to use mixer w/ metal beaters as long as I use glass bowl? Even my blender has metal blades. Please advise.

  182. I’ve made this before with great success but now I’m trying another batch and when making the magnesium oil, all the flakes aren’t dissolving….what am I doing wrong? ????

  183. I love your website and I am addicted to trying your recipe’s. So I tried making a batch of the magnesium lotion TWICE and it is sticky!! maybe its me but it is sticky for hours, later on in the day it gets better but is there a particular ingredient that might be doing this that perhaps I can ommit? I tried it twice to see if I got something wrong, made sure I used exact ammounts of every ingredient and throuroughly melted them and whipped them real creamy and fridge it enough to get the “butter” look but still sticky!. I love the idea and I am wondering if the shea butter is the culprit, maybe too thick for me? or would it be the beeswax? Thanks

  184. I made your recipe today and I am totally new to the DIY stuff. I followed the direction exactly to the T. The magnesium did not burn me skin at all (which I was surprised because I assumed I would be deficient). BUT I applied it to my stomach and on the inside of my arms. So not a whole lot and then I applied it to my sons feet and my husbands stomach. Now my hands are swollen like they would be if I was retaining water. Is this normal? Did I touch to much of it? How much is too much? I love your site! Thanks!

  185. I just wanted to thank you for this recipe! Thank you! Thank you! I like long distance running, but I struggled with the first few miles because I had such SEVERE shin splints. I quit running for awhile due to the pain, but decided to try this recipe for sleeping at night since it’s supposed to relax. That seemed to work for me, so I then decided to heavily slather it on my shins 10-15 minutes before running and it WORKS!! It is definitely the body butter working, because I’ve accidentally left it off when I went for a simple 5K and I had to walk most of it because of the shin splints. I have a half marathon later this year and you can believe that I will have this body butter on hand in my small pouch of my hydration belt–although it doesn’t seem to wear off easily, and my shins should be good and warmed up by the time I’m even halfway through the half–I don’t want to give any opportunity to pain during my 13.1 miles. Thanks again! I feel like this has changed my life! Your body butter recipe helps me to run, running helps me to get healthier!

  186. Where do u purchase magnesium flakes ?

  187. Love this stuff! I need to make another batch soon. Most of my life I have been prone to leg cramps and cramps in the arch of my foot that makes my big toe attempt to stand up straight. After making my first batch of Magnesium Body Butter I had one of those foot cramps while sleeping. Of course, it immediately woke me up. I got the Magnesium Body Butter and massaged some of it into the cramp. In just a few minutes the cramp was completely gone and I was able to sleep through the rest of the night without problems.

  188. I’m seeing “magnesium chloride” flakes on Amazon. Is this what I want? Thanks!

  189. Hi Katie. I just got done reading your latest on topical magnesium. The magnesium source, (IMCH) is different than the one suggested in this recipe. Is the one superior to the other?

    • I only found the iMCH a few months ago and it definitely seems to work better

      • Imch ? I tried googling it and I can’t find what this is.

  190. I just made this lotion last week and have been using it every night. I hate taking pills so I was thrilled to see a way to boost magnesium as a lotion. I’ve noticed that I sleep great but wake up feeling heavy and a little achy and seem to have a headache. Is this a common side-effect? My husband tried it for two nights, it stung him like crazy, and he said he felt numbness in his fingers and toes the day after. Is there an adjustment period?

    • Hi Berkeley!
      I’ve read that if you wake with a headache after using magnesium, it is often dehydration that is the culprit. I also had an achy feeling but realized that, despite the achiness, my muscles were more relaxed than they had been in a LONG time (I think the achiness was simply muscle fatigue from holding the tension for so long). For your husband, magnesium deficiency seems to cause the stinging when beginning magnesium topical supplementation and is said to get better as magnesium levels increase… the numbness, however, would make me concerned…

    • I have continued using the lotion all summer and now come to depend on it. I have found that the effect of the lotion has become less intense. It still helps me sleep but I don’t feel like I’m super groggy or achy in the morning anymore.

      I have problems with peripheral neuropathy especially while sleeping and I have found the lotion to be a huge help with that. Could be placebo I suppose but I find that my limbs hardly fall asleep at all when I put on the lotion.

  191. Hi Katie,

    I would like to try making your magnesium body butter recipe and also using as a deodorant as I hear it is very effective. Have you ever had any problem with mold formation since it has water in it and should I add some sort of preservative if I make a large batch to prevent this? Do any readers have suggestions for deo recipes containing the magnesium?

  192. Just made this and I love it! Super easy to make, didn’t find it sticky at all, was not gritty either, as some people commented. My skin is super soft. Love it! Don’t know if the magnesium is working at all or not, cause I’m not feeling it tingling or anything, but will see if I see any differences on the long run! Thank you Wellness Mama!

    • I got the same result. It was smooth, creamy and I use it on my feet at night. As someone who has had sleep issues, I have the BEST SLEEP EVER when I use this.

  193. Hi I was wondering if I could use zinc powder in every formulation of the butter since i use it on my kids.. does it build up on their skin? Is there such a thing as too much zinc?

  194. Im planning on making this. Is it safe to use everyday as regular lotion? Can I use it on my 15 month old?

  195. I just got done making the magnesium body butter and I made my own magnesium oil with the hot water and half cup of magnesium flakes… I’m surprised that I had everything on hand even raw shea butter. The recipe turned out good ” Thank you Katie
    I also wanted to say thank you for all the other things that you post .. lots of great information and healthy recipes ” “Wellness Mama” is the Bomb ” ” 😉

    Teri R.

  196. Do I need a blender specifically for creams etc. (difficult to clean?)or will it be ok in my normal blender? never made anything that required whisking before. Thanks

    • I use my normal blender, just wipe out with an old rag or paper towel before washing as it makes cleaning easier.

      • If your lotion is made up exactly in accordance with the recipe, could you please tell me the amount of magnesium (in mg) contained in a given amount of the cream. A teaspoon in the UK contains 5 ml so this would be an appropriate measurement to have. Many thanks in advance for your help!

  197. First I want to say I can understand you have good intentions giving us this recipe. BUT as a former RN I would never tell anyone to mix magnesium in a cream and put it on their body or their children’s body! This cream might be ok for and adult who is healthy and don’t use any medicines.

    Magnesium will be absorbed and you have really NO idea how much you will get in your blood stream!

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my body doesn’t absorb nutrients like it used to so I have to take Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium etc as pills. I had to take a little bit more Magnesium, go from 200 to 400 mg a day. Suddenly my blood pressure went so low so I could stop taking the medicine I had taken for years! Some days my blood pressure is only 100/40..

    I was reading some of the posts and I would like to say, please, if you think your magnesium is low, have it tested and get the right amount you need, as a pill in your health food store or pharmacy.

    Someone said that you get too much Magnesium, you get just diarrhea, Well, it can actually build up in the body!

    Large doses might cause too much magnesium to build up in the body, causing serious side effects including an irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, confusion, slowed breathing, coma, and death.

    I found this little thing on wemd:
    Magnesium is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth appropriately or when the prescription-only, injectable product is used correctly. In some people, magnesium might cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other side effects.

    Doses less than 350 mg per day are safe for most adults. When taken in very large amounts, magnesium is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. Large doses might cause too much magnesium to build up in the body, causing serious side effects including an irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, confusion, slowed breathing, coma, and death.

    I made a diaper cream a few years ago for my grand son and I used zink. It works perfectly as a sun cream if you don’t mind having a bit of white on your nose lol.

    It would probably work with a bit less zink as well. If anyone is interested I can post the recipe here.

  198. I love your recipes for body butters and lotions. I’ve been making body butter for at least a couple of years now, mostly using just coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil and vanilla essential oil for scent. I wanted something I could use on both my face and body, but as good as it was, my face needed something else. I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness of argan oil (this stuff is the best!), rose hip oil and carrot seed oil. I made up a batch of body butter with the basic recipe above and added a few drops of each of these oils. OMG! My skin feels like silk (and I smell like a cookie). I’ve just been using the argan oil alone on my face and my skin is so soft and looks more even. Thanks for all your encouragement and great ideas!

  199. I know this is late but I just made this tonight. I was going to add essential oils but forgot, I was so excited. It is WONDERFUL, creamy, and thick. Can’t wait to use it tonight.

  200. I would like to make some of my own magnesium oil. I have the actual pure mag. oil, I’m wondering if I can sub. the actual oil in place of the mag. flakes? If I can what would the ratio be in replacing the flakes?

  201. I bought the Shea Butter and is really smelly!! Is it normal for it to smell like rotting dairy?

    • Diana, fresh un-refined shea butter has a nutty smell. Nothing like what you are describing!

      I usually get my shea butter from Amazon. The place I get it from is called Essential Depot. Their shea butter is always fresh and creamy. You can use it right from the jar if you want to..

      One time I got a jar that had a cracked lid in shipping. I told them about it next time I ordered so they would pack it better. They didn’t just pack it better but sent me a whole 16 oz jar extra for free!

      Before I found this place on Amazon I have bought shea butter from other places and got hard, dry shea butter.

      You should definitely complain about what you got, Shea butter is not supposed to smell anything like that!

      • Thank you Katie!!

  202. Instead of cocoa butter or shea butter, try mango butter. It is just as moisturizing but has no smell.

  203. Hello all!

    Although I have been using wellness Mama’s advice religiously (and often refer to my family as the “wellness army! haha) ive only now gotten brave enough to post online. I just tried this magnesium body butter recipe and it is so fantastic I just had to post! So creamy and nourishing! W Mama’s posts, recipes and advise are on a legendary level in my opinion —> rushing out to buy her cookbook now! Thank you Wellness Mama! <3

  204. In place of the beeswax or emulsifying wax, could I use glycerin instead?

  205. What about using Magnesium powder from supplements? Could use the powder in with whipped Coconut oil?

  206. Hi there!
    I’m proud to say that your blog inspired me to start making homemade soap and lotion!
    I do have a question about a lotion I made with coconut, olive, grape seed, avocado, vitamin E oil, and beeswax. We all love it but my sister has a concern. She said her face is dry, a’tight feeling’ , used twice a day but hands are good. Out of about 20 users of this lotion this was a first and only concern I’m trying to get to the bottom of. My face feels a little tighter as well, fine lines are diminishing, I’m losing the sagging in my neck . I love it and think it’s surprisingly youthful.

    What do you make of all this?
    Can you offer any advice or understanding that would help my sister?

    I would greatly appreciate your help, Wellness Mama! ?
    Thank you for your time.

    • That tightening can be normal, especially for those with really dry skin but it could also signal a mild allergy to one of the ingredients.

  207. Is there a certain age that you can start using this?

  208. Have you experimented making a lotion with the EASE (water based) magnesium spray yet? I’d like to come up with something and would appreciate your feedback.

  209. Does anyone know how much this recipe yields! I’m not good at cups and tablespoons? Thank you in advance.

  210. Can you use a magnesium body lotion on your entire body daily?
    I made a different recipe for magnesium body lotion and I have only been putting it on my belly, heels of my feet and lower back where I have discomfort, each night before bed.

  211. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I recently purchased magnesium flakes and was looking for a recipe to use it in. This one sound lovley. Can I add a preservative to this recipe to extend the shelf life? If so, do you have any suggestions?

  212. Hi, I made your magnesium oil spray and i Absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you so incredibly much for sharing the recipe (and for your entire blog! I love it!!).
    I would love to try to make my own magnesium lotion now too… but I have really dry and sensitive skin (i was really surprised and so happy when i didn’t react to the mag spray!!).
    I was just wondering if i could just add the same amount of magnesium oil used in this recipe to ~300ml of a lotion i currently use & receive the benefits (i think 282ml is roughly the total quantity of the ingredients used in your recipe, not including the magnesium)? Im just concerned i may react to some of the ingredients- i probably won’t but don’t want to risk it for several reasons!
    Hope to hear back from you & again, thank you so much for your wonderful blog!!
    PS so sorry if this comment is a little jumbled!!!

  213. Is there away to make lotion bars with the homemade magnesium oil? I like using the lotion bars and don’t want to make magnesium lotion/butter.

    • It is tough because of the oil/water issue, but one that I’m working on experimenting with and will definitely update if I figure it out 🙂

  214. Katie, assuming I’m deficient in magnesium (just going by how much the magnesium oil stings) how much of the body butter would I need to use every day? Thanks! Love the blog!

  215. Can you add magnesium flakes directly to a lotion bar recipe or will it disolve?

    • No you can’t, since salts won’t dissolve in oil, but I’m working on a fix for this…

  216. The whole point of making your own products is for health. Is the emulsifying was completely non toxic? The ingredients I’ve read on various ones sound like chemicals. Thanks

  217. I didn’t read through the hundreds of comments so this may have been answered but my magnesium butter is kind of sticky.. and after a couple weeks has drops of liquid in it?? Also, quick question about the flower infused diaper cream. I didn’t have flowers so I used chamomile hydrosol instead.. wondering how long this is suppose to last and still cloth diaper safe? Thanks in advance

  218. I made a similar recipe using beeswax. It felt nice, and didn’t itch, but left a waxy film on my skin that had to be washed off. I wonder if the emulsifying wax feels different. Thanks.

  219. Hi Katie,
    I made this and it turned out great! Thanks so much. Magnesium oil has really helped me sleep better.
    Love your website!

  220. Kate I’m wondering if u would be cool with me using some of ur beauty recipes to make products that I would sell to my community at the local market?

    • I don’t allow direct use of my recipes for sale, but I’d encourage you to experiment and create your own variations if you’re interested in selling them. My terms of service briefly mention this:

      • No worries I’ll use them only as a guide

  221. Hello, sorry if this has already been asked, but can you add essential oil and if so what would you recommend and how much? Thank you, I’m new to this and really enjoy your site ?

  222. Susha, I have made this and added Lavender, Frankincense, and Cedarwood Essential Oils. I don’t count the drops, just add slowly until you get the scent you like. Hope this helps!

  223. I love shealo butter, it’s thick, moisturizing, but doesn’t stay greasy, (aloe Vera juice and Shea butter from Camden grey). I did 1/2 cup shealo butter, 10 drops wintergreen, 8 drops clove, 6 drops helichrysum, 4 drops copaiba and 2 drops peppermint. (Or young living panaway and copaiba) I’m very sensitive to magnesium oil straight (makes my skin itch/burn), so i added just a tablespoon of the magnesium flakes/water i mixed up (i only mixed up half the recipe) and will add more if i tolerate the tablespoon well. I stirred the essential oils into my room temp butter with a spatula and then the magnesium oil next. Didn’t need a blender or mixer all, it’s very fluffy and creamy.

  224. I was SLOWLY adding my 1/2 cup of pre-made magnesium oil to my oil mixture in our Kitchen-Aid when it started seeming like WAY too much liquid to add to that small amount of oil. I quit at about the 1/4 cup mark because it clearly was getting worse instead of better. When I was rereading the recipe I noticed that you can use either 1/2 cup of oil OR mix 1/2 cup of flakes with 3 tablespoons water to make your own. If you make your own, how much liquid do you end up with? It seems like it would be a pretty small amount, right? So is the 1/2 cup of premade oil incorrect? Or did I (like another commenter mentioned) whip everything up too much while trying to incorporate the oils slowly?

  225. Wondering if there are substitutions for the coconut oil? I would like to make this for my husband. He is allergic to coconut. I think he will be OK with the emulsifying wax (he is allergic to beeswax) but i could also try candellia wax (which he is fine with).

    thanks so much

  226. I made this for the second time today. I’m a novice at diy stuff, and the clean up was more than I could motivate myself to deal with again, even though I loved it. But I still had all the ingredients and I wanted more.

    I found a Hamilton Beach Drink Master – – at Goodwill. I figured that cleaning a one cylinder thingy-ma-bobber would be easy AND that the mixing would go faster. I was so right!

    The mix started to turn white almost right away!! It was really loud though.

    Thank you for the recipe. I love it!!

  227. Mine came out grainy and sticky – I thought I had disolved all the magnesium but maybe I didn’t.. what reasons could make it sticky though? Did I maybe use too much magnesium?

  228. Hi Katie, can I use magnesium oxide powder instead of chloride? I have a whole bag of it and trying to look for something to do with it!

  229. Do you need to use a preservative since you have used water to make the Mag Oil?

  230. I made the magnesium butter. How much should I use each day?