DIY Buckwheat Relaxation Pillows

DIY Organic Buckwheat Relaxation Pillows

We’ve switched to organic bedding, but organic pillows can be expensive. One less expensive solution I’ve found is to make our own organic buckwheat pillows using organic buckwheat hulls (and optional herbs) for a very comfortable and natural pillow. The same concept also works great for neck pillows and eye masks!

If you can sew a (somewhat) straight line, you can make these pillows and I actually find them more comfortable than regular pillows. If you make a whole pillow, it is more firm than a regular stuffed pillow, but also stays cooler and supports the neck better. Buckwheat hulls are pretty inexpensive, and adding herbs can help encourage restful and relaxing sleep.

I used about 5 pounds of organic buckwheat hulls and it made a pillow that was a little smaller than a regular pillow but that fit well in a regular pillowcase. I also added about 1/2 cup each of lavender, chamomile and yarrow for a gentle scent and for their relaxing aromatherapy properties. An even easier solution is to make a neck pillow that can be used with a regular pillow, or an eye mask with the herbs added to help improve sleep (and block sleep-disrupting light).

Where to find the ingredients:

DIY Organic Buckwheat Relaxation Pillows

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DIY Buckwheat Relaxation Pillows

Relaxing homemade buckwheat pillows made from organic buckwheat hulls and herbs to help improve sleep.


  • A piece of fabric big enough to make the size pillow you want- I used organic cotton muslin
  • Organic Buckwheat Hulls to fill the pillow (about 5 pounds fills a normal size pillow without being too thick)
  • Optional 1/2 cup lavender flowers
  • Optional 1/2 cup yarrow flowers
  • optional 1/2 cup chamomile flowers


  1. Cut the fabric into the size and shape you want your pillow to be (allow 1/2 inch extra for seams).
  2. With right sides together, sew three sides and half of the remaining side, leaving an opening to fill with the buckwheat hulls.
  3. Turn the pillow right side out and fill with the buckwheat and herbs (if using)
  4. Hand sew the opening to seal and viola! You have an organic pillow!

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Make sure to use a pillowcase on any buckwheat pillow as they are not washable. I don’t recommend using with potty training toddlers (I speak from experience… buckwheat and urine=not nice together). About once a month or so, I leave  the buckwheat pillows out in the sun to make sure they don’t retain any moisture and so that the sun can naturally kill any bacteria that accumulates.

Have you ever made your own pillows? Gonna try this? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. This sounds too easy, that means I *might* be able to pull this one off! lol

  2. Great idea! I’ve added Buckwheat Hulls to my MRH “wish list” to consider buying the next time I make a purchase (I try to group things to save on the shipping.)

  3. will the scents (lavender) last?

  4. How long do these pillows last before you recommend replacing them/making new ones?

      • I am VERY allergic to Buckwheat. What could I use for a replacement please. Any ideas would be welcomed.

        • You could use rice and lentils, or white rice and any kind of bean…

        • What about millet husks?

  5. Can these be microwaved to use as a natural heating pad?

    • We don’t have a microwave, so I haven’t tried…

    • Heating buckwheat hulls under most circumstances will result in a reduction of moisture they contain, causing them to become more brittle (broken, flat hulls are less than ideal for use in a pillow).

  6. Hi Katie, is buckwheat considered a grain to be avoided or is it health-permissible to be eaten?

  7. I am having trouble finding organic cotton. Where do you get yours? I love your site! Thanks!

  8. what did you use as a pillow case?

  9. Simple and clever! I am excited to try it.

  10. really love your blog so many incredible ideas and resources. i am looking to purchase an organic eye and neck pillow any suggestions? thank you.

  11. During your research for mattresses and pillows, do you have suggestions of where buy an organic toddler pillow? Obasan does not make smaller sized pillows.

    • We bought our organic mattresses at LifeKind. They also sell toddler pillows that are very cute. I have one, but in hind sight, it wasn’t worth it. Neither of my kids used pillows as toddlers, despite my best efforts. It also got a bit lumpy when I washed it (and maybe dried it in the dryer, whoops!). I would go for a flatter regular pillow or something home made if I had to do it again. They don’t stay tiny toddlers for long and at least if you buy an organic regular pillow you will likely find someone in the family who will like it (if not the toddler right away!). LifeKind makes nice pillows too.

  12. I work in a spa where we make our own Bucky pillows, for the feet and as neck wraps we keep them in a hot towel cabby and microwave the neck wrap they feel great when warmed but after a while start to have to burned popcorn smell….so I wouldn’t heat them in the microwave often if they are for home use….they have lasted for a long time. I will be trying this as a bed pillow!

  13. I have made the buckwheat hull pillows. As I was doing the research, I read that one should not microwave the hulls. However you can get buckwheat seeds and they can be microwaved. I get mine at This is a company started by a lady so her downsyndrome child could have a job. The company has grown so that many other special needs folks can also have jobs. I love my buckwheat hull pillow and only recently bought seeds to make a smaller pillow that can be warmed.

  14. my grand used to make these for us when we were kdi if we got sick they woudl make these but them you put them in oven for few min to warm them up

  15. Would whole buckwheat groats work or does it have to be hulls?

    • It needs to be just the hulls. You could use the whole groats, but it would have a completely different feel and would need to be kept away from moisture and water.

  16. Where do you buy your organic cotton Muslim?

  17. What are your thoughts on using a buckwheat and wool combo for the pillow? Any suggestions on how I might make that work? And where I might find wool?

  18. What is the size of your pillow in inches? Is that just a regular pillow size? Thank you so much

  19. Would the rice and lentils, or other Beans have the same effect of the buckwheat hull?

  20. Where would you recommend sourcing Organic Buckwheat Hulls? I’ve tried to google, but many vendors are not certified organic. Where do you get yours?