Top 14 Gift Ideas for Men

Top Gift Ideas for Men who are tough to shop for

Do you have a man in your life who is impossible to shop for? I do…

My husband is a perfectionist who insists that anything he buys is of the utmost quality. He doesn’t like things that sit around or take up room without a purpose, so strictly sentimental gifts are out (though I did think of one sentimental gift that was also useful so he loved it… see below). He also hates being surprised, so keeping the gift a secret without him finding it is another challenge!

Natural Gift Ideas for Men

Men can also be tough to shop for because their hobbies vary so much. Below is a list of gifts that my husband enjoyed getting and actually uses. When I asked on Facebook, a lot of you indicated that guys are the toughest ones on your shopping list too, so please share you best ideas in the comments!

DIY Fleece Quilt (Easy Way!)

Easy t-shirt quilt pattern design with fleece back diyMy hubby had a ton of t-shirts from college, and he didn’t want to get rid of any of them, since they had sentimental value. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of them sitting in the closet forever, so I decided to make them into a quilt.

All of the patterns I found required layers of batting, interfacing, and backing and would cose a lot more than I was willing to spend. After being told by the lady at the fabric store that I couldn’t do it, I decided to use fleece as a backing (a challenge?) and couldn’t be happier with the results. This quilt has lasted for over a year with very little wear and he actually uses it!

Bonus: It only took me a few hours to sew, all on the machine! This would actually be a great gift for a child or other relative as well!

Click Here for the easy tutorial and instructions (it really isn’t tough!).

“I Love You Because” Calendar

I love you because DIY Calendar ideaFor our first Christmas, money was pretty tight and I wanted to find a gift that would be budget friendly and also sentimental. I got a scrapbook type calendar like this one and added photos from our dating, engagement, and wedding to make the picture for each month. Then, I wrote on every day of the year a reason that I love and admire my husband. Reasons ranged from really heartfelt/romantic “You still make my heart skip a beat,” to the silly “Your crooked toe from when you broke it,” to others that aren’t appropriate for the blogosphere. 🙂

He actually used the calendar and looked forward to reading the reason I loved him each day, and I think it is one of the few sentimental gifts that he still has to this day. This was also one of my favorite gifts to give, and it was fun to think of all the reasons I love him.

To be really budget friendly, you could even just make or print the calendar on your computer and write the reasons in…

Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers- Gift Idea for Men This may not be a gift for some men, but for a guy who is in to sports/outdoors, they can be great (especially if he has joint problems). I got my hubby some Five Finger KSOs (stands for “keep stuff out”) for Christmas a few years ago and he has used them a lot! There are newer models like the Tech Sport, which provide a little more foot protection and are great for trail running or biking, camping, canoeing, etc.

Natural Shaving Options

Natural Shaving Options for Men-old fashioned shaving sets are a great gift ideaFor men who have sensitive skin or really thick facial hair (like my husband), natural shave options are a great gift. I was proud that this was one I actually thought of on my own, and he is really glad he switched!

His face used to get irritated from conventional razors (even the good ones) and I didn’t like the chemicals in regular shaving cream, so the old-fashioned options seemed to be the best choice.

He now uses a double-sided safety razor which he got with a brush, mug, and razor stainless steel set (he loves it!). he used to hate shaving and actually enjoys it now. I make homemade shaving soap for him to go in the mug (recipe here) but there are also some good ones available if you don’t want to make it.

If you aren’t sure your guy will go for the old-school shaving, there are cheaper sets available and he can always upgrade if he likes it.

Earthing Mat

Earthing mat- great gift to improve sleep and reduce stressI’ve written about Earthing before and how an earthing mat helps me sleep a lot better. Since my husband and I used to fight over the earthing mat, I finally decided that he should have his own. The basic concept is that it electrically grounds your body to help reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and even stops snoring!

Here is the one we use, and it comes with a book about the benefits of Earthing, and an outlet checker to check the ground of your outlet.

Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller- great gift idea for men- deep tissue massage at homeThe rumble roller is one of my favorite gifts of all time too. Basically, it is a deep tissue massage at home, so it is a lot cheaper than regular massages in the long run. The big spikes make it great for athletes (my hubby and a lot of men) and people who get stressed out/tense easily (me). My hubby also doesn’t like taking the time to get a massage, especially since the sitting-still-and-doing-nothing for an hour really annoys him. This is the solution!

It doesn’t take up much room and it is wonderful for sore muscles! I use this regularly and it has made a big difference in my muscle tension. Plus, it looks manly and tough, so men don’t mind using it. Here is the Rumble Roller I got and there are two different sizes and firmness levels.

Phillips Wake Light

Natural Alarm Clock- great gift idea to help improve energy and make waking up easierFor men who have to get up early for work, a natural wake up light can make a big difference in waking up and energy levels throughout the day. Basically, it is an alarm clock that gradually brightens with a daylight-type bulb and nature sounds instead of a blaring horn sound.

This particular one is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation and waking up gradually and naturally can have a big impact on energy levels and proper hormone production throughout the day.


Kettlebells- great gift idea for men- fitness in under 10 mins a dayIf your guy is a fitness buff, or just wants to find a fast workout that yields big results, a kettlebell is a great option. Cheaper than a gym membership, much less space consuming than weights, and endlessly versatile, kettlebells are a great at-home fitness option.

I first discovered them through my brother-in-law who is a certified instructor, but I love them for their simplicity and results, and besides softball and basketball, this is one of the only workouts my hubby does.

Natural Cologne

Natural Cologne- gift options for menCologne is a classic and classy gift… the chemicals in it- not so classy! Thankfully, there are a lot of good natural options emerging. Burt’s Bees makes a Natural Bay Rum Cologne, made from essential oils of herbs and spices. If you are so inclined, you can also create a personalized version for the guys on your list using essential oils and alcohol.

If you go this route, I suggest starting with “manly” essential oils like bay leaf, fir, patchouli, cleary sage, clove, citrus, cedar, or cinnamon and figuring out what combination creates a scent you like.

 Last Wallet He’ll Ever Need

Natural Leather Wallet- with 100 year warranty- the last one he will ever need- gift for this ChristmasMen are tough on wallets! My dad used to go through one every year or two and that was almost always what we knew we could get him for Christmas each year. I mentioned my hubby likes the best of things, and I found a wallet that meets his expectations.

It comes from Saddleback Leather, and has a 100 year warranty (so his grandkids can use it one day)! They also have a bigger wallet if he likes that kind. Saddleback Leather also makes briefcases and bags (which has been on his wish list forever) and they even recently started making a purse for women (all are covered by the 100 year warranty). They are more pricey up front, but considering they will never need to buy another one, they are a great gift for someone who values quality.

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine notebook-great gift ideaMy husband loves these notebooks which are classy and versatile. He uses them for work, for taking notes, or just to have on hand when he needs to write something down.

I actually like them too, and getting one as a gift gave me the resolve to start journaling… I also keep a small notebook in my purse for jotting down recipe ideas, blog post outlines, etc

Pull Up Bar

Pull-Up Bar- Gift idea for men on your listIf your guy is into fitness (or you’d like him to be), a pull-up bar can be easily mounted on any standard door frame without any drilling or holes in the wall or doors. It is also easy to take down and is a great way to get in pull-ups, ab exercises, etc. at home.

We have this one and my hubby uses it (almost) daily.


Books a gift idea for anyone on your listThe ultimate classic gift idea, since there is literally something for everyone. My guy tends to like the business/marketing/sports type books, but this definitely varies by guy. I personally love ordering used books on Amazon (saves money and paper since they are re-used) but used book stores are also a great option (and I can spend hours there!).

We haven’t made the switch, but a lot of people love using a Kindle instead of regular books since it takes up so little room and literally hundreds of books can be put on it. I’m a fan of holding a real book when I’m reading, but Kindles are a popular gift this year.

A Good Knife

A quality folding knife- classic gift for a guyI didn’t buy this for my husband, but his folding knife is an item that he uses daily. He has carried a knife since I met him and he uses it for “anything and everything.” I actually find myself asking him to borrow it pretty often when I need to open boxes, cut a thread off of a sweater in the car, etc… A folding knife (or any knife really)  is a classic guy gift and a pretty safe bet.

The Classics:

Depending on his hobbies and likes, the classic gifts of tickets to a sporting event or concert, an experience or time away with you is almost always a safe gift. In fact, a night away as a couple can be great gift for either spouse (*hint-hint* *-cough-cough* honey…)

Is your man hard to shop for? What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten him? Would any of these be a good fit? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Great list! I’ll keep these in mind for the hubby. I’ve never heard of the “Earthing Mat” before and I enjoyed reading up about it on your previous post. Thanks for sharing, I’m excited to learn more about it and eventually buy one! ( :

  2. i LOVE my wake up light. i used to have so much trouble waking up and now i dont!

  3. I bought my husband a universal remote one year and he says it’s the best present he’s ever gotten. He loves it, and, like you said it’s nice and practical.

  4. This is a great list! I was skeptical when the first thing I glanced at was the fingered shoes, but I also admit that I probably noticed those first because my fiance just bought a pair, and is enjoying them. 😛 (I just can’t get over how weird they look!)
    Bookmarking this, and very much considering both the wake up light and the rumble roller…. though the wallet would also be great… and a shaving kit is something I’ve been looking at….

  5. This is actually a really, really helpful list! I’m considering the shaving set option and also the wallet. Thanks!

  6. Great list! My hubby is forever looking for his ideal wallet. Now I’m going to investigate the Saddleback Leather wallet. Some of the best gifts I’ve found for him were: wooden lap desk (Leverington), atlas (he loves maps), Tennessee toothpick (beautiful mini jackknife), good pens (Pentel Energel .7). Fun post and helpful. Thanks.

  7. The only problem with this list is there are too many good ideas!!
    Earthing mat just ordered. Hope you get some kick back from them!!

  8. My hubby is tough to buy for and he already has about 4 of these things! But you gave me some really good ideas!

  9. This is a great list, thanks Katie! Here are some of the well-appreciated gifts I’ve given my guy: a really good chef’s knife with a honer and good quality cutting board; a handmade leather satchel for carrying books; a nice fountain pen; and a manly black martini glass. 🙂

  10. Ooh great list. My husband has so many eclectic hobbies that it’s easy to get him something he likes but so hard to find something he really loves. He absolutely hates shaving and has super sensitive skin so I think this may be the perfect time to make the swith to a more natural product. His all time favorite gift I’ve gotten him is a drawing table. He’s been working on a year long project that involves him drawing every day so it’s been well used. He was like a kid at Christmas when he first saw it, I love making him smile like that.

  11. My fiancé is the pickiest EVER to shop for! It’s been a few years already that we just ask him to give us a list of things he likes or things he wants. What I really always want is to surprise him. Last year was the year of all years… the gift I got him for Christmas totally knocked his socks right off! My fiancé loves to cook and his favorite foods are usually grilled. His hobby is cooking/grilling and perfecting recipes. I sure am blessed and support his hobby! The whole family does! Hehe. However, he’s the type of guy you see outside grilling EVERY day… even in the freezing temps! (if you are a Minnesotan or know one, you more than likely know deal) Once, it was so cold out that he grilled in the garage! With the door cracked open a bit! I felt so bad when he came inside with red, puffy eyes from all the smoke. I’m the kind of person that likes to take care of situations, find solutions, make things better, etc. I had to fix this! I had to find some kind of meat thermometer he could use that would alarm him when his food was ready. If not I would have to invent one. I did a little search and that’s when I ran into the iGrill. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before! But better late than never, ehy! So finally when he opened his gift and saw it for the very first time, the expression on his face was priceless! Woohoo! Mission accomplished for Christmas 2014! ?