T-Tapp Workout Video Review

T tapp wellness system review why you should be doing thisI’ve been experimenting a lot lately with at-home workout options since it can be difficult to make time to get away to a gym with five kids. I recently tried a workout called T-Tapp at the recommendation of a friend.

If you aren’t familiar with T-tapp, it is a short workout system that *looks* very easy and makes claims to boost weight loss, lymph function, flexibility, and more.

I’d heard T-Tapp mentioned in several places online before and was skeptical. When I saw “bio-hackers” like Bulletproof Exec mentioning the T-Tapp system and claiming that it:

  • “Is the fastest weight loss workout we’ve ever seen
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases insulin sensitivity, which promotes loss of excess weight
  • Reduces stress
  • Skyrockets energy levels and mental clarity
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves cardiovascular function
  • Helps the brain gain better control over the body (builds neurokinetic function)
  • Takes just 15 minutes”

I was intrigued. To be perfectly honest, my first impression of the T-tapp system was that it was kind of an aerobic class type system that most men wouldn’t be caught doing. These bio-hackers specialized in finding the systems for health and wellness that take the least amount of time and produce the biggest results. These are people who are in excellent shape and who I’d expect to be focusing on lifting really heavy weights… and they were doing Hoedowns with Theresa Tapp.

I decided to at least try T-Tapp, though I was still skeptical (again with the whole “looking like an aerobics class” thing). I resolved to actually try the system the way she recommends and post my results.

T-Tapp Claims

T-Tapp claims to be an anti-aging weight loss and fitness system. While many forms of exercise can have weight loss benefits and muscle building effects, some of them can actually speed up aging (especially endurance activities done for long periods of time).

It claims to be low-intensity, muscle toning and good for hormone and insulin levels. For reference, Theresa (the creator of the system-pictured above) is 55 and claims to have done no other forms of exercise for the last 20 years. It also be claims to be gentle on the joints and to tone even the inner core muscles that are often very hard to target.

The T-Tapp System

The T-tapp System was created by Theresa Tapp through her work with rehabilitating patients with joint problems, edema, swelling due to medication, and more. Theresa has a back injury herself that she got as a child and that resulted in three fused disks in her back. She found that proper alignment and posture were vital for her to be pain free and her system focuses very strongly on form and posture.

The T-Tapp system is no-impact and truly anyone can do it. I’ve been doing it during pregnancy and it has been both the easiest and most effective pregnancy workout I’ve ever tried.

The basic system truly only takes 15 minutes and while it takes a little while to get the coordination down, it isn’t physically straining, though it does get the heart rate up and stretch muscles!

The focus is on proper alignment and core muscle strength rather than high impact and endurance. I think many people can benefit from this system and that it is particularly valuable for anyone with adrenal exhaustion or medical conditions that prevent them from doing most physical activity.

The system basically involves doing a series of careful movements with a focus on posture and holding a particular form during the entire workout. The most “difficult” part of the workout is “hoe-downs” which really do raise the heart rate and which she has found to help regulate blood sugar levels, balance hormones, and boost weight loss. As crazy as it sounds, I was amazed at how great they work. Here is a preview of hoe-downs:

Without watching the instructional, the hoe-downs don’t make much sense, but she explains the reason for the posture and how to do the exercises correctly.

My Experience with T-Tapp

As I said, I tried the system somewhat skeptically. I thought that the system seemed too easy to work and that it looked rather strange. I tried what she recommends for the system: Doing the basic workout for 4 days in a row and then every other day for a month.

I measured myself before and after to see if there were any size results. Theresa is not a fan of using a scale to measure progress (I’m not either) since increased muscle (or *ahem* being pregnant) can skew weight measurements. I lost 1/2 to 1 inch in most areas of my body (stomach aside). I’ve definitely become a big fan of the system, especially during pregnancy, as I back off weight training and really high intensity during this time, T-Tapp seems like a great way to keep in shape.

As for how it stacks up to the claims:

  • “Is the fastest weight loss workout we’ve ever seen (I didn’t weigh myself but did notice a difference in inches and my posture)
  • Detoxifies the body (Logical after trying it, especially since I had some die-off symptoms the first few days including congestion along with the sluggish lymph-drainage feeling)
  • Increases insulin sensitivity, which promotes loss of excess weight (Tested this and it does)
  • Reduces stress (I found that it was a great stress buster and looked forward to it each time)
  • Skyrockets energy levels and mental clarity (surprisingly, yes)
  • Boosts metabolism (check- I was already more hungry from being pregnant, but I noticed I was eating a lot more on T-Tapp days but didn’t gain size)
  • Improves cardiovascular function (Increases heart rate, so this makes sense)
  • Helps the brain gain better control over the body (builds neurokinetic function) (Yep, but takes a while to get the hang of it and not look ridiculous while doing the exercises!)
  • Takes just 15 minutes (Really does!)

A couple things surprised me… I actually really enjoyed the T-tapp workout, even though I did feel rather dumb doing some of the exercises, and I looked forward to doing it. I love that it focuses on alignment and posture and have noticed improvements in my own posture (even when sitting at the computer) since starting it. I broke my leg as a child, and it was set with my foot pointing out, so my muscles have been trained that way and my left foot has always pointed slightly out. The other day, I was walking at the grocery store and noticed that my left foot was pointing forward, which I attribute partially to these exercises.

What surprised me the most though, was the blood sugar benefits! T-Tapp claims that it can drastically reduce blood sugar instantly. I found a lot of people who had first hand experience with this on diabetes and gestational diabetes forums, but wanted to test it myself. I monitor my own blood sugar periodically during pregnancy (instead of doing the glucose test) so I had a glucose monitor on hand.

To put the blood sugar lowering claim to the test, I purposefully ate a sweet potato, fruit, and honey in one sitting (I don’t normally eat this much starchy foods at one time!) and did a blood sugar reading about 10 minutes later to get a reading in the 140s. I then did the basic workout with the hoe-downs and took another reading immediately… this reading was back to my normal fasting level of 83! While I don’t have any blood sugar issues, it usually takes me over an hour to get back to a fasting level, sometimes longer with as much starch as I consumed, and I was able to do it in less than half an hour with the T-Tapp exercises.

I can definitely see the potential benefit for diabetics and pregnant women hoping to avoid gestational diabetes. I actually found accounts by diabetes who had been able to go off insulin by doing hoe-downs after every meal. At the least, normal low-impact exercise would not be harmful to diabetics and could only help.

My other favorite thing about T-Tapp is that it can be done in such little time each day and has no recurring cost like gym membership, making it an ideal system for people like me who stay at home with kids and have trouble making it to a gym each day. It also requires no equipment, extra room or fancy clothes (PJs work best in my opinion!)

I went from a skeptic to a T-tappvangelist after trying it myself. It literally costs as much as one month of gym membership where I live and takes less time. Even if a person wanted to buy all of Theresa’s materials, it would still be less than $200, which is the registration fee at the gym near me. Her products include:

If you struggle with weight loss, hormone problems, blood sugar, fatigue issues or joint pain, I’d definitely encourage you to try the T-Tapp system for 30 or 60 days to see if you notice the same benefits that I did! Not into T-tapp? Here are some other at-home workout ideas to try.

Have you ever tried T-Tapp? How did you like it? Please let me know below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I am subscribed to your e-mail newsletter, and subscribed to your blog. I’d do the other entries, too, if I did any Twitter or Facebook, but I don’t.
    I have looked at T-Tapp, and have wanted to try her videos for a long time. I was a little skeptical as well, so it was really nice to read your review. I especially appreciate that you checked your blood sugar levels. Thanks!

    • I bought the program after watching several YouTube videos. The program is different than what is represented on YouTube. I found it to be very low quality and almost impossible to exercise to because there is no music and she talks continually. And, the product is not returnable, I think because everyone would return it. In hindsight, I have spent more time looking at reviews and have found them eerily similar and suspect that most reviews are paid reviews to boost sales. Don’t waste your money.

      • I agreed with you, I have bought some videos in the 2005 and the prices where lower and the shipping decent, now they charge $ 29.00 to 39.99 and a ridiculous S&H price of $ 30.00. I think this is a smart woman and a very greedy one.

        • Angela & Susan-I have to agree, the website offerings are nothing but confusing and overpriced. The production values on the videos are low and she’s not a very good instructor (e.g., form is important, but she doesn’t show you what she’s doing; she doesn’t mirror; the backgrounds she chooses are so busy as to be distracting). All that said, referring back to the original article–all you need is that one 15 minute workout video. I got the book from the library and that filled in a lot of the gaps that are left if you rely only on the dvd. Finally, I really like the workout despite all the negatives. My experience is similar to that of Wellness Mama. I follow the workout video with the sound turned down and I’m usually ahead of her at the end so I can leave the room before she does that “signature move” with her thumb. If you’re still unsure, borrow the book and read it, then decide if you want to go on from there.

        • Shipping and handling was $3.30 when I checked.

          • Nice to see a very recent comment, Dana. Are you doing this? How is it going?

      • I happened to see your post. I have the T-Tapp Basic workout DVD as well a a few other T-Tapp DVDs. All the talking on the DVD is there to ensure you keep your form, which is exacting in this program. “Tuck butt, keep your knees out,” etc. is said over and over because you WILL lose form and not get the benefits of the exercises otherwise. Even with her constant instruction, you still CANNOT skip the instructional video – this is not a dive-in-and-jump-real-fast program. I agree that it is an adjustment to not have music on an exercise video and be able to sort of zone out in time to the rhythm. I have heard people who do weight training, distance running, or high-intensity aerobics say that they found those things to be easier than T-Tapp, because the constant focus on form is simply not required. I agree that T-Tapp DVD prices are high compared to others. On the other hand, you will not use them for a few weeks, get bored and be ready for something else. I’ve had mine for nearly ten years, and no matter how long you do the workouts, you will never “master” them, so you cannot get bored. As far as Teresa Tapp being greedy – she’s been offered the big infomercials and what not, and said no. So . . . please dust off those DVDs, start with the instructional, and see how you look and feel in 30 days. I don’t work for these people, so I gain nothing from this other than I know how you feel coming to this weird program for the first time, and I’m just here as a person who has come out the other side with deep respect for what it does. Good luck to you!

      • I have to respectfully disagree…I bought the program and love it. I’m not interested in music, I want an effective workout and if you listen to what she is saying, it’s important that she is talking; she is continually reminding you of body alignment, which is essential for the system to be effective. If you don’t have the proper alignment and positioning, the exercises just won’t be effective and you could actually hurt yourself. There are too many systems out there that do nothing but play music and leave you on your own, not considering the necessity for proper body alignment. Sure, you can bounce around to great music and not pay attention to proper form, but you won’t get what this program will give you if you take your time and do the exercises properly. I love the system, have been using it a week and a half, and am getting the moves down and actually feeling energized! My stomach is even beginning to flatten some, and that is a major achievement for me. It’s an affordable, fairly easy program and I am really loving it!

    • I have used her system for about 5 years and it works!!! After you get the understanding behind her workouts all other workouts don’t compare. Because she really is a teacher and give sheet understanding of what you’re doing

      Now I’m going to do my T – Tapp!!

  2. I’m a kettlebell-er and I’d love to find something as brief that is at least somewhat as effective!

  3. I would love to try this to regain my body after having for children in the last set being twins 9 months ago. I need to get back on the health band wagon. my hips an absolute not been the same since having the boys and I would just love to get that back 🙂

  4. I would love to
    win this prize package. I recently went to my annual well woman exam, and
    I was told that my progesterone levels were too low and she prescribed me some
    bio-identical progesterone. I never filled the prescription because I am too afraid
    of the side effects. I have been looking for ways to help naturally boost my
    levels. Maybe this would help?

    • It very well might. Have you looked in to natural progesterone cream? When from a healthy source and used correctly, this can be a natural way to boost levels.

      • Hi Girls, I just saw your sight and wanted to respond concerning the progesterone cream. I am 66 years old and had never taken any hormones until I used the cream. I used it for a year and then got breast cancer. I was 58. Now, God only knows if that was the cause. But I would caution you to try to do something else.
        That was the only thing that I had done differently in my life.
        I did visit my surgeon recently, he is considered to be one of the best in Houston, TX., and he did say that eating sugar feeds tumors.
        So for me, no hormones, eating less sugar and using T-Tapp for less stress is working. I am 8 years cancer free! Praise God!

    • Wellness Mama is right. Bioidentical progesterone cream is pretty neat stuff for naturally regulating hormones. Plus, because it is a cream, its easy to adjust your dose in case of side effects. You are lucky you have a doctor willing to prescribe it. Where I live, there is a waiting list a year long to see the bio identical hormone specialist.

  5. Although my “baby” is now 18 months old, I just recently have begun trying to get rid of my baby weight and get healthy. This program seems like the perfect thing for mom’s who need to get healthy, lose weight and balance within! I hope I win 🙂

  6. I’m thirty eight I just had my third child he was born two months premature due to five kidney surgeries in my pregnancy,my grandson was born one day after my son and I would love to do this with my daughter as we both feel out of shape now..our babies are now seven months old and we wanna be as healthy as we can for the babies I really think this is safest for us to do.plus we dont have money to buy..

  7. I needed to do low impact activities before, but now I also have adrenal fatigue so this sounds perfect!

  8. I’m a runner/athlete as well as a Physical Therapist (and full time Mommy). I’m interested in trying the system out to see how it could work out. I’m always looking to incorporate new exercises into regimes for my patients (and myself) Plus, I love the focus on posture!

  9. This is really good timing, as I am dealing with adrenal fatigue and can’t do intense (high-impact) workouts. Thanks for posting this… the winner will be lucky (and maybe it will be me! 🙂 )

  10. I’ve been researching adrenal fatigue, and I believe it may be the cause of my symptoms. I’d love to try this!

  11. So, what’s the minimum you need to purchase in order to give the program a whirl? I’m confused.

    • Just the basic system (the one I linked to in the post above)…

  12. I would love to win this, I have a hard time finding a workout I can stick with cause they all take so long but this seems like just the key 🙂

  13. I would like to try this video out for sure! I am still a bit skeptical, and wonder why has it taken someone so long to figure this out! I could stand to loose at least 25-30 lbs. but what has really caught my attention is the focus on the core and posture, since I’ve always had horrible posture and being in the hair and nail industry doesn’t help my posture much. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one!

  14. Would love to try this to get back into shape after baby. Plus, 15 min is about all I can spare with a newborn!

  15. A year ago, I plateaued at a 60 pound weight loss. I still have about 40-50 more pounds to lose to be at my target weight. In the last 12 months I’ve lost and re-gained the same 5-10 pounds. I’m trying to get jumpstarted back on the road to weight loss and lose 10 pounds before the New Year. This system sounds like a fun way to help get me back in the weight loss mode! Would love to win it!

  16. I have been trying to manage my daughters epilepsy without harmful drugs (your wonderful info on magnesium has been an answer to prayers with that) but she is still having breakthrough seizures. I read that the right exercise can reduce seizures in 40% of epileptics. This seems to be hitting alk the right notes for seizure reduction, and I would really love to try it for her.

    • Hi Rachel, I’ve been doing a lot of research on diets recently, and have learned that the KETOGENIC DIET has been developed especially for epileptic children. There has been a great deal of success in using this type of high healthy fat-moderate protein-low carbohydrate diet for epilepsy. Here is a link to a site that discusses this diet as a protocol for treating epilepsy: http://www.charliefoundation.org/explore-ketogenic-diet/explore-1/introducing-the-diet
      I hope this information is useful to you and helps your daughter

    • Rachel,

      I agree with Jackie’s comment below. The ketogenic diet is a promising, non-toxic therapy for epileptics. Although The Charlie Foundation article is a good resource, I actually just wrote an article about ketogenic diets that might be more helpful. It’s a little more thorough and up-to-date: http://www.lifehackersguide.com/ketogenic-diet

      Hope it helps!

    • My son has seizures. Research the National Institute of Healths study on MCT oil and seizure reduction. Very awesome. Aa ketogenic diet, in its true form, leaves room for NO foods other than fat. Our neuro didn’t recommend it because of the fact our son is a child and still growing, and she’s looking at him as a whole person, so to speak. God bless.

  17. this would be perfect for me! i have been wanting to lose my baby weight but have been super stressed. my husband deploys sunday for a year so my goal when he is gone is to lose about 40 lbs.

  18. I haven’t tried it but my neighbor did! I was talking to her and remarked at how she looks thinner and happier and she said it was from doing T-Tapp! She said she’s lost several inches and it shows! I’m 8 months pregnant and would love to try this postpartum so am throwing my hat in the ring and crossing all fingers and toes 🙂

  19. Interested in something I can do easily at home with my kids.

  20. I would love this! I’m a mom to 5, and we have a gym membership I only use twice a month!

  21. I could really use something that is low impact but effective. I’m only 26 and am living with chronic hip and knee pain due to genetics.

  22. I am a Type 1 diabetic so i would love to try this plan and see how it impacts my blood sugars.

  23. Well I have 2 painful diseases and am only allowed to do yoga, Which I do at a studio 6 days a week. This looks like something that I could also add in. It’s all about variety and staying healthy!

  24. I’ve been struggling with my hormones and lack of energy would love to try the T-Tapp. I like that it only takes 15min and since I don’t have equipment or time for a gym this maybe what I’ve been looking for.

  25. I’d love to try this for my chronic fatigue!

  26. I’m new to living and traveling in an RV (newly retired!). But this lifestyle doesn’t give me the opportunity to join a gym. I would LOVE to have the T-TAPP Basic Plus dvd to work out to in my tiny living room. I’m really drawn to the no impact of the workout (due to on and off ankle issues), plus the small amount of time required–15 minutes! Thank you for describing your personal experience; it was highly encouraging!

  27. I will be 50 in a few short months. I’ve had 4 children and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 22 yrs. I need to lose around 30 pounds. I have had some serious joint pain which getting rid of gluten has GREATLY helped. This has allowed me to exercise more. I still have lower back issues, however, which is a problem. I was so excited about the kettlebells while back but they’ve really been rough on my shoulder joints and elbows – debilitating, actually. It’s SO discouraging. So, this T-Tapp looks like it could really be something to try given that it was designed for people with back issues and other joint problems in mind.
    thanks for your great website!

  28. I am 38 and have been grain-free real food only for about 3 months. I find that my energy has been very low. I think it could be adrenal or hormonal? And toning up could be a good thing since I consider myself skinny-fat.

  29. I’m looking for some different workouts to start. I have been running and only running, so I need to get some variety!

  30. I’m curious what effect it would have on my posture.

  31. I am 42 years old and a mother to 5 with a disabled husband. Over 2 years ago, I started getting massive pain throughout my joints and muscles, as well as muscle and bone wasting from antibiotics and a C1 and C2 neck injury. I went organic, herbal instead of medicine (which helped), and started lite workouts, but they all hurt my neck and I cannot afford to lose more weight or energy, I need my system up to par to deal with our daily life events 🙂 . This sounds ideal to give me back a measure of my previous strength and health through safe workouts.

  32. I would love to try it to help get rid of the postpartum weight. It sounds like a dream come true to be able to exercise in 15 minutes since my little one is still pretty needy!

  33. I have been looking for a before work workout. Will use it to tone up and for weight loss.

  34. I have gained 30 lbs in the last year despite eating an extremely healthy diet and I think it is due to stress or polycystic ovaries messing with my hormones. I am a Hospice nurse and need a good workout routine I can do at home because my schedule is so hectic. Being gifted with this workout system would be such a blessing and give me the motivation I need to accomplish my goals.

  35. My widget isn’t coming up… so I’ll leave a comment. (: I have 7 children and work full time. I’ve always had a hard time losing weight. I’ve been eating ‘healthy’ for the last month or so, and have been very happy with the results. I would love to incorporate excersize, but the time just isn’t there. This looks great because it is quick, will regulate my hormones, boost my metabolism, and reduce stress. All things I desperatly need. Thanks so much for posting about this. Very good info!!

  36. I am 22 weeks pregnant and I have already gained 21 pounds. I switched to a primal diet recently (after having gone back and forth between that and partially SAD for the last year or so). I need to add the exercise component to my plan to keep weight under control and not turn into a sad blob. This pregnancy (#6) has been really hard for me and I want to be healthy and vibrant during pregnancy and beyond.

  37. I’ve always wanted to try this system, even more so now as menopausal weight gain has stolen my waist, plus an assortment of other physical issues have made exercise too difficult.

  38. I have read about T-tapp a few times and it really piqued my interest. Since I’ll be turning 50 I have thought something new & different would be great to try.

  39. I found out about 6 years ago that I had PCOS, insulin resistance, adrenals that were shot, destroyed digestion, etc…I was told I might never have children, but 6 months ago gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl! I have been treating my conditions with diet and supplements (obviously successfully!), but am always looking for additional ways to control my blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity. Losing the last few baby pounds would be a great bonus! Definitely very interested in the concept of this workout.

  40. I have been wanting to buy these videos for about 2 years and just never seem to have the extra money. Maybe I will get lucky. I am nearly 60 years old and need to start exercising and I think this is the way to go for me.

  41. I have fibromyalgia and I’m diabetic. I think this is custom-made for me!

  42. I would love to try out this system! I am especially interested in tightening up my inner core from my big babies. 😉

  43. I have fatigue issues and joint pain, so I would love to try this!

  44. I am a mother of four and I am stressed out! I could use this to clear my lump system. I have cysts near my thyroid and feel this could help my immune system. I am studying Intergrative Nutrition and what I learn will be something I can offer and give to other stressed out mamas. As moms we forget to take care of us. I truly would love to win this and to use the knowledge for others.

  45. I’m a student so a 15 minute workout would be great…and reduced stress would be an awesome benefit!!

  46. I would love to have a workout I can do with five homeschooled children surrounding me! Thanks for hosting the give-away!

  47. I’ve never heard of it but am intrigued! I would LOVE to try this out– looks like I would actually have time to stick with it too! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Is there a reason someone would NOT want to try this?! I am completely intrigued by all of the claims, but my main reasons for wanting to try it out are the reduced stress (I have been thinking I need to find some yoga classes, but don’t want to have to spend a lot of money), and the fact that it only takes 15 minutes. Awesome!

  49. I had my first baby at the beginning of this year and would love something quick to help me get into shape! I also plan on becoming pregnant again soon and would love to already have this healthy habit in progress (love the blood sugar benefits!). It would be a much appreciated boost in my endeavors to live healthier.

  50. I have been slowly changing my diet and supplements (magnesium, anyone?) and need to add in a good workout!

  51. I haven’t heard of this before, but it sounds fabulous. With 3 kids under 3 years old I need something efficient :-). The many health benefits sound intriguing…

  52. I have just reached the point where I can walk up the hill to my house (1 mile) without my asthma kicking in, thanks to your health tips, Dr. Davis at Wheatbelly, and getting my thyroid disease under control. It is time to start exercising on a regular schedule, and T-Tapp looks like the perfect way to start. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  53. This looks do-able! Truth is, I do not like working out. But I can do anything for 18 minutes. Love the sound of the blood sugar benefits, too!

  54. This would be perfect for me with my Adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. My metabolism definitely needs some help, along with my mental clarity. Perfect to squeeze inbto my day.

  55. I definitely need to try this! I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels workouts and they are great, but I feel like I need something different and less impact on my joints. I have joint pain and usually injure myself after other workouts.I also get migraines when I do most high impact workouts. I used to run all the time but cannot do that now. It’s hard to find something that works and doesn’t kill my body! I’m not sure if this fits the bill, but I’d love to try it! I LOVE short, challenging workouts. My kids do not like tagging along with me to the gym and I hate exposing them to germs so I mostly work out at home. I am always on the lookout for new workouts! And especially ones that don’t take much time…I can’t do that with kids 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  56. I would love to try it! I tried so much and nothing kept me going… So I hope to win and try it out.

  57. I would love to win this! I just had my baby in June, but the truth is, I was heavy before I got pregnant. I truly want to have more energy and want to finally get this weight off the good old fashioned way – eating right and exercise! This sounds Ike a great way to start, and it would work great with a newborn’s ‘schedule.’. Thank you for posting about it and offering a contest!

  58. Oh boy! I was just telling my mom, earlier today, on the phone that I am the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! I used to be an athlete but the last few years I’ve been sitting at a desk most of the day and my energy level has plummeted. I would love to be “in shape” again and this program sounds fantastic!

  59. I’ve heard about this before and it’s highly recommended! I think it would be really helpful for my joint pain. Thanks for the give-away!

  60. I am already signed up for emails and fb. I would love to try this, but more especially, if I won I would give it away to my mother. She is a cancer survivor and has battled digestive problems for years. She claims that she is not the same since going through chemo and radiation. I would love to have her try this and see if she can get back to feeling “normal.” Thanks for the awesome givaway!

  61. My friend did this and looked great. I never tried it but always wanted to.

  62. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and would like to give this a try in managing my blood glucose levels. Looks like it would be a great way to get ready for birth as well.

  63. I am having some hormonal issues leading to infertility and multiple miscarriages. I’d love to try this program to help with balancing those hormones! Also- working out greatly improves insulin resistance, which is HUGE for people with PCOS like me. *fingers crossed*

  64. I have a hard time sticking to fitness routines. I love short workouts, so this would be perfect for me. I also have a crooked hip, which makes my right foot turn out when I walk. I have a really hard time trying to keep it in line!

  65. I’ll admit it… I’m lazy. I’d love to have an effective workout on which I only need to spend 15 minutes a day. 🙂

  66. I have fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance (my body produces too much cortisol) and I have metabolic issues, this sounds like exactly what I need to get healthy!! Also, my husband has 5 vertabrae fused in his back and can’t do his workouts anymore, so I think this would help him too!! I hope to win, but if not, I will be getting this!!

  67. I signed up for the email and am already a fan on Facebook (and enjoy your posts). I am trying to heal from adrenal fatigue, which I discovered when we hadn’t been getting pregnant for over a year and I had some blood/saliva tested. I also discovered a couple other things, too. It has now been close to 2 years of trying, so even though my estrogen and progesterone levels were “ideal” and the ratio “ideal”, my DHEA was low, and obviously my cortisol, so I would consider myself to still have hormone issues. I have purposefully been conscious about the exercise I do – to try to help my healing. I had heard about T-Tapp and actually almost did the little demo videos last night (seriously) from the website. I would love to win this to give it an actual try.

  68. I would love to have an effective workout that doesn’t take up much of my time! Sounds awesome!

  69. How cool! I am a busy medical student so would love something that only takes 15 minutes a day!

  70. I homeschool my 5 children and have hip and back pain still from my last pregnancy (2 years ago!), so this sounds perfect! I love to exercise, I just have trouble finding time.

  71. I would LOVE to try this! I have been a runner for years but my knees don’t enjoy the constant impact any more. Plus it’s hard to find the time for a good run these days with kids! This program sounds like a great workout to try!!

  72. This sounds like a workout I could make time for while the kids are playing!

  73. In the past 3 years, I have gained almost 100 pounds due to health issues and medications. I am very sluggish, easily fatigued and can’t do nearly any of the exercise I used to be able to do (I was somewhat athletic beforehand). I have the T-Tapp book but I find it hard to do the exercises from it b/c I really need video so I can mimic the moves and learn to do them. I want to do a home-based system of exercise b/c I really don’t feel comfortable going to a gym, also b/c I find it more convenient that way. Please consider me for the giveaway.

  74. I’ve been on an anti-inflammation diet for about a month trying to get a handle on early arthritis (I’m only 37) and have noticed a lot of benefits from that. I’d love to have an effective workout to go along with it, and since I’m not a naturally active person a workout like this sounds ideal. I’d hope to continue the improvements in energy, joint pain, blood sugar stability, and overall wellness.

  75. I’ve dealt with PCOS for 25 years and all the weight gain, fatigue, and everything else that goes along with it. I would love to exercise, but with every program I’ve tried, within a few weeks, my adrenals are shot and I can’t continue. Maybe T-Tapp is just what I’ve been looking for as I continue on a journey for better health!

  76. This hit my buzz words–mental clarity and increased energy. Granted, looking great and eating what I want sounds great, too, but that’s secondary at this point.

  77. After having my third baby I am struggling to loose the weight and I feel so tired. I am trying to do things more naturally but a 15 minute workout would be incredible.

  78. For some reason the widget isn’t allowing me to enter!
    Anyways. I lost 50 lbs and 60+ inches total with T-Tapp doing the Basic Workout plus 15 minutes a day! Love T-Tapp! It isn’t magic but it works! It did take me 2 years to lose all that. Slow and steady wins the race!!!

  79. I need to find a quality program to develop greater fitness that doesn’t intimidate me!

  80. I would like to try the system because I have (almost) 5 kids. I’m 2 weeks overdue right now. I could use the time! I have done workouts that take me an hour everyday and it really makes it hard to commit. I do, but I always have something for the fam I could be doing!

  81. Any workout that provides results and can be done in my pyjamas, well that I have got to try! Never heard of T-Tapp before this but it sure sounds interesting 🙂

  82. Would love to try this. Anything that keeps me moving in the evenings is fantastic, as I have to work at a computer all day.

  83. Wow! I’ve never heard of this before. T-Tapp sounds great. I’m in my mid-40’s and could definitely benefit from the mental clarity, energy, stress reduction, metabolism boost

  84. I’m a single mom of a one yr old and a three year old! Clearly, I lack the time to workout!! Even though my kids do love going to the gym to play! I would love to try something that would only last 15 minutes but gets results!!! Love your site 🙂

  85. Looks like a winner! Excited to try it!

  86. Seriously have been searching for something like this since my adrenal get worse if I try to do heavy work outs

  87. This sounds like a great exercise for the brain. I have Multiple Sclerosis with many lesions in various places on my brain, which result in symptoms similar to dyslexia…very frustrating! I would love to try these exercises and since my only souce of income is a very small disability check once a month, the purchase of an exercise video won’t fit in my budget. I am trying to be more productive by sewing and drawing, but I make many mistakes because I do things backwards. Plus I struggle with word-finding and reading. An exercise program that works on right brain-left brain function sounds like it’s just what I need to get straightened out. Thank you for this offer.

    • Hello Suzanne – just wondering if you’ve tried this and if it helped your MS? I also have MS – all the symptoms you mentioned and much more (the worst being right-side weakness and dysfunction). I just ordered T-Tapp and am excited for it to get here! Anyway – if you get this messsge (or anyone else with MS feel free to chime in), let me know how you’re doing.

  88. I am in my 30’s and have been trying to lower my BP levels, and with a busy blended family the T-tapp seems very realistic. It’s low impact and since you mentioned that you did it during pregnancy, I figured it would keep me fit while I’m TTC as well.

  89. I had heard Cara at Health, Home and Happiness review T-Tapp awhile back. Exercise has been a huge battle for me since high school. This past year, I haven’t even tried more than walking due to extreme adrenal fatigue. I am definitely going to check this out! Between adrenal fatigue and insulin sensitivity – it sounds worth it! Thanks for your input.

  90. I would love to give this a try! It would be a great time-saver!

  91. I’d love to lose some weight before my husband gets home from deployment. We have 1 and 3 year old girls, and since we live in a Europe away from friends and family it’s hard for me to get out to the gym or yoga class. I’d love to try something low impact especially if it helps with aches and fatigue!

  92. I always love looking for ways to maximize bang for my buck! (I’ve been signed up for emails for a while now, does that count?)

  93. I am in graduate school and I have limited time to work out. This could be great!

  94. would love to have a quick workout option to use regularly since i have 2 young kids and going to the gym is not an option.

  95. Sounds wonderful! I’m a single mom of two boys, 5 & 6. Plus, I work 2 jobs. Time is definitely of the essence for me! I don’t have the time nor the desire to run around the neighborhood. Usually, I feel like exercising in the early morning, but don’t because I don’t want to wake my boys up early to run with me. This would be incredibly convenient! I also like the idea of low impact. It would be helpful for maintaining a routine in the long run.

  96. Her website t-tap.com has a great try before buy page. Tried some of the balance workout. Oh my. Her sing-songy voice is so encouraging and much more enjoyable than blaring music. I can’t do much more than walk without debilitating pain so I am very intrigued with this system. Have never heard of t-tap before, thank you for exposing me to something new. My crystal ball says Deep Discount Tuesday on Nov 20th is in my future.

    • I already put Deep Discount Tuesday on my calendar. I went ahead and ordered the basic DVD’s plus Step set, but I want to get the Core workout, sounds like that one would make it possible to get a little exercise in during the day at work.

  97. I am nearly 300lbs and have been working hard at eating correctly some is coming off so It is time to start something.This looks like something I could actually do…my asthma precludes running lol trust me I tried

  98. I tried T-Tapp after I had my fourth child, but when I got pregnant with my fifth I stopped and gave the DVD away. I have often wished I had not done that! Now with seven kids there is even less time to workout than before, and although I’d love to join the local Crossfit gym, the money is not there. I have been thinking about buying this again, so I’d love to win it!

  99. I recently came down with what my dr so helpfully “diagnosed” as irritable bowel syndrome – basically extremely painful stomach aches and bloating after eating anything. He offered no solutions or treatment, so I have been self-treating with supplements and seeing some success. But being hit with an illness that caused me to essentially fast for 12 days and then build up my digestive abilities with broth and soup for weeks before i tackled real food, really put a stop to my workouts for the past 2 months. So I need to get back into the rhythm of things and build up to my 2x/wk CrossFit, and T-Tapp sounds like it might be a good way to do that (and keep me active between CF workouts).

    Thanks for such an explanatory post about it – I had never heard of it til now!

  100. This is very interesting! I would like to try because it takes such a short amount of time and I have been struggling with posture, exaggerated by my heavy nursing “equipment” 😉

  101. We recently welcomed a new baby into our family, and I am fortunate that with cutting a few things out I am now able to stay home with our children. One of the things that we cut: my gym membership. I love the idea that this can be done at home, and in so little time! With little ones it is difficult to carve out Mommy time, however short, and I’m desperately missing my workout time. Thanks for reviewing this for your readers!

  102. With a fused lower back, 3 back surgeries to date and wanting to avoid a fourth…exercise is a challenge. I swim yet in the winter there is limited access or me, so this may be a win-win?!

  103. well, I’ve lost some weight after changing to a more vegetarian diet. It’s hard to get to workout being a full-time employee and mother of 2 young ones. I’d love to have something that gives me optimum results from the comfort of my home. Please, pick me!!!!!

  104. I am a crossfitter and kettlebeller whose weightloss has stalled. I follow a paleo diet and saw great progress. I keep wondering if I am missing something. I do occasionally fall of the wagon, but it seems that it should be easier than this. I would like to try the t-tapp system to see what it can do. My coach has encouraged me to treat my body as a science experiment of n=1. I monitor a lot of variables weight, bbt, cervical status, energy etc. I have never monitored blood glucose before, but I would like to add that to the mix. I wonder if addint t-tapp to my regimen would boost my results.

  105. This looks really intriguing! I am a single, disabled mother of 3,
    slowly recovering from 4 autoimmune disorders. I have been on chemo,
    steroids and immune suppressants since 2008. Can you say toxic
    overload?? I’ve lost tons of muscle, while gaining weight, and my brain
    and energy levels aren’t nearly what they used to be. I would LOVE to
    have a system that I can do indoors (hard to get out) and around my
    children’s schedules. This looks fantastic, and I’d love to become a Tapp-evangelist too!!

  106. Started menopause very early, 6 years ago, and I’m only 50 now. Sick and tired of hot flashes, not sleeping and no energy. Don’t take HRT. Maybe this would help.

  107. I would like to try this for the benefits you mentioned outside of weight loss. Although that’s a perk, I don’t really need to lose any more weight but the blood sugar benefits would be nice along with stress busting and flexibility!

  108. I am 45 years old and have had longstanding issuea with pain due to bursitis in my left hip, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, SI joint dysfunction and moderate arthritis in my back. All this pain saps my energy. I notice more and more often that people much older than i am have muchmore energy than i do. I want to strengthen my body and my mind-as i also have ADD. I want to have enough energy to enjoy my 5year old and 2 year old grand kids. Thanks!

  109. I would love the chance to try T-Tapp. I have been interested in this system for months and subscribe to the T-Tapp enewsletter. As a mother of 4, my time is limited and this seems to be a very efficient workout performed in a doable amount of time. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  110. Love this, I would love a chance to slow down and exercise with my children. I am always trying to get breathing in and brain gym type stuff in and this would allow all of us to get it at once. Amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before.

  111. I am a mother of 6 ( oldest is 8 and the youngest is 1) and I have type 2 diabetes. I would love to try the T-Tapp system for all the health benefits mentioned. I am limited to time so this is perfect to do before the kids wake up. Hopefully this will jump start my energy level so I can enjoy running around with my kids.

  112. I homeschool & am a full time mommy with little time to exercise & no time for the gym. I would love to lose some weight & reduce my insulin levels so that I could be in a better mood for my children.This would be great to do & in such a short time.

  113. I’ve been struggling with different workout plans for a couple years and when I’m off the wagon, the weight piles on making each attempt harder than the last *sigh* SO, I’m thinking if I have a 15min workout, I should be able to get that in. Also I sometimes have issues with my back. And posture improvement is important to me because I sit at a desk all day for work.

  114. Would love to try this. I have compiicated lower back issues that resulted from SPD during my pregnancies and can’t do other exercise. Also suspect I am pre-diabetic.

  115. I’m intrigued by how T-Tapp’s movements assist the neurodevelopment methods I use (I’m a Brain Gym and a Rhythmic Movement Training instructor). Also really need this for weight loss and menopausal hormone balance. How cool would that be, if the huge variety of benefits that Brain Gym and RMT give could be bolstered by T-Tapp!

  116. I would love to try this, but more importantly I would love to have my dad try it. He is diabetic and has a hard time finding an exercise program that works (or one that will fit into his schedule!). Thanks for the review- I had never heard of this before.

  117. I would LOVE to try this. An exercise that also detoxifies? Sign me up! I prefer to do exercises that are low impact due to my knees, but I don’t often feel like I’m getting the weight loss benefits.

  118. I’m 4 weeks away from having my third babe, and will be needing a quick and effective workout routine to squeeze into my daily routine. I’ve heard a lot about T-Tapp but was really skeptical until you wrote this review. You have never led me astray with your health and wellness advice, so now I’m all about trying out this program!

  119. I would love to try this-i have read good things about this workout for a long time now and recently have started to have a lot of back problems related to disk issues-this sounds like a workout that could work for me…

  120. I just turned 56 and recently lost 30 lbs. I have been looking for an exercise program to give me all the health benefits you’ve described above. This system sounds like something even I could get the hang of. Thanks for the chance!

  121. This sounds like it has been sent from heaven for me. I am struggling with all of these issues. I would to have this to do everyday. Thanks for your honest review and a chance to win a copy.

    • “Love” (sorry, left out the most important word)

  122. My husband and I have both been struggling with our weight and always feeling tired. Diabetes runs in both of our families and we’re both concerned with finding a way to prevent getting to that point. We’ve tried tons of diets and exercise programs but nothing seems to really make a difference for an extended period of time. I’m trying to find something that can be done long term that we’ll stick with that will fit in to our schedules.

  123. ..have sleep apnea for over 10 yrs and under active thyroid…i really need to lose the stomach especially..would love to try some thing that works..ty

  124. I would love to try this system but not just for me. I have a daughter that is having issues with her legs but doctors can’t find anything wrong. She is only 15 years old. Exercise seems to hurt due to pressure on joints. My dad is a type two diabetic. I have him eating healthy but it still seems like sugar will skyrocket. This would be great for him. My mom was told she will have to end up having to have knee replacement because she is having issues. She would walk but it hurts too much and so she is gaining weight. Last there is me. I do yoga and love it but even low impact yoga seems to hurt. I would love something I could do and enjoy without being in severe pain when I’m done.

  125. I would like to win the T-Tapp system, because it would help me with my COPD. The Meds ,which have been the same since2004, seem to not let me tahe off the poundage I need to lose no matter what I do off and back on. I eat healthy and portion control. It would greatly help me maintain and improve my breathing along with avoiding other problems that can arise with being overweight. I am 63 and like being active but my weight has slowed me somewhat. I want to be able to have fun again with my family and see my 2yr old grandson grow. I would love for my sons to have their Mom back.

  126. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 6 years ago, at the age of twenty-nine. I also have fibromyalgia and degeneration of the lumbar vertebrae and SI joints. I have limited mobility and chronic pain in my spine, hips and shoulders. I swim laps, but am in need of a good land-based, weight bearing exercise as well that is low impact. This sounds like a good program for autoimmune arthritis patients like myself.

  127. I am intrigued. I would like to try it for all of the mentioned benefits, but mostly to see if it will put me into a weight loss mode.

  128. I would love to try this … I have fibromyalgia and I’m in the process of trying to get fit again! Seems like this might work for me!!

  129. I would LOVE to try this! We’re working on getting pregnant (possibly already there!) and I’d love another way (besides diet) to stay away from gestational diabetes (which I had during my first pregnancy). Thanks for the review!

  130. I am on a quest to get back in shape after giving birth 4 YEARS AGO. I’ve tried Yogalosophy and the Tracey Anderson mat workout. I’ve gone Paleo. I’ve lost 20lbs, but stil have an extremely stubborn 10 to go. Perhaps this will get me over the hump. I’m always interested in anything that will help with health problems or keep me feeling strong as a Mama. Thanks for your review!

  131. Have several friends who rave about her T-Tapp, also Sit and Be Fit. Have been trying desperately to get well after a year of pain and not being able to move.

    Am seeing a specialist who’s got me on Candida Diet (no sugars & little to no carbs), allergy drops, Thyroid meds, bp meds, gabapentin for Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), no diary diet, & decongestants. I’ve also added the Paleo Diet as I’ve noticed I feel better cutting out those foods it excludes.

    This has enabled me to be a little more active but not much. I’d love to add something that would help with blood sugars as I show close to or pre-diabetic readings. Plus I just can’t seem to get my bp down even though I don’t use salt and have lost 70lbs (from cutting out diary).

    I’m on disability due to PTSD, Severe Chronic Depression & Social Anxiety so I’m on a limited budget.

  132. This surely sounds like a program for me! I have limited time and need to shed the 20 lbs. from my second pregnancy. With winter coming, I’m worried how I can run or workout in the colder weather. This sounds perfect! I want more energy and I have no equipment at home to run or work out on. Thanks for this opportunity! I have subscribed to this thread and your blog. I love your articles.

  133. I just red your article in the T-Tapp. I usually don’t enter contests but this workout system caught my attention. When you said it is “easy on the joints”, I thought maybe I could do this. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries on one knee. This has left little cartlidge and exercising usually makes the joint inflamed. I have gained weight since the surgeries because exercising just hurts. The T-Tapp program sounds like it would work for me. I would love to get back into exercising minus the pain it causes with my knees! All the other benefits this program offers is an awesome benefit too!

  134. I have struggled with my left leg due to vein issues. I had sclerotherapy a year ago and the leg has remained swollen and hot. I also suffer from sugar issues and am overweight which does not help the situation. I have a job that demands I stay on my feet the entire time so a workout that runs 15 minutes and gives an optimal workout sounds ideal to me.

  135. Thank you for the opportunity to win this system! I would greatly appreciate this system because I have trouble with lymph drainage and I know this because I carry alot of cellulite and have the hardest time getting rid of it. I am a homeschooling Mom of four and would also love to win this system both because of the money factor & the short time it takes to do the workout. TIme & money are at a premium these days!

  136. I was recently diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia and thyroid issues. After years of suffering I feel like I can finally get the help I need… but the doctor has really been on me to start moving and losing the weight I need to lose. It’s so difficult with the pain I’m in and my joints being so stiff! I’ve heard about T-Tapp before and would really really love to try it, we just don’t have the money right now. I’m 23 and want to live my life to the fullest but my inability to move, stretch, and get my weight down is really affecting my lupus and I fear I’ll never get well. Here’s hoping to a better future for us all!

  137. I have never heard of this system but after reading your review would love to try it! I have struggled with hormone issues and autoimmune problems for years, but especially in the last 18 months. My eyebrow is turning white (I am 32), I struggle wth moods, fatigue, weight gain (despite running my first marathon this year and 2 1/2 marathons in the last 3 years). I am looking for a non-medicinal way to find balance in my body and mind. My diabetic father and sister have both started taking Adderal for adult ADD and I refuse to go that path. I know there are ways to increase my focus and lose weight without resorting to amphetamines and I would love to be a good example to them and my 2 children on how to do that. For these reasons, I would love the opportunity to try T-Tapp!!

  138. I would love to win this! I used to be very in shape, ate clean, ran 35-40 miles a week, did yoga and weight lifted religiously. When I got pregnant I stopped running for fear of losing the baby (yeah, that was silly I later found out). I was also always hungry and went for foods I never ate! I gained 55 pounds in my prenancy and lost tons of muscle. My daughter is now a year old and I am still not satisfied with my body. It is so hard to find time to workout while working 50 hours a week, cooking clean, making our house into a green home (thanks for all the recipes by the way, I love my remineralizing toothpaste!!) and going to school full time! Oh, and not to mention cloth diaper washing takes its time too since my husband refuses to help, haha. Needless to say I have an hour after I put my daughter to bed to workout, but have absolutely no energy.

    So I have been looking for an EFFECTIVE program that takes less time. I have tried P90x and although it did indeed kick my butt I do not have 1-2 hours a night to workout. Aside from the working out, since I’ve had my daughter I have constantly been sick! I usued to pride myself on not taking sick days at work and now Im grateful to build up one sick day before I have to use it. 🙂 I would love to reap the benefits of this program!

  139. Would love to try this to lower blood sugar and improve lymphatic function. I am subscribed to your emails!

  140. Presently I am 40 lbs. overweight and my only workout is walking. I am embarking on an eating program with my functional medicine doctor (developed by Dr. Todd Frisch) and the recommended exercise is gentle, avoiding aggressive cardio. This looks like a program I could do enjoyably and consistently——I sure know I need it!
    Thank you for the chance to win it.

  141. I shared on Facebook, and then left my email in the space on the rafflecopter. I hope that was what was supposed to be in the rafflecopter space! I also liked Wellness Mama on Facebook, and I am already signed up for your newsletter. I would LOVE to win this!! I am especially interested in the detox benefits.

  142. I have tried this program, before, but didn’t have the $ to buy. Would love to have my own so I can do it faithfully.

  143. I would love a work out system that is effective and safe. I recently had another baby and need to work on getting healthy. Also, we live quite a ways from a gym.

  144. Pregnant now with my third baby, due Feb 23. I really do need a good effective workout that I can stick to…people keep asking me if I’m having twins! Public service announcement, by the way: if a woman is pregnant enough that you feel comfortable asking her when she’s due, please refrain from looking *SHOCKED* when she says she’s only halfway there. And please, please don’t follow up with a question about multiples. Thank you.

  145. I’m not sure the comment I left earlier “stuck” so I’m trying again. I’d love to enter the contest for the T-Tap program. A friend told me about it a while back. I’ve fiddled with the videos (on youtube) and think it would be something I could easily fit into my schedule. My 50 year old body says 15 minutes is do-able and practical!

  146. I already have this system and love it when I’m consistent with it. I’m actually entering from my mom 🙂 because I know that she’d really benefit from it and 15 each day is something she would be willing to do.

  147. Fibro, MCS, hypothyroid, OA, overweight….need I saw more,,,,sick and tired of being sick and tired…discouraged….this sounds so awesome for me, I NEED something like T-Tapp, if it works for me you could use my story… I need help so much…I’d very much appreciate your choosing my entry. Thank you.

  148. I am not entering the give away, as I already have some of these DVDs. I just wanted to support what you have said about the system. It is simple (although not necessarily “easy”, if you are doing it right). The people on the T-Tapp forum are also incredibly supportive and kind.

  149. I so need to do some exercise. I’ve looked at this before on your site. I have degenerative disease, and it causes pain. This would be perfect! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  150. I have tried so many things… I struggle with weight issues and depression. I work out regularly but need more energy. I would love to try this system out! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway… I love your site and have been subscribed for a long time!

  151. I had a hysterectomy at 23 yrs of age. I am currently 32 and still struggle with HRT and managing my weight. I work hard as a mom, special education teacher, wife, and caregiver. I have a hard time balancing time in my day and managing time for a workout. I have 2 sons, work full time, and care for my mother who has had a liver transplant and suffers with Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, my husband hasnt recently suffered an injury and is laid up from surgery for 4-6 months. I would LOVE to try the TTAP system as I have a lot of obstacles in my days and truly think this program would be beneficial to me not only in fitness, but time wise:) Thank you for your time in considering my entrance in this contest~!

  152. I have never heard of the workout system before reading an article today. Being a busy Mom who doesn’t seem to get the time to take care of “me’, I would love to try it. seems like a great way to stay in shape with much less time traveling to the gym!

  153. I would love to try this, especially for the short period of time it requires and being pregnant with #3. thanks for the opportunity!

  154. I have type 1 diabetes and would love to try this workout to help with keeping my blood sugar down. I also have low energy levels so I would love to give this a try!

  155. Perfect timing!! I literally told my husband TODAY that I needed to puchase a work-out tape I could do at home. As a stay-at-home Mom on one income, the gym is out. And as a person who has gained a significant amount of weight with my medications for hypopituitary, I don’t even WANT to work out in public. So to have something that I could do in a relatively short amount of time in the privacy of my home would be FANTASTIC. Thank you for this opportunity!

  156. The short amount of time is very appealing to me.

  157. I have just completed treatment for breast cancer and I need to build up my strength. I have some joint issues that prevent me from doing certain types of workouts. However, this looks like something I could do. Thanks for the recommendation!

  158. oh my gosh I am reading this and just about leapt out of my coma!, tired lethargic, metabolically paralysed, I have 5 boys and desperately trying to figure out how to manage my life! It so hard to try and squeeze in some ‘jive’ time into what seem to be shrinking down to fine cracks in my time allotments. ooo! and this sounds like just what I a need, thanks so much for sharing!!

  159. I am struggling with stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue and need to try something less intense than Crossfit but still get a good workout! Sure would be nice to be able to do something at home and be able to strengthen my core and not have to pay for a babysitter each time I go work out!

  160. Ah, I share the same skepticism as you and for the same reason have come back to look at this program again. I remember hearing about it years ago and dismissing – however the biohackers have piqued my interest again. I think it would be perfect for my injury prone self!!

  161. Being a stay at home mom with 5 young kids, any workout that will improve mental clarity and of course lose those last few inches from being pregnant in a short amount of time, sounds wonderful to me!

  162. I have heard great things about this program and would love a chance to loose weight and get healthier.

  163. I am 62 and like that it is no impact. Would love to win this.

  164. I am an email subscriber

  165. I am starting a new full time job so an exercise routine that sounds so promising yet can be done in 15 minutes would be a huge help!

  166. Everything with my system has been out of whack and I need this to get back on track.

  167. I would love to get a good workout that helps out in so many ways! specially with my sugar issues!

  168. So many reasons I would love to try this… Adrenal fatigue, joint issues and the fact that it is probably the only way I could find time to get a work out in with new born (10 days old) twins plus a 3 & 5 year old to care for… I’m sure I could use the added energy it provides!!!

  169. Working full time and mother to 5 (ages 18 years to 20 months), makes it hard to have time to get to a gym…and we have very limited space for home gym equipment. Reading your testimonial makes me think this might be an ideal fitness program for myself (and if it works well for me then maybe my hubby might do it too–a double win for our family)

  170. Experiencing adrenal fatigue from 6 years of intense job / living stress. Am currently on medication for this and would to get off the medication and be healthy.

  171. I would love to try this program–I’ve hard about it from another blogger, but was happy to hear about your experiences with it. Reading the list of what it’s good for makes me very excited about the possibilities with improving my health & energy levels 🙂

  172. I’m just finishing my first 21 day detox and feel better than I have in years. For the first time in my life I feel I may have found my will power. This detox is my springboard to attack the 200lbs is still have to lose. I have never done well on strict diets & exercise programs. Now i’m learning about how different foods affect my body. It all makes so much sense. Everyone has been a great help & wellness mama vegitarian dishes & chia snack bars keep me going. I think i’m ready to start regular exercise. TTapp may be just what i’m looking for because everything i’ve tried so far has been to hard on my knees. Keep the great info comming & Thanks.Thanks

  173. I’m 33, single and have spent the last 6 or so years battling one form of sickness or another. I haven’t been able to work for the last two. My grandma was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my other Grandma died from ALS, one grandpa from heart disease and the other from complications of diabetes.

    In college & was rather strong. Although I have lost at least 50lbs in the last year or so, I can’t seem to get any stronger. I’m starting to really feel age hitting me, reminded of “every stupid thing i ever did” in the morning, liver problems (prob from pain meds since i rarely drink), hormones & childhood arthritis that is starting to hit harder every year.

    I’m quickly learning a lot of natural & inexpensive ways to make my future brighter than my past & T-Tap just might do that.

  174. I’d LOVE to try this! I need something to do at home that fits in my
    schedule and truly need the boost in energy. I SO want to get my health
    under control.

  175. I have small children at home a d would love so etching quick I can do while they eat breakfast.

  176. I have chronic back and neck problems as well as menieres. This makes it really hard to find a workout system that won’t kill me and leave me bedridden. It is also hard to find a system that dosent take forever since i don’t have much time after work, making dinner, and helping with homework. This sounds like a great system for me!

  177. I am a mother of small children and have had trouble losing my baby weight after my last pregnancy. I need to try something different, what I am doing isn’t working.

  178. I have the T-Tapp system and did the 14 day bootcamp. Essentially, that is doing the 15 minute workout everyday for 14 days straight. Anything aerobic is hard for me. I have no stamina. I have an autoimmune disease that saps all my energy. Well, I could feel my muscles “cinching in” and strengthening head to toe. Her exercise routine is designed to make your muscles a “girdle” all over your entire body. This is how so many inches can be lost so quickly. Ater 14 days, I had lost a total of 17 inches, 4 inches of that from my waist alone. The exercises do seem kind of dumb and I don’t enjoy the routine as much as yoga, but I still do her primary backstretch daily. Many of her moves are yoga based. It works! The people in the forums seem a little cultish, though.

  179. I have never tried T-Tapp but am always on the lookout for new ideas to stay healthy and support my wellness with beneficial nutrition.

  180. I’d like to run into the bathroom to do this at Thanksgiving so I could eat the Pumpkin Pie without it affecting my blood sugar!

  181. This sounds like the perfect thing for me! I have back and knee problems, as well as metabolic issues and fybromyalgia. This sounds like a perfect low impact routine that may also help with some of my other issues, and maybe I could drop that last 20 pounds I’ve been carrying around! (I have lost 35 lb. in the past year, but seem to be at a big ol’ plateau!)

  182. Love the sound of this. Would help me with some of my back pain, and it’s short enough that I’d have time to do it!

  183. I am 65 years old, suddenly having some health issues that keep me from doing most exercises. I watched the videos and I think I found something I can finally do.Crossing my fingers…

  184. I have never had a problem with my weight until recently. I attribute my issues to my changing hormones and going through menopause early at the age of 45. Working full time, teaching part time, finishing my masters degree and raising 4 kids has taken its tool. I am super stressed most of the time! I need a workout that is quick and produces results.

  185. Hi Wellness Mama! I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first child – a little girl! Since before my pregnancy I have struggled with pyriformis syndrome. It affects my left sided muscle and ligament. Since the first trimester, the hormonal changes, weight-gain, and the onset of round ligament syndrome has exacerbated my condition. Now in my second trimester I look forward to the opportunity to work out again, but even walking is very painful. I would love to try out a flexibility/strengthening regimine that I can do from home (Florida rainy weather to contend with). I am also intrigued that you have found it pregnancy friendly! Lots of entries…but worth a shot!

  186. I’m a stay at home mom with a 6 and 1/2 month old. I need to exercise, but I don’t have a lot of time. I’d also love something that would help my posture!

  187. T-Tapp sounds intriguing. I’m currently 7 weeks post-partum, and ready to get back to exercising. A 15 minute workout is very attractive!

  188. I have been struggling with my weight and lack of energy. I would love to try T-Tapp. I babysit 2 little ones and homeschool my son so I don’t have alot of time to workout.

  189. I’d like to try it because it sounds quick and different! I’ve never heard of it, thanks for the review!

  190. Wow! The T-Tapp lady looks honestly happy. I would love to try this! Thanks for letting us know about it! Especially some of us that are 13 weeks preggo! 🙂

  191. Like so many I have struggled with my weight and hormone issues. This would be an encouraging start to my weight loss journey!

  192. I would love to try this! I have an autoimmune disease that completely drains my energy, arthritis in my feet and spine, a knee that needs reconstruction, two children, a full-time university load, and a part-time internship. I’ve also recently started loosing handfuls of hair, which my doctor said is stress-related. I’m only 34. Yikes! This sounds like it might be a good bet!

  193. i would love to try this seeing as i have 2 children and i feel i have no time at all to do any kinds of research on what is the best weight loss method.. i am looking into getting in shape and having more energy to keep up with my lil ones

  194. I am really looking for a low impact exercise program to help me regain my muscle tone and posture after multiple pregnancies. I’ve heard lots of good things about the T-Tapp method but can’t afford it.

  195. I have a 3 year old and a 5 week old, so I need to get back into exercising but don’t know how to fit it into my life! 15 minutes sounds so doable, and I love that you found it a good workout during pregnancy also, because next time around I’d like to find a way to stay more active.

  196. I just turned 50! I’m feeling like I need to perk up my metabolism and get in shape. I think I could commit to 15 minute workouts to start with.

  197. I would love to try this! I have struggled with blood sugar and hormones since my son was born and he is 10! I think my mom could really benefit as well. She is getting older and having some knee problems. Looks like she could do this!

  198. I would really like to try this system! I’ve been trying to loose this 100lbs of baby weight for ages! I’ve reached the plateau with my current diet & excersize routines. I have blood sugar issues @ digestion problems. My sister is also trying to get to a healthy place so she can work on starting a family & this looks like it could help!

  199. A question about t-tapp that I hope you can answer … Of course, I’m hoping to win the package, but in the offchance that I don’t (and for anyone else who doesn’t) can you recommend what we should order if we want to do this ourselves? There is a book and more than one dvd … What is the best option of someone starting out with this?

  200. I have tried to get into working out recently and am currently 80 lbs overweight with no energy whatsoever. simple things like walking really hurt my feet, ankles and knees. Even If i don’t win this I will be buying it. Low impact on joints and helps with metabolism would be the best part for me.

  201. Hi! The most interesting thing to me about the T-tapp system would be the mind-body connection, where you are exercising your mind and your body both! It would also be cool to ave a 15-minute workout I can do at home.

  202. Hello Wellness Mama,

    I am 34 years old; I have been married to my darling husband
    for over 15 years. After the heart break of multiple miscarriages, sadly we have not been able to have children. I recently went my OBGYN and she has been
    encouraging me to start trying ago soon. Due to the stress of my husband and I both being unemployed for almost a year, I have gained about 30 extra pounds.
    My OBGYN suggested I cut out carbs and try to find a diet I could live
    with. She also wanted me to get the extra weight off before I officially start
    trying to conceive. Trying to find a healthy eating style is how I found your site.
    I love you website and I have made several things so far. The magnesium
    oil was almost life changing. I have even learned to make my own coconut coffee
    creamer. I have lost about one pants size so far, I am not a believer in the scale
    either. After giving my body some time to get adjusted, I am ready to start an exercise program. My husband has found work, but I am still not working. Luckily his job has benefits, hence ready to start trying for a baby again, but funds are still tight. We both worked for ourselves so we did not even have unemployment benefits available, so we are still playing catch up financially. This set would be such a blessing. If I win, I would love to keep you updated on my progress.

    Julie Johnson

  203. Wellness Mama, I am very intrigued by this T-Tapp system. I have had a long battle with weight and hormones (PCOS) since pre-adolescence. At my heaviest, I was 365lbs. By eating nourishing foods (as recommended by the Price Foundation), I have shed over 100lbs. I now weigh 245lbs. The problem is that I have been stuck at this weight for almost 6 months. I know that adding exercise to my healthy body/mind regimen would help me to continue to lose weight and restore my fertility. This has not been possible due to three herniated discs, tendonitis in my shoulder and a decades-old knee injury. I am a full time student, and the cost of this workout system is simply out of my reach right now. However, as a midwifery student, it would not only help me with increased stamina and vitality, but also help me to help others; as my experience with the system would allow me to recommend it to my pregnant clients. Please give me the opportunity to reclaim my life.

  204. I’d love to try this– those hoedowns look like fun!

  205. It sounds like a great workout. I have major issues with my blood sugar always bottoming out, adrenal fatigue (sometimes for the whole day after a workout, I feel like I’ve taken a handful of benedryl) and my un-flexibilty issues continually contribute to an aching back. It sounds like a gentle enough workout to help me in the right direction. With the added bonus of being 15 minutes long, I’m sure I could fit it in between chasing/ homeschooling my 4 active boys. I could maybe even convince my husband to workout with me. It even sounds like a program that would be ideal for my mother who is continually discouraged about trying to keep her weight under control.

  206. I broke my Tib/Fib 5 years ago and still have pain.About the only exercise I have done w/o added pain is my stationery bike. I am trying to lose weight and am incorporating more and more whole foods into my diet along with cutting out processed sugar and grains. This sounds like a perfect fit for me to try out.

  207. I am a 26 year old female who has suffered from chronic joint pain for 9 years. The past two years have been the worst with two run instances of sciatica, a severely sprained ankle, and pain in my shoulders, collar bone, elbows, and knees that affect my ability to function normally. I do stretches often to help but it’s not always enough. These aches and pains make regular workouts difficult for me often resulting in swollen knees. I would love to have a workout to keep me fit and healthy that eases the pain in my joints at the same time!

  208. Hi! I just recently found your site and have already been trying some of the wellness tips and such like making homemade blush, deodorant, and toothpaste! I am a type 1 diabetic with epstein- barr and mixed connective tissue disease. Energy and insulin sensitivity are big issues I deal with! It would be interesting to check this out and see how it works.

  209. If I didn’t trust you so much I’d
    say this is a bunch of crap. But I do totally trust your opinion and what you
    posted about your results. I tried two of the workouts on youtube and I was a
    little out of breath. This was a total of 7 minutes. I’ve been doing crossfit
    up until about 3 months ago due to adrenalin fatigue so I have to give it up
    for a little while. I started doing Pilates in the mean time but its pretty
    pricy $27 for an equipment class and 15 for a mat class so I only go twice a
    week. I have a squat cage and weights
    plus some kettle bells but my motivation just isn’t there right now. I think
    I’m going to order this next week and take all the measurements. Looks like it
    should keep me fit until I can return to Crossfit.

    Thanks for posting about it. Wish
    me luck!!!

  210. I love T-Tapp! I have been doing it since August and have really seen the difference. I have lost inches, and almost gotten rid of the excess roll at my waist! I haven’t done the blood sugar testing but know that I feel better after the exercise! I actually do the 15 minute routine every day and the longer 45 minute routine on Saturday when I have more time. I look forward to it. Some days are harder to talk myself into it but after I do the 15 minutes, I am pumped and ready to start the day! I keep trying to talk people into starting the program. So glad you are recommending it!!

  211. I ordered this the day you reviewed it and have been doing it for 2.5 weeks. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and have seen many benefits. No swelling (and I usually do. A lot.). No nausea, which is amazing. For the last two years I’ve woken up at least once a night with numb legs, and I haven’t had that since I started. Since I had kids, the veins in my hands are very bulgy and gross and make me look old. Those are significantly smaller! I get varicose veins when pregnant, and those haven’t made an appearance. I’m sleeping like a rock instead of waking up every hour like I do when I’m pregnant. No energy boost yet, but I always drag in the first trimester. It could also be die off/detoxifying/adrenal fatigue. It is also supposed to help with my diastasis. That first week my belly did come in two inches (it was prematurely inflated. that could have been water retention or it could be that my muscles are coming together. I have seen some inch loss, which is good bc I’m so stinking hungry that I’m eating like crazy and have already put on 12 pounds! I’m usually a size 4 and am for sure a 6 now. I’d like to not have to work off any extra when this is over. And I’d like to not have to buy new maternity clothes since this is my last. And I’d like to just be strong and have energy and bounce back faster this time. Anyway, I’ve convinced my mom and sister to order it and am working on my MIL and SIL. I also have some friends with varicose veins that I think want to try it bc it could help with that.

  212. I’ve been using the T-Tapp system for over a year. I have Lupus and also have Lyme Disease which had left me nearly disabled. This system has been VERY helpful in helping me regain and maintain mobility, flexibility and tone. I’ve also experienced pain relief. It is much more difficult than it looks and i would recommend it highly to anyone with health issues, as well as to anyone regardless of health condition who wants a fast and inexpensive total body exercise system.

    I would recommend getting the book and not just the DVDs. The book gives good explanations about how to achieve and maintain the correct postures necessary for the exercises. I believe I would’ve done some of them incorrectly if not for the book. The Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes DVD does have a section that is more instructive, and thus goes a little slower, but still not adequate (in my opinion) to really teach the method and practice of the movements.

  213. Hi Katie,

    I ordered this and am excited to try it, but reading through her material, I noticed that she advocates a low-fat, high plant, low animal fat diet (those are some tips she spells out for helping with weight loss). Does you think that philosophy of nutrition in any way affects the thinking behind her program? I’m just curious about your thoughts. Thanks!

  214. Hi Wellness Mama! I found your page today. Amazing and thank you! Me and my two children all have hypoglykemia (not diabetes) and I definetly want to try this too. Thanks for this extremely good information 😉

  215. I dont even remember how I ended up on your page, but ive been reading just about everything for days now. Very insightful, motivating, tons of info I didnt know. and alot of things I wanna try. Especially the T-Tapp. Thank you…. Ive not found a daily reading resource.

  216. I realize this is past the cut-off date for the contest, but I had to post. My pastor’s wife introduced me to T-Tapp about 6 years ago because she knew I was Diabetic & had heard about Hoe-downs. I was skeptical and thought they looked ridiculous, but was intriuged at the same time. I watched her seminar first and then read her book before actually doing the work out. The first week alone I had lost 1 1/2″ on my waist! I don’t remember the other measurements, but needless to say, I was hooked! I enjoy exercising (although I’m inconsistent with it), but have never found anything that works as well or as quickly as T-Tapp! I can personally attest that it balances out hormones, adds bone density, etc as well! I talked my childhood friend into doing our own 30 day challenge a while back to see what we could accomplish due to some health issues she was facing and she lost nearly 25″! I tell everyone I know about this program…there’s nothing out there quite like it!!! 🙂

  217. Thank you for this post! I am considering trying T-Tapp because I suffer from adrenal fatigue and cannot do most of the workouts I’d otherwise enjoy – instead of feeling energized, I feel like going back top bed afterwards!

    I recently saw photos of a pregnant acquaintance before and after T-Tapp; she was several weeks further along in the second photo but looked a lot smaller (everywhere but her belly, of course :-))!! So I have been doing a little research on the web and your article was really helpful, thank you!

  218. Hi: I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful that you told us all about t-tapp! I bought the basic plus workout just after your contest, and I’ve been doing so well with it! It is amazing the difference it has made … Losing inches as well as SLEEPING which is a miracle for me (bad insomnia) … I highly recommend this! Thanks so much for tell us about it!

  219. I just found your website and love everything I am reading! Imagine my surprise when I click on fitness and the first thing I see is Theresa! I have been a T-Tapp fan and exerciser since 1998. She is fantastic and genuine, with the intention to truly help people. When I was first learning the workout (and there certainly is a learning curve), I was struggling with some of the concepts and my results, so I e-mailed the home office. Imagine my surprise when Theresa herself e-mailed back to schedule a phone appt with me. She spent an HOUR on the phone, walking me through the workout and explaining things. Her number one concern is that people are healthy and fit. I have also had the pleasure of working out with her in a workshop in NC as well as training with one of her trainers in Houston. This workout IS everything it claims. I am SO thrilled that you are promoting this workout on your website, and I am excited to slowly go through and read everything you have posted. Thank you for your work, I am already referring friends to your website.

  220. Katie, you are my favorite blogger. After following you for over a year, I would trust virtually anything you recommended (no pressure there, right?). Although I know you’re a mama of young children, it’s hard for me not to think of you as a wise woman-type adviser. It was surprising when I saw your photo to remember how young you are! Maybe it’s just relative–I’m an old lady of 48. 🙂

    Today I heard about the T-Tapp system. After clicking through Teresa’s site and watching some videos, I wasn’t sure if it was the greatest exercise innovation ever or just another “too good to be true.” When your blog came up and I read your positive review, I was reassured that this was worth my time and a small initial investment.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. You’re appreciated by so many people.


  221. I bought the fit and fabulous in 15 book used on amazon it includes the 15 minute basic workout video. Of course if you buy it used make sure it states the video is included

  222. i’m just starting out t-tapp & doing the 2014 challenge….but kind of confused as to how long the workouts should be? do i do just one BWO+ dvd workout per day or do i do the BWO+ and another workout (i also have tempo & step off inches) to total 30mins or more in order to be working out using the program effectively?? help please:)

  223. Question about the t-tapp dvd – Does the DVD provide captions/subtitles? It seems her description about posture and alignment is particularly important so I would like to make sure (since I am deaf) that I have a way to read what she is saying. I hope someone can tell me before I make the purchase!

  224. I have had the entire T-Tapp program for many, many years. Her program is really good and after using it I always felt rejuvenated and great but I could never stick with it because I find the constant chatter to be really annoying. Anyone else feel that same way and know how to look beyond it?

    • HI Barb, I am new to the T-Tapp program. A suggestion would be to turn down the volume and maybe replace with music? Especially, if you have the moves down well.

  225. Being a 5’9 fifteen year old (who’s always been on the more generous side of average, i’m around 190-195 lbs); this seems like a perfect way to lose some weight. I’m hoping to lose around 50-60 lbs, but i’d be happy to lose 20-30 lbs to be honest.

  226. I’ve really been wanting to try this, and to get my mom to try it with me too. I was searching for more reviews for it, and came across yours. One thing I didn’t realize prior to reading your review, was that it’s supposed to lower blood sugar. My mom is diabetic, so I think that it would be exceptionally good for her(along with all of the other listed benefits) but I’m hypoglycemic. Do you think that this would lower blood sugar too much, in someone with reactive hypoglycemia, such as myself?

    • I used to be hypoglycemic and never had trouble with it when I was, but I’d start slowly just in case.

      • Okay, thanks! 🙂

  227. After having watched a few of her workouts, I’m a little leery since she seems to advocate for tucking, which I’ve heard can harm your back/posture in the long run. I also read a number of reviews that said her workouts actually caused people back/knee pain, even when they previously had no such problems. What are your thoughts on this? Everything else I’ve read seems to be really good, but the reviews, coupled with the tucking advice, kind of threw me off, after I was so ready to try it initially…

    • Hi Kella!
      There are some great facebook groups that T-Tapp trainers monitor and answer questions like yours!
      Simply put, she uses the term “tuck” as a reminder to curl your core and flatten your back (which can also look like tucking your butt, but using different muscles.).

      Check out: Trim Tappers, and T-Tapp Support on Facebook.

  228. I bought the ttapp program a couple years back. I have a couple inflammatory diseases (fibromyalgia, MS, and a thyroid condition). This program is EXCELLENT for me. It’s short enough that heat is not an issue, so I can do something everyday! I have kept my weight stable and even made it through a pregnancy at 40 and only gained a total of 16 pounds! I delivered a 10 pound baby, so that’s saying something… I didn’t restrict any eating and I bake! My baby sleeps through the night and I attribute that to eating very well (enough calories to produce nutrient dense milk). He’s now only nine weeks old. I still have maintained effortlessly and continue to use several of the videos. My left leg may be permanently damaged neurologically, but when I do the 15 minute video I can walk almost without a noticeable limp! This is HUGE for me. My balance improved and the swelling is controlled. My fibro pain is substantially lowered too! Fatigue improved. The thing is, if I stop doing these workouts, I immediately notice an increase in my various symptoms. Just saying… just sharing. Excellent blog!

  229. Hi Katie,

    I have never heard of this modality – thank you for sharing! I am about 100lbs overweight and have a home gym full of kettle bells, videos and equipment but need a program that will start where I’m at….after checking out her site I decided to order and am looking forward to trying it! Thanks for sharing. Love your site and all that you share. Keep up the great work!


  230. Just curious if you have done the insulin sensitivity test with rebounding or kettle-bell workout? I am curious if this workout is actually more effective then other workouts at increasing insulin sensitivity.
    Thanks so much for your amazing blog, sharing your inspiring ideas and the recipes for natural beauty products!!!

  231. Did you do this while on the strict 30 day AIP diet?! Just want to make sure you are able to keep up on calories while doing this workout!! Thanks!

    • Yes, I found that I had trouble with strenuous exercise like running or really heavy weights but was fine with this one

  232. I love T-Tapp and was happy to see your review… My chronic back pain left and I have been able to do normal life now … after 6 weeks, I was gardening with out a stoved up back.. I have been sitting a lot lately and need to get back to it! oops! But, I haven’t had any issues for several years… Great video quality and No annoying music! Yea! I like that she talks me through.. Thank you Theresa Tapp!

  233. Every woman’s health specialist I’ve seen has spoken out against exercises that include pelvic tilt (i.e. barre classes). I know there are a lot of wacky women’s health specialist out there, and I definitely did my research in the ones I saw! They all seem to think that the pelvis should always be a neutral, and that pelvic tilting can be detrimental. That’s why I am a little skeptical of this workout.

  234. I have many of her DVDs and enjoy them all. When I got the first one (think it was the Total Workout), I did find her annoying with all her repeating and tone of voice (if you follow things like this, sorry Teresa!), but I do appreciate the exercise. All the DVDs that I’ve purchased have instructional videos to help you really learn the form. The 15-minute program can be done in 15 minutes with great results once you’ve mastered the form and do it properly. I do go back occasionally and use the instructional portion just to make sure that I am still keeping the correct form. Her workouts really do work, but for some people I’m sure they will be bored with them since they are not what you’d call exciting or geared to getting you all hyped up. But they are certainly effective in the health benefits and weight loss that I’ve experienced. As far as pricing goes, I have noticed that prices have gone up somewhat over the years, but what hasn’t? And I’ve never experienced any outrageous shipping costs like have been mentioned here. I also don’t find the quality in the actual presentation on the DVDs lacking. They are effective and get the job done.

  235. I have many of her videos and while they are dated, they really work. The great thing is that if you find you have one you don’t like you can sell them on eBay. She has a 60 day challenge every year and they fly off the shelves then. It works better than anything that I have done.

  236. I started doing the T-Tapp exercises on April 26th 2017 so I am very new to it. But I have to say that with in 9-10 days after just doing the Intro to the Senior Fit exercises my pain level had decreased a lot. By the time 3 weeks had passed just doing the senior fit I was 80% pain free and by the time a month had gone by I was nearly 100% pain free. I had severe muscle and joint pain before and very discouraged and depressed. Now I can smile again and I feel like a new person and that I have a new lease on life. I agree that we will never really master this but I really don’t care about that. I am just happy to be feeling so much better than I was and I wish I had started sooner. I will be doing this until I am a hundred years old. I like the fact that there is no music because I get distracted very easily and it is hard for me to concentrate on two things at a time such as music and someone else talking. Thank you for these exercises they are a GOD send.