Why I Traded My Organic Mattress for IntelliBED

Why I traded in my expensive organic mattress and what i'm using instead

I’ve written before about how sleep is the most difficult part of health for me to consistently dial in. I know and understand the importance of getting enough sleep, but actually getting to bed early and sleeping all through the night is a moving target for me, especially since I’ve been pregnant or nursing for most of the last decade.

Warning: This is a loooong post since I have spent hundreds of hours researching safe mattress options and since we tried several different mattresses before deciding on one we really love. If you don’t care about the science or my own experience and just want to save money on a non-toxic mattress, check out the mattress we chose at this link and use the code WellnessMama for a 10% discount [Note: Until 12/31, use the code “WellnessMama” to receive 10% off + 2 intelliPILLOW’s and Bamboo Sheets (valued at $500) on any queen bed or larger (not valid with the Value bed or any bed smaller than Queen size).]

Now on to the (many, many) details…

Our Mattress Saga

When my husband and I first got married, we were on a tight budget that makes most other tight budgets look lavish. I loved those years because they brought us closer together, but we had approximately $5.00 of disposable income each month during that time.

The Budget-Friendly Mattress

Eventually we switched from the full size mattress that I’d brought from home when we got married, to a king size bed to accommodate the very active baby that was now sleeping with us. We bought a $100 mattress off Craigslist that had supposedly “never been used” and put the box springs and mattress on the floor so we wouldn’t have to buy a frame or headboard (which worked out well, considering the very active baby).

This mattress served us well for many years (it was actually very comfortable), but it was only after researching the potential problems with most mattresses that I realized we should consider a less toxic option, especially since I was spending so much time on it while pregnant and our children were sleeping on it too.

Upgrading Mattresses

I began replacing our mattresses with organic options as we were financially able, starting with the baby crib mattress, as there is a lot of evidence that the chemicals in mattresses are the most harmful to babies and small children. I worked up through our kids in age order and eventually we were to the point of considering an organic king size mattress for our own bed.

At this point, there were several new organic options available, and I struggled trying to figure out which one to buy. We eventually settled on a major organic mattress brand that had good sourcing of their materials and were tested to be non-toxic.

We slept on this mattress for several years, but neither my husband or I “loved” it. So after many additional hours of research, and several years of less-than-perfect sleep, we upgraded to a very expensive Essentia organic mattress. This one was more of a memory foam type organic mattress with organic latex and when we first got it, I was in love.

The Organic Mattress Problem

Unfortunately, we discovered over the next few months that while I loved the super-soft memory foam, it didn’t work quite so well for my husband, as he started developing back pain that grew worse over time. He even resorted to sleeping on the floor or couch a few times for some relief of the back pain, as the firmer sleeping surface helped.

After a few months of this, I realized that we’d have to consider another mattress option (which was frustrating, since the Essentia mattress was not cheap and I’d researched for a long time before choosing it!). I started researching again, and this was also around the time that I became IRL (in real life) friends with Heather of Mommypotamus.com who told us about the mattress they’d recently gotten and how much they loved it…

The Mattress Solution

On a visit to her home, I got to check out the mattress in person and was impressed, so I started researching the company to learn more. The mattress was from IntelliBED, and with the back pain my husband was having, I really liked that their mattresses were especially supportive, but with a non-toxic gel mesh that is even used in hospitals to help remedy bed sores.

After several not-so-subtle requests from my husband to figure out a new mattress to alleviate his back pain, I gave IntelliBED a call to find out what was really in their mattresses and see if it would be a workable option for us (poor IntelliBED customer support, but I can vouch for how helpful they are!)

Several hour-long calls with members of their customer support and even a call with their founder later, I was ready to try IntelliBED. (Pssstt… if you want to find out more or try IntelliBED, use this link and the code “WellnessMama” to get 10% off!)

Within days of its arrival and subsequent sleep, my husband had no more back pain. Ironically, I found out within a few days of getting it that I was expecting again, and so far, I haven’t dealt with any of the normal hip pain I get at this point in pregnancy.

Considering the 30-year warranty that IntelliBED offers, I hope this is the end of our mattress saga for a really long time and this baby will be getting an IntelliBED crib mattress when she arrives.

The Problem With Most Mattresses

Why not just get a newer, better mattress from a regular mattress store? Here’s why…

Conventional Beds and Thyroid Problems

One of the main reasons we started looking at organic and non-toxic mattresses in the first place is because of my existing thyroid condition and the potential genetic pre-disposition our children might have to the same problems.

Most mattresses contain PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, which have been shown to leach into the human body, storing in fat cells and altering hormone function (especially thyroid function). Many doctors and thyroid specialists will ask patients about exposure to things that may contain PBDEs like mattresses, carpets and plastics.

In fact, 97% of people tested in the US were found to have high levels of PBDEs in their bodies, especially residents of California (due to their flammability laws). On average, Americans had up to 20 times higher PBDE levels than Europeans and these chemicals are banned in many parts of the world.

It infuriated me that these chemicals are approved for use in in the US and may have contributed to my thyroid problem. They may also cause infertility and fetal growth problems. (This article has some good info on how to avoid them)

Other Harmful Chemicals in Mattresses

Due to flammability laws, many mattresses contain high levels of many harmful chemicals including:


Formaldehyde is often used in the glue that holds different layers of mattresses together. It is a colorless gas created when methanol oxidizes and is a known carcinogen. It is found in many household products and building materials. Short term exposure can result in skin and respiratory irritation and long term exposure has been linked to various types of cancers:

In 1987, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of unusually high or prolonged exposure (1). Since that time, some studies of humans have suggested that formaldehyde exposure is associated with certain types of cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen (2). In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen in its 12th Report on Carcinogens (3).

Many mattresses also contain melamine resin, which is another source of formaldehyde.

Flame Retardants and PDBEs

Thanks to a law passed in California in the 1970s that was later adopted nationwide, mattresses must meet certain flame retardant standards. These laws now extend to almost all household furniture, though mattresses are the most worrisome since so much time is spent on them compared to other household furniture items.

Many mattresses contain Polyurethane foam which is treated with chemicals to make a memory-foam type material and to make it more flame retardant. Mattresses that contain these substances can release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and PCBEs into the air (and into the body) during sleep.

Bioavailable Antimony

A heavy metal linked to reproductive problems if absorbed by the body, Antimony has also been found in the blood of babies who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and is one of the potential parts of the SIDS puzzle, though the research is still out on this. Personally, this was a good motivator for me to choose non-toxic mattresses for our children if there even *might* be a connection between this chemical in mattresses and SIDS.

What We Chose & Why

As I explained, finally settling on an Intellibed mattress was a loooong process for us. After researching literally dozens of options (and purchasing several that didn’t work for us) we are very happy with our final decision.

I feel that it is important to note that Intellibed is NOT a certified organic mattress. This originally concerned me and was the reason I didn’t consider them at first, and for the multiple long phone calls to their company, though I am now completely happy with our decision. Here’s why…

Though it isn’t certified organic, Intellibed meets my criteria for a mattress because:

Does Not Contain Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals

This was my number one criteria, especially since our babies sleep in our bed and because of my thyroid issue:

In 2007, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission required all mattresses to meet strict flame resistant standards. Unfortunately, the Commission did not mandate which materials should be used by companies to accomplish this. As a result, mattress makers now spray a cocktail of chemicals both to the outside and inside of their mattresses to provide this flame resistant barrier.

I confirmed that Intellibed mattresses were free of:

  • PCDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers)
  • Boric Acid
  • Melamine resin

Most of the studies done on the effect of these chemicals looked at pregnant women (check) and babies (soon to be check) so this was the most important thing I was looking for.

While certified organic mattresses do not contain these chemicals by definition, many mattresses labeled as “Natural” do contain them. In fact, the word “Natural” is not regulated in bedding and though it is often used in marketing materials, “natural” mattresses may still contain all of these harmful chemicals and other additional ones.

IntelliBED meets the flame retardant standards for mattresses, but uses an inert silica-based mineral flame retardant. Unlike other flame retardants, this silica-based one is not bioavailable and won’t break down over time or with body heat (it will only break down in the presence of flames).

Offers Great Support

Though I loved our original Essentia organic mattress, my husband developed annoying back pain after sleeping on it for a several months because it wasn’t as firm of a surface as he needed (although it never bothered me at all). Finding a mattress that offered better support and relief of his back problems was a top priority for us and this is one of the main reasons we decided to switch to IntelliBED.

My husband has always been a very restless sleeper. I thought this was just because he is so active and moves often throughout the day as well, but in researching, I found that this can actually be the result of an uncomfortable or non-supportive mattress. If a mattress is not providing proper support during sleep this creates pressure spots and the person must move frequently to redistribute their weight in order to get comfortable.

Apparently, it wasn’t normal for him to need to move that much at night, nor was it normal for him to have his hands and feet lose feeling while sleeping.

Intellibed gel matrixIntelliBED is the only mattress available that has an Intelli-GEL matrix that was designed and proven to reduce pressure during sleep and is tested and used to reduce bed sores and pressure wounds in hospitals. In tests, this gel matrix was able to reduce pressure by as much as 80% compared to top-of-the-line memory foam or sleep number mattresses. In pressure testing, this was the comparison of pressure points (red areas indicate high pressure areas):


Considering how big of a hassle it was to find a good mattress and how pricey they are, it was also a priority to find a mattress that was durable so we wouldn’t have to purchase another one for a very long time. After hearing horror stories from friends about pricey name brand mattresses that wore down after only a few years and companies who would not honor their warranties, it was important to me to find a reputable company with a good warranty and who would actually honor it.

IntelliBED offered the longest warranty of any mattress I found at 30 years, and I found this comparison helpful:

All mattresses come with a warranty. Some warranties are for a few years and some are for a few decades. They all vary widely and we thought it would be helpful to put together a warranty comparison so that you know what they all mean and so that you can see why no one beats the warranty on an IntelliBED.

Just about every mattress manufacturer requires indentations in the mattress to be 1.5″ or greater to be covered by their warranty. Only IntelliBED and Tempurpedic require .75″ of indentations.

The softening of mattress materials is also not considered a warranty issue. In third-party Rollator testing, foam has been shown to soften from 16% to 49% over the life of the bed. Manufacturers know their foam cushioning will soften, so their warranties do not cover it. IntelliBED will only soften 4.5% over the life of the mattress.

It is typical for warranties to also only cover the original owner. If you buy a used mattress, even if it is still nearly brand new, the warranty is voided more often than not.

Many warranties will be voided by improper support. If you use the wrong type of box spring or the wrong type of metal frame, your warranty could be voided.

Every warranty, including IntelliBED, is voided if you stain your mattress. It is important that regardless of the mattress you own, you use a mattress protector to keep it stain free. (source)

Knowing this, I made sure that we ordered a mattress cover to protect against stains and checked that our bed frame and box springs met the requirements.

Ability to Return

Considering our short-lived success with our previous organic mattress, I also decided it was important to have a mattress that we could return if it didn’t work for us. I firmly believe that no mattress will work for everyone. The organic mattress we had was a high-quality mattress and I really loved it, but it didn’t work for my husband.

It seems that there is always a small percentage of people who don’t do well with any given mattress, so I wanted to make sure that we could try the mattress before deciding to keep it permanently. IntelliBED offers a 60-day return period as long as we had a mattress protector to guard against stains, and I slept better knowing that we could return this mattress if it didn’t work for us.


Our Essentia organic mattress was one of the biggest home purchases we’d ever made (well over $5,000). Our new IntelliBED was less than half of the cost (and you can get one for even less with a 10% discount by using the code WellnessMama at this link)

Organic vs. Non-Toxic Mattresses

As I mentioned, IntelliBED mattresses are not certified “organic” which was part of my original criteria. Their mattresses are non-toxic and after much research, I felt more comfortable with an IntelliBED than an organic mattress for several reasons, especially for long-term use, support, and value.

I also found that both IntelliBED mattresses and most major organic mattress brands were safe and inert on a chemical level but that the non-toxic IntelliBED was more durable. While organic is almost always the best option when it comes to food (or even clothing), this is not always true for mattresses.

Understanding Types of Non-Toxic Mattresses

  1. Prescription Chemical Free: TIP: this is the best option if you are able to get it but it requires a prescription (from a doctor (MD or DO) or chiropractor (DC) licensed in your state) that specifically states that you need a chemical free mattress for health reasons. If you are able to get a prescription like this, you’ll have several options for truly chemical-free mattresses. IntelliBED offers custom mattresses and can make one even without their safe flame retardant chemicals if you have this note. I was pursuing this option and had a prescription from a local doctor but after researching I felt comfortable with IntelliBED’s inert flame retardants.
  2. Certified Organic: For mattresses, this means that it has met the Global Organic Textile Standards and can be marketed as organic. Only mattresses that have met these guidelines can be called organic. Unfortunately, as we discovered, lack of support is a big problem with many of these mattresses and the natural materials are more prone to microbial growth and other problems over time.
  3. Completely Wool Mattresses: Many of these mattresses are marketed as naturally fire retardant and claim that they don’t contain any additional chemicals, but some independent tests have shown that wool may not meet the flame retardant standards on its own and that many of these mattresses contain additional chemicals that don’t have to be disclosed. Also, all-wool mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable over time, as they can pack down and thicken.

So here’s the thing…

Not all of IntelliBED’s materials are certified organic. This is because some of them are substances that my nature cannot be certified, but they are all inert and tested to be non-toxic and safe (even for pregnant women and babies).

All of their materials meet a standard called CertiPUR-US which means they are analyzed by an independent, accredited testing laboratory and found to be free of ozone depletes, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. Their foams are also tested to make sure they are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound – less than 0.5 parts per million (below 1.0 ppm is consider safe).

The patented IntelliGEL is a synthetic material so it can’t be certified organic, but it is inert, non off-gassing and even approved for use in baby bottle nipples. In fact, this gel is medical grade and often used in hospitals for bedridden patients and burn victims to reduce pressure and promote healing.

The medical grade gel matrix that is improving my sleep

Benefits We’ve Seen

Since switching to IntelliBED, we’ve noticed some specific benefits (though these are obviously our subjective experience and not scientific in any way):

  • No back pain for my husband: The reason we switched in the first place was because of my husband’s back pain and he has been pain-free since day 2 of our switch.
  • Better sleep: Both of us feel that we are sleeping better with the new mattress.
  • No hip pain for me during pregnancy: I’m a back sleeper naturally and my hips usually hurt when I have to sleep on my side while pregnant, but I have not had any hip pain this pregnancy at all.
  • Better temperature regulation during sleep: I’m sensitive to temperature with my thyroid issues, and I’ve always had trouble getting temperature comfortable at night. Growing up, I had a water bed and felt cool a lot from the water. With a regular mattress, I felt like it got too hot and sweaty. IntelliBED has been the first mattress that has ever been a happy medium for me.

The Downside to IntelliBED

If anything, our years-long mattress saga taught me that no mattress is a panacea and that there are many great options out there (but some of them might not work for you!). I don’t want to paint the picture that IntelliBED is the only option out there… it has just been the best option for us.

Our children still love their basic thin organic mattresses on their bunk beds and don’t seem to have the same need for support that my husband and I have. Our organic crib mattress is going strong and now we finally have a bed that we love too.

The one downside I will mention about IntelliBED is that it does seem to move more than our previous memory foam organic mattress, so I do tend to notice the bed move if my husband gets up in the middle of the night. This wasn’t a concern for me, since he seems to toss and turn so much less now and it hasn’t bothered me when he moves at night, but I am curious to see what happens when we have a new baby in bed with us. From reading other reviews, it seems that many people think IntelliBED mattresses move less than most others, so I might just be especially sensitive to this.

I want to be very clear and objective that I do not think our previous Essentia mattress was bad in any way, it just didn’t end up being the best option for us. In the same way, I don’t think IntelliBED will be perfect for everyone, but I do like that they allow up to 60 days to try it out and send it back if it isn’t.

In the end, IntelliBED has been the best option for us, and since I get so many mattress related questions, I wanted to share my opinion with you.

A Word on EMFs

In a previous post I shared research about how springs in mattresses may amplify the effects of EMFs in mattresses and explained how one theory suggests that this may be part of the reason for rising rates of certain cancers.

Since that time, I’ve researched this topic in depth, purchased a gaussmeter (for measuring magnetic, electric and radio waves) and talked to several researchers in the field of electromagnetic radiation to try to find more information on this theory.

In short, I’ve come to the conclusion that EMFs are a really big deal, but that mattresses with springs may not be the culprit by any means, just a symptom of a bigger problem.

When I measured several different beds in several different houses (both with springs and without), I found something interesting: the springs in the bed were much less of an indicator of a problem than how close the bed was to things like a wifi router or the main electrical wire that attached to the house. For us, this meant that our daughters beds (with no springs at all) measured the highest (yikes!) as their room also just happened to be above our office where the wifi router is.

At the end of the day, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting rid of the springs in mattresses to avoid EMFs is akin to putting a filter on a cigarette to reduce chemical exposure. It may help slightly, but it isn’t addressing the problem.

When it comes to smoking, the solution is simple (just stop!) and the same rings pretty true for wifi and EMF exposure in the home. This is a topic I’ll be writing about a lot more in the future, but in short, we found that these steps helped reduce or eliminate EMF exposure irregardless of springs in mattresses:

  • Turning off wi-fi at night: This was a struggle to get my husband to agree to and it is a change we are just now starting to implement. It is a tough balance, as we both have aspects of our work that requires much time online, but we also want to protect our family from any unnecessary exposure. Since research shows we are more susceptible to EMF exposure at night and since I have not yet mastered working in my sleep, it makes sense to turn off the wifi at night. If you have more than one device that contributes to your wifi like we do (router, modem, Apple devices, etc), I recommend plugging them into a power strip with a switch to easily turn off at night. This single step alone can reduce 1/2 to 2/3 of exposure, especially for children who are (hopefully) spending some of the daytime outdoors anyway. This addresses the root of the problem as well- no wifi… nothing to amplify. I plan to rewire our house to just use ethernet cables, but I haven’t had the time to do this yet (and it is tough to get in the crawl space of our house while pregnant.)
  • Using an earthing mat: This is a controversial topic and the research is divided, but I seem to sleep better on an earthing sheet, so we use one. This post explains more.
  • Greenwave filters: Last year, our kids all got these dirty electricity filters for Christmas (super exciting gift, I know) but they made a measurable difference in the levels in our home. Interesting note, I decided to repaint our house while my husband was traveling to surprise him and I had to paint 4 rooms in 4 days. I had all of the electrical outlet plates unscrewed and taped over and was painting during the day. The first two nights, I could hardly sleep and was restless all night. I assumed it was because my husband was out of town. The night I plugged the filters back in, I slept just fine. Totally anecdotal, but I still wonder if there was a connection. (This was before we started unplugging the wifi).
  • Don’t plug things in near the bed– This is another factor that made a big difference for us and some things measured higher than others. Things like our lamps and wake up light didn’t seem to have much of an effect, while computers and phone chargers really did. We plugged the green wave filters in to the plugs near our bed and plugged the necessary things into them (lamps, etc) and avoided putting any other electronics in our bedroom…
  • The no-phone rule– We have a non-negotiable rule about not having our phones, computers or other electronics in our room at night (the only time I’ve broken this rule was when my husband was traveling internationally and I wouldn’t be able to talk to him if my phone wasn’t at least close enough to hear). I know some people use phones as an alarm or for various sleep monitoring purposes, so the other option is to put phones in airplane mode at night (a good idea anyway).

Bottom line?

EMFs are an increasingly important topic and one that it seems we are just starting to understand, but after a lot of additional research, I consider springs in mattresses to be very low on the spectrum of important steps to take to reduce exposure. The step with the biggest impact seems to be reducing or eliminating wifi in the home whenever possible (and turning off the router at night is free!).

How to Try IntelliBED Risk-Free

After our previous experience, one of the things that really attracted me to IntelliBED was the ability to try it risk-free without committing for 60 days (it also didn’t hurt that it was less expensive than many other options since we had spent so much on our previous mattress).

If you’ve been on the fence about trying an organic mattress, IntelliBED offers the chance to try it risk-free.

I’m currently a fan and and affiliate for the company (though this post was in no way sponsored by them) and if you decide to try IntelliBED, you can get 10% off at this link (use the code “WellnessMama”). [Note: Until 12/31, use the code “WellnessMama” to receive 10% off + 2 intelliPILLOW’s and Bamboo Sheets (valued at $500) on any queen bed or larger (not valid with the Value bed or any bed smaller than Queen size).]

If an organic mattress isn’t in your budget right now (I know it wasn’t in ours for many years), they also have mattress toppers that can be used on top any mattress, though I’d recommend coating any non-organic mattress in a safe plastic to avoid the problems listed above if you choose this option. They even have pillows made of the same Intelli-gel matrix and my husband refuses to use any other pillow now.

Also, if you have questions about the materials or mattress (as I hope you would when considering a purchase this big), I’d really recommend calling and talking to their team. They were really helpful and can answer any questions you may have (and you can also use the code “WellnessMama” on the phone to get a discount).

NOTE: The discount applies to everything Intellibed offers, and I’ve also used it to order their pillows, seat cushion (which is so helpful during pregnancy) and their Sleep Genius system which has really helped my children sleep better.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, I realize a non-toxic mattress may not be in the budget for many people (it took us years to save up and make the jump). I love IntelliBED and sing their praises to friends and family (just ask any of my local friends who I’ve coerced into laying in my bed to try it) and realize how important a non-toxic sleep solution is, but I wrote this post just to share my experience and hassle with mattresses in the past and to hopefully help others avoid these problems.

There are a lot of options out there for mattresses and this is the one that worked for us and that I recommend to family and friends (and I feel good about sharing here, especially because you can try it risk free). I also felt it was important to dispel the myth that organic is always the best option, it’s definitely true for food, but not always for bedding!

If a non-toxic mattress isn’t in your plans right now, just ignore this post (though you should get a medal of honor for reading this far!), but I hope that this in-depth explanation of my research and experience will be helpful to anyone specifically considering non-toxic mattress options.

Options to Improve a Regular Mattress

If a new mattress isn’t in your plans anytime soon, here are some ways to upgrade an existing mattress for better support/sleep and to reduce chemical exposure:

What kind of mattress do you have? What has your experience been?

Considering switching to an organic mattress- read this first- sometimes organic is not best

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  1. I’d like your suggestion or opinion on a safe plastic mattress cover? I’ve actually been looking into this recently and am having difficulty in figuring out what plastic is actually safe.

      • Since there are worries about the links between the chemicals used in the beds and disease, just thought I’d touch on the “silica” that you said these beds are made with. Silica, particularly crystalline silica that becomes airborn and is breathed in. The silica is known to cause a variety of immune disorders such as Lupus, Scleroderma, and Vasculitis along with kidney disease, lung cancer, silicosis, and tuberculosis. Silica is naturally found in soil and sand and is not toxic normally. It may we worth looking into to see if these mattresses have the potential to release the crystalline silica into the air because that could pose a big problem if it is. Sclero.org has good info on the subject and there is also many other good sources of info I found by googling Silica exposure.

  2. Thanks for the information. Does this mattress contain any fabric made from GMO cotton?

    I might be looking for a new mattress soon. I currently have a tempurpedic memory foam (5+ yrs old) that I loved for the first 3 years – now, not so much. I’m going through a time of hot flashes and night sweats and so I keep the temperature as cool as possible at night (between 58 and 62 degrees F). Memory foam “looses its memory” in cold temperatures. When you first lie down the bed conforms to your body, and then if you roll over it doesn’t bounce back up and you feel like there is a huge valley behind you. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long before your body heat warms the mattress up enough to stop that problem.

    It’s also very hot in the summer time because it conforms to your body and memory foam is not breathable. So this mattress leaves very much to be desired in temperature extremes.

    Also, I did not do any research before buying it and was uninformed regarding the toxicity of the VOCs it off gasses. Had I known then what I know now, I never would have bought it. I think the only thing that saved me is I had it delivered to my new house before I actually moved in and so it wasn’t covered in mattress protector and sheets right away and I didn’t sleep on it for the first few weeks. Maybe it off-gassed the biggest majority of the VOCs before I moved in and started sleeping on it. If it ever did or still off gasses, I never felt any problems from it. Of course, toxicity can be something that builds up and causes problems over time. It could possibly be a contributing factor to my current state of hormonal imbalance.

    I am currently suffering from sciatica and going to physical therapy. The therapist told me that sleeping on memory foam is not good support for the back and that may be part of my problem with back pain. I have to say that it always felt like it was supporting me well (when it’s not too cold that is). People with fibromyalgia who experience pain in all the typical trigger points will like this mattress because it feels gentle on the body and doesn’t create pressure points (when it’s not cold that is). Plus I like that it has a remote controlled feature for elevating the head and foot of the bed. It also has a vibrating feature but I have never been too crazy about that.

    I’m looking forward to reading all the comments in hopes that they will help me decide what mattress to buy next.

    • I’m not sure why it shows stress in that one pic but my hip pain, etc. went away while sleeping at my daughter’s house on a blow up mattress and my husband’s low back pain disappeared. we would go home and it would come back now we have had a sleep number bed which we blow up to about 80 and still having no problems for the last 15 years and I’m almost 72 and my husband is 73 and we still love it.

  3. WOW…is all I can say! I love that you have done so much research on a topic that has been coming up nightly in our home. My husband complains that his hands/arms fall asleep when in our bed. Because of this, he has made the decision to sleep in a recliner, and is not troubled with the numbness and tingling. but the “lonely factor” is a biggie for both of us. I’ll definitely be checking out the IntelliBed. Thank you for the 10% coupon; it just sweetens an already sweet deal!!

  4. Thanks for the info! I have been trying to research on the most comfortable pillow to buy that is chemical free. Is there any you could recommend?

    • They have pillows as well, but there are also some good options out there from other companies as well. I’d personally either look for certified organic or the IntelliBED

      • There is a regular and a low profile. Do you know the difference between the 2? I can’t find an explanation on the website link above. Thanks!

        • I use the regular. The low profile is very low from what I can tell…

      • Hi, I’m curious to know what pillows your kids use? Been searching for a right fit. Thanks

  5. We just bought a “toxic mattress” and we are not in a place to buy a new mattress since we just bought a house. Do you have any advice for those who cannot upgrade this moment?

    • At the end of the article above, she has some options for you. 🙂

  6. I am 49yrs old and I decided years ago to go the oriental way. The results are fabulous! I am more rested than using any mattress and still able to get up in the morning with energy. The old traditional way that the common people used decades ago was using thick cotton materials and placing them straight on the floor (wood). I have tried all sorts of mattresses, even the hospital grade and I just can’t seem to sleep well. I love my hard core floor with some cushion and softness with it. The best thing, I can take it with me while camping!

    My thoughts…not everybody can do this!


  7. I enjoyed your blog posts but would like to unsubscribe – too many sponsored posts and how to unsubscribe. Thanks

    • Hi Kate, this is not a sponsored post and I have never been paid to write any blog post. This, like all of my articles are about my experience trying to provide the healthiest options for my family. You can unsubscribe from my emails by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email. Thanks for reading!

  8. Hi Katie! Thanks for the amazing research you’ve shared with us.
    I checked out the IntelliBed website and was wondering which mattress you got — the IntelliBED or the Value? Since you said it was half the price of your organic one ($5000) I’m guessing you chose the Value option ($2500)? I was looking at the King sizes.

      • Hi, We are on the market and are just about ready to make our purchase of an IntelliBED. We wondered what bed you chose? Posture Perfect (or Lo-Motion), Relief Perfect (or Lo-Motion). I did not quite understand the difference between the above comment regarding “The Value” or “IntelliBED”…I appreciate your feedback.

        • They’ve recently changed the names, so I’m not sure which the corresponding one is now…

          • I appreciate your response. Both my husband and I are trying to compromise on Soft vs Firm….Posture Perfect Lo Motion vs Relief Perfect… If you are anyone on this blog has suggestions, they are welcome!

  9. Hi Katie!

    If buying an organic mattress is not within my budget, where can I get the “safe plastic” to cover my existing mattress that you mentioned in your article?

  10. We purchased an OMI king mattress in 2012 complete with topper and wooly. A huge expense but worth if for piece of mind around toxins. I too have Hashimotos. The first 2 years were great but then gullies began to develop where we sleep. We are still using but I already have my eye on another soon. THANK YOU for doing this research and posting your in depth opinions. I consider you one of the most valued sources of high integrity info on all things health. Please continue giving us great brands to research for ourselves. I don’t agree with the previous commenter about you pushing products. You save me hours of time (and money) and I so appreciate it. Keep it up woman!

  11. Hi! I have an essentia bed as well and my back pain associated with a herniated disk in my neck is not really better. It seems like a firmer mattress on the floor helps my back the most. Would you say the intellibed would be a good option? Can you put the mattress on the floor or is that not recommended? I’m also trying to figure out how to talk my husband into ANOTHER mattress after spending so much on the essentia bed! What did you do with your old essentia mattress?

    • Switching certainly helped my husband’s back issues. I liked the Essentia and never had any problems with it. We only switched because of him. We gifted the Essentia to some family who were in need a new mattress 🙂

  12. Love it, thank you for sharing your experience, Katie. I am hoping we can save up and get a king sized intelliBed at some point. For now, we just need to get a crib or child-sized mattress for our soon-to-arrive baby!

  13. Do you have any suggestions/opinions on safe plastic mattress covers? Upgrading mattresses just isn’t in the budget right now but I’d certainly like to find a safe mattress covers for our beds. I’ve been looking into this recently and I”m finding it difficult to determine what plastic is actually safe!
    As always Katie, you’ve done an extraordinary job of researching and informing your readers! I agree with Jennifer – you’ve saved me hours of frustrating research as I can trust your integrity and honesty on all things Health & Family!! THANK YOU

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 This is the one we had for a while after I started learning about the problems with mattresses and before we could replace ours: http://amzn.to/1l9U8D8

  14. Baby Girl! Congratulations!
    Also, thank you for sharing that you co-sleep with your babies. I don’t know if you’ve written an article on the pro’s and cons of co-sleeping but it would be nice to see.

  15. Your Essentia mattress was too soft for your husband? I remember you talking about Obasan mattresses for your kids, and when I was doing research it showed that you can buy a mattress from them with different firmness levels on either side. This could have been a good way to keep on the truly organic route while being comfortable for you and your hubby. Just a thought. We went with this model back then and have been sleeping happily since then!

  16. What about the fact that it has coils. I thought you were concerned about EMF’s?

    • She addresses that towards the end of the article.

    • Please go back & re-read… the higher concern re: EMF’s was related to electronic equipment …phones, wifi routers…. THOSE are the real culprits.

    • Hey Karly,
      She had a long section where she explained her opinion on EMf’s in the article above. In short, EMF’s are caused more from WIFI and electricity than the springs and coils in a bed. She has done more research on the topic and has changed her view of the issue of beds and EMF’s.

  17. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your time to review all of the details that have gone into your research…….we are hoping to make the switch to an organic or intellibed soon, but was very divided between the two before reading this but I have a much better understanding now. I cannot say thank you enough.

  18. I have a tempurpedic and remember that when I bought it 6 years ago the chemical odor it emitted was terrible. I actually had to sleep in a different room for several weeks while the smell dissipated. I assume that it was off-gassing some nasty chemical. Do you think mattresses continue to emit chemicals into the atmosphere/my body even though the smell is gone? Or can I assume that after 6 years whatever VOCs that were originally in it are gone?

    • There is some conflicting research on this, but it seems that the general consensus is that it off gasses a lot at first and reduces some but over time, it can actually get worse as the material starts to break down.

  19. I am happy to read your blog and reap the benefits of your extensive knowledge and research. Thank you! We are all in the same boat just trying to get/stay healthy. I also do not ever feel that your purpose is to “sell” something. Maybe somebody was just having a bad day when they wrote that comment.

  20. This information came at just the right time for our family. Thank you! I am also very interested in the EMF topic if anyone can share their knowledge.

  21. Have you done any research on natural latex/rubber mattresses and pillows?

    • You need to check out spindle mattresses. They are based in Massachusetts and the mattresses are made in the USA. The latex they use is not “certified organic” but it is 100% natural and is 04 Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified which means it has no off gassing of harmful chemicals. It uses organic cotton and eco wool in the covering. We bought a king size for $1700 and we are loving it! You can choose your level of firmness too. I highly recommend.

      • Thanks I’ll check them out.

  22. Love our savvy rest

    • After lots of researching, I went with a chemical free natural latex mattress. I love it.

      • Marlene what bed did you go with if you don’t mind me asking?

        • I’m not Marlene:) but we have 100% natural latex mattress that isn’t certified organic but it is chemical free as certified by Oeko-Tex (strict regulation). It is a spindle mattress and I did extensive research on latex mattresses before deciding on them. Ours has held it’s shape really well and this company has a great option of upgrading layers as needed so you don’t have to buy a whole new mattress if (years down the road) it needs replacing. From my understanding the latex beds that are synthetic latex don’t hold their shape as well. Note though that any latex mattress can be called “natural” even if it only has a little natural and the rest synthetic latex. Look for 100% natural latex.

  23. Darn, we recently spent a lot of money on an Essentia mattress based on your recommendation. It is not nearly as comfortable as our previous mattress. I wish I had seen this post prior to investing all that money.

    • Which model Essentia did you buy that wasnt comfy? And what did you have previously that was comfy?

      • I’m actually not sure what our original bed was because the tag had already been removed, but the brand was Serta (not natural at all thought). From Essentia, we had the Dormeuse.

  24. Hi Katie! When does the 10% discount expire?

    • It should be good for several months at least (though maybe wait a few weeks if you are considering because I’m trying to negotiate an additional bonus for readers) 🙂

      • That would be awesome !!

  25. Hi, thanks for this post! I have really been thinking a lot about mattresses, and I have done some research into Keetsa’s, which seem at least more friendly than temperpedic or sleep number. Have you researched this brand at all? Thanks!

  26. We gave a try to organic cotton filled mattress for queen size bed. It worked very well. We never faced any back problem. It becomes hard with time as cotton gets compressed. This was when we lived in US. I am now in India and still using cotton mattress & I find it perfect!! 🙂

  27. Hello! I just want to say that I love your blog, and you are the one who inspired me to try and lead a more natural life. However, there are somethings…
    While I agree that formaldehyde is toxic, and some not good stuff…..the human body does produce it. Especially when drinking citrus fruits, juice, veggies, fermented beverages (kombucha, kiefer, etc….). I think the average human can take in like, 2mg per kilo of body weight….(That might be sightly off, but it’s pretty close)
    Here are the links I used to research this.
    http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/roc/twelfth/2009/november/formaldehyde_bd_final.pdf (<This one is over 500 pages…I don't blame you if you don't read it ^_^;)

    I so look forward to your next post!

  28. Hi can I ask if you could recommend any safer mattress brands here in the UK as I don’t think the brand of bed mentioned in the article is available to purchase here? Also in the meantime, does the mattress protector you’ve linked for those who cannot afford a new mattress yet protect against the toxins emitted or just bed bugs and allergens? Thanks

    • I’m not familiar with any brands in Europe at all.. sorry… The protector does protect against off gassing as well.

      • Do you use the mattress encasement (at the end of your blog) then add the mattress protector you recommend (the one you had before your healthy mattress purchase) on top?

        • For a conventional mattress, I at least fully encased and usually used a protector as well, but with a natural mattress, I just use a protector to protect the mattress…

    • There is a wool mattress maker from Bulgaria that you can find on Etsy.

      I am saving up to buy her wool mattresses for my whole family. These mattresses are very appealing to me in matters of cost, quality material, and craft.

      • No link. Where is it?

  29. Thanks for the update. I remember reading your previous posts about the last mattress that you bought. I too have been researching beds for a couple of years now and my husband is waiting on me to make a decision. After hours and hours of research, I have decided that I will just focus on the most important issues for me personally. With that said, I appreciate you for your honesty and feedback. I have been looking at Cozy Pure. I ordered one of their pillows last year and have been satisfied. I just wish I could make a trip to actually test their beds.

  30. I thought I had seen some research about soy and soy foam not being a good “natural” option? Have you heard anything about this and what were your concerns? Thank you! I enjoy reading all of your posts!!

    • Good question- I’ll add the info I found about this to the post…

      • I would be interested in this information as well especially with GMO soy being so prevalent.. do you know if their soy foam is GMO?

        • From my research, soy foam is usually about 10% soy and the rest petro chemicals so if you are avoiding petro chemicals then it isn’t the way to go!

          • How about GMO cotton? Does the mattress contain any cotton fabric?

        • Hi Kate – I want to thank you for your posts, I typically really enjoy them.

          In reviewing info on Intilli Bed, their gel is soy/petro chemical based and depending on what you buy they still apply chemical fame retardant (although they say inert it still is a flame retardant that is applied). Their warranty is a not really a great one as it is a 10 year replacement (like most others) then they do a pro-rated amount for years 11-30 (which means you get next to nothing back depending on how long you have it). There are natural/and or organic companies that allow for trials and returns. The Intelli Bed seems to be more closer to a conventional product with good spin.

          For my family I like to go with a completely natural material bed. I LOVE our Everlast mattress from My Green Mattress. It doesn’t have a motion transfer issue like you mentioned having above as it uses pocketed coils and has a 3 inch natural latex topper with organic cotton cover and wool – no flame retardant chemicals inert or not! In fact, they have a great affordable entry model in which my kids sleep on that also has pocketed coils, the Pure Echo which allows me to escape the kids if they need me to lay next to them while going to sleep as the bed isn’t too bouncy and doesn’t wake them up when I move. The prices of both these beds are less than the value model of intelliBed and are made without the use of petro foams, gels, or flame retardant chemicals.

          Everyone needs to find a great mattress that works for them and I’m happy that you did for you and your family – just want to share other options!

          • I enjoyed reading your take on the both mattress companies. I’m wondering what your take on the polyester woven into the wool is? And has your mattress left permanent imprints?
            Thank you for your input!

  31. Thank you soooo much! This is exactly what I needed. I have been putting off purchasing a mattress for our master bedroom for 6 months and have been sleeping on a futon mattress because I couldn’t decide on one that works with our “natural” lifestyle and budget. My husband keeps asking when we are getting a mattress and I keep saying “I need to find one that works .” I’m so excited that I can tell him about this when he gets home! :)))

  32. I too was surprised to see this intel bed has metal coils. I’m concerned about EMF’s which is why I like the organic latex option. But, now I see they don’t hold their shape. Ugh!

    • Really Tammy that’s unfortunate? The natural latex was going to be my bed route. Which makes have you looked at that don’t hold their shape so far?

  33. Katie-

    Thank You so much for your time in relying the information from your extensive research! Buying a non-toxic mattress has been on my mind for months but I just haven’t had the time to research and discuss with my husband. I have heard about how great the Intellibed is from several other health websites but your article so nicely covered everything! I get so overwhelmed by researching but you have a gift with that and truly appreciate what you bring to the holistic community. You are just amazing!

    Peace and Love,

  34. Thanks for the info.! I’m surprised to see that there is no mention of the Casper mattress, that I saw. They give 100 day trial and if you don’t like it they come and pick it up. They are certified through two clean certifications. Though the mattress is latex/memory foam it stays cool by design and doesn’t weight a ton of bricks! Also, since it’s online based its really adorable. We got one this year and are so happy with it.

    • I was very interested in the the Casper bed but it still claims to have low VOC’s and being pregnant and thinking of bed sharing with the baby this scares me off.

      This video shoes an expert detecting the VOC’s:


  35. Which model of Intellibed did you buy?

  36. This is so timely for me, thank you! I have gotten so frustrated trying to do the research. I too, have hip pain that began during my second pregnancy. It occurred in my third and although I’m no longer having children, the hip pain lingers. My chiro helps, exercises help, but I know my bed aggravates it. I also purchased a mattress just a few years ago. But we need to make a switch. Neither of us sleeps well on a consistent basis. I was just telling my sister that I’d like to upgrade all 5 of us, beginning with my youngest. Thank you SO much for offering options to help lessen toxins until we can purchase a new mattress for everyone.

  37. I researched and researched and researched and went to look at beds for months trying to find one that I felt safe to sleep on, and after a couple of years, I finally decided just to make my own mattress out of wool that I purchased from a farmer and his wife in Montana! It was a fun project and I am very happy with my new mattress and it’s smell of wool. And best of all, I feel safe. I don’t trust new human made materials that are classified as a plastic and it’s hard these days to trust businesses out for profit.

    I tried to post a photo of my bed for you to see, but it didn’t work.

  38. Thanks Katie for your research! I bought an Intellibed for my son last year and I love it (it seems that he’d rather stay in the King sized bed :). My newborn and I are enjoying it!

    The only question I have is what kind of protective mattress pad do you use to not void the warranty? The one that they sell – which I bought – seems to have a toxic smell. Thanks!!

  39. Where can one find information that PDBEs can “leech” into one’s body through a mattress, particularly one that is covered?

    CDC information suggests that one has to consume (eat) PDBEs or play in landfills to be effected by them.

    See: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxfaqs/tf.asp?id=900&tid=183.

    • Even that article explains that “You may be exposed to PBDEs from eating foods or breathing air contaminated with PDBEs.” The theory is that PDBEs in mattresses can affect indoor air and enter the body in this way. Additionally, that article acknowledges that most people have exposure “The concentrations of PBDEs in human blood, breast milk, and body fat indicate that most people are exposed to low levels of PBDEs.”

  40. We are considering a Powercore by Charles P. Rogers (direct buy from company).

  41. Thank you for doing the research and for a great and explicit article about mattresses. I am currently searching for one and this came at the perfect time!

  42. Hi Katie, intellibed has several options on the site. I read in comments you got the economy. Did you also upgrade on motion transfer or try the softer option? So many choices it’s hard to decide.

    Thank you!! Love love your blog

  43. Baby girl! congrats! I have been on the search for a natural mattress. I love the foam mattress that i bought for around $300 online, probably toxic. But my husband get a back pain. He would rather sleep on the floor. I grew up in inida where mattress are made from a type of cotton. It is not the cotton plant, it is huge tree which had pods filled with these cotton. The tree grow in the wild, so no pesticides. These pods are collected and this cotton is collected to be filled inside a mattress cover. The matters cover is made out of regular cotton more like the thickness of a canvas. When filled the mattress is firm and great for people with back pain. There mattress softness over time maybe in 15-20 yrs. There is not artificial foam or anything. I am planning to ship it from India considering the cost of these natural foam mattress available here. Hoping that this mattress will work for us.

  44. It does not surprise me one bit that your hubby’s back hurt on memory foam. My hubs shelled out a bunch of money a while back for a Tempur Pedic, and the thing nearly crippled me! They are awful!!! I’m on an organic mattress now, but it’s already developed the “hills and valleys” I hate, so I’m going to check out your recommendation…. thanks for all the good info… I too have tried a lot of mattresses over the years….. sheesh! 🙂

  45. Thank you for your post! I’m actually curious what mattresses you use for your children’s bunk beds that you briefly mentioned in your post. we are about to build a three layer bunk bed and while I would love to get Intellibed mattresses for it – we simply can’t afford three of them. With that said I still want something that is healthy for my children. Would you mind sharing what you use for your bunk beds? Thank you so much!

      • Thank you for responding so quickly!

  46. Love your blog! I went and tried all the Essentia mattresses after your prior post and loved them.

    Curious why you are not concerned with Intellibed’s gel being a petroleum based product (mineral oil)?


  47. I was on your website looking for a healthy beef jerkey recipe when I saw your blog regarding the Intellibed. Thought I would just comment that my husband and I have had one for over two years and we love it. I am a side sleeper and always woke up with sore hips and shoulders. I do not have this problem with the Intellibed. No back pain for either of us or any other sore spots. I am a bit of an insomniac but try not to take anything, even melatonin, and I can tell you that I have slept better since we have this mattress. I wasn’t aware that they had a pillow so I think I’ll be on that for Christmas.

    The only complaint I have about the Intellibed mattress is keeping the fitted sheet tight. Seems that all sheets today are made for huge pillow top mattresses which the Intellibed is not.

    • There are some companies that are starting to make “fitted” sheets without elastic (basically just a larger top sheet). We found that while it takes a little longer to make the bed, they stay put better 😉

  48. Hi Katie,

    I was reading some negative reviews on the IntelliBed, alot more with customer service. I wish there was a store near me to try it. I am curious how long you’ve had the bed, and also if you can review the bed again how things are going after some time. 1-3 years.. I haven’t read the whole article, but I get so upset over finding a good mattress not feeling overwhelmed over the amound of money that you pay for how long the matress will actually last. *sigh*
    thank you for all your research.

  49. Just wanted to mention that one source of the dirty electricity in your home may be the Himalayan salt lamps, if they have a dimmer switch. I recently tested the dirty electricity coming off our electrical appliances and was shocked that the salt lamp gave off more than the computer!

    • Thank you for that info! So should you not use the salt lamps? I was about to buy some. Also what’s the solution to the computer?

  50. Hello. This is my first time reading your blog and love it! What kind of crib mattress do you have?

  51. Hi Katie, Is the mattress protector that Intellibed requires a good quality (no chemicals and such)?

    • From what I can tell, it is… and it definitely does a good job of protecting the mattress (our potty training little one wet our bed one night and the mattress was completely dry)

  52. My husband and I are very happy with our Essentia Classic 8 mattress that we bought in Canada several years ago. When we thought of purchasing a second mattress, we saw all the bloggers comment positively on their experience with Intellibed so we called Intellibed and Esssentia to compare both mattresses.

    Essentia just like Intellibed has several options for pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and also to help with movement disturbance so that if one sleeper moves a lot, it doesn’t disturb the other one.

    If you chose a mattress that is at a lower price point, you will not have those features and benefits. Please let me know what Essentia mattress you purchased. I’m interested in finding out so that I can better understand your issues.

    Thank you.

  53. Thank you for answering my question so quickly. I do appreciate it. I know the Dormeuse model is a higher end model. I also know that The Dormeuse & The Dormeuse Fior models are very plush and therefore would not offer the back support needed for your husband’s health concerns. Have you ever thought of contacting Essentia and inquiring about it? Perhaps they would offer a money back guarantee seeing that you had such issues. I’m sure they don’t want to have unhappy and dissatisfied customers. Companies nowadays are very good with return policies especially in this global economy. Please let me know if they were able to help you.
    Thank you.

  54. Could you please tell me which organic mattress your kids use? I have been doing a lot of research on mattresses that will be used for my children’s new bunk beds. I am torn between a natural latex mattress from Spindle and an organic spring mattress from naturapedic. I’m worried about the latex mattress being highly flammable (due to latex being flammable) and the box spring mattress being uncomfortable. You mentioned that your children slept better once they received their organic mattress, do you mind telling me which brand and type it was/is?

    • In an earlier comment she said Obasan mattresses

      • Thank you, Harmony. I had been looking through previous posts, but had missed that.

  55. I have 2 ruptured discs in my low back and my chiropractor recommend the intellibed for me. Your post only helped me make the decision to switch easier and I’m so glad I did! For the first time in years I’m sleeping like a baby. No pain in my low back or hips at all, and even better my usual morning stiffness is completely gone. If you have a low back injury and suffer from sciatica I cannot recommend this bed highly enough. I bought the regular intellibed mattress btw. I preferred the firmer support over the extra layer of foam they add to the softer version.

  56. Hi, thanks for all of the information. I noticed that intellibed sells a gel mattress topper for considerably less than the price of the entire mattress. I’m curious as to why you or others don’t just go that route? The mattress sounds like it’s a typical coil mattress, but that the real gem is the special gel in the top of the mattress. That is what relieves pressure points. In the videos and other text, it seems like the whole focus is on the gel. The gel topper for a king size is $1000 and the mattress is $2500 or $4000. I just wondered if you had any thoughts or knowledge as to why a person wouldn’t just buy the topper to add to their existing mattress. Thanks!

    • For us (and particularly my husband) it was imperative that the mattress also be supportive. The gel is pressure relieving, but without the supportive underpinning of the coils, it would not be firm enough for my husband. this is why *we* did not simply get a topper to go over our organic bed. Your point is a good one, though… If someone has a good, non-toxic mattress that they like for support, but find that it exerts too much pressure, this might be a good option.

      • Would it matter if the mattress is non toxic? Would a regular, conventional Sealy type mattress be a problem if the non-toxic gel topper is between you and the mattress? Wouldn’t the topper serve as protection from the toxins?

        • You would still have to deal with outgassing and flame retardants…

  57. I just wanted to say thank you for researching about the intellibed and allbof your information. I have actually been chatting with a rep from the company and because its cyber Monday they are offering $500 off and 60 month financing as an option. I think we are going to go with the value queen with boxsprings and adjustable base . I actually think the special is 500 off the adjustable base!
    Akso I have a question about baby mattresses. I researched and we ended up buying the babe safe cover from New Zealand for the bassinet and crib mattress instead of buying an organic crib mattress since we had a crib mattress. Are you familiar with those and your thoughts? Again thank you so much for all the research and info!

  58. Also I just looked at my quote and they gave me another 10 percent off with your discount! Thanks again.

  59. Hi! Wondering if you did any research into Saatva? I spoke with them and they said that their mattresses did not contain any of the chemicals that you had listed as needing to avoid. A queen size is $899, so a lot cheaper than intellibed. They advertise as being eco friendly and I can’t get any of the reps to come right out and say they are non toxic but they do say they do not use any of those chemicals. would love your opinion! Thanks!

    • I’m looking at this bed. Did you end up getting one? I’m a stomach sleeper so need a really firm mattress but so few are affordable and “clean”

  60. Hi Katie
    Have you done any research into loom and leaf mattress?

  61. Katie,

    Thank you for your post! As a Steven Johnson’s survivor your blog has really helped me a great deal in changing my life. I bought the Sureguard mattress protector that you suggested and it smelled terrible. Did yours smell? My conscious tells me that the smell is no good. I am going to return the product but I have no idea if the smell is definitely worth the concern? Do you have any advice on how to properly ask for the chemicals and the toxicity of those chemicals used in the product?

  62. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Have you ever read anything about the Certi-Pur certification for mattresses? We’re considering purchasing a Tuft+Needle one, and it has that certification. I browsed the website and it appears to meet standards for not containing formaldehyde, certain flame retardants, and emissions, but I was curious if you knew anything about this.

  63. I was very exctied after reading your article. When I checked out the queen size Intellibed they were all way more then $2,500 🙁 Was hoping to purchase but $3,600 is way to much. Thank you for all the great research anyways!!

  64. Tuft and Needle is a great option. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and although I wasn’t able to sleep on the mattress the first night, by the second day all scent was gone. I’ve had it for about three years and I love the firmness. The price was fantastic and 30 day return policy makes it a no brainer.

  65. Is the discount still valid? And the KING SIZES ARE $4k. How were you able to purchase this mattress for 2500?

    • They’ve recently made some changes to both the names of their mattresses and the pricing. I’ll be updating the post soon with that info.

      • Hi Katie-

        I so appreciate all your diligent research (and sharing) on mattresses! I am in the process of getting new beds for my husband and I and our two toddlers beds. Do you have any thoughts on the new Casper beds? I have been talking with their support staff and it seems like they follow a lot of the guidelines you suggested, but I am worried I am missing something. Curious your thoughts….

        Thank you!


        • Casper mattresses aren’t organic but are decent for the price. I haven’t tried one personally, but do wonder if anyone who has tried one experienced the back issues that my husband had with our organic foam mattress.

  66. What brand of organic beds did you buy for your children? I’ve been doing my research following you, dr axe and your friend mama potamus. You guys have recommended intellibed and bioposture (dr axe) for what you use. I’ve been researching on healthy child website the naturepedic brand and wanted to see if you had any thoughts on their mattresses and crib mattresses. They pass all the non toxic chemicals you mentioned to stay away from and they are GOTS certified plus green select. Wow this can be so overwhelming. So appreciative for your site and dr axe and making it easy to understand what is harmful to our families. Any advice?

    I’m also looking at wood oranganic blend pillows for kids and found heart of vermont had good prices. Anyone every used them?

    • I’m not a big fan of bioposture, but from what I can tell, naturepedic is a pretty good option too. Thanks for reading!

  67. Hi Katie, I tried searching through the comments section but didn’t see if you or any other readers had mentioned the Brentwood Home line of mattresses. http://amzn.to/1Y7f3UR They seem to meet the same specification for health safety as the IntelliBed but at an even more affordable price. Did you happen to research these mattresses? My son needs a new bed and it’s a particular concern for me because he already had liver cancer 2 years ago at age 4. At this point I try to do everything I can to reduce the toxic burden on his body. As great as some of these beds sound it would be awesome to find an even more affordable option since we’re still dealing with his medical bills. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • I’m not familiar with them so I don’t have any knowledge on how they compare to the others…

      • I understand, thank you. Do you think the CertiPUR-US certification is a good standard from the standpoint of lowering the health risks of the mattress, which is my primary concern in this case over comfort? Thanks again!

        • Yes, CertiPUR is definitely a good starting point.

    • I just had a look at the Brentwood mattresses and they look great! Thank you for posting about them. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they deliver in Canada. This adds to my struggle of finding an affordable, non-toxic mattress.

      My best to you and your son.

  68. Thanks for the info! What mattress brand did you buy for your kids? I don’t think my little ones need a intellibed yet!

  69. Hi everyone – We, too, had an Essentia and needed to replace it. We saw the IntelliBed recommendation here and decided to try it. A couple of notes: About the motion of the IntelliBed: We learned the hard way, based on 2 recommendations from 2 different IntelliBed on-line sales people, that the Posture Perfect has 2 versions – a regular and a lo-motion. We went with the recommendation not to get the lo-motion due to the “extra” back support of the one that isn’t lo-motion. The motion of this mattress is so significant and is like a water bed. It’s waking us up when the other person moves so an additional support we might have is lost on us not getting good sleep. We contacted IntelliBed to send it back and go with the lo-motion under the “risk free trial” Here’s the risk – when you return a mattress, you have to pay shipping on the second mattress (in this case – king size – $300) and you don’t get a 60 day trial period on the second mattress. Beware of these couple things before you make this big investment. Best to find a store to try the mattress first – we are 3 hours away from the closest store; we should have spent the time to go there and buy.

    • Thanks Liz for letting us know. Finding the right non toxic and comfortable mattress online is so difficult.

    • How is the lo-motion? I need something that is basically as low motion as a memory foam mattress. I keep waking up every time my husband rolls over or even readjusts.

      • The lo-motion is awesome! We returned the regular posture=perfect for the lo-motion and are totally happy with it. No more waking up when the other person moves. It’s pretty close to as low motion as the memory foam.

  70. A couple questions for you:

    – Wondering if you are still happy with your mattress purchase after some time having it

    – Do you know which mattress is comparable to the one you purchased since you said they have changed the names since then?

    – Which pillows were you happy with, and are they the same ones for kids and adults?

    • We still love our Itellibed. The ones we purchased before Essentia and Obasan. Both are great, but just weren’t the best option for us. I love the Intellibed pillows personally, but Essentia also has great pillows that are softer and more similar to regular pillows.

  71. I really can’t get a new mattress just yet so I’m looking to get a mattress cover/wrap. The ones you’ve mentioned are “breathable” and not very thick plastic, doesn’t that mean the off-gassing will still get through??

    • I came across your review while searching for Essentia mattress reviews. I’m looking for a new firmer mattress because our current soft one is causing me lower back issues. I noticed you bought the Dormeuse which is one of their softer models. Do you think if you went with one of Essentias firmer options you husband would have been fine or do you think it’s the memory foam they use that caused his back issues? Thanks

      • I don’t know since we didn’t go that route…

        • Is your intellibed on the firmer side? What position does your husband sleep? Thanks.

  72. What brand of organic cotton mattress do you recommend for kids? Also, where did you buy the bunk beds from?

    • Our bunk beds were hand-me-downs from family…

      • Okay thank you. You mentioned your kids use organic cotton mattresses on their bunk beds what brand do you recommend?

        • I would go with the IntelliBed for them as well…

  73. Thanks so much for a great article. I am in Australia and would love to get an intellibed – but I can’t seem to find them here. I’m wondering if you or anyone else has come across anything? Thanks!

    • Did you end up finding anything in Australia? I’m currently searching!

  74. Hi Katie! Can you recommend a good waterproof mattress protector? One that fits like a fitted sheet would be ideal. Thanks for this post.

    • INtellibed has a great one that we’ve used.

      • Do you still recommend the ones on Amazon as well that you previously recommended? Looking to purchase soon
        Thank you Katie

        • Yep, but the one from Amazon is a full encasement not just a cover.

  75. Hi Katie, thank you so much for this wealth of information!! I wanted to ask what brand of sheets have you found fit the best for the intellibed mattress? (Company store, SOL organix, etc?)

    • Both fit well and I’m currently using a large flat linen sheet I bought from a friend and loving it.

  76. Hi I was wondering what mattress you use for your kiddos? Also, looking for a crib mattress. Thank you!

  77. She used Obasan. Currently they have a promo code, it’s only once a year for back to school; I purchased a fundy mattress for my
    toddler today.

  78. Katie, What do you think of CertiPUR foams? I thought I heard they were still polyurethane and therefore off-gas and VOC’s and all that…I’m looking at crib mattresses and the Nook Pebble and Pebble Lite…they say they are completely non-toxic but I just don’t believe it. Any insight or research you did there?