Healthy Coffee Recipe (with Butter!)

A way to supercharge coffee and make it healthy and great for your skin

After a recent Facebook post where I mentioned I put some strange ingredients in my coffee, I’ve gotten a few emails asking for more details…

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. Basically, I love coffee but my adrenals don’t always love it! Also, since I don’t eat/drink sugar or much pasteurized dairy, it can make for some pretty boring coffee… until now.

Drink the Fat…

Bonus points to anyone who just thought of Ross!

I’d always mixed coconut oil into my coffee or tea to help make sure I consume enough healthy fats, though it always floated on the top and the texture was sometimes rough (especially when I was pregnant… the texture made me so nauseous!). At the suggestion of a friend, I tried a strange twist that has become my new favorite!

Basically, I blend coconut oil and grass-fed organic unsalted butter (yes… butter) into coffee with a dash of vanilla and sometimes a drop of stevia. The blender emulsifies the coconut oil and butter so the texture is more creamy than oily and it is a delicious way to get a boost of beneficial fats. This type of healthy coffee also gives much more extended energy throughout the day without making me jittery.

This is similar to the Bulletproof® coffee recipe recommended and popularized by Dave Asprey, though Dave uses MCT oil in place of the coconut oil. Both have their benefits, but coconut oil has more immune-boosting properties while concentrated MCT oil does more for an immediate energy and brain boost.

I also tried his Bulletproof Coffee which is much smoother than regular coffee and which he claims is produced carefully to avoid the presence of Mycotoxins: “Most coffee beans are processed by either leaving them in the sun and elements to wither and dry, or by pressing them and letting them ferment (spoil) to remove the outer layer of the bean. Both of these techniques are known to produce significant levels of mycotoxins as they enhance flavor. Upgraded Coffee beans are mechanically processed right after picking using only clean cold water. This more expensive process is safer because it dramatically reduces harmful molds or bacteria from impacting your health.”


I’ve also used various other forms of organic coffee with great results.

A way to supercharge coffee and make it healthy and great for your skin

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The Only Way I Drink Coffee...




Yield 1

A delicious and creamy coffee that packs a powerful nutritional punch!



  1. Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Mix on high speed for 20 seconds until frothy. Drink immediately and enjoy all the energy!

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Additional Notes: I take my fermented cod liver oil right before drinking this to give all the fat soluble vitamins some beneficial fats to digest with. If you aren’t regularly taking coconut oil, start with a teaspoon and work up as too much at once might upset your stomach. Coconut oil often increases metabolism and some people notice feeling warmer or like their heart is racing if they start off too fast.

I’ve also recently started adding collagen powder for extra protein and for hair, skin and nail support and it works wonderfully!

Do you drink coffee? Put butter in it? Too weird? Weigh in below!

This delicious and easy healthy coffee packs a lot of nutrients and gives you lasting, healthy energy all day long.

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Reader Comments

  1. That’s how I take my coffee, too. People give you the strangest looks when you tell them you put butter in your coffee. But it tastes SOO good! Can’t imagine going back now.

    • Does the butter need to be unpasteurized to obtain the healthy benefits?

      • It is definitely better if it is, but grass fed butter (even pasteurized) still has benefits

        • I use coconut milk in my coffee. Does coconut milk give the same or similar benefits as coconut oil?

          • Nope. unless it is homemade, coconut milk often has additives and chemicals and it doesn’t have the lauric acid and MCFAs that coconut oil has

          • Hello, I use organic all natural coconut blend it, put it in the freezer for at least a couple of hours. Take it out add some vanilla to taste, a little stevia, then use my whip to blend it into a wonderful fluffy homemade coconut whip cream and use that in my coffee. I love it and can not imagine drinking my coffee any other way.

          • My Dr actually recommended I try the bulletproof coffee because of my considerable stomach issues. I love it, its like a latte and if you have a hand emulsion blender its easy. I have major allergies so the myotoxins were an issue

        • I have 4 children (6-12), can I , should I give them coconut oil in their morning cocoa milk or how would you feed it to your children?

          • My kids don’t get chocolate milk so I mix in to smoothies or use to cook food

        • What are the nutritional facts on this recipe?

          • That would depend on your butter and coconut oil. Mostly fat. But it would all be healthy. Assuming your not one that believes that cholesterol is the enemy (it’s not).

        • I really hate to tell you this, but you need to do some research on Mycotoxins in coffee. Look up the Joe Rogan Experience on Bulletproof coffee. Coffee manufacturers did out with Mycotoxinswhen they switched to cold pressing it.

          • Scarlet, don’t “hate” to tell us this great news!
            Do all coffee manufacturers use this cold press that eliminates Mycotoxins?

          • There are not mycotoxins in well processed coffee and fermation is not spoilage- coffee would have no flavor without fermatation. This is a great blog with lots of wonderful information. Please check your facts before spreading rumors like this. Bulletproof coffee is a complete scam. The only thing he gets right is that we should consume high quality saturated fat. Instead of skipping a meal one should add some good protein like a couple of eggs.

          • I watched that as well. Kinda made me look @ Dave Asprey in a different light.

          • Thanks for this. I tried Asprey’s brand of coffee once, hoping the flavor would stand up to the rhetoric and price, but I found it inferior in taste to some less-expensive coffees I’ve had, which made me wonder about his other claims. Glad to know I’m not missing much by avoiding it and settling with regular coffees.

          • I work in coffee and have for the last 7 years, and though I’m not commenting on the veracity of Dave Asprey’s claims, there’s no such thing as cold pressing coffee. You cold press to get oil, and cold brewing is a method of coffee extraction, but there’s no such thing as cold pressing to process coffee. There’s honey processing and wash processing and the list goes on, but no such thing as cold pressing.

        • Hello,
          please forgive my ignorance, I am new to all of this and I was wondering if you could clarify the instructions for me…is the coffee hot when you blend it? and after you freeze it /or was it fridge it? the coconut oil doesn’t get lumpy again?

          thanks for the clarification in advance,

        • Will Ghee work as the butter?

          • Cathy I did just that, I made my own ghee sometimes adding tumeric or coQ10 while making it. The only caveat is that Ghee when made properly to a nice golden colour tastes a little like popcorn and this alters the flavour of the coffee. I didn’t mind the flavor and still do it sometimes alternating between ghee and plain butter.

        • The Bulletproof coffee is marketing gimmick. The fact that you believe it without the slightest skepticism makes me question the other contents of your blog. The whole health-promoting story from them is BS. Ridiculous. if you want to keep your blog real, take care in verifying your info instead of spending gimmicks.

          • Whether you believe that there are mycotoxins in other coffee or not, it is great-tasting coffee, and I stand by it!

          • How can this be a “marketing gimmick” no one is marketing anything here. It’s just a recipe for coffee… LOL

          • You should probably get your facts straight. BUTTERED coffee has been around for a LONG time for those of us who realize fat isn’t the enemy. The huge amount of Vitamin K2 that is in it is proven to decalcify arteries, People who regularly take in K2 which isn’t easy to get otherwise have a 50% LESS chance of heart disease. It also lowers LDL. Feel free to confirm with a cardiologist. The benefits of Coconut oil and MCT’s do the same thing. All the fat makes the coffee energy last much longer and eliminates the caffeine crash.

            For the record, “Bulletproof” coffee which isn’t being discussed here is a money making scheme by Dave Asprey to sell his own brand of Coffee, MCT and coffee brewing materials. Most of us were drinking this coffee long before he came around!

          • Steve N, bulletproof coffee is in fact being discussed here, as it was directly linked in her atrticle, and if you read carefully, the “friend” that recommended it is Asprey himself. It is indeed a marketing ploy, and I smell sponsorship. I have enjoyed articles from this blog, but am disappointed by this. I checked out her Bio just now, and she actually mentioned herself as being in the ranks of Dr. Oz and the Food Babe… Heh. You would think with recent controversy she might not want to associate with these quacks?

          • Cynical much? Want to clarify a few things. I do know Dave Asprey, but not well enough that I’d consider him a friend, and he was not, in fact, the person who recommended this (a local friend was). Dave (or his company) is not a sponsor in any way, in fact, I don’t even link to their product or their site, just on a discount site where it is less expensive. I mentioned Bulletproof because Dave was the first to really popularize the butter in coffee thing and I was trying to give credit where credit is due. Also, if you read my bio, it mentions that I was included in a list with Food Babe and Dr. Oz, not that I include myself in their ranks or support them. I’m glad you have enjoyed articles in the past and hope you will in the future. I also clearly disclose all of my affiliate relationships in a link at the top of every post if you’d like to see them. For the record, these are not sponsorships, just companies whose products I have occasionally linked to. Also- while I never set out to make any money in blogging, I do include affiliate links for some products now (if I completely believe in them and personally use them) because it helps offset the web hosting bills which have gotten increasingly more costly as more people read my information.

          • you know what? i love my bulletproof coffee, i love that my good cholesterol has gone up since using it, and i love how it tastes. i also know that drinking “cleaner” coffee does not give me the jitters the way cheap coffee did. and i am not talking about aspreys coffee. his isnt the only clean coffee out there. and how do you know what katie believes “without the slightest skepticism”? if you dont want to believe in bulletproof-style coffee, or dont want to drink it, then dont!! geez lady, get over yourself!

          • Steve N, do you recommend another brand of coffee and/or MCT besides BP?

          • I knew about butter coffee a year before this brand came out. That’s what it is, a brand of something that has been around for a while. Butter coffee helps you to lose weight. That’s what I call it, “Butter Coffee”, because I don’t buy that brand. I have my own organic coffee and my own grass-fed butter and a friend of mine lost a lot of weight of it. I didn’t know about any health benefits. I think it’s just a tasty way to drink coffee without using powder creamers and other strange bottle creamers. Nature ain’t bad. Grass-fed anything in your coffee is good. Grass-fed cows produce more omega 6’s.

        • Are there any nondairy substitutes for butter? Can you just melt the coconut oil in the hot coffee and mix by hand? Thank you!

          • You can just use coconut oil and gelatin, but using a blender really helps a lot. Mixing it in creates an oily texture not a creamy one

          • I use Purity Farms Organic Ghee in my “bullet proof” coffee instead of butter. I also sprinkle some cinnamon on while it is blending.
            Whether the guy who made this recipe “famous” is making money of his own coffe does not mitigate the benefit of this recipe. As someone said already, buttered coffee has been around for years. Also, from what I understand, it doesn’t raise your blood sugar level like regular coffee does.
            Blend and Enjoy….ingenious name ? my teenage son cracks up as he hears the blender in the AM and knows his mom is getting her “Super Hero” on with her “bullet proof” coffee.

          • I bought a hand held battery powered frother from Amazon for $3 that mixes the coconut oil in perfectly!

        • ok wait a minute….you dont eat ANY sugar? so you dont eat fruit, vegetables, grains….what do you eat? nothing but meat? *so confused*

          • I should say “added” sugar. I do eat fruit and veggies, but no grains. What I was referring to in this article is adding any kind of sweetener to my coffee.

          • ok gotcha…thx

        • I don’t get it. You put (spoil) after you mentioned processed coffee beans due to fermentation and then you go on to tell readers that you take cod liver oil which is highly processed capsules of hydrolysed gelatin (a magor msg form). Also, it is only 5 pc of the worlds coffee that is raw processed and unfermented – this is the only coffee I will ever benefit from drinking. One more thing – dairy is high in growth hormones ment for growing baby calves fast. People don’t need that kind of growth. Research dairy and you’ll never want butter in your fermented coffee again!!

      • My nutritionist recommends unpasteurized milk in place of regular milk. What is also mentioned is that if used in coffee it then becomes slightly pasturized. I would assume the same goes for unpasteurized butter. No difference I suppose.

    • When I was a little girl, I loved to dip my toast which had real butter, in my coffee. Yum, could this be that old taste I crave for every now again?

      • Hehe that’s funny. I just heard about butter in coffee and was looking around on line for feedback. This blog is cracking me up. I made some this morning with raw farm butter and raw coconut oil. It was so creammy and yummie. I didn’t measure but I probably put equal amounts of both about a tablespoon I guess. Blended the he-ll out of it! Foamy too! I like the thought of my coffee making everything else I love just get in sync and work in my favor ~ whoooohoooo!

      • It really does taste like buttered toast in coffee!

      • Ah ha! Me too. I knew this sounded familiar. Going to bed so I can wake up and make this 🙂

    • I just made this with my regular coffee. Didn’t have butter so I melted the coconut oil first then added vanilla and stevia sweetener. Very good and very smooth. I might try adding cinnamon next time.

      • just trying that one now with the cinnamon. All thought it doesn’t taste to bad it is greasy, to look at and on the lips

        • It shouldn’t be greasy. Your blending in a high speed blender right? Buttered coffee and hand mixing doesn’t work.

          • I followed the instructions to the letter & mine was a bit oily as well. Still tastes fantastic though.

        • I tried cinnamon before , it seemed to just float once mixed … Any help with this would be great haha!!

          • You have to use cinnamon sticks vs the ground. Just place one cinnamon stick in your coffee cup. Use it to stir and leave it in there. YUM

          • Brew your coffee with ground cinnamon. It infuses into the water just as well as the grounds, but with no grit. I usually use a french press, but I am sure any method would do.

          • I use a cinnamon essential oil (cassia from doterra) and I love it. I use just a teaspoon of coconut oil and skip the butter.

          • I found adding cinnamon to hot liquid dissolves the cinnamon , so try adding to your coffee before adding it to the other ingredients..such as cinnamon added to a tablespoon of hot water and stir great for cinnamon French toast pancakes ect….

    • Hi! Just recently joined your list and love your site. I am also a “wellness” momma lol. Love the coffee recipe. One question..I am using just regular organic EP coconut oil and was wondering if you use EV?



        • Have you ever tried the coconut oil/butter in the blender with Mountain Rose Firefly Chai tea? I have adrenal fatigue so I can’t do caffeine but need to incorporate more healthy fats into my day. Thanks!

          • I’ve tried this with chai teas in the past & it works & tastes just fine! Also the herbal coffee she links to is caffeine free as well.. I was thinking of ordering some for myself soon!

        • Why do you ingest 1/4 cup of coconut oil every day?

        • Hi Katie, just because I’ve read so much about this lately, about the MCT oils, they are coconut oils with one of the desirable and plentiful middle-chain fatty acids found in the coconut oils removed and therefore are not as beneficial. just a head’s up if you want to look into it. Cheers

          ps…anyone tell you you look like Isla Fisher? great smile 🙂

          • Nope. Its called MCT, because it IS the middle chain triglyceride. Read more.

        • Hey! When you said vanilla- do you mean vanilla extract?

    • There should be no reason to not use butter in coffee. I make my own butter by just using fresh cream as you continue to whip it it separates. Draining off the liquid (buttermilk) you end up with butter.

    • this is the way I drink my coffee too, sometimes I even add 1/4tsp of turmeric to the coconut oil and butter mixture. I also use ghee instead of butter once in awhile. I only drink 2-3 cups of coffee/week…as I am paleo so I try to make it as beneficial to my system as possible. 🙂

      • Can you taste the tumeric?

    • HI,

      I’ve gone through your site and absolutely love it!!! A lot of information which is great. I’m a big coffee drinker and very much interested in trying all your recipies but my only question is what type of coffee maker do you use?

    • What do you use to blend the coffee with oil in?
      I had a magic bullet and it kept exploding on me due to the heat, I believe. Thanks.

      • This happened to me as well! What i now do is use just a little hot coffee to melt the oil in the magic bullet cup then add a little cold water to cool it down. I mix this in the blender then top up with the hot coffee and stir. Before blending, I lightly tighten the blade base, gently shake, unscrew the base to release the pressure and repeat till all the pressured air is out (couple times). I used to do that with the hot coffee until one time it exploded on me anyway so I now just use the cooler method. It’s no fun cleaning up after an explosion, for sure.

      • I’ve used the Magic Bullet exclusively and never had a problem. If your having it blow on you check to make sure the seal is seated right in the cover and don’t use the short cups, gotta use the tall ones, you need the room for heat/steam expansion. As long as you use the tall ones and your only making one cup at a time you should never have a problem. Open it slow and it shouldn’t really have that much pressure behind it. If you wash your blades/covers in the dishwasher you may have prematurely weakened the seals. Harsh detergents and rubber seals don’t get along.

    • I have a very sensitive gag rellex……what does this coffee taste like with the coconut oil and butter……can you describe?

      • It’s very nice and creamy if you use the right kind of blender… it has to be a strong enough blender to emulsify things…. otherwise it will float the oils on top and not be good… I use my ninja and blend for 20 seconds….

    • Hello can it be just organic butter ? ( not grass fed )

      • I have not currently found grass fed raw dairy of any sort in my area, and I’m using the organic brand from Wal-Mart, Horizon I think is the brand, and it works great. The same frothy results, and it’s delicious.

        • I use Kerry-Gold. It’s in the green tub. It’s not organic but it is grass-fed.

        • The Wal-Mart in my area carries the Kerrygold brand of butter. I’m fairly new to this “Wellness” way of eating, but I believe Kerrygold fits the bill for grass fed butter.

          • yep, i was going to say that a lot of wal-marts have kerry gold butter, and for a way better price than my local kings sooper. i have not seen kerry gold in a green tub; the one we were getting was in either gold wrap for salted or silver wrap for unsalted. we now use the vanilla ghee for our coffee, and regular ghee for a lot of our cooking, along with coconut oil. higher smoke point than regular butter so it is great to cook with.

            i recently joined a raw dairy, so we are getting local, grass fed milk with cream on the top. they also sell jars of cream when they have extra. i have been making my own cultured butter with it. its amazing! but since its cultured, it has a very slight sour taste from being made with buttermilk, so not great for coffee. its the type of butter eaten in europe. the vanilla ghee is perfect. tava vanilla bean ghee from thrive market online.

      • I use Organic Ghee from grass fed cows, you can buy it from Amazon or anywhere else online. The brand I use is Ancient Organics. It taste great in my coffee! And you don’t have keep it in the fridge.

      • you can use any kind of unsalted butter, but its healthier if its grass fed. if you can find kerrygold butter, or many of the european butters. i use grass-fed ghee, vanilla flavored, made by tava. ghee is clarified butter. i get it online at thrive market, but its also available at amazon, but its cheaper at thrive market.

    • hi, i am trying to weed out sweetening my coffee with artificial sweeteners or sugar.
      will coconut oil & butter give it a sweet taste?

      • Hi! I like my coffee sweet and I found that it wasn’t sweet enough for me, but I add a little honey to taste and some rapadura sugar, plus the vanilla extract, and it is amazing. Much better than my old bad for you stuff was! While rapadura is still sugar, it’s not so refined like white sugar. It tastes different, but it’s a good different to me.

      • Yes, the coconut oil and butter will sweeten it a bit, but not like sweetners. I like my coffee sweet, so I switched to the Now brand Stevia powder. You can get it in French Vanilla flavor. It’s yummy in the coffee. I buy mine from Amazon. Don’t use Splenda, Truvia type Stevia, that stuff is more Chemicals than pure Stevia. It loaded with GMOs. But the Now brand is Pure Stevia that is naturally flavored….if you want it flavored, otherwise they also sell just plain Stevia powder.

        • Sweet Leaf brand Stevia is also very good….

        • Speaking of Truvia…a few years back I had itching a redness on my toes. After months of trying creams, sprays and going to Dr. who prescribed yet another topical cream…NOTHING worked. At some point I ran out of Truvia and stopped using it and the itching/redness went away. As a test, I tried Truvia one more time after that and the redness came back…I’ll never use that again.

    • I love this and yes, I use organic ingredients. I learned from some of the best Registered Dietitians at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, that these fats are good for you and have benefits to our skin and health. Also, why not butter? It is nothing more that cream that has been made into a solid. I understand that we have had years of being told that saturated fats are bad for us, but the study has been proven to have been all wrong. Stay away from trans fats and artificial sweeteners.

      Thank you for this recipe, a bit different than the one I was using, but tasty.

    • you guys make me laugh (in a good way!) My ancestry is from Finland, Lapland and the other Scandinavian countries and that’s just the way we drink coffee-big blob fresh butter, sweetener and cream if you like it that way. Sometimes not much room for the coffee! Guess we’ve been doing it correctly-for centuries.

  2. i drink bulletproof coffee too, although it’s been so hot & humid lately that — ick. but the coffee is delish. now that’s it hot outside, i’ve been drinking sweetner-free smoothies with a heavy pour of coconut oil. that way i still get my fats, i drink something cool and refreshing, and life is generally good.  

  3. I put coconut oil, two tbsp of chia seeds, one tbsp
    of unflavored beef gelatin, and a little of my home made coconut milk, and some raw honey. Yum! Gets me my energy fix in the morning for WODS!

    • What does the Gelatin do for the consistency?

      • I’ve been putting coconut oil, butter, coconut sugar and gelatin in my coffee for a few months now. As long as you drink your coffee hot, you won’t notice the gelatin is there. If the coffee is allowed to cool, it can gel a little, but that goes away as soon as you reheat your coffee.

      • I use the cold water dissolvable collagen peptides instead…. just like the gelatin, but dissolves nicely… I can’t taste it at all and it doesn’t have any texture when dissolved in the hot coffee….

    • WODS??

      • WODS work out of the day………….. cross fit term

  4. I just made some to try. OMG I am hooked!

  5. I make home made hazelnut creamer, basically hazelnut milk without diluting it with water. It is *amazing* in coffee. Sadly butter is not on menu here since my boys are very allergic dairy.

    • Please share the process for hazelnut creamer, it’s sounds delicious.

    • try using organic ghee, or clarified butter; it doesn’t contain dairy, and is also “bulletproof”.

      • Ghee still contains Cow Milk Protein in trace amounts. Maybe if you only have an intolerance you can handle ghee.

    • Yes I’m searching through here for the vegan butter or dairy free version…isn’t there one?
      My dairy free friend tried just coconut oil and it wouldn’t foam…

      • Girl, get yourself some egg yolks!
        I put 3. No whites.
        Currently not doing butter either.
        It is lusciously foamy!!

        • Egg yolks! What a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion.

  6. This morning, my pastured heavy cream had turned to butter without my consent!  However, I went ahead and put it in my coffee since I had none other and can’t get it down straight.  Despite the presence of little yellow dots of butter floating on the surface, the coffee was fine, so I’m trying this as soon as I get home today!  Thanks!

    • Please never drink soiled cream. yikes, it is not butter.
      Great blog post

      • I buy grassfed raw cream. If I don’t consume it fast enough, it starts to taste a little “cheesy” in my coffee. I use it up in ranch dressing, quiche, etc…It is WONDERFUL when it has been fermented with kefir grains. Raw cream ages better than pasteurized dairy. I have consumed raw cream that was over 1 month old without problems. If it smells or looks funny/ bad I toss it. Lately I have been churning it in my food processor to make butter and then I put it on the stove to make ghee.

        • This sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to try this, too.

        • I never thought of culturing kefir grains with cream. I’m going to do that next time I buy my raw milk cream. I can hardly wait!

  7. P.S. What’s the butter for, anyway?  Taste or nutrition or texture?

    • Nutrition… grassfed butter is packed with Vitamin K and other fat soluble vitamins and it improves the texture too…

    • In addition to Vitamin K, it contains butyrate – excellent for your metabolism, reducing inflammation and increasing stress resistance.

  8. haha! I tried blending coffee and butter once because I read it on another blog somewhere and decided I needed to try it that instant. The problem was that all I had at my house at the time was salted butter. While the texture was luscious…salty coffee just did not satisfy. But this reminds me I need to seek out some unsalted butter and try it again. What kind of butter do you use? I use either kerrygold or organic valley. Even though I don’t recall seeing it, they must sell unsalted, right?

    • I use unsalted kerrygold or local raw butter if I can find it… the vanilla helps too 🙂

      • Is it unhealthy to use salted kerrygold butter? I have used it and like the taste.

        • Nope, it’s the same, just with the addition of salt, If you sweeten your coffee, seems a little backwards but you still get the health benefits.

  9. What are your views on coffee while pregnant? I’d like to try this, but I’m about 10 weeks and there is a lot of conflicting info on coffee while pregnant. I’m assuming one cup/day is fine?

    • I drank one a day or less with my first.. Two a day with my second.. Three or four a day with my third.. And four shots of espresso by the time my fourth arrived. The espresso actually has less caffeine than a regular ol’ pot. Anyways. Everyone survived. I would use caution in the first trimester (I almost always cut back naturally, because hot drinks sound awful) but otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much.

      • However, not everyone can handle that much caffeine. I’d be interested to know if you noticed any relationship with your caffeine consumption and the attention spans of your children? I was diagnosed with ADD in high school and have read elsewhere that both my mother’s caffeine consumption while pregnant with me and my own caffeine consumption starting a couple years before diagnosis could have greatly contributed to my lack of attention span while I was younger.

        • Actually, ADHD is caused by not having enough stimulation in a certain part of the brain, and stimulants such as caffeine can help with symptoms. The prescription meds that treat ADHD are stimulants.

          • Very true – one of the books that I read while my son who has ADHD was growing up said that a cup of coffee for kids will help with the ADHD because it is a stimulant like the medications, but not to give it daily as it can be addictive. I rarely gave him coffee for that reason, but his 1-2 cups of coffee as an adult, now seem to help with the symptoms since he is not on any medications and still struggles.

          • Yes, my next door neighbor regularly gave her son with ADHD coffee. She said it always calmed him right down. It seemed to have the opposite effect entirely. A doctor had told her to try it because she wanted to avoid the meds. It truly worked!

          • monsanto , GMO,S are causing ADHD AND OTHER DISEASES like diabetes and cancer.So Wellness Mama is a great thing to get advice from.

      • Awesome.

      • Just because “everyone survived” doesn’t meant that much caffeine in utero didn’t negatively affect the development of your child’s brain, nervous system etc. Sometimes those things don’t show up until later in childhood, or you don’t recognize that some personality traits or brain functions are a result of how things affected the developing fetus. That’s like saying “Well I smoked during my pregnancy and my kids are fine.” Fine is subjective…

    • My body completely rejected caffeine while I was pregnant. It also rejects alcohol so I trust my body to be my guide.

  10. I’m sure I would love this. But before I try (and potentially ruin an excellent cup of coffee): is your butter soured? I’m in Scaandinavia and both our salted and unsalted butters are soured. 

    This week my supermarket has an organic, pastured and welltasting butter on sale – and they are located only 20 steps from my door. Alas my pockets are empty but maybe I can spare a little for a butter stash 😉

    • It isn’t soured… that would probably create a different taste. you could even just use the coconut oil if you need to…

      • I’ve tried it a couple of times now with the butter I had in my fridge and in both matcha and coffee. The souredness doesn’t actually put me of but i think I’ll get some unsalted butter to use instead! I’m adding both sweetener and vanilla, which I normally don’t do, and that may counteract for the souredness i think?

        Thanks for this idea! I would never had thought of it but have been thinking about how I could lessen my use of cream lately. (leadint up to actually forgoing dairy…. oi, the horror;))

        Also I don’t really like the taste of coconut but like this I can get more coconut oil in without trouble and might even come to enjoy it. Double yay!

  11. I use canned coconut milk in my coffee – love it

  12. I’ve been blending coconut oil into my coffee for about a month, and I LOVE it! Sometimes I add vanilla and/or cinnamon, or some homemade whipped cream, but I’ve never tried butter. Sounds good!

  13. Coffee’s a rare treat for me nowadays.  A nice cup of hot tea does the trick for me!  I will definitely give this a try.

  14. What kind of coconut oil do you use?  I’ve been reading about the many uses of this oil and would like to know your opinion on what’s good out there. 

      • I have pretty strong mycotoxin sensitivities and have repeatedly had issues with Tropical Traditions – tastes rancid to me.

        Over the past 3 years, I’d bought their coconut oil 3-4 times on separate occasions.

        All tasted rancid, all gave me head fog and made me feel ill.

        n=1 from a sensitive individual. Disappointed, too! It’s hard to find a tolerabble coconut oil. Bulltproof’s MCT oil and Brain Octane Oil are fine for me unless not properly sealed (in which case they go rancid in the same way in a short time, too.)

  15. On the recommendation of my Ayurvedic doctor, I put a pinch of freshly ground cardamom into my coffee. I keep a separate spice mill just for this purpose. Sometimes I’ll also add ground cinnamon and ginger. I like adding coconut oil as well. And double cream!

    • me too!!!i love cardamon in coffee and cinnamon and i cant wait to try it with coconut oil

  16. This is money!

  17. do you use hot, warm or cooled coffee?

      • I just tried this with espresso in a cold latte, taste’s good but is it supposed to separate at the top? Is there a better way to do this with cold coffee drinks?

        • Andrea – I was going to ask about the espresso since I don’t have a coffee maker. Did you use steamed milk AND the coconut oil/butter?? Regular coffee has a lot more liquid than a shot of espresso, and I have a two-shot max (since I’m BFing) and that is not enough liquid to make a “latte” style beverage with the coconut oil and butter. Thanks in advance!

          • I add hot water to my espresso shots to make more of an “Americano” which gives plenty of liquid for the butter and oil. Then I either blend, or use a cheap milk frother tool, or use my espresso machine’s milk wand to steam it all together. Hope that helps!

        • Whey protein isolate, raw egg yolk and mct – difficult, but not impossible to do the butter and coconut without a slightly grainy texture.

  18. Doesn’t sound at all weird to me.  I love coffee, but I’m limited to one cup a day.  I’m going to try your recipe so I can at least enjoy that one cup!  Right now, digestive problems are an issue…would be nice to find an answer to that!

    • I would be interested to hear how this worked out for you. Both grass fed butter and coconut or MCT oil should be healing to your digestive issues. How did it go?

    • it’s my understanding that getting a single-sourced, organic light roast will help with reduce the digestive issues – it’s getting rid of the mycotoxins (as in the Bulletproof coffee suggested in the post).

    • For digestive problems try Kefir – incredible, natural yoghurt-like product.

      • I have recently discovered cold press coffee which is delicious and the coffee is not as acidic when cold pressed. I’d recommend trying it to anyone who has digestive issues but wants to enjoy a nice cup of coffee (and then just warm it a little before you add your CO and butter – which is DELISH)

  19. Do you think coconut sugar is better than stevia to put in your coffee or tea in the morning? Ty

    • I haven’t tried coconut sugar yet but you could definitely try it. Liquid stevia tincture is also a natural alternative though.

  20. My daughter and I have coffee every weekday morn, with organic full cream.  We have been wanting to try our coffee “your way” but didn’t have the unsalted grassfed butter-only salted.  Anyway, as necessity would have it (I was out of our cream) we did your coffee 🙂 with regular unsalted butter- WOW so impressed…..I must always have cream in my coffee (I thought until NOW), but today ran out of the rich cream that I love,  and I did not miss it! Coffee done Mama’s way was GREAT!   Now I know what you were talking about, so rich, so creamy, (not in a thick weird way) it was absolutely delish!   Thank you!

  21. I LOVED IT!    WOW!

  22. I made this with my breakfast this morning.  I was a bit skeptical about the butter (I had used coconut oil before though, and liked it so that wasn’t an issue), but after blending it up it tasted like a yummy, frothy cappucino!  I think tomorrow I am going to put a little cinnamon on top!

    • im a little weary of putting butter in my coffee too

      • Remember butter is just cream with the water removed. It doesn’t seem so odd if you think about it that way!

  23. I’ve ordered Mountain rose’s herbal coffee and am looking forward to trying it.  Different brands of coffee affect my stomach at times so this should be good.  I have started adding a little coconut oil to my coffee also but I need to get a small blender.   I think I’ll order some of the butter from tropical traditions also.  While I don’t believe in “depriving” myself of all the things I enjoy, I can make some changes and pass them on to my daughter and her young son.

  24. Is there a reason why you don’t add the MCT oil?  Is coconut oil giving you the same medium chain triglycerides as the oil?  Thanks for any advice.  

    • I just prefer getting all the benefits of Coconut Oil, instead of just isolating a part and I like the taste better too 🙂

      • I love the bulletproof coffee…been having it off and on (adrenal fatigue) for quite some time now. The only thing that concerns me is the blender being plastic and with hot liquid in it could end up being super toxic?? What say you??? Also, it goes pretty cold after blending and I prefer mine hotter…suggestions??

        • Penny maybe try an emulsifier on the stove?

        • I have the same concern about hot liquids in plastic so here’s what I do: I put the butter and coconut oil in my hot coffee so it’s all melted. In my Turbo blender I put ice cubes and then pour the hot coffee in and blend. Then I pour it back into my cup and heat it back up the microwave.

          • I use a large mug and mix it with a stick blender (it’s all metal). Super easy!

        • I use a metal mug, glass measuring cup or other thick glass container, like a Mason jar will work too, and I mix it with a handheld milk frother. Easy cleanup, no plastic.

        • You’re right about hot liquids in plastic (avoid). I use a quart-size glass mason jar to pour the heated coffee and all the other ingredients in then blend with an immersion (stick) blender. The opening on the jar is just the right size for the stick blender to go in.

  25. I wonder if this would be good substituting raw fresh cream instead of the butter? Thankfully, my Mom has unsalted organic butter due to a mixed up order via an almost-local creamery! 🙂 I suppose I can try my coffee both ways. 

  26. i finally tried this — it’s good! i use cinnamon instead of vanilla. i’m really glad you posted this recipe, because i cannot *stand* taking coconut oil. i don’t like the taste at all, and have been struggling to find ways to successfully incorporate it. and this works! i can get in a full two tablespoons (probably more)!

    • Have you tried a different brand of coconut oil. I tried different brands and some I could not tolerate the taste. I only try brands that are organic and cold pressed. Dr Bronner’s coconut oil is so delicious I can eat it with a spoon!

  27. Just tried it… looking forward to all that energy today!  

  28. All I gotta say is….I am absolutely and completely addicted to drinking coffee this way. I never thought anything would replace my straight, black coffee, but this blend is AMAZING!!!!!!

      • Hi i was woundering if you know of any blending smothies that i can make in the morning that are good for me and that will give me energy through out the day. I want to lay off of the coffee.

        • I use green tea in stead of coffee (I don’t like coffee)

  29. Our dairy in Canada isn’t the same as in the U.S. Our farmers are regulated to not use hormones or antibiotics on their animals. I tried this recipe with a coconut butter/ghee product and it worked great. I do like cream in my coffee. Can I add it?

  30. Nummy! I always thought this sounded kind of icky and how could it be better than heavy cream, right? But this recipe just kept “coming back to me”. So I broke down and tried it this morning.
    Thanks for posting this.

  31. I remembered your post about this and I put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee. I didnt remember what amount you said to start with. I guess I’ll see how it goes. The coffee loooked a little oily but didnt feel that way when I drank it. It was smooth.

  32. Oh My God amazing thank you so much this is my now my fav way of drinking coffee 😀

  33. I love this!

  34. Maybe everyone is already doing this but I thought I would mention the immersion blender…. so much easier than the regular blender!

    • Great idea about the immersion blender. Coffee will stay hotter. I let my keurig drip into a mason jar and use one of those little whisks that come with a plastic cup(they’re round individual whisks that you can drop into any container). I close the jar and shake it up. Stays hot, no plastic, no mess. Jar has a handle so its my favorite mug! If you do this make sure the lid is on well and the jar is in good shape and use a towel around it for protecting your hands. Enjoy!

  35. I call this turbo coffee. Sometimes I add cocoa powder to it, sometimes I add cinnamon, nutmeg and a dollop of pumpkin to it (I don’t want to be left out of the fall frenzy for pumpkin spice lattes)

    • Pumpkin?! Brilliant! So now that you’ve piqued my creativity, the possibilities are endless. Bwahahahaha!

      • My favorite method is with a drizzle of maple syrup!

  36. Who’d have thought….I didn’t have any unsalted butter just cream being cultured to make butter so I used some of that with 1 tsp of coconut oil in my honey latte…not bad. I can’t even taste the coconut oil…I steamed it with the cream using an expresso maker. Nice and frothy.

  37. I am 32 weeks along and don’t plan on drinking coffee until I am finished breastfeeding, which will be quite a while from now. I am bookmarking this but I did purchase some Bulletproof for a friend and now she is hooked! So thank you for sharing, from both of us!

    • I don’t either but the same idea works great in herbal teas

  38. My Bulletproof coffe arrived today! I just got home and tried this recipe. O M G….this is the best coffee I have ever had!!!! Doesn’t need sweetening at all. Thank you SO much for the recipe.

    • So glad you like it! We’ve gotten spoiled with it!

  39. I am drinking this now and it is DELICIOUS! I used the Magic Bullet because that is all I have by way of blenders. This tastes just like a richer, frothier, creamier version of what I usually drink: french pressed coffee with a little bit of cream. I am obsessed with all things coconut oil, so I am happy to add this to my list of “uses”! Thank you for this recipe!

  40. I love your website. A friend linked me today. This may be a silly question, but do you melt the coconut oil for this recipe first? I bought the LouAnn’s from Walmart and it’s hardened. Just want to make sure that I melt it first.

    • You can just drop a scoop of hardened coconut oil into the blender with it… Mine is hard now that it is cold so I just use a knife to break off a chunk and add it…

    • Celeste, I have bought that, too. It will liquefy at 76 degrees or more. It really doesn’t take much heat for it to melt. I buy mine for my body and bath products. I want to start using it in cooking, too. IF I can talk hubby into it. I’m trying!

  41. Well, I tried this for the first time yesterday–my thought was to use my immersion blender. Well, my cup wasn’t deep enough and boy was it a mess! Ha, ha! My bad. Anyway, my first cup wasn’t so great, but woke up this morning to try again. I think I am getting hooked! I tried Vanilla Stevia and like it, so I’m combining that step. All in all, I think I like this and will try ordering the Bulletproof coffee as a Christmas present! Your blog is AWESOME and I am slowly trying to incorporate most things on here. Still not up for the FCLO; I have a huge aversion to fish after being pregnant with my first so still working up to that one. Thank you, thank you for sharing your countless hours of work with the rest of us. I would never be able to understand what I need to be doing to be more healthy if it wasn’t for those like you who are willing to help! You rock! Have a blessed Christmas!

    • Thanks so much for the email 🙂 Maybe try the FCLO capsules first when you think you can handle them…

      • What is FCLO capsules? And where do you get them. I haven’t tried the butter in my coffee yet, but will before too long. I want to get an immersion blender first. I have one, but it is strictly for my soap making. I am in the process of going green and natural (organic to a degree). We plant a garden in Spring and can the produce. The only preservative we put in there is uniodionized salt. And sometimes I forget the salt. =)

        • Read up on iodine. It is absolutely essential for your health.

          • Crazy the impact that adding iodine to tablet salt has had on the world and few realize it.

  42. Would it be as good with ghee instead of the butter? I can’t have casein.

  43. I can’t drink a lot of coffee either. I don’t put butter in my coffee, or coconut oil, but am thinking about using Coconut milk and honey in mine. I also want to order some natural powdered vanilla from a site that I buy bulk items from. I love the taste of vanilla!

  44. So, I’ve very much interested in this idea of unfermented coffee, and I’ve read through the Bulletproof website, and I realize this is the only coffee you use, but how do you KNOW that what is being said is in fact true??

    “It is carefully produced and tested with new and old methods to target the lowest toxin content vs. normal coffee, so you get all the benefits of coffee without the negative health effects.

    The beans are harvested from a single family-owned estate in Guatemala located 1250 meters above sea level, high enough to produce great coffee.

    The estate is Passive Organic and the family that owns it does not allow chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.) It is not economical for Central American boutique coffee estates to become certified organic.

    They are hand picked by experienced coffee harvesters – skilled people who know how to pick only perfectly ripe berries.

    Most coffee beans are processed by either leaving them in the sun and elements to wither and dry, or by pressing them and letting them ferment (spoil) to remove the outer layer of the bean. Both of these techniques are known to produce significant levels of mycotoxins as they enhance flavor. Upgraded Coffee beans are mechanically processed right after picking using only clean cold water. This more expensive process is safer because it dramatically reduces harmful molds or bacteria from impacting your health.

    The beans are roasted in small batches by the #1 ranked roaster in United States under the strictest conditions. Roasting the beans enhances their antioxidant capacity and flavor to provide you with a healthier, tastier cup of coffee.”

  45. ME TOO!! (Kim, the reg. blender gives much more FROTH!! ) (i don’t use stevia or vanilla, tho…but butter and coconut oil. heaven – this method has saved morning coffee ritual for me since living Paleo.

  46. wow! what an interesting take on making coffee. I am intrigued and totally going to try this!!!

  47. I have gone dairy-free this year as a result of the Whole30 and found online a similar idea – blend together 1 can coconut milk, 1 pastured egg, 2 T coconut oil, and then vanilla extract and cinnamon if desired. Keep refrigerated. This has been a wonderful homemade creamer for me!

    • I do this too and it’s YUMMY!

    • What do you mean by pastured egg – free run? hormone free?

      • Yes, and preferably one where you personally know the source/farm

      • Great idea about the immersion blender. Coffee will stay hotter. I let my keurig drip into a mason jar and use one of those little whisks that come with a plastic cup(they’re round individual whisks that you can drop into any container). I close the jar and shake it up. Stays hot, no plastic, no mess. Jar has a handle so its my favorite mug! If you do this make sure the lid is on well and the jar is in good shape and use a towel around it for protecting your hands. Enjoy!

      • A pastured egg is different than cage- free, hormone-free and vegetarian-fed. those are words the industry is using to lure you into buying their product. there are plenty of free-range eggs where the chickens are fed “vegetarian” GMO corn is a vegetable commonly fed to free range or cage free chickens. It makes the chickens sick.
        Now they’ve got” pasteurized “eggs next to all the other so-called healthy ones which means they heat them so you won’t get salmonella(because the chickens are sick perhaps?)

        I feel like plastering a sign over the pastured eggs “buy these they are the only safe ones in the store!” If it says Organic you’re o.k. pay up( Ha ha) they taste amazing and are usually fertilized so don’t be squeamish(healthy chickens mate!)

    • Be careful of coconut milks..regardless of organic or not. Most of them contain a carcinogen titanium dioxide…it whitens the coconut milk.My health food store has recently pulled all of their different brands off the shelves. Its also found in sunscreens. Just an FYI

      • Is that true???OMG how do they get away with labelling it as being organic??? That makes me wild, I use so much canned organic coconut cream!!

        • OMG you won’t get cancer and they’ll fix it because we are intelligent and we do our research. Your body is designed to HEAL. Carcinogens are everywhere and you kill baby cancer cells all the time! I would worry more about the stress effects of becoming ALARMED. For now I am going to enjoy my coconut cream because it says only water and whole coconut is in it and I did read it. They do put additives in a lot of them, though and hey its from Thailand where they don’t have much of the same disease issues. I bet they don’t even do the organic stuff.

  48. First you can make homemade unsalted organic butter in a kitchen aid mixer!!! Love it. Second, I love coffee but had to switch over to half chicory root and half coffee because coffee kills me lol. But found I love the chicory root taste lol

    • Do you have a recipe for homemade unsalted organic butter? Please share!

      • Butter is as easy to make as mayonnaise but less ingredients. You only need good organic cream and a mixer. Mix until the liquid seperates and wring out the clumps of butter. Should foem a smooth firm ball

        • Even easier explanation is to make whipped cream but no sugar and go well beyond stiff peaks

  49. Wow. Just wow. Who knew coconut oil could make such a difference. I didn’t even add too much butter, as I wanted to see just what would happen with the coconut oil. It’s even better than a latte!!

  50. i just tried it. Eww! I’m not pregnant but almost tossed my cookies. Blecck! I think the main thing was the coconut oil taste that gagged me. 🙁 too bad! I was looking forward to this.

    • Go to the baking section of your grocery store. there is an oil there Lou…… it is refined and has no taste. It comes in a white container with blue writing. I don’t know if I can mention brand names. I don’t know if the health benefits are the same but my kids don’t like the taste of coconut so I cook with that one and use the other for baking, skin care etc. Basically the expensive stuff is for me. Regardless you really need to start out easy because it is sort of a detox ingredient. Hope this helps.

      • Be leery about refined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil refers to coconut oil that has been bleached and deodorized. It has to be bleached because of the contaminants that arise during the drying process and high heat is used to deodorize to remove the distinctive odor and flavor. Chemicals are also added to prolong shelf life and to extract as much oil as possible. It may also be partially hydrogenated which means it may contain trans fats.

        • yes, using “refined” coconut oil defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. i guess im lucky i like the taste. you want organic, unrefined or virgin.

  51. Wouldn’t the coffee interfere with the nutrient absorption of the cod liver oil? I’ve heard before that supplements shouldn’t be taken with coffee, to wait maybe an hour afterwards. But I haven’t really been able to find any conclusive evidence..

    • What I know on this is limited but I’ve heard that it “binds with iron” and caffeine causes “contraction of soft tissue” So to me that sounds like it would inhibit absorption of some ingredients and also it makes the kidneys and bladder( and brain too) contract (soft tissue) which might cause a person to urinate out nutrients(from supplements?) The thing is when you add the fat and hold the protein for a while the urination frequency and “Caffeine crash” are greatly reduced. I say this from personal experience only. Again hope this helps

  52. I love coffee this way! The only way I drink it. 🙂

  53. For breakfast, as i dont like coffee and am training, i have a shake in the morning. I use a scoop of bulletproof choc powder, 1/14 of a brick of butter, a pinch of upgraded vanilla and a big teaspoon of coconut oil, into 200 ml of boiling water. When its all melted i shake the hell out of it so its frothy, then add 400 of cold water so its cold, yep, thats right, its cold!! I need it to be as then i add a big scoop of protein powder for my training and that with the help of 50 g of mixed nuts and seeds keeps me going for 5 hours. Its really good!!!

  54. I like to make this using a nice strong brew of mate tea. I also like to add a little raw goat milk and a little honey instead of stevia. Delicious.

    • I’ve never liked the taste or smell of coffee, but have found that I can tolerate a small amount of BP coffee on occasion, especially if I also add a bit of organic heavy cream…but, most of the time I use Yerba Mate Chocolate, coconut oil (and or MCT), BP choc powder, Kerrygold and Chocolate flavored Stevia. So YUMMY! It is a treat and keeps me from being hungry for quite awhile.

  55. I use Bulletproof coffee and never get headaches or withdrawal headaches like with regular coffee, or especially fast food coffees.

    I keep trying it every now and then with grassfed unsalted butter, but once I get past the foam the texture and flavor combination makes me gag. I wonder if it’s because I drank it black for so long? I’ll try making it with vanilla and stevia and see if that fixes the problem!

    I’ve recommended grassfed butter in coffee to a few of my coworkers who drink coffee and they think I’m crazy haha.

  56. Love your blog, posts…thank you. I’ve yet to try the BulletProof coffee your way, love the taste of coconut oil, and grass feed butter. But I was wondering what is your intake on the coffee and adult acne connection. If I will mix grass feed butter and coconut oil just like you suggest, you think i will be less breaking out..? I try to eat minimal dairy, since I’ve noticed hormonal adult acne connection and dairy (even raw dairy) . Also, what do you think about GanoCoffee, with medicinal mushrooms. I have tried it for a while, and liked it, but i am not sure how much research they’ve done, and if its not just another lie. It doesn’t taste like mushrooms at all, pretty smooth, low acidic, don’t get jittery after, plenty of energy. One small issue I’ve experienced it that i did broke out on my face a little, after even switching to organic Native Forest coconut milk. So, that’s my dilemma, i like the smell, taste of coffee..but perhaps my adrelans not so much, perhaps that where the acne issue comes from ? Your input highly appreciated. Thank you

  57. Thank you, love it–I do a heaping spoonful of coconut oil, a small spoonful of unsalted organic butter, and a spoonful of local raw honey (helps appease my sugar addiction and I’m hopeful will help with seasonal allergies as well). With decaf coffee–regular makes me crazy irritable. Blend in the vitamix, then top with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. Think I’ll go have another!

  58. I was wondering about the stevia you use with coffee? I stopped using white processed stevia, in the pockets. Bought a raw organic green stevia powder, but it’s kind if challenging to make a stevia extract, plus in coffee it would not melt. Any suggestions ? Thank you !

    • Sweet leaf is actually a decent store bought brand if you’d prefer to buy one, or you can make the tincture…

      • Thank you for your reply.

        Just received my first bulletproof coffee few days ago, love it, with grass feed butter and coconut oil. Amazing flavor, and the coffee. Thank you. One thing if you don’t mind suggesting, how to store the rest of the beans, I tried looking on the bulletproof site but not much was said, I am not sure since the bag is opened. Don’t want to freeze it in the original bag. i keep it in the fridge for now. Any ideas of how better to preserve it? Thank you 🙂

    • I use Stevita Stevia – liquid. It is 96% pure with distilled water and grapefruit seed extract as the preservative. I use it in anything that needs sweetened. I purchase it through

    • Have just read many comments re: not being able to use butter (casein) in coffee. I have been cow dairy free for 7 years but have NO problem with goat milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir or butter. Perhaps this might work for other with dairy intolerance.The brand is Meyenberg butter, my health food store carries it.

  59. This is how I like my coffee. You’re right–it will ruin other coffee for you!!

  60. I have been wanting to try this; however, I live in Canada and because of our winters it is impossible to get butter from sticky grass fed cows. Our local organic food market has an unsalted organic butter. Would this still have the same results

  61. I’m gonna check your coffee recipe out and get back to you. I happen to already have the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil, so that’s a plus for me, but I’m not too sure about the Stevia, gonna try it without. Thanks, I’m excited and can’t wait to try, I most definitely need to do something different with the way I drink coffee.

  62. Oh it was the Chia seeds/powder that landed me here! :~). Oh and what about the GrassFed Whipped Sweet Cream butter from Tropical Traditions, they didn’t have the sticks when I placed my order, any thoughts??

      • ok, thanks. Butter and coffee arrived yesterday…Here we grow!

  63. Will definitely try the butter and coconut oil mix. Wondering: Are you saying that you aim to have 1/4 cup of coconut oil per day? If so, where did you get that number…do tell more please! Thanks!!! 🙂

  64. I take my organic Swiss water decaf a step further…
    I use a canning jar and place 3 eggs, 2 Tbsp butter, 2 Tbsp coconut oil along with some green leaf stevia (unprocessed) and give it a whirl with my immersion blender.
    Then I add 2 cups of boiling hot coffee (my Swiss water decaf made in my French press) and whirl it all together. It gets nice and frothy and tastes better than anything Starbucks can produce! It’s my breakfast in a jar! It also tastes fabulous in the afternoon straight from the refrigerator. Iced coffee!
    Try it!

    • When you write “three eggs” do you mean the whole egg, white and yolk? Or just the yoke? Curious mind yearn to know….

  65. I suggest ghee instead of butter – ghee is taken in tea/coffee around the world! It’s delish!!! I also add dates and digestive spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon (depending on season, etc.)

  66. Oh, now I get it… The first time I tried it, I felt sick for the whole morning, and haven’t tried it again since! Now I realise why! It might also be because of the rest of my diet; I haven’t managed to cut out all grains yet. What do you guys have for breakfast? I’m short of ideas, but I get up early and work hard all morning, I need something consistant, that’s really quick to prepare…

    • i love CO,put a teaspoon in my coffee and add a teaspoon MOLASSES and little bit of cream.need not blend.when out of molasses,i use honey. afterwards i drink spicy tea with cardamom,peppers,cinnamon,ginger,…
      wellness mama-great page ty

  67. Oh my goodness! I just tried this today. What an excellent way to get coconut oil in my day. I have learned so much from your site over the past few months and have sent numerous links out to friends and family. . .here’s another one to forward! Thank you!

  68. I tried the coffee recipe and loved the taste and smooth, creamy texture. However, about an hour later I was completely queazy. I’m new to coconut oil and have only started using it sparingly as I cook so maybe it was a shock to my system. I loved the taste of the coffee, but now I’m wary of trying it again.

    • That is the coconut oil… Just use a lot less and work up. If you aren’t used to it, it can cause this reaction…

  69. So I finally tried this, and let me just say it is amazing!! The best coffee ever! I used ghee for the butter and added honey… Yum!!!

  70. I’m so hooked on your site! Thanks for clearly explaining the concept of bulletproof coffee. I just made it with instant coffee, unsalted butter and it turned out great. So creamy, and frothy. I think it’s given me a bit too much energy…

  71. I tried this recipe earlier and my dog (who never shows interest in any liquid other then water) freaked out. She nearly killed herself trying to get to my mug.

    • Dogs love coconut oil and it is good for them too 🙂

  72. I may have to try this…Just coming off a cleanse and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to take it again, but hopefully this will help. I’ll have to see if I can find some grassfed unsalted buttah!

  73. Does the coffee have to be hot? I just tried doing it with coldpress….and I got a delicious coffee flavored spread on the top! 🙂

  74. YUMMM!! I am also obsessed with coconut oil, but who would’ve known it would be SO good mixed with butter in a cup of joe?! I tried this for the first time this morning.
    I actually did use fresh salted butter I bought from a local farm yesterday, and it is not salty tasting at all– also used agave nectar instead of stevia. This is delicious!!
    Thank you!

  75. yup! mu huband and i also drink bulletproof coffee with MCT oil (coconut oil) and grass fed butter:) SO delicious! I agree with you about taking it slow with the coconut oil. At first i took too much and felt off. now its fine.

  76. Do you blend the coffee in as well or everything else and then pour it into the coffee after blending?

  77. I just made this and love it. I DEFINITELY need stevia in it, but I’m on a sugar detox right now…maybe if I just keep drinking it with none it will start to taste sweet? O_O
    I also do not drink caffeinated coffee because–while I love the energy it gives–I hate the jitters, and I get them badly. What is your recommendation for decaf, as I know most is chemically treated and such? I noticed you mentioned the Bulletproof coffee doesn’t give you the jitters, but I’m skeptical that it wouldn’t affect me negatively if I tried it (especially at $20/bag!).

    • I know you posted this question awhile ago, but in case you’re still wondering… There is organic decaf which is rendered decaffeinated through water process. In order for something to be legally called organic it can’t be treated with chemicals. I get mine from a local roasting company but you might be able to find some online too.
      I get the heart racing too but have found that if I eat a well-balanced breakfast (that incl whole grains & protein) and drink the coffee slowly my body absorbs the caffeine more smoothly. Every AM I make a big mug of half-caf using SF Bay Organic Rainforest Blend regular coffee and Java Bob’s organic decaf, pour it into my Contigo travel mug with a couple Tbsp unrefined organic coconut oil and a splash of Silk soy creamer, give it a good shake and sip on it throughout the day.

      Also, I really can’t stand that alcohol flavor vanilla extract gives to uncooked food/drink but I found that if you add the vanilla to the empty coffee pot right before you hit Start, it will burn off the alcohol so your coffee just has the nice vanilla flavor.

      I’d try the Bulletproof but it’s way too $$ for my budget!

  78. When growing up, my grandmother taught me to dip my toast, which was loaded with butter, into my coffee. The last part of the cup of coffee was absolute delicious because of the butter. I never thought about actually putting butter in my coffee, but I can imagine that it must taste awesome. I will retry this once again, some 45 years later. Thanks.

  79. I love my coffee milky, and homemade latte is some coffee, LOTS of milk, and topped off with a little hot water. I’m really pleased with this recipe, satisfies my creamy, silky, fatty loving tastebuds 😀

  80. I tried it and it was really good. Thanks. My husband thinks I am weird for trying all the stuff I have tried. LoL

  81. Oh my gosh! This is totally delicious! I had my doubts, but it’s truly like drinking a yummy coffee dessert! Thanks!

  82. I have used ghee and cinnamon in my tea and coconut oil with almond milk as well. Raw honey for any sweetness.

  83. What are your thoughts on using organic pastured Ghee instead of butter? We eat Paleo at home and I am GF/DF/SF. I used half the amount because ghee is so concentrated and it was yummy but I’d love your opinion 🙂

  84. Is it just me or does the coconut oil intensify the stimulant action of

  85. I know this is an old thread but thought I would post a question: I started drinking this coffee and have to force myself to eat some eggs for breakfast as protein. Today after eating the eggs I thought I was going to throw up. Do you eat after this coffee or is the your breakfast?

    • It depends, but it could also be that the boost of healthy fats can make you feel a little bloated if you aren’t used to it…

    • I put an egg into my bulletproof coffee. I let an egg sit in hot water while I brew the coffee. I whip up the egg with the immersion blender, then add the coffee with butter and coconut oil. The egg helps the foam to last longer and adds protein and other good egg stuff to my drink. When I am in a hurry, it works as a meal on its own.

  86. I’m so addicted to the taste of coconut oil in my coffee now!
    Question…What’s the nutritional difference between grassfed and organic butter? For me, regular organic butter is easy to come by and fairly inexpensive, grassfed not so much.

  87. Duuuuude…I’ve been trying to find a good way to ingest coconut oil and I just found it! I don’t do the butter, but the coconut oil alone is great. Blending takes away all the greasy residue and provides a natural sweetness, too! Thanks for solving my problem 🙂

  88. Hello Katie,
    I just discovered your site and find it very interesting. About the way you drink your coffee, I am vegan so what would you suggest to replace butter in it? Just use the coconut oil and skip the butter or your have a replacement for the butter?


  89. Katie how do you grind your Bulletproof coffee? With a coffee grinder? Or just a regular blender? Thanks! -Meg

  90. having been given this weird recipe from a friend, I’ve just tried my first butter coffee, absolutely delicious. My only concern is putting that much fat into my system while still trying to lose/maintain my weight. I am trying to return to low carb eating and I’m assured this will help so time will tell

  91. Hi Katie! I just cannot take coconut oil just like that. So I came up with a solution I make a chocolate cluster with lots of coconut oil. I got the recipe from tropical traditions. It is called Googoo cluster recipe. It is made with raw chocolate dates, nuts, shredded coconut for sweetener I use coconut sap syrup sparingly I do not like it too sweet. The recipe called for maple syrup. Since I have been eating this I see a big change with my allergies…it’s almost all gone. I swear by this oil, the very best. I have been using it for cooking about a couple of years. I also drink 100% pure coconut water after my 4 miles trek when weather permits. I have not drank coffee for a couple of years because my nervous system cannot take any stimulant but you coffee sounds delicious. The idea you have to mix coconut oil and grass fed butter is what I use to make ice cream. That is why you coffee taste so good.

  92. I throw a bit of palm oil in too. If I use salted butter — since I don’t eat salty foods — I often add a 1/2 tsp of cocoa power to the brew to offset it.

  93. I usually make a big cup (probably 3 or 4 actual cups) and sip it all morning. Would the emulsion break sitting that long?

  94. Okay, I finally tried it. I have been addicted to making espresso with half and half a couple times a day. I will be switching to this in the morning. What an excellent way to get healthy fats in before breakfast! Genius.

  95. Oh my goodness, is that goodness!! I thought this would be oily and weird, but I didn’t even put cream in it. Some sugar and pure almond extract and I don’t need cream. That is awesome. Now if it gives me energy that will be a huge bonus. =) Thanks.

  96. I add 1/2 tsp cinnamon and a tsp of cocoa powder (100% raw organic cacao). Really smooths it out, makes it taste like a latte. I also do a TBSP of butter instead of a tsp. Do you know if this process pasteurizes the raw butter?

  97. I just tried this coffee recipe and it’s so good! Thank you! I tried coconut oil in tea a few years ago while pregnant and it made me so nauseous, too.

  98. Do you drink the coffee cold? Or can you heat it up after you blend it? Just wondering…

  99. Have been using butter and coconut oil in my coffee for a couple of weeks. Found out about it from my research on the Keto diet. I also add a smidge of Stevia/Luo Han sweetener. I get it online from Super Supplements. It is worth ordering because of the great taste and it not bothering blood sugar levels. Then I finish it off with pasture heavy whipping cream and 3 drops of doTERRA’s peppermint essential oil. You talk about a treat every morning. I never go without it. The girls at work laugh at the ritual I go through just to make one cup of coffee. I even use the brewer that sits on top of your cup to brew my single origin organic coffee. Gives me LOTS of energy as well.

  100. I wish I could try this for my morning cup of coffee but I’m not getting out the blender at 4:30 am while the kids are still asleep. I need my morning quiet time 🙂

    In the past though I have done homemade espresso using canned coconut milk and it was AMAZING! You make the espresso as you normally would and in place of the 6oz of frothed milk you use 6oz of frothed canned coconut milk. It’s very rich and yummy. I also will use canned coconut milk as coffee creamer in addition to the cream. I’m trying to make my coffee healthier by weaning myself off the sugar and milk but it’s a process. I grew up drinking coffee loaded with sugar and cream because that’s how my dad drinks it.

    Hopefully one day soon I will give this a try, need to get some better butter though.

  101. Oh. My. God. Most amazing coffee IN THE WORLD!!!! I will never go back!

  102. Didn’t much like this! I keep trying daily but it just doesn’t “sit” right with me. Maybe a little raw cocoa will help.I cook and bake with coconut oil so I don’t think it’s too much in the am coffee.

  103. This is delicious made it with red rooibos!! Thanks!

  104. Loved it!! I tried it today, but was at the office and had no blender… gonna use my hand blender next time and voi-lá!! I bet it’ll be perfect!

  105. When you add the coconut oil, are you putting that in the blender melted or as is and its mixed w/the unsalted butter?

  106. Does it need to be unsalted better?

  107. In addition to the 2 tbls coconut oil and 1 tbls butter, I add a tsp of MCT, a tbls of fair trade organic cocoa powder, a drop of vanilla stevia and a few drops of regular stevia. Mocha goodness that keeps me going all morning!

  108. I know this shouldn’t be a concern of mine, but what about all those calories? I’ve tried this and love it, but in the back if my mind I’m worried about the calories. Do you drink your coffee this way and still have breakfast?
    Thanks 🙂

  109. So….I didn’t have any coffee in the house, so I tried it with “Dandy Blend”. Oh. My. Gosh.!!!!! This tasted wonderful!!!!!!

  110. I checked the website for upgraded coffee and found that they have a disclaimer on it that states that it contains chemicals known to cause cancer or other reproductive problems. Can you explain what this chemical is and why you are still comfortable drinking their coffee?

    • Really???
      I didn’t notice this!! I have a big packet.

  111. I loved this but it wrecked me. For a few hours. I’m so disappointed! Not sure why… Any ideas? I eat a ton of butter and probably a teaspoon to – tablespoon of coconut oil per day. My husband is a dr and he said that digesting all the fat caused my gall bladder to squeeze out all of the bile. I thought I was going to be sick, felt terrible, it caused my blood sugar to plummet. I wonder if I’m sensitive ? Or I just need to gradually increase my fats everyday? Any ideas?!? Have you heard of other people reacting badly?

    • I’ve wondered about this too – don’t want to inflame that gall bladder – been there, done that – will avoid it again! Every time I see this mentioned I go to this post and love it…..but I’m afraid………..

  112. Well I tried it today but with my own coffee which is a vanilla nut cream and added a touch of raw honey and OMG!!! Wonderful now I am hooked and won’t be able to have coffee plain again. Starbucks ain’t got ish on this!!

  113. Sooo delicious! Thank you again for a wonderful recipe.

  114. wanted 2 learn wht kind of grass-fed butter u use but when i cliked on ur recipe it brings me 2 tropical traditions (coconut) – pls tell me wht kind of butter u use & where u purchase it? also, do u guys use butter in ur coffee as cream? (after all, butter turns 2 cream when churned long enough)

    • Butter doesn’t turn to cream- it’s the other way around! You churn *cream* to make butter… 😉

    • I use Kerrygold Irish Butter or Organic Valley grass fed. Unfortunately that butter is seasonal.

  115. Would love to try this…. sounds so yummy. Though I wonder if you couldn’t make up the oil, butter and vanilla ahead of time and then just add a couple Tablespoons with your coffee. 😀

  116. Omigawd. This is so good. I was *really* skeptical. I’m hating on coconut oil right now and have been since pregnant. It literally was making me gag. BUT I’m a bit of a coffee fanatic. Ok, I’m obsessed. I broke my french press I used it so much! I even cold brew in summer months. I’ve been doing half-caff and know the caffeine isn’t great for baby (she’s almost 4 months now) while nursing, but ugh this mama is tired. I just had to try this.

    I used Kerrygold, Trader Joes coconut oil, plus added the remainder (maybe a teaspoon) of organic sweetened condensed milk just for added yummy.

    I’ve had pretty good energy so far, feel a little hot from the coconut oil (I don’t have it all that often) and the best thing… Not jittery. Not at all! I have been getting weird hot flashes after drinking just 1 cup of coffee and worry I’d have to really start thinking about giving it up. Not now! This is magic. I’m so happy you wrote on it. Love your blog!

  117. Where do you buy vanilla or do you make it? I loved the salted carmel version of this recipe! I am making them for the family on Christmas morning. I’m looking for a healthy, but yummy breakfast to make too! Do you have any wonderful breakfast ideas?

  118. Can anyone tell me how to best store the bulletproof coffee beans once you’ve opened the packet? So many theories out there on how to store coffee. I can’t find any information on the bulletproof executive website.

    • In a light proof cool place in the packet they come in. I bought a big tin and put the whole bag in the tin which I put in the pantry. This is what they recommend on bulletproof site, they say it’s not good to freeze them.

  119. I drink a lot of coffee with sugar and cream everyday. Caffeine is my drug of choice and I have decided for multiple reasons to quit. I tried this recipe today with decaf coffee and a tsp each of coconut oil and organic butter and just a half tsp of turbinado sugar. I am converted! I added no cream and reduced the amount of sugar I usually use by two 66%. Thank you for this.

  120. Any Ideas for a good substitute for the butter? I am vegan. I use Earth Balance soy free spread as my sub for butter. Do u think that would work just as well?

  121. I tried it this morning and it’s very very good. I don’t think it’s weird puting butter in it. What is coffee cream made off? lol Fat… and we use the same cram to make butter.

  122. Can you use ghee?

  123. Brenda – I can’t believe I am hooked on this coffee and have now worked up to 3tbsp of coconut which keeps me full for almost 4 hours! My only problem now is figuring out what to order from Starbucks ..wonder if they would make a variation of this??! Thanks so much WMama!

    • They will if you ask 🙂 At least mine here will… If not, they can sometimes do a coconut milk latte instead

  124. Just tried this and it’s fabulous! Tastes like I’m drinking an expensive latte, only with much more benefits and satisfaction. I’m hooked!

  125. when I was a little girl my Italian grandma use to put coffee in the big yellow bowl and put it in the oven. I think she put creamer in but I really don’t remember. What I do remember is she use to butter the Italian bread real thick with sweet cream butter, chunk it up and drop it in the bowl of coffee and warm it all in the oven.. This was better than breakfast cereal. I used to love the butter floating in the coffee. Katie’s coffee has the same richness. I didn’t think I was going to like it and put off trying it but now I’m glad I did because it is delicious!

  126. Just tried this morning with only coconut oil. Very good! Loved how it moisturized my lips. Later in the afternoon had amazing energy I hadn’t felt in months! Thanks for sharing.

  127. You got my curiosity piqued, so I made this yesterday (used 1/2 caff & 1/2 decaf) and it was realllllly delicious ~ ~ I was very surprised! I will be indulging again today, but this time using 1/4 caff 7 3/4 decaf (playing with ways to get the focus and a bit of energy from caffeine, but keep the anxious feeling away). I did add a pinch of cardamon to the coffee grounds before brewing them ~ ~ Mahalo for sharing this recipe, along with the educational information on the ingredients, it is appreciated!!

  128. I have just started the Bulletproof regime and I really struggled (in the UK) to find a better that was 100% grassfed AND unsalted. Have gone for an organic unsalted Sainsburys butter and hope that it is grassfed!

    • Hi Hermione I’m from the UK too. If you live near a Farmfoods they have a unsalted butter called Champion pure Irish creamery butter. Through researching it on the web I found it is actually kerrygold butter it is made in the same dairy just packaged differently for different markets. Grassfed unsalted and a great price too!! Winner all round!! Love it in my bulletproof coffee!!

  129. I have been off caffeine for a couple of months now for health reasons, but if I ever get to drink coffee again this sounds so good! I have been wanting to try the Bulletproof Coffee too. I like the idea of the butter because sometimes almond milk just doesn’t cut it for me…

  130. Just tried the recipe for the first time today. Since black coffee tends to make me feel shaky the past couple weeks, and I had the ingredients on hand it was a great time to do so. However, I’m missing the taste of coffee in this recipe…everything else has a more prominent taste.

  131. I made this today and my husband loved it! He leaves for work really early in the morning is there anyway to have this pre made to some degree to speed things up in the morning? I make a cold brew concentrate, if I put all the ingredients in a cup the night before and he just heated it up and threw it in the blender would that work?
    I used the vitamix which made it nice and frothy, does an immersion blender work as well?

    • I made mine in vitamix too but it goes quite cold which is not so good…have you found a way to get around that or you don’t mind luke warm coffee??

  132. Despite reading tons of healthy living/Paleo blogs every week, I somehow missed the memo on this butter coffee until a couple days ago. That said, I’m drinking it now, just with the regular ol’ baking butter I had in my fridge and it is SO good. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow with good butter, and a swirl of coconut oil!

  133. This is DELICIOUS!! My husband and I both tried this today and decided that as SCDers, we were not going to live with black coffee any longer–we loved it!

  134. Of course I put coconut oil in my coffee, and also chili

  135. I tried it but used nut butter. So good! Thank you!

  136. Could you make this coco oil/ butter blend ahead of time and add a little each day? Emulsifying with a hand blender?

  137. I love this tyle of coffee.. is also good made as hot choc. A pinch of himilayanor celtic salt is lovely in both.

  138. Hello, love your website. I just saw your coffee recipe, just wondering, how do you get the top to be white and frothy without the milk??
    Thanks so much.

      • How do you avoid the coffee going cold from blending?

        • I fill the blender with Very Hot water for a minute. Then I pour the hot water out and then immediately blend. 60 seconds is all it takes, and your coffee is still hot.

  139. Hi! Do you mix coconut oil with butter and then add to coffee or mix everything together including coffee? If so, doesn’t coffee get cold? Thanks,

    • YES! The coffee does go cold…it ends up luke warm…I don’t know how anyone can say it doesn’t.

      • You can avoid the cold coffee problem by filling your blender and your mug with hot tap water before you start brewing your fresh morning coffee. This takes the chill out of them. Then when your coffee is brewed, pour the hot water out of the blender container and add in your hot coffee, butter, and coconut oil. Blend 30 seconds, empty the hot water from your mug and fill with your hot buttered coffee. Heaven!

        • Also, if you brew in a french press,you can brew hotter so it doesn’t cool too much. I’ve never had a problem with coffee getting cold

          • It is AMAZING with french pressed coffee. No sugar needed and very rich, full-mouthed flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

        • Pre-warming your coffee cup (and in this case, the blender glass) is an old trick I learned waiting tables in fine dining. As a quality step, we’d steep the coffee cup with plain hot water (from the spigot usually used for hot tea) and let it sit while we did something else, like grab the desserts. With a hot mug, your coffee stays much warmer for much longer, which always helped my tips. Yes, this does work and is worth the time. You could also warm the mug using plain water in the microwave – it works just as well.

  140. I just tried this recipe…it is delicious! Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!


  141. Have been doing this for the past couple of weeks. VERY GOOD! I started with using only coconut oil because that’s all I had and loved it. Then, I purchased grass-fed unsalted butter. It was a delicious addition! (My husband is enjoying this new way of having coffee too!)

  142. I finally tried this today, only without the butter (we’re out 🙂 ), and YUM! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  143. I adore your blog, Katie! I’ve been all over it the last three days. Mostly researching your skin care products information. I’ve been using my own moisturizer for a few months using a Jojoba base and adding Argan oil, Rose Hips oil, Avocado oil, and Vitamin E. Recently made the Almond Oil/Castor Oil cleanser. Wow. Next up: moisture bars! Could you advise me about where to get containers for these things? I was thinking of using old altoid containers for the moisture bars (won’t really be a bar, but it was an idea…), but I need a good source for dark blue or brown glass for oils and jars for creams, toothpaste, etc.

    As I write this I’m making some bullet proof coffee. We’re also a Paleo family. So thrilled to have found your blog!

    • Old deodorant containers work well for lotion bars, or you can make in a silicon mold and just keep on the counter once they are done.

  144. Kerrygold is cultured butter, as opposed to sweet cream butter. I think this is what your commenter meant by “soured” butter. If so, it absolutely is. Going on 15 months of daily bulletproof coffee and so glad to know there are others. And I am a salted butter girl. 🙂

  145. I was so excited to try this because I love coconut oil and I want an alternative to creamer. I was severely disappointed and couldn’t even finish my cup of coffee! It really just tastes like you are drinking a cup of fatty butter, gross!! I will not be trying this again.

  146. Wow… I never would have believed how good this was until I tried it! I stuck my immersion blender right into my coffee cup on low speed to save time and not dirty the large blender just for that and it worked perfectly. Love your blog, I always learn something new 🙂

  147. Wow, we’ve been drinking the bulletproof coffee recipe for a while now (love, love, love it!), but my heart would usually race after. All along I thought it was either the caffeine (I only have one cup) or the Hashimoto’s I was diagnosed with. Now I think I may just need to cut down on the coconut oil (I was using MCT oil too) as it may be the trigger and not the caffeine, yay!

  148. I have a twisted relationship to coffee. I love it but I swear it bloats me, and no matter how well I eat all day coffee starts me in a bad place. Recently went GF and my asthma has improved by 90%. Digestion still really, really off. Not sure if the quality of bean would make a difference. I read on the Bulletproof website about mold in commercial coffee. I have allergy to mold & I’m wondering if that is what I struggle with? Thoughts? In the meantime, I’ll certainly try your coffee recipe with what I have.

  149. First timer here…have been trying to get away from soy for thyroid reasons and looking for something to help with digestive issues as well. Couldn’t use my blender and only had regular unsalted butter. Mixed it really quickly with a spoon and came out thick but blended well into my chai tea. Gonna find the clarified butter today and keep on hand for tea and coffee. So glad I found the wellness mama sight! Thank you!!!

  150. I’ve had stomach problems for years and changed to goats milk about 6-8 months ago and it has worked wonders for me. As for the ‘bulletproof’ coffee I will try this tomorrow. I’ve been on the Insanity workout program for a month now and will see how this helps.

    As someone with Indian roots there’s nothing quite like a proper cup of chai/tea that has been brewed properly. Three quarters to a full mug of water, boil with loose tea (two teaspoons). Optional things you can add for flavour are raw ginger (a few slices) and cardamom, let it boil slowly for 10 minutes or so and add a mug of milk, and again leave this on slow boil for about 10 minutes. (At this point you could add butter and/or coconut oil for bulletproof tea!)

    Pour into your mug with a sieve/strainer and it will be worth the wait. Add sugar/honey during the milk phase or after pouring to sweeten if required.

    Enjoy 🙂

    • I didn’t think milk was supposed to be boiled. And, I’m curious… Does steeping the tea that long in the boiling water make it bitter because of the tannins??

  151. What would you recommend for a coconut and dairy allergic individual who loves coffee?

  152. I just picked up some Kerrygold butter and coconut oil at Trader Joe’s, along with some Stevia drops, and am about to give this a try! ; ) What sort of vanilla are you using, not the sweetened syrup stuff? Do you mean vanilla extract? That stuff tastes pretty harsh straight, doesn’t it?

    Will try just the butter first, then I’ll add some coconut oil, and if I think it needs it, I’ll add some Stevia. The vanilla would be a nice option as well.

    • I just use organic real vanilla extract. A tiny amount isn’t strong at all i this and gives it good flavor 🙂

  153. I’ve been using coconut manna in stead of coconut oil. Do you know if I am getting all the same benefits as the oil?

    • It is 70% coconut oil so you should be getting a lot of the benefits…

  154. Hi Katie,
    I recently tried my coffee this way after reading your blog and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. I’m guessing that your recipe is based on a
    6-8 oz cup of coffee so my question is this, if my daily cup of coffee is a large one (15 oz mug), should I double the amount of butter and coconut oil added to it too ensure it’s creaminess?

  155. With the coconut oil and butter, I also add 1 tsp of organic non-alkaline unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp organic pumpkin spice and 1/2 scoop of either vanilla or chocolate grass-fed whey protein powder. I use a Aerolatte to mix it.That’s my breakfast on the run.

  156. This has become my new obsession! Love love love! Only thing I do different, is I add about a tablespoon of gelatin and instead of vanilla, I use just a small small splash of pure maple syrup. Yummmmmmm!

  157. What is your opinion on using MCT oil versus Coconut Oil. I know on Bulletproof Executive he says that MCT oil is 6x stronger than Coconut oil. What are your thoughts? I have always used Coconut Oil, but now I wonder if I should use MCT.

    • MCT oil is great too but it is more expensive so I just use more coconut oil instead 🙂

  158. Is there a way to emulsify it without using a blender? I am up really early and the blender would wake up my 16 month old.

    • NOt easily. You can use a shaker bottle or a whisk but it won’t have the same effect

  159. This is so yummy. Buttery, salty coffee, who knew! I didn’t see anything anywhere about how you brew? A few weeks ago I cracked my coffee pot 🙁 so I started searching for a new one…. I am SO glad I broke it now because I broke it off with all plastic coffee makers all together! I’ve been making coffee with a Chemex glass coffee brewer + organic cotton reusable coffee filter from etsy + La Chamba “pitcher” (instead of a toxic, made in china tea kettle). The pitcher is stovetop safe and you can find one with a lid online. It takes about 10min on low on my gas stove to boil with a few cups of water. The coffee has a better taste and I am not drinking coffee brewed in hot plastic or other toxic junk. Victory! I may possibly ingest some organic cotton filter fibers from time to time but I am ok with that!! I paid less for these 3 items than I was going to pay for a Keurig!! $40 less.. 🙂 I wanted to share this incase anyone else sits around and wishes they weren’t having to settle for plasticy coffee! Even if its BPA free, I just don’t like it anymore. Me and plastic are so over.

  160. I’ve never used coconut oil for ANYTHING, but have been wanting to forever. I have a girlfriend who has poly-cystic ovarian disease and has cut sugar (including milk) and wheat from her diet. I’ve been trying to find a way to cut the sugar out of my coffee, but the best I’ve been able to do is use organic stevia… Then, I ran across this recipe. I just came home from buying the coconut oil and I already had a pot of coffee on… I added a few tablespoons of the coconut oil (didn’t read the part about taking it easy for first timers…); I didn’t have your butter suggestion so I just put a small bit of the fake butter I had; added some vanilla extract and magic bullet-ed it. AMAZING. I truly don’t think I’ll ever be able to take regular coffee again.

    My question is this: I’m new to your website and all these healthy ideas (I’ve been making kale smoothies, etc.)… What kind of weight loss to folks experience with all of these healthy/healthier alternatives??? (I’m looking to lose about 70lbs)

    • It depends on the person and the reason for the weight gain, but many people can get to a healthy weight by eating and living this way

  161. Here in Denmark butter is salted, dont know if i can bay it in a special store, but if so, it will be wherry expensive, think about try making butter of creme, cause a lot of recopies need unsalted butter, is it something you have experiencing with ?? Sorry my bad English, hope you understand the meaning 😉

  162. can children have coconut oil too?

  163. Anyone try Dandy Blend? It tastes just like coffee.

  164. I am new to your site and i love what i read. i have been reading all week long, i made and have been using the oil cleanser and the body lotion. i must say it’s awesome. i just tried the coffee this morning using a regular unsalted butter i have at home (not grass fed), coconut oil and a drop of honey. OMG was that good? It is bye bye to coffee creamer (international Delight have just lost a customer). Thanks you Wmama for the recipe.

  165. Hi there, just wondering if you have to melt the coconut oil first?

  166. Oh my goodness!! I tried this last night and it was awesome!! I have a vitamix and it blended it so well !!! I have to say I am HOOKED!! Thank you so much for the recipe!!

  167. I use the Organic Coconut Oil from Costco. How does this compare??? Also, I use the coconut milk from there as well. I just do not like the flavor of Almond milk. I see from some of the previous messages that you do not recommend coconut milk.

  168. Sorry if you’ve answered this a million times in other comments… but can you blend up some of the butter, oil, and vanilla in the blender and keep it in a jar in the fridge to have on hand to avoid blending each morning?

    Let me know! Thanks!

    • You can, but it won’t emulsify unless you put it in the blender with the coffee…

  169. Wow I’m amazed. I have hypothyroid and need a jump for metabolism. The health benefits are wonderful. It was the smoothest most delicious coffee. I didn’t need anything else just two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in a big cup of coffee, I mixed it with a hand smoothie maker. It got instantly fluffy, the butter taste is ever so slight and its delightful. I’m so excited. I’m already hooked on your ideas. I have three teenagers and love these little healthful life improvements. Glad I found you!

  170. I’m a coffee addict! I am also willing to try most anything, so I gave the coffee recipe a try. It has wonderful flavor and is truly enjoyable! However…why does my throat have a strange, thick feeling? Almost like the beginning of a sore throat, but not…make sense? Any ideas?

    By the way, Katie…your recipes are changing my life and how we use product in our home. I am grateful!!! Thank you so very much!

    • It could be a slight detox effect with the coconut oil if you aren’t used to consuming much. Try backing down a little and then working back up

  171. I am amazed at how this turned out. I love all ingredients- NEVER imagined them together as a drink. I’m a huge coffee fan, but I only like it with milk & organic sugar. Now that I’ve recently started limiting my milk intake and almost completely eliminating my sugar, I’ve been missing my coffee. I cannot wait to try this with Chai tea…I’m sure it will be incredible! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  172. This is so good. I had it for the first time this morning and promptly went out to buy the ingredients. This is a great alternative to the powdered creamer that we have down range while deployed. I struggle to find healthy solutions out there.

  173. In making ours I add half a scoop of whey powder before hand frothing for extra creaminess and body.

  174. Can you put hot coffee in a blender?

  175. I love the sounds of this recipe BUT I do not eat dairy… any suggestions for what to use instead of butter?

    • You can use coconut oil alone. the texture will be a little different though. You can also use coconut cream concentrate which will be more creamy

  176. You give a link (almost-it goes to page with coconut oil) to the butter that you use; I located the butter, and there are two kinds: whipped and regular. Which of those do you use?

  177. I love this coffee and it’s the only way I drink it now. I make it at work and have an immersion blender specifically to make my coffee at work but it was a bit of a process to make. I’ve decided to streamline the whole process and make blocks of pre-measured butter with the coconut oil, vanilla, honey and salt already mixed up and keep a stock of them in the fridge. The plan is I just have to grab a block put it in the blender with my coffee and away I go.

  178. Love this coffee! Just a comment about the coconut oil at Walmart, Louanna brand This is not organic and is chemically processed, Always look for organic on the label, most grocery stores now carry organic oil, and we can buy Kerry butter at Aldi stores, but box stores carry it too.

  179. This is DEE-lish!!!! I added 1/8 tsp. of ground cinnamon for a little kick. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  180. I just recently discovered this recipe and it sounds delicious. But I don’t drink coffee at all and all I have at home are tea bags. How would I make it, would I have to cut open the bag and blend it all then drain it?

    • Just make the tea as normal and then make the recipe as you would with coffee but with the brewed tea instead. No need to cut open the bag

  181. Is there a way to veganize this? I want to try it but I don’t do butter

  182. Would xylitol work for a sweetener too?

  183. Wow! I just ordered a coffee from the organic coffee shop down the street. They said “what!? you don’t drink coffee” I usually get Yerba Mate as coffee is an occasional treat. Bad for my adrenals. I came home and made it your way Katie and it’s soo good! Wish I could drink it more often. As it is I put coconut oil in my Yerba Mate, which is ok. Trying to find ways to get my coconut oil daily. Love your blog and I spend way too much time here daily! LOL its more productive than being on Facebook!

  184. I love the creaminess of this delicious coffee recipe. I must confess I still add a dash of full fat milk for extra creaminess. I love Coconut Oil and use it for a myriad of daily culinary and beauty needs.. now also my coffee. I’ve swapped my daily coffee for vegetable juice but still enjoy a bi weekly coffee fix.

  185. Can the butter and coconut oil be blended together ahead of time and stored in a jar? I really don’t have time to do this every morning but would if I could just drop a spoonful in my coffee cup every morning. I realize that it won’t be frothy on top but if the flavor is good I can live without the froth.

  186. I just tried this and it is surprising delicious. I only used one teaspoon of coconut oil, but may try to gradually increase that.

    There is no way I would take the time to blend up my coffee in a blender, but I found a perfect solution. I have a very small hand-held frother that’s designed to froth up milk (as a “healthy” alternative to whipped cream. So, naturally, I’m using this to get extra fats in my diet). I used this to mix a small amount of coffee with the fats. Then I added the rest of the coffee and mixed some more. Worked perfectly and the clean-up was about 10 seconds.

    I don’t have access to grass fed butter. Are there any benefits to regular, pasteurized butter? I figure that at the very least, it’s much better than vegetable oils.

  187. i have diarrhea when i drink the coffee can ya tell me if im doing anything wrong ?

  188. Is organic coffee the same as this Bulletproof coffee? Also, I’m not understanding how you blend hot coffee with an immersion blender? Doesn’t it go everywhere? And is it still hot enough after blending? Do you have to reheat it?

  189. What would you recommend for someone who is vegan to put in the coffee in place of the dairy ingredients?

    • to the vegan re butter: i don’t think there is a equivalent substitute for butter. Butter has all kinds of stuff that you can’t get anywhere else…except maybe HUMAN breast milk. It’s all nursing milks which have their very own extra special properties (as you can imagine). If you don’t do butter… just add more coconut oil and skip the butter. I think coconut oil is going to be the closest and best substitute oil, albeit a distant one. None of the other vegetable oils will do, not even close. Google: butter weston price, I’m sure that will get you a lot of info.

      for the person that wanted to make one batch and put it in the fridge for the week: YUCK!
      this stuff has to be made fresh everyday. It is yucky once it’s cold… and refrigerated would be even worse. Ditto on the other person’s “separate badly” comment. I think it would be gross coming out of the fridge. BUT, whatever. that’s just my opinion. Try it! See if you can deal. But since it’s a test… I would suggest testing with a small amount, so that you don’t have to dump a whole bunch out if you don’t like it.

      and just my own random comments:

      I make mine in a quart size mason jar. I use a stick blender and just blend it in the jar itself… of which I then drink it out of. Less transfer of liquids= less mess = less loss of oils.

      What I thought was yummy… is adding some unsweetened cocoa powder. and a blend of a little stevia and a little sucanat. (Sucanat tastes so much better)

      Also… isn’t “vanilla extract” the same as “vanilla”?
      unless of course you are specifying “vanilla bean”… but it’s rare that one uses a bean in cooking. It takes months to extract the vanilla via an alcohol tincture anyway.

  190. OMG…I just tried this recipe for the first time this morning. You were absolutely right!! There’s no going back! This is the ONLY way to drink coffee!! Thank you for starting my day off right! 🙂

  191. Do you think this would work with a Magic Bullet? I would like to try to avoid using my blender every day.

    • No! Don’t put anything hot in a magic bullet since the pressure can build and it can crack or explode!

  192. I was a bit skeptical about trying CO in my coffee but I am a fan now! I usually have unsalted butter but of course I’m out when I find this recipe. I am a huge fan of creamer and would like to find a way to cut it out. This time I used my hazelnut creamer (store bought), 1/4tsp of vanilla and Tbsp of CO. I didn’t want to get my big blender out so I used my handheld one and it worked perfectly. Also, I heated the CO beforehand. WOW! Super tasty!! Can’t wait to try it w/o creamer! It does cool the coffee temp down after blending but living in AZ and it being 111 degrees out right now. I don’t mind. I bet you could pour it over ice after mixing it and it’d be fine for the cold coffee drinkers out there. I think I’ll try iced next time too!

  193. I enjoy bulletproof coffee as well but I can’t afford to buy organic butter at the rate we go through it so I get what I can at our grocery and aim for the least added additives. It’s been so hot here though hot coffee isn’t appealing right now.

  194. Thank you so much for this post! This is the only way I drink coffee now too! I’m a breastfeeding mother of a little girl with a dairy protein allergy and was really missing creamer until I saw this post. Now I blend 1 T coconut oil (sometimes more) with a 1/2 T raw cacao powder, dash of cinnamon, and stevia, I could never go back to coffee and creamer! I even have some of my family members asking me to make “that blender mocha thing” for them 🙂

  195. When looking to buy the coffee you suggest, it mentions at the bottom of the page that “this product contains cancer causing ingredients”….what are they referring to and how safe is this?

    • Caffeine and coffee itself are “known in the state of California to cause cancer” as is practically everything else imaginable.

  196. I have been curious about the best way to brew coffee. I know most coffee makers are made with plastic, and I have been in search of one that is plastic free. Do they exist? What type of coffee maker do you use?

  197. I tried it this morning and now I’m hooked! I’ve been wanting to eliminate 1/2&1/2 in my coffee and wasn’t sure how. I tried regular coconut milk but hated it. This was amazing. I didn’t have the unsalted butter however I had coconut oil and vanilla. It’s really delicious! I’m stopping by Trader Joe’s tonight to get the organic, unsalted butter. Can’t wait until tomorrow to have it again!

  198. Even though the grass fed butter, coconut oil, and vanilla have reduced a LOT of the bitter flavor, I am having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the flavor. Any suggestions?

  199. Where did that quote coming from, the one at the end that describes how “most coffee beans are processed”? Is that from the Bulletproof Coffee guy?

    What a misrepresentation of information!
    that most coffee beans are left to “ferment (spoil)” in order to remove the outer layer etc etc.

    I think most of the visitors to your blog know that fermentation does NOT equal spoiling. While it might be true about mycotoxins (and I don’t know)…. telling a falsehood is a hell of a way to sell one’s product. I guess it’s one of those things where if you are not fulling paying attention, it almost makes sense…

    anyway, I love coffee this way. I kept hearing about it, but then it finally made sense after reading your post. Thanks WM!

  200. I also use Ghee, which is a type of clarified butter. ( in my coffee)

  201. Is vanilla extract ok to use for this recipe?

  202. I’m curious – if I did a batch in my blender will it last me for the week or do I have to do this fresh every am for my one cup?
    Sounds delicious!

    • I imagine it would separate badly… I make mine fresh.

  203. Can you do this with cold brewed coffee? Or does the coffee need to be hot for everything to blend?

    • The coconut oil and butter would not want to melt nicely if the coffee is cold, so I’d say no. Experiments are fun, though, so you could try it with a cup and see if you can make it work. Let us know if you attempt it!

  204. Thanks for sharing! Just tried this, it’s wonderful!!

    • So glad you like it! Thanks for reading!

  205. Can I make the coconut oil/butter emulsion ahead of time? Enough for a few days. Or does it need to be made on a cup by cup basis? If so, would it need to be stored in the cooler?

    • Hm… You could try it… I know people make olive oil/butter mixes all the time. You would probably want to keep it cool: it might separate if left at room temp. If you try it, let us know how it goes!

  206. I tried this for the first time today and seriously the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I’m lactose intolerant, but had to try it with the butter. No ill side affects yet from using the butter since it was only 1 teaspoon. I’m hooked!!!!!

  207. I absolutely love this! I had been using coconut oil in my tea for years because of my hypothyroidism. About a year ago, I tried it in my coffee. A month ago I made the bullet proof coffee and have never looked back. I make it in my Magic Bullet and it only takes a minute to prepare. I now only need one cup of coffee in the morning and don’t have the “drop-off” I use to have after drinking two or three cups of coffee. I do use a little bit of organic coconut creamer but can live without it.

  208. Hi
    I want to try this but need a little help with 2 things- A) do you have to blend the CO and Butter with the coffee or can you just stir them vigorously? B) Does anybody have a Nespresso machine (with capsules) and if so, how do you make the coffee for this purpose – add hot water after?

    • You really do have to blend it… Stirring is not sufficient to really make the mix homogenous.

  209. When I initially tried to make this, the coffee leaked out the bottom of my blender and made a big mess (the gasket is a replacement and thinner than the original).

    Then I tried using my little Aerolatte frother, and it works fantastically!

    A lot less hassle, and waaaay easier to clean than the blender (which makes me much more likely to stick with it).

    Plus, I tend to let my coffee go a little lukewarm, and I can hit it with the frother again to blend in the little oil slicks that tend gather as the coffee cools.

  210. This is how I drink my coffee and love it! Have you tried the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil? I’m looking for an extra brain boost/mental focus for grad school but am hesitant to go for it before hearing some other opinions.

  211. Hi, Could you give me an idea of what this may taste like? Is it sweet at all? Thanks.

  212. When you mention using “vanilla” in things, do you have a suggestion of what vanilla? We are speaking of vanilla extract right? Like the kind you would buy at the store?

    • I use a vanilla flavored liquid stevia that workds just fine. Sometime also use the chocolate one-delish.

      To the party who commented on gelatin getting thick when coffee cooled-you should be using the hydrolzed type of collagen, not the type used for making “Jello”. The hydrolyzed gelatin dissolved in hot, warm or even cool liquid and stays dissolved. I use it in coffee, soup and smoothies.

  213. I thought this sounded very weird, and kind of gross at first. Then someone mentioned dipping their toast in the coffee. I could somehow imagine doing that despite the fact I don’t eat toast. I’m up for trying new things. I’ll try this. Thank you for sharing.

  214. I have switched over to grass-fred ghee for the most part now. Today I am going to try it in my coffee! I think the slight caramelized flavor in the ghee will be amazing in coffee. I make my ghee in a slow cooker so it is super simple, no watching the stove for hours or burned expensive butter! If you have a gas range like me, you know the “low” setting isn’t exactly…low…I’ve had to really cut back on my coconut oil consumption, because it seems to upset my gall bladder when I have too much. For whatever reason, I tolerate butter and ghee much better. I know they are all saturated fats, so I’m not sure why I can do butter and not coconut oil, but it’s ok with me because who doesn’t want to eat more butter?! I will have to let everyone know how the ghee works out in my coffee 🙂 Going to stick with a tsp of coconut oil for safety, since a twitchy gall bladder can be very unsettling. Thanks again for sharing this great idea for making healthier coffee.

  215. It is the best way to drink coffee ever!
    I have been a fan of Dave Asprey’s bulletproof coffee for just over a year and wouldn’t drink it any other way. The coffee beans DO make a difference, I can go all morning on a 16 oz made the right way and I will be 52 this year.

  216. Would vegan butter work the same way?

  217. NICE! I hate the way coffee tastes I usually mask it with a ton of flavored creamer :/ I’m trying to cut the bad fat out of my diet and also eat more organic/ healthy foods. I tried your recipe without the butter and I am super surprised and pleased to say that it tastes really good! Thank you 🙂

  218. So I needed a way to incorporate more good fats into my diet, and I also needed an afternoon pick me up. I never would have dreamed I could have both of those things, and it would be extremely tasty. Thanks so much- best chai latte my kitchen has ever produced!

  219. I am not a fan of Coconut Oil, but I have been following you for almost a year now and have been testing some recipes and home remedies out. I purchased Coconut Oil from Traditions and read the book that came with it. It is very strong, but I must say that I have wanted to incorporate it in my diet for some time, but it has been hard to get used to the taste. This coffee recipe does it for me. I absolutely love it. I am hooked and I can actually used 2 tablespoons of oil now, it has helped me get used to the taste of the oil. Getting there and hopefully getting healthier. Thanks for sharing.

  220. What is the difference between the Bullet proof coffee and regular organic coffee?

  221. My husband drinks the bullet proof styled coffee and loves it. It makes total sense but there is no such thing as mycotoxins in coffee these days. David Asprey is not a nutritionist, biologist or a coffee expert. That was a problem many many years ago. He is just repeating old outdated info and not doing research. He has gotten slammed for it. None of todays coffee has it in it. Any organic coffee will do. Ask a coffee expert, his coffee is good but to charge that much for something under the pretense of the health benefits is wrong. His idea is spot on but the coffee toxins is just not true.

    • Thanks.. It is super expensive it seems and I’d rather put my money towards good organic coffee for a better price. I don’t mind paying for quality but not needlessly.

  222. Is there another organic coffee that’s just as good?

    • I’d like to know that as well.

  223. Could you use high vitamin butter oil?

  224. That sounds great. I have had my gallbladder removed. I was just wondering if I should take bile salts when I drink it so I get better absorption? I was also wondering if it works the same for brain health and energy if I use decaf coffee since I have adrenal fatigue? Thanks.

    • Possibly, but that would be a question for a good functional medicine doc. It should still give you a good boost with decaf 🙂

      • Thank You!

  225. Hi there wellness momma! I live here in the philippines so there’s plenty of coconut trees around. If I mix my coffee with fresh coconut milk (homemade), will that be okay as well?

    Thank you soooo much. 🙂

  226. I’ve heard of coconut oil in coffee for a while now and I kept putting off trying it. I just couldn’t see it being good! I love my coffee and don’t usually mess with it, however, I’m now sold on the coconut oil in it! I love it! Sometimes its hard to teach an old dog new tricks..LOL

  227. Would this work with intermittent fasting if you added a lot more coconut oil? The bulletproof website says to drink something similar to this in the morning and then not eat until 2..Then quit eating at 8 (more or less, you can adjust hours). What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

    • I tried a modification of the bulletproof fast the other day: 1/4 cup coconut oil in my morning chai, veggies and seafood six hours later, followed by some salmon around 8PM. I felt great energy all day. The key seems to be getting enough fat to feel satiated for that morning stretch. I find fasting important whenever my systems feels like it’s dragging, especially important for anyone doing bulletproof/paleo/Atkins since animal proteins are hard work for your digestive system. Dave Asprey recommends fasting every week, ancient cultures incorporate regular fasting as well.

  228. I just read this the other day and I love coffee, but am extremely sensitive to the side effects of it…I noticed that different brands effect me differently though, so maybe I should try an organic coffee instead…Now, can one just add butter and stir it in the coffee, or do you have to put it in a food processor to blend it? I just stirred the butter into my coffee, so maybe that doesn’t have the same effect…I thought the coffee tasted just fine though and am anxious to try this again with coconut oil!

  229. I put cinnamon and local raw honey in my organic coffee. I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to do better than organic half n half……maybe this is just the thing!
    I wonder if just stirring the coconut oil and butter into a hot cup of coffee works or does it still leave some…chunks?

  230. I’ve been doing something similar for the past 30 years, since I lived in Hawaii and drank me Kona coffee with me Poi dawg. I have no problem with the texture of coconut oil and have at least a full tablespoon of non-GMO, organic, virgin, cold-pressed olive oil in my French Press coffee every day. I also do the small amount of “cooking” I still do with coconut oil, only. To consume other oils I grind, soak, and dehydrate flax seed/hemp seed/sunflower seed crackers made with herbs and coconut oil. Basically, coconut oil is the only “processed” oil we consume. I may have some sesame seed oil in the fridge for flavoring Asian dishes. I’ve been buying Kona Coffee since I left the islands, but will look into Bulletproof Coffee now.

    • That’s old age for you. I use coconut oil in my coffe, NOT olive oil. Another interesting note, I’ve always salted my coffee with sea salt. It’s an old pioneer hack to salt coffee. So using salted butter in my coffee wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. I’m going to try it.

      • putting salt in coffee helps take bitterness away. For the last year or so I’ve been using coconut oil, butter and stevia to my organic instant coffee. When I heat the water I add a dash or two of salt. I use a dremel tool with a whipping attachment I made to whip it all together.

  231. I’ve been seeing this everywhere, so I finally had to give in and try it. Oh my goodness. I tried it like it’s written first (except I had to get salted butter because I couldn’t find any unsalted grass fed butter at the 2 stores I went to). Then I made a few changes to make it more “me”. I skipped the stevia and used some pure maple syrup (my mother in law swears I’m part elf because I think maple syrup is a food group) and then I added a bit of cocoa powder. I tried giving coffee up because I couldn’t drink it without the horrible chemically creamers (plain coconut milk does not do it for me). But now I can enjoy it still and get the benefits of the good fats that I need. Thank you for the final push over the edge that I needed to do this.

  232. Can you do this without the butter? I’ve been doing VB6 (vegan before 6pm) and I can’t drink coffee (due to my homeopathic practice) so it’d have to be chai tea.

  233. I have recently discovered that making coconut milk from a fresh coconut is AMAZING in coffee! Crack open the coconut, put the meat and the water in the blender with some extra water. Run that through a juicer. Add coffee and a bit of stevia. Delicious!

  234. Hi wellness mama! I know you said to drink immediately…can we blend and make this ahead and keep it as a creamer or does that compromise the beneficial qualities of the mixture?

    • It won’t hurt the properties, but it might separate…

  235. WOW! I only had salted butter but had to try! It is amazing! I drink a lot of off.. more than i should probably but I make a pot of coffee & put all in a blender then transfer to a carafe to keep warm! Shake a lil before pouring next cup! Thank you Wellness Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your recipes!!!!!

  236. Oh my goodness! Tried this for the first time, right now, and it tastes AMAZING! I love coffee, sometimes a little too much, but to know I can get some much needed nutrients from it?! I’m hooked thanks for the recipe!! Now just have to have my husband try it!!

  237. Hi just had question I noticed in your instagram pic the french press is different then the amazon link. It looks like the amazon is Madrid by Grosche and the instagram is Dresden buy Grosche. I’m sure they both work very well but curious which FP your actually using?
    Thank you..Plan on ordering Bullet proof coffee today, And FP. I have places around my area that sells BP coffee but they hiked up the prices…

    • We have both actually. I like the madrid better but was just using the dresden that day. 🙂

  238. Today I bulletproofed my coffee + I enjoyed it. The latte look + feel was great!

    I made the recipe my own by adding raw honey, ganoderma lucidum, cinnamon, pure vanilla + kombucha koffee to the coffee, organic coconut cream + butter.

    I will make this again. Thanks for the post.

  239. Not sure if you touched on this already but I am currently breastfeeding my 6 week old son. I drank Organic Water Processed decaf all through my pregnancy and am still doing so now. I sometimes mix the decaf with my husbands organic regular and do a half caf. I use a lot of coconut oil, including eating it by the spoonful. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t drink this coffee? I would probably make it with my decaf.

  240. I noticed you changed the brand of collagen that you are using. Any particular reason?

  241. I don’t drink coffee but have added this to my almond milk cocoa and it is divine! Thank you so much!

  242. I have a pretty broad palate and so I like a wide variety of foods. I also enjoy a wide variety of coffee drinks. But this one just doesn’t do it for me. I tried it based on Jimmy Fallon’s comments last night but this is the first time he steered me wrong. He said it is delicious so I figured it would at worst be decent. It wasn’t awful but it definitely was not good, at least to me. I’ll stick to some pieces of real coconut.

  243. I was putting Ghee in my coffee for a while and loved the taste and felt like it was really great to add some “meat to my bones”. however, when I went for my checkup, the doctor was concerned about my cholesterol. I’m confused about whether or not it is healthy. what do you think for people who are prone to high cholesterol? The “bad kind”? After I stopped drinking the ghee in coffee, at my next checkup, my cholesterol was low…but it was the “good kind” that was also low!

    • Coffee with butter new recipe. I haven’t tried it yet. Looks like it will be a yummy recipe. Can i try it for my break fast?

  244. Clarified better (ghee) is missing it’s dairy, which where your getting the goods fats from. While some of the health benefits are still there it’s not the same. Ghee is no longer butter, more of a solid oil. Fat will not increase cholesterol. Watch your carbs, it’s the interaction that rasies cholesterol. People will argue that it’s still the fat, but I eat aprox 5000 calories a day much of which is from fat and my cholestrol is so low it barely registers. I’ve also lost almost 100lbs in the last year.

  245. Is drinking caffeine free coffee ok?


  246. Tried this and loved it. I mistakenly put 1/4 c of coconut oil in my coffee….is there any harm in that? Loved the taste and didn’t feel like it was over bearing with coconut flavor. Did not use butter.

  247. I’m gathering supplies to make this stuff, it sounds fun and amazing. I loved Tibetan butter tea when I traveled in the Himalayas. Plus I’m a writer and need lots of brain food.

    But I am going to order sustainable coconut oil with RSPO certification because there’s a sad, direct link these days between coconut oil (even most organic coconut oil), and terrible planet harm. You can easily read about it online but RSPO is the only organization that’s committed to try not to bring orangutans, Sumatran tigers and pygmy elephants to extinction. The coconut oil industry is clear cutting in Malaysia, Sumatra, and Cameroon rainforest for massive coconut plantations. I found an online supplier, Wild Herb Soap Co. that sells RSPO coconut oil on — just starting out on this quest, but I want to do my coffee drinking as kindly as i can. Thanks for listening, I am sure you care about the mother and baby and wise old grandfather orangutans and the human rainforest communities too.

    • I’ve read a lot on that issue too… from my research, Tropical Traditions is based in the Philippines and also uses sustainable and animal friendly methods.

      • I’m using Tropical Traditions as well.

      • Thank you! I will look for Tropical Traditions coconut oil. Appreciatively, Kate

    • I checked etsy but found no information about what you mentioned.

      • Thanks for caring about this, Teresa! Tropical Traditions is one company that Wellness Mama researched. sells on their own site and through an Etsy link —

        I googled “RSPO coconut oil.” RSPO is the growers’ organization that tries to source coconut oil in an environmental way.

        Good luck out there! Love loving the planet together.

  248. I’m the same person who talked about sustainable coconut oil. Looks like Bulletproof has a commitment to sustainability in the oils that they sell for this coffee. Good for them! I am not promoting anyone in particular, just trying to save the planet!

  249. What do folks think about the “Healthy Home Economist’s” article about this kind of coffee?
    She says it’s bad over the “long term” bc if you drink this instead of breakfast, or drink this without any protein… that it messes with your sleep and is not good.

    Personally, I do drink this in the morning… but I always have it with a little food containing protein bc I feel better if I have some food along with it. (I also put gelatin, but I’m referring to a little bit of meat/egg)

    Here is the article:

    LASTLY, I started adding 3 raw pastured egg yolks to this coffee… which contain tryptophan like HHE says. ANYWAY, it’s also a delicious way to get raw egg yolks into my body (anasthaxin!) It’s delicious, nutritious, full of protein, tryptophan, etc etc etc AND it seems like it solves the protein issue that HHE says is a problem.

    I want to know… what do other folks do?
    do you eat breakfast alongside this coffee?
    is this coffee a substitute for breakfast?
    what about her comment that it’s better to drink this coffee AFTER breakfast? (does that even make any sense?)


    • I take blood thinner, and read where the butter has lots of vitamin K, should I not drink this coffee? thanks

  250. The Vitamin K2 keeps your arteries clear of the bad stuff, it doesn’t thin the blood, however I have read of it effecting certain types of blood thinners (Vitamin K, not necessarily K2) So it’s something to consider depending on what your on. If your just looking into buttering coffee look into it, if you found this because your doing a Low Carb/High Fat diet that alone may self correct your issue and you may not need blood thinners. But only way to know is to have it checked.

  251. HI, new to the site and really love your approach and info.

    Regarding this article, and someone who enjoys ‘bulletproof coffee’ ….. the whole Mycotoxins thing doesnt have any research beyond Dave Asprey’s claims to back it, or more to the point, he seems to be in the great minority when it comes to these claims. I think you are OK sticking to any quality organic coffee.

    • Mycotoxins are real, I’ve never seen any research that disputes that. The dispute is whether it really matters or not they are there since the level is ridicoulously low. I’d say it doesn’t, but anything with the word toxin isn’t really great anyways. Any wet processed quality coffee will have lower levels than one that’s not wet processed and why not buy better quality coffee anyways? If ya love coffee, buy the good stuff! Asprey is a used car salesman, I’ve heard his overpriced coffee is really good quality wise, but I’m not paying his price or putting money into his pocket.

  252. Agree about the mycotoxins. They are in a lot of foods we consider healthy.

  253. I think this sounds great, I LOVE coffee. I just want to say I was on a big Coconut oil kick all last year and my cholesterol went up almost 20 points! So be careful and keep it checked if you eat alot of butter and coco oil. I have but back a little and increased my Omega 3 intake.

  254. Hello everyone!
    I have been using ground Chicory with my coffee and I love it!
    After a little experimentation I settled on a simple 50/50 mix of Coffee and Chicory in my coffee maker. (for 6 cups I use 1 tbs spoon of each). Since I don’t like my coffee real strong, I then mix my chicory coffee with about 50% coconut milk and use some liquid stevia to sweeten. The result is coffee that tastes like coffee which has very little coffee in it. I understand from reading others posts that coconut milk is not as good as coconut oil. Since we use coconut oil exclusively when cooking and olive oil when it will not be heated… I choose to forgo coconut oil in my coffee; just my personal choice…

    • At 6 cups and 1 TBS of coffee, can you even taste coffee? The typically dilution is 2 TBS per cup, your doing half that and for 6! My wife used to hate coffee while I’m a complete coffee freak, but she also never had quality coffee. She always had low end, acidic bitter crap. I gave her some quality stuff and she turned around a little to where she grabs sips out of mine pretty regularly. SOMETIMES even has me make her one, but for her that’s huge. I’d try to higher end coffee’s. Maybe if you had a better tasting smooth one youd enjoy the taste of coffee.

  255. I absolutely love this recipe! I have been using bio coffee, though, because I am trying to get off caffeine. Have you ever heard of it?

    • Just looked into the BioCoffee thing, looks like a scam to be honest. First, nothing organic about Decaf, ALL Coffee has caffeine, decaf coffee is made with chemical solvents that destroy the caffiene, some companies claim to use carbon to “absorb” it but that doesn’t work great and removes even more flavor than the chemical method. The other thing that get’s me is the “Vegan” statement, NO CRAP! Coffee OBVIOSLY isn’t an amimal product. When comapnies stupidly state the obvious, it’s typically to attract a certain type of buyer, that will buy anything that has a keyword they like. I bought nose spray the other day that said gluten free on it. Really? Good coffee isn’t acidic, crappy poor quality coffee or coffee thats brewed with bad methods or incorrect water temps are. Also, Caffiene has many more heath beneifts than it does negatives unless it’s being abused. If you like it, go for it but don’t get duped by clever marketing. In either case, buttering it up is the way to go!

      • Thanks for the input. My reason for getting off coffee was because the caffeine was taxing my adrenals (no doubt because I was drinking too much!) And I didn’t like the crash after a cup of coffee. I was looking for a good alternative that tasted good too. I am also a very skeptical person…and was hesitant to try this stuff. Apparently it has a lot of wheatgrass in it. I’m going to keep looking….jury is still out.

  256. I usually make my bulletproof coffee with ghee instead of grass fed butter is that bad? When I was first introduced the person suggested ghee. Which one is more beneficial? Thanks so much for all your amazing info!

    • The ghee is going to be very high in flavor. I bet it tastes amazing 🙂 The whole butter may contain a few more nutrients, but both are really good!

  257. Is buying unsalted butter as cheap as buying cream? Because all butter is his cream that’s whipped until it’s hard. Correct me if I’m wrong. Great article thanks for posting it

  258. What type of blender are you using? Isn’t hot liquids bad for blenders and plastic leaching a concern as well?

  259. Hi Miss Katie

    I’ve been drinking ”bullet-proof coffee for quite some time and love it! I also started adding a tablespoon of gelatin in it as well.

    Saw Dr. Oz a few mornings ago and he was saying that much saturated fat
    causes heart disease. Have you heard anything about this?

    thanks and love your site

  260. You stated right….ruins all other coffee choices! This is the best! I’m addicted!

  261. Hi.

    I just tried this and I am HOOKED!!! I normally cold brew my coffee and drink it iced. In order to avoid a clumpy beverage, I added 1/4c of boiling water to the butter and coconut oil, then added that mixture to the rest of my iced coffee and vigorously shook with ice. This process got a tad bit messy but the taste was totally worth it. Do you have any recommendations for us iced coffee drinkers, who don’t have blenders?

    • Hm… How about an immersion blender, or an electric whisk? Heck, you could make it in a martini shaker is you decide to keep shaking it. Might get weird looks from neighbors in the morning, though…

  262. Just wondering if anyone else got headaches from drinking bulletproof coffee? I started drinking it this past week and have had headaches off and on the entire week. I haven’t changed anything else in my routine so I suspect it is my coffee. I would really like to hear from others especially if you have had a similar experience. Thanks!

    • I got headaches for a week or 2, for me my body was adapting from not eating sugar and consuming more fat. I suppose my brain was confused as to where it was going to be getting its energy from. They did subside eventually, I did alter the amount of coconut oil as well to an amount I liked.

  263. I don’t have the butter it made it too cloying for me, I like it with coconut oil, cinnamon and a 1/4 teaspoon of orange extract and very occasionally a smidgen of cloves. It was perfect for winter; for summer I might see if I can get some raspberry essence 🙂 It’s great how you can dress it up to your taste as long as it isn’t sugar!

    It has majorly assisted in my diet, I have lost 43lb in 3 months, only 17lb left, but I know it’ll take just as long to lose the remainder. Marathon and not a sprint I know… 😀

    I also have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy and it has made a difference to my symptoms (eradicating sugar full stop has been the biggest factor) letting my brain work off the fat is massive to gaining back quality of life. (Last year I was in a wheelchair for two months).

    I might even try and spice it up with some cayenne!

  264. What could I use instead of coconut as I’m allergic to it? And what kind of vanilla do you mean? Extract? Thanks!

    • You could use an MCT oil, you can get them made with Palm oil and not Coconut.

  265. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has tried this with Green Tea?!? I like coffee but Green Tea is my go to drink. If it would work with Green Tea I may be a lifer for this drink! I did try it with the coffee and loved that!

  266. Looking forward to trying this! Very surprised you don’t make your own butter! It’s so easy to do – put heavy cream in a mason jar and shake until it separates from the buttermilk. Takes a little while and a little more work but kids can take turns shaking and it tastes so much better than store-bought!

  267. Love, love, love this coffee recipe! My naturopathic doctor recommended I not drink coffee anymore (sacrilege!) but if I must, to drink Decaf Organic. Not many options in the price range I prefer. I discovered organic chicory root that passes my taste buds and wallet and then combined with this heavenly combo. is just amazing! The butter really makes a difference. Thank you for this!!!

  268. I’ve been drinking coffee with coconut oil for a while now without the butter and I love it. Would love to try with ghee next time.

  269. I go for egg instead of butter: I beat the egg in my mug, add the oil and beat it some more, then add my milk/creamer and sweetener. Then I pour in usually freshly made hot tea (I’ve used green tea, and “regular” black tea) very very slowly, while continuing to beat. To mask the egg’s smell, I would add either vanilla, ginger powder (for a very basic masala chai), instant coffee (what they call dirty chai), cocoa (chocolate tea), or both instant coffee and cocoa. I also tried this with brewed coffee instead of tea. The coffee has a strong enough smell to not need any add-ons, although I do add cocoa for a mocha twist. With the whole egg, this actually ends up being a 12-ounce drink, which, because again of the egg, actually becomes quite a filling breakfast drink for me.

  270. Sorry I haven’t read all the comments. But how much collagen protein do you use?

    • ?



    • You must have been using “Virgin” coconut oil. Normal coconut oil has no coconut taste.

      • Normal coconut oil does have a coconut taste… refined coconut oil doesn’t 🙂

  272. Drinking Coffe this way is better but wach the calories! One cup is almost 430 calories and not much nutritional value except antioxidants in coffe and healthy fats. My personal calorie intake should be about 1550 calories per day, so if I spend 450 calories jst on one coffe, I would gain waith in a few days. I used to be healthy overeater so while I ate organic and wholesome but was 20 pounds overwaith. I now eat the same but wach my caloric intake. Lost 20 pounds and felling great

    • Those healthy fats and antioxidants are worth their calorie value. Don’t forget buttered coffee has gained a lot of it’s popularity with low carbers and we don’t watch calorie intake.

  273. Hi, Katie, At one point I read your delicious recipe for coffee. But, I must say that if some over-aggressive/over zealous person–like me–who also just happens to like coconut and coffee–fails to read all the way through and/or doesn’t get it thru her head the first 4 times she reads it, u might want to do a reminder w/in the recipe itself: “(start out using a 1/4tsp coconut if u do not regularly use coconut).” I used the full amt in the recipe and vomited vehemently 10-15 min later. lol Needless to say, it has been 3 mos since I came back to it. Haven’t had a prob since I started using 1/4tsp in any given thing and working my way to larger amts. I’ve even successfully started giving it to my dogs for their allergies. Keep up the good work, gal!

  274. I now make my tea this way, and can’t imagine drinking it any other way. It’s such a special treat every morning. I make it my magic bullet (with raw milk) and it’s amazing and frothy.

  275. Hi there, I hate to put hot liquids in my blender (hot and plastic is not a good mix!) so I tried blending with my hand blender and it worked great! Thanks for the tips.

  276. read the comments and wanted to add…I also make my coffee this way in the morning and take it to work. I always use a glass blender, never plastic and no magic bullets, the blender has to have to middle section of the lid open to all for the heat. I just put my hand over the hole when i first turn it on. I make my coffee in a different method but after my brew is done i put in the blender, than transfer to glass canning jar to take to work. sometimes i let it get cold and re blend it cold and it is great ice coffee. I use maple syrup to sweeten but usually this is how i brew the coffee. I use one of those single cup Melitta brewers in top of a half gallon canning jar. i put in a paper filter (unbleached) 4 heaps spoons of ground coffee and my home grown stevia that i dry, I pour the hot water over the coffee to allow to drip through, then i can heat it to make hot coffee as i want it with the coconut oil, butter and sometimes maple syrup.

  277. I am totally addicted to coffee and will be trying this!!! Good Info!

  278. I know Katie is not an egg eater….
    BUT, this coffee is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS if you add 3 pastured egg yolks to it!
    blend the yolks, coco oil, butter, collagen hydrosylate, etc all together.

    it’s creamy heaven!

  279. Hi, I don’t have grass fed butter, so I just tried to blend my home made organic bean espresso with coconut oil only. Last minute I though of adding some cocoa nibs – DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS! I don’t think I’ll ever drink my coffee any other way! No more dairy in my coffee 😉
    Thank you Katie for all the wonderful work you do!

    • While it’s certainly your choice to remove dairy, most of the health benefits from drinking coffee this way comes from the grass fed butter. Aside from being what makes it so smooth and creamy The Vitamin K2 you get from the grass fed butter has a very long list of health benefits and it’s not an easy vitamin to get in. Not a whole lot of ways to get in K2, and much harder to compete with the health benefits of it.

  280. Is this safe for pregnancy?



    • I drank it while pregnant, but always check with your Dr. or midwife…

  281. Hi! Do you use Maca powder at all, if so, have you added it to your coffee?

    • I do use it, and I have occasionally added it, although I prefer it in smoothies…

  282. this is based on yak butter tea.. and n coffee or tea it works well especially for keto, atkins or paleo diets
    but don’t all for the bullet proof coffee , its a waste of $$..
    the whole argument in molds in coffee production ended in the early 80s so any name brand coffee
    is already free of thes possible molds and things.

  283. Tried oil pulling this morning, it was hard putting the OVCO in my mouth in solid form; however, once it dissolved it was not so bad. Have a slight headache this am, but all in all not so bad. I also tried the coffee recipe…YUM…I left my Stevia home, so I used a small amount of organic Turbinado sugar….BEYOND DELICIOUS!!!

  284. I buy Coconut Oil in a liquid form and it’s odorless and tasteless. I use it for cooking because my family doesn’t like the solid form and complains they can notice a differnce in the way food tastes. We also do not like the flavor of coconut period. Is it as beneficial to use the liquid form in your coffe? I tried it this morning and just stirred in a tsp. I drink my coffe black and it seemed fine and had no trouble drinking it like this.I just don’t want to waste my time or $$$ if it is ineffective? Thanks. P.S. love your blog and just started following it when I Google hormonal acne. Can’t wait to incorporate your suggestions into my diet. Thanks again.

  285. its funny…i always thought i had a “caffeine sensitivity” my whole life. loved coffee but could only drink half caff or i would get the jitters, heart racing etc. i did a little research on mycotoxins, switched to clean coffee, JITTERS GONE!! and…..the only way i drink mine is bulletproof as well.

    • I’m personally mixed on how much mycotoxins are truly in our coffee, my research pretty much came up with all the better brands all use wet processing which eliminates most of them. What kind of coffee’s are you using now? My wife gets crappy feeling if she drinks coffee. I think I see an experiment coming!

      • i either use coffee from a couple local roasters in denver (pablos or corvus) or jims organic sweet love roast that i get at sprouts. occasionally i get upgrades self coffee on their website. i go to a diner and get crap coffee? jitters. even starbucks. cracks me up how many people think starbucks is “top quality”!

  286. Hi – love the site and the articles. I’m from Australia, currently living in India, and have lived in Ukraine and China as well for extended periods. I’ll be moving to the Philippines soon, so coconut will be easily available in all forms. My personal favourite is the juice from a green coconut – so sweet and delicious.

    A few years ago I was reading about the health benefits of cinnamon, which was great because I love cinnamon! Until I discovered that the ‘cinnamon’ we get in Australia isn’t really cinnamon, but ground acacia bark! Oh, dear! It is not all that good for you (although it does taste great) and in the kind of quantities I was going to taste, can even be harmful! From what I can ascertain, the same acacia (‘Dutch cinnamon’ or ‘baker’s cinnamon’ – or just plain ‘cinnamon’) is sold in Europe and the Americas too in place of true cinnamon.

    There are two ‘cinnamons’ – true cinnamon (originally from Sri Lanka), and acacia bark, originally from China. There are several varieties of acacia – all in the same genus as true cinnamon. Here in India they sell ‘cinnamon’ and ‘acacia’ – so it’s fairly clear!

    I guess that if you can stir your coffee with a ‘cinnamon’ stick it is probably acacia bark. True cinnamon is far too brittle. As for the amount you would get from stirring your coffee, you have no chance of doing any harm!

    You need to ingest more than two tablespoons a day of acacia powder to do any harm. Which was about the amount of cinnamon I was planning to take! Cost precludes that – true cinnamon is much more expensive (probably why they fob off the acacia bark as ‘cinnamon’). Personally, I think the acacia has the better taste. It has a slight ‘hotness’ to it, as well as a taste much like true cinnamon – while true cinnamon lacks that ‘bite’. Some even describe the taste of the true cinnamon as being a little sweet.

  287. I tried this and could not handle the greasy feel it gives. Maybe I have to just learn to deal with it. I have always drank my coffee with organic milk or half and half. Just recently I have had lactose problems and have had to remove all dairy from my diet. I have always enjoyed my coffee in the mornings, but now not so much. Still trying to find a way to make a non diary no chemical good tasting coffee creamer 😐 I do not think it exists. I will persevere and find or create one of my own :)!

    • I’m lactose intolerant as well, sorta. Since going low carb I’ve been able to tolerate dairy MUCH better than before and you should also see if their is a farm in your area where you can get raw milk/cream. When I’m drinking it regularly I tolerate dairy just fine. Little pricey but worth it.

      If you tell us what your doing we can probably help, your coffee shouldn’t be greasy make sure your using a high speed blender and real grass fed butter, not one that has been cut with a veggie oil. If thats not enough you could also try MCT instead of coconut oil, it’s still coconut oil but not a hunk of grease either. I’m sure others will have suggestions for you.

  288. may i ask why my comments say my name is “kelly”? i typed my user name to be kkh, and my name is KELLIE with an IE, not a Y. yet every comment i make ends up being under “kelly”. *confused*

    • Kellie, I responded to you by email 🙂

  289. There were so many posts I could not read them all! My question is can you use a “pre-made” coconut\butter blend that can be stored and used when needed?

    • you definitely can do that. in my coffee i either use kerry gold butter or half kerrygold and half coconut oil. i sometimes take a little of both, blend it and put it in a small glass jar. i just keep it on the counter since i would only make about a weeks worth at a time anyway.

  290. Along with 1/8 tsp of turmeric, I also add 1-2 tsp of cinnamon but, I have removed all sweeteners from our diet except the occasional honey. So that & the vanilla (just not a fan) are not included but, this is the best coffee ever. Thanks for the coconut oil add I just tried it – delish.

  291. Does that recipe really say 1 CUP of organic or herbal coffee? Or do you mean 1 tablespoon? The recipe is for one cup of coffee, yes, and not a pot? I read everyone’s comment and no one qns it.

    • That is for pre-made or brewed coffee (liquid) so one cup is about right…. you would use about 1 tbsp to brew though

  292. I am a tea girl myself will butter/coconut oil work as well with tea and maybe some cinnamon..anyone? 🙂

    • you could def do tea. i have made bulletproof tea for the hubbs.

      • I also use this when I have my herbal tea coffee substitute!

  293. Can you give the name of a good organic coffee, please? I don’t want to join thrive market and therefore can’t see a brand name. Thank you.

  294. Can you do this with instant coffee?

  295. hi katie, sorry if this question has been asked earlier..forgive my ignorance…taking coffee with butter, will it effect my weight loss plan?

    • It would depend on the method you are using to lose weight, but it shouldn’t

  296. Hi Katie, I’m new and excited to dive into your blog – so much to learn and so many habits to change! This is off topic of this post, but I’m not sure where to ask it. You mention meeting your husband while walking across America – I have a few friends that walked from the west coast to D.C. too and am wondering if it is with the same organization. Do you feel comfortable saying what organization you walked with? It’s such an awesome experience and such a small world to find a wellness blogger has done it too!

  297. I tried this for the first time this morning. not bad. i have never been a black coffee drinker, so is there a way to make it with a cream?

  298. How many “buttered” coffee’s should one drink in a day – I have started taking one a day first thing in a morning – drinking water and mint tea throughout the rest of the day; is taking another coffee in the early evening advisable???

  299. oh this is so exciting to read! I came across Lana and Dave Asprey before I got pregnant with my first baby! I have been drinking my coffee this way for almost two years- except when I was preggo- and I absolutely LOVE it! (I add coconut oil in, as well!) The Better Baby Book by the Asprey’s really helped me at that time, too. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but by eating well and clean (avoiding processed foods, grains, and most fruits and unhealthy fats — I’m a HUGE advocate for organic, grass fed butter) I am no longer “sick.” I cured myself by putting healthy things into my body and of course by God’s grace.
    LOVE your website! God bless! XO


    • i also have fibromyalgia. i have been able to significantly reduce the dosage of one of my meds, and go off of the other med altogether, all by changing my diet. not nearly enough people take that old adage of “you are what you eat” seriously. i have cut out a significant amount of gluten, processed foods, some dairy except raw milk, local yogurt and my kerrygold butter, all sugars except raw honey, maple and coconut sugar……and the change has been incredible. and i also love my bulletproof coffee. whether the aspreys are making money off of this or not is of no consequence to me. i know that what i am doing is right and i wouldn’t have known about the butter/coffee thing if it weren’t for them. i do buy some of their products as they seem to be of very high quality.

  300. Hi Katie! (Sorry for my english)
    I’m a spanish mom of two boys (4 years old and 19 months).
    I make my morning blended drink with organic coffee, coconut milk, cinnamon and 1/2 banana. I take a teaspoon of Green Pasture´s fermented cold liver oil before. Can I add the fermented cold liver oil to the coffee?
    I give the fermented cold liver oil to my children in a shake with almond or coconut milk, banana and cocoa. I don´t know if it´s the best way for them. Suggestions?
    On the other hand, I noticed that I sweat more since I took the fermented cold liver oil, now I know the reason…
    Thanks! I love your website!

    • You can definitely add the cod liver oil to the coffee if the taste doesn’t bother you. That is a great idea for your kids… really however you can get them to take it is great. Thanks for reading!

  301. I do find it odd that in one breath you assert that fermented coffee beans are spoiled, and in the next you mention taking your fermented cod liver oil (presumably for health benefits, because why else would anyone consume it). That doesn’t seem very rational or balanced to me.

  302. I have been drinking my “bulletproof” coffee for about 9 months now and I love it! I make mine with 1 TBS of coconut oil (have just ordered some MCT oil to try as well), 1 TBS of Organic Valley cultured butter, One scoop of the Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins, about 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha powder and a little sweetener…. I put it all in my Ninja in the individual sized cup with piping hot organic coffee and blend for twenty seconds…. yummy, healthy goodness!!

  303. Hi there 🙂 I have learned a lot from you and your blog. Thanks for the info! I want to try this, but I was wondering if regular kerrygold butter is ok because that’s what I have on hand. Also, do you think a stick blender would work if I blended in a mason jar? I’m trying to make this quick and easy.

  304. I have been putting coconut oil in my coffee for a while now and I love it. Haven’t tried the butter, will have to try that today!!

  305. As I was pulling out my blender to make your recipe I dropped it and broke it!! I was in the process of pouring everything into a mason jar to shake it up when I realized I still had my food processor to work with. Thanks for posting. I only added the butter and the coconut oil. Yummy!

    • Oh no! I am sorry to hear of the demise of your blender, but I am glad you liked the coffee!

  306. Thank you for the information about an alternative to plastic bottles. Planning on going to our Athletic Store to see if they have them if not I’ll order on Amazon.
    Your recipes have been very helpful to me!
    I love grass fed butter in my coffee!!

  307. I tried this(minus the butter and I used truvia instead of stevia, not sure if there is much of a difference) and I thought it was going to turn our totally nasty. I was so wrong! It was so delicious and creamy. Definitely doing this again.

    • Truvia is much different than pure stevia. Truvia has added chemicals in it and it also has a much more bitter taste.

  308. Just wondering, is the coconut oil melted when you put it in the blender? and is it black coffee or coffee with milk that you out in the blender? Thanks

    • The coconut oil can be solid or liquid. It doesn’t really matter because the coffee will melt it. And I use black coffee. The butter basically acts as the milk in this recipe.

  309. Hi, I tried this and it did not not turn out too well. The coconut oil and butter mixed with the coffee got my blender extremely greasy. How to work around all the grease left in the blender? There was not a ton of foam. I made this in my magic bullet. I do not understand the reason the coconut oil and organic unsalted is healthier than coconut oil and organic half and half. The latter makes more foam and taste creamier. Also a lot of vanilla extract has alcohol in the ingredients. Thanks for clarifying all this…

    • Butter has less dairy protein and more fat so it is typically more easily digested, but I do like raw half and half or raw cream too. I wonder if the issue may be the blender? I use a very high speed blender to get the froth, though even in my blender, it does leave a film of oil.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        Where do you get raw half and half or raw cream? I have only seen half and half not raw at the store.
        I put a little bit of coffee in the blender w/coconut oil/butter and still the magic bullet became really greasy.
        Is the vanilla you use contain alcohol? All the organic vanilla extracts also contained alcohol. I know the alcohol probably keeps it fresh.

        Thanks for clarifying…

        • So it sounds like you are not putting your coffee in with the coconut oil, butter, etc in your blender? You have to put your whole cup of HOT coffee in the blender with the other stuff…. it’s the hot coffee that will melt your oils and help them emulsify in your blender. Then you should only have to rinse out your blender with hot water and it should be pretty clean….. I do it that way every day.

    • i use tava brand vanilla flavored ghee (clarified butter) so theres even less dairy protein than butter, and the vanilla in it has no alcohol. instead of coconut oil i use mct oil, which is a concentrated form of the good stuff in coconut oil. a tblsp of ghee, a heaping teaspn of mct, black coffee and a heaping teaspn of raw honey, blended in the one-cup container on my ninja blender. it comes out perfect. i wonder if you are using too much of the butter/oil? btw half and half has something else in it thats not so great for you (casein?) and the ghee is doable for people who are lactose intolerant. see if you can find some unsalted ghee to do it. ghee is chock full of the good stuff in butter, tho more concentrated. (vitamins d and k) ghee is also great to cook with because it has a higher smoke point that butter. grass fed of course! i get the ghee, mct oil, raw honey and bulletproof coffee beans all at thrive online market.

      • Thank you for the details — including ordering details from Thrive Market. I plan to try it. Thank you!

  310. So I’m not new to organic coffee, but due to a number of health issues, I’ve gone organic everything (95% of the time). I’ve always liked creamer, but even that Natural Bliss by Nestle isn’t good for you. I’ve been seeing a LOT of pins and articles about virgin coconut oil and unpasteurized butter or ghee in coffee and would love to try it. Is it possible to blend the oil and butter into the coffee with an immersion blender? It’s what I have available.

    • it comes out more frothy with a “real” blender, but it does work fairly well with an immersion blender. thats what i use to make it when i travel. at home i use the one-cup attachment for my ninja blender.

  311. Hi, I tried the coffee w/butter/coconut oil/stevia and it was yummy. The butter/coconut oil got my magic bullet full of grease. How to prevent the container from becoming greasing? In addition, not good to have this grease go down the garbage disposal. Could I just use organic half-n-half, coconut oil, and stevia in my coffee vs. butter? What is the difference between organic half-n-half and organic butter? Also the recipe calls for vanilla. Many of the vanilla contain alcohol. Is there vanilla extract w/o the alcohol. Please clarify. I really appreciate your response. Thank you.

  312. The biggest difference between cream and butter is the amount of fat; butter has more per ounce.

    Ghee – clarified butter – has had the water and milk solids removed by hearing, so it’s a better option if you are looking to avoid milk protein (if you have a sensitivity to it, or are on a strictly paleo of Whole 30)

    To clean your NutriBullet, after you mix up your fatty coffee, fill the mixer with some hot water and a drop or two of dish soap. Run it as you normally would for 20-30 seconds, that should be enough to emulsify all the remaining fat and let it rinse out easily. Pour it down the drain and run hot water for a minute or two; you should be fine.

  313. I want to make this my morning coffee on the weekends. I have a stupid question, When i blend all ingredients, i imagine that the coffe has to be hot , correct? If not ,can i reheat ?

    • since i keep my mct oil and my butter/ghee on the counter, they are room temperature, so they dont really cool down my coffee. perhaps if the butter is coming straight out of the fridge it might lower the temp slightly…..not sure. i mean, when you put half and half in coffee, its coming out of the fridge and is cold, right?

  314. I have been blending butter (sometimes I add coconut oil, sometimes I leave it out) and hydrolyzed collagen in my coffee for several months now. It makes a great breakfast! Btw, using a hand blender makes it much quicker and easier! (I use a large mug so it doesn’t splash out the sides). I also find that Great Lakes gelatin (green can) is much cheaper than the one mentioned, but excellent quality. (Luck Vitamin has significant quantity discounts too).

  315. Hi,
    I just came across this yesterday and had to try it. It was awesome! I am currently trying to lose some baby weight and concerned this will hinder my efforts. Does anyone have any comments regarding this? I’m trying to break the “fat is bad” thoughts… needing encouragement 🙂

  316. I was looking for a new way to drink my coffee. Here is how I normally drank it: 16oz brewed Starbucks beans with 3 Tbls total of coffee syrups (Vanilla & Caramel flavor), a bit of sweetened condensed milk and then I add half & half. Well, as you can imagine that’s A LOT of sugar. Each Tbls of coffee syrup has about 12.5 grams of sugar in it, not to mention I add a bit of sweetened condensed milk. Yikes! Well I get Biofeedback treatments done and it always shows I have problems with sugar regulation and I have a yeast problem. Well sugar feeds yeast so I really needed to cut back on my sugar intake. But I HATE black coffee, it has to be a dessert to me, because I don’t eat a lot of sweets, sweet coffee is my splurge. Well I tried stevia, it’s OK but it tastes like artifical sweetners to me, leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Anyway, I started doing research on better alternatives but all the websites can’t agree on which natural sugars are better for you, some say sugar is sugar, others say it depends on the sugar and the body’s response to it. So that left me confused even more. Then I heard about “Butter Coffee.” I cliked on this Web page, read the recipe and thought “hmm…interesting.” So my curiosity got the better of me, I had all the ingredients already so I went into the kitchen brewed my coffee, added the butter, coconut oil & vanilla extract. Mixed it all together with my handheld milk frother. Took a sip….wow! It actually tasted good. I was shocked. There was no bitterness from the coffee, it was creamy and it had a hint of coconut & vanilla. Plus NO ADDED SUGARS! I then added a few drops of my Stevia. It made it a little sweeter and it seemed that the aftertaste from the Stevia wasn’t as pronounced. Maybe because I didn’t have to add as much since the butter, coconut oil & vanilla helps sweeten it already? But anyway, I will be having more of this. 🙂

  317. I decided yesterday that I was going to try my coffee this way, after years of using French vanilla liquid non dairy creamer. I’m kicking myself for wasting all those years! This recipe for coffee is amazing! I’ll never go back to the liquid stuff! Thanks, Katie!

  318. Thanks a lot for this recipe, finally found one without mct oil! With this one i can just use the stuff I have at home. Made my first cup today and I was soo surprised it tastes so great! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  319. Agree, the coffee w coconut oil, butter, and stevia is delicious. I want to add vanilla but didn’t see any at the store without alcohol. Does the alcohol in the vanilla preserves the vanilla?

    • its the old “oil and water dont mix” theory. if you have ever scraped the caviar out of a vanilla bean, you can see that its really oily. if you just threw that into some water instead of alcohol, it wouldnt dissipate, just stay in a clump. i am making homemade vanilla extract for christmas gifts, and its 7 vanilla beans slit open, and put into a cup of bourbon or vodka. but if you are putting it into coffee, we are talking probably a half a teaspoon? even a quarter? the amount of alcohol would be negligible. i would be more concerned with artificial flavors or corn syrup in store-bought vanilla extracts.

    • All vanilla extract uses alcohol. If you don’t want the alcohol you will have to get the vanilla straight from the fermented bean. That’s what I do for my coffee.

      • you can also buy ground vanilla powder, like vanillamax.

      • Thanks for your responses. How do you get the vanilla from fermented beans? Do you buy vanilla beans and then grind like you would with coffee beans? Where do you buy the fermented bean? Thanks for sharing.

  320. i buy wholebeans and ground beans both online. some places like whole foods have beans, but its like 6 or 7 dollars for one bean! online has much better deals. the ground vanilla bean powders (the good ones anyway) are whole vanilla beans ground up. be careful because some have “fillers”. with the whole bean, it is a long skinny pod. you can take a knife and split it down the middle, then take the knife and scrape the “caviar” out of the pod. or you can take the whole bean and yes, grind it up like coffee beans. if the beans are exceptionally fresh, they may be oily and when you grind them up they will sort of “glob up” on you. if that happens, take a small bit of powdered sugar or a dry seed like chia seeds and grind it up with the beans. im talking a SMALL bit, like a quarter teaspoon for 5 or 6 beans. then grind the heck out of it, til you get it as powdery as possible. thats what i do. or you can lay the beans out on the counter for a couple days so they dry out a bit. in fact, i just came in from the kitchen where i was grinding beans up to use for my thanksgiving cooking!

  321. How do you know if it is grass fed butter and also do you grind down your beans before putting in coffee pot or put in whole?

    • The butter or Ghee will say right on the package that it’s from grass fed cows. I use Ancient Organics Ghee that’s from grass fed cows, I buy it off Amazon. It’s very good in my coffee. You do need to grind your coffee beans before putting them in the coffee maker or French press. You grind them fine for a drip style coffee maker, and grind them course for a french press. I think coffee from a french press is 100x better in flavor, than a typical coffee maker.

  322. If you’re looking for ghee that’s made from butter from cows that are *always* grass-fed (100% of the time, not just 60-80% of the year, which is typical for most “grass-fed” butters), check out Simply Ghee, they are available on Amazon (
    I know Whole Foods carries them in their Mid-Atlantic US stores.

  323. Use collagen peptides or collagen protein?

    • I personally use the peptides in warm drinks like this because it is easier to dissolve.

  324. Wow, the blender really does make all the difference. I used coconut cream in my coffee. The one from Thailand that comes in a can. I wonder if it has the same benefits of using coconut oil? Also put a little bit of raw honey and it was delicious.

  325. Can i take this coffee with a breakfast? Or is the coffee the breakfast? And is it safe to have this every morning?

    • Its just coffee, treat it like any other coffee. Except this one is healthy for you.

  326. Hi all, I’m hoping for some simple directions spelled out very easily for me as I am not a whiz in kitchen 🙂

    I bought my kerrygold grass-fed unsalted butter and I have a ninja. I’m hoping for a couple of (specific) recommendations for good/organic coffee and coconut oil to make this concoction. I’m really excited to try this but I really need things spelled out for me, lol. Thank you in advance!

  327. Dear Katie-I do wish you would advise your readers who use a Ninja or NutriBullet to re-read the instructions that come with the unit.They specifically state NOT to us with HOT liquid. The unit could exlode-or if that does not happen the heat will eventually destroy the gaskets.
    Like you, I use my BlendTec every day with such joy. I program the unit for “hot chocolate” and that not only mixes it very well but also heats it to a perfect temperature.
    I also add collagen powder and once in a while some coconut milk too, just for variety.
    Hope you are well during this pregnancy and the other children are helping you as much as they can-as well as your loving husband. Joyce

  328. If you add collagen protein or another powdered ingredient (like powdered coconut milk), you can also add all the ingredients into a tightly-sealed thermos or water bottle and shake for about 30-60 seconds.

    The key is to use something that seals TIGHTLY. A double-walled Thermos or vacuum-sealed flask will work, as will the Nalgene OTF water bottles (not insulated, but there’s a locking mechanism on the lid that will keep it from sputtering when you shake.)

  329. Hi there! Big blog fan, first time commenter. Thanks for the delicious recipe. What type of vanilla do you use? Extract?

    • Another option is to use ground dried vanilla beans. Terrasoul is a brand that I use a lot of – it’s ground, raw, and contains nothing else except vanilla beans.

      They are not water-soluble, which means that when you mix them into your butter coffee, they will eventually settle out. About 1/8 teaspoon of this powder does the trick though, and the flavor comes through quite clearly!

  330. How are you heating up your coffee? Also I use and immersion (frothing) stick to blend mine each morning instead of a blender (to have to wash).

  331. I appreciate all of this info. I always feel a little sad when I see remarks that are on the negative side. It’s so easy to criticize other people – but you are doing a lot of work for the benefit of others….and I just wanted to thank you! I appreciate all of this advice.

  332. Can I use organic agave instead of stevia and still have the same health benefits?

  333. Hi

    Thanks and the comments are very interesting, those that I have read as I came across the post tonight. I am trying the mixture of coconut oil and butter to improve tea. And it sure does.


  334. Hi
    Ive been suffering from acne in years and want to try something with coconut oil either the coffee or frying, I also put it on my face day and night. will i start seeing result soon. Please if someone could help me im desperate to get good skin agin


  335. Just wondering are you supposed to drink this on an empty stomach? I have heard that drinking caffeine on an empty stomach messes with your metabolism but the “bulletproof” coffee is supposed to help with burning fat so I wasn’t sure. thanks!

  336. I really cant drink coffee is there something I could use in place of coffee

    • Originally (about 1,000 years ago), this drink was made with tea. You can still do it that way, with either caffeinated or herbal tea. I like to use an hibiscus or other fruity herbal tea, it tastes sweet without there being any sugar.

      One tip: you’ll definitely need to use a blender to get it to mix smoothly. Coffee has a bit of acidity which helps emulsify the butter, tea much less so. A high speed blender (20-30 seconds) really helps!

  337. Unfortunately I don’t tolerate butter but I make my coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil, a raw egg and a teaspoon of cinnamon. It’s delicious!

  338. Hi,
    I love this recipe as an option to using coffemate creamer. However, mine is a bit oily. Initially it is foamy then it looks like circles of oil on the surface. I use a nutribullet to blend. I usually mix it for 30 seconds. Do you suggest reducing the ghee? Or any other suggestions?

    • Jesse,

      This is a common problem. There are a couple of solutions:

      – Use butter instead of ghee. The milk proteins which are removed from butter to make ghee actually help to emulsify the butter fat into whatever liquid you’re mixing with. If you have a sensitivity to cow’s milk (which is why many people use ghee instead of butter), try powdered goat’s milk.

      – Try adding cocoa powder, which will give you more of a mocha-coffee flavor, but the powder also does help with emulsifying the ghee.


      • Thanks for the recommendations Ben.

  339. I am so glad I have a Vita Mix. I just fill it half full of water with a few drops of soap, turn it on for a minute on high, BAM! it’s washed! My first Vita Mix lasted 15 years, then I got $100 trade in, (for a 15 year old machine that didn’t work right anymore), and I got a reconditioned one (which is way cheaper, and you still get a good warranty, like a new one). This coffee is delicious. As a night shift worker, my body is never quite sure what it’s supposed to be doing, so I do not use decaf! But it is delicious. Love your Blog.

  340. Can you use regular coffee and butter as I don’t have organic coffee or grass feed butter

    • You can, but won’t receive all the health benefits without it.

    • I’m not sure where you live, but grass-fed butter (or, butter that comes from cows which are least *partially* grass-fed) is becoming easier and easier to find. Kerrygold is an option (but it’s not Organic), and nowadays even my local Albertson’s-branded grocery store (Acme) carries it. Whole Foods has a few new, usually locally-sourced, grass-fed butters, too.) Here’s one list of suggestions for places to look to see if you can get grass-fed butter near you:

      The grass-fed part really is essential; grass-fed butter is higher in Omega-3 fats and alpha linolenic acid. Those are what we’re really trying to get out of the butter – aside from the feeling of fullness that comes from putting that much fat in your coffee 🙂

  341. I’ve been hearing great things about coconut oil, my husband has tried it, and really loves it… but I’m allergic to coconut. Is there an alternative that is still effective at energy boosting?

    • Joanna,

      Depending on what it is in coconut oil that you’re allergic to, MCT might be ok; it’s a derivative of coconut and/or palm kernel oil – it is difficult to determine from the ingredients on any one bottle which was used to make the MCT oil. But if you have doubts, then you’ll probably want to avoid both MCT oil and Bulletproof “Brain Octane” oil, which is a more refined version of coconut oil.

      Butter – particularly grass-fed butter – is another good option, as is ghee made from grass-fed butter (which will have all the goodness of butter, without any of the milk proteins that many people are also sensitive to.)

      • …well its the coconut I’m allergic to, so MCT oil is out. Sounds like its butter / ghee for me.

        Thanks for the tips

  342. You can just use MCT oil instead…same good fat benefits, but you just won’t have the yummy coconut taste 🙂

  343. Something to keep in mind guys and gals when you are having these “fatty” coffees you are consuming at coffee with over 200 calories (some recipes much more) in all coming from saturated fats. With little to no vitamins and minerals in it, personally I would rather eat a meal and eat real food then drink a high calorie “fatty” coffee. But if you are adding this to your daily diet watch your calories or you will be putting on pounds in no time.

    With recent technological advances we have been able to link diets high in saturated fats to diminished anabolic signaling response to insulin induced by intramuscular lipid accumulation inside the cells which leads to type 2 diabetes. (do your research before drinking something like this daily)

    I do think there are be some good benefits to coconut oil even if I am more likely to use on my skin then ingest it, but I would definitely stay away from the butter.


    • Since changing my diet to 70% of my calories coming from fat I’ve lost over 100lbs, lowered my BP from Stage 2 hypertension to low normal, and lowered my Cholesterol from high to below average. I also sleep better, my seborrheic dermatitis that kept my face red and head flaking is also gone. There myth of high fat diets and blood cholesterol being tied together has been busted many times over in the last couple decades by reputable medical studies. Your running on VERY outdated info.

  344. Wow, this one is popular. I noticed you have a teaspoon of coconut oil, I actually add a tablespoon. I try to eat 3 per day. At least I get this 1 if I don’t get any more, I’m good!

    My $.02

  345. Can I use just coconut oil? Or do I need the butter too? Thank you!

      • Thank you for your reply! Do you know if it would still be beneficial to solely use coconut oil? Thank you’

        • The biggest health benefits are from the butter. Look into the long list of benefits from vitamin K2. It’s not an easy one to get otherwise and must be grass fed / pastured. Everything from scrubbing your arteries clean to links to lessening cancer risks. AND it makes your coffee awesome.

  346. My only comment would be you should add an email share button to your articles so I can send it that way as well! Other than that love your articles and can’t wait to try this recipe out!

    • You can email it directly from your browser by clicking File > Email Page.

      • Awesome, Thank you!

      • Hello Wellness Mama, I love this coffee recipe and it is easier on my stomach. Originally I used Ghee instead of butter which yielded an oily drink. Someone in the conversation said Ghee makes the coffee oily and that the fat in the butter helps the emulsion. Now I use Ghee and a slither of butter to help the emulsification. It worked. I’m playing around with some of the other recommendations in the conversations. I’d like to know where you purchase your butter. The link in your recipe goes to a website for coconut oil. Am I the only one having this problem?

        • The butter I order is from there. It is under Traditional Food> Meat and Dairy >Butter

  347. Thank you for sharing this technique. I will be sure to try it in tomorrow’s morning coffee and add it to my kids smoothie and hope they too will like it. I’ve got a son with ADHD and would appreciate if you can include some remedies and recipes that are suitable for him to help manage his case. He has up to 8 tantrums a day and isnt on medicine at the moment. He is on a normal diet, but during the last few weeks, ive incorporated some superfoods into his diet.

    • A ton of research shows that Ketogenic diets help a lot as well as removing gluten in many cases. I’m not a big fan of all the people going gluten free because it’s fashionable these days but the research I’ve read shows their a link in a lot of people when ADHD and other social disorders. I first learned about it in the book grain brain which was written by a neurologist, then I followed up on a lot of the studies he cited.

  348. Love the recipe , had my first cup this morning and it will be my new go to coffee in the morning. I was just wondering why you use stevia over xylitol? Would changing that help with the process?

  349. Wow Love the community of voices here. I infuse my herbs in coconut oil before using it in the blend. SO Good, just mix tumeric, cardamom, and a bit of cinnamon in melted coconut oil, let it cool and sit for a few days (the longer the better) and then use it in the recipe. YUM!

  350. Just tried coffe- From my trip to Puerto Rico this past march- with a tbsp coconut from Dr. Bronner, cinnamon and vanilla extract! Super! Thanks!!! Sharing is caring! Will add butter next time I get butter!

  351. I enjoyed this blog and have tried the coffee and its great! Thank You!!!!! 🙂

  352. Wow one of the longest threads I have ever Seen! Thanks for the live video on Facebook. This creamy coffee is better than dairy! I’m a convert. (I still don’t like having to get my Vitamix dirty, though). I usually use heavy cream with two drops of Sweet Leaf Stevia. Today I added one scoop of collagen peptides, coconut oil, butter and stevia. It was amazing!

  353. Wow. I really appreciate this post. Thank you! (Love references and good research!) I have Hashimotos – low thyroid – and as I whined to my doctor years ago about giving up coffee, he actually told me to drink a cup a day!

  354. Tried it.
    Can. Not. Swallow. Sorry.
    I’ll take my butter all over and under my eggs and my coffee hot and black on the side. <3

    • Just to be certain, you did put it all in a blender or other whipping method in order to ensure emulsification right? I can imagine it’d be pretty gross if the butter and coffee weren’t blended.

  355. I love it and have been drinking my coffee this way for a while now. (A year or so?) Sometimes it’s a mocha day and it gets raw cocoa powder, too. 🙂

    Question: How do you travel and still get your yummy coffee? I’m having a hard time with the idea of toting along my hand mixer, coconut oil, farmer’s market butter, and cinnamon…and the containers to made said yummy mixture. Can it be made and then refrigerated and not separate?? I’ve just been doing without when away from home, but would rather not!

    • A lot of folks have this challenge, including me! I started by pre-mixing my choice of butter/ghee, coconut oil and powdered goats milk in a mason jar, then spooning some into a tightly-sealed water bottle or thermos with hot coffee and shaking for 30-60 seconds.

      I didn’t really like the mess of a mason jar in my travel bag though, so I created a product called fatCoffee which is packaged in individual serving pouches (which are very hard to break open accidentally – believe me, I’ve tried.)

      You can find fatCoffee on Amazon if you want to check it out:

      • Darn!! Wish i had known about your product earlier… I am leaving for a two week trip soon and am really struggling with how to get my fatty coffee there…. 🙁 🙁 I would have bought your fatCoffee for sure!

        • Hi Janene!

          Bummer! Well, check out Amazon. We are mostly sold out (that keeps happening!), but the 4-packs are still available. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you can get free 2-day delivery, and in many places you can get Same- or Next-Day delivery if you spend $35 or more, I think.

  356. I gave my teenager daughter the bulletproof coffee with the dandy blend, but she’s not a huge fan of coffee so she wasn’t too fond of this. Would she still be getting the same nutrients and fat if I put the butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil in a smoothie?

  357. Hi! I have been making your salted Carmel latte for two weeks now and really love it, but I have been doing some research on the bulletproof coffee and found something called the rocket fuel latte on the website:healthful pursuit. The website claims that the butter is confusing our brains and lowering blood sugar. So she, instead, recommends hemp seeds and cocoa butter. This has made me very confused. I am not sure if I should put butter in my coffee anymore or not, but I definitely want to try the cocoa butter in my coffee. What do you think about the rocket fuel latte and restricting butter in morning coffee? Thank you!!!

  358. Isn’t it that caffeine is not recommended for people who has Hypothyroidism?

  359. I drink my coffee with ghee and cacao powder, what a powerful combination.

  360. I tried it for the first time yesterday. I have never been a coffee drinker so I was skeptical. It DID give me more energy – didn’t need a nap yesterday or have mid-day slump so I am trying it again today.