Are You Low on Magnesium?

Magnesium Benefits and Uses

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The answer is likely “Yes” that you are deficient in Magnesium.

Magnesium is the eighth most abundant mineral on earth, and the third most abundant in sea water. More importantly, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and it is necessary in over 300 reactions within the body.

Magnesium isn’t just abundant in the body, but vitally important too. As this article explains:

Every single cell in the human body demands adequate magnesium to function, or it will perish. Strong bones and teeth, balanced hormones, a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system, well functioning detoxification pathways and much more depend upon cellular magnesium sufficiency. Soft tissue containing the highest concentrations of magnesium in the body include the brain and the heart—two organs that produce a large amount of electrical activity, and which can be especially vulnerable to magnesium insufficiency.

Proper magnesium ratios are important for the body to correctly use calcium in the cells. Even a small deficiency can lead to a dangerous calcium imbalance and lead to problems like calcification and cell death. This manifests itself with symptoms like heart trouble, migraine headaches, muscle cramps and premenstrual cramping.

Where Has All The Magnesium Gone?

Unfortunately, most modern farming processes tax the soil, depleting it of its natural magnesium. On top of that, many hybrids are selectively bred to survive low levels of magnesium and most conventional fertilizers use nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and do nothing to replenish magnesium levels.

Water was once a good source of magnesium, but now:

Fluoride in drinking water binds with magnesium, creating a nearly insoluble mineral compound that ends up deposited in the bones, where its brittleness increases the risk of fractures. Water, in fact, could be an excellent source of magnesium—if it comes from deep wells that have magnesium at their source, or from mineral-rich glacial runoff. Urban sources of drinking water are usually from surface water, such as rivers and streams, which are low in magnesium. Even many bottled mineral waters are quite low in magnesium, or have a very high concentration of calcium, or both.

These additional dietary factors can also deplete magnesium:

  • Consumption of caffeine
  • Consumption of sugar (It takes 28 molecules of magnesium to metabolize a single glucose molecule! source)
  • Consumption of processed food
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Consumption of produce from depleted soil
  • Consumption of foods high in phytic acid

Additionally, drugs like birth control pills, hypertension medicine, diuretics, insulin, and certain antibiotics (among others) deplete magnesium levels. Sweating often from exercise or other causes can also deplete magnesium.

What Does Magnesium Do?

Magnesium is necessary for hundreds of functions within the body, but is especially important for:

  • Gives rigidity AND flexibility to your bones (more important than Calcium in many cases)
  • Increases bioavailability of calcium
  • Regulates and normalizes blood pressure
  • Prevents and reverses kidney stone formation
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Helps prevent congestive heart failure
  • Eases muscle cramps and spasms
  • Lowers serum cholesterol levels and triglycerides
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Can prevent atherosclerosis and stroke
  • End cluster and migraine headaches
  • Enhances circulation
  • Relieves fibromyalgia and chronic pain
  • Treats asthma and emphysema
  • Helps make proteins
  • Encourages proper elimination
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Proper Vitamin D absorption
  • protection from radiation
  • To aid weight loss
  • Lessen or remove ADD or ADHD in children
  • in proper digestion of carbohydrates
  • emerging evidence is showing a preventative role in many cancers
  • (source)

Even though magnesium deficiency is rarely addressed in medical settings, the National Institutes of Health website states that:

Some observational surveys have associated higher blood levels of magnesium with lower risk of coronary heart disease [50-51]. In addition, some dietary surveys have suggested that a higher magnesium intake may reduce the risk of having a stroke [52]. There is also evidence that low body stores of magnesium increase the risk of abnormal heart rhythms, which may increase the risk of complications after a heart attack [4]. These studies suggest that consuming recommended amounts of magnesium may be beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Are You Low in Magnesium?

As I said above, the answer is likely ‘yes’ in today’s world, as over 80% of tested adults are. Unfortunately, blood tests are relatively ineffective in gauging magnesium levels as less than 1% of magnesium is in the blood.

Low magnesium levels are often diagnosed by symptoms alone, and the following symptoms can point to low magnesium levels:

  • Inability to sleep or insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Mental disturbances
  • Anxiety, depression or restlessness
  • Muscle soreness or spasms
  • Infertility or PMS
  • High levels of stress
  • Headaches
  • Heart “flutters” or palpitations
  • Fatigue or unusual tiredness
  • Coldness in extremities
  • Fuzzy brain or difficulty concentrating
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Lack of appetite
  • Back pain
  • Body odor
  • Bad short term memory
  • Poor coordination
  • Insulin resistance
  • Carbohydrate cravings
  • Constipation
  • Frequent cavities or poor dental health
  • Gut disorders
  • Kidney stones
  • Thyroid problems

If you have more than one of the above symptoms and especially if you have more than five, it is highly likely that you could benefit from magnesium supplementation.

How To Get Enough Magnesium

Unfortunately, magnesium is often not well absorbed by the digestive track, and is even more difficult to absorb if you are deficient or are low in vitamin D, have poor gut bacteria or suffer from a number of other conditions.

On top of that, most foods are depleted of their natural magnesium levels and the water supply is lacking also. For this reason, I often use topical magnesium supplementation for our family.

There are several ways to supplement, and a mixture of more than one type of magnesium supplementation seems to be most effective. It is important to start slow and work up, as high doses will not be completely absorbed at first and most will be wasted. There is also evidence that over half of all magnesium taken internally is not used and leaves the body as waste.

Leafy green vegetables, sea vegetables, kelp, and especially nettle are good dietary sources of magnesium, though if you have a deficiency, it will be difficult to raise your levels enough through diet alone.

The best way to supplement with magnesium, in my opinion, is by using it on the skin. This is not only the safest way, since the body will only use what is needed, but the most effective.

Unlike internal doses of magnesium, topical magnesium does not have to pass through the digestive system and kidneys and can more quickly enter the blood and tissues of the body.

I have experimented with a variety of magnesium supplements over the years and now stick exclusively to topical magnesium spray because I found it to be the most effective (and cost effective!).

In fact, I was suffering from low Vitamin D for years despite spending regular time in the sun and taking supplemental D3 at the suggestion of my doctor. Magnesium is needed for proper Vitamin D absorption and it wasn’t until I increased my use of magnesium on my skin that my Vitamin D levels finally went up. (This is the one I used or you can make your own).

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of magnesium and its various actions in the body, I’d suggest the book The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean.

Featured Download: Download a complimentary copy of my Magnesium Special Report to find out how magnesium changed my life and might change yours too. Send it to Me!

Do you take magnesium? Have you noticed any benefit? Share below!

Magnesium deficiency can lead to health problems. Find out the best source of magnesium and how to optimize your magnesium levels.

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Reader Comments

  1. Dr. Davis recently suggested magnesium malate capsules.  What do you think of this supplementation?  What about chelated? 

    • Both of those forms are good as well, but some people may have trouble absorbing them internally if they have intestinal issues, so the skin oil is helpful for those people.

      • Where do you put the oil? on your legs where the charly horses are? hands? body? and when do you use it? at night before bed? first thing in the morning??? Thanks.

        • where do you get the oil

          • There is a hyperlink in the article above. You can get Magnesium Bath Flakes there. Very effective.

        • I absolutely love using the oil in the bath (2 ounces) before bed.

      • When I use the oil It gets white dry powder left on my skin that gets everywhere. Is this normal?

        • It can happen, yes.some people like to rinse it off after a little while.

      • When is the best time to take the magnesium. I see it makes you tired so would before bed be good? On the back of natural calm it says spread it out over the day does that matter?

        • Take at night just before bed and not with calcium.

          • Why not take it with calcium? My magnesium supplement also has calcium in it.

            Also, I’ve been taking it around 8:30pm and I sleep like a baby, but it also makes me tired all day long. Is that normal?

          • Magnesium and calcium have opposite effects on muscles. Calcium should be taken in the morning, magnesium at night.

          • taking magnesium at night has a paradoxical effect on me–I can fall asleep but I am up within 2 or 3 hours and cannot get back to sleep for another 2 hours. If I take magnesium in the morning I have no problem sleeping and if I do wake up in the middle of the night can fall asleep relatively quickly.

      • Hey Wellness Mama, I love reading everything you wright about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I’ve made some change to my diet with your help, i now use coconut oil for everything. I’m also considering getting off grains (which i’d always thought was super good for you, like nuts i love) I’m doing this to help with my Teeth problems. So i’m strictly doing your diet which make’s more scenes then other. The Magnesium part has lost me lost tho I thought Celtic Salt was a source of magnesium, but was never mentioned and how much of this is good to consume? I have a deep well in the Mountain’s with neighbor’s, does this mean there’s magnesium in my water? If there is one thing i don’t want to do in this diet, is to take supplements. What did those people 100s n 1,000’s of years age when there were no supplements, while staying healthy.

        • The food was not processed years ago, the farming methods didn’t deplete the soil of minerals, water wasn’t processed and fluoridated, milk wasnt processed, and so on and on…….
          If you read those people who have studied indigenous tribes they have a healthy jaw development and very few suffer dental caries. The whole skeleton of the human is healthy and so too the organs. These people live with nature they don’t try to dominate and control it. They eat food which is available to them, i.e. Eskimos and maoris have an entirely different diet to each other and to most other tribes and cultures; their diet sees them thrive however, if they change their diet and introduce a Western diet their health deteriorates and they suffer the same diseases as the rest of us in the West.

        • Celtic/sea salt contains many different molecules including minerals including magnesium and Iodine. It is similar to blood in this respect; all living creatures came from the sea originally. Humans developed from the first living creatures which managed to develop out of water, (sea) but as a result of our origins we have retained a massive link with the sea and this is just one.
          Natural salt which has not been processed in anyway and no additional ingredients are safe and enhance our health when used appropriately. processed ‘table salt’ maligns the name salt since it is simply sodium chloride, no minerals etc. In an attempt to make this awful product more appealing they introduced additional Iodine but none of the additions or the sodium chloride are natural products and are not natural to our bodies and for this reason ‘Table Salt’ will cause disorder and disease.
          If you sniff table ‘salt’ and then celtic/sea salt you can smell the wonderful natural smell of the natural product.

        • Hundreds and thousands of years ago people were living into their 40s and 50s. Pretty sure you’re better off with some supplements than following their example.

          • ofcourse, people thousands of years ago were dying from infectious diseases, dysentry, trauma/injury, etc., rather than an unhealthy diet, indeed they are likely to have lived healthy lives regarding food and unlikely to have suffered from overeating, our bodys would also have been in tune with nature too.

      • I take natural calm and have made magnesium oil with ancient minerals flakes in the past. Do you know if my skin could absorb the magnesium if i dissolve the natural calm in water and apply with a spray bottle?

        • Natural Calm contains Magnesium Citrate (“highly absorbable” I think the copy stated)… I only noticed it relieved slight constipation, a plus. Didn’t notice any sleep enhancing going on.

          Epsom Salts and Magnesium Flakes both are magnesium salts, but the flakes are Magnesium Chloride, Epsom is magnesium sulfate (I think!). Wellness Mama is my go-to for this kind of info, and if I understood her (and others) right, the flakes are superior over Epsom Salts for balancing your levels transdermally. To answer your question about using the Natural Calm as a spray, I think it couldn’t hurt to try it, but my gut tells me it wouldn’t absorb in the same way. And since it’s formulated to take in a drink, I would use that product that way only, but that’s just me. The fact that the natural calm is pretty spendy would also discourage me(!) but it is probably worth a try. I guess how you feel physically after a while of doing it is how to tell if it works. Good luck!

      • I had the worst leg cramps imaginable and tried many forms of magnesium..Then I tried Magnesium Malate by MgBright…I started on a high dose and the late night leg cramps began to stop but i also had some neuropothy in my feet and was thinking i had some horrible disease. I read many of the reviews for the MgBright Magnesium and found that one woman was taking prilosec for indigestion and was taking the magnesium to help with the side effect…I was taking prilosec so i looked up the side effects… of the was depletes the body of magnesium….Now my symptoms are gone…I am down to taking a low dose of the magnesium now and still no horrible night time leg cramping…I tried all the other forms of magnesium with a small amt of help but nothing worked as good as the Mag Malate good luck it was a miracle for me


          • Keep your head up, don’t worry. Look into birch tea, homemade natural and burdoch root. I am on a journey to get off my medications and things like Epsom salt are truly miraculous. Coconut oil, and apples in lemon are helping the tingly in my fingers go away. Lets switch to holistic remedies together, Good Fortune, God Bless!

          • Kimberly, Have a friend that has reversed several symptoms of her type 1 d. and is not on any “medications” but does take several holistic remedies and uses the insulin pump. She has seen this doctor….here’s his blog: I’ve seen him regarding my thyroid but it is not a one time visit thing…you do have to go back several times especially if not eating foods that are encouraging your body’s system to work properly. Also, it is best to get off dairy and grains. I’m not a doctor these are only suggestions.

          • If you really want to help your diabetes, take Gymnema Sylvestre. Take at least 1 a day for at least 5 days to be sure you have no problems with it(I strongly doubt it will cause any). Then take at least 3 a day. I have no doubt this will also help your neuropathy.

          • I would ask your doctor for the right amount. That way you are sure that you are on an effective dose that won’t react with any of your other medications.

      • Hello just found out my magnesium and vitamin B12 is boarder line low got the liquid B12 and the calm magnesium. My anxiety has been out the roof for for weeks now will you think I will see a difference in taking these two things? I took a teaspoon of the calm magnesium early bUT it did not help?

        • Tanya – try upping your dosage by a lot. I tried the recommended dosage of Natural Calm and it did nothing for me. Now I take a spoonful (yes, a real spoonful in the morning) and 2 at night. It’s finally curing my insomnia issues. I would keep upping your dosage until you notice that you’re #2 bowel movements become watery, then back it off a bit.

      • Mama, I am currently taking magnesium capsules from a company called MgBright that are made to not cause bowel problems and it is true – I take 6 a day for severe cramps and spasms in my legs. But I sometimes still get the cramps and spasms. If I wanted to use the spray magnesium, would I have to stop the capsules?
        Would that mean too much magnesium if I continued to take both? I would appreciate your opinion or suggestion. I would much prefer a topical rather than an internal product as long as it works. Thank you.

    • is calcium magnesium okay to take? will it do the same thing as just magnesium

      • Hi Calcium and magnesium are antagonists so it is best to take them separately. Take calcium at least two hours in advance of taking magnesium and take magnesium immediately before going to bed if its an oral supplement.
        Calcium and magnesium intake should be in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 at the very least. However, our western diet is often high in calcium and low in magnesium. when an imbalance between these two minerals specific problems occur such as heart flutters, even fibrillation. So long as you are getting calcium in your diet it is best to avoid taking additional supplements but rather it is appropriate to take magnesium for the reasons highlighted in the article above.
        <1% calcium should be found outside of bones, ( the mineral pantry in the body,) and around 50% of magnesium should be found outside of the bones. If you imagine magnesium as the headmaster and calcium an unruly schoolboy, order is kept when there is a headmaster but if the headmaster is sick chaos will result due to the dominance of the unruly school boy, calcium. In this case there will be more calcium found outside of the bones and less magnesium found anywhere in the body including outside of and within the bones.
        When adequate magnesium is available the small amount of calcium outside the bones remains extracellular, (outside the cells in the fluid surrounding the cells. At regular and timely intervals magnesium will allow calcium into the cell, whereby an electrical charge is made and then magnesium ensures calcium goes back outside the cell. You can see how important this is for good heart and brain cell function.
        When there is inadequate amounts of magnesium calcium will go in and out the cell at will in a disorderly manner and some calcium will stay inside the cells. The result is chaotic electrical charges which are weaker land disorderly.

        • I take cal mag zinc at night. Should I not be doing that??

          • Hi, Yes absolutely, you should be taking magnesium at night just before you go to bed. However, if for any reason you are prescribed calcium by the Dr then that should be taken at least 2 hours before the magnesium.

      • Hi Calcium and magnesium are antagonists so it is best to take them separately. Take calcium at least two hours in advance of taking magnesium and take magnesium immediately before going to bed if its an oral supplement.
        Calcium and magnesium intake should be in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 at the very least. However, our western diet is often high in calcium and low in magnesium. when an imbalance between these two minerals specific problems occur such as heart flutters/ fibrillation. So long as you are getting calcium in your diet it is best to avoid taking additional calcium supplements but rather it is appropriate to take magnesium for the reasons highlighted in the article above.
        Do not take process salt this is particularly bad for you and doesn’t contain lots of minerals; but use a natural salt such as rock salt or sea salt which does contain minerals including magnesium.
        All life on earth came from the sea and we are still very attached to the sea such as our blood is similar in nutrient and magnesium make up to sea water and provides natural iodine. we all need plentiful iodine for our thyroid but also for gonads including breast tissue. bigger breasted women require greater amounts of iodine.
        <1% calcium should be found outside of bones, ( the mineral pantry in the body,) and around 50% of magnesium should be found outside of the bones. If you imagine magnesium as the headmaster and calcium an unruly schoolboy, order is kept when the headmaster is available to keep order but if the headmaster(magnesium) is in short supply and no where to be seen then chaos will result due to the dominance of the unruly school boy, calcium. In this case there will be more calcium found outside of the bones and less magnesium found anywhere in the body, the brain, heart and adrenal glands must have adequate supplies of magnesium as well as every other cell in the body.
        When adequate magnesium is available the small amount of calcium outside the bones remains extracellular, (outside the cells in the fluid surrounding the cells). At regular rhythmic and timely intervals magnesium will allow calcium into the cell, whereby an single strong electrical charge is made and then magnesium ensures calcium goes back outside the cell. You can see how important this is for good heart and brain cell function.
        When there is inadequate amounts of magnesium calcium will go in and out the cell at will in a disorderly manner and some calcium will stay inside the cells causing hardening and malfunction. The result is chaotic weak multiple electrical charges.

        • Thanks for responding. The supplement I take at night is cal mag zinc in one. A friend suggested it a coue of years ago. Since you suggest taking calcium two hours before magnesium I should obviously buy them separately right?

          • I have a problam with gut it seens anyting i eat just lodges ther very uncomfortable i find it hard to breed with it sometimes Especial potatoes sausages stuff like that would magnesium deficiency be good to take for it i tink i might have a problem with my gallbladder even galstonescan you help me in any way please

    • I take at least 1000 mg of chelated magnesium citrate a day.
      Magnesium oxide in any multi-vitamin is a poor way to get your daily requirement.
      Be sure to take calcium citrate not calcium carbonate and Vitamin D.

      Epson salt baths are very helpful.

      • Most people don’t need to take additional calcium; unless you have a medical condition which requires it.
        I assume you are advocating taking vitamin D as many of us in the western world require additional vitamin D.
        Do watch your blood pressure with Epsom salt baths; some people report a rise in Blood pressure..

        • I believe you shouldn’t take extra vit d it messes around with the mineral balance in the body – taking a balanced absorbable mineral supplement should help your vit d levels plus daylight its absorbed mostly through the eyes- do some research.

  2. My sister suffers from almost everyone of these symptoms. She is being tested for everything under the sun. Is there a way to test for magnesium deficiency?

    • There isn’t a reliable way to test because so little of your body’s magnesium is in the blood. Most are in the bones and organs, and it is difficult to get a good measure through a blood test. Symptoms are usually used to diagnose, and since the body will just flush out any extra, it won’t hurt to try taking it for a month or two and see if symptoms improve.

      • Hi Wellness Mama!

        Glad to see you spreading awareness for magnesium deficiency! I directed my pregnant niece to your site. Just wanted to add here that a Magnesium RBC test is the best available test to measure intracellular levels of magnesium(other than a hair tissue mineral analysis – HTMA). Most doctors do not know what this test is…they always think you are talking about serum magnesium. If your doctor does not know what this is…it can be ordered via There are a few other online sites as well.

        • The body stores only 0.05% of its Mg in red blood cells, so a Mg RBC test is just as unhelpful as a Mg blood serum test, except to spot cases of life-threatening Mg. deficiency. You need a genuine intracellular Mg. test, such as the EXATest. The test examines a swab from inside your cheek, using Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy, (ASEM,) and an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, (EXA,) to make a genuine determination of the intracellular contents of Mg AND Potassium, the other intracellular electrolyte.

          Unfortunately, the vendor sends the kit to healthcare professionals only, so you need to work with one who, at the least, will humor you.

      • Hi Wellness Mama !!!!!!!!!

        There IS a test for magnesium deficiency !!!!!!!!
        Go to………


    • you should get her tested for Lyme disease, which depletes the magnesium in your body and causes multiple symptoms that are not explainable, including everything on this magnesium depletion list. Lyme spirochetes cause magnesium deficiency in most people with Lyme disease

    • There are various ways to test Mg deficiency. The urine tests can be a bit tricky because Mg levels fluctuates throughout the day but you can try the Magnesium serum test. Please note this is not the most accurate test. Mg blood levels stand at 1%, When Mg levels drop in the blood, the body will find a way to replenish this even if it means drawing Mg from the bones/cells. In the UK the NHS believes that MG serum levels between 0.6- 1% is normal. On the other hand, Mg deficiency is quite widespread and to this end some physicians are of the opinion that an Mg serum reading of less than 0.9% is a sign of deficiency. My daughter had two tests done and she had a reading of 0.78% and 0.81% I then followed this up with an RBC Mg test (an intracellular test to gauge the level of Mg in her cells) and this came back with a reading of 2.13 which is on the lower end. More of this below.

      b) Alternatively, you can test for Mg deficiency using a sublingual epithelial test or a RBC Mg test The former requires taking cell samples from underneath the tongue, whilst the latter is a blood test. Both tests will check for Mg WITHIN the celLs (intracellular). These tests are more accurate than the Mg serum test in that they look to ascertain Mg levels within our cell tissues.

      My daughter recently had an RBC test done, Whilst waiting for the results I put her on 750 mg of Mg supplements. I was waiting to see if her stomach would run ( a sure sign of excess Mg). Her stomach remained fined.

      The results came back and it was established that her intracellular Mg levels were 2.13 nmol/l, Normal range is 2.08 and 3. My GP said that her Mg levels were normal yet when you look at the reading that is on the low side. Suffice to say I put her on Mg supplements. She has severe eczema and in the last 5 months she’s been on a cocktail of Vitamin D, Mg, Zn, B6, Vitamin D and evening primrose oil with good results.

      If your sister is unable to conduct any of these tests, I suggest she start taking Mg supplements (preferably Mg glycinate) about 500 mg a day. Try for 3 days and if her stomach is fine, she should push it up to 800 Mg a day. 800 mg should help her obtain her daily intake and build up her reserves.

      • Hi, there is something else you can try to help with eczema, it could be autoimmune related. My daughter suffered from it until I balanced her immune system and it went all away. I gave her sterols & sterolins (look for a product called Moducare, it is very important, it helps to balance your T-cells i.e. TH1 & TH2. It is a plant extract and normally in green leafy plants but you have to take in a whole lot to just get enough. Heat and cold destroys sterols and sterolins), and immune supporting vitamins like magnesium, zinc, selenium, omega 3, probiotics, vit D. You do not need to over do on vitamins to try and get results. Make sure you understand what the daily dosage is for a child her age otherwise you could end up with other problems. Make sure her ferritin and fe-iron is normal when giving magnesium, I think it depends which form you give. I heard that Mag Citrate can mess around with it. I use Magnesium Taurate, I was told it is good for cells and can pass through the blood brain barrier. My kids had iron problems, but when I gave it to my son and had a blood test done, his ferritin was back up to 20 from 12, his Fe-iron dropped from over 130 down to 110.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of good about magnesium glycinate…any thoughts?  I’ve typically used Solaray’s blend of magnesium citrate and asparotate (sp?) and also Nature Calm.  The last few months I had gotten away from taking it and have had horrible body odor…just started again a few weeks ago…will be interested to see if that improves.

    • That for is fine, though if you have trouble absorbing, it may be easier to use the skin oil, which will be absorbed better.

      • Hi, thank you for this article! I have been suffering with everyone of these symptoms and doctors had no answers for me. I just started using the oil. How much would you recommend and where would you recommend putting it?

        Thank you!!

        • I would recommend that you follow the instructions on the oil you buy.

    • I have not had a migraine in 15 months since I started taking magnesium glycinate. I suffered from severe migraines for over 16 years; five to six days a week with SEVERE headaches. Nothing helped – prescription medications or OTC – nothing helped. In recent years, I have resorted to drinking three to four caffeinated sodas a day (I wasn’t a soda drinker before at all) and taking three to four doses of motrin a day to get only a slight bit of relief. Someone told me about magnesium but that didn’t seem to help either. However, I was taking the wrong kind of magnesium. Fifteen months ago, I read that you have to take magnesium glycinate. I tried it and have been completely migraine free for FIFTEEN MONTHS! I still can’t get over it. I feel like I have been set free! I take two 200mg tablets for a total of 400mg a day. I feel like a new person! I have not had any motrin or prescription migraine medication in fifteen months.
      I now know of four other people who have also started taking magnesium glycinate and it has stopped their migraines as well.

      • I have terrible migraines, I have to try this. Thanks for your post.

        • Four years ago I suddenly began having debilitating migraines. After many trips to many different doctors(without good results), a homeopathic practitioner told me to try a gluten-free diet. I did. I haven’t had another migraine. Just food for thought.

      • I have been taking magnesium glycinate to help with migraines. Only 300 mg for 3 months, 500 mg a month, now I’m going to up it to 600 mg. I read anywhere from 500 to 1,000 mg is needed for treatment levels. It has helped back not hurt while sleeping and my palpatations and anxiety have lessened. I wish 400 mg would have made a dent in my migraines! Lucky for you.

    • I finally found a magnesium that is easily absorbed without the side effects of sitting on the toilet all day long. It is Monomagnesium Malate made by MgBright. It is the only one that really helps me and I am so relieved.

  4. Would taking a bath in epsom salts be helpful?

    • Yes…I will actually add that to the post. It takes a long time of regular baths to get levels up, but is a great addition to supplements!

      • How many times a week is regular in your opinion?

    • Check out books and web info fro dr. Mark sircus Epsom salts are not the right kind of magnesium – he recommends magnesium citrate combined with bicarbonate of soda and Himalayan pink salt in a foot bath – there’s loads of info out there – good luck!

  5. this might sound crazy..but if the soil is depleted of magnesium , as is the water..what are the supplements made of? Where do the manufacturers of the supplements get their ingredient from? Just a question…..

  6. Also, I’ve been wondering … do bone broths contain magnesium?  Would there be enough to even consider it a dietary source?

    • Bone broth does contain magnesium, but it also contains enough calcium that it won’t help much if your ratios are messed up, since you’ll be getting so much calcium with it. Bone broths are nutritionally great though, just not the best source of magnesium

    • Pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium and dark chocolate the 70=80% type, magnesium also needs co-factors to be absorbed well like B6 and Zinc and Boron, always works better if you can do it with food because food always has the useful co-factors in, bit like aspirin and willow, aspirin can cause bleeding problems but not willow because it has other stuff that works with the aspirin base it contains.

      • But both seeds and cocoa beans contain phytic acid, that binds the minerals so the body does not absorb them..

  7. What do you think of supplementation at the end of pregnancy? I have heard that it helps a lot with afterbirth pains, since it relaxes the uterus. But I’m wondering if one must wait until after labor – would it actually relax the uterus so much that it would not be as efficient during contractions?

    • I took 1000mg daily of magnesium all through my pregnancy (I have a tendency to muscle cramps so I always take it), and none of my HC providers ever said anything to it. BUT: my water broke without contractions and I had to be induced, major failure to progress, fever and antibiotics, monitoring, interventions and finally 37 hours later my daughter was born by vacuum extraction. It sounds way worse than it actually was, though. I doubt the magnesium was the reason but from what you say it might have been a compounding factor? YMMV.

      • I had a similar childbirth experience, and at the time I was not taking magnesium, only the prenatal supplements they gave me. I wouldn’t think mag supplements would do that.

    • I am in the 3rd trimester and complained to my midwife of charlie horses in the legs as well as an over-abundance in Braxton-Hicks. She recommended the Natural Calm magnesium supplement b/c it’s so difficult to get enough nutrients through food when you are hugely pregnant and can only ingest about 1/2c. of food at one sitting. It has been an amazing difference!

      • I forgot to tell you that she said that labor is going to be strong enough to get the baby out because the hormones during labor increase as needed. That’s why contractions start slow and far apart and get stronger and closer together. Your body communicates what’s necessary to do the job.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rebekka and Babs5 – I too get the muscle cramps so I might try the supplementation. And I wouldn’t mind if my contractions slowed down a smidge as mine come fast and furious once they start!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rebekka and Babs5 – I too get the muscle cramps so I might try the supplementation. And I wouldn’t mind if my contractions slowed down a smidge as mine come fast and furious once they start!

    • I’ve wondered about this too, but low magnesium can lead to birth complications so I’ve always taken it during pregnancy for that reason.

      • When I was hospitalised with pre term labour and high BP intravenous magnesium was used to STOP the contractions. It worked well too and when they decided he was cooked enough and stopped it labour started again with a few hours. Three hours later my son was born without any help.

      • What form of magnesium did you take and did you change your dosage throughout your pregnancy?

  8. I love this article, well every single one you post. I have some of these symptoms and I can’t wait to try the magnesium… I have terrible brain fog, body odor, stress, headaches ugh the list goes on. Again thank you!

  9. hi 🙂 what about young children and supplementation? would it be advisable or not to use the spray on their skin? from the reviews it seems to cause some soreness. thanks 🙂

      • I purchased the Kids Natural Calm liquid and my son hates it…it smells terrible and does not taste good. Is that the kind you give your kids? and if not, can you tell me which version you use?

        • Hi Laura! I am an adult woman and not sure if a young person should take Natural Calm adult dose BUT I just bought it in a Raspberry/lemon flavour and it tastes good!!! I bought it at a Kardish store. It is quite costly but you can control the amount of powder you need AND you can drink it as a hot beverage before bedtime:) I am discovering though not to take it during the day as it makes you very tired. They say that at first it will happen and because you do have low magnesium. I hope this helps? Take care. Sharon

        • Just switch from solgar to natural calm and I cannot deny that natural calm has really got things moving. However I find the artificial raspberry and lemon flavor horrid!

  10. Thanks for the info about transdermal magnesium. I’ve been taking a magnesium supplement (high absorbtive, chelated), recommended by my naturopath, but know that absorption can be a problem. Even so, I feel much better when I’m taking it. Also, thanks for your very informative site. Good stuff!

  11. I ordered the oil and the ionic supplement you recommended.

    The ionic supplement gives me a horribly sore throat. Why does this happen?


    • How much water are you diluting it in? There’s a chance it is too concentrated, or that you need it so much that it is creating the same burn/tingle that the oil does on the skin when you first start taking it. Maybe try diluting it more or start with a smaller dose…

      • Ummm… I’m not diluting it. In just taking a dropperful and swallowing it. Haha oops!

        I’ll try dilution. Thanks!

  12. I have another symptom to add.  I had taken Inderol (a beta blocker) for 20 years because of shaky hands which had been diagnosed as a Voluntary Tremor.  After starting on Magnesium and upped my dose over time I am completely off the drug and only get shaky if I drink full caffeinated coffee, which makes sense from what you say about caffeine depleting it.  My heart palpitations are gone too!  
    This is a great article and I can really relate to it.  Thanks!   

    • Hi Wjeaner,
      I have been struggling for over 4 years with, weakness, shaking, trembling in myhands on and off, mental fogginess, etc, what dosage of magnesium do you take? Also how long before you actually noticed a difference? I am at my wits end. I have been poked, prodded, X-Rayed, etc and everything comes backnormal. This is affecting my blood pressure a lot during the day as it goes very low and I am disabled by this when it happens.
      Thank you for the info

  13. Wow those are a lot of symptoms and I have a lot. If I am magnesium deficient then I bet my husband and son are. Now my question is my son is 4 1/2 yrs. old how should I treat him for this? How much should I use? I would just be afraid of giving him too much.

    • You could just add very small doses of the liquid to his drinks (a drop or two) and add some epsom salts to his baths, and that should work to slowly bring his levels up.

  14. Maybe I’m insanely sensitive but I just got the oil and the calm today. The oil burned- not tingled and left red dots. Should I dilute it?

    • Yeah, try diluting in coconut oil if you have it, or lotion if you don’t. From what I understand, the more deficient you are, the more it will be uncomfortable in the beginning. Mine was uncomfortable enough to be annoying when I first started using it, but now it doesn’t bother me at all…

  15. Do you use all three methods at the same time? Where should you start or with how much?

    • I use small doses of all three, but some people do better with just the oil at first. I’d start with the recommended dose of one and then add the others in slowly.

  16. Have you heard of a magnesium deficiency causing restless leg syndrome?  I have suffered from it for severals years now, and I know it is aggravated by alcohol, sugar, and caffeine (all things that deplete magnesium, hmm…).  I am considering trying the magnesium oil to lessen my symptoms.  

    • Let me know how it works! I’ve heard this connection and have wondered that also…

      • I had restless leg syndrome durring my last trimester of pregnancy. I took Magnesium and it absolutely helped plus I slept better.

    • It’s helped my RLS quite a bit. I spray it on my feet and calves at bedtime & rarely have a problem.

    • I had horrible leg cramping with my first pregnancy. Now that I use midwives for prenatal care, they always have me supplement with calcium/magnesium, and have had NOT ONE cramp in my last 4 pregnancies. If I ever get a little restless leg syndrome, I go get out a magnesium pill, and it is gone in 15 minutes. Love it!

      • what brand did you get?

    • Yes, I think though. Magnesium makes my restless legs settle.

    • Hi. You may have dealt with your restless leg syndrome years ago, but in case you still have it: my husband was suffering from restless leg syndrome. He was diagnosed with a severe iron deficiency. Nobody thought the restless leg had anything to do with that, but since his iron deficiency has been being successfully treated (years of iron infusions monthly–he will always need them, apparently) he has not had so much as a twitch in his legs.

    • I had restless legs for a long time and a friend recommended trace minerals and I haven’t had them since.

    • I take magnesium for restless leg. It is amazing! I was taking a prescription drug because it was so bad.but it had lots of side effects. Someone at work suggested magnesium and I can’t believe the difference!

  17. Hi, Thanks for this post. So here’s a funny thing… I’ve experienced chronic/seasonal (I know… weird, but true) follifulitis for more than ten years now.  Red spots on my arms and near a surgery scar on my leg and it’s staph. The infection subsided a bit when I went gluten free three years ago, but this spring it’s back (we’ve had pretty nice weather here in the PNW, so perhaps this is b/c of allergens?).  Long story short, I’ve tried everything I can think of to address this problem, but nothing helped– until this last week when I read that some people have had success applying MILK of MAGNESIA directly to the problem areas.  I had some left over from my gluten days, so I tried it.  Lo and behold, of all the things in the world, good ol’ Phillips Milk of Magnesia is working.  It seems to keep the inflammation down and it’s the staph creates the inflammation pockets.   My theory is that the magnesium is changing the surface of my skin (pH? like with epsom baths) in such a way that it’s inhospitable to staph.  I’ve also gathered that magnesium somehow binds tissue cells together such that staph cannot easily slip between two or more.  The existing spots are shrinking quickly– while usually they stay “active” for weeks.  My only concern (aside from the unflattering milky white residue) is a bleaching additive Phillips uses to as a preservative, so I think I’ll try this transdermal magnesium– seems like it could be a worthwhile investment.

      • I have a couple questions for you. First, my husband weighs about 240 pounds, how much should he take ? Second question, he also has hep c, is their any benefit taking magnesium for this disease?

        Thank You,
        Patty Leggette

        • It can be helpful for Hep C, yes. With regard to dosage, it’s going to depend on the type of magnesium he is taking.

          • What dosage & type would you recommend for hep c.

  18. Before I started taking magnesium I had headaches and/or migraines 5-6 days a week.  Since I started I have only had one headache! yay! This is awesome since I hate taking medication.  My doctor had me on Imitrex for my migraines and half the time it didn’t even work! The side effects scared me so I would usually just suffer through the pain but now I don’t have to! Thanks so much for all the info you provide and for sharing your knowledge so others can benefit too!!

  19. I started to take the Natural Calm a few weeks ago and after a few days my arms started to itch (as I increased the dose) is that normal? I stopped taking it thinking I was having an allergic reaction. Not sure what to do now…any suggestions?

    • This is exact same thing is happening to me – and I’m super tired as well. Is this normal? I started with a minimal dose and gradually increased it.

        • I also seem to have a rash on my lower legs, wondering if its due to the natural calm. Tried the mg oil and it itched so bad!

          • It seems to make some sense. I notice that the oil only bothers me if I’ve eaten junk lately…

  20. Epsom salt baths are recommended by Dr. Christanne Northrup as a good source of magnesium.  I have found a bath with a cup of epsom salt or a foot soak can be effective. 🙂

    • Totally agree! With a young one, I find drinking the Natural Calm to be the best way I get magnesium since I can chase my toddler and drink it before bed.

  21. Does it have any side effects with prescription meds? My dad has advanced Parkinson’s Disease so is on lot of meds, but I think magnesium might help him out.  Any thoughts?

      • Thanks! I’ve wondered about coconut oil for him as well. Will for sure check with the doc first and hopefully he’ll be opened minded enough….

        • I’ve taken coconut oil and it is hard to swallow – meaning it gets a bit much after a while – you get sick of it (and I have never taken more than 2 T.) I can’t imagine it in my tea. I was adding it to my porridge but after awhile I just melted it in the microwave and downed it to get over it. I would say that the coconut oil that does not have any smell or taste is a better way to go. It gets nauseating after a while (but perhaps that is just me). I do cook with the unscented kind. Great for frying.

          • I had the same problem with the coconut oil but putting it in tea like roibos or normal tea is the best way to get it down because it floats on top you practically get it in your first sip and it’s over…

          • They do make good quality coconut oil in gel cap form. Much easier to take!!!!

  22. Is taking magnesium in pills ok together with vit c and vit d3? Ty let me know cause it makes feel weak. Ty

    • I wouldn’t take them at the same time, as the magnesium and c together tend to cancel each other our. If you are deficient, the mag can make you tired, especially at first…

      • Is the magnesium you get from walmart is ok? ty for taking time writing all good stuff. God bless you.

        • It should be ok. Just look for a magnesium with an -ate ending like magnesium citrate.

          • Ty so much 🙂

      • I have purchased the Natural Calm for Kids for my 5 year old daughter to help her with ADHD symptoms since I don’t want her put on drugs at any point in time. Yesterday when I took a look at the product again at our local natural store I noticed they had a Calcium Magnesium Natural Calm brand that also contains vit. D and C in it, but you say they cancel each other out. Now that I think of it, I believe the Kids Calm by Natural Calm also contains vit. C and zinc in it. Is this combination making it ineffective? I started to take the Magnesium supplement myself this past week because I developed pain in my heart area that radiates through my entire left side of chest and into my left arm and sometimes into my upper back and my energy level would be extremely low – so low that I would almost not be able to function and must lie down. I began taking the Magnesium supplement by Natural Calm and started to notice a difference. I had to take it twice a day and today for the first time since last Friday I felt no pain until this evening suddenly it started again. I started to do research on the possible causes of magnesium depletion and the only correlation that I can come up with is calcium imbalance because I had started to eat cottage cheese this past week and would eat A LOT of it, and then after a week of eating it, the pain started. While I had the pain I didn’t eat it as we were out of it. I at some last night and this afternoon again and wonder if that is the reason my heart started to hurt again in the evening? I have never had this kind of reaction to cottage cheese in the past when I ate it, but I did notice a decline in my dental health and nervousness in the past few years, and now I realize it must be the Magnesium deficiency. Any thoughts, advice? I don’t really want to go to a cardiologist. Thank you for your article and reply. Blessings.

        • Not sure if you have had problems, but I have been doing a lot of reading on the gallbladder and that could have been your problem with magnesium helping. I read somewhere in all my research that magnesium helps gb.

      • I take Vitamin D – do you mean not at the same moment or at all? I take my Vit. D. in the am. As well – is there a length of time you need to take a break from it or do you just stay on it forever?

        • You should have your doc test your levels to know for sure. I just take it in the morning since it keeps me up if I take it later in the day.

  23. Wow!!! Taking magnesium sulfate makes you run in the bathroom. Is it safe to take it everyday? Let me know and ty in advance 🙂

    • Especially if you are low, you can have loose bowels at first. Try a lower dose and taper up slowly if you want to avoid the bathroom trips, but it is safe everyday…

      • I only took 2tbsp but it’s alright cleans me up. It gives me cramp though when i woke this morning. Ty u so much for all your help. 🙂

    • My neurologist explained that if my body had too much magnesium, it would get rid of the extra through the bowels, causing loose stools. I take 250 mg twice a day with occasionally an extra tab. When that happens, I stop it for a day or two then resume; or sometimes I simply take only 1 dose for a day or two then bump back up to 2.
      The mag has helped in so many ways, I hate to be without for too long.

  24. Is it ok to use the spray on children? I have a 10 yr old girl, 8 yr old boy, and 5 yr old girl.

    • It’s fine, but I’d dilute some just so it doesn’t make their skin tingle… my kids hated that.

  25. I have been using the Natural Calm every night before bed. It helps me sleep more soundly and fall asleep faster. It also helps counter the effects of Tramadol which I take for back pain (I’m regular now). I am going to start my daughter on it next. She gets many headaches and is highly stressed at school.

  26. Can I take nutri calm with my multi vitamin

    • Yes, just start slow and let your bowels tell you if you are taking too much…

  27. Quick correction- the link you provided about the number of Mg molecules to metabolize one molecule of glucose was incorrect by a factor of 10 according to the source you provided. The source states 28 molecules Mg, and you state 287.

  28. Hi, I am wondering….do you have a source for this: “Unfortunately, blood tests are relatively ineffective in gauging magnesium levels as less than 1% of magnesium is in the blood.”
    I would really like to start supplementing with Magnesium but there’s no way my husband will take it if I don’t have some concrete evidence that he needs it. Is the Magnesium RBC test any more accurate? He has high blood pressure and I’ve been wondering if this is the culprit. His regular Mag level on a standard blood test came back normal. Like I say….I’m going to need something more to get him onboard.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Here is one article from an AHA Journal: a quote: In their work with patients, doctors find this lack of a test that can measure clinically meaningful magnesium levels frustrating. The article ‘Noninvasive Measurement of Tissue Magnesium and Correlation With Cardiac Levels’ emphasizes this frustration in the statement: “The role of magnesium in the clinical setting, however, is hampered by the lack of an assay of intracellular tissue magnesium levels.” And intracellular levels are being shown to be the only clinically significant measures of magnesium levels. As an answer to this, a ‘Sublingual epithelial cell’ magnesium test was developed and has been shown to be a valuable tool in the hunt for meaningful magnesium measurements. One study that compared the intracellular levels of magnesium from the scrapings of cells directly from the heart wall and from cells under the tongue showed that the two matched up well; more importantly, low magnesium levels from the sublingual epithelial cell scrapings were able to correctly predict the patients that would have abnormal changes in their heart rhythm after major heart surgery, even while the serum levels were within normal range.
      “Since only 1% of total body Mg 2+ is found in the
      intravascular space, serum levels of Mg 2+ give little
      information about a patient’s overall Mg 2+
      status with respect to this essential mineral.”
      Burton B. Silver, PhD

    • My doc finds the RBC mag test more accurate than a straight blood-levels test. I can’t swear it’s totally accurate, of course, but he says it’s BETTER. (And mine definitely showed low.)

  29. Hi, I bought Natural Calm today after I read your article, but had forgotten about the loose stools thing. I have crohn’s disease (and while I’m not in any pain right now I do have loose stools already from it at the moment). You also mention the gut/bad bacteria thing. Should I be using this as the spray as my first time use? I guess I probably should, I was just hoping to do this today, but I will do that tomorrow. How would I know when I’m doing “enough” if I already have loose stools? I guess I should just do the spraying on the skin for now? Any thoughts appreciated. Love the site, have learned a lot of insteresting things I hope to put to use in my household soon.

    • I’d definitely start with the spray if you have digestive issues, as that will make it really tough to absorb through the digestive track anyway. Start with 5-10 sprays a day and eventually work up to 30.

      • digestive *tracT* 😉

  30. You might want to correct your 287 to 28 in the paragraph about molecules of magnesium vs sugar. “According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, the body requires at least twenty-eight molecules of magnesium to metabolize a single molecule of glucose.” WAP.

  31. Thank you sooo much for this info! I will definitely be getting some of these magnesium supplements for me, who is hypothyroid, and for my son, who is ADHD, but I also strongly suspect he is low thyroid as well. I just learned this week about the connection that magnesium plays with brain function and ADHD from this site, just in case anyone is further interested. I was shocked to find out that this (and zinc) may be all the help my son needs. I am so thankful for your info. Here’s the site about ADHD and magnesium:

    • Erika,
      for ADHD you may check out importance of Methylation. It will give you idea why Vitamin B6 is mentioned in that article beside Magnesium.

  32. Thank you for your web-site. It has informed me so. I also am able to share your site with my patients. I am a massage therapist. Your site has made my preaching easier!

  33. Do you make your own oil, or order already made from Amazon?

  34. Hi, I have been struggling with PCOS and have always worked to keep testosterone levels down. In spite of all the other health benefits which I can definitely help me (insomnia, spasm, pms, sensitive to cold, overweight in the midsection etc.), I have read that magnesium will increase testosterone. Has anyone with PCOS tried taking magnesium? I am wondering if I should take it or stay away from it.

  35. Where I live, we do not have fluoridated water. The people here passed a law or whatever to remove it. Our water all comes from an aquifer, and my water personally is very delicious and low in chlorine (city water tastes like a swimming pool, but I live just outside the city limits and have a different water source). Would that make it more likely that my drinking water has more magnesium in it?

    • It might, though most sources are still depleted if they are filtered at all..

  36. Oh my, I have 14 of those symptoms! Guess I better get on this!

    • Did you try it? Can you let me know your result?

  37. Unfortunately, I think my water has fluoride in it. If fluoride in water binds with magnesium, does mixing Natural Calm or magnesium salt with this water negate its effects?

    • Good question… I’d buy spring water to mix with it to be sure you’re getting what you want into your body.

  38. am I missing the recipe ?

  39. How much should you take (my blood tests said low but I have been having bad cramps, horrible palpitations and high stess for no reason really) and I want my kids on it. I have the lotion, oil and natural calm. whats best and how much on kids? and where is it best to put the lotion/oil? thanks! Looking forward to seeing some results! Oh! and they said I had low D and B… will that make a difference?

    • I’m not a doc, but I take about 400-500 mg a day in different forms. For my kids, I rub the oil on their feet before bedtime… helps them sleep.

      • Do you then wipe it off or leave on?

  40. Thanks for the great post. How do I make my own Magnesium oil. I read the article above and didn’t see instructions. Thanks 🙂

  41. I’ve been taking NaturalCalm for the last few days and am super-nauseated this morning. I’ve read all the comments and no one seems to have experienced this. Can you tell me if this could be a normal reaction…so I don’t have to take a pregnancy test?! Haha

    • It can be a normal reaction… are you taking it in the morning?

  42. Has anyone tried rubbing/applying the ionic magnesium to their skin for transdermal dosing? I would like to buy/make magnesium oil, but in the mean time… thanks!

  43. Hi Katie, I was wondering why in my bottle of magnesium oil says to wipe or wash after 20 min? Do you know if is ok to leave it on? Bought the one you use.
    Thanks for your response,

    • IT can dry skin if left on, but I just moisturize over it to prevent that…

  44. Have you ever used Prill Beads (magnesium oxide). Helps alkalize water

  45. I had gastric bypass over 10 years ago and about 4 years after surgery I had a panic attach and now I suffer from Anxiety etc. I am wondering if the surgery made the absorbsion of Magnesion even harder and now I am really deficient. Have you heard of such problems with those surgeries.

  46. Hi will mega magnesium help me with my fibromyalgia as i have had it for some mths now , just started 2 days ago a friend said it mite help me with the pain is this true as i need to find somthing besides the tablets the doctor has given me as these help me with my sleep and my stress but not helping with the pain , i would like to try and be normal again as day by day dities are getting hard for me to do and i would like to go back to work as i have been off work due to the pain thats in my body ,can this help me as i am taking 1 a day or should i take 2 a day . PLEASE HELP .

  47. How long/often do you need to be at the beach to reap benefits?

    • Every few days, but if I had the chance, I’d be there everyday 🙂

  48. I have 21 of the above symptoms. I’ve been taking Mg citrate for the past 2-3 weeks and the only symptom that has improved is my sleep, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the earplugs or the Mg.

    My worst symptom is my gut irritability / food sensitivities. I knew that damaged guts have problems absorbing nutrients but I didn’t think of that until reading your article. Hopefully supplementing in the future with the skin oil and bathing Mg bathing salts will help heal my gut, skin, and other symptoms.


    • Have you looked in to the GAPS diet as well?

      • Yes, and the SCD. I’ve done the GAPS diet for a while, but I became severely depressed. I was suggested to try doing a carb refeed and the effects were immediate – I felt mostly back to my normal-mooded self. I never did the GAPS intro diet both because of my bone broth always made me gag bc it tasted so terrible (I think due to the lack of garlic or onion as those make me feel immediately very ill) and bc of the no-carbohydrate leading to suicidal thoughts and nearly actions some days.

        I actually just found your parasite blog post upon Googling parasites yesterday and will be starting to implement your tips and tips from other sites and I’m making a(nother sigh..) doctor’s appointment to get tested for them. I have scarring I just noticed two nights ago on my abdominal skin that looks like Google images for ring worms :(.

  49. I didn’t find the directions on how to make the magnesium oil or any of the others

  50. I just read your article on Magnesium and found it very interesting. I have many of the symptoms listed. I do take a magnesium gel cap supplement but I have also purchased the Natural Calm and the Trace Minterals Ionic magnesium. Since I have been taking the gel cap for a while how should I implement the rest. Is there a certain mg a day to work up too and can you take too much magnesium.

    • From what I’ve read it is 500-1000 mg for adults, but let your body tell you how much…

  51. For this body butter recipe, what form of magnesium are the flakes in? Magnesium sulfate? Looking forward to trying this recipe!

  52. Thank you for all the information. As a child I was on antibiotics a lot for mainly ear infections. As a result, I was constipated a lot of the time. This continued into my adult years. I have recently started supplementing with vitamin D and magnesium. I started out taking 500 mg of magnesium and that helped with the constipation for a few days; then the constipation returned. I then upped the dose to 750 mg of magnesium. That worked for awhile, but again the constipation returned. Finally, I upped the dose to 1000 mg of magnesium, this has worked and the constipation has not returned. My question is, I am now pregnant; will 1000 mg of magnesium be safe for the unborn child? Many thanks again.

  53. Help me understand. How are 80% of tested adults low in magnesium, if magnesium is difficult to test? I don’t doubt your blog post. I just am very interested in how one can get tested so one knows their deficiency.

    • There are other tests (biopsy type) that are more accurate than blood tests ( the statistic I was referring to) but the most effective test is to try via symptoms…

  54. Hi, Katie. I have some ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops in my cabinet for making toothpaste. Do you know if these are okay to use until I can get the others ordered. There is Chloride and Potassium in there as well. Just want to make sure those are safe for baby, too:) Thanks!

      • Thanks so much!

  55. My husband has been looking for chewable magnesium…with no luck. I’ll have to share this page with him.

  56. I’m lost. HOW do we make the oil?

  57. Hi – I’ve tried magnesium oil on my skin a few times, but it’s just too harsh and gives me a rash. Any suggestions?

  58. I bought the skin oil, but it is so sticky on my skin. What does anyone do about that?

  59. Anytime I have tried to take a mag. supplement, or liquid it gives me a headache, and if I take it a night (to help w/ sleep) I wake up stuffed up and with a horrendous headache. Does this sound like an allergy?

    Love to hear if anyone else has this problem…

    • Hi adoption revolution…after taking my mag. supplement last night i got a headache! I rarely get headaches, so i got to wondering if it was the supplement that caused it. However, i am also on the brink of getting a cold so……

      • Yeah…I can’t explain it but I’ve tried so many types. I think I might have an allergy to it…as I wake up stuffed up.

  60. I just discovered your website at midnight last night. I couldn’t stop looking through and reading all of your posts. I tried your coffee this morning, too! Thank you! Quick question: Can you spray the liquid form on your body?

    • Thanks! I later read somewhere that the liquid is the “oil” because its not actually an oil. My boyfriend has always had IBS and other gastro problems. We both have been using it (it’s only been two days) and today he texted: ” I don’t know if it’s the butter coffee or the magnesium spray but my stomach is so much better!!” We have been to so many doctors. I hope this part of the solution. Thank you so much for all of your helpful information!

  61. I was looking over my Maca supplement and it says that in the ingredients it includes Magnesium Stearate – is this enough Magnesium or do you suggest not taking this? (it’s supposed to be good for libido! 🙂 )

    • It’s fine to take but probably not enough magnesium by itself..

  62. Where is the recipe or method on how to make the magnesium oil yourself? Did I miss something somewhere? The photograph says how to make it yourself…help?Thanks 😀

  63. FYI to women with prolapse issues! I tried supplementing with magnesium (via mag oil and Natural Calm) and liked it EXCEPT that it worsened my bladder prolapse. Since it relaxes your muscles so well, many symptoms that I had improved via exercise returned while using the magnesium. Fortunately, it was only temporary – when I stopped using it, the prolapse was back to the “new normal” that I’ve been working on healing since the birth of my DD. I was disappointed because the mag definitely helped with anxiety and sleep. I know that many women with prolapse use magnesium and don’t have this issue, but it’s something to be aware of!

  64. I have 99% of those symtoms 🙁 where should I start..

  65. Hi, I would be most grateful for your opinion and advice on a related topic.
    I recently started taking magnesium supplements as I read it could help with PMS but within a few days I started to feel very anxious with really strange, vivid dreams each night. I’m convinced that the two are related as my body is extremely sensitive to any thing I put in it. What do you think?
    Considering potential side affects, would Epsom Salts and magnesium oils be a better way for my body to absorb magnesium?

    • I’d try them instead and see if you notice the same effects..

    • Hi Michaela,
      I’m experiencing the same side effects from taking a powdered magnesium supplement. Crazy, vivid dreams, and last night I woke up in the middle of the night practically hallucinating – I couldn’t come out of that heavy, dreamy state. It was very unsettling. I’ve vowed not to take any more magnesium orally, but I do want to continue supplementing. Did you try any transdermal versions? Did it help with alleviating your dreams?

  66. I just started taking magnesium two days ago. Already, I can have broken my spell of non-elimination (pooping! now I can…you can too) and feel my legs recovering more quickly from strenuous race training. Thanks for this article

  67. I found out that a cup of restaurant brewed decaf espresso contains 16,000 mg of magnesium ( Other sources also rank it as exeptionally high. I am not a big fan of coffee, but apparenly it is the richest source of magnesium that exist in food. However everyone says that coffee depletes magnesium. They mean, caffeine? Then what about decaf coffee, which is not diuretic? Can anyone enlighten me, please? i am confused. There must be a way to get that magnesium out, if it is there.

  68. I have been diagnosed with ADHD in adults, the inattentive type. For this I have been taking 20 mg of Adderall XR for about 10 months. I’ve been thinking about quitting my medication, because I know it has a lot of negative effects on the brain over time. Over the past few months I have noticed almost all of those symptoms, not just a little either.. They are all pretty bad and seem to just get worse as time goes on. Would you know if magnesium would help me if I decided to stop taking my meds and treat it naturally?

  69. I’ve looked through this several times, and cannot find instructions on how to make magnesium oil, which is the heading of the article. Did I miss a link or misunderstand the heading? Is there a recipe/instructions?

  70. How do you make your own magnesium oil? I didn’t see a recipe.

  71. Hi, I don’t know if this is still being replied to, but I’ll try anyway. Do you think I can take the Magnesium supplements or whatever wile taking Concerta 36mg (ADHD meds that bore me senseless)

  72. I have been using the oil after every shower and just started incorporating the liquid into my diet and have noticed a huge improvement! I have been putting it in my scrambled eggs, and am wondering if I’m damaging or lessening the effectiveness by cooking it? My husband is lazy and doesn’t remember to put the oil on so I’m trying to get magnesium in him by any means possible to help him with sleep so I’m hoping it’s still working in the eggs!!
    My sleep is so much better, as well as my mental clarity! Thank yoU!

  73. I used your link for Natural Calm in order for you to get your commission. Where is the recipe to make my own magnesium oil as your title reads “How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil, Improve Sleep And How To reduce Stress With This Simple Remedy”.

  74. Can I take Magnesium 400 mg while breastfeeding? My multivitamin has only 2% of my daily allowance.

  75. You Said Magsium Tests Are Inaccurate, But Then Say That Over 80% Of Tested Adults Are Magnesium Deficient. If The Test is Inaccurate, How Did This Number Come about?

    • Touche…

  76. Am I missing the link on how to make the magnesium oil? Thanks!

  77. Taking magnesium supplements (pill form, 400Mg/day) has almost completely alleviated my IBS symptoms. I started taking magnesium as recommended by a neurologist to help with migraines, and happened upon this beneficial “side effect.” There is actually a theory that IBS might BE magnesium deficiency. I have not noticed other benefits though, and I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Perhaps a different form of magnesium would help.

  78. I stumbled upon this blog and can’t help but wonder what your science and nutrition background is? What kind of science education do you have that qualifies you to make these interpretations? As a molecular biologist, I have to disagree with some of your claims and you definitely should not be suggesting any sort of medical remedies, homeopathic or not.

    • Freedom is risky, huh? But, we live in America where we, as individuals, at the current moment, get to choose who we listen to on health topics, what websites we read, and most of what goes into our bodies. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of tyrannical countries around the world that will tell you who to listen to and what to think 🙂

  79. The photo says “How to Make Your Own…” but I don’t see the instructions to make my own. What am I missing?

  80. Any limit to consumption of magnesium while pregnant?

  81. I feel I could really use Magnesium supps for many of the reasons listed above. I tried the oil and had insomnia for 4 nights in a row. My SIL and I bought it the same day, and it happened to both of us. I called the healthfood store where I bought it and they said that the oil form of Magnesium converts to DHEA and will increase hormones. Do you know anything about this (like if it’s true) and what another approach might be? I’m using an oral supp now and feeling no difference. Thanks!

  82. After reading this article and doing a little research, I decide to follow your how to on magnesium oil. I using the transdermal supplementation. I have spraying it on every night before bed for about 4 nights now and I sleep really well. So well, that it takes an act of congress to get me out of bed. I also have been finding myself taking long naps during the day. Normally, if I take a nap during the day it will only be 1- 1 1/2 hours but since starting the supplementation, the naps are about 3 hours and I am sleeping 9-10 hours at night. Is this normal?? I feel like I am getting awesome sleep but it just seems like a little much. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

  83. I have been having heart “flutters” or palpitations for some time now. I finally ordered some Magnesium Oil and just in the few days that I’ve been using the oil my heart palpitations have significantly decreased! I’m happy and shocked and hope it continues to improve. Thank you!!!!

    • Can u plz tell me jessica for how long u have to use it? Life long for these palps or a month or two… Me too have these palps or flutter…all tests came out normal…no heart problem..plz guide me about this

    • My husband had atrial fibrillation,he took Magnesium pills and rested more and it has almost gone.

  84. I took a mag oxide supplement 2 days ago and broke out in a rash… I’m diabetic and have a nickel allergy.

  85. I have been using magnesium gel for several weeks now and clearly notice a difference. Body odor is negligible, my patellar tendinitis pain has diminished, sleep has improved. My father recently had rotator cuff repair and I have been massaging it into his shoulder and it relieves his pain within minutes. The stinging that comes from the application of the gel is also greatly reduced. I did not take it when I was away for a few days and the stinging came back until I guess I was at optimal absorption. Not sure why Western medicine has not looked into this “cure” for many ailments.

  86. I have been experiencing bizarre sleep disturbances for about ten years now and recently they had become so frequent and severe they were really having an impact on my life due to loss of sleep. I would dream almost nightly that I had swallowed something in my sleep and it was still stuck in my throat. I would wake up and for several minutes be able to feel and taste the lodged object. Only after convincing myself that there was no way for me to have gotten ahold of whatever it was in my sleep could I rationalize that it was just another of my crazy dreams. Finally my mother suggested that I may be low on magnesium. I started taking supplements and immediately the dreams have almost completely stopped. It’s been about a month now and I have only had one or two dreams since I started on the supplements. My depression has improved as well. I would encourage anyone with any kind of unusual issue to give it a shot. I’ve been truly amazed by the difference it has made for me!well.

  87. I would like to know if you could Please change the color Of Your Highlighted Text; for it’s Very hard for me to read. I’m 60 years old and have been a Diabetic for 31 years now. Maybe you could change it to A Forest Green??? – Something darker and easier to see, so it doesn’t give me headaches.

  88. So, as much as I enjoyed all the information, I’d still like to know how to make Mag Oil, as the link I clicked on suggested I’d learn. Did I miss it or is that just a clever ruse to get someone to your site?

  89. Enjoyed the article. As a reminder to everyone, magnesium helps with detoxification therefore some will experience detox symptoms like headaches, rashes, flu like symptoms temporarily. This doesn’t mean that you’re allergic to magnesium, but healing. Please research healing reaction and/or detox symptoms for additional information. It takes time for the body to heal and you’ll experience similar symptoms to the illness. The key is not to give up and drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day! 🙂 For those with pain (fibromyalgia) consider taking MSM (organic sulphur) too. This will reduce inflammation and help cells to receive magnesium and other nutrients into the cells to do their jobs. Just some thoughts. Hope it helps.

  90. Hi thanks for this interesting information my Aunt has a lot of the symptoms on your list she also has restless legs, it keeps her awake at night I think magnesium will improve thing for her, the oil will suit her best because of the problems with her gut but I can’t find the instructions in the above information as promised in the title. I’d really be grateful for your help with this. :D) Thanks.

  91. hi my 4 1/2 year old has bad foot cramps and has constipation she has to take miralax daily to use the bathroom she also has bad allergies do you think this would help her and what do you recommend she has sensitive skin also thanks

  92. My Mom has been suffering with a lot of the symptoms above, and is in the hospital as we speak and what did they find??? ….. low magnesium!! My question is…she also has developed severe psoriasis in the past 18+ months…. could the low magnesium have anything to do with that?

  93. Hello, Not sure if this was addressed but you have a teensy typo- According to the WAP article it takes “28” molecules of Mg to metabolize 1 molecule of sugar- not 287! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your post! Great info!

  94. I take combined magnesium and calcium tablets and find that they help immensely with my digestion and sleep. My GP says he simply does not undestand why magnesium is so helpful for me, I found out by coincidence. The dose I need varies substantially, though, seemingly linkled to my menstrual cycle. I am starting my menopause and it seems that this has substantially increased my magnesium deficiency. Are you familiar with these patterns?

  95. I take liquid magnesium for restless leg syndrome, it really helps, I notice a big difference when I take it 🙂

  96. I was curious if there are other brands of magnesium cloride flakes that are good and perhaps cheaper? Is there a way to tell if its good and potent so to speak?

    • I just purchased some flakes that are 51% instead of the 47% that the ancient minerals claims in theirs, from Life-Flo. Approx 2.75 # @ prices around $12-16 depending on where you but it. You can just Google it.

  97. I found this because I googled: “Can magnesium make you sleepy?” I have been taking Magnesium because my doc told me to, and I am so sleepy all of the time when I’m on it. I take it at night, but I’m sleepy all day. How long does it take for the sleepiness to go away? Would the oil maybe work better for me?

  98. Love your articles and I’m especially looking fwd to the one regarding dental health!!

  99. hello, I just bought the ‘Calm’ magnesium powder in the orange flavor thinking it might mix well with her watered down orange juice (that we have been adding miralax to, horrible). My almost 3 year old daughter’s doctor recommended us giving her miralax. She has had a chronic constipation problem from sitting on the ground when she potties and has become a big problem in that she doesn’t squat when she tries to poop. Anyway, it has been an on-going thing. We tried the miralax thing and it worked but she never actually would get everything out in one bm. I just recently found out about the magnesium/Calm powder does the same thing, rehydrating the colon, when at our local health foods store. My daughter doesn’t like the way the ‘calm’ powder tastes (with the flavoring). Do you know if it is sold without a flavor? Or have a suggestion on how to get our daughter to squat while trying to potty? She is going potty on her little trainer potty while going tt but not poop. She still poops/while crouching/sitting directly on the floor. It is heartbreaking. At first we thought it was withholding, but now I think it just became backed up and ended up being backed up. It has been going on since last February with her having to strain to get anything out with her sitting directly on her bottom not helping her at all. thanks in advance. Julie

  100. I’ve been using the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil for about 3 weeks now. I haven’t had leg cramps since And my sleep at night has improved greatly. But I find my hands are so dry and rough since I started using the oil. I use hand lotion after applying. Also am very tired during the day despite the better night time sleep. Anyone else notice these side effects?

  101. I became deficient in calcium, vit d and magnesium yrs ago as a result of a thyroid disorder, hashimotos. My dr. Prescribed me vit d and magnesium. I take otc calcium. Thyroid medicine and magnesium must be taken at least 4 hrs apart. Mama wellness, love your forums, discussions and opinions. You’ve been a great help to me.

  102. Julie, please go buy aloe vera juice for your daughters constipation. We learned of this remedy from a pediatric gastroinogist at rileys childrens hosp in indy. Cvs and walmart have it and so do health food stores. My grandson at age 3 took up to 2oz per day, if he was bound up. Then only 3 T per day to keep him regular. We mixed it in apple juice. Hope it helps 🙂

  103. I totally have allof those above symptoms and just bought all the products…but I am nursing. Is magnesium OK while nursing?

  104. Thank you for such an informative post. I have one question: these symptoms listed really could be coming from many different problems like candida or a thyroid issue. How do you figure out which one your problem is?

    • You are absolutely right. Magnesium is just an easy starting point that is simple to test at home and other causes can be evaluated if symptoms don’t resolve

  105. Thank You for posting this! You may have literally helped save my life! I never post on these things, but this was such a dramatic help! I’ve been having severe heart problems that had worsened to the point of never having a normal heart beat 24/7. I had been praying for wisdom, and then came across this site. Come to find out, ALL of my multiple health problems of the past 20 years were listed as complications of magnesium deficiency, which I’d never heard of before! I stopped taking calcium, and started using the magnesium oil, and within 12 hours my heart beat had begun to improve. It’s now been 5 days, and my heart hasn’t had one abnormal beat, or any pain or breathing problems AT ALL today. I am SO thankful! I’ve got to stick around so I can raise my kids! Other symptoms (like insomnia) are also beginning to slowly improve… Thanks again! 🙂 I already feel so much better!

    • I h ace been look for a comment like this. Re heart issues and magnesium. What type of issues did you have? I a so depressed with mine. Mine come and go and esp around or on my period. I have heart fluttering sand fast beats after eating. I have been to the cardiologist a few times and all was well then. It is scary having heart symptoms. I wonder why everyone think they have the def in magnesium in the first place? Just curious what everyone thinks as to why it is happening to them. Thanks for your site.

  106. I recently purchased the Ancient minerals magnesium lotion for my 12 yr old son, as well as Natural Calm. He has facial tics and have heard that increasing magnesium will be beneficial. Have you heard of this also? Is it ok to mix the Natural Calm with the Great Lakes gelatin together for him to drink at night? Just want to make sure the 2 do not counteract one another in any way.. Thanks for all of your information. I have ordered many of the items you have recommended.. 🙂 Love your blog!!!!

  107. Started taking 250mg of mag oxide daily for teeth clenching at night. I found it helped greatly but soon started to get an itchy rash mostly at night. Then I started having an irritated red inflamed throat and the roof of my mouth very sensitive. Took me quite a few months to put it together that it was the magnesium. Went off the supplement and all symptoms went away. So was it the magnesium or the brand possibly? I am trying a lower dose in a calcium magnesium supplement with vit d. Hope it is better because my teeth clenching came back now that I went off the magnesium. Also I slept like a rock while on the magnesium:)

  108. I have high bp and now I’ve been diagnosed with IGAN (kidney disease). But I also have many of the defiecency symtoms. Is it safe 4 me 2 use Epsom salts in my bath? Pls help, I really cannot stand being so irritable and the cramps.

  109. I am currently pregnant (3 months) and taking 1000 mg of magnesium as magnesium oxide. I have taken this dose for the last 9 months or so.

    *Is this dose too high?

    You have stated your body doesn’t absorb magnesium as well internally as the other options you have mentioned.

    *If I switch to the Calm drink, Ionic liquid form , or Magnesium oil would I start at a lower dose because these forms absorb more effectively?

  110. I do not see any instructions on how to make your own magnesium oil.

  111. I’m a bit confused with the magnesium – calcium thing. Should I be taking a calcium or vitamin D supplement while taking magnesium?

  112. Hi there, I really appreciated your blog post.
    After reading it I became certain that I am low in magnesium.
    I ordered natural calm and have been taking it about a week now.
    unfortunately I seem to be experiencing side effects from it.
    Do you have any advice on taking it ? or possibly another form of magnesium ? I would greatly appreciate your advice!

    Thanks, Katelyn

    • You could try a transdermal magnesium on the skin… many people handle that even if they can’t handle internal magnesium

  113. Over the past few weeks, I have started to take the fermented cod liver oil, a probiotic, and now magesium drops. My question: when should I take all of these? I take anti-anxiety meds as well as birth control in the morning (hopefully will be able to get off all that in the coming year). Anyway – if you have any suggestions on when to take these, please advise. Don’t want to mix if that would make one or another less effective, you know? 🙂 Thanks!!

  114. Very informative article! I have been having problems with sleep (dreams) & being very tired…to the point of not wanting to get up, over sleeping, taking naps, etc. I also have hypothyroidism. Have a question tho..if I live in an area that has fluoride in the water, would you suggest drinking bottled water or distiller water? Or would drinking tap water be ok? Thank you.

  115. Very good article, but I was looking for “How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil”. I have gone through the entire article and do not see anything like this except links to purchase magnesium. Am I missing something? Or is the picture at the top misleading? Thank you.

  116. Hi, Wondering what a safe amount of ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes is for pregnancy and for babies or toddlers?

  117. Hi Katie,
    Firstly I have to say: I came across your page by accident, and I am so glad I did. What a great website!

    I read your articles, and promptly went out and bought the ingredients for oral care and skin care. That was two days ago.
    So far I have made the tooth powder, mixed my own herbal brushing blend, made some whipped butter and today I will probably make some some lotion bars.

    I am going to see if I can incorporate magnesium into the lotion bars. What do you think?

    Once again, great website and Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

  118. I was wondering why my chronic back pain problem became a non-issue. This caused me to think back over the past 2-3 weeks to find out what I was doing differently. The only thing was that I had started taking Magnesium at night as a sleep aid. I am amazed at how my arm muscles are stronger as well. I will definitely keep taking Magnesium!

  119. Can I take natural calm in beginning of pregnancy? I’m only 4 weeks but I have anxiety and history of Preterm labor and incompetent cervix. Also constipation sucks! I go tomorrow for docs advice but wanted yours as well :-).

  120. What would be the difference between soaking with magnesium bath flakes vs epsom salt? I see that you use them interchangeably in some posts, and I know that one is magnesium chloride vs magnesium sulfate… but is one better than the other, or does each have it’s own purpose? I’m looking to add magnesium to the bath water, but not sure which one to get.

    Also, we are using the ionic liquid magnesium oil by Trace Minerals – rubbing it on our feet at night. Will this work or am I not supposed to use it that way?

    • Magnesium chloride is better but epsom salts work too. For making Magnesium oil, it is best to stick with the magnesium chloride though. THe liquid you are using is probably fine (not sure of the ingredients,but if it can be consumed internally, it should be ok)

  121. Since I have 21 of the 26 issues listed, i promptly ordered myself a bottle of Magnesium Oil. it arrived yesterday and I am starting slow with 2 sprays twice a day and I’ll add another spray every day to build up to an appropriate level. if this helps, you will be my lifesaver Wellness Mama!!! Thank you for all of your information!

  122. Hello Everyone,

    I live in the UK and have so many of the above symptoms, I am constantly at my doctor and had such terrible pre-menstrual pains and swollen, painful breasts (that have not gone away since I started my period, yesterday) that I am at my wits end.

    I went to a family celebration yesterday and my male cousin – who is very health conscious and does a lot of research into health and vitality and has known of my weight gain, constant fatigue, etc etc but not of my sudden loss of my normally very sharp memory and concentration – that he mentioned that he felt that if I started taking magnesium supplements (because doctors in the UK tend to discount it in their medical appointments), he felt I would see a vast improvement.

    Of all the combination of the above symptoms I have been experiencing, also had chronic fatigue and sever headaches, severe leg cramps, severe pains in my joints and restless legs. The constant blood tests I have been having have have revealed vitamin D deficiency and I have been prescribed a mega-boost of Vitamin D 3 months (am in the second month of the supplement dose prescribed) and very low iron, so I am on 2 x daily iron). Symptoms decreased and as I said, I have had the worst PMS and menstruation since my late teen years, so I really, really hope this supplement of magnesium works.

    I am going to try the oil, first, as you suggest and I will mention this to my nurse when I go back for more blood tests, next Tuesday, as I would love to hear their opinion).

    I need to get back to work and start feeling and looking more like my fit, slim, energetic and very mind-alert self, as the last three years has seen such an increase in weight and lack of energy that I just feel like some sort of hypochondriac and need some sort of resolution or serious improvement in my condition so I can, well get back to ME.

    So glad I found this site and I have signed up to the newsletter. I will report back once I have started using the oil, to show my progress.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone on here in starting to feel better!

  123. Magnesium, sodium, and potassium are supposed to exist together in a specific ratio. If you take magnesium that lowers sodium, and while most people overconsume sodium, some people do not use it at all. So for those people, supplementing magnesium will cause them to get low sodium, with all kinds of really nasty side effects like high pulse. Persons with low sodium will be unable to satisfy dehydration because all the water they drink will be urinated out in order for the body to prevent further dilution of already-too-low sodium.

    Wouldn’t it be better to find a proper balance between the critical electrolytes and supplement them together?

  124. Hi! I was wondering if you dissolve magnesium in a carrier oil instead of water. I haven’t found anyone doing that so I figured there must be a reason. Any idea?

    • I haven’t figured out a way to do that… it needs the water to dissolve

      • Figured there had to be a reason. Thanks so much!

  125. Wait… am I missing something? Wasn’t the title of this article “how to make your own Magnesium oil?”

  126. I discovered a suggestion for taking Magnesium for migraines when I began suffering from them every 2-3 days (previously I have had them since age 5 on and off and usually about every 3 months as an adult). I started with Natural Calm, and do still take that sometimes to help me sleep or aid in digestion, but it did nothing for my migraines. It chelated magnesium that prevents my migraines (everyone is different, I just wanted to share what worked for me). It also helped my cousin who was suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome. I would suggest it for anyone who also has cold hands and feet – I for one never have to wear socks to bed anymore! I did see in the comments that vitamin C works against it – I have read that it helps absorption ( – although that link is not the source I originally found the info, I cant find my original source. Plus you recommend Natural Calm which is magnesium citrate – magnesium bound to citric acid. I have taken vitamin c with my magnesium and never felt a difference. I did however notice a difference when I started taking vitamin d this winter. I started to get small headaches every afternoon. Than I ran across this article – Now I don’t have a nutrition degree and this article went a little above my head, but I stopped taking the vitamin d and the headaches stopped.
    Just wanted to share my experience with magnesium – I think it is amazing!

  127. Hi there, I enjoy your articles, writing style and choice of topics, I’m wondering, though–I can’t help it–what qualifications you have to give health advice? Your articles are not footnoted so from where do you get your information, google, bing? What is your education level. I like to know from whom I might be taking advice and if that advice is sound and well-founded. Thanks you so much, keep up the good mission!

  128. Several commenters have asked but I don’t see an answer. Just wondering if your aware that this article doesn’t tell you how to make your own magnesium oil, even tho it says that in the header. Maybe just remove that?

  129. Katie, I’ve been doing the liquid magnesium, 5 drops and the spray oil for the last couple of weeks and have noticed a significant muscle tension/Charlie horses soon after I started the mineral. I heard muscle cramps are a sign of low calcium, I take 500mg daily, so do you think I need to up my dosage to balance the magnesium intake? Or is this a sign of something else? Please reply with thoughts. Thanks!

    • It can be. Most people are more deficient in magnesium but you might need some calcium too. I’d start with something like sardines for a good natural source.

  130. I have taken oral magnesium in the past and everytime, I’d either have immediate heart palpitations (a bit painful) that made me think I was having a heart attack or I would get severely dehydrated if it was oxygenated magnesium (oxycleanse). Would the chest pain be an allergy or just a detox reaction? My body is a mess right now so I’m not sure what it could be. I’m just really scared to try transdermal magnesium supplementation since it goes directly to the bloodstream.

  131. Hi Wellness Mama – I love your site and all the information that you post. Quick question for you on the magnesium lotion (by Ancient Minerals – ordered from Radiant Life). First off, I apologize if this has already been commented on…but, I JUST started using this lotion, and I think I may have used too much. I have a few red “hives” – very itchy, “angry” spots on my body since using the lotion. Do you know if this is common in the beginning?

    Do I need to wait until those spots go away to resume using the lotion? Or should I just do a very little amount, and work my way up?

    Also, I have seen conflicting information about how much to take…I’ve seen at least 300mg per day (I’m female/mid-thirties), then I’ve also seen multiplying your weight (in lbs) by 3 or 4 to figure out the amount of mg needed per day. What advice do you follow?

    Thanks so much!

    • That is normal if you are deficient… I started using it just on my feet and lower legs at night…

      • Thanks! Can you possibly help with determining how much to take daily? Do I count my dietary sources of magnesium (spinach, pumpkin seeds, etc.) towards that daily allotment?

        I just wondered how much you recommend, as I’ve seen/read some conflicting info on some other sites.

        Thanks again!

  132. Hi there

    I’ve been suffering with real low mood, depression, anxiety, nervousness and real bad irritability for almost 6 months now. I’ve not been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but I have suffered previously so I’m pretty sure of the symptoms. Either way, I felt awful, every day, consistently, not just a temporary case of the blues.
    So I went on St Johns Wort twice a day every day and it only seemed to take the edge off.
    Although it did make a difference, it wasn’t enough for me.
    So I went to the health/herbal shop and asked for some Valarium, because I couldn’t sleep. The advisor suggested I try Magnesium supplements. She said Magnesium is great for promoting natural sleep as it calms the muscles and nervous system.
    I thought I’d give it a try. I was only expecting it to help with sleep, however since I’ve been taking it (2 weeks now), I haven’t felt depressed in over a week. I just feel in a more positive mood now.
    Who knows if it’s the Magnesium but its the only supplement I’ve started taking recently.

    Here’s my background/details in case this information helps anyone. 🙂

    St Johns Wort – Brand – Natures Way – 0.3% which is 300mg, twice a day – been taking for 2 and a half months
    Magnesium – Brand – GO Healthy NZ – GO Magnesium 800 – 1 a day as advised on bottle – 360mg total elemental Magnesium (includes Mag aspartate, Mag amino acid chelate, Mag citrate and Mag oxide).
    I also take Vit B 100 Complex – Brand – Radiance – 1 a day but I quite regularly forget to take it 🙁
    I am not on any other medication, including not being on any contraceptive. I eat a gluten free, mostly Paleo diet and I also include a lot of coconut oil, chia seeds and nettle and red bush tea in my diet. Any of these could have an effect but I’m fairly sure the Magnesium is what has made the difference.

    Thanks and good luck everyone.

  133. hey there! my name is Andy, I live in italy and i’ve recently gone vegan.
    I practice yoga once or twice daily and i have a varied diet that consists of mostly vegetables and fruit, along with several types of nuts, coconut and olive oil, tofu and other soy products a few time a week, few whole grains, etc. It’s a pretty varied diet and as supplement I take acidophilus, digestive enzhymes and ive just ordered some VitaX Astaxanthin 12 mg after reading your inspiring article on it. I couldnt get the hawaian stuff here in Italy! I also supplement with spirulina.
    I have been reading about magnesium and im wondering what to do!
    from most articles i read it seems like i wouldn’t need any supplements for it but perhaps you could give me some precious advice? 🙂

  134. How much is the recommended dose orally?
    I use Natural Calm and take their dosage.
    Is it possible to take too much?

    Thank you.

  135. I just bought the mangnesiem oil! Thanks so much!

  136. I have these white spots on my face. I have had them for over two years. Some fade away. others stay and want go away. I have tried what the doctor gave me; creams and washes nothing seems to work. I have dark skin so they show up more.

  137. What does a low grain diet have to do with low magnesium? I recently was told that have sensitivities to almost all grains and cut them out of my diet. After doing that my depression and anxiety increased. What is the correlation if any? My natural path says I have low magnesium. Why is this???????

  138. I’m not sure if you will be able to answer my question but here it goes. I started getting pain in my hands &feet ( like in my bones) and my blood test showed my magnesium was low. I was put on supplements and began to feel better for a couple weeks then I got worse. My dr kept increasing my doseage since my levels continued to drop. I’m now on 1200mg a day and my body isn’t absorbing it. The symptoms are getting worse and now I’m getting more symptoms. What can cause your body not to absorb it? I eat very healthy, I don’t drink and I’m only 31. Is there anything else I can do or take to help? I’m getting impatient with my dr trying to figure it out.

  139. I was suffering from chronic pain that had me bed ridden. MRI, Full body CT scan, ultra-sound, over 40 blood tests – doctors could find nothing. I couldn’t sit for more than 15 minutes, pain was so bad I was in tears. I couldn’t ride on trains, cars, or airplanes. I couldn’t do anything that required arm movement. I mostly laid in bed.

    I felt I was having muscle cramps in my back (thorasic region) and in my solar plexus. My primary care doctor disputed this, but I saw a chiropractor and PT with some improve after 6 months twice weekly. Then, by chance, I started using magnesium oil spray on the effected areas. Within a week, the muscles relaxed enough that I could again sit at work for 8 hours per day. Riding in a car is still painful at times, but much easier. I have used magnesium oil for 3 months now and am really able to manage the pain and often am pain free. I have noticed though (44 years old) that with age and hormonal imbalance that with the onset of my cycle each month, the pain worsens. Overall though, magnesium oil has vastly improved my quality of life.

  140. Hi, I tried taking magnesium supplement capsules once, and became dizzy, faint and nauseous.
    I know it was from the magnesium because I tested it several times, with the same effect. I took the the recommended amount stated on the bottle.

    Do you maybe know why?

    I have been told that I am low in magnesium, but I do not dare to take magnesium supplements again because of what happens when I do.

    • Do you also have low blood pressure? Magnesium lowers your blood pressure, so it could be causing a drop.

      • No, my blood pressure is normal. But I do have unstable bloodsugar levels. My bodyweight (BMI) is below (Normal).

    • If you’re getting low bp from magnesium its because the magnesium is hanging around in the blood instead of going into the cells. It’s like diabetes of magnesium. Just as you can lack insulin to transport sugar into the cell and it builds up in the blood causing symptoms you can also not have the required “co factors ” to transport the magnesium into the cell. It will build up in the blood giving you acute hypermagnesia for a short time until your body can get it the hell out of you. You need b vitamins mainly thiamine to get the magnesium out of the blood and into the cell. You also need certain amino acids but most people are deficient in the b vitamins necessary to transport magnesium into the cell. If you can’t get it out of the blood it will build up and make you dizzy, faint, everything will slow down , etc etc. Take a complex like megafood from real food ( very high in thiamine ). Don’t take overboard supplements because you can only absorb small amounts of b vitamins so the rest will get pee’d out! The amino acid thing is probably not likely. Eat some raw saurkraut so replace the flora that will make your b vitamins, and take megafood aswell. Your comment is the exact situation I went through so I felt the urge to help you.

  141. The link to the magnesium oil takes me to magnesium bath salts. Their site also lists a lotion though. Where can I find the actual oil?

  142. I’m about 7 months pregnant and tweaked your deodorant recipe using magnesium oil and coconut oil and love it, so I’m getting some magnesium transdermally. If I want to try and add one of the other ways to supplement it, which would you recommend, and are there any cautions I should take?

  143. Hello…

    I just read this from other site:

    “Magnesium Toxicity. Ingesting Epsom salts too frequently can lead to an overdose of magnesium sulfate. More symptoms of this condition include a drop in blood pressure, slowed heartbeat and flushed skin. Signs of an overdose include vomiting, nausea and reduced awareness of drowsiness. Very severe cases may cause coma or death.”

  144. I am early in my pregnancy and after reading about your good experience using magnesium supplements while pregnant, decided to try the Natural Calm. The other day though as I was searching the internet about it I found some disturbing things about it containing lead. Could you tell me more about this and whether you would be concerned? I do not think I will take it any more while pregnant. I think I’ll look for alternatives. Thanks!

  145. Has anyone had complications taking magnesium and vitamin d3 together. I bought natural calm to start taking because I have many of the symptoms but am nervous of any side effects. I have low blood pressure already. I also ordered a combination supplement of omega 3’s and vitamin d3 together as well. I called to consult my doctor and gave me the okay to take the omega 3 and vitamin d3 but knew nothing of magnesium and gave me no advice.

  146. Can you please explain in detail how you use the three forms of magnesium together – doses – timing – etc?

  147. I’ve started transdermal magnesium application and so far so good. But I was wondering if after I get rid of my deficiency through transdermal application, can I switch to oral supplements? It would just be easier for me because of the sticky residue, time it takes to absorb, tingling etc. Is it possible that my gut would be able to absorb pills after I eliminate my deficiency transdermally?

  148. Hi katie,
    I have a 13 month old son, i was wondering when can start giving him magnesium oil and supplement? Also, is it necessary to take calcium supplement along with magnesium?

    Thanks a million!

  149. Thanks for your post Wellness Mama, i have started taking a magnesium supplement in the last few weeks as I’ve started to get insomnia. Im currently 28 weeks pregnant and just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (although thats a whole ‘nother story).
    I took magnesium regularly before i was pregnant then stopped. Now with this new diagnosis I’m taking it again to help balance my blood sugar levels. I honestly believe that my diagnosis is based on one reading of my blood sugar, and not accurately reflecting my true diet or daily sugar levels. Im not looking forward to measuring my BGL but am looking forward to proving the doctors wrong!
    Do you have any other suggestions to help deal with this naturally?

  150. I’m having major issues getting my “problem eater” to drink this. Any suggestions? Does the original have no flavor?

  151. Hi there! I love your site! Thank you for sharing all the info!
    I am nursing mom to a 7 month baby girl. I have some of the Calcium/Magnesium Capsules
    left over from my “Labor Aid” Drink. Would you recommend taking these while nursing?

    Thank you,


  152. I am a chronic kidney stone sufferer. Dr. Joel Furhman has a protocol that recommends 300mg of Mg taken twice daily. I understand taking Mg orally isn’t absorbed as well as topically, and I actually prefer using a transdermal method. How would I know if I am getting the levels recommended when using the oil?

  153. Hi. FYI: Just a typo I noticed in the facts at the top… It should say it takes 28, not “287” molecules of magnesium to process one molecule of sugar.

  154. Thanks for your information on magnesium deficiency. I have over half of the symptoms for this, and I am not sure this is what’s wrong with me. It is a strong possibility, though. Around a year ago, I found out I had the bacteria h. pylori. I have since gotten rid of it, but it left many health problems in its wake. Most recently, I have started having numbness in my hands and feet and my legs hurt so badly at night that I can hardly sleep. I also have thyroid problems. For the past week I have been taking magnesium in a multi vitamin, drinking it in a powder form, and also soaking in epsom salts. However, I feel like I am getting worse in some ways as the numbness seems to last longer and happen more frequently in my legs hurt even worse at night. Do you think it’s possible to feel worse before you get better? I don’t want to continue to do all this stuff with magnesium if it just makes me get worse and not better. I am fairly young, and would like to feel the way I did before being infected with h. pylori…

  155. Hello!

    Just wondering, if I brush with activated charcoal in the evening and rub the magnesium gel on in the evening as well, will the charcoal remove the magnesium or it should be fine as long as I’m not swallowing it?


  156. I stumbled onto your site(I have Menieres disease, theres a pun in there). I find it very informative. After some extensive reading of your site on a wide variety of topics and your responses, I have no problem trying your recommendations. Starting with the Magnesium “oil” for a myriad of problems. Your patience with multiple requests on the same topic-“where is the recipe for the…..” or how you reply/not reply, in the manner of a lady, to attacks on your “medical background” is what gives me the confidence to follow your suggestions. With that being said,my man card confidently & firmly held high, Mama lets go !

  157. My eye lids have been twitching off and on for as long as I remember. It got very strong tonight. I took a 250 mg magnesium and a B6, B12 vitamin with avec acide folique and the twitching stopped almost right away. I was not sure what made the twitching stop that fast, so I researched magnesium and I am pretty sure that I have magnesium deficiency, now that I have read about it. I don’t know if the B vitamins helped or not. Thanks for all the good infos.

  158. Has anyone else noticed an increase in appetite after supplementing with magnesium?

  159. Thank you so much for this information! I am struggling with almost all of these issues you have numerated above with magnesium deficiency, EVEN though I have a perfect BMI, exercise 5 hours a week and am a really happy person who is NOT going through any major life events. And of course my MD thinks it’s all in my head. Started the supplements and some smoothies this week to see how if i start to feel better. I just signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to all the wisdom you can impart on natural remedies. Best, Jenn

  160. Is magnesium supplementation/external application safe for pregnancy and nursing? I’m nursing my one year old who I wonder might also be magnesium deficient. Is it safe for babies?

  161. How would I give Magnesium to a 9 year old boy with ADHD? The doctors are pushing to medicate him and I am against in every way, any advice on how I can get him to take Magnesium or how to give it to him would be so helpful.

  162. Today I’ve sprayed for the first time, three sprays in my hand for each leg and rubbed it on my legs, but I have no tingly feeling at all, and it doesn’t leave a residue either, and now it worries me that I don’t have magnesium deficiency 😉
    Does it always tingle when you have a deficiency or could it not tingle also?

    I now rubbed it on my shoulder muscles (who’ve been so generous to give me daily pain for over a year) and that seems to itch and give me red spots (which strangely enough is more comforting than no reaction at all).

    • I’ve used Magnesium oil since May and really never felt the tingle or sting. But within the past few weeks, I have. I am not sure if the batch of Magnesium Oil (Ancient Minerals) is just stronger this time or if my skin is getting irritated from it. I usually only put about 8-10 sprays on at one time (100-125 mg) but I will usually hit a different body part each time throughout the day. At the end of the day I will have 700-900 mg of spray on my body. I don’t think if it stings or tingles is a very good indicator if you are deficient or not. I think other symptoms of Magnesium deficiency are a better indicator.

  163. Hi, my baby will be 6 months old tomorrow. I’m currently breastfeeding! 🙂 about 2-3 months ago I started getting tingling in my feet and hands, and pain in my arms and legs. And was extremely tired after multiple blood work. The last labs I had done a month and a half ago my dr’s office finally informed me this week, my iron saturation is pretty low. And my magnesium level is low. But my b12 is very high. Any ideas why? Also, they put me on a iron supplement 325mg a day. And magnesium oxide 800mg a day. After taking the iron I felt awful!!! And I’m scared to take the magnesium because of its side effects that I’ve read about. Is it safe to take. And is 800mg a normal dosage, for a supplement?

    • Have you ever worked on your gut health? I had some of those symptoms when I was struggling with gut problems

      • In what way? I have bad acid reflux. So I’m on a very plain diet.

        • Hi Estell !!!!!!

          I read tonite you have a bad case of acid reflux…….
          Have you implemented any lifestyle changes first ?
          I have other suggestions as well……..
          Please post on this blog, I believe I can help you…….

          James B

  164. Hi Katie, in regards to the spray made from flakes, would this be safe to spray on my children (ages 9,6 &4). Until we totally get our diet switched to one that is healthier I think this is something they could benefit from as well. Thanks in advance!

  165. Other info to add to the post ….

    Due to a form of Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disease), one medication that I take is Cyclosporine and it is notorious for depleting magnesium. Being an auto-immune disease, it is likely that my gut bacteria is out of normal range as well.

    I tried several forms of oral magnesium and was always pushing the limit of digestive distress and not totally relieving cramping and really odd memory issues … those seem to be tied most directly to the names of things and people. Very much in-the-moment, it is not like being intoxicated, and I can clearly visualize who or what I want, but the name is out of reach. I had one day where I could not recall my wife or son’s name. Another day I could not remember my employee number … it is only three digits and I have used it for 10 years.

    A topical Magnesium Gel really has been a tremendous help. It is applied to the back of the hands and tops of the feet. Being that your kidneys excrete the magnesium, I believe the application instructions intend to create the longest path back to them, so that cells along the way get what they need. I also have applied it to the back of my neck, with the thought that would put some closer to where my brain could use it. It works quite well.

    As an unexpected pleasant side benefit, I have a couple of toenails that have a moderate fungal infection, and this gel made it almost entirely go away … far better than any over-the-counter med and the topical med that my dermatologist prescribed.

    I switched to another brand of product this last time, and this is a Magnesium Oil Spray. I am not as happy with it. I don’t think it is as concentrated/effective, and will be switching back to what I used before. Both are available at the local health food store.

    To answer another poster’s question, this brand of oil claims to be “mined deep under the earth’s surface from the Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands”. The gel claimed some other lakebed of some exotic European location as well.

    Hoping this info can help others, and wanted to add to your terrific website. I will be bookmarking it. Thanks!

    • Hi Jeff,
      What is the brand of magnesium gel that you have used and found great results with?

      • If he said ‘Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands’ then I would suggest trying Life-Flo brand.

  166. the back of my nails turned grey so is the skin around my nails. They looked dirty like I’ve been gardening all day without gloves. I figure it’s either the magnesium oil or the vitamin C that I put on my face for wrinkles, which I apply with my fingers. I’m trying to keep nail polish on them but it help only partially, it’s very awful to look at that.
    That’s the only 2 things that I’m doing different then before.

    Did that happen to someone else. Any suggestion Wellness Mama?

  167. Just wondering if anyone has had bad side effects from this. I made some the other day and found it very itchy on my hubby and my skin, to the point it felt like an allergic reaction. It did go away after a few minutes, but it was so intense I couldn’t imagine putting it all over my body. Also, I was awake all night. I had the worst sleep ever. All day today I’ve been in the washroom as well and feeling yucky.
    Is there a detox period maybe? I really want this to work as magnesium helps my hubby’s gout and I could use the benefits from it.

  168. Do you have any store bought magnesium oil or topical magnesium you can reccommend?

  169. Hi Katie,
    I take armour for hashimoto. Is it safe to take a magnesium supplement? Does it interact with medication? Thank you so much for your great blog!!!

    • I take a similar medicine for thyroid support and I take magnesium but definitely check with your doc.

  170. My husband has a major blood clotting factor, and can’t have much vitamin k in his diet, so will magnesium interfere with his problem?

  171. I LOVE your blog! I’m just getting into the whole “DIY” scene and I’ve already made some amazing toothpaste based off of your recipes…so thank-you! Next stop is body lotion – and I’m low on magnesium too, so I thought I’d combine the two! Your blog is the first time I’ve heard of absorbing vitamins through the skin. My QUESTION is this: what type of magnesium do you have to use? Is there only one specific type that absorbs through the skin? I have “Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Magnesium” already so I’m hoping I can use that. My mom also has some liquid magnesium spray she & I tried to help with pain, but it’s salty and incredibly itchy and never really soaks in. The links you provided for the transdermal method both lead to what looks like mineral salts for the bath…is this the only way to do it? Thank-you so much for your time & wonderful inventions!

  172. Hi Katie, 2 questions for you
    1. I live in pacific NW and its always raining, do i need to take calcium and vit D for the magnesium to work? (I bought the calm powder).
    2. Did you take this while you were nursing? Im pretty sure its safe but I want to mKe sure it wont affect my milk supply.
    I hope to get an answer from you. Im having almost all of those symptoms and my doc wants to put me on meds and i do not want to tKe anything.
    Thanks so much!

    • I took it while nursing without it affecting my milk supply. I also make sure to get Vitamin D when taking it, but typically get enough calcium from food.

  173. Hi, how many grams/milligrams of magnesium do you recommend for treating morning sickness through a homemade lotion, per day? I may use bath flakes or I might try the actual oil, but I’m wondering if you know how much to aim for. Thanks!!

  174. Can’t find the answer anywhere, do you think it is safe to rub the mag oil on my one year old’s feet before bed?

  175. is there any benefit to taking citrate of magnesia?

  176. I have a hormone imbalance. The only way i could get my period is if i take medroxyprogesterone. Would magnesium glycinate pills be able to replace the pills that my doctor gave me?

  177. My husband has severe lactose intolerance and IBS. He can’t seem to take any form of magnesium without it causing worse diarrhea. Will the oil work? What other suggestions do you have?

    • Well, the oil is a very easily absorbed form of magnesium, so it may cause similar problems.

  178. Hello, thank you for your article. I have most of the symptoms you listed. A friend gave me some Natural Calm to help me sleep better at night and energize me. I have been taking one half teaspoon for about a week now. To be truthful I feel horrible, but better (if that makes any since). My mind feels clearer and I am less constipated, but some days my back spazzes, my muscels ache, I feel fatigued, I have a headache, I have no appetite. Do I need to stop taking this, should I increase the amount, or should I continue as is? My husband is not overly supportive of me taking supplements. I am also nursing a two year old and an eight month old. I know I magnesium deficient because of all I have read, not just your article. Thank you for your time and input.

  179. Hi,

    I just stumbled on your post and am glad that it’s here! My doctor recently ran blood work for my magnesium levels and she told me that my levels were “normal,” but I don’t feel like everything is normal, especially since I feel a number of the symptoms you listed. Is there a different test that would be more accurate? Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Lenny !!!

      I’ve read, I believe on this blog, that there is a superior test to the run-of-the-mill mag test. It is called simply the “Magnesium RB Test”. I don’t know anything about it……
      Hope this helps. I wish you the best……..

  180. Hi Lenny !!!!

    I have read about a magnesium test that is superior to
    the run-of-the mill mag test. It is called simply the
    “Magnesium RB Test”. I don’t know anything about it,
    hope this helps………

  181. Hi Wellness Mama,
    Question re: MAGNESIUM OIL

    I used Mag oil for 3 days on all four limbs and lower back…..all went well, increase in energy, muscles eased into relaxation, and just felt wonderful. Then days 4 -15 became lethargic, and mild dizziness…..I kept decreasing the application and found that my initial response could not be regained….due to that my blood pressure was very low. Felt laid out and compelled to lay down out put my feet up. Low blood pressure is not a god thing……..yet my muscles, and tendons, aches, stiffness diminished so remarkably.

    Again decreased to just 8 sprays of mag oil……and still low blood pressure…..will try just 2 sprays to see what occurs….but appears unlikely to produce the same benefit I need….. I do not have kidney disease however wonder if this low blood pressure that is induced form using the Mag Oil is an indication of a Kidney dysfunction? Ever heard of such scenario or any ideas about this dilemma?

    • I have not experienced that, but you may want to see a doctor if you think you may be having kidney dysfunction.

      • Ok. Thank you for the reply….I feel a little silly but I have also been taking Natural Calm for oral supplementation and so that was a higher dosage than what I need or tolerate….therefore I will decrease the oral and the MAg OIL and see how I respond…..SO I dont exceed 300 mg total…for now anyhow.

  182. I’m wondering what the difference is between Magnesium Flakes (which is magnesium chloride) and Epsom Salts (which is magnesium sulfate). We’ve been using Epsom salts for baths, but I’m wondering if we’re getting all the magnesium goodness we need with just the Epsom salt. Do we need both?

  183. I’ve seen a lot of comments about tingling and burning after using the oil. Do you get the same sensation if you soak in the tub with the flakes? I couldn’t handling a long whole body burn if I’m deficient especially if I soak before bed time.

  184. Hello I just am so happy I read your article I never knew I was Low on Magnesium so I spoke to my pharmasist here in the UK and they gave me Tablets I was told to take upto 2 a day each tablet is 187.5mg so ive been taking 2 each day and I can say my sleeping as improved very well I suffered badly from getting to sleep also alot as happened no cramps so all I have to say is a big Thank you for all your hard work id be still stuck if it was not for you I do follow you and you do some good work and really get down to detail so once again Thank you and carry on the good advice kind regards from UK

  185. Hi, I am a 50 year old male form South Africa. Just my 2 cents worth, thanks for this platform. I never experienced any heart problems until about six months ago. Suddenly I felt extreme heart palpitations – about once every 9th beat – It feels like you’re missing a beat but apparently you actually have an extra heartbeat when this happens. I went to the doctors, done test everything – no clear evidence of heart problems. No Doctor ever mentioned the possibility of hearth rhythm problems because of Magnesium deficiency?? Are they deliberate in this or have they not been properly educated during their studies – I eventually got on to the internet and found a similar site to this one and decided to try Slow releasing Magnesium capsules. I take 1000mg before I go to sleep. Well to cut to the chase, It took about 2weeks but the palpitations stopped completely, totally and I am not kidding I had severe palpitations, everyday during the day and during the night! I will forever stay on this product. I feel more alert as well – It seems funny to me that the medical world tries to steer us clear from Magnesium – are they crazy not to even mention this if your heart rhythm is failing?? Anyway if you really experience heart palpitations, have it checked as it could be a result of a heart problem like a defective valve however bear in mind it could possibly just be caused by Magnesium deficiency which is more likely – so easy to solve!!! Hope this helped someone. The product I use here in South Africa is called Slowmag – the point is – slow release of the magnesium into the body – Im no expert but this changed my life back to normal functioning – I actually thought I was done for! Magnesium you beaut!!

  186. Hi, do you give Magnesium to your children? My daughter does not like veggies and I try the hardest to get her eat them. She is very picky with food in general and I think that I have to give her some supplements.

  187. Im now confused.

    I want to take MAgnesium but i dont want to risk low vit D, calcium and K2

    so, should I take all 4 or can magnesium be taken safely by itself

    As with all these things, its not always as simple as singling out one element.

  188. Hello, I just purchased some magnesium capsules and I’ve been getting terribly bad smelling gas since I’ve started taking them. Is my body not digesting them well? Can you suggest an alternative?
    Thank you!

    • Try a higher quality magnesium supplement and increase the dose slowly. Took a couple of weeks for my system to realise magnesium was here in abundance, finally

  189. Hi Katie,

    I know this is gonna sound crazy, but i feel like we are friends. You have helped improve mine and my families life so much since I started reading you blog. A big thank you!

    Now about magnesium…my pregnant friend (just found out and is only 3 week pregnant!) gets severe morning sickness (high levels of HCG, reason for test picking it up so early) and has anxiety. She has been on xanax for the past 6 years, and took it before she was pregnant with her first child. She was basically a shut in when she was pregnant the first time because of her anxiety. It took about 6 months before she was able to get out of the house more. Now I have learned so much about natural things to use, i want to help her get through this more pleasantly. And maybe teach her how to live xanax free after her pregnancy.

    Any other suggestions, besides magnesium? Im sure diet change would make a big difference. Maybe Bach Flower Remedies? Gelatin for sure! FCLO / butter oil for sure! Any thing else that you can recommend for during pregnancy for anxiety or sever morning sickness? Thank you!!!

    • It sounds like you are covering all the bases, but you may want also see if she would be willing to visit a functional medicine doctor.

  190. Did you change your article ? Last I checked you supported natural calm , transdermal magnesium , and an ionic form magnesium . Now you just support transdermal magnesium and you plugged a new specific brand. You’re not getting paid by chance by that company to say that are you ?

    • Hi Holl… good question and thanks for asking it. I have used all of the magnesium options before and after reading more (including The Magnesium Miracle and some recent research on the best form of magnesium for absorption), I personally now just use this type of transdermal magnesium. If you check out the comments, many people complained of the itching/burning from the other type of magnesium oil and digestive problems from internal magnesium. I recently found a study that only 20-55% of internal magnesium is absorbed and that the excess can stress the kidneys, so I don’t feel comfortable recommending internal magnesium until I find more specific information on this.

      As far as the money side- I’ve never accepted money to write a post or email about a product. In some cases, if a product has an affiliate program, I will use an affiliate link (if the price is the same for the reader either way and I make a commission on a product I would recommend anyway). In this case, I actually made a higher affiliate commission with the companies I used to recommend, but switched my suggestion because I truly feel like it is the best option for my readers. I definitely understand your skepticism and I’d probably have asked the same question, but I hope this makes sense…

      • Is there any other spray that can be used that is more affordable? Is the magnesium butter enough? Thanks in advance

  191. Wellness Mama, check out this thread,

    I have read the entire thing. This guy Marcelo seems to really know what he is talking about as he is a doctor. I also have discussed Magnesium oil with a very well respected compound pharmacist and he pretty much agrees for the most part with Marcelo.

    Read the thread when you get a chance. It opened my eyes. I have had a severe magnesium deficiency and put most of my trust in Mag oil and never got better. I am now taking injections, oral, and oil. But I believe with the oil you get bout the same amount or less as oral, 50%.

    There’s not a lot of research and proof out there that Mag oil is what it claims to be. And you will notice the big name people are not supporting it. It is an Ion. Ions don’t just break through the skin barrier very easily. If Ions did, we’d all be dead.

    Anyways, just my two cents.

    • I use transdermal Magnesium oil because it sounded like a wonderful thing that almost everyone is deficient in. I was taking 5000 IUs of Vitamin D a day for about 3 years without supplementing with magnesium. I’ve learned this can lead to magnesium deficiency. I read Holly’s linked article from that Marcelo guy and it made sense. I did my own search and seems like some others agree with him. I suppose you could take Magnesium Chloride internally (that sounds like it would be awful!). Anyway, here is another link that seems to coincide with Marcelo’s article.

      I think the person most involved in the research of Magnesium is Dr. Carolyn Dean. I have no doubt that she is correct–we are all lower in magnesium than we think…but if we are only using transdermal magnesium, we may be doing nothing to correct our deficiency. I know Dr. Dean sells pico level drops of magnesium..or something like that, that supposedly does not cause laxative effect and she claims is the best absorbable type. She claims she is a big burner or waster of magnesium…uses 1000 mg a day or more and notices if she needs more because of heart palpitations. I would think perhaps it isn’t being absorbed–especially if it is only transdermally?

  192. I started the topical magnesium lotion about 3 weeks ago and about the same time started having issues with diarrhea. I know in one of your articles, you discussed having adjust dosage because of bathroom issues (I cannot find that post now.) Is this what you were talking about?

    • Yes… Your body is programmed to get rid of excess magnesium through the bowels if you get too much. I would adjust your dose downward until you are not having issues.

      • Interesting! I went through a period of magnesium deficiency myself (it was awful) and eventually found that oral magnesium glycinate worked the best for me while causing the least amount of bowel distress.

        However, I thought one of the benefits of transdermal magnesium was that it wouldn’t cause digestion issues? I haven’t tried it yet but was seriously considering it.

        In particular the Ease magnesium you linked too looks very promising, provided I stick to the right dosage as you recommended 🙂

        Thanks for sharing this!

  193. A couple of months ago I came across this, and bought magnesium flakes. At first i made the oil. I tried using it here and there but i had a huge issue as i have terrible hands with (hormonal) eczema. I’m saying hormonal because it first stated in my first pregnancy and gets better/worse during and after pregnancy. It was also confirmed by a dermatologist.
    Anyway i also ended up making the body butter but didn’t use it consistently. However as inconsistent as i was i saw a difference in my bloodwork. I was always low on vit d and was taking the largest amout that may be safe long term, and I mean A LOT . It never showed on My bloodwork. Until I started taking the magnesium oil/cream. My vit D went up! Now is months later and i decided I must be more consistent, i did epsom salt/magnesium flakes baths and my eczema really felt better after so i knew it’s good for me. It’s now about 2 weeks that I’m consistently using the magnesium body butter every day or so and believe it or not my eczema is almost gone after 5 years of suffering from it. At some point it was so painful i couldn’t move my fingers, dress myself/kids properly… today my kids touched my hand and we’re surprised to feel a smooth skin on one hand almost completely.
    I have seen a difference when i went to Canada for 2 weeks the eczema went away almost completely. I have a feeling the water is better there with less chemicals added and full of natural minerals. Here in the US I have a feeling that is full of chemicals that destroyed the natural minerals. I haven’t done anything different even when I was away from home. I barged my kids, washed dishes just life at home and it still went away. Whenever someone saw my hands they would say don’t wash if that helps, i use the thick rubber gloves and it still didn’t make a difference, I always ended up with water on my hand eventually. I still use this crappy water but I’m ‘infused’ with magnesium and now is almost gone!
    Thank you for all this information in going around telling everyone about the amazing powers of magnesium.

  194. Really inspired by your amazing, eye-opening article.

  195. Thanks for all the good info, did not know much about magnesium deficiency, I started taking a ZMA about a month ago; and it really has helped in my overall health, I have a lot more energy throughout my day and I’ve been getting a lot better sleep lately.

  196. Can magnesium oil help with non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy? Is there anything else that might help? My feet, legs and now my hands are affected. Terrible pain, swelling, burning in my feet and legs. Numbness in my hands. Thanks for any help you can give.

  197. Good afternoon all:
    I am new to this site and was directed to look it over from my daughter. I went to the doctor this morning and due to the rising cost of healthcare, I am forced to no longer subscribe to healthcare and was looking for alternatives to the medicines I take for hypertension and asthma. I mentioned to my doctor that my daughter was wanting me to take magnesium as she thought I would benefit from it for my chronic fatigue. He told me it would be good for me for my asthma as well. It seems that like the above article mentioned, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes can deplete the body’s source of magnesium as well as other illnesses. I didn’t see asthma mentioned in the article, but after reading about it from another source, I am convinced I am going to try it and see if it will help with my asthma. I developed the asthma about year after I was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 45. I would have never connected the two. Asthma is very prominent in my family and I am hoping that by using the magnesium it will enable me to use my inhaler less and help with my allergies also. I am excited by this website and look forward to exploring the other areas.

  198. What is the youngest age you would recommend magnesium oil/lotion to be put on? I have a 2.5 year old whom I’d like to put it on as well. Is it best put on their feet? I can’t always remember to do it everyday until my symptoms flair up like right now, my legs go numb pretty quickly if I’m not moving. I looked up problems that erupt with a deficiency in magnesium and sure enough, I have quite a lot!

  199. I second the question about what age you think is safe for topical magnesium?

  200. Do you use the Ease or Ancient Minerals brand? You’ve linked to both, and the AM is cheaper, so I’m just curious if you found Ease to be better for some reason. Thanks!

    • I’ve used both… the Ease doesn’t tingle or dry out my skin. Both seemed effective ways to get magnesium levels to me, but the Ease was just more comfortable…

  201. What about using epson salts in your bath. Does that work to increase magnesium?

    • Epsom salt has magnesium however using magnesium flakes will probably get you better results.

  202. Hi,

    Have you ever tried the Omica Organics brand offered through Thrive? Thanks!

    • I haven’t tried that one. Is it a capsule? I’ve personally never had that good of results with a capsule…

      • It’s a magnesium oil spray. The ingredients listed are “Concentrated Liquid Magnesium Chloride and other naturally-occurring trace minerals, Water, and Organic/Biodynamically-grown Lavender Hydrosol (Floral Water).”

  203. This is really one amazing article! I started taking Magnesium Citrate and started seeing results after just two weeks! This supplement has really helped me with lots of different issues you mentioned over here. I feel like a new person since I started taking it!
    Thanks so much! Here’s the one I’m taking:

  204. Have you ever heard of Magnesium causing odd skin rashes? Currently taking Jarrow Magnesium Optimizer (with Mag Malate) and have noticed circular rashes appearing on my extremities. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what may be causing it.
    Thanks so much! Your website is a wonderful resource – my go-to for everything!

  205. Hi! Im in the 12th week of my second pregnancy and have been notified that my VitD is low. Regardless of supplementing. It was low my first pregnany too. I bought the Ease to help with that and because I was feeling morning sickness. It is directed to spray so much on abdomin and other parts of the body. My question is, is it safe to use as directed while pregnant? Did you use any less or avoid certain areas? I’m also still nursing my 22 month old. Thank you so much! I love your post and learn so much great information from you!

    • I’ve used magnesium ehile pregnant, it can actually help with cramping, it helped me also with raising my vit D level. I’ve used internally as well as topically I find topically to work better, have not any bad side affects while using magnesium but did have great results.
      Stay strong, pregnant and nursing doesnt always work for everyone (I’ve done it 3x and have been ridiculed for it, by the second time around i totally disregarded those who dissagreed with my mothering) build your Vit D, your immune system needs to be strong so you can handle it all.
      Good luck.

  206. Hi Wellness Mama

    I love your blog, there is tonnes of info here!

    I am uding home made deodorant with coconut oil and baking soda. But I would really like to try what happens if I substitute bakimg soda for manesium.
    Searching the internet I figured out that you can buy magnesiumchloride very cheap because it is used for deicing roads etc.

    My question is: is this safe to use in a deodorant or what should I be aware of? I have read that magnesiumchloride is used for medicinsl purposes so it should do the trick. Also I think it is even more prone to react with water that epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)


    • I’ve used magnesium spray as a deodorant before so you should be able to do this without a problem. Just make sure to use a high-quality magnesium with no added ingredients and please let me know how it works!

  207. Hi.. I have a question
    I have been reading many books and articles on Magnesium Deficiency, The latest book I read was ‘The Magnesium Miracle” And I’m convinced that I have probably had a lifelong Magnesium deficiency for several reasons.. my diet lacks sufficient Magnesium, a steroid medication I take depletes Magnesium and I have many of the symptoms of deficiency. I have been using a good quality Magnesium supplement for about a week now, I started off slow and low like I do with everything, and have worked up to about 200 MG a day split into two doses. My question is this: can taking Magnesium even if you have a deficiency cause you to have MORE magnesium deficiency symptoms? For instance, about an hour after I took my morning dose yesterday i started getting the eye twitches and a few muscle spasms ( that lasted about 15 minutes) And can taking Magnesium if your deficient cause you to have some ‘detox’ symptoms? I have felt a little nauseous here and there, and tired since starting it . However I have felt some improvement in some of my initial deficiency symptoms. And if this is so, how long does it take for the detox symptoms or the magnification of initial deficiency symptoms to subside?

    • I’ve read that some people can experience that for several weeks or months during the switch. I’d definitely check with a doctor if you have any serious symptoms, and maybe work up more slowly or try a topical magnesium?

      • Thanks! I’ve noticed it subsiding a bit, and I’ve also tried a topical today for my first time so I plan to do both, oral and topical, and just work my way up slowly. Glad to know that it wasn’t just me and that you’ve heard of it happening before!

  208. Just read this article and it’s so me. I have most of the mentioned symptoms. I have been using Epsom salts for baths several times a week and also drinking Calm most nights. I recently had a hair analysis done and it seem my calcium numbers were really high and my homeopath says this may be why I’m not utilizing the magnesium. I am now avoiding all dairy and trying to get things straightened out. She recommended not taking Vitamin D for now. Just wondering your opinions or advice on this? Thanks so much.

  209. Thanks for sharing the information! Great post.

  210. Hey Wellness Momma! I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE!! I had thyroid cancer back in September and had had my entire thyroid removed on September 1st, 2015. The cancer adhered to my trachea and my vocal chord so I had to follow up with radiation. Since my surgery, my parathyroids never woke up so I currently take 4500 mg of calcium daily and 800 mg of magnesium daily as well. Plus calcitrol 2 times a day as well. Lately I have been getting horrible headaches and an inability to concentrate. I’ve had horrible anxiety issues since my surgery and often have chest pain. I normally take 1500mg of calcium with 400mg of twice a day.. Once at 12p and again at 6pm, then just 1500mg of calcium by itself around 10pm. Is there any suggestions that u have on the timeframe I take my meds and what kind of topical magnesium do u think is best, how do I use it, and where can I buy it? Please, I need your help! I’m struggling medically! Thank you!!! 🙂

  211. Hello! I have started taking Ancient Minerals magnesium spray to hopefully help prevent morning sickness and have a couple questions. How much should I take per day? (I have been doing about 300mg daily). Also, how long does it take for the tingling to go away? I have been using it for about a month, yet still tingle so I think I am still deficient. Should I up my daily dosage?

  212. I have diabetes 2, PCOS, Metabolic syndrome, and High blood pressure as well as symptoms of leaky Gut. I’ve tried Magnesium in many forms. Even epsom salt baths (at recommended dosage of 2 cups in a bath, cause the same ” digestive Symptoms”. LOL I can tolerate a handful in the bath, or two in the bottom of a shower tub with the plug in. I’ve read all the articles on our need for it, but I can’t seem to tolerate it. do you think I don’t need it?

    I’m on a low carb diet for the blood sugar, if that helps. Thanks, Kitty

  213. I would like to use topical magnesium as suggested, but I am worried about the side effects I have read researching, particularity “loose stools”. After 35 some years of having IBS symptoms, the past year and half I finally can go out and not worry about “things” happening due to taking a probiotic. I do not want to go back to that life from using magnesium. I was thinking about getting a sample bottle and using one or two sprays a day to see what happens but I am even leary about that. I react to supplements sometimes so I am very cautious in what I take. What are your thoughts?

  214. Hello Wellness Mama,

    Thank you for sharing your precious wisdom with us.

    Following your advice – I bought Natural Vitality Natural Calm. I take half a tea spoon a night.
    It has made me extremely tired. I feel dizzy and want to sleep all day. I like the fact that I am more relaxed and dont get stressed easily however i cant function properly. Please help 🙂

    • That is definitely not the intended reaction. I’d definitely back down some and see if that helps and consult a doc if you have any special concerns.