Coconut Cream Concentrate Recipe

Coconut Cream Butter

Coconut cream concentrate (also sometimes called coconut butter) is an incredibly tasty and filling way to get in your healthy fats from coconut! In essence, coconut cream concentrate or coconut butter is like a coconut version of peanut butter.

Coconut flesh is blended at high speeds to create a creamy buttery consistency. It is dense, filling and packed with protein and beneficial fats.

It is super easy to make and can be flavored with cocoa powder, nuts, dried fruit, etc. for yummy variations. If you like coconut at all, this is a great way to enjoy it!

Coconut Cream Ingredients

  • shredded coconut or coconut flakes
  • coconut oil
  • Optional flavorings including: real vanilla extract, chopped nuts, raisins, cocoa powder, chia seeds
  • Food processor or high powered blender (I use a vita mix)
  • Optional: honey, maple syrup, or stevia for sweetness
Coconut Cream Butter

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Coconut Cream Concentrate



Yield 1 cup

Make your own coconut cream concentrate or coconut butter with this simple recipe that uses just coconut, coconut oil and optional flavorings.


  • 1 cup of shredded coconut or coconut flakes
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Optional flavorings including: real vanilla extract, chopped nuts, raisins, cocoa powder, chia seeds
  • Optional: 1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup OR 10 drops liquid stevia


  1. Pulse the shredded coconut or coconut flakes in the blender or food processor. At first, it will be powdered, then it will start to stick to itself and become smooth like almond butter.
  2. When it starts to get thick, add 2 TBSP of melted coconut oil and keep blending until smooth. Add sweetener and mix until smooth.
  3. Add any flavorings and mix by hand.
  4. Store in a jar, in or out of the fridge or take as an on-the-go snack.
  5. Enjoy!

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This is one of my favorite ways to eat coconut. What’s yours?

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh, you didn’t!! I am a happy, happy person now! I’ve been wanting to make Civilized Caveman pumpkin squares but there’s no local coconut cream source. Now I can whip some up! 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. I’m picturing a small amount of coconut cream, the cosistency of thick peanut butter stuck at the bottom of my Vitamix, and me poking around the blades trying to salvage what I can.  Mayo is bad enough.  Surely, large quantities of the coconut cream end being washed out when washing the blender.

    • It is actually thick enough that it usually falls out pretty well
      with a hard upside down thump. If not, just dip the bottom of the vitamix pitcher in some hot tap water to loosen it up and it should all fall out.

      • I really want to try this as I love coconut but I am confused when you say you keep a jar of this in your purse for snacks?…do you carry along bread or crackers to put it on? How do you eat it?


  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE coconut but have been unsuccessful at making coconut milk. I have resorted to buying it canned, but I would rather not do this. This coconut cream looks like something I could easily make fresh!

  4. Is this the same as coconut butter? I too used my vitamix and that’s what I got.

      • As far as all the definitions I’ve seen, this *is* coconut butter, except with added oil. Coconut “milk” or “cream”, every way of making it that I’ve seen is mixing coconut with water, then filtering/squeezing the liquid out. Not to be overly pedantic, but for effective communication, it’s always important to make sure we agree on what words mean (see FDA, HCFS and the “corn sugar” fiasco).

        • Thanks for the info. This is from what I can tell, the exact same as what Tropical Traditions calls Coconut Cream Concentrate. So many different terms! at least they all involve coconut 🙂

  5. Tried it and loved it! I have a new obsession in life…

  6. Do you have an idea of the length of the first step?  I think I did something wrong because mine turned out a bit grainy. 

    • Just a minute or so. It is definitely thicker like natural peanut or almond butter rather than cream like, though you can get the smoother cream by making coconut milk and skimming the fats off the top when
      it gets cold.

  7. What is the shelf life of this? (Not that I think it’ll last that long…)

  8. Just tried to make this…followed steps exactly, with a Vitamix, but I don’t know how this could be compared to canned products.  It’s like eating wet sand.   Did I do something wrong?

    • This is more of a coconut butter (like almond butter) consistency that is a concentrate to make coconut milk, etc. It is different than the cream that is at the top of canned coconut. Sorry if that wasn’t very clear!

  9. Ohmygoodness thank you! I’ll be traveling a lot with my school this year & no one else eats Paleo so I’m always on the hunt for shelf stable foods and I bring along. Thank you!

  10. Oh how lovely!!  Do you use the wet blender jar or the dry blender jar of the vita mix to do this?

    • Either one works actually but usually the wet one

  11. I make this in my thermomix, takes three minutes and with the use of heat (37 celcius) I don’t need to add the coconut oil. By the time it is finished processing it is pourable, but extremely thick. I keep this out of the fridge because once it cools it is solid. I haven’t added any flavours before but now I will because it is a perfect treat, with the natural sweetness of the coconut, to make me feel like I’ve indulged.

  12. Thank you SO much for this recipe!! I was really wanting to buy some Coconut cream concentrate from tropical traditions to make some goodies for my kids this month and then I saw the price eeek! This is SO much more affordable, especially since I just stocked up on shredded coconut last night for 2.39 a bag! Can’t wait to try this, your a life saver!

  13. Sounds lovely, could i use fresh coconut ?

  14. What went wrong????? I have been looking forward to making this for the first time since I’ve heard of this supposed “Heaven on Earth” (as described by many).I followed the easy directions using my Cuisinart FP and added vanilla ex. to the recommended Trop. Trad. dried shredded coco. I have always loved coconuts and coconut water and had high hopes for this, but the taste of this to me is sort of a DRY/GRITTY/ROASTED NUT taste (though it did liquify beautifully). Is THIS what its supposed to taste like??

    • It is more of a peanut butter/thick texture than a creamy butter like texture…

    • I had originally started making coconut butter in my Breville Sous-Chef FP, but took 10 minutes and was still a little bit grainy. That was the original recipe I followed from Pinterest. I started using my Vitamix and it only took a fraction of the time and came out much creamier. It’s important to make a large enough quantity to get it blending. In the wide bottom 64oz container I fill to somewhere between the 24-32 oz mark. Use tamper until it gets very soft and let process till creamy.

  15. Just made this and I added the tiniest sprinkling of coconut palm sugar. It turned out creamy but liquidy. I assume that since there’s coconut oil in there, it will solidify?
    Do you think this would be good to add to your butter/coconut oil/coffee mix? I think I’m going to try that!!

    • IT should thicken… it would probably be great in the coffee…

  16. I use this as a body butter or lotion.

  17. Does this need to stay in the frig? Thanks!

  18. I am confused about this.. Do you eat it alone? or on something? Thanks!

  19. Would light olive oil possibly work with this? I don’t have any coconut oil and actually don’t care too much for using it (it’s a pain because it gets so hard) so I wasn’t planning on purchasing any anytime soon.

    • Janelle, I would not recommend using Olive Oil. The combined taste of the coconut with the Olive Oil would not be good. If you don’t want to purchase coconut oil, try making the coconut cream without using any oil. You should still get a good product.

  20. How much coconut cream is a good snack? What would you recomment putting it on for a snack to keep my calories to a minimum? I also have IBS.

  21. I liked this more when I doubled the recipe and added about half a cup of water. Yay! Yummyness and health, gotta love it!

  22. Since making this with the added water, even though it was quite yummy, the water made it more likely to go bad quickly, unless refrigerated. The pint of it I had in my purse started to get moldy and had to be thrown away. Very sad! I’m just posting this as a follow up, in case others were misled by me and ended up wasting their ingredients too! Sorry! I think it would be able to work if it were pressed out in a small pan or bowl, refrigerated, and then cut in to cubes or pieces that could be easily popped in the mouth and enjoyed. But, for unrefrigerated portability, don’t add the water. just my two cents. . .

  23. Tastes very good! In order to get this to work in my food processor I had to triple your recipe (3 cups coconut added 6 T coconut oil) this yields about one cup of coconut butter so I definite I suggest multiplying it!

  24. I tried to make this, but the coconut never got past the powder consistency.

  25. How long can this be kept at room temp, before it goes off. Thank you.

  26. What am I doing wrong? I am using a vitamix and cannot get the coconut to turn into the buttery form you mentioned. I even tried tripling the recipe like another comment suggested. Then I tried adding the melted oil but it seems too thick bc the blade just spins in the middle and builds up the coconut mixture on the side. Tried adding water too like another comment suggested, but no success. Now I just have a lot of wasted ingredients :(. Any suggestions?

  27. Wow, definitely gonna try this!

    Just wondering though, is there a limit to consuming this? I might go all-out and crazy and probably have a jar or two of this in a day, lol 😀

  28. what are some of the presavatives used in preserving the cream

  29. I’m a coconut nut, so thanks very much for the recipes. I haven’t tried to make the coconut butter, but I think I really NEED to!

  30. Could add water to this to make it into coconut milk or cream for general cooking ie curries ect. I don’t like buying the canned stuff and have seen some concentrates in the store that you add water to to make milk but they are packaged in plastic. this would be a great alternative.

  31. Hi there,
    I’m going to make this in my food processor…
    but I’m wondering if the heat generated by the food processor will affect the healthy properties of the coconut oil? (ie… will it make the coco oils go rancid/carcenogenic?)


  32. Just to be clear….this is made with UNsweetened coconut, right?

  33. Hi,

    I now make my own home made almond milk and I use coconut flakes and vanilla bean for flavor. Could I replaces the flakes with this ….minus the added coconut oil though. I already make my own date paste which I add to my almond also

  34. This coconut cream recipe DID NOT WORK FOR ME!!
    I tried a blender and tried a good processor. Tried wit sweetened coconut and with unsweetened coconut. Pulsed bith times for what seemed like hours. NEVER got past the POWDER stage.
    I’m going to go BUY Some coconut cream!!!!

  35. Thank you for the inspiration! I will tweak it a bit and use for my hair!

  36. Can I use dessicated coconut? Or fresh coconut meat?

  37. For the first step, do you mean to really pulse it with short steps for about a minute or just let it blend continuously for a minute. Thanks.

  38. I just made this with the leftover coconut from the clusters. I like it. I used vanilla and added just a tad of almond butter. It’s very energizing. Wow. I plan on eating a spoonful of this in the morning while (running around and) getting ready for work. I’m already using coconut oil in my coffee and this will wake me up for sure when I don’t have clusters in hand. 🙂

  39. Hi! I just want to say thanks.
    I was looking for coconut butter to buy, but when i digged further into the subject… Wow a hole new world… so many possibilities, you can eat it, add it too food, creams, sun protection, oil pulling, and probably others.. but the down side, if you want good organic quality it can get very expensive, i live in Bulgaria, Europe, and a 400g jar from Nature’s way is about $22, I don’t know for US, but here that is ridiculous… so yesterday after reading some of your articles i decided to get down to action.. I bought 2 coconuts, shredded and dried the pulp, and after I passed 1st through a coffee grinder, cup by cup, and in the end I obtained the real butter with a hand blender, and i can not believe it 🙂 I succsed, my kitchen is a mess, lots of dishes to wash, but I am very happy.
    Thank you again, you and coconut mama are an inspiration. I wish you all the best!

    • I had my first coconut oil experience today and am so excited! After reading about the benefits of coconut oil, I decided to make some. I live in Mozambique and perhaps a trip to South Africa could yield coconut oil already made, but we have coconuts everywhere here. I read about how to make it on the internet. I used the white part of 4 coconuts plus the water of them. Cleaned, blended, strained and put in the frig to separate. I only got basically two layers instead of three. Most of it became very solid, like butter; a little bit of which was like cream and a very little bit of water at the bottom.

      This yielded 8 cups of coconut flour (gluten-free!) plus 2 cups of liquid. Excited to try this again!

  40. What would be better in coffee, coconut cream or milk?

    • I like it in coffee, but feel free to experiment! It’s very tasty…

  41. Can I use coconut butter for this? I normally use Vita Labs pure organic virgin coconut butter- can I use it instead of the cream concentrate? I am a bit confused as to the difference between the cream and the butter. I did go to the website and asked a representative what was the difference and she said that wasn’t it. I just thought I’d ask since I have not tried it as yet and don’t want to waste a cup of the butter.., it’s pretty expensive.

  42. This is not coconut cream, it is coconut butter

  43. I want so badly for this to work. Its currently sitting in my vitamix all warm and steamy, but crumbly, like wet sand. I pushed it down with the plunger thing, and to no avail. It just wont turn into butter. Please help. I dont want to waiste it.

    • It will be a more crumbly texture than actual butter. It should resemble the texture of a natural peanut or almond butter…

  44. I have an omega 8000 series juicer that I used with the blank to make nut butters. I used the dried coconuts shavings from Tropical Traditions. Apparently they don’t have enough fat on their own to make a nut butter. I tried adding real butter (just a little) and still not enough. I had some roasted pecans that I ran through it with the coconut. That worked! Added a little salt and raw honey. It was great!!

  45. to make coconut cream when you pulse do you use any liquid at all
    Vitamix said i coudl not pulse cocnut flakes , ii would need to use some fluid
    Can you please tell me exactly how you pulse and for how long.
    Ii am new to using the vitamix
    Allegra Hayim

  46. I read all the reviews, failures and successes. The recipe sounded good, so I thought that I would give it a try! Perhaps it was the dry coconut flakes that I used, it turned out gritty and was not smooth like peanut butter. I used my black & dekker processor which always grinds nuts to a smooth paste. It’s definitely a powerful blender and ran it for at least 20 minutes. The coconut became fine but never changed to creamy, eventually I added the oil as I gave up. Disappointed at the end results.