What is Carrageenan?

What is Carrageenan?

If you’ve ever purchased store-bought almond or coconut milk, you may have noticed an ingredient called Carrageenan on the carton. This hard-to-pronounce little additive is the reason I make my own homemade almond milk and homemade coconut milk, but it seems that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to this little known ingredient.

What is Carrageenan?

According to the Google:

Carrageenans or carrageenins are a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides that are extracted from red edible seaweeds. They are widely used in the food industry, for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties.

Edible seaweeds, like kelp and Nori, right?

The Problem

Not so much…

It is important to note that Carrageenan is not digestible and has no nutritional value. It is often used because it thickens and emulsifies products and it is often found even in organic and “natural” products.

It may seem that a simple product derived from seaweed should be non-menacing, and I wish it were. This article explains some of the potential problems:

Although derived from a natural source, it appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella. The result: “It predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding,” explains veteran researcher Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago. She says the food ingredient irritates by activating an immune response that dials up inflammation. Her previous work showed a concerning connection between carrageenan and gastrointestinal cancer in lab animals, and she’s involved with ongoing research funded through the National Institutes of Health that is investigating carrageenan’s effect on ulcerative colitis and other diseases like diabetes.

The concern over food-grade carrageenan isn’t new. Beginning in the 1960s, researchers started linking the ingredient to gastrointestinal disease in lab animals, including ulcerative colitis, intestinal lesions, and colon cancer.

Joanne K. Tobacman, M.D., associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine is one of the leading researchers in the field of digestive health sheds some interesting light on the topic:

Dr. Tobacman said that her research has shown that exposure causes inflammation and that when we consume processed foods containing it, we ingest enough to cause inflammation in our bodies. She explained that all forms of carrageenan are capable of causing inflammation. This is bad news. We know that chronic inflammation is a root cause of many serious diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and cancer.

Dr. Tobacman also told the board that in the past, drug investigators actually used carrageenan to cause inflammation in tissues in order to test the anti-inflammatory properties of new drugs. And she reported further that when laboratory mice are exposed to low concentrations of carrageenan for 18 days, they develop “profound” glucose intolerance and impaired insulin action, both of which can lead to diabetes.

To make things slightly more complicated, there are two forms: degraded and undegraded carrageenan. Technically, undegraded is approved for use in food, while degraded is not.

Degraded carrageenan is also called poligeenan. Chris Kresser looked more closely at the research, and found that many of the animal studies are done using poligeenan and not undegraded carrageenan, which further muddies the water.

Kresser makes this important distinction:

One important difference is that while poligeenan can cause cancer on its own when given in high enough concentrations, undegraded carrageenan has only ever been shown to accelerate cancer formation when administered with a known carcinogen. In other words, food-grade carrageenan has not been shown to cause cancer in animal models. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is is in the clear when it comes to cancer, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a known carcinogen.

When we separate the research on poligeenan and undegraded carrageenan, we find that it is still linked to increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut), intestinal irritation, and colon ulcers. Limited human studies showed an increase in inflammation and cell arrest.

The Bottom Line

It may not be as bad as some sources portray, but there is evidence that it can be harmful, especially if consumed regularly.

Many people report reacting negatively with symptoms like digestive troubles, skin rashes, and other health problems.

The research is shaky on if it is a carcinogen or not, but I’m yet to see any research touting its health benefits. Our family avoids it for this reason, especially as it is just used for thickening products and does not serve a nutritional purpose.

Where is Carrageenan Found?

When you start reading labels, you’ll be amazed at the number of products that contain carrageenan! Most infant formulas do, as well as most store-bought milk alternatives. Many creams, creamers and dairy products also contain carrageenan.

I recommend checking out this shopping guide for avoiding foods with Carrageenan.

Our solution is to find carrageenan free store-bought products, or save money by making our own. If you’ve been consuming store bought almond or coconut milk that contains this additive, consider using these recipes and making your own:

Almond Milk Recipe
Coconut Milk Recipe

Addtional Reading

Chris Kresser’s Research
Public health and carrageenan regulation: a review and analysis
Review of harmful gastrointestinal effects in animal experiments.
Exposure to common food additive carrageenan leads to reduced sulfatase activity and increase in sulfated glycosaminoglycans in human epithelial cells
Check out this book: Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

Have you ever consumed a food with carrageenan? Did I miss any foods that contain it? Leave a comment below with foods you’ve found that contain it and that we should watch out for…

Carrageenan is an additive often found in almond and coconut milk. The research is not conclusive but shows some link to intestinal and digestive problems.

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Reader Comments

  1. Interesting article. I have purposely been buying flouride-free toothpaste with carrageenan for it’s touted anti-cavity properties. Back to the drawing board.

    • If we followed everything we heard or seen we would be on a rocks and dirt diet there seems to be information coming out about this or that not being good for you it is So ridiculous one minute something is good for us then another minute we are called to shun it. I eat a healthy diet and buy my fruits and veggies organic and avoid GMO’s cause some things are just obviously bad for you and we should do good in those areas but as far as what we eat you need to decide what makes your body feel good and what doesn’t people are different therefore react differently than others to certain things.

      • I fail to see your point, as I believe that knowledge is power.

        However, I do seem to remember that saliva causes cancer.

        But only when swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time.

        My point is, this article has important information and made me aware of a potential health risk to avoid. And indeed, there are a lot of them out there. Too damned many, in my opinion.

        David Darell Galbraith

        • Hmm… Interesting how these studies were conducted on ANIMALS. what affect animals affect us differently. For example, chocolate. Chocolate is fatal to an animal whereas in some cases, dark chocolate in small amounts is healthy for the human body.

        • Carrageenan contains free glutamic acid and is a derivative of MSG. http://www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources.html It causes migraines in many people (including my son). That’s another reason to be educated about what you are consuming.

      • Ms. Crawford, your comments remind me of when a cigarette was not considered carcinogenic and was allowed in restaurants, businesses, hospitals, and was frequently seen being enjoyed in the hands of pregnant women. I would venture to say that people thought the cigarette made their bodies feel good. It calmed them down, kept hunger away, it gave them a certain “something” only a cigarette could give them. It would be wonderful if the mere act of enjoyment would magically keep us from the harmful effects of certain products. But, what is actually wonderful is that there was research done and information passed down to all of us as to the harmful effects of smoking. When something causes illness/cancer in the human body, it does not depend on who consumes it or how much they enjoy it. And this is where free will comes in…you may choose to ignore the information out there (continue to take a puff or consume products with carrageenan) or be appreciative that someone is making you aware. As a cancer survivor, I believe knowledge is power and I need to do everything I can to keep what even just “might” be harmful, away from me.

        • Besutifully, compassionately written

        • I wonder if they tested cigarettes back then on animals. I would imagine the little mice trying to puff a cigarette.

          • They did test cigarettes on Chimpanzees and found they became addicted to them as well.. They didn’t think that data was important enough to publish and made available to the public.

            Look it up…

        • Beautifully written! I agree 100%. Glad to see you are cancer free!!

      • Interesting comment, considering this has been known since the 1960s to cause intestinal damage. It is also routinely used in scientific labs to artificially induce inflammation in lab animals so that anti-inflammatory drugs can be tested. So, its damaging effects have been known and documented for many decades.

      • Very interesting comment and I can appreciate when others do not have sensitivities so they have the luxury of blowing off these findings. To wait and find out if the bothers you is to be in my shoes,many doctors later,no answers and a whole lot of pain and sleepless nights. 48 hours after not having any carrageenan and I am free of the knife pains. No one has ever suggested or suspected this ingredient. Im sure I was on my way to crohns and feel so grateful for this information .
        Thank You!

        • Me too… I have had extremely debilitating digestive issues for years and have wondered whether it was the almond milk… recently, an alarm bell went off in my mind and I looked further into it. I found an almond milk with no carrageenan in it and within 24 hours my symptoms cleared up.

          • What brand of almond milk did you find that had no caraneegan in it? Thank you!

          • Califia Brand has none.

        • I googled almond milk and bloating because of my symptoms like yours. I’ve never had such problems and look 6 months pregnant. I’m off it from today and hopefully will return to normal. Very grateful for the information and if others don’t need the information then they can choose to ignore it. Freedom of choice 🙂

        • Hello,
          Did you find out what you were eating or drinking that had his awful substance in it? Are you still symptom free?


        • That is why I’m here. Two years I struggled with stomach/ digestive problems this past 8 days has been heaven. I removed carrageenan and I’m doing much better. Take heed people. This stuff is bad news. I am still concerned about irreparable damage that had been done but glad to be moving forward with knowledge

      • They have known since the 60s that it causes inflammation, and it was swept under the rug, now it’s coming up again, I’m glad tho.

      • I was using the coconut milk and found out about the carrageenan in it .I stopped using it, and contacted the company making it. they told me they were removing it from their products. I don’t know if they did I haven’t bought anymore. Then I found it in my canned cat and dog foods. I avoid those foods with it.. the only one I know is safe is Sheba cat food. I don’t know if it is something to worry about but I am still being cautious.

    • Hi, I too wanted a convenient fluoride-free toothpaste, and found it at Tropical Traditions. The mint flavor is delicious and the coconut oil is good for gums. It does not contain Carrageenan. I am not affiliated with the company but when I find a great product, I like to share.

      • I brush my teeth with baking soda.

    • I have been eating what I thought was pretty healthy and keeping everything as natural as
      possible and have also been dealing with constant ailments such as stomach pains, skin rashes,
      acne, hair loss, itchy scalp with no signs of dandruff, sinus problems to name a few. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few months ago and asked my doctor if it could be related to the food I have been eating, I am gluten free, dairy free, nut free and I don’t eat any nightshade veggies either. He said absolutely not. WELL Thank You Katie for this article. I have been drinking coconut milk regularly for the last few years. I am praying I can heal my body from the damage this so called health food has done to me. I would have never have know of the dangers of this dangerous additive if it was not for you.
      Thank you so very much.

      • Try coconut oil or olive oil on your skin. My sister has chrohns and psoriasis and it has helped her a lot with the psoriasis.

        • I have psoriasis, but since bathing and washing my hair in magnesium all symptoms have gone, good luck I hope this helps.

          • That’s super? Do you use magnesium oil? Do you leave it in, or rinse?

        • If coconut milk is harming her, I would not advise her to use another product containing it anywhere on her Body. Maybe it is Carrageenan or coconut allergy too.

      • Some coconut milks contain carrageenan, but I changed to one that didn’t after hearing about its effect on the body. We use Silk coconut milk that is carrageenan free.

        • I read the ingredients on a Silk Coconut Milk last evening at the grocery store and one of the ingredients listed was Carrageenan.

          • We buy unsweetened Silk Coconut Milk and it does not list carragenan as one of the ingreedients.

          • I’ve also seen that Silk brand almond milk has carrageenan. I shop at Fred Meyer’s and found their Simple Truth brand does not contain it. Very grateful for that. The best way is to make your own, as suggested.

      • Denise….please do some research on Whole30. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what eating WHOLE for 30 days will do to one’s body. There is a book called “It Starts with Food” which explains this, includes testimonials, and my family and I found it extremely interesting. We tried the whole 30 eating program and the results were astounding within 30 days….skin was better, my husband’s blood pressure came way down in the normal level (was high before), inches lost, pounds shed, his reflux issues disappeared, and we are all sleeping better and I no longer snore! I would encourage you to look at this…..crazy what eliminating ALL processed foods can do to a body. Good luck!

        • Lol…”you are what you eat!” I’m amazed at some of the negative comments here! Love seeing comments like yours!
          Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.” Or reverse, but it’s the same either way ?

        • where do I find information about this 30 day diet. I am always looking for healthier ways to eat. It seems everything out there is unhealthy for us today.

    • I took my jar of Radiantly You toothpaste to my 2 year olds dentist to see if she approved of me using it with her. She said she did not approve of the baking soda because it’s too rough on her young teeth. She told me to use Toms of Maine because it’s “natural”–totally placating me. I just checked the ingredients and it contains carrageenan. Any suggestions on what I can use for her teeth now?

      • I just did a search, and this is what they said about baking soda for toddlers:

        Baking soda has been safely used as a dental care product for decades. Using baking soda on a toddler’s teeth is safe as long as a few simple considerations are followed. In addition, many dental associations have approved toothpaste and tooth-powder products that contain baking soda. For parents who wish to avoid tooth care products with fluoride, baking soda may be a good alternative if you get your dentist’s approval.
        Safe Brushing
        Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, a toddler may use a small amount of baking soda moistened with water to gently scrub away plaque and food particles. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are more effective at reaching deposits under the gum line and reduce wear and tear on the tooth enamel. The use of baking soda on your child’s teeth is not harmful and can even be used if your child has sensitive gums or teeth, states Shwetha Dental Hospital.
        So your dentist is just being a normal, traditionalist regarding consumer toothpaste and what we all want for our kids: HEALTH!

        If your child doesn’t eat much in the way of sugary foods, simply brushing them with a wet toothbrush should be sufficient. Or use coconut oil mixed with a few drops of essential oils to help the taste if you really don’t want to use baking soda…..
        happy brushing!

      • Mix baking soda with coconut oil and food grade peppermint, spearmint or cinnamon to give it a better flavor. Also, they’re all antibacterial, so that’s a good thing for our mouths 😀

        • This is what I have evolved to, Coconut Oil with a little baking soda, few drops of peppermint EO, and a little grape seed oil to keep it slightly liquid in Indiana in the winter where the thermostat says 68 degrees and my Coconut Oil is a solid 🙂 Also use a soft toothbrush as described above that I think I found through WellnessMama affiliate OraWellness

      • Try Lush’s toothy tabs! they’re solid toothpaste, so there’s no waste, no fluoride and there’s definitely no carrageenan. Only a bit of baking soda, but mostly essential oils – and there’s different flavors 🙂

      • um…don’t swallow the toothpaste?

        You can’t absorb macro-molecules through your gums.

    • Carrageenan is only harmful if ingested. So unless you regularly eat your toothpaste, it is safe to use toothpaste that contains it.

      • No sane person would brush their teeth daily with turpentine, gasoline, or liquid poison because most people understand that mucus membranes absorb things even more readily than skin. What we rub on our skin goes into our bodies – what we put in our mouths, even rinsed out, does the same. The only difference is, it is accumulative over a period of time. In addition to absorption through the mouth membranes, a small bit is ingested from time to time. It’s unavoidable. I recently discovered that my natural, healthy toothpaste contains carrageenan. This was after experiencing chronic morning hives. When I stopped using the toothpaste, the hives went away. When I tried it again, the hives were back. Also, the hives began after I started the second tube of toothpaste, so it proved to me that the buildup of carrageenan was gradual, but certain. Thank you.

        • Just wanted to add to my comment above: I later discovered that my hives were primarily caused by a homemade soap that was a gift. After throwing away the soap, my hives almost completely stopped. I started using the natural toothpaste again and found that, when used sparingly, it does not cause hives. I wanted to clear that up. Thank you.

    • You should look into comfrey root powder for cavity reducing.

    • Please be careful and read what is in not only your toothpaste but your body/face lotions, food, cosmetics, etc. We are now the generation of label reading as more and more I am finding that our government/FDA are allowing more and more “fillers” to be put in to so many things which we digest. Aluminum is another “filler” in which you have to look out for. There are many links you can find information about aluminum. I just had to change my deodorant and toothpaste because they contain Aluminum. I sat down one day and looked up all of the ingredients in a box of Pumpkin Corn Bread mix from Trader Joe’s and besides it containing soy and corn, both GMO, the fillers which it contains made me feel ill and like I had to go to the emergency room right then, lol! It’s not funny as to what is going into our food source. There is so much more which we do not pay attention to because maybe like me, you trust our government to only do what is right to our food source. We must be our own advocate when it comes to reading labels and finding out what all of those words, which we can not pronounce, really are as not only are we consuming them, we are feeding them to our children without knowing what they are. If you are concerned about carrageenan then I am sure you most likely be concerned about the other items I mentioned above. Good luck and read labels!!!

    • It sounds like eating food with carrageenan often maybe be bad for you but the levels of it that you’d ingest while brushing your teeth probably are not enough to harm you unless you are eating your toothpaste instead of spitting. I know some people are extra cautious but personally I’m going to still use carrageenan toothpastes but I’m going to avoid foods containing it. Also I wish they weren’t putting fluoride in our water. Fluoride strengthens teeth when applied to the teeth but ingesting it all the time seems unnecessary and potentially dangerous to our bone health and may be contributing to increased osteoporosis.

    • Watch for carrageenan in Muscle Milk Organic (Vanilla with other natural flavors) and it is organic protein shake on USDA Organic. I bought it at Costco and I personally didn’t know carrageenan was really bad. That really sucks when I trusted the government that put safety health in our food source. What kind of world it is that we’re living in?

    • Did you actually READ the article?

      In other words, food-grade carrageenan has not been shown to cause cancer in animal models. That doesn’t necessarily mean carrageenan is in the clear when it comes to cancer, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a known carcinogen.

      Remember, these studies are looking at carrageenan as a percentage of the entire diet, not just less than 1% of a small portion of the total diet, as is the case when using milk replacement products.

      Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether they used food-grade carrageenan rather than poligeenan in this experiment.

      As with magnesium stearate and soy lecithin, carrageenan has been frequently portrayed as significantly more harmful than is supported by available evidence. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a known carcinogen, and although some studies implicate carrageenan in ulceration and inflammation, some show no adverse effects.

      The Irish have been using it for CENTURIES as remedies. A wholesome or healthy diet is best, but an alarming article shows poor judgement and irresponsibility.

    • This post confuses more than it helps, I actually went on and did some more research, and as far as stabilizers go, carrageenan is so much better than anything else out there, such as gelatin from animals, starches and other synthetic products. It seems that to go on a crusade against one of the most innocuous stabilizers while there are so many things out there that are truly harmful seems a little extreme

      • Food grade carrageenan is used in many products as stabilizer, name it, you have it, with very FEW exceptions. Even the capsules and gels for medicines and food supplements are made from it. Poligeenan is used in electronics, plastic ware and other industry applications. I think the demand for it in all applications has been considered well. If indeed it is harmful, especially for use with food, i wonder what stabilizer one can use. Many food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related industries face a huge problem. Just sayin…

    • Well, at least with the toothpaste, you’re not swallowing it (are you?)

    • You’re not ingesting the toothpaste though…

    • Try Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste.

    • I too just discovered my toorhpaste had carrageenan. Darn!

    • Check out ugly by nature brand toothpastes 😉
      Free of fluoride and carrageenan!

    • I was right there with you. That carrageenan stuff is everywhere (including my favorite pre-roasted rotisserie chicken from the store.)! I currently use tooth cleaner from Tropical Traditions. I’m always on the lookout for a product I can settle on.

    • Walmart is injecting that carrageenan stuff in chicken breasts along with some kind of 15 percent broth, selling it to consumers proudly.

    • Try Earthpaste. Lemon is my favorite.

    • Try xylitol. I have used it for 6 yrs now and no cavities and halted gum disease. Readily available in health food stores.make your own mouth wash,1/2cup in14of.

  2. Watch for carrageenan in aloe juice/gel….

    • I just ordered a bottle of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel and it has carrageenan listed first in “Other Ingredients”,. I use it in my skin lotions as it seems to calm my hives, but this is the first time I have used this brand with this in it. Is it really dangerous as I have 32 oz of it ordered online and not easy to return.
      Would sure appreciate some insight

      • YES. Return it and tell them why as well as, the fact that you don’t appreciate their practice of hiding toxic ingredients in what has become a trusted “health” product. Also, ask who the parent company is and how long ago they took over LOD. I’m guessing it’s Proctor Gamble, or some other huge corporation, and the very reason we can’t trust any of the products or labels in health food stores anymore. PG bought out New Chapter years ago btw, a once extraordinarily reputable company. Regardless, don’t let them off the hook.

        • You sent a very helpful reply and I will be returning it and letting them know it seems the bigger they get the less quality product. Will not buy any Lily of the Desert products for now.

  3. Lunch meats contain also, even nitrite free 🙁

    • Even “nitrite-free” lunchmeats contain nitrite if they contain celery juice (which most/all do). In fact, celery juice can contain *more* nitrite than regular cured lunchmeats. So…you’re being hornswoggled.

  4. Carageenan is especially problematic for those of us with Graves’ disease or other forms of hyperthyroidism. All forms of seaweed (and shellfish, too!) are extremely high in iodine which can stimulate thyroid activity, leading to weight loss, heart irregularities, poor digestion, and more.

    • Thanks for sharing the info about Graves. One more thing for us to look out for.

    • what about hypothyroidism ? I know that is misspelled but you get it I know.

      • Hypothyroidism is not a misspelling. It is a disorder of the thyroid wherein it is not active enough. If you meant hyperthyroidism, that means an overactive thyroid. The two extremes both result in physical problems, just different ones.

    • I keep getting digestive issues after having my morning coffee with Sweet Italian Cream in it. I finally read the label and looked up all the ingredients. The most likely culprit is probably the carrageenan. I am going to stop using it and see if this is the reason I keep having tummy troubles.

  5. Ugh. The ubiquity of carageenan drives me crazy.

  6. It’s definitely in most dairy products…sour cream, whipping cream, ice cream :(. I’ve also found it in toothpaste as well. I live in Canada and found Silk brand Almond Milk does not have carrageenan. Thanks for the info!!!

    • Thanks for the comment I’ve been using their almond coconut milk blend, but want to try this to save money.

    • I would like to know if there ANY source of buttermilk without the carrageenan. I love buttermilk before I go to bed with cornbread. I don’t know if I have any problems from it or not but I get terrible cramps in my feet at night and pain in my knees.
      I am 82 years old and I try very hard to eat healthy. I don’t take any medicine and I certainly don’t want to start taking any if I can possibly avoid it. Is there ANY WAY I can get buttermilk without carrageenan in it? I would make my own but I guess I would have to buy the milk to make it and then it would probably have it in it also.
      When I was growing up I used to churn the milk into buttermilk and butter but we had our own cows.
      I would appreciate any comments on this – Thanks for the health articles – I try to keep myself informed

      • On amazon.com you can buy a buttermilk culture packet to add to a warm milk (1quart)… and the next day..YUM a delicious buttermilk with NO carageenan! Then.. when you want to make your next batch, you just add 1//3 of a cup of your old buttermilk to another quart of warmed milk and you can keep it going for a long time! Plus whole milk buttermilk is hard to find (its usually lowfat) so you can choose
        to make it wth whole milk … its very creamy and delicious!!!

  7. I always look for alternative milk without carrageenan. It hard to find products without. Even dairy products like cream cheese have it. Carrageenan can irritate IBS.

  8. Wow! I’ve really been adding coconut milk (one of the brands you pictured above) everyday to my smoothie and to my turmeric tea thinking I was doing a healthy thing. I’m not saying it’s the cause, but I have had a strange unexplained rash. I’ve done food eliminations from my diet, but not the coconut milk. There’s so much to know about our food sources, additives, etc. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  9. My niece has a seafood allergy so severe that she also reacts to anything containing carrageenan. Our family learned pretty quickly how extensively it is used. I was suspicious but hadn’t researched it yet. Thank you for this information!

  10. 🙁 My SO Delicious coffee creamer has it.

    • So doesn’t my International coffee creamer that I have been using for YEARS. It says less than 1%. sigh.

    • I started making my own coffee creamer with organic sweetened condensed milk and vanilla almond milk and add some vanilla extract. The store bought coffee creamers have a lot of artificial additives as well as carrageenan and this does not. Make sure you buy almond milk without carrageenan. It has a lot of sugar but far healthier than the store bought brands.

      • Could you give me the measurements you use for this homemade creamer? Also, what brand of Vanilla Almond Milk is carrageean free?

        • Rosalie, I’m not the one who wrote the comment above, but since Beverly hasn’t answered you, I will. Try experimenting with the amounts of the 3 ingredients she suggested. Make small batches to taste, until you get the ratios the way you like it. Also, a brand of almond milk without carrageenan is Silk Almond Milk, in vanilla flavor or unsweetened.

          • It has gellan n locust bean gum though

  11. Thank you for posting this–carrageenan is everywhere–it seems more so in gluten-free foods. People need to be educated about this!

  12. DoTerra peppermint beadlets have carrageenan in them. 🙁

    • My just arrived today. Thinking about returning them. So sad:(

  13. The picture in this article has a picture of organic valley half and half which I have in my fridge and it does not have it in the ingredient list. I buy it because it does not have it in there! i hate that its in everything. What can we eat anymore and why does our food have to have bad products?!

    • It all boils down to profits. Various additives add shelf life to foods (preservatives), get people addicted (sugar and caffeine), add color or appeal, and add extra taste (MSG and so forth). That equals money in the pockets of food manufacturers, and ill health to consumers. Magnesium stearate (also not good for the body) is in most vitamins and supplements because it speeds production – the product flows better and doesn’t stick to the machinery, so they can produce more at a faster rate. Unfortunately, we live in a society that lives fast, and wants dazzle in everything, including their food. It’s sickening…literally.

  14. Just thought I’d share that the Whole Foods brand almond milks do not contain carrageenan! 🙂

    • Whole Foods ice cream brands also do not have carageenan…..so more good news!

      • I live in Vermont and I don’t think there is 1 Whole foods in the whole state 🙁

  15. I prefer to make my own coconut milk. It’s much cheaper, tastes better and oh so easy to make. I think anything that causes inflammation is especially not good for auto-immune diseases as it exacerbates leaky gut.

    • No wonder I can never feel 100% better. I have autoimmune disease, candida and leaky gut. I was drinking 3 cups of almond milk a day. I add my supplements in it and blend so that they assimilate better in my body. Please give me your recipe 🙂 I would really appreciate it.

  16. Wow it’s even in organic products! Makes me realize I need to be more careful about reading labels! I’ve been buying Daisy sour cream because it is free of carrageenan but is not organic. Sadly once again our health is sacrificed for the almighty dollar. We need to speak loudly with what we won’t buy!!

    • You should be very careful buying diary products that may be using rBGH. I would greatly urge you to do some research on the chemical and its effects on cows and humans. The entire European Union banned it.

  17. Wow. . . thank you so much for this article. I always wonder at strange-sounding ingredients!

  18. I’m just shock at how much garbage there is in our food. Even when you try to make strides to be healthy. I think of myself as a well informed consumer, but I hadn’t heard about carrageenan before.

    Thanks for the great information! I’ll be back for more. 🙂

  19. I think Silk Almond milk doesn’t have it……

  20. Thank you for the post. It is very revealing. I have been on gluten and sugar free diet for over 6 years. My health has slightly improved, no doubt. I did noticed that what ever gluten free food bought in the store has actually brought me back to square one. Now, I know why.

  21. Just one more example of problems with store-bought products, the need to read labels and question everything. Fresh is best and I try to make as much as I can myself, but it’s not always possible. Thanks for the heads up, I really appreciate people like Katie (and Chris Kresser, etc) that continue to learn and share the information gained.

  22. Thanks so much for this information, I will be checking my produce. And thank you for including the recipes – I have 3 coconuts and almonds so guess what I’ll be making 🙂

  23. The processing of carrageenan releases free (mono) glutamates. There is a great talk on TedX called “Unblind My Mind” that describes how this happens and she provides a resource on her site to over 50 ingredients in our foods that are mono glutamates (read:MSG). Carrageenan is on that list.

    • Thank you for this information! I can’t believe I did not know this. I have a terrible reaction to MSG and I also get very sick if I eat ice cream with carrageenan in it. It makes sense now!

    • THANK YOU for that link, Kelley. It is really astonishing and helpful in my healthy journey. I also want to say Thank You for taking the time to provide such useful information to the masses, Katie.


    • Good book on Neurotoxins by Russell Blaylock includes a list of MSG clones, including carrageenan.. Google it- they are poisons to your brain hiding behind thirty different names…

  24. Almond Breeze Almond Milk also has it in it. I just checked… I use that all the time thinking it’s healthier. I have celiacs and my daughter has issues with her tummy also. This is horrible. Thank you for sharing as I’m just beginning to learn how to steer clear of dangerous foods.

  25. I was having a rectal discharge and some cramping and happened upon an article about Carrageenan. We were eating a dish of ice cream every night and checked the ingredient list. There is was listed. I stopped eating the ice cream and have not had any more trouble. I buy Daisy sour cream and at present Silk Almond milk. I do check all products for ingredients. I’m so glad to hear about this and thank you for bringing this info to many others. I may try to make my own almond milk.

  26. My son and I definitely react strongly to it…we make our own almond milk. Since we don’t really eat processed foods, we don’t find it an issue to avood.

  27. I have been reading about agar-agar, (I have recipes that call for it) which is also made from red seaweed. Is this the same as carageenan, or is there a difference?

    • Did you ever find an answer to this? I have the same question, and can’t seem to find the answer anywhere on the Internet.

  28. Thanks so much for the info. very valuable to me!

  29. What is another word for Carrageenan? I don’t see it in my coconut or almond milk ingredients

  30. I have a severe allergy to carrageenan so I avoid it like the plague! It is also found in lunch meat and recently I found it in the store brand raw chicken breast! I read all labels just to be safe but the raw chicken stunned me. People really are unaware of what they are eating.

    • Yeah it’s criminal. Our food is being made by sociopaths.

  31. I wrote to JJ Virgin about carrageenan last year and she told me I was over reacting but So Delicious the brand of almond milk she uses was
    supposed to remove carrageenan from it’s ingredient list but I’ve checked recently and it’s still in there. The problem with the Whole Foods brand is it has some other ingredients that are questionable. If in doubt make your own. When I go to my local health food store they are always showing me grass fed items (ie ice cream) and it usually has carrageenan or guar gum. They act like I’m ridiculously picky.

    • I find the same indifference with almost all stores, organic or not: they seem to think like traditional marketers about certain ingredients that many have discovered are unhealthy and unsafe, and think that we’re being super picky and maybe even a bit insane.
      I’m so tired of being treated that way just because I CARE about what goes into my body and how it affects my health!
      I guess that educating them is the best answer, and directing them toward blogs like this is the only way that they will ever change. One person (employee) at a time. It has worked for me a few times when I have told them to do research on something, and later they will stop me and tell me they had no idea.

    • Since April 2015, SD took out the carrageenan from the coffee creamers, Yeah!

  32. funny thing is, almost anything bought in a supermarket, organic or not, seems to contain something to preserve shelf life, or to extend it. why not shop in a wet market where all you have to compete with is time (how long has the stuff been collected from the source farm, fishery or processing plant…

  33. I have tried making almond milk about 3 times now and for some reason every time it has had a “skunky” flavour that has made it undrikable. I am so frustrated. I have soaked the nuts, I haven’t soaked them. I have used homemade vanilla in it and artificial. I don’t know what is going wrong. On the plus side, I my coconut milk turns out great. I just want a variety for my kids.

    Has anyone else ever had this problem?

    • I don’t by almond milk anymore. I make it and have never had the problem you have. I buy organic almonds from our local coop, because almonds from the big-box stores do not taste as good. I put one (1) cup of almonds and three (3) cups of purified water in the Vita-mix blender and blend till it looks really smooth. Sometimes I will put a few dates in for a little sweetness. I, then, strain it in a nut bag. The milk is creamy and yummy. I put the pulp in a baggy and freeze it until I am ready to use it. It spoils rather quickly, so needs to be frozen if not used right away. So far the ways I have tried the pulp in hot oatmeal and pancakes. Yummy! Eventually I want to try it in soups, gravies, cornbread, cookies, etc. Hope this gives you some ideas. Definitely try fresh, good quality almonds and run your water through a water purifier. I use the Britra pitcher to filter my water, and it makes it tastes so much better. Our water also effects the way our food tastes.

      • Have you tried using blanched almonds? Pour boiling water over raw almonds for 5 minutes then peel the skin off (it usually pops off, so easy to do). Could be the skin giving you the ‘skunky’ flavor.

  34. I am gluten-free and I am realizing that carrageenan causes digestive problems as well. It is a major bummer cause it is virtually every brand of heavy cream 🙁 and most other dairy products.

  35. Great info. I have been a clean eater for a couple of years now and have noticed huge differences in my well being. It is a shame that we have to be so careful, even with so called “health” foods. Knowledge is the key, and thanks for putting it together for us!

  36. Thanks Katie for such an informative article! I nursed my son until he was 13 months and then I started giving him coconut/almond milk twice a day for the next year (he just turned 2). I would like to continue to make sure he gets enough calcium/Vitamin D, and certainly do not want to continue to do it by means of these milks. Any suggestions? I have been giving him about 5oz of 100% orange juice with Vit D/Calcium. We have also been having 1 yogurt a day, and we eat a very balanced and whole foods diet. I am all for making my own milks, but they aren’t going to contain the benefits of the added Vitamin D and Calcium are they? Also, I have found generic almond milk at our local store, but it contains gellan gum, which I believe according to Chris is better than carageenan, but what are your thoughts on that? Thank you!

    • I have added calcium powder to homemade milks before but I prefer in the summer to let the kids get the Vitamin D from the sun and from cod liver oil and the calcium from meats with bones and sardines 🙂

      • Great, thank you! We have been going outside for our D, but living up north, it will only last a little longer! 🙂

  37. Dog food. Carrageenan can be found in many types of canned dog food.

    My 20 pound dog ate Wellness canned dog food for years and last year we had to finally remove a benign fatty tumor that had grown to two pounds! Vet said it was the biggest one for any size dog when compared to the weight that he’d ever seen in decades of his practice.

    • Not just dog food but cat food as well including the grain free. The only grain free cat food without is Wellness Chicken and only the chicken. All their other flavors have carrageenan. Very frustrating. We need to let manufacturers we aren’t happy. Look for Guar Gum too. I don’t want either in my diet and I don’t want it in my pet’s diet.

      • I called Wellness and told spoke with the Customer Support rep, to tell them I was switching from Wellness Cat food to Weruva (carageenan free) because it made two of my cats could not keep it down. As soon as I switched brands, their stomach problems went away. I asked them if they were considering removing it and they said no, they had not had any other requests. Don’t know if that was true or they had to say that for legal reasons. Maybe if they hear it enough!

    • It’s also in fresh pet rolled refrigerated dog food! I just bought 3 med size rolls. My dogs love it too! Gosh, guess when they are done with it I’ll just give them Honest Kitchen dehydrated turkey named Embark. . All good stuff in it. I drink lactaid and its in it too! Guess I’ll try milk again!

  38. This is on Wikipedia here. It’s a short article but worth a read. You really have to be a chemist/biologist/detective to eat healthy these days. An excerpt:
    “Carrageenan has undergone many long-term dietary studies under defined regulatory conditions en route to its current global regulatory status. While some indicate that carrageenan safely passes through rat GI tracts without adverse effect when it is a dietary ingredient, other animal dietary studies have observed colitis-like disease and tumor promotion.”

  39. Thanks for cluing me in about the hazards of carrageenan. I wondered what it was…but didn’t take time to look it up. Now I know! I pinned your recipes for homemade almond milk and coconut milk, since that what we consume most often. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  40. Is carrageenan in toothpaste bad since you don’t swallow it? I just bought a tube of “natural” toothpaste for $8.00 yesterday at our local health food store and it has it in it! 🙁 I am so disappointed, I can’t really afford to waste it, don’t have the money to buy something else right now!

    • RETURN IT!! and tell them why. Let them know that for the prices they charge and the reputation they assume that THEY should be playing detective, not us. We need to start some sort of consumer awareness coalition that sends out alerts to the masses (the health food shoppers at the very least) telling them what products to boycott and why. From there, hit a ‘send’ button that goes to the CEO of the corporation letting them know that their product is unacceptable and that it will be boycotted until an acceptable level of integrity is met…Something like that.

      • Technically carrageenan IS natural. It is sourced from edible seaweed, as the article states. I think there is some more information to be found on this subject. Seamoss contains large amounts of carrageenan and is found to have extensive benefits! Maybe there are different types, or manners of processing to take into account.

      • I just saw a product claiming to be a healthy skin serum for out in the sun or indoor tanners! Healthy is really being redefined. It contained Grapefruit EO! Photo sensitivity in a sun product! I tried to leave a post and they blocked me!

  41. I was just wondering: is agar agar (also made from red seaweed) the same as carrageenan? I have tried to search it, but can only come up with sites that sell it and/or carrageenan or think carrageenan is great stuff.
    I have recipes that call for agar agar, and just need to know if it is safe, or does it have properties like carrageenan that make it harmful to consume.

    • I haven’t researched it much but it is on the list. I use gelatin in place of agar agar in recipes so I haven’t used it at all…

      • Oh please look into it, We are vegetarians so Gelatin is out for us, and I literally just experimented with Agar today to try and make my boyfriend a sugarless jellied cranberry sauce out of cranberry juice and a few other things for thanksgiving…

        • No, Agar is made from a completely different seaweed. It is a great vegetarian alternative to gelatin, BUT be careful about how long after making a product with Agar you continue to eat it- Agar is used in petri dishes to grow bacteria cultures because it has no antimicrobial features at all and because it contains simple sugars that are easily and quickly digested by bacterias. While that’s fine if you’re just making something same-day, anything you store could break down /disintegrate or grow some nasty goo based on what is floating around in the air.
          There’s an interesting tidbit I read about where a guy, for fun and experiment, created an ‘edible/biodegradable’ cup (like a solo cup) from Agar. It worked finefine for it’s initial use, then for fun he let it sit and showed how it quickly disintegrated.

  42. Meh. This sounds horrible. Thanks Katie. Pinning.

  43. I just wanted to tell you my story. My son has been in and out of the hospital, all over the US, and medical profile sent all over the world. No one could figure out what was wrong with his liver. I started to change his diet and talk to researchers. I pulled him off carrageenan and his liver swelling, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes, bloating, and copper storage all started to heal. I have told everyone, doctors and friends alike, about this. I too went off of it and have stopped having headaches.

  44. One of the items in the picture at the top of your page…the Stoneyfield YoKids…I buy all the time. Carageenan is NOT an ingredient. It contains pectin. Which I’m guessing is used similarly as a thickening agent. Case in point some of those products don’t even contain the ingredient you are writing about in the first place!

    • Randee, Check out unblindmymind.org! It is a revelation! There you will find a list of over 50 ingredients that contain Free Glutamates ie: MSG!! Pectin is on the list and so is Gelatin Katie! It’s absolutely everywhere!! The only way to eat is fresh, organic, homemade UNPROCESSED food! Here’s to your good health and happiness!

      • OMG! Please! not gelatin. Even Great Lakes? Kaite, how can we find this out?

      • If you make your own homemade stock… it is going to have MSG’s… The only way to avoid it is to eat raw everything… although, this isn’t always the best choice either…

        Everything in moderation… balanced nutrients from a rainbow of colors,textures…etc.

  45. Not that these are even remotely healthy, but Trader Joe’s “This Strawberry Walks into a Bar” cereal bars, kind of similar to a NutriGrain bar, have Carrageenan in them.

    Re: Almond Milk, I’m sure it’s best to make your own, but for those interested, the refrigerated Silk brand unsweetened almond milk does not have carrageenan. Ingredients are – “Almondmilk (Filtered Water, Almonds), Sea Salt, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Natural Flavor”. I am not sure about those last 4 items on there, though.

    • “Natural Flavor” could mean just about anything, so I wouldn’t trust that ingredient at all.
      I have only found one source for organic sunflower lecithin, and that was made by using hexane which is a toxic product to extract it. I contacted the manufacturer to confirm this, so although it’s better than soy, I wouldn’t trust that ingredient, either…..
      Why can’t they just make almond milk with JUST almonds?!?!

      • Because it would go sour within 48 hours, even with refrigeration. At least, mine does and I simply blend homegrown organic almonds, soaked overnight, with filtered water.

    • The lecithin is soy based unless otherwise specified and “natural flavor” is DEFINITELY msg. Don’t know about the other ingredients. Also, keep in mind that all almonds in this country are radiated. I don’t know why, but this came to my attention several years ago. I don’t eat almonds, so I don’t really care, but think others should know.

  46. I find it disturbing that testing on laboratory animals is so casually mentioned here. How is inflicting nasty digestive conditions on animals acceptable? Why must they suffer on our behalf? This really seems to conflict with the “natural” ethos of this site. And I speak as a fan of Wellness Mama.

    • Sadly lab animals suffer no matter what, we have pet rats and get so angry every time we think about anything like that happening to our babies, and yet it happens all the time 🙁 the way this planet works is so messed up and cruel sometimes…. All the people seem to care about is money which is funny because technically money is a completely made up thing :/ …

  47. Oh my!! I bought ham the other day with what looked like normal preservatives in it. I’m eating the auto-immune paleo diet to break leaky gut and hashimotos. It’s the first instant food I’ve had in a while and thought the ingredients looked safe. The next day, I felt terrible with my thyroid extra low. I even started getting a slight rash on my arm. I decided to check up all the ingredients of the ham. The one was a stabilizer – E407. Looked it up and recognised the name carrageenan from your blog post. So glad I could finally find the evil culprit to my inflammatory response. This stuff is bad! Especially with someone who’s health is delicate.

  48. I have noticed Trader Joe’s almond milk in the cold case does not have carrageenan in it!

  49. Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinner Ranchero Braised Beef has it. I noticed it in the ingredients and looked up what it meant. I will definitely read all my labels from now on.

  50. I also just recently have heard of this. From my integrative medicine doctor. They told me 2 brands in milk to get. One is Silk Almond Milk and the other… I cannot remember but it is coconut milk. These two specific brands do not have Carrageenan in it. But I also have a question… I have seen this in cosmetics or soaps too… Sliquid Naturals has it in one of their products. I was wondering if it is harmful if not ingested? You seemed to focus on just the digesting it, but would be harmful to the skin, our hair, and yes, our hoo-ha’s for a lubricant? Im not buying that one, but I just stumbled upon it.

    • It doesn’t seem to be harmful to the skin, but if there is a good option that doesn’t have it, I’d go with that.

  51. It is both amazing and depressing finding out how BAD food is! In the recent months me and my husband have educated ourselves on processed foods, gmo, Monsanto. We have switched almost fully over to organic foods. Here and there we buy other stuff but not near as much as before! I came across this article because I’m laying here getting ready for bed eating a PayDay candy bar. I was curious and looked at the label. Been meaning to look it up “carrageenan” anyways, and this came up. Wow, I swear the food industry has it out for us. And I can’t help but wonder if its population control. Pray for this world, it’s only going to get worse and harder to buy organic!

  52. We have found that my son reacts to Carrageenan. We avoid it like the plague!!
    He wasn’t feeling well the other day and we went back and looked at what he was eating and it
    was in Reddi Wip!! We went to Whole Foods and i thought ok i will get the 365 brand-NOPE in there too!
    Something seriously needs to be done to get this removed from foods! This stuff is so bad for people! My son already can’t hardly eat anything because of having reactions to food, he is going to end up with nothing to eat if crap keeps getting added to our food supply!
    He is celiac, allergic to nuts & peppers and can’t eat corn, potatoes or carrageenan.

  53. Katie, Wow, been using glucerna snack shake for a few weeks, it contains carrageenan, it’s for people with diabetes. I’m not diabetic, just trying to stabilize my blood sugar. Like, diabetics don’t have enough problems. I have had lots of allergies to certain foods and meds in past. One more thing to watch out for. Thanks for the warning. Sent it out to all my friends and relatives.

  54. I’m a little confused. Good info in the article. It’s talking about the damaging effects of INGESTING carrageenan, right? Is it worth being concerned about in topical agents like creams, facial scrubs or toothpastes, which you’re not swallowing (hopefully)?

    • I do not worry about it as much in topical applications since the studies are on the dangers to the intestines.

  55. I ave been using the pacific almond milk, its a shelf milk I buyin bulk bit just read the ingrediants and its in there! Now I must find somethig else.., I like the shelf milk fo the fact I can stock up and not run out. Ill have to check Trader Joes for what ese they have… or go to whole foods but they are quite a bit more $$ so will have to see… altho my son doesnt like almond milk but i buy him organicand believe it or not the simpley nature organic milk at Aldi’s doles not contain it! WOOHOO!

  56. So far Silk’s new cashew milk seems to be free of carrageenan although I’m not sure of its other ingredients.

  57. In the past 5 months I have been having horrible intestinal upsets and found that carrageenan or any other seaweed is the problem. Within 10 minutes after eating it I am very sick, so I am very careful to read all labels before buying a product. I have also noticed it’s in my dogs canned food!!! Why, oh why, is it necessary to put bad things in our food? ( I also have a thyroid condition)

  58. LifeTime Cal/Mag

    ugh! so disappointed right now. my 4 yr old son has been taking this as per a trusted recommendation. I went to reorder it online and decided to read reviews. I noticed a comment about carrageenan and then realized it’s even in his supplement. he doesn’t love the taste but will take it for me. I’ve noticed such an improvement in his behavior that I’d hate to stop giving this to him.

    is there a good replacement option?

  59. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has carrageenan.

    • Some variety’s of Breyer’s do not contain carrageenan. DoTerra uses a vegetable capsules now and they do not contain carrageenan, but I noticed on that their soft gels do contain. I can’t win…. I too try to avoid it because I’ve had thyroid cancer and when I was going through treatments carrageenan was an ingredient I was told to avoid.

  60. I have been putting soy milk in my coffee for about a year and have been having stomach cramps, pain, nausea, and sometimes throwing up. I saw someone on t.v. mention something about this additive and looked for it on the ingredient list on the carton of my soy milk. I think this is what is causing my stomach problems. I am in a lot of pain right now, but after reading your article I will make sure I don’t buy anything with that ingredient and see if it gets better. Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

  61. I have had stomach issues for a few years. Was tested for Celiac but it was negative. My endoscopy did show I have stomach inflamation and was prescribed Prevacid which I will not take because using it long term can deplete calcium fron your bones. I would rather eat healthy whole foods as much as possible.
    I have been using Almond milk for a few years and wonder now if this is the cause of my stomach irritation of bloating , burning , irritation etc. I was on vacation for a week and had no Almond milk and realized I had no stomach issues. Had some Almond milk first day back and sure enough my stomach issue returned. Seems like Carageenan may be the problem .

    I had been using this new brand Califia which doesnt list it in the first line of ingredients. Thought I was safe but it was listed at the very bottom after minerals and vitamins along with Guar Gum so be careful and really read the labels. Yes it is used in a lot of food products including the can dog food I used to buy and toothpaste as others mentioned . We have to let manufactures know we are not happy and will boycott their products. I will start to make my own Almond Milk. Had once before and it really isn’t that hard. Thanks Katie for recipes and sharing information!!! There’s a list online also if anyone is interested of products that have Carageenan and ones that don’t but I would still check labels . Stonyfield has removed it from some of their products but not all. There was something I read about the FDA banning it but it could take 4 years or something.

    • I’ve been getting sick from something in the califia farms milk and now I think I’ve figured it out from this article. I thought it was safe too 🙁

  62. Thanks so much for the information about carrageenan!!!


  63. as someone with Crohns disease (ulcers of the small intestine) I have long been dubious of carrageenan especially since there is a correlation with antifungals helping mitigate crohn’s problem. I was cutting out dairy and long used coconut creamer that had it (they have sinced stopped using it in my brand) – But I have to giggle everytime I read someone moaning about oh we should start eating clay. While yes, it’s true, we shouldn’t stop eating everything, I’m pretty sure we’re meant to have variety, I would bet dollars to donuts, the moaners and naysayers on these comments 90% of the time eat non-food or basically foods that aren’t whole in their origin. And yes, since the top 4 major disease in this country attributed to death has to do with food, ie, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke – I’m pretty sure all the crap we stick in our body 3-5 times a day has more do with all these food fillers. Unless you are perfectly fit, have a fabulous skin glow and boundless amounts of energy, perhaps you should stop naysaying, and start taking a look at the labels on your own food. And when you start having your first signs of disease, because if you are eating crap, you will sooner than later, than please take this advice and look to what you are eating. And if you find you are looking at labels more than fresh fruit and veggies. May want to start with that. And perhaps you should be thanking someone like this woman writing this blog to make infomation so accessible. The curse of a fast food world is the fast in your food. The blessing is technology telling you why you should stop eating it!! #thankyouwellnessmamastranger

  64. I don’t know if this item was listed in the list of products containing Carrageenan: Lychee Coconut Jelly. It is an imported product from Taiwan. I come from a health conscious family. My mother has taught us to look out for certain questionable/harmful ingredients. Now that I am an adult and working, I find it harder to live a healthier lifestyle. It is difficult to find easy to fix foods without there being some kind of harmful ingredient. It would be great if there was a company devoted to producing real, healthy food products ; made with natural ingredients that are none to be healthy for the body. Living healthier is certainly easier said than done, but articles like this help me to realize that it is still worth it.

  65. Hello! I know this thread is a bit old. I knew about the dangers of carageenan and have been avoiding it at all costs! But recently I made a mistake and accidentally ordered a toothpaste online and didn’t check the ingredients well and it contained carageenan! I am so frustrated with myself. Do you think it’s as dangerous on toothpaste as it is on food? I can’t return the product since I ordered it online and the cost of shipping would be more than the actual product itself. Any help is appreciated!

  66. I know this is an older post, but there have been some further, refined researches on carageenan to consider. I checked all my almond milk months ago to be sure it was free from carrageenan. Now, quite consistently I find that carrageenan is a natural fiber extracted from seaweed. Long chain carrageenan molecules have been shown to be safe, a fiber that is not digested or absorbed by the intestinal tract.

  67. I have been drinking almond milk every single morning and just saw that it contains carrageenan as well as my coconut milk and favorite coconut milk ice cream. It’s interesting because I have been experiencing many stomach problems and thought I had gotten food poisoning but my dad said that no one gets food poisoning so often. (I had gotten sick 3 times this year already where I thought I had food poisoning because it was the same symptoms). I guess its time to take those out of my diet, I tried coconut hemp milk and it doesn’t contain carrageenan and it’s pretty good.

  68. I have also found carrageenan in the Mommi 3-in-1 protein/vitamin shake powders. This is a highly recommended shake for pregnant women. I was very disappointed to find that they use carrageenan.

  69. Ben & Jerry ice-cream !!

  70. OK…I purchased the SO brand of Coconut milk and there is no where on the container that lists this ingredient! Is it called something else?? If not, please remove this as it is misleading!!! Thank you

    • This post was written some time ago if you didn’t notice and I also purchase SO DELICIOUS brand coconut milk and they just recently removed carrageen from their ingredients I did research on it when she first posted this article and it said on the brands website that they still had cartons in the store that had it in it but we’re working on cycling them out with the new. This post needs to be updated but other than that is a very good article.

  71. It is also in Naan Breads and Roti’s etc 🙁

  72. Some people are pointing out products that don’t have Carrageenan, but then they do have Vitamin – A Palmitate – which is in SO many products, it’s ridiculous… It’s in all the milks, even almond milk…
    And I only found one off brand butter than didn’t add it ( hopefully the label is truthful )
    But this synthetic “vitamin” additive is a neurotoxin! So, watch out for Vitamin – A Palmitate too…
    There is quite a list of ingredients that you will find in all products these days… Like, they approve them since someone else used them, so EVERYONE decides to use them.
    I end up mostly just buying fruits and veggies for the most part that have no additives. We can get natural vitamin A from things like carrots instead!
    It may be less variety, and less tempting than all the goodies out there, but I rather know I’m eating things without added toxins and preservatives and such on top of it.
    Thankfully I can still buy some snack foods like some chips – potato and tortilla especially, because the ingredients are just potato or corn, oil, and salt…without anything else to worry about – still in moderation though 🙂

  73. I recently purchase several packs of Jeannie’s Dessert Jelly (Basically a vegetarian version of Jell-O) and I have to admit it is quite delicious. However, when you look at the 2nd main ingredient (1st is Inulin) it is carrageenan. I read on another site that consuming carrageenan in liquid form (added to water based drinks) can be more harmful because it is more readily absorbed by the body; where as eating it whole (as in the form of gelatin,) is less absorbed by the body, if at all.

    Well I am a human guinea pig and have been devouring this stuff for the past 2 days to see what happens. So far, reduction in appetite, mild lethargy, and running to the bathroom (if you get my hint) has been the only side effect.

    From what I know it’s the ‘poligeenan’ form of ‘carrageenan’ that is most toxic to the body, so I do not believe that is the same ingredient in Jeannie’s dessert jelly. For more information about the product of the other side effects of carrageenan, check the links below:


  74. I know this is an old post and I’ve not read every single post, but I wanted to make sure people know that carrageenan does cause inflammation in the joints. There are even medical studies on arthritis sites that show it was used to induce inflammation so that drugs could be tested (found on arthritis-research.com). I’ve started getting pain in my finger joint and I had been trying to pin it on sucralose, but know I realize it’s the carrageenan causing it. I’ve been eating more ice cream lately. Also over the years, I’ve realized that dairy products cause me bloat and loose stools. After testing, I’ve found it is only the dairy products that contain carrageenan. I had tried taking the lactaid type of supplements, but they didn’t seem to do anything and this explains why …. lactose wasn’t the problem. I hope this helps someone. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and I will make sure she starts checking labels.

  75. If carrageenan is so bad (and I’m not discrediting the points you made above here), how can sea moss be so good? It’s mostly carrageenan. Are there different types? The health benefits of freshly prepared sea moss are so amazing! I’m confused…

  76. I’m surprised to see that carageenan is also an ingredient on Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Toothpaste which I was using to try and give my body a better product. I’m surprised that a company trying to improve peoples wellbeing has this ingredient in its products. I have been consuming Almond Milk for the last year and my IBS has flared up terribly and I break out in a rash. I have quit milk over the last 2 weeks and seen an improvement.

    • I just threw out my Tom’s of Maine and Jason toothpastes, ’cause they have carrageenan in them. I was using a more expensive natural brand that definitely didn’t have carrageenan in it, but I ran out and didn’t have as much money to spend on toothpaste, so I bought Jason (and my sister gave me some Tom’s). I didn’t realize that Jason and Tom’s put carrageenan in their toothpastes, and I didn’t read the label ’cause who woulda thunk anyone would put carrageenan in toothpastes :-O Anyhoos, my carrageenan related symptoms have slowly started to return after about 3-4 mos of using these toothpases, and I didn’t know how, until I read my toothpastes full ingredients 🙁

    • There are unfortunately plenty of so-called “natural” companies that actually take advantage of the fact that so many people want to put ONLY Healthy things in their bodies!!!! They shldnt be able to get away w/it. Two examples: (1): NATUREMADE–they commonly use TALC & CARAGEENAN In their vitamin supplements!! { Fish Oil & Vitamin C; etc….}. (2): SPRING VALLEY–( Wal*Marts Brand of Vitamin & Mineral Supplements)–Contain all kinds of “nasty fillers”; or “other” ingredients!! I have called both companies & their solution is to appease the consumer by sending you coupons through the mail for more of the products you just told them are poisoning the public as a whole!! The only solution is that WAY MORE Consumers have to be vocal & protest by refusing to keep purchasing their garbage that is thinly disguised as “Edible”!!!! They do get the hint after awhile-case in point-people kept complaining about High Fructose Corn Syrup in soda & finally Pepsi introduced Pepsi made w/real sugar. Also, they took aspartame out of their Diet Pepsi ( even though most of these major companies that produce “Diet” foods & drinks still claim that Aspartame is “safe”; which only proves they have no conscience when it comes to all the ” propaganda” they try to push on us just to make big profits while making & keeping us sick/addicted/&/or obese; or a nasty combination of all three!!!!!!!!

  77. The Almond Milk 365 from Whole Foods contains no carrageenan.

  78. Katie,
    I have been looking for a good intim cream. I have read about a moisturizing. Since my menopause I have a lot of issues in this area. I read an article that said that their is a cream which is good. It is a DreamBrands vaginal and vulvar moisturizer made of 100 percent aloe, Vitamin E, and carrageenan that works both externally and internally for hydration.
    So, you think it is not a good one because of the carrageenan?

    I would appreciate your input. I know that you are not in this age range, but I would love to here your opinion about this topic.
    Thank you very much

  79. One more product that contains it , Avena by Alpina ( Oatmeal Smoothie).

  80. As an African American male I am very conscious about my health and being prone to conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. I jog about every other day and stick to organic whenever possible. Lately I had been moving more towards a vegan diet. I purchased cereals and silk soy milk(contains carrageenan) to help ease any nutritional deficiencies I might have. Last Tuesday I was awoken by a debilitating horrific migraine, the likes I never knew existed. I have NEVER had migraines. I am still unsure if the migraines come from too many vitamins in the cereal or the milk itself. I have avoided the Soy milk and haven’t had anymore severe icepick headaches, but I still feel a sensation where the headache occurred. Tonight I’m going to try the cereal with almond milk to see if I have similar effects.

  81. what about carragen in toothpaste?

  82. Some people think I’m a bit nutty ’cause I avoid carreegan anything like the plague. That’s okay, ’cause all my symptoms slowly went away after I started 100% avoiding it!

    Though I just found out that Tom’s of Maine & Jason Toothpaste puts carrageenan in toothpastes 🙁 now I need to find carrageenan free/without carrageenan toothpaste 😉


  83. FYI Trader Joe’s non-organic and organic Heavy Whipping Creams are carrageenan free eg no carrageenan or any other types of gums in them 😀

  84. Over the years, through a process of elimination and reuse, I have found that carrageenan causes increasingly severe joint pain. I now avoid it like the plague!
    Thank you for your information on this horrible additive!

  85. Here’s my question: Does it say “carageenan” on the ingredients list, or do we have to go digging into all the secrets to find it? I make as much stuff at home as possible, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for a single mother to make EVERYTHING (believe me, I would do nothing but stay home and make EVE-RY-THING from high-quality scratch ingredients if I didn’t have to worry about bills). Looking through that shopping guide, some of the newer items (Cashew milk, for example) are not on there. The brand, however, is listed under the soy milk as using carageenans, which I’m guessing means it’s in all of their products, but I don’t know what it would be listed under on the ingredients list. . . Though, there are a couple other ingredients on there that are enough to keep me from buying it again.

    • Thankfully, several of the brands I posted about in this article have changed their formulas since I published it. If it’s on this list, but does not list carrageenan in their ingredients, believe the box. My understanding is that they have to list it if it is used.

      • Thank you! I hadn’t read all of the comments and so I hadn’t gotten to the ones that mentioned a lot of brands had removed it from their products. I do greatly appreciate the information, both here and throughout the rest of your site.

  86. I don’t know if anyone else has already posted it, but Nestle Nesquik low fat chocolate milk has carrageenan in it.

  87. Thank u for giving this information…but i’ve a doubt – Is phycocolloid obtained from kelp – ‘carrageenin’ or ‘algin’ ??
    And also – what does kelp mean ?- massive plant body or only specifically phaeophyceae ??

  88. Hi Katie,
    I have been following your wonderful advise for sometime now. The problem I have is determining what is the best way to eat or not eat, supplements to take or not. I feel that the more I learn the more I find there just isn’t much left to eat other than, berries, protein, and vegetables. I feel like just throwing my hands up in the air and giving up. Everytime I feel like I’m eating something good for me, I find something on here that says it’s not. I don’t know what to think. Help me????
    Kathy Crawford

  89. Hey hey

    I was now just using this carrageen for making some rice milk yoghurt, because without any gellant the yoghurt is to liquid,
    or to floury, when I use less water. I couldn’t find any agar her and this carrageen I just got into my hands. Well the article is interesting and I found some more articles, that carrageen should be avoided.
    But I though well how about my lactobacters, maybe they will destroy the compound.
    And they do to 100% as is to read here: http://aem.asm.org/content/39/5/988.full.pdf
    What I couldn’t find is in what it will be fermented, which are the end products. And how good or bad they are.
    Is there anyone who have an idea about this?
    Have a great day

    John Buenzli

  90. Thank you so much for this great information. Can anyone please give me a couple of brand names of a regular whole milk, which I can buy in the dairy at a regular grocery store, like Harris Teeter (to use on cereal and put in my coffee) without carrageenan? Thanks!

  91. Trader Joe’s organic yogurt in cups (6-pack) has carrageenan, but the non-organic yogurt doesn’t. Go figure!

  92. I just found out that carageenan is in the whole chickens that I buy. I cannot afford to pay $14.00 for an organic chicken. It is awful. Knew about milk products and ice creams, but whole chickens?

  93. I recently discovered carrageenan in artificial crab meat (like what they put in california rolls) and it’s in a lot of pet food & salad dressings. Just thought ya’ll would like to know, they’ve snuck it into more things than just dairy!

  94. Thank you for this information. I found out about 5 years ago that I am highly allergic to carrageenan. With that now has pushed me to be more natural and organic. It saddens me that these so-called organic companies like to use GMO products not even knowing if they’re good for anyone they just want to sell what they have. That is why I make most of my own things and I am starting to try to grow all my own foods. Its sad that the world our children are going to grow up in with all these chemically induced items that are supposed to be for human consumption. Everybody always talks about healthy healthy healthy but nothing ever is. Why we need to start getting back to the basics and doing what’s right for us and for our family in. We can’t always buy into what’s fast and easy and what the TV says is good for us. We were put on this earth with everything we needed to survive more people need to remember that. Thank you again for this article and this wonderful website I am so glad that I found it.

  95. I just noticed that one of the capsule constituents for Nature’s Plus Organic D3 and K2 is carrageenan. However, I have not been ingesting the capsules. Instead I open them and sprinkle the powdered contents on breakfast cereal. Would you happen to know if there is any risk in carageenan leaching into the vitamin contents from such capsules?

    I’m debating whether to return them and ask for a refund or finish using what I have (60 day supply remaining).

  96. Carrageenan becomes a part of our daily life, it’s all over us on what ever we consume. It seems to be, the food industry and cosmetic industry can’t exist with out it. If it’s true that this can kill us, them many of us must have been dead long time ago including the dogs, we all must also have cancer now. What else shall we eat????????? Poison has become a part of our daily life. Or it’s our paranoia that’s killing us????????????

  97. I did not read your long list of comments so this may be old news, but ElMonterey southwest chipotle chicken burritos have Carrageenan included in the chicken part of their ingredients. I was a little shocked to see this expansion from dairy-type products. Thanks for your info. Even though food grade(undegraded) Carrageenan doesn’t seem to cause cancer, if it has a pretty good probability for causing inflammation, etc., it seems as though there should be safer thickening agents to use. I am not one to react to every red flag that’s thrown out to alarm the public at first notice but I do want to be informed and need to think twice(or more) about the myriad of food additives that we’re exposed to. Thanks again!

  98. Pacific Hemp milk Vanilla sweetened has no carrageenan. All the other ones do.

  99. It seems to be in so many things. 🙁 I check my labels on everything and was really shocked when I saw it in evaporated milk! So now I make my own. Today I looked at my bottle of heavy whipping cream, and it is there! It shouldn’t be! So unnecessary. 🙁 I’ve read that companies like Bolthouse are considering removing it. Why not since it isn’t really even necessary? Great article!

    • Very scientific explanation….a layman’s interpretation would be helpful. It is interesting to me that before I discovered International Delight Coffee Creamer (which I just discovered DOES contain carrageenan) and started using it daily, I had far fewer intestinal issues. Now two years later I have diverticular disease. The coffee creamer goes in the garbage. Yet, none of my doctor’s mention this…

  100. Thanks for the info. Good article. Good sources. Good work!
    Dr. P

  101. I just saw on a package of chicken brest that it contained up to 15% carrageenan added.

  102. I discovered nasty little carrageenan over a year ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and we switched to an anti-inflammatory diet, which meant steering clear of dairy and animal products and introducing substitutes. It really boggles me as to why companies would choose to utilize ingredients that pose a potential threat (no matter how great/little) to the health of the consumer they depend on to continue buying their product. Thank you for spreading the word!

  103. Not sure anyone else shared this, but carrageenan is also an ingredient in many dog and cat foods, and is not recommended if your pet already has digestive issues… which, by the way, many do. So contact those companies and ask them to remove it! I have!

  104. I am glad all of you to gain your awareness now. I have been a lobbist to my legislatives about toxic chemicals out of food and products and communities in my state. I can’t be alone but I did the efforts and still more to do. You need to take some action instead of complain or do nothing. We need to have strong teams and to join the partnerships with this great info of Wellness Mama and others who support non toxics find and products as well. Plus we learn everyday when we can. You can join to petitions to against bad toxics. I also call the companies to remove caregeenan and parables, BHA, Synthetic… Name it… Keep in mind to lobby with your legislatives repeatly until they pass the law to rid off toxics as much as possible. Don’t be fool with “natural” food labels too, it needs to solve, too. Join and support the petitions and relationships with legislators to be on our sides to beat bad dishonest companies. Please take some action for our sakes. Thank you very much wellness mama for great articles. Way to go. Best Wishes in 2016 . Thanks. ??

  105. I had my first problem in October 2014 and had one or two episodes a month…..severe burning on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands, followed by severe diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. Was advised to keep a record of what I had to eat or drink and if I had been exposed to chemicals etc. Finally, in August 2015, I ran across an article about carrageenan and looked on my records. I had been eating Sunbelt breakfast bars and using International Delight liquid coffee creamer every morning and ate a lot of salads with Ranch dressing. Was eating ice cream sometimes also. I had gone to an Allergist and I wasn’t allergic to anything I was tested for (I don’t think there is a test for carrageenan though). Had a wisdom tooth extracted in October 2015 and ate a cup of ice cream and within in hour, I was sick and had severe diarrhea. Have not had an episode since.

  106. Ensure has it in its products, too.

  107. I think this ingredient is horrible, just like sugar. I hope the food industry knows what the stuff is and how bad it is for us!

    My mom drinks Silk Soy milk pretty regularly. On the package, it says that it can help prevent and help heart diseases and cancers. However, after reading the article, I think it says that carrageenan can make cancer grow faster. So really, there is no benefit for people who drink this with heart problems.

  108. Thank you for this amazingly educational post, at first I was sad… but now I’m ready to move on! Xo

  109. First of all I would like to thank you for this invaluable information. I am suffering from ulcerative colitis since August last year. I was given ovaltine by a family friend last week to aid sleep as I’m exhausted, i took it before going to bed. Within hours of drinking I spent the whole of the next day in the bathroom. The same happened today after consuming what I thought was harmless desert Creamy Caramel, free from dairy, gluten and wheat by Alpro – both these products contain Carrageenan and this is no coincidence, having been consumed with a break of one week of each other. I will be sharing your link on Facebook to warn family and friends..Thank you again.

  110. Just found it in my raw chicken from Aldi… so sad since I love shopping there but I’d like to avoid this particular additive if possible!

  111. I was diagnosed with crohns in 2011. I choose not to take the drugs they want to put you on and thru trial and error I do very well with diet and supplements. It makes me so mad what they do to our food. Carrageenan is in so many products. It is in the rotisserie chicken at Costco! Most people I say anything about carrageenan have not even heard of it. The food industry should know they are loosing a large market of sales by using this unnecessary ingredient. Thanks for all you do to help us.

  112. I just learned about this additive today. After checking my pantry and fridge it is in so many items I have been eating for so long, I was shocked! I live in a small town in Wyoming and not one of the markets here has any heavy cream without it. As that is staple in my LCHF diet I don’t know what to do. The closest place to find carrageenan free products is 200 miles away. Not exactly a convenient run to the store 🙁

  113. I only came here because I was looking up how to spell Carrageenan so I could explain to a friend how this ingredient has caused many issues in my family of six. What we have found is that our 5 year old child has a very fast reaction to Carrageenan and if she isn’t near a restroom she has been known to have an accident. My oldest and my 3 year old also have negative reactions but not as quickly as my 5YO. What I have found is that products will be safe and then all of a sudden the company will add Carrageenan so we are constantly watching labels. One that got us was whipping cream. It was safe and then one day after I made hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream- major bathroom issues. I looked at the container and there it was. Again I bought the canned whipped topping because Cool Whip had the stuff. Now Cook Whip doesn’t but the canned does. It’s a hard item to avoid but we do our best. I’m just glad we aren’t crazy and feel better that we can avoid it.

  114. It is in Bolthouse vanilla bean protein shake

  115. Thank you for the information it is very important to find the truth about the products out there.

  116. I just found it in the new vegan egg product 🙁 Rule of thumb, don’t buy anything you can’t pronounce or if you don’t know what it is!

  117. I noticed that when looking for deli meats, and not from the deli counter, but the packaged sort, contain Carrageenan. Even meats stating they are all natural. Although, apparently carrageenan is derived from a natural source, I fail to see why lunch meat would need a thickening/gelling agent.

  118. Best chocolate milk ever. Taste like a milk shake… Now I know why it’s so thick.

    Promised Land Dairy
    From the finest Jersey cows
    Midnight Chocolate Milk

    Ingredients: milk, sugar, cocoa (processed with alkali) corn starch, cocoa, salt, CARRAGEENAN

    I wrote ingredients exactly how I saw on bottle.

    There using corn starch to thicken it, they don’t need carrageenan too.

    Distributed by Promise Land
    Dairy Floresville, TX 78114
    Processed by Plant Stamped

  119. For all those folks looking for a natural fluoride free toothpaste WITHOUT carrageenan, try SPRY brand. It works very well. Comes in cinnamon or peppermint flavor. They also make a toothpaste with fluoride too. My whole family uses it. And if anyone knows of a heavy whipping cream brand with carrageenan, please post!

  120. The writer included Stonybrook Farms yokids squeezers in the picture. I actually have some in my fridge, so I checked the ingredient list. No carrageenan. Writing 101; check facts before making accusations. Unless of course validity isn’t important to you.

    • Jessie, this post is almost 2 years old, so they must have they’ve changed their ingredient list since I originally wrote the article…

  121. Carrageenan is banned in Europe. I sent my sister some Ayurvedic toothpaste because I really liked how it cleaned my teeth and wanted to share with her. Her son read the ingredients and told her it contained carrageenan. I then did a little research and discovered that it is not healthy and in fact banned in Europe, where my sister lives. Thanks Wellness Mama for covering this topic so thoroughly.
    If our US universities been researching this since the 1960’s why is it not banned in the US? We try to eat organic and use organic products, yet, without knowing it, we’re probably doing more harm to ourselves. Thank you so much for educating us!

  122. Hi. I am a newly Herbalife product user for a month and I just lately discovered that some of their Formula Shake /F1 product has Carrageenan ingredients and herbalife has been in the industry for 30 years according to research. Now, I am confuse if I still continue using or promoting this product to my friends. Please advice me.

    • I’m not a fan of multi-level marketing companies in general, not matter what the quality of the products…

  123. I struggle with IBS-D and other gastro issues and on my own , before reading articles like this, I discovered that Carrageenan has a terrible effect on me. I started to notice it when my stomach seemed fine with some soy milks (and later almond milks) and not others. It turned out carrageenan was the distinguishing factor. Once I started to cut it out of all my foods, I noticed a significant (!) improvement. Btw, others with IBS-D might have a similar reaction to inulin. Unfortunately, inulin is in so many delicious and healthy foods bc (I think) it is a actually a good food item. But too much of that in a product can keep me home for 3 days!

  124. I’ve been dealing with rosacea for years, and kind of have it under control with a combination of diet and topical applications. Yesterday, I got a delivery with a new calcium/magnesium supplement and organic aloe. Took the supplement, then used the aloe on my face, and within minutes, my face looked like it had been badly sunburned; bright, dark red. I had assumed it was the aloe, something I never had a problem with before, until I thought of the supplement and saw carageenan as an ingredient. I know some vets say to avoid it in cat food, so I looked it up for use in human food and found these posts. I took it again this morning (yes, I use myself as a guinea pig, when it’s something my kids might eat) , with no aloe, and am starting to get systemic itching, my first allergic reaction. Thought this info might be helpful to people with acne/rosacea who might see flare-ups whose cause they can’t identify.

  125. I purchased lily of the desert aloe vera gel with the intention of making homemade hand sanitizer using the aloe vera gel and EOs, The jug says 99% organic ingredients.. but in the other ingredients carrageenan is listed for a thickening agent. What are thoughts on using it topically as a hand sanitizer with the EOs? My gut is telling me to avoid using this because it can be absorbed through the skin and into your system, but all of the studies are based on ingesting carrageenan, I’m hoping buying the gallon of aloe vera gel wasn’t a waste, but will definitely get rid of it, if its not in the best interest for me and my family! thanks

    • Yes, your skin will absorb the carrageenan. Your pores will absorb it. My old job has stuff about how chemicals go through your skin etc. I hope you can return it with or without a receipt. I know in my city some stores ask no questions why you want to return something.

  126. I have been trying for 4yrs to figure out why my shins started itching terribly & why I was getting eczema (had never had either before). I’m talking wanting to scratch my shins off daily itching, plus all over tickly itching. No cream, ointment, balm, or allergy pill (and I’m very anti-pharma but was really desperate for relief) had any effect. I have been using the elimination diet since last August, and still had not pinpointed any food causes. A co-worker mentioned that I always drink my coffee with flavored creamer & I should read about Carageenan. Sure enough!!! I eliminated everything with Carageenan a month ago, and wouldn’t you know all of the itching has stopped, the eczemas disappeared, and my adult acne cleared.

  127. Do you know of an organic cottage cheese, without this ingredient? I have been wanting to incorporate the cottage cheese/ flax seed oil combo to my food choices.

  128. Thank you so much for the info on this ingredient! My dog started having mucus and blood in his poop. We have changed is food a couple of times because of itching. Not as much itching but bloody poop. This morning something told me to look into the ingredients in his food!! Unbelievable this stuff is in it. My poor dog. Hopefully he will heal fast! Thank you!?

  129. Some large dog food companies are now using this in place of other thickening agents.

  130. I remember that I used to spot this ingredient in the non-dairy milks and was unsure about it.

    However, I’ve got a stockpile of various milks right now and, just checked, NO carrageenan in any of them! This includes SO Delicious coconut milk (which you have pictured) and cashew milk, Blue Diamond almond and cashew milk, Kirkland (Costco) almond milk, and C2O chocolate coconut milk. I guess most of the non-dairy milk companies have caught on to this concern.

  131. I’ve become an avid label reader. I’m teaching my kids how to read labels and explaining to them what food additives/preservatives are.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock (neurosurgeon) is a doctor for everyone to know and research. YouTube his work.

    We can help others by sharing this information. Thank you, wellness mama.


  132. I just had to put my dog down because he had lymphoma in his intestines. His food had that Crap in it! We have to read labels for our animals also!

  133. Carageenan is found in a lot of pet food. As Emily (Comment #134) stated, it is imperative that we read ALL food lables…including pet food!! I am very sorry for the loss of your dog, Emily.

  134. I bought carrageenan to make vegan cheese, paid a lot of money but i’ll throw it out. And the taste and smell are awful!!! Thanks for the advice.

  135. How does the homemade almond milk work in a cup of coffee? I have been buying store bought almond milk and I am quite happy with it in my coffee. Can’t drink it black and I am not ready to give it up. I have given it up twice in the past and the withdrawal is terrible. I would make my own almond mild if I thought it would be acceptable.

    • You can get the store bought almond milk. Just read the label. A lot of the brand’s have taken out this ingredient!

  136. Just made almond milk for the first time last week. Best stuff in the world. And it made the creamiest coffee ever. I’m in love.

    Just purchased ugly by nature tooth paste. Vegan, fluoride free, no carrageenan.. Rave reviews… I can barely wait to try it.


  138. Does anyone know anything about whether or not carrageenan is bad if put on the skin instead of being ingested? I just ordered a deodorant, and after it came, I saw it had carrageenan listed as an ingredient. I was just wondering if the same rule applied to everything across the board.

  139. Perfect summary, very much appreciated!