Banana Bread Muffins Recipe (Grain Free)

Coconut Flour Banana Bread or Muffins

Thanks to reader Sarah for passing on this great tip for a healthy banana bread recipe! She modified my Apple Cinnamon Coconut Flour Muffins to make a healthy grain free banana bread recipe with coconut flour.

This wasn’t a recipe I’d tried myself, because I’m not much for bananas, and just hadn’t had a desire to make banana bread. I made these for my kids and was surprised to realize that I actually liked them. This is actually a big deal for me, since this is one of the first things with banana I’ve been able to eat in years! In fact, I might actually like these more than the original muffins.

If you are a banana bread fan…. definitely try these!

Coconut Flour Banana Bread Muffins

Coconut Flour Banana Bread or Muffins

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Grain Free Banana Bread & Muffins


  • 5 Eggs
  • 2 bananas
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil or butter (softened)
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • small amount of milk to thin (may not need)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Put all ingredients in medium sized bowl
  3. Using strong whisk or immersion blender (recommend!), mix until smooth and well incorporated. If batter is too thick, add a little milk to thin, but don't let it get runny at all.
  4. Put into greased muffin tins- i use a 1/4 cup measure to make pretty even sized. Batter will be somewhat thick.
  5. Bake for 13-18 minutes until lightly browned and set in middle.

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Thanks again to Sarah for sharing her recipe! I definitely recommend these!

What’s your favorite grain free recipe? Will you try these? Tell me below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Can’t wait to try them. YUM!

    •  they are FABULOUS!!!!

    • I love this recipe and so does my family :),and most of all my kids .Thanks for an awesome healthy recipe.

  2. Any idea how to cook with coconut flour if you have an egg allergy?  Just curious if it’s even possible. 

    • Flax meal is a great substitute for eggs. Use about 1 tbsp of flax meal to replace each egg, and soak it in 3 tbsp of warm water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. You can also add an extra banana to this recipe to increase binding. Happy baking!

      • What if you have an egg allergy and flax intolerance? 🙂

        • I read somewhere that you could do the same thing as the flax with chia seeds. I haven’t tried it though.

    • I have an egg allergy you could use banana or applesauce 1/4 cup = 1 egg or if you want it to be most do a little bit of both.

  3. Do you know how much a scoop of protein powder is? The scoop in my powder is at least 1/4 cup – much more than 1 tsp of arrowroot. So am I looking to use 1 tsp of protein powder. Sorry for the goofy question.

    • I haven’t made it with the protein powder myself, but if the scoop is
      that big, I’d definitely use half or less. I’ve made this recipe
      several times with different amounts of the ingredients, and even
      left out the arrowroot altogether, and it always turns out good.

      • I don’t understand why people are asking. To replace the arrowroot with protein powder. Am I missing something? I don’t see arrowroot.

        Thanks for helping us get healthier.


        • Thank you! I just reread recipe 3x trying to see what I missed. No mention of arrowroot or protein powder. Let’s hope it’s ok since the muffins are in the oven now.

    •  I used a regular scoop that came with the 100% protein powder and they are so good!!!

  4. These were delicious.  The texture was surprisingly “muffin-y”, despite the fact that there was so little coconut flour.  I added 1/2 cup chocolate chips to the recipe, to increase the kid appeal.  Big hit.  They would make good cookies, too. 

    • I added some chopped dark chocolate and these were great. We were low on eggs so I used the two we had and added one “flax seed egg” and 2 “chia eggs” to make a total of 5. Worked a treat. Served warm with real butter. I made 12 small muffins, so might go for 10 bigger ones next time. I might have missed it, but if not, it might be good to add on the recipe how many muffins it makes. Thanks!

      • Thanks, was looking for that information!

      • Thank you for noting how many you got. Now i know i need to quadruple it!

    • I personally didn’t like chocolate chips added when I tried it. They seemed almost out of place and didn’t taste quite like what I was imagining. But I do love the muffins on their own! I also add 1/4 tsp of salt to bring out the flavors in the muffin.

  5. Just made these – LOVE them!

  6. These are awesome, I also added chocolate chips (giving up grain first, then sugar…plus using up the stuff in my cupboard, and need a little something sweet since I have given up tons of other sugary junk)  Also made with 1 cup of pumpkin instead of banana, and added chocolate chips too.  Yum!  Thanks for this recipe!!

  7. I finally found coconut flour out here in the middle of nowhere and these were first on my list of coconut flour recipes! Amazeballs. My protein powder scoop is probably 1/4 cup vs. 1 teaspoon arrowroot (another thing I can’t find around here), but they turned out great! Not too spongy/eggy like I thought they might be! Totally blogging these and spreading the love! 🙂

  8. Can you use almond meal instead of coconut flour?

    • No. Because coconut flour absorbs A LOT of liquid, it is not interchangeable with other flours.

  9. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast is french toast casserole.  A concoction of italian bread, blueberries, and cream cheese soaked overnight in an egg, milk and maple syrup mixture.  Anyway, I made that for my kids this year (new to the grain free thing), but I wanted to try and make it grain free.  So I used this recipe and added to each muffin a chunk of cream cheese and a couple blueberries.   I covered a few of these baked muffins with the blueberry sauce and it was a great replacement!  I love this site and all the great recipes!!

  10. So we made this batter but made it in a bread pan. The timing and temp got messed up because of this… any suggestions? We had it on 400 for closer to 30 mins and ended up with the middle slightly undercooked and the top starting to burn. Lower temp for longer? Should the texture be like bread pudding/french toast? What did turn out tasted good… 🙂

    • It is tougher to do with a big loaf… probably 350 for closer to an hour will get a more even consistency.

      • Thanks for this. Just baked a loaf at 350 for 45-50 min. and it was perfect! Also added a very small handful of mini chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. YUM!

  11. Can I just say YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :>) :>) :>) Thanks you!!!!

  12. These were good… I added two tablespoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon each of cinnamon and salt. I thought they had nice flavor but were a teeny bit dry. Next time I will use three bananas 🙂

  13. p.s. I tried one of these after refrigerating it for a day… not dry at all! So maybe I just need to let them sit 🙂

  14. I’ve tried this banana muffin recipe but I injected the muffins with pineapple jam and spread some coconut cream frosting on top. Everyone at my work and crossfit gym loved them and are asking for more. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. What do you think about using Oat flour or Soy flour?

    • Personally I avoid all grains though oat would be a

    • Sorry… Oat would be slightly better than wheat but soy is awful… Especially for kids

      •  Is the soy bad because most of it is genetically modified?

        • Yes, definitely because most of it is genetically modified, and also because the phytoestrogens in soy mimic estrogen in the body and can cause hormonal issues…

  16. Ok I just made these and the only thing I didn’t use was the protein powder and I added walnuts and cinnamon and a little honey to the batter. They were not very sweet as I was making these as a dessert type item. I am completely new to the grain free lifestyle. Did I do some,thing wrong?

    • They aren’t overly sweet and the protein does add some sweetness. You could add more honey or maple syrup or even came sugar for sweetness

  17. I just made it in a loaf. I had leave it in the oven a little longer… which may be because of the density or due to my electric oven or a higher altitude.  Who knows but it tastes good!

  18. Just made these. I did add about 3/4 cup dried fruit bits for sweetness. SO good!!! I did have to bake them a bit longer, made 12 good sized muffins.

  19. My sis-in-law had a great recipe that added chocolate chips…I may use this one but still add my “enjoy life” chocolate chips:-) this sounds yummy!

  20. i tried making these and they came out bitter i dont regularly bake! what did i do wrong? any ideas?

  21. Am I missing something? People keep talking about protein powder and I don’t see that listed in the ingredients. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks

    • It was in the old recipe and got removed with the update. It was 1 scoop (about 3 tablespoons) of organic, grassfed protein powder and it is completely optional.

  22. I’m new to being grain free and have tried twice to make these but they just come out tasteless. I tried adding extra banana and I still can’t seem to get a decent tasting batch. I’m following the recipe. Any ideas?

    • Use heavily spotted or brown bananas. I added a shake of Himalayan salt and a tsp or so of organic sugar. ..I also threw in some walnuts. Oh, and I was missing an egg, so I added an egg’s worth of organic heavy cream. Came out yummo! (If they were just for me, I’d use maple syrup instead of sugar or skip it altogether)

    • I thought they were pretty awful. Very bland and I used overripe bananas and a little added salt. Bummer, I won’t waste eggs on this again!

  23. Can you use other types of flour besides coconut for this?

  24. I’ve made these four times within the past few months. They are really good!! Thank you.


  25. Tardy to the party, but I just made these and loved them! I added 1/2 a teaspoon more vanilla, a tablespoon honey, some cinnamon, and some pumpkin pie spice to sweeten it up a bit. I’m topping it with some homemade raw butter and just can’t stop eating. Thanks for the recipe!

  26. “1, Preheat oven to 400 degrees”
    Is this Fahrenheit or Celsius? Sorry for the silly question, but I would very much like to try these and don’t want to burn them/ overcook them ^_^

    • Fahrenheit. 🙂

  27. My hubby and son loved them. We added carob chips for extra fun!

  28. Just made these muffins and they came out perfect! My daughter who is extremely fussy about everything she eats gave them a thumbs up! Thank you!

  29. These are some of the best grain free muffins I’ve ever made.So most and delicious! Will definitely be making again (and again…and again…)

    • Only 2 stars if they’re some of the best?

  30. These ARE AMAZING!!! I’ve made two batches and they haven’t lasted, hubby devours them and I love them too!

    Made the first batch just like it said. Second batch we added honey and cinnamon. YUM!

    Now we are going to try adding some chocolate protein powder!

  31. I have been looking for a breakfast bread for my kids and absolutely love coconut and banana together. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!!!

  32. These look delicious! About how many muffins do they make?

  33. I made these recently and they were really easy and good! The only thing I would change is to make it a tiny bit sweeter

  34. I want to use up my store-bought baby food so I have an excuse to make my own. Any ideas how many 4-oz jars of baby bananas would replace 2 bananas?

  35. I made this recipe as a loaf of banana bread yesterday and it turned out better than any banana bread I’ve EVER made before! I’m new to the grain free lifestyle so I’m still amazed at how much fluffier baked goods turn out when using almond/coconut flour. My husband hates the taste of coconut – he didn’t taste it in the flour at all with this recipe!

    Only modification was I used 2.5 bananas instead of 2 – which I think has made it nice and moist – and added 1/3 cup chocolate chips so my 2 year old would try it. 🙂

    And yes for banana bread in a loaf pan, cook at 350 F for 45-50 minutes = perfection!

    Definitely a keeper in the recipe book! I think I’ll try adding blueberries instead of chocolate chips next time…. mmmmm 🙂

    • I accidentally forgot the coconut oil – and they were still delicious and moist!

  36. I made it but added 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey…wanted it to be more like traditional banana bread. I baked it in a small loaf pan at about 350 for 50 minutes. It didn’t get all that tall but inside it’s airy anyway. Next time I will add walnuts. I really really like the texture of this loaf. Thanks for helping me get started with this coconut flour!

  37. I want to give this a try and use it to replace my usual breakfast of gluten free oatmeal, but I want to add in some hemp seed flour for more protein and the flavor. Any suggestions on what else I should increase to keep it moist? Hemp seed is more absorbant than I realized lol.

  38. How many muffins does this recipe make?

    • I have made these twice, first time in a loaf at 350 degrees for 1 hr, then 2nd time in muffin tin and made 10 muffins. both came out delicious but preferred the muffins. great recipe!!

  39. Only used 3 eggs, added honey and almond milk. Best banana bread recipe ever! Thank you for all of your recipes 🙂

  40. This was delicious! My husband is always skeptical of GF recipes…but I added some pure maple syrup to add more sweetness and we both really liked it!

  41. I made these this weekend and we did not like them. They are not sweet enough. I kept scanning the recipe to see if I missed an added sweetener. Nope. I see others have added chocolate chips and I think that would of made all the difference. Or perhaps 1/4-1/2 c honey, agave, or maple syrup? I used very ripe bananas too but my family did not like these….hopefully my chickens will! LOL

  42. I never baked anything sweet before. I thought I wasn’t good at it. I am so excited now I make this banana bread everyday , sometimes two or three times a day last time I used 3 egg and 2 chia eggs, I added ginger powder , coconut grated , raisin, cinnamon, vanilla, less coconut oil and little more coconut flour, no honey it tasted really good Anyone success with 5 chia egg ? I tried but I added chop apple so inside it was so moist it was never dry . I don’t know because I can’t use 5 chia or because the apple

  43. Could I add some Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate to these for some extra protein? If so, how much?
    Thanks in advance!

  44. These are ridiculously good and 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips made my kids love them too! 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

  45. I’ve been making these for over 6 months for my toddler, and they are wonderful! I add frozen blueberries, flax seed, wheat germ, unsweetened shredded coconut, and maple syrup instead of vanilla. My little guy looks forward to one every morning! Thanks for a great recipe!

  46. Made these yesterday! Added sprinkle of chia seeds. Turned out to be the most moist coconut flour muffins ever and so delicious! Gonna try making with flax seed meal to save on eggs. ThanKs for the great recipes!

  47. I just made these and they’re pretty good. I made mine with just egg whites but did 7 egg whites with coconut oil and a little almond milk. Added about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips, oatmeal and banana whey protein powder and cooked for 22 minutes. It’s on the drier side and i think it’s still missing a more sweet something but i put smooth peanut butter on top and I think that really helped to even the consistency and sweetness! Definitely eating these for breakfast with coffee and for my in-between snacks!

  48. Im interested in adding some grated carrot and zucchini to these to pack in some veggies but I know that would change the consistency a bit. Any suggestions on how much to add and what else id have to change to make them turn out? thx!

  49. THE best things I have Ever had! I added chocolate chips to mine and totally in LOVE like a hug from the lord!!! Thank you.

  50. I just made these this morning. super easy recipe to follow. I am so happy with how much they look like a flour based muffin. I topped mine with coconut flakes. I realized after I took my first bite there was no honey or maple syrup in them, still just yummy. I will make this recipe again.

  51. These were fantastic! I added a little bit of water to the mix in place of milk, used ghee in place of oil/butter, and added chocolate chips. Made sure the mixture was just shy of runny, and the muffins were moist and delicious! Next time I would add a couple tablespoons of honey or maple syrup for a bit of added sweetness.

  52. I made these (with an added cup of blueberries) and they were pretty delicious. I am happy with the texture. The only thing that threw me off a little, was that the eggs were a dominant taste. I wonder if adding some coconut sugar/honey/or/maple syrup would help with this. Also, I would probably add some cinnamon next time 🙂

  53. Any idea how many cups 2 bananas are? Or what size bananas do you use?

    Bananas come in different sizes so I don’t want to mess up this recipe.

  54. Really really great recipe! Thank you!!

  55. I’m supposed to be avoiding sugar and grains and it’s been terribly hard for me, but these hit the spot for my muffin cravings. I also don’t like coconut so I was skeptical of trying something with coconut flour, but I could hardly taste the coconut. (And I’m super sensitive to coconut – I have a feeling that normal people wouldn’t notice it at all.) I would love it a tiny bit sweeter, but these were great for my no sugar way of life and I’ll probably have them with some honey butter when I’m allowed to have honey again – that would add just enough sweetness I think.

  56. This is a wonderful basic recipe but after reading the reviews with their changes I decided to do the same. I used 2 eggs but added Egg Replacer for the other three. This made the batter more liquid so I added 1 scoop of low sugar vanilla protein powder. To add more flavor for my husband, I added 1 T Flax seed, 1 T Cinnamon and 1/4 cup brown sugar. Because the batter was on the thin side I baked the muffins for 30 minutes and according to my husband they are absolutely delicious!!! Thank heaven for this Web site because we are going “grain Free” after all these years. I need help with baking and cooking ideas so we can change our life eating style after 72 years!! Thanks to all of you who posted your thoughts and ideas.

  57. So delish! Do you know the nutritional data?

  58. Thankyou so much for such an easy recipe but such a lovely healthy muffin! I am on the scd\low fodmap diet and this is the first muffin recipe I could find that doesn’t contain the things I can’t have.I will be baking these regulary so I have a constant supply =o)

  59. absolutely delicious! thanks for another great recipe 🙂 🙂
    success baking in a loaf pan for 45 mins at 350F.
    i covered the top part way thru as the middle was sinking and i didnt want it to get burnt.

  60. I just made these using flax meal instead of eggs and they are absolutely delicious! I did have to add a bit more liquid.

  61. So I used all organic ingredients to make these.

    I added dark chocolate chips and topped with walnuts.

    In my oven I baked them for 20 min and they turned out perfect.

    Next time I might try to add more banana.

    Otherwise a fantastic, simple and healthy recipe that I would make time and time again.

  62. I made your Pumpkin Muffins yesterday, and my daughter and I absolutely loved them. So I just made your Banana Bread Muffins, and they are divine! I love the consistency of both muffins, and they have just enough sweetness to make them decadent! Thank you!

  63. Can cocunut/almond flour, and some fruits, still be eaten when trying to heal cavities? thanks

  64. Hi, I’m a bit confused about the protein powder and arrowroot comments are neither seem to be listed in the ingredients?

    Will definitely be making these!

    • Apparently, protein powder was an optional ingredient in an earlier version, but has since been removed.

  65. I am new to wheat free and this was the first thing I made that was wheat free and to be honest I did not like these at all. Not sure what I did wrong, but I did not like the texture of the muffins and also felt they were too oily (used coconut oil, think maybe I should have used butter). What other kinds of flour can be used that would give it more of a traditional bread texture? I want to be able to make healthy wheat/gluten free food but I also want it to taste good! I would rather eat a banana by itself over this banana bread recipe. I am just being honest…tips/advice?

    • I added a pinch of salt and some honey, as I prefer a bit more sweetness, and most recipes with baking soda have a touch of salt.

  66. I’m getting ready to make these, will let everyone know how it goes

  67. So i made theae and they tasted very bland all i tastes was baking soda and had no swetness despite the fact that i used a very ripe banna. It looked great though. Any suggestions on what i could use to swetten it up a bit next time.

    • You could always try adding a touch more vanilla or even another banana if the flavor isn’t coming through for you … You may need to adjust the other ingredients accordingly to get the proper consistency.

  68. If I were to bake them as mini muffins, how long should I bake them for and at what temperature?

  69. Is the 1/4 cup coconut oil supposed to be measured in the solid form or in the melted form?

  70. This is a great recipe, and I’ve made it many times now, trying different things.

    I have a few tips for people: if you are using flax eggs instead of regular eggs, you will most likely want to increase the sugar. I find flax imparts a bitter flavor to these muffins. Try some honey to balance it out. I tried soaked, puréed dates and the muffins were too wet.

    I’ve made this recipe using three different coconut flours: Bob’s Red Mill, Nutiva, and Let’s Do Organic. I’ve only used the Let’s Do Organic once so far, but it has given the best results: great texture!

    How I do my muffins: I try to avoid too much oil, so I do half coconut oil, half unsweetened applesauce. I mix in 2T of ground hemp seed (ground in a coffee grinder), a diced apple, and 1/3 cup diced walnuts. They are wonderful! Light, delicious, filling, and just sweet enough. I get a dozen muffins, and two of them makes a nice breakfast. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  71. I just tried these last night, I added an extra banana and some of Justins Honey Almond butter, they came out with a great taste. I had to cook in a 9×9 pan as I just moved in to my house and I don’t have half of my things unpacked! The only complaint is that the “bread” was a little spongy, I think I might try and take away an egg, I also measured the coconut oil in the solid form, so I will try melted next time. Thank you for the recipe, I will be trying this one out again! (Any suggestions on why it was so spongy would be helpful!)

  72. These look awesome, and so simple – which is even better. And no added sugar! Can’t wait to try them. I love your podcasts & site & all of your resources. What a blessing to share all of this information – I am so grateful. Thank you!!

  73. These are really, really, good! We gobbled them up! I just think they need some salt or something but probably because I didn’t use butter, I used palm shortening. Yum! Thanks for the yummy, simple, one bowl recipe!

  74. I would love the nutrition information on these yummy muffins!

    • According to my fitness pal recipe calculator the basic recipe (as of 9/5/2016- 5 eggs, 2 bananas, 1/4c. coconut oil, 1/2c. coconut flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp. vanilla) based on 12 servings (the number of muffins I get out of a batch) is 110 calories, 7g fat, 8g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugar, 4g protein per muffin. Different brands of coconut flour may have a slightly different nutritional analysis.

  75. Has anyone tried making these and then freezing them for future use?
    We had them for breakfast this morning (added chocolate chips) and they were a hit. I’m getting ready to have another baby and wanted to have some easy healthier breakfast options on hand. Thanks!

    • Yes, we have made these for over a year, and I freeze them after I bake a dozen. They keep well in the freezer and defrost quickly.