Imitation Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Homemade Burts Bees Imitation Peppermint Lip Balm Recipe

Burt’s Bess Original Beeswax Peppermint Lip Balm was my gateway product into the world of natural living…really.

I was a devoted conventional makeup girl and had a drawer full of the latest glittery, scented, brightly colored lip glosses available. And my lips were chronically dry (wonder if it was from the chemical cocktail I was slathering on multiple times per day). One winter, tired of Carmex and other restorative lip treatments, I grabbed a tube of Burt’s Bees at a checkout counter on a whim.

I loved the light peppermint scent and how well it nourished my lips. I became an exclusive Burt’s Bees user for years…

And then, as most stories often go in the land of corporations, Burt’s Bees was bought out by Clorox and their formula now contains canola oil and soybean oil (which I don’t eat and also don’t want on my lips).

So as most stories go, in the land of Katie’s endless DIY projects, I decided to create a homemade copycat version sans industrial seed oils.

This was the result. I recommend this as an easy lip balm recipe and it makes a great gateway product into the world of homemade deodorant and toothpaste. Fair warning, once you start making some natural products, you are just a hop, skip and jump away from detoxing your armpits and mud shampoo (not that either of those is a bad thing…)

Homemade Lip Balm

I’ve shared my shimmer lip gloss and homemade lip balm recipes before but this recipe is specifically designed to look, feel and smell like Burt’s Bees.

Another bonus, besides avoiding the franken-oils, is that this version is much less expensive than buying pre-made options like Burt’s Bees (and you can even re-use the tubes to save even more). I also omitted the lanolin in this recipe, since it irritates my skin and I haven’t found that it is necessary, but feel free to add a small amount if you have it on hand.

Kids love helping with homemade projects like this (and they are really fun for adults too!).

Before you start, make sure you have the ingredients and equipment on hand.

If you’re switching from conventional lipstick and want some color and shimmer naturally I recommend adding a tiny amount (1 tsp) of mica powder like this one. It has natural color and shimmer and blends perfectly. You can see an example in this post.

Imitation Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons beeswax pastilles
  • 2 tablespoons shea butter
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 30+ drops peppermint essential oil

Lip Balm Instructions

  1. Melt beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil in a double boiler or small glass bowl over a small pot of boiling water, stirring constantly until melted.
  2. Remove pan from heat but keep over the still-hot water to keep the mixture melted.
  3. Add essential oils to your preference. I just added peppermint in this recipe. I recommend adding a few drops at a time and testing a tiny amount on your arm to make sure the scent is to your liking.
  4. Once you’ve added the essential oils, use the pipette or a dropper to fill the lip balm tubes. This must be done quickly since the mixture will start to harden as soon as it is removed from the heat.
  5. Let tubes sit at room temperature for several hours until cooled and completely hardened before capping them.

Use an extra teaspoon or two of beeswax if you prefer a thicker and longer-lasting lip balm or slightly less if you prefer a smoother and softer lip balm. Since there are no water based ingredients, you can re-melt and add more of each ingredient during the melting process until you get the exact texture you want. When experimenting, I’ve put a few drops of the melted mixture onto a piece of parchment paper and let harden in the fridge so I could test it before putting the mixture into tubes. Have fun with it! This makes 12-14 tubes.

Ever made an imitation product? What was your gateway product into natural living?

Make this copycat Burts Bees Lip Balm with the natural peppermint/beeswax scent using just natural beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils.

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Reader Comments

  1. I literally came on here looking for lip balm only to find it was today’s post! I’ve got your whipped body butter and sleepy foot rub recipes all printed out, and I’m about to start making all these wonderful body products! I did this last year for Christmas gifts, and these homemade versions are far superior to the store bought stuff in my opinion. And homemade lip balm is the ONLY lip balm I’ve ever used that only needs to be applied occasionally, not 16 times a day only to still suffer chapped lips!

    Thanks for these great recipes! =D

    • WOW! fabulous recipe, thank you very much for sharing! I love how it stays on my lips for ages.

      In the winter I get through commercial chapsticks like they are going out of fashion but my lips are still always sore. I really think that this is going to make a big difference to my dry lips this winter, I have just made six 15ml pots using wax from my own bees and I really love the finished product. Thanks again 🙂

  2. I guess i could say my gateway product into natual living was with the homemade toothpaste after learning more about sodium fluoride. The risks are not worth it if you know that it is a chemical used in rat poison and what not.

    This got my curiousity into studying holistic aromatherapy and EOs as well when i saw a recipe requiring peppermint essential oil for a toothpaste recipe of yours. “What is peppermint essential oil?”

    I also started looking into Mountian Rose Herbs and their products which further inspired me into a more natural and organic lifestyle. Next thing i started to make my own homemade soap bars and facial scrubs similar to the ones they sell.

  3. Can you use soy way VS the bees wax?

  4. You are amazing. I was just about to make your homemade lip balm when I saw this post! I love my Burt’s Bees chap stick, but not as much anymore knowing what happened. :/ Onto way better chapstick! And you are right.. one thing leads to another and then everything’s homemade. I can’t complain! Thank you for everything you do. 🙂

  5. Quick question, I’ve been following you for a bit, and love your recipes. New to the whole world or diy products. I love cocoa butter, refined, hate getting it out, any tricks???? My hand is killing me.

  6. Great recipe! I might try making my first lip balm!

    I’ve made a shea butter moisturizer before and it was grainy. Have you experienced this with your homemade shea butter products? Any recommendations for preventing graininess in the lip balm? Thanks!

    • that would be great to know. because I have made moisturizers and it is grainy because of the shea butter. i thought maybe I put too much in

      • Cocoa butter wafers can be found online. Like beeswax pellets so much easier to use.

    • Try adding the shea butter last and only heating it long enough to melt and mix with the other ingredients– sometimes it can get grainy if cooked too long! Hope that helps 🙂

      • Good tip. Thank you!

    • To keep your melted shea butter from becoming grainy when cooling, cool in the refrigerator. You can remelt shea butter and place in fridge.

  7. What should I use instead of the shea butter, we have allergies to peanuts, soy, eggs, seeds, dairy and grapefruit in our house?

      • I made two 1/2 recipes of this. One was with shea butter and the there with Mango butter. Mango butter is my fav and I do not use as much lip chap, but the shea butter is my daughter’s favorite. what a wonderful, easy recipe. it just takes a bit of patience to fill those little tubes. I have to admit, that I am on this site all the time and constantly looking for ways to remove chemicals from our bodies by reducing commercialized harsh crap. we have replaced lotions, soaps, deodorant (OMG this one amazed me!!!!) and working on shampoo, but that is not going well. i have super straight, shiny, fine hair. i need mega-light shampoos and anything really oil-based has been drying, sticky or leaves a hefty film in my hair. but if i find anything on my own that works, i will share it!

  8. I think my gateway product into natural living was a homemade anti bacterial/viral hand wash.
    I still make it, and it’s actually a good non toxic general surface cleaner.
    I use a spray bottle and add about 2 Tablespoons of Vodka and about a 1/2 tsp. of tea tree oil to filtered water to use for counter tops and anything else normally touched by everybody all day.
    I’ll use a squirt bottle for the same recipe except add about 1/8 cup of Borax to it and that’s the hand wash. Supposed to kill all the nasties lurking under your nails and a good all around hand sanitizer.

    • When I was in college theatre we used “special febreeze” aka vanilla vodka in a spray bottle to remove smells from delicate vintage fabrics/furs. Fyi.

  9. Any home made lip balms that don’t contain beeswax/coconut oil? I have tried a couple and am still on the search. So far everything shreds my dry lips! I don’t think it is the peppermint oil either, this has been the care for the “typical” and natural lip products. Thanks for any ideas!

    • *been the case

    • Hi! I’ve had the same trouble & have no idea why. I’ve tried literally 30 different all natural recipes using various butters & oils, I’ve bought a ton of all natural lip balms but can not use any of them more than twice without my lips peeling all to heck. Does anyone know why this happens & recipes that will work? I so desperately want to not use chemicals on my lips. Thanks all:-)

      • Do you use essential oils? You could be having a reaction to that…

    • I have always had the same problem. I now only use coconut oil bees wax and peppermint EO for my homemade lip balms and at night I do a sugar scrub on my lips I make with coconut oil , sugar and sweet almond oil. This has kept my lips soft and smooth.

      • Thank you so much Nicole for your post. I tried your sugar scrub on my dry, chapped, flaky lips tonight and right away my lips are smooth and beautiful! Look out Hubby!!!!

        I put the homemade lip balm on afterwards and I have to say WOW!!!! My lips have never been this soft in the dry winter before!!!

        Thank you so much Katie and Nicole. You’ve saved my family from chapped, bleeding lips forever!!!

        Lynn (Alberta Canada)

  10. Can you provide these measurements in ounces instead of Tablespoons? It makes for a far more accurate recipe. Thanks!

  11. Hey ! I bought the WONDERFUL tube holder and it makes filling lip balm tube containers so easy. I’ve had it for years, but I probably got it from my hero in soap making etc…BRAMBLEBERRY…
    persevere Katie,
    laurie in st louis

  12. Hello! Thanks for the recipe! I’m excited to try it. 🙂 Any thoughts on storing the lip balm in small metal tins vs. the plastic tubes?

  13. It seems like I should wash the plastic chapstick tube before using it but it also seems like it would have a tough time drying out. What do you suggest?! Thanks for sharing all your great recipes!

    • I was wondering the same thing. I have the supplies being shipped now, should be here tomorrow. I will be anxious to get started!

    • For a fun container, I used an empty glue stick from one of the students at school. I washed it with soap and water, and dried it with a paper towel. Any moisture I missed wouldn’t get mixed with the oil based recipe anyway. The kids were quite amused to see me apply “glue” to my lips!

    • As you pour the hot beeswax (which is heavier than water), it should push the excess water moisture up to the top of the balm. There it will either “burn off” or evaporate as your balm sets.

  14. I can’t wait to make the lip balm…I’ve been a Burts user for years and use their tinted lip balm instead of lipstick…can you suggest a way to add a little pop of color to the lip balm?

    • You can use a koolaid powder or a piece of an old lipstick for the color. I’ve heard you can use a piece of a crayon but I’ve yet to try that out.

  15. I have made a few lip balms myself. I will try this one next. I love how they feel on my lips and that they are so moisturizing. Way better than store bought. I have a recipe that I found online a while ago for a lip gloss that is very simple. It glides on nice and gives a nice sheen as opposed to a high gloss finish.
    1 teaspoon unrefined coconut oil
    1 teaspoon almond oil
    1/2 teaspoon beeswax pastilles
    Melt all in a measuring cup with spout in a pot with boiling water.
    Pour into a tin and let cool in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
    I especially like the flavor of coconut. Just thought I’d share.

  16. Love your site and Love your recipes. Is it possible to cut this recipe in half?

  17. I was curious if this recipe needs to remain refridgerated especially in warmer weather?

    Just curious since I am making it as a gift for my husband for xmas and will likely be in his truck. Which could get warm in summer time.

    • It depends on how warm it will get. Honestly I have not tested it in very warm weather (I experimented during the early fall ad didn’t have issues in 60 degrees or so).

  18. I have heard that heating the shea butter, even in a double boiler, destroys the natural properties for which we would use shea butter in the first place. What’s your opinion?

    • Only use a low setting. Melt slow and thoroughly, don’t let it get too warm.

  19. I love making my own lip balm, and have you to thank for first inspiring me to start DIY skin care. I have been ordering the lip balm tubes from amazon as well. Do you have any concerns about the quality of the plastic? Have heard of essential oils interacting poorly with plastic. Trying not to overthink this…still feel the homemade lip balm is a good option and much better than anything we could buy. Thanks for all you do…LOVE your website!

  20. Wondering if you’ve tried any lip balm recipes that provide spf. Can I just add some zinc to this? How much?

    • Did you ever get an answer with putting zinc in the lip balm. If so what did they say?

    • Raspberry seed oil and pomegranate seed oil are both natural spf30

  21. Love it!! Just finished making for the first time and am in love, my lips have never felt so good. Going to be giving these out at Christmas gifts along with other natural homemade products. Thanks for the recipe and the the tips.

  22. I just made this today an put it in little tins…wondering if you know where I can make custom round labels to put on the tops. Thanks! Love your site!

    • Where did you purchase your tin cans?

  23. i’m having trouble getting my droppers and pipettes really clean. Do you have any tips (not meant to be a pun lol)?



    I’m making your homemade burt’s bees right this moment!

  24. I used your lip balm recipe and substituted out peppermint with lemon and lavender. Boy oh boy, my family is now bothering the heck out of me for more of that stuff. Thanks for what you do!

  25. Question for Katie or any other lip balm gift givers: Has anyone added shrink wrap band sleeves to your lip balm tubes? I think this could be a more professional presentation but I am wondering how one can use a heat gun to shrink the bands without melting the balm ingredients. Would love to receive any feedback on this idea.

    • Hi Suzan, I wouldn’t worry about the heat gun melting ingredients, as even if it worked long enough to do that, they would solidify again in moments. Just make sure you place them in an upright position for a while after blasting.

      In fact, you can use a heat gun before placing the cap on the tube, to straighten up the tiny dent that sometimes forms at the top of your lip balm as it solidifies inside the tube after you pour. It will then smooth up as the surface cools again.

      There are also perforated tube+cap labels you can find, if your concern is some kind of tamper proof packaging. Those are my favorites for a more professional presentation as you say.

      Good luck!

  26. I noticed that you use lot of coconut oil. I am really sensitive to scent and wondering how strong the scent is. Also if there is substitute. I understand that you can sub shea butter ( which I can not use) for cocoa butter or mango butter. Would coconut oil and either subs for shea butter be good combination to coconut oil?

    Thanks excited to try the recipes.

  27. I love the natural recipes on your website! Any suggestions for natural solutions to make-up (liquid foundation and pressed facial powder) or hair coloring (to cover gray)?

    Herbatint Vegetal, a semi-permanent coloring product, is as close as I could find. (Their permanent hair coloring product, which is just called Herbatint, contains PPD and many more chemicals.) I’d appreciate any ideas that you may have.

  28. I think I started natural living when I decided to start making my own bath products. I’m obsessed with natural beauty products and I was getting bored and broke buying them. I loved Burts Bees but have since moved to the realm of organic and non-GMO, so I choose brands you usually can’t buy or try to make my own. Needless to say, I’m only about a year in and I’m hooked on natural living!

  29. Hey love the recipe but i was wonder if i could substitute the coconut oil for something else

    • Yep, you can use any other oil (almond, avocado, etc, but use 1/2 as much)

  30. Could you add honey to this recipe to give it a little flavour? If you can, how much would you add?

  31. Hi! I’m very interested in making this! Been using Burts Bees since high school, and would love this cheaper (and better!) option. Curious about the ingredients you use…is it ok to try other brands on Amazon, or should I stick to the companies you have linked? Any brand I should stay away from? I’m new to this venture and don’t know much about purchasing beeswax and shea butter! TIA!

    • You can do your own research, but I have linked to these products because they are the ones I trust and use myself. If you want to research on your own I would definitely stick with stuff that is organic and as little processed as possible.

  32. Hi Katie,
    I am writing this now as I am waiting for my Chapstick to melt! 🙂 I suppose my gateway into a better lifestyle would be your DIY liquid hand lotion (I made it for my mom’s birthday) she is now an exclusive wellnessmama user too. Thanks so much for your awesome recipes!

  33. Hi. I love your recipes. I have to say, I’m 15 years old. And I really love how you influence the next generation. It’s amazing. I am glad to be one of the kids who you influenced.

    Can you tell me of a way to harden the lip valm without wax?

    • Thanks so much for reading 🙂 I love to hear of people your age who are conscious of health (and I wish I had been at your age!) Hardening lip balm without wax is tough. You could use shea butter or cocoa butter, but I’d put it in a little jar or tin since it would be more likely to melt and leak in a tube.

  34. I have been using this recipe for about 6 months and love it I am a chapstick freak and so relieved to not be using carmex anymore and only natural ingredients. I do however have a question when I start to get about 3/4 down the tube it becomes gritty, is there something I am doing wrong in how I prepare it, please advise.

    thank you


    • Amanda, I’m having the same problem and was just about to post the same question! Mine started out super silky and smooth and now there are all these little bumps in the chapstick and it goes on “rough”…although once it’s on my lips it feel smooth. It’s just the application that’s not pleasant anymore. Anyone out there know what we’re doing wrong? Heating the shea butter too long? Thanks for your help. 🙂

  35. Hi I was wondering if there is a shelf life on this lip balm? Or how long can I keep them out of the fridge without them going bad?

  36. Hello, love your posts 🙂

    I was just wondering… recently I read something about the dangers of essential oils and that you have to be careful. So cutting it to the chase, isn´t it dangerous to add so many drops of peppermint oil (30) with only 1 tbsp of a carrier oil? Mountain Rose recommends to use a 1% or 2% dilution

    • Nope! I’ve used theraputic grade peppermint essential oil in various products I”ve put on my skin and even *gasp* put the pure oil on my skin….I’m fine. If you have a reaction, dilute. If you still have a reaction dilute more. In terms of the chapstick, I’d gauge my personal reaction on an old tube of Burt’s. If you’re good, then go for the 30 drops. 🙂

  37. I made this and love it. I have it in a tin container and use my finger to apply. My concern though is that it might be full of germs now. Any ideas on cleaning or disinfecting it. Thanks!

  38. I’ve been seeing alot of DIY chapsticks, but I’m scare to try ’em out myself. I do have a question, though. Approximately, how much did it costs for this recipe that made 12-14 sticks?

  39. I gave this recipe a try and I did not like the Shea butter in it at all, (I felt like I could taste it) so I tried mango and still didn’t like the feeling of it on my lips. It was just to soft of a feeling. Tried one last time with kokum butter and bingo! The hardness of the kokum butter was exactly what I was looking for. And as an added bonus, because of the higher melting point, it doesn’t get as soft if I leave it in my car or in my pocket all day.

    • Where can you buy kokum butter in Edmonton Alberta Canada?

  40. I have tried many homemade lip balms with beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter. Everything dries out my lips excessively and they peel. It’s so heartbreaking since I really want to use homemade products.

    • I wonder if you could sub cocoa butter for the shea and hemp oil for the coconut oil? I think that’s what I will try. I really don’t care for the smell of shea butter, but cocoa butter has such a nice scent and with the peppermint it’d be like mint chocolate chip 🙂

  41. I am such a massive fan of all of your recipes but so many require pouring hot ingredients into plastic containers, thus losing the benefits of being chemical-free. Hot plastic leaching into my products? Noooooo. Highly recommend you start changing to glass containers! There are great ones on Amazon with metal lids, similar to mini jelly jars from hotels and also glass vials with cork tops. No more plastic for our bodies or the earth! 😉

    • This is an older recipe… since then I have started doing that 😉

      • can you link to the glass items you all speak of? i cant picture it

        • Old baby food jars *thumbs up*

  42. Firstly… new to your site and to the world of home made goodness….. and LOVE IT!! thanks for the great tips and amazing ideas!!

    Secondly, from my research this sort of Lip Balm doesn’t have really have to much of a use by date, meaning it can last a long long time. Is that correct from your knowledge?

  43. Thanks for the recipe. I just finished it and I thought my first time would be a disaster but it came out fine. My gateway product was homemade toothpaste (baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint) and then homemade hair gel (Shea butter and a little coconut oil)>

  44. I used beeswax + shea butter + watermelon seed carrier oil with some essential oils, and the texture was soft and lovely, but the jar I had kept aside for later use – it developed fat bloom after a few weeks.

    Same thing happened with candelilla wax + cocoa butter + shea butter + sweet almond.

    Does anyone know how to prevent fat blooms in homemade lip balms please?

  45. The first time I made a lip balm, it smelled like the beeswax more than the oil. I did not use 30 drops though. I will try that next time. The beeswax almost smells smoky, is that normal for beeswax?

  46. I found your blog while I was searching for broth recipes. The lotion bar recipe caught my eye so I made a few. Now I have one at home, one at work, and gave some to my friends (who love them)!. I even used soap molds to make pretty ones 🙂 Lip balm will be my next diy project. Thanks!!

  47. I love this recipe and it worked really well EXCEPT when I keep it in my pocket at work I found it melts! Turns too soft. Did anyone else have that happen?

  48. Hi I’m wondering if I use mica powder, will it tint my lips or just give the balm color? How much much would I use to give my lips color?

  49. Hi I followed a similar recipe for lip balm and its great but very hard. I want it to be a bit softer. Any suggestions?

    • To make it softer, just add less beeswax or more of a liquid oil like almond or olive.

  50. Hi, I can’t seem to get the right balance of beeswax/oil… it’s always very hard and if I use any less then it’s too soft. I would like it to be medium. Any ideas?

  51. I am making this lip balm and of course the tubes are not as cutsie as the little round balls that they have at target. Is there anyway to make this to fit in one of those for my tween daughter?

    Thank you

  52. Hello,

    I am about to make the lip balm. Of course the tubes I bought are just not cool enough for my tween girl. Do you have any idea how I would refill her little round balm holders that she has one in each color?

    Thank you,

  53. So I have an extreme nut allergy as I have gotten older it seems to be getting worse. Most of your recipes call for shea butter, which comes from a nut. I have recently discovered my skin no longer tolerates coconut even, both topical or internal. What suggestions could you make to replace these items as an “in general” in your recipes?

  54. Hello, I love your website, you have great ideas! I would like to know what would you use to flavor the lip balm/lipstick recipes ?

  55. Love your blog, Katie. 🙂 After i make lotion bars this week i’m going to try this lip balm. I am allergic to the peppermint oil though and wondered which of the basic essential oils are safe for lips. Would citrus ones be off-limits as they would be phototoxic? I do love cinnamon. Can you put a little cinnamon powder in them or would i need to buy the e.o.? If so, any idea how much cinnamon powder for this recipe? Sorry for all the questions. I’m still a DIY newbie but loving it.

    My gateway product, lol, was homemade deodorant. I have fragrance allergies sometimes so couldn’t use it then but think i’m healed now and am going to try making it again as i just loved it.

    • Thanks so much! I have used lavender before which is nice. Of course, you can always leave out the essential oils if it will bother your allergies too much. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • thanks katie. i just now made a sample one with a recipe someone posted upthread of just coconut oil, almond oil (i used jojoba oil) and beeswax. i love it. it doesn’t need any fragrance with the coconut oil and honey from the beeswax. put it in an old burt’s tin and mod podged a cute piece of wrapping paper for a label and i have the cutest little homemade lip balm that smells divine. 🙂

  56. How do you clean your pipette? I actually used a baster. Did you just soak it in boiling water?
    I have loved using your recipes! Saving the money and avoiding the chemicals have been wonderful?

    • I use really hot water and then let it cool so the oils and beeswax get solid at the top and I can just pick up and remove them.

  57. I am currently waiting on some Vanilla infused jojoba oil to be ready for use, can I sub out the coconut oil for this? Or sub out the essential oils? Will this ruin the consistency?

    • You can definitely sub it out for the coconut oil, just use about half as much to keep the consistency the same. I test the consistency by dipping the tip of my finger in the liquid after it is melted and mixed and seeing how long it takes to harden on my finger. If it hardens relatively quickly, I test on my lips and add more beeswax if needed to thicken or oil to thin.

  58. I’m making my mom some imitation Burt’s Bees lip balm for mothers day. Her favorite is the pomegranate kind. What type of oil would be best for that?


    • I believe that pomegranate oil would work best for that.

  59. How can I measure this out so it will be only one chapstick? I want to make some but I don’t want all of mine to be one color, so i want to make it one by one for each color, if that makes sense.

    • For 1 tube, just use 1/4 teaspoon each instead of tablespoons. Will make 1 tube. Only use 1 drop of EO. I make different batches with different flavors one at a time. Hope this helps.

  60. Hi, Love your lip balm. I was wondering if you have a recipe for a Vegan Lip Balm please. 🙂

  61. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’m a beekeeper and have beeswax to use so I’m wondering if it’s 2 tablespoons straight up beeswax or just for the beeswax beads? I’m looking forward to making this.

    Thanks again!

  62. I just made three batches of this to fill about 50 tubes. For the first batch I followed the recipe exactly and it was great but a little too oily for my preference. I’m bringing these to the desert to give away so I wanted something a little thicker and less likely to melt in high heat. Here’s the alteration I made to the recipe to make a less oily, more stable lip chap:

    1.5 tablespoons coconut oil
    2.5 tablespoons shea butter
    3 tablespoons beeswax

  63. Wellness mama’s – I made these balms and they are fantastic- however after about a week or so they started to get very gritty. Anyone else having this issue? i was thinking it could possibly be my shea butter its all natural unrefined. It doesn’t have a gritty texture though, thats the weird part.

  64. Hey guys, im pretty sure i have posted a ton so im sorry but I want to share my lio balm recipie with you. Here it is:

    1/2 TBS Beeswax
    1 TSP Coconut oil
    1 TSP Shea butter (or 1/2 TSP Shea butter and 1/2 TSP Coconut butter)

    Thats enough for two-three chapstick sized containers or one EOS container. I love it and its perfect for me. Hope this helps!!

  65. How long does the lip balm stay good for once it is made?

    • All of the ingredients are shelf stable, so they last almost indefinitely.