The Dark Side of Blogging

The dark side of blogging

This week something happened that doesn’t happen often. I got mad. Not to say I don’t have bad days, but I rarely get in a pissed-off, mad-at-the-world mood. But this week I did.

Don’t get me wrong- I have days where I wish I kept my cool with my kids, or wish I stayed calm or got more done, but I don’t get truly angry very often.

I also typically try to keep my emotions in check, but today they were most definitely not and my poor husband had to bear the blunt end of my rant/venting session.

What made me mad?

The Dark Side of Blogging

Not my blog specifically (I love you guys, my readers, and I love to write) but the idea of blogging, the profession of blogging and all the things that happen behind the scenes that readers never see or hear about. The things that bloggers get sucked into and are forced to deal & compete with.

To preface, I should explain that the part that made me most angry is the perceived “selling out” of bloggers in various ways. This made me upset because I pride myself in writing ALL my own content, doing all my own research, making sure each article is super high quality and everything I ever link to, suggest or promote are products I personally use and love.

It makes me mad when I see other bloggers not extending their readers the same courtesy.

Here’s the thing…

From the outside, health bloggers often appear to be perfect human beings who cook gourmet meals three times a day, have impeccable style, washboard abs, and an incredible personality. We aren’t (at least not all of those things all the time).

Think about the pictures posted on facebook or instragram. You put your best foot forward. So do bloggers, but many of us are even more “filtered” since we are potentially exposed to and judged by thousands of people each day.

I sincerely hope that no mom ever comes to my blog and feels like she isn’t good enough because it seems like I “do it all” or “am a great mom all the time.” I assure you I’m not. I have laundry baskets full of clothes in my bedroom right now and yesterday’s clothes are still on the floor. We’ve eaten organic hotdogs three times this week because the Wellness Mama Cookbook (and dealing with Amazon) has taken over my life.

I don’t always cook three meals a day. Occasionally, I order Pete’s Paleo or from a local Japanese restaurant out of sheer convenience.

I don’t always make my own detergent and cleaning supplies. Sometimes it’s just easier (and saves time) to buy (natural) laundry detergent at the store.

Sometimes I cry because of comments I receive on my blog or facebook (sometimes happy tears, but usually tears of sadness, hurt, or pain). I’m very much not a perfect mom. Nor a perfect human.

I blog to share things that have made my life easier or better and to hopefully help other moms, but I hope that everything I write encourages and uplifts and never makes another woman feel like she isn’t doing enough or isn’t good enough.

If you’ve ever felt that way- trust me…. you are good enough. You are doing enough. You are a great mom, and one lesson I’ve learned the hard way lately is that your children, your family, need you. Imperfect, wonderful, you.

Back to Blogging Though…

Certain things I’ve seen in the blogging world lately have really upset me because I felt like they crossed that line with their readers. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with bloggers making money. But I do have a problem with:

  • I have a problem with bloggers making money in a non-genuine way at the expense of their readers.
  • I have a problem with incestuous back-room affiliate deals. I have a problem with “I’ll promote your product if you promote mine.”
  • I have a problem when people duplicate my blog exactly for themselves, the design, every post and picture on the site, strip out my affiliate links and add their own, then claim everything as theirs.
  • I have a problem when other sites pull every post and picture of mine to use for themselves… to get more traffic so they can charge more for ads.
  • I have a problem with people copying content (both my content and that of others), stealing ideas and writing in an unauthentic voice solely for the goal of pushing more content out to the search engines. This annoys me because it isn’t about Google. It is about you. The readers. I don’t write for Google, I write for you!
  • I have a problem with the 100+ emails I get a day from people asking me to promote their stuff to my “list” (the people who subscribe to my email newsletter)

I don’t have a “list.” I have readers. I have friends. I have you. And you are the most important part of blogging to me.

And you know what? I’m not the only one who feels this way about the dark side of blogging.

I’m extremely aware, appreciative and grateful every single day for the amazing community that has grown through Wellness Mama. It is so much bigger than me. It is a group. A sisterhood. A family of moms who quite literally have the power to change the world. I don’t take that lightly. It annoys me when I see bloggers in the industry who do.

For me, blogging is really about creating a change for our kids. It isn’t about the money (though if that happens, it is great since we have six kids to feed, clothe and put through college one day) but that isn’t the goal. It is about making a healthier future for my children so they have decades and decades of health after college and so I get to live long enough to meet and enjoy my grandchildren.

I like to think/hope that I don’t have the amazing community that has developed here because I’ve written good articles about certain topics, but because I care about you. Because I want an actual (online) relationship with you. Because I care about the future for your kids as much as for my own.

I don’t want to be a “celebrity” from blogging (as some bloggers seem to want). In fact, this would utterly terrify me and get me so far out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t know who I was anymore. My goal isn’t to make millions, it is to HELP millions.

Someone else could copy my writing, copy my posts, copy all my ideas, but it wouldn’t be the same because the passion isn’t there. Because the world doesn’t need another blog post about how to make lip balm or magnesium body butter (which I did invent, btw), but the world needs more passion. It needs more people who care. If that is you- I am forever grateful for you… really! If you are passionate about your own goals, your own life, your own family and their health… you are changing the world more than the bloggers you see making tons of money and looking perfect on Instagram.

Because here is the deal… at the end of the day, it isn’t about me (and I’m super glad it isn’t!). I don’t use my last name. Not because I’m ashamed of it or have something to hide, but because it isn’t important (and because I value privacy for those six small children I mentioned). And because the movement, the “wellness mama idea”, is so much bigger than me.

I’m here because I want to make a change, not become famous.

My Blogging Struggle

It takes an incredible amount of time to make Wellness Mama what it is. Researching for posts. Taking photographs. Writing. Editing. Moderating comments. Social media promotion & communication. Etc.

It costs a lot of money to keep it running. Design & development costs. Hosting. Upgraded servers when traffic grows. Premium plugins. Email service. Etc. Etc. Etc.

The list goes on.

I’ve struggled with the fact that I could implement ads with the click of a button and make much more money that would help support my family and help fund a charity I’ve wanted to start for a long time (to provide sustainable food and clean water worldwide and to help distribute leftover food from farmers markets to soup kitchens, schools and food banks), but I’ve never made the jump because I personally hate ads and feel this would be “selling out.”

I want to make sure I’m always focused on you, but sometimes I don’t know the best way to do this. I make sure I don’t use spammy tactics to try to sell you things you don’t need. I don’t white label products that I didn’t create to make money. I moderate every comment so that the community is an uplifting and healthy environment for you to learn. I prominently display my affiliate policy so that readers are aware of my quality standards, practices, and promotion requirements.

I’ve struggled with the fact that I’m very much imperfect. has grown beyond my greatest goals and expectations. The blog gets a lot of traffic and in turn makes money through some of the products and resources I recommend.

I still feel like a failure because I’m not the perfect mom or the perfect wife. I think we all do. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think any mom goes to bed feeling like she has the whole wife/mother thing under control. I know I don’t. In fact, every day, I stress because of this incredible community that I love so much. Because I don’t always look, act and behave the way a “perfect” mom should. I think we all do.

So- long story short. Thank YOU so much for reading. For putting up with my rant. For caring about your family and the future of our children and our world.

At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn about just having your email address on my list. I want you to actually adopt the healthy changes I write and email about. To put in the time. To make a lasting change for your family. To say that your family’s life has improved because of changes you made. That is what matters to me.

2014 has been a tough year in many ways. The blog has grown. A lot. But I’ve made mistakes. I promoted a course (against my intuition) for someone that wasn’t a good fit… because I was too competitive. I started promoting an essential oils company (against my better judgement) because I thought there was an opportunity to help some friends make money. I self published the original Wellness Mama Cookbook, even though I had numerous offers from traditional publishers for upfront advances. And it’s wreaked havoc on my thyroid condition.

At the same time, 2014 has been an incredibly wonderful and rewarding year and I am grateful for everything this year has brought. I’ve made awesome friends who started as online friends and are now real life friends, like Heather, Genevieve, Emily, and Kelly (go check them out- they are amazing!). People like Sean, Steve & Jordan, Mary, and Christa. I finally found an amazing doctor who has helped me find answers for my thyroid struggles. And I finally finished writing my book!

My Pledge to You and a Question

So here is my pledge to you: I’m going to stop trying to be the “perfect” mom on the blog and social media. I’m going to stop stressing about answering every comment and start deleting those that don’t meet my requirements. I’m going to spend more time with family, even if that means I don’t post quite as often. I’m going to only create the most valuable, most helpful things I can and share those. I’m going to stop deleting posts because I feel like they aren’t good enough or might be met with resistance. I’m going to stop censoring my writing to meet the “squeaky clean Wellness Mama image” and let the real me shine through.

Because at the end of the day, I rarely feel like I’m good enough.

I feel inferior because I don’t look like Jennifer Aniston with the patience of June Cleaver and the culinary skills of Julia Childs. I feel imperfect because I don’t have 28 hours a day to get everything done that I want to accomplish.

In the coming weeks:

  • I’m going to be moving away from most “JV promotions” because they just don’t seem genuine to me.
  • I’m going to start creating more ebooks, courses, and products. Things that I enjoy doing and things that I wish I’d had when I started out…
  • I’m going to focus on creating more helpful and useful content for you.
  • I’m going to focus on enjoying my family and having balance and enjoying things more and stressing less.

This crazy world of blogging has led me to wrestle with several internal struggles lately, and rather than try to face them on my own, I figured I’d ask for your advice (it has never failed me before, so no pressure!).

I Want Your Opinion

1. What do you consider “selling out?” If I were to allow advertisers (carefully selected of course) would your opinion of as a trusted resource change?

2. How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image?

3. Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you or just recommend others?

4. What type of content and information will be most helpful to you moving forward? How can I best provide simple answers for healthier families for you?

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Reader Comments

  1. You are ….. not merely good enough. You are wonderful. You were made with an incredible spark in you that shines clearly. Yes: You live in a broken world, and you have had broken moments, and a broken heart, and broken feelings, and broken responses, and broken health, BUT YOU HAVE NOT LET IT BREAK YOUR RESOLVE TO, IN HUMILITY, SEE BOTH TRUTH AND OTHERS AS IMPORTANT………. More than that, YOU OFFER HELP IN HEALING……… I don’t know what faith you may or may not hold to, but according to the beliefs that guide my life? …. you are at least seeking to do what is right, which is at least somewhat in line with what I learn from my God……….. He once said that He would rather that people were hot or cold, and not lukewarm. There is *nothing* lukewarm about you. – – – I personally hope you are on fire for the truth of the real creator……., and I’m praying for you about that……., but I’m also praying specifically that you find the right balance in your stewardship as a blogger………. PERHAPS SELFISHLY ON MY PART: I ONLY RECENTLY FOUND YOUR BLOG, AND I FIND GREAT COMFORT IN IT……… a part of me really clings to the hope I find there in the truths you are sharing, in as much as you understand truth……… you might not be perfectly in line with truth all of the time? I don’t know, but it IS good enough, because it is shared with compassion for us……….. those who need these truths. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU……….. You are so loved!

    • Well said!! 🙂

      • Thanks for all you do and for the standards you maintain. I’ve been a long time reader and have benefitted from many of your posts. I really appreciate the research you put into your blog. I also deeply appreciate that you generally only mention products that you truly recommend and that your blog has not become simply a vehicle for companies to market their products to me. Another blog or two which used to hold similar standards recently have become far too commercial for my taste and I’ve simply stopped reading those blogs. Please keep up your efforts. I don’t object to adds appearing on the page if you are compensated for them and I can ignore them though the add free nature of your site is a very welcome respite. It takes a lot of work to do what you do and you should gain from it so that you can keep doing it.
        All the best to you and congratulations on a great blog.

        • I totally agree! Just be yourself, we all know that you aren’t perfect, (NETHER ARE WE!!!), and we also know that you put yourself out there each time you send out an article. Don’t feel you have to do so much that your ‘commitment’ to yourself, your health and your family is forgotten or put on the back burner: They are important and we would hate that you put “us” over any one of those important categories, even if it means that we get less of you and your great articles!
          As for the ads, well, for me I don’t even look at ads on other blogs, so if they would make you extra income and are in line with your “teachings” ( not promoting things that aren’t healthy or safe) I guess I wouldn’t have problems with them, unless they became overpowering..

          We DO thank you for not selling out, and for sticking to your principles when others don’t. We appreciate ALL that you do and all that you give to us, but don’t want that to destroy your life, your family or your health.

          We love you, too.

        • I agree with Cathy. I have been following you about 3 years. You are my “go-to” website because I trust that you have researched and tried everything yourself.
          My youngest child just graduated and we can all look back and think of things we could’ve done better. We all over commit at times. We all find out later that certain things were not what we originally thought. You do what you know and when you learn better, you do better. There’s never enough time for perfection. I learned that the hard way.
          You are an inspiration. You deserve compensation for what you do. It’s not selling out if you believe in what your advertising.
          I think your real followers we’re excited to see the first pic of you posted. However, I think you should only share what makes you comfortable.

      • My children are all adults. Your post have helped my husband and I become healthier senior citizens…. I will continue to read your post no matter what decision you make. Just be true to yourself.

      • Dear Katie, your drive, standards, knowledge and perfectionism are something else. You cope with running your own high profile business, a home and a large family. You inspire us and really have nothing left to prove to us. Our improved health is a testament to your hard work. Please now concentrate on YOUR health and be yourself, enjoy Thanksgiving and take a few more breaks. Don’t burn yourself out. Stop and smell the flowers once in a while. Take care. Jane.

    • great response. Im right there with you!!!

    • I am a recent reader of your blog. I know that i enjoyed the recent wellness summit (what my limited data on my iphone allowed me to access)-and every recipe i have replicated is great. Be true to yourself and do what feels right. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

    • Oh my gosh, Katie,
      You have the best, not one of, but the best blog site for wellness I have even seen and I’ve been hunting forever! I came upon you relatively recently and am thrilled to find everything I need in one place. And, I LOVE that there are not flashing ads and all of the rest to disrupt the ease of using your site.
      I loved your recent webinar summit, and the webinar w/Steven and Jordan. I thank you for your commitment and dedication to this blog and completely understand your desire to move forward w/those concepts and ideas on what you have always wanted to do.
      Personally, I have no children and have no idea how you doe all you do! And, in truth, I struggle to take care of just me and my “stuff”, let alone 5 little guys and a husband with each of their own needs and demands on a mom and wife.
      I have been able to not only use, but share the many things I am learning on you site. Every time you send an email, I read everything you post because it’s for me like getting another win on a lottery ticket! Everything I have EVER wanted to know, learn and make, all in one place and not only with recipes, but, with healthful/helpful resources from which to purchase what I need to make them!
      I love the comment section in which readers help each other out with other information and you filter the unnecessary negative, useless responses. (Having just been on The Food Babe blog I saw how terrible some readers can be w/their negative, useless and unfounded comments), I’m only sorry that you have to read any in order to know to delete it. But, I thank you…
      A friend would tell me, when I was not feeling “good enough”, “Charmie, you are not only good enough, you are better than good enough!”
      Well Katie, YOU are not only good enough, you are BETTER than good enough!
      And, again, thank you for all you do for all of your readers and especially for your family! Those are some of the most blessed children even if they are to young to know it.
      Keep on doing what you love best, moving in the direction that makes you happiest,
      … We are following where you go on your next adventure …

      • Hey Katie,
        Charmie just summized my opinion as well, I would only like to add a big THANK YOU in my own post. And also some cheering: YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST WELLNESS BLOGGER and I am grateful for every single post. I can definately say that you have changed my world in so many ways.
        THANK YOU

    • Dear Katie,
      First let me say thank you for all the ways in which you have blessed my family. You are amazingly creative and giving! Now to your request for feedback. As a follower of Jesus I find it difficult to find health information online that I could freely allow my children to look at with me. In fact, when I see curse words I am not inclined to read further. Is it too much to ask of you as a self professing Christian to maintain a “clean” image? Are we not called to holiness as Christians? Jesus doesn’t ask us to be a disingenuous but to be submitted to His Spirit. I appreciate your candor but not your cursing. We live in a dark world but God tells us to dwell in the light and be the light because He LOVES us and He loves those poor souls that ARE disingenuous and serving their own interest. They are to be pitied. He died for them too and desires for them to LIVE. Really live… Not this vain living that takes hold of those who try to look perfect and garner the accolades of the crowd.

      I do not think it would be wrong for you to make money off of your blog. What would be unethical about it? Have you asked Jesus if this is what He would have you do? Follow Him. We all appreciate your blog immensely but it is Jesus who has given you this life to live for Him and according to His leading. Serve Him with passion and you can’t go wrong. God bless you and yours and may the peace of Christ be supplied to you in abundant measure.

      • Where did you see her curse? And not for nothing, but not everyone who reads her blog is a christian. I’m not quite sure what religion Katie is, AND I’M IN NO WAY TRYING AT ALL TO DISRESPECT YOUR CHOICE OF RELIGION, but unless she decides to make this a christian health blog you really shouldn’t be throwing anything in her face or judging how she is expressing herself. I don’t know Katie personally at all (tho sometimes I feel like I do because she’s so raw and humble and honest and open). Wellness Mama was one of the first blogs I got hooked on several years ago and one of the few I still go to every single day. I love her and I love her site. She can be who she wants to be, when she she wants to be, however she decides to be!

        • I realize this is not a “Christian health blog” but I believe Katie has mentioned being a Christian. Katie, if I’m wrong please correct me. As a fellow believer with Katie I was giving her my feedback, not condemning or judging her, just simply encouraging her to stay the course on the beautiful narrow way.

          • I’ll also add that Katie if I discouraged you in any way please accept my apology. I would hate to think I was a source of discouragement to you. Again, thank you for being a huge blessing to my family and me.

    • I don’t normally respond to post but felt compelled to reply to this one. YOU and your work are amazing! You are a “trusted advisor” to your readers and it is indeed earned status. Well deserved.

      For me I appreciate and prefer genuine and authentic people. I look forward to the real Katie and all that brings. It is welcomed.

      Candidly, I would like to be exposed to “vetted” advertisers. Through your website I was introduced to amazing companies like Tropical Traditions and Mountain Rose. Personally, I would welcome introductions to more exceptional and ethical providers of excellent products and services.

      With respect to remuneration. I don’t find it selling out in any way. In my view it is an exchange of value. You expose your readers, me, to excellent companies, products and services. I don’t have to go searching. I go to the website I know and trust,


      • Ditto to what Steve says! Thank you for sharing yourself & ideas with us. You have inspired me and helped me grow. My life is better because of your blog.

    • Hi Katie,
      I am a newbie to Wellness Mama. In the short time that I have been reading your blog, downloaded your Wellness Mama recipes, and ordered an electronic copy of your cook book (Would have loved to have the hard copy but live out of the country.) it is very apparent to me that you are genuine. I love your blog and appreciate your commitment to helping others ensure a healthier life for ourselves and our children. Wellness Mama, in my opinion, is the best wellness blog. There is nothing wrong with making money via advertising. Just don’t lose your soul in the process. My answer to question 3 is yes, provided inspiration, time, and energy allows. As for number 2, I don’t have a problem either way. Maybe you should consider a hybrid, i.e., maintain the current tone and let it rip when you feel the need. Gwen

    • I rarely read blogs let alone comment, but I feel this struggle, and I say that any thoughtful person will and can understand the struggle and stand behind what you have so openly poured out. I wish you all the best!

    • Your blog is amazing, and I know it has helped and inspired my daughter in making healthier choices, and she recommended it to me. You have given so much of yourself to sharing your recipes and experiences, and if I could see you face to face I would give you aHUGE hug and say Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
      Be true to yourself, follow your passion, and know that your readers love you for not being perfect, and for caring so much, and sharing with us.
      Bless you!

    • Please, PLEASE don’t give up blogging!
      Your site was my first path to wellness. I’ve been at it for over 2 years now. Healthy body, healthy home. It’s so addicting. It’s a new way of life!

      If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Sometimes it seems everybody is, but only a few do it well! There are difficult people in every field. This is your field.

      This is my first post. Been stalking your site this whole time but when I read the above, I panicked!

      Thank you for everything.

    • I so agree with the above response ! I am delighted by you just as you are and so grateful to you for everything I have learned. . Bless you for what you do for all of us. My health is better because of info I have learned in your newsletters. Keep your head up and listen to your heart….but most of all look to God above and thank Him for blessing you with this gift you have of helping people. Take your concerns to Him….His answers will never fail you and you can’t go wrong by doing this. Thank you Katie !

    • Why wouldn’t you advertise? It would be my dream to have a successful blogging site with loving fans. We all have to make a living somehow. You advertising would not change how I feel about your site at all.

    • After reading your “blogging” post, my heart welled up and I wanted to tell you how awesome you are and how much I appreciate you, Katie. But RainahN has said it so beautifully. Way to go, Rainah. Katie, I love the real, true, honest you so please say and do as you please. I appreciate you the way you are. If you need to place ads from companies you think you can trust, it okay by me. If they turn out to be not so great, just let us know. Im glad you are in my life. Im having more fun since I found you. Take care, lady.

    • Dear Katie,

      I stumbled on your website a few weeks ago trying to find a natural cough syrup and was hooked immediately. You are an authentic brilliant creator, spanning a wide chasm from the land of the unaware to a world where you have had to hack out your own path, figure out if the fruit can be eaten or if it will make you sick. And along the way you have been cut by some pretty wicked thorns.

      Any time a person creates something as powerful and worthy as you are creating, they become a huge target. It is the price of greatness. You are using the gift and passions that define your purpose so clearly, to help others love wholly and healthily. Bravo.

      I do a lot of work with women, helping them find their own Purpose and align it to their lives. Trust me, regardless of whether the women is a CEO or runs a top 500 company, there is not a woman alive who does not feel like she has failed in some area or another. It feels like it is part of being collectively a woman. Like we are programmed that we never quite measure up.

      Changing this perception comes slowly with awareness of one’s own gifts and beauty, true beauty. This is the beauty you have and radiate in your words and actions.

      That you feel less than perfect makes you real… perfection is a horizon that keeps turning back into the horizon. No matter how far we run, or how hard we run, that horizon of perfection is still tauntingly forever beyond reach.

      That the callowness of other people stealing your work hurts you… of course, because you have integrity. You would never do that to another. It would violate all that is sacred within you. That it hurst you is understandable. It was meant to hurt. But you can feel, because you are real. That assures you that you are still whole and in touch with all that is important to you. When you no longer feel or care, you have lost something valuable. This is not a game for fame or gain. This is your life, and your passion to help women. So of course it hurts.

      But you are also loved and valued… I read so many of the wise and loving comments on this posting tonight. You have touched hearts. You have created a safe and wisdom-filled place to learn and grow. You have mad it possible to live another way, to follow you through that jungle path and not have to hack it out.

      Trust your instincts. They are there to protect you and are well honed. Trust your wisdom. It is rich and deep. Keep yourself protected. Don’t feel bad severing people who are vile. They will simply move on to find a new target. It is not about you, it never was, it is about their need to put anyone down so they can feel larger.

      Keep on being brilliant. You are you know… thank you for so believing in the power we each have to make life better. You are making a difference. It is your purpose and passion and it is your gift to the world.

      • Nancy, thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words… you brought tears to my eyes. I so much appreciate you taking the time to leave such wise words! 🙂

    • I WAS SAD WHEN I READ YOUR “DARK SIDE OF BLOGGING” but not surprised. When someone stands out for your brand of exceptionalism, they seem to always be a have a bulls-eye on them. I pray that you remain strong, protect yourself and yours, and continue to help me and mine with your outstanding brand of helpfulness in building the strong, efficient, safe, homes we should all want.
      You have changed our home, and you have changed me. thank you so much for being the “frail, unsure, not-up-to-par” person you can experience at times. You certainly do a lot with that, and I am amazed at what you do.
      Sometimes I think, if she can do what she does (with 5 munchkins), maybe I can do something too.
      I have tried to thank you by buying your books, using your touts to order from, etc. Now I say it, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Please keep up the good work as long as it is good for you too. – janie

    • This comment was so wonderful, uplifting, and showed the true definition of Godly, holy love for another, that It brought big tears to my eyes as I read this blog in the bathtub…. I feel many similar emotions in my life on a daily basis and never feel good enough for anything, trying to learn that 1, I am good enough and worthy of love and allowed to feel like i am doing ok, and 2, that where I lack, God is one prayer away to fill in and make up for my weaknesses, flaws and mistakes. Actually hes usually there before I even ask, making all things work together for my good (while I cry in the bathtub haha) but I want you to know Katie, that you are AWESOME!!! TRULY an inspiration for me and a true definition of a proverbs 31 woman. You are helping so many people in so many ways simply by using the gifts God created you to share with the world. HE knew you would feel this way, and he knew that eveN this post would resonate with so many people’s hearts so they could say, wow, even her as awesome as she is doesn’t feel good enough, wow even she said she “didn’t give a damn”(made my day, and trust me, it was a brutal day) about something….. we are all one on this earth, and I know this is an old post, I’m pretty sure I’ve read it before, but for some reason it found me again tonight when I needed it, aND your rant from 2014 is still changing lives. Thank u jesus for that! Praying for you and your family, and hoping my blog can be as passionate aND real and inspiring and life changing as yours some day, in my own unique way, however the Lord would have me do it. : ) you can rest peacefully tonight, YOU are doing a fabulous job. At everything.

  2. God bless you! You are NORMAL after all! 🙂 It is always so refreshing to me to see the REAL people shine through, because it assures me that I’m normal too and I can then relate to that person more. It was nice to read that you are just like the rest of us, imperfect and struggling with things. I am all for the raw, imperfect rather than the squeaky clean! People can relate more to REAL. 🙂

    As for advertising, I say GO FOR IT!! You have worked hard and a few well selected adds on the side of your blog wouldn’t bother me one single bit! I’m in a family of entrepreneurs and I believe in the American dream. As long as the ads aren’t obnoxious and pop up over the article a person is trying to read – WHY NOT? Most of us have kids to raise and college and retirement to worry about. I think you have earned your readers’ trust enough to throw a few little adds on there for heaven’s sake. 🙂

    As for content, I love your recipes and articles on health issues. Anything on how to improve health and have less toxins in your life is my favorite. It’s tough to navigate this toxic world so any tips are so helpful.

    Congratulations on your cookbook! I think you’re wise to post less and spend more time with your family. Your kids will be grown and gone in a flash and you don’t want to look back with heavy regrets. Best of luck to you and thank you for caring so much about helping people become more healthy. Blessings and health to you!


    • DITTO!!!

    • Lora-you said it well. I agree. Katie is a true blessing! I am an older lady-57. I am familiar with many wellness sites and bloggers and Katie-you are my favorite! I think it boils down to I TRUST you. You have earned it! You haven’t led me astray on anything. So if I’m looking for something I come to Wellness Mama first. I may visit other places but your site is so well maintained; it’s just so easy. But I like the fact that you continue to improve your site too!
      But being 57 and an empty nester- time with those 5 kids is important too! Katie-time for YOU is important too. I feel as if my 30’s and 40’s flew by in a flash and sometimes feel like that was just yesterday til I look in the mirror! Now one son IS 31 and the other is fast approaching it. So where did the time go in all my busyness? Take time for you and your family, blog less if needed but always do what you love and I think you truly love what you are doing to help people! Advertise a little if you want! Heck do whatever you like! Don’t stress over what we think! You are providing us with a fabulous service! Your readers aren’t gonna leave you! We love you!

  3. As for your questions:

    I want your opinion: What would you consider “selling out?” If I were to allow advertisers (carefully selected of course) would your opinion of as a trusted resource change?

    That can be okay either way, but only based on the principles that you already suggested, IMHO.

    OTOH, the most amazing group I am a part of to date, is a homeschooling group that decided to NOT become involved in advertising anything. at. all. It is a group called AmblesideOnline. The ‘advisory’ there put it together. They obtained legal counsel to make sure that their work was protected. YOU MIGHT ASK IF YOUR READERS MIGHT BE WILLING TO HELP FUND THAT SORT OF PROCESS FOR YOU/US??? NOT THAT YOU HAVE TO……… BUT IT MIGHT BE WORTHWHILE………. just a thought……… I’d donate a little. I don’t have much, but I’ll help a little.

    How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image?

    IF you are good at writing about the messiness of life, say, like the blogger here? then it could be a blessing to those of us struggling in the trenches *with you*……. If not, it could be a distraction…….

    Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you? What type of content and information will be most helpful to you moving forward? How can I best provide simple answers for healthier families for you?

    I’m new at all of this. I’m overwhelmed already, but trying to dig in…… greatful for your help.

    So I don’t know what all I need/want yet. I WANT AND NEED TO BE YOUR CHEERLEADER THOUGH!!!! YOU. ARE. DOING. GREAT!!!!!

    Thanks again!

  4. Katie, this was one of the most encouraging things you have posted! I usually have no idea how you get so much done, and I would welcome the raw Katie. Thanks for being real and transparent here, and thanks especially for not being shady. If you start advertising, no problem. I just hate pop-ups and inappropriate stuff (which I know you wouldn’t post.) God bless ya!

    • I agree about not wanting the “pop-up” style ads, or anything inappropriate. However, for anything you trust and perhaps use, an ad on the side would not bother me at all.

      • Hi Katie,

        I love your blog and often send patients to your site for ideas on how to detox their cleaning and beauty products. This is a wonderful resource that you created.

        I think you absolutely should have ads on your site (you can make sure that they are appropriate content with unobtrusive placement of course).

        What you offer has a great deal of value and you deserve to be compensated.

  5. 1. With as strongly as you feel about this, I’d say that as long as you are carefully selecting ads that you believe align with your content and goals for your blog, I do not think having ads is selling out. You spend a lot of time and effort doing this, and you deserve to get some compensation. And ads that help your readers find products that can help them on their wellness journey actually HELP your readers.

    2. Honestly? I love reading content that shows the imperfections of the writer. I find it far more encouraging and inspiring when I know that the writer doesn’t just stroll into her perfectly clean kitchen to whip up a quick batch of homemade-whatever-bath-product while her children play quietly together nearby, never once hanging on her leg causing her to spill the last bit of a bottle of almond oil (ahem, not that this has ever happened to me). To know that this is coming from a “real” person makes it seem much more doable for me as a real person. Also, I am much more likely to actually read posts and not just skim titles and images when the personality of the writer comes through.

    3. I don’t really have an answer to this one. Your website is a go-to resource for me, so if you just kept doing what you’ve been doing I’d be thrilled. I will say that providing information in blog content (rather than a course or ebook) is easiest to access. Those other items have their appropriate uses too though.

    • Agreed!

    • Absolutely agreed!

    • Great post, great comments 🙂 I could only say, you go girl!

    • I agree with laura

    • Agreed!

      As fun as ebooks and courses are, I rarely take the time for them (partially because I’m already trying to digest the information I have) But, I do use your blog as my “go-to” resource. So, keep up the marvelous work and add appropriate ads if it helps you achieve your goals for the site.

    • Everything Laura said!!

    • I agree. I personally like the ability to see different products that I have never heard of before. If they match the content of your site, go for it!

      Getting paid for the work you do is a good thing and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. This is your business and it doesn’t feel right as a reader to benefit from your hard work if you aren’t getting compensated for it!

      Your site has been an amazing resource for me and my family. I look forward to your email every week!

      On your last two questions, trust your instincts. We love your work no matter what!

      • I totally agree with the above post! Do what’s best for you and follow your heart.

  6. Oh dear I understand how annoyed you are … Unfortunately you are suffering from what I perhaps unkindly call “The Give and Take Syndrome” it boils down to you give I take but only one way to ME. What saddens me is those of the giveme attitude actually sadly don’t even realise that they are actually are stealing from individuals, their community, society but mostly from themselves they don’t understand or benefit from co-operation and its many multiplifier effects. Maybe a result of got to be best, win, be top of the class have everything etc etc. I don’t know the answer but maybe just look for the joy of the game not the $$$ of commercial sport. If you follow my gist….. Cheers

  7. Katie,
    I highly value the “realness” of your blog and ESPECIALLY the rawness of this post. Kudos to you. I’d love to see you keep true to your own values in keeping your advertising to a minimum and only if they’re products personally used/vetted by you. As a young wife and new mother, you’ve inspired me to do more toward wellness for my family and made it feel possible through your recipes and tips. Thank you.

    • I very much appreciated this post. I’m new to your blog, but I landed here demoralized, discouraged, and really fatigued. I am tired being tricked for profit. There are few people who look out for my family and our health with no ulterior motive. I’m Sick and tired of ads trying to sell me something harmful. I am Sick and tired of feeling like I’m the only one trying to protect my child from a world that puts a happy face on poison and tired to entice her to have some! It’s the stuff of nightmares.

      I really appreciate your honesty. If I may be so bold as to advise you not to do anything or endorse anything against your better judgment. That must be your guiding star for your whole life. Integrity and honesty are not common. Your character and integrity are everything in the end. Going against your better judgment, that’s selling out. Whatever your personal standard is, in order to be happy authentic, you must be true to that still small voice.

      Perfection is the enemy of happieness. I’ve had several friends come to me and lament their lack of perfection. The perceived perfection of the world around us actually causes suffering. I delete pins from pintrest. It always makes me feel accomplished! Just kidding.

      But seriously, if you are going to be a safe harbor for moms to help her navigate healthy information, we absolutely need to know the real you. The pressure on me of perceived perfection, well it makes me not want to listen to anything. Please be real. Just like the food we try to eat. I need a pal out there in cyberspace who is just like me. A real mom. Doing research. Being the watchtower for the health of the family.

      I really appreciated your blog. Keep going. I’m here and listening.

      • Thanks so much Jess. This put into words what I haven’t been able to explain very well:

        “I really appreciate your honesty. If I may be so bold as to advise you not to do anything or endorse anything against your better judgment. That must be your guiding star for your whole life. Integrity and honesty are not common. Your character and integrity are everything in the end. Going against your better judgment, that’s selling out. Whatever your personal standard is, in order to be happy authentic, you must be true to that still small voice.”

        That is such a good benchmark for if something is selling out or not and it is really helpful…

  8. You be who you need to be. i.e. the true you. I enjoy everything I read from you and am thankful for your commitment to what is right and true. You have to do what is pure, good, and right. Period. You do not have to measure up to me or anyone else. As you said, we ALL feel inadequate, so none is better than another. Bless your heart as you work toward being the best you, YOU can be. No one can do it better than you can. ~Joanna (who still hasn’t “arrived”) 😉

  9. Thank you for that beautifully written post. You have accomplished more than I could imagine and I’m thankful that I have you to look to as a trusted source for a healthier family & home.

    I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself. It’s always easier to stand up for others than it is ourselves and we are the ones who end up paying for it.

    Whatever you decide to do with your blogging and advertising has to be the best for you and your family. I will continue to trust you and look to you for valuable information. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.
    God bless.

  10. I think you’d only be selling out if you promoted products or services you don’t believe in. But having ads is not a bad thing–at all. You provide a free service to your readers, and you spend a lot of time doing it. Putting ads on your blog is a great way to be compensated for everything you do, and I think by this point, most readers expect ads.

    I think the key is finding the right balance. Find the right ads and if you feel like your blog is turning into one big commercial for products, then you’ve gone overboard. But if you’re just advertising products you know and like, then go for it!

    As for how much of you we want to see, the real you is always best. For a long time you didn’t have any photos of yourself or family (understandable about not having your kids’ photos), but when I finally saw your smiling face, I feel like I got to know you more. That’s why people like blogs–because it’s the chance to really get to know someone and connect with others. Showing people the real you, even on bad days, is what people want.

    Last, but not least, if having ads or affiliates or whatever, would give you the chance to pursue bigger dreams like starting a non-profit, then I say go for it. I work for a non-profit rescue mission that would benefit greatly if there were something like what you described. We could help feed so many people if we could connect with local farmers.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted you to know that what you’re feeling is totally normal, and that the vast majority of readers understand that ads are not selling out. Do what YOU think is right for your family, not what the haters think you should do! 🙂

  11. You were the first blog I started following when I started on my path to get healthy, and I continue to follow you. I love the normalcy! I love that you aren’t afraid to brush your teeth with charcoal and video it for all of us to see 😀

    • Thanks Wendy 🙂 I was scared but I get so many questions about it I thought it would help…

  12. Let the real you shine! I love your blog and honest natural ways to stay healthy. I love that you reply to your readers, it shows you care. I recently sent an email to a paleo cooking blogger. I received a reply from someone who managers that bloggers site saying the blogger is too busy to reply to emails. If that’s true than don’t provide an email link saying you’d love to hear from the readers.
    Stay true to yourself and your family. Enjoy the work you do because you help a lot of people.

  13. I would actually like seeing ads for items that you yourself have in your home.

  14. I really love this post, and as blogger I too have struggled with similar things but on a much smaller scale. I wouldn’t consider you to be selling out if you allowed relevant advertisers who sell products you support / believe in – to appear on your site. I think your readers would understand too – it helps you make money, to support your family, to develop and put more time into this site that we all love, and to put towards a charity with a great purpose. I think if you have a very transparent explanation of this on your site – no one will think a negative thing of it. I think you do a very good job of balancing between “you” and “wellness mama” and your content has a lot of variety. So much so, that I have no ideas about what I’d like you to share more about because your posts are always spot on – introducing new things, well-researched, good suggestions. I’m always excited to see what you come up with next!

  15. I commend you for your boldness and heart felt honesty. It takes alot to put your self out there and be totally transparent before your readers. Thank you for caring and teaching others how to wasn’t to make a difference. To live longer. And to save money. Thank you.

  16. Hello Katie,

    first of all, thank you for this post, it seems to me somebody had to tell the truth. I’m a new blogger, and I have to say that among many blogs I have been reading lately, yours is somehow giving me the highest quality inspiration.
    I’m not a native speaker, I live in a small European country, at the countryside, on a farm. I really want to give people insight in our way of living and I want my family to live a healthier life here, with our organic vegetables and opportunities eco friendly farm provides.
    I’m also a mom of two, trying to connect more with the world and, to be honest, to work from home (I have a steady job as well).
    Blogging attracts me for two reasons – to be close to home and to give people quality information so I inspire them in a way I was inspired by your articles.
    I’m not interested in making copies of your posts or something like that. I will be my own, within our domestic influences.

    I just felt the need to write you about how inspiring you’ve been to me. Sure, there are some other bloggers I follow that I think aren’t fake or selling their space, and I think person can tell that after a period of time spent on following them.

    So there you are, keep doing what you beleive in. You cannot change the world but only your point of view. Let them be, keep away, and write for your readers. You made yourself a brand and now you can use it to create products for you soul and still be helpfull to others.


  17. Katie, I love this post!! LOVE!! I totally agree with you. I want to blog for my readers (who are real people just like us) in an authentic way. Again, I just LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing.

  18. I absolutely love wellness mama. Your work has changed my life and the health of my family. I trust your research and your intuition. Do what you feel is best for the blog and I’m with you! Thanks for all you do, from one mom to another. You are a light on the Internet and in the world Katie! Best, Sadie

  19. I love this post! I completely relate to putting on a perfect face for the blog/social media, but in reality it’s definitely not perfect. Juggling health, home, and blog is not easy 🙂

  20. Thumbs up for the raw, uncensored Katie! Don’t be afraid to show the real you; it makes me (and am sure others) trust and love ya even more.

  21. Your post resonates with so many of mine. I have been blogging for last 7 years without creating an online identity of my own – except for my blog since I never thought that i was more important than the content I was trying to share. It was never about me. I have never blogged posts that I know would make me more “searchable”, “popular” and/or get to me to the top of a search engine. Never tried the usual marketing route of comment smooching someone’s blog cos that’s NOT ME.

    I personally think you should do what gives you peace of mind and satisfaction. The kind that when you read your own posts, it makes you so happy that you don’t care to get worked up for what others might think.

    Your enthusiasm and clarity will provide more value to us readers. And where there is value, there will be people.

    Thank you for whatever you have been doing all along. My family thanks you.

  22. Your content is amazing. Please carry on. But please stop moderating other people’s comments. I know they are horrible to read, but it is too much pressure and stress on you to keep tabs on it. There will always be idiots pointlessly posting mean comments.

    Great post today, perfect.

    We can all be perfect in different ways x

    • Thanks Sophie. Moderating comments is one of those things that if not done, then the entire site will become over-run with spammers and trolls (it’s happened before.) Which is the reason I put a comment policy in place to let people know what is and is not allowed on my site.

      • Shows what I know 😉 you’ll have to employ someone for the mute button to block all the nasties x

        • I was going to say the same thing! But then I realized what you’ve said- it has to be done. Please don’t think about those jerks while you delete them! And hosting adds, if it helps you carry on with YOUR content- is probably a good idea.
          Thank you for such wonderful practical solutions. You’ve empowered so many to really DO something to change our lives.


  23. I came from a family that relies heavily on prescription medications and other harsh products. I’ve seen how this has drastically affected their health and now that I’m a Mom my goal is to live as natural of a life as possible. That’s why I love your site! I learn so much from all your posts. But yes, like many other moms out there I compare myself to the perfect mom blogger image. If you want to show more of your true colors, I say go for it! It really helps to see that no one, not even the wellness mama, is perfect all the time.

  24. If people are intimidated by your blogging image then they are likely insecure about their own identity. The ‘perfect wife/mother’ thing is a mythic fantasy that is obsolete. I think it will do you and the rest of the world’s women a great service to do everything you can to avoid being walled into this stereotype. You are already going above and beyond so do what is best for you and your family – and don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you for it. Your ethics are sound and you shouldn’t have to stress about what allowing advertisers would do to the public opinion of your site. It’s only good business sense. People can’t expect you to continue to work so hard for less money than you deserve. For better or worse, that is the world we live in and i pretty much guarantee that those who would accuse anyone of being a sellout aren’t out there producing their own original content, artwork, etc. Listen to your intuition and allow yourself to receive the abundance of success that you have earned. You’ll never be able to make everyone happy all the time so start with yourself and those who love the real you.

  25. Ohhhh I feel sad for your sadness.
    OK here’s my 2 cents
    Q: I want your opinion: What would you consider “selling out?” If I were to allow advertisers (carefully selected of course) would your opinion of as a trusted resource change?
    A: I just want you to be true- if you’ve tried the product and it’s not for you say IT’S NOT FOR ME here’s the pros/cons but you may like it ….
    Q: How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image?
    A: How about alittle of both- the real deal makes you REAL –everyone has a CLEAN side ? ?
    Q’s: Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you? What type of content and information will be most helpful to you moving forward? How can I best provide simple answers for healthier families for you?
    A’s: I love what you send regularly. Some of it I will use some of it is I should try to do that and others just not for me (I probably won’t make my own soap) Creating a cookbook that I won’t eat most of the things in there is a waste and I can’t see that most people would either. But I do like get a recipe here or there ? I like getting information that is a one step/one day at a time thing….like cutting out the bad food-how about lets cut out dairy this week and we’ll figure out next week. I think you do a great job providing answers. As well as your emails, I like your fb site too !!

  26. I wouldn’t mind either way honestly, I appreciate what you do, and if this would help you get a little more people, money, etc. it wouldn’t bother me at all. Ads I can just close my eyes to, or actually close the ads. I’m not a shopper per se anyway so sometimes don’t even notice ads. you need to follow your own heart as to what works best. i appreciate being asked but in the end, you need to decide your comfort level.

  27. I wish you wouldn’t stress so much! You’re providing a great community and service to so many people. The negative commenters speak only for themselves, and they’re probably unhappy in their own lives and that’s why they attack you (and trust me, they’re the type of people who are attacking everyone with their grumpiness). I’m not a mom, but I truly appreciate what you are doing here and I trust your opinions/recipes/advice. You’re an intelligent, caring woman who HAS done her research and that’s a very big deal. Take time for you and your family, and stop stressing so much. You’re doing a great job, even if you are imperfect like the rest of us.

  28. Katie,
    We want you raw, real and happy in your real life. You changed mine, my families and countless others. Thank you for being the most compassionate person I have never met but consider a friend. Put ads on your site and enjoy your family more! You’re no sell out, and we, your loyal readers know your goal, it resinates between all that you post. I would love more remedy posts for alignments and illnesses. Id love to talk shop with you sometime, on the phone. I’m starting my own blog, for all things wellness ( finances to DIY) And would be over joyed with advice from you. My hero, and inspiration to be a better mother and person! God bless,

  29. How can it possibly be “selling out” if you make money on your blog by hosting advertisements? Everyone knows how much time and money (and time IS money) goes into the excellent type of blog you provide. Make money the way your conscious allows you to and keeps you happy. And kudos to you, Katie, for determining to focus less on being perfect and more on being who only you can be: the best, happiest wife for your hubby and the best, happiest mom for your children. Lots of us didn’t catch on to that until our kids were all grown! Be yourself – you can’t really be anyone else, can you? Only share about you the successes and failures you want to share. And make sure that you do what you truly want to do with your blog because it is YOUR blog. Even your readers can’t dictate to you. You can never make everyone happy. Setting up courses and ebooks? Great idea – especially if that is what you want to do. Thank you for taking things that seem next to impossible for most of us (like making homemade makeup and cleaners) and making them possible.

  30. Hi Katie,

    I personally love your blog/website! I don’t think you are “selling out” if you are promoting products or companies that you personally use or respect. And if by promoting their product, you receive payment, that’s just an added bonus for all the time you put into your blog. I also think you should be you in your writing, would probably be less stressful that way too.

  31. I want you to do what is right for you and I will still be here. Work your passion and the rest will work itself out.

  32. OMG thank you, THANK YOU… seriously, THANK YOU! I would ADORE to see more of the Wellness Mama that I have grown to love so so much! This blog was my “gateway drug” if you will and has led me down so many rabbit holes. I have finally found answers to my health issues and I am forever grateful to you for forging that path! I have seen the blogisphere start to shift and in the process have felt more and more lost. I NEED you to stay genuine and give it like it is. WE need this blog and all the brutal honesty that goes with it.

    As far as affiliate links and ads go… bring em on! I’m a big girl and I can click when and if I want to. I DO love the fact that you link to items and of course would hate to see this blog become a flashing “buy me” banner, but I just don’t see you letting it get to that kind of thing. You provide a service, a valuable one… and you DO need to make money to support your family. So yes, as an avid reader of your blog… I condone ads. 🙂

    Bottom line, you keep doing YOU and forget all that other crap (excuse my french). The storm has begun, and it is a good thing on one hand, but don’t feel that you have to get swept up in the wave. Write, create, publish what you know and we will LOVE every minute of it!

  33. I think you should consider having ads, why not? We get so much from you for free, so why should’t you be rewarded? Ads are okay as long as they are honest and we know the line between ads and your original content. I think readers always sense when bloggers are honest and when they’re just trying to make money, so don’t worry.
    Showing real you is okay and welcome 🙂
    Also getting angry is okay, it’s a powerful emotion and from what I see it’s already moved you toward some changes which is good 🙂
    I’s my first comment here, I’m not a mom but I enjoy your blog and get new ideas from you.
    Regards from Poland 🙂

  34. Thank you for this Katie. I actually emailed you this morning because I have been feeling SO much anxiety about my almost 4 year old going on an antibiotic. I try so hard in this healthy lifestyle yet feel like a failure because I am not doing it all perfect. I SO appreciate your honesty here. I really needed to hear all of that.

    I think you are doing an amazing job with this blog. You were the catalyst for my family going grain-free, limited toxins, and overall living more naturally. My husband has lost almost 30 lbs and kept it off for 2 years because of the information you have given us. Because of all your hard work, I have not had to spend countless hours researching and I sure owe you for that!

    I am so glad you are not perfect like me!!! But I know we are all trying or best, and that’s the best for our families. Take care, go with your gut, and I wish many blessings to you and your family. Ultimately, God is in control…that sure takes the pressure off 😉

  35. I honestly love your posts and everything I have read. There have been times where I question myself, if I’m doing enough. I compair myself to others. I realized I have an unattainable expectation that I hold myself accountable to that I don’t hold others to. When I really look at those expectations, I set the bar SO high I wouldn’t of reached it with out serious help. I’m glad to know other moms have their bad days that we have our issues that we can collectively build each other up and not diminish someone’s self worth because of “social” acceptance status. We need REAL bloggers that are passionate about their posts! We need people to take note that a dollar isn’t the deciding factor!!
    I love that you put forth so much effort. Honestly many of us are too lazy to seek our own answers. I’m one of them. I’m blessed to know that your posts are honest and enlightenment provoking! I’m proud of you and your hard work.
    I’m glad you restrict advertised material. I’m thankful that I’m not getting blasted with sign ins and sign ups for $. I’m grateful I’m able to know that a caring loving mom is trying to do right by her children and share it with me!! Do I agree with you 100% of the time. No but I respect you and your opinion!!!

    THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!! A little gingle for your family doesn’t mean you’re a sell out! You’ve proven you’ve not lost sight of who you are and your purpose!!!

  36. Dear Wellness Mama—you rock! I so delight in your BEing YOU! AND you are way more than good enough. I love seeing this real you. I honor your choices about the advertising and affiliate thing. Sheesh! It is all over the place.

    I am so sorry that there are people out in the world who would steal your ideas/your writings, etc. I am a pretty innocent person so I just don’t get that. But know they will not be happy and you are right, their energy is NOT the same as yours. They will not have your authenticness.

    If you had some advertising, I would feel that I could trust it, because it is you.

    I am a mom, but my kids are probably your age. 31 and 34. They are my best friend son and best friend daughter. I still love reading your blog and your posts.

    I am including a link for you that is connected to my blog. ONLY because I think it will speak to you and taking care of YOU! And I know how hard that can be with kids and you have 5!

    You must let go of what does not serve you…..and that is basically what you have said here today.

    I say “Woooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! for you!

    Thanks for sharing your passion with the world. Be the REAL YOU…….no sugar (stevia) coating it. 🙂

    much love and many many blessings to you!!

    PS. I think that as you let go of what does not serve you and totally live by your intuition/heart, the money will flow. I know that is not your focus, but I believe this completely!!

  37. I LOVE your blog and turn to it often! Thank you for all the time, effort, energy and emotion you put into sharing ! WAY TO GO for posting a raw and very real side of blogging – you did it so well! In regards to advertising, I love the fact that you don’t advertise…on a really basic note, there’s not the ads blocking the content or cluttering up the side margins. However, as the co-owner of a new grassroots family business, I TOTALLY get the idea of looking out for the best interest of the financial side of things too. You DO put a lot of time into this blog. Your family SHOULD be compensated. So at the end of the day, I guess I would say that I would trust your judgement – if you feel it’s good, then advertise away! I’m sure it’ll be with tact and integrity! As far as “the real” you…you do what YOU want. Who cares what readers what in this area…if someone isn’t happy with not seeing more of “real you” or wants a certain image, maybe they aren’t the readers you want anyway? I appreciate the need for privacy and at the same time when I read your posts, I never feel like you are “ultra perfect” – your come across passionate and well researched! Keep up the GREAT blogging!

  38. I have ZERO problem with bloggers who use ads. You work super hard, and give away tons of free content. The thing that bothers me is bloggers who will try to sell or promote ANYTHING as an affiliate, whether it is really in line with their blog or not. If a blogger wants to promote something they really truly feel is awesome and helpful to their readers, I’m all for it. It is super easy for us readers to pick out the bloggers that truly vet what they recommend.

    I would also love to see more of you, but don’t feel pressured to share things that you would rather keep private.

  39. You should utilize Google Adsense. You’ve worked hard to build your blog and you should also be able to make money for the family because you put in the work. As passionate about “not selling out” you have to also be fair to yourself. Maybe just one header ad to start. Most websites have ads so it does not devalue your content nor your passion. You have to also think with your business side. Your message will still be strong and passionate and it wouldn’t be fair to you for anyone to Judge you for making a living. And if they do, who cares? They don’t pay your bills. Good luck????????????

  40. Thank you for this post!!! I’ve been feeling pretty inferior lately. I’m a full-time employee and a mom. Its hard enough balancing life, work and kids. Add to it health issues and special needs that both require learning a whole new way of cooking (without the luxury of “takeout”) and well, let’s just say I consider the day successful if the kids get fed and my shoes match! I’ve read quite a bit of your info and it left me wondering just exactly what I was doing wrong. How can she [you] possibly do all that she does and write a blog? And more importantly, how can I acquire a time machine, too? Thanks for being human. And thanks for being honest.

  41. Katie I love this side of you. The raw side. The changes you are making I think are not only great for you but great for us your readers. For me just starting this path more courses would be super helpful. I look forward to your posts. I find you very informative and inspiring. Thank you for what you do.

  42. First off I wanted to say I just recently started following your blog and love it! (All thanks to Cloudyapples on YouTube) I am not a mom so your blog is also helping future families. I believe moms should feel the way you do because it means your a good mother striving to give your family the best life possible in our crazy world. Go with your gut! If you feel a post or advertisement is right then it is. This is your blog and you built the foundation. We trust you and are incuraged to research things also. Don’t feel bad about any past mistakes. We are human. Personally if you can control advertisements I don’t have a problem with that. You put so much time in this (much more than some people do in their paying jobs) and deserve to reap the benifits. Just breath and take things a step at a time and keep being your awesome self!

  43. Be you, uncensored! No, ads wouldn’t bother me. Blogging is hard work, and ads help pay for it. Best wishes!

  44. Katie, I really appreciate your transparency in this post. I’ve been a mom for 15 years, a wife for nearly 20 and as you’ve mentioned, there’s never been a day when I thought “whoo boy, I’ve got this thing down.” It’s always, always a balance. Add to that work in whatever form it takes and all that goes with it and yeah, it’s tough.

    Be true to yourself. Trust your gut. And your readers, your earnest followers, will thank you. Haters will always hate and there will always be those who will give you a hard time for just doing your best. I’ve seen a lot of questionable stuff in the health/wellness/clean eating/paleo community in the last year and a lot of it saddens me. From day one, I’ve always trusted your voice and respect how you handle your website. You move forward with dignity and treat your readers with respect always. I’m excited for this new season in your life. If there’s one thing I’ve found in my life, it’s that family always has to come first…and when it does, everything else falls into place, especially with young children. As a reader and as a woman who is gut level honest with people, I love to see “real” in those I follow. If that is messy, then so be it. That’s how we’re all living anyway, whether we care to admit it or not. I’m happy to take in whatever information you share and I’m all about ebooks and courses.

    Keep up the good work and trust your gut. You know what you are doing and you do it well. You’ve blessed many lives in the process! Thank you!

  45. What a refreshing read! I absolutely adore your blog and trust everything you post. I have made many of your recipies (I especially love the magnesium body butter) and I have also been intimated by many of your recipies (the natural mascara!). I think I like your blog so much because you are already raw, honest and uncensored. I see absolutely no problem with you allowing advertisers that you trust! You provide an invaluable service to us parents/people who just want to do better and be informed. I hope that you are (or will) make money from your blog – you deserve it:) thank you so much for this blog – it has made me a better person!

  46. First I think a lot of people do not realize the time and money that must go into any successful online enterprise whether a business or blog. You do need to at least make enough to support that enterprise or the cost comes out of your pocket. That is counterproductive to you getting the great information out there.

    Second. No one is perfect 100% of the time no matter what they do or who they are. We are human and it’s about time people start to remember that. There is way to much judging of other’s (a form of bullying in my opinion). They do not have to read your info or accept any advice. Go elsewhere. You cannot and will not ever please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

    Third, not just mom’s read, follow and enjoy your info. Dad’s, grandma’s, single people and many others enjoy and take advantage of the info you have to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

    Personally, I prefer you when you are real. We have to many fake, put your best foot forward, stab you in the back phony people out there. Stay real. That’s who I relate to.

    I received my copy of your cookbook and my whole family (husband, daughter, grand-daughters) can’t wait to try it. We all live together to make ends meet. We help each other financially, the grandkids, the chores, and everything else that life throws at you. Life is chaotic and that’s what makes it interesting. If anyone says they get it all done, they either live by themselves, have hired help, or are lying!

    The blogs, websites, fb page and everything else is your passion. Do not forget that your family is your life. They will always be there. Don’t forget if it wasn’t for them, you might not have even found this passion. If you need to take time away from the passion to enjoy your life, then do it. If anyone faults you for that, then they don’t deserve what you give.

    I am over 50 and a grandma of 11 great grandkids. I was a single parent for most of my children’s years at home. I had a job that was very demanding on my time and well-being. I look back and it wasn’t worth it. Now 2 of my grandkids live with me. I try everyday to give them what I wasn’t there to give my own kids, time.

    • Good advice. Katie, you have always provided the best for your readers and Regina’s comments show how many people (generations?) you are helping. Who among us can claim to have helped so many? I’ve trusted your judgment because you are conscientious and honest. Not that you need my permission, but do what you must to keep your blog alive!

  47. Katie,
    I love your honesty and I would love to see the real Katie. I don’t think ads that you believe in would be bad at all. I appreciate that you were able to tell us how you really feel, I myself have been struggling with feeling unhappy about things but pasting a smile on my face instead of confronting them. Thanks for all you do!

  48. Katie, you are a trail-blazer and I love so much of your content….the time and care you put into the stuff you right about is so palpable, you deserve to reap some benefit from acceptable advertising.

    • I did mean ‘write about’….I’m sure you get the picture…hehehe!

  49. I love your honesty and I would love to see the real Katie. I don’t think ads that you believe in would be bad at all. I appreciate that you were able to tell us how you really feel, I myself have been struggling with feeling unhappy about things but pasting a smile on my face instead of confronting them. Thanks for all you do!

  50. I really love this post. I would not mind some advertising – I like the model that Soulemama has used when she moved over to advertising – although I just usually skip the posts that are for advertising. I really don’t mind the ads in her sidebar though. They are pretty, and sometimes I do click on them.

    I don’t think you are selling out if you do something like that, if you set our your parameters and do it with integrity.

    I would rather see more of the ‘real Katie’ than just Wellness Mama. Like… I’d love regular updates on your Pull-Up goals… since I bought a bar and have been working at it but keep giving up. Its really tough to keep going when I can see that all the men in my family who never ever work out can just naturally do 1-2 of them, and I can’t even move myself an inch upwards, lol 😉

    Keep on keeping on.

  51. I am so glad you opened up to us. I’m one of those that sometimes think you mama bloggers have it all together. I wondered “How in the world do they make time to blog? Being a mother is hard enough!” Thank you very much for sharing what you know and what has worked for you. I say go ahead and be honest. I like that “raw” part of you because makes me feel like I can totally relate.


  52. I am so sorry you are feeling this way, but you have every right to. You don’t need to share your information. You could use what you’ve learned and keep it to yourself and live an easier life without the blogging and responding and the extra research, but you do share share and I hope that you know that people like me (a soon to be mother who wants to change their health for the better) seriously appreciates your time and effort and sacrifices that allow you to share the beautiful information that can potentially change or save a life. I believe that by incorporating some strategies that I’ve learned from your blogs and many other genuine health bloggers, that I am making my child’s life healthier and she will grow to know so much more than I did while growing up.
    Selling out is when you advertise products that simply go against what u believe in or because they reached out to you first. If you personally have had a product that you’ve blogged about, couldn’t live without it, and is a health benefit and they happen to reach out to you go for it! Advertise! But if you blog about a product because they reached out to you first, well then maybe not a great idea. .. I mean I don’t know exactly how it works. .. But you deserve to start that charity you talked about and you deserve to put money aside for your children’s future. You are working hard.
    I would love to see more videos!!!! It makes me feel like you are real. Lol. And I’m a visual person so I understand that process more.
    Please don’t be discouraged. You can hire a team of people who can help with your blog! (You can hire me ; ) post less if you need to, quality vs quantity. Which also means more quality time with your family! You wrote this because you don’t want to compromise who you are and what your blog is about. I am here to tell you that I cristy, am grateful for your posts and I have applied many of them to my life! I am one of those who asks further questions in the comments because sometimes I need clarity or a personal suggestion for my unique story if need be. I really do appreciate the feedback, that too makes me feel like you are “real” lol. I do agree on filtering those comments and only responding to those who stay on track!

    Thank you thank you thank you and God bless.


  53. Posting ads is not selling out, I say go for it! I think selling out is advertising products that you do not trust or believe in.

    I love your blog! Bring out uncensored Katie! 🙂

  54. Katie,
    I want you to know that I have never looked at your blog and had the impression that you were a SuperMom, I just didnt look at you that way because I was too busy reading your information. Over the last year I have begun to change the way I live and so much of my info has come from your blog, thank you so much.
    Ads are annoying, I love your blog because nothing is popping up or flashing at me but yeesch if it will help and its something you believe in … Why not? Go for it. It is not all about us readers, you need to take care of you too.
    Thank you for helping me change our lifestyle,
    ps you dont need to buy laundry soap, I make a ton of it all at once, just write. Heck I have almost two gallons of the dry soap currently.

  55. Hi Katie-

    I want to let you know that you have helped me a great deal in the last couple years. One things I appreciate about you is that you actually answer personal emails/Facebook posts, etc. When I was in emotional shambles and pregnant with my third baby, I asked you a question and you responded with a heartfelt answer that was not vague, abrupt, or impersonal. I felt that you really cared and it helped me to put my issues into perspective.

    What makes you different from other bloggers is that you are genuine…because to me, that is what “selling out” is–being attached to something but not being genuine. There are so many bloggers that I have stopped following in the last 12 months because I felt they were not truly knowledgeable about whatever it was they were promoting. I felt they were on the “coconut oil” bandwagon, the “real food” bandwagon, the “vaccine” bandwagon, etc. Proclaiming all the health benefits but not having done any of the footwork, promoting brands that may not be reputable, and filling each and every Facebook post with a silly question that ultimately leads to some random Amazon affiliate link.

    Please do what you have to do to maintain your peace of mind, but please know that we love and appreciate all that you do. If you are THAT good (and you are!) I will click and buy from your affiliate link til pigs fly. Because you are THAT valuable to this community. 🙂

  56. Take your make-up off
    Let your hair down
    Take a breath
    Look into the mirror, at yourself
    Don’t you like you?
    ‘Cause I like you

    I watched your video the other day, there you were brushing your teeth with charcoal. And I thought to myself, WOW! “Katie doesn’t sound like a princess or a fairy or some angelic being. She sounds like a normal human being, she sounds just like me.” The girl next door, the wife and mother who does the best she knows how. That was a great connection for me, because what you do, how you live, what you promote is just right for us everyday people.

    They say those that copy it’s the best form of flattery to those that do the work. You’ll never be able to control that. And because you can’t be all things to all people, you’ve said it. Your family, friends, readers, they matter.

    I don’t really care about ads flying across my screen when I’m on the computer. But you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Is it selling out, I don’t think it is.

    The real you? This world is already so full of so many unreal people, I believe I could relate to anyone who is like myself. An average mom, wife, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, doing the best I can this day. Maybe tomorrow I can be a little better. BE YOURSELF!

    And lastly, I’ve tried some things you’ve posted some have turn out, others not so much. I’d love to try and make some kombucha, but I’m petrified I’d ruin it and make my family ill. LOL
    So I’m thinking, it would sure be nice if Katie would make some of the things she blogs about and all I had to do was buy it to try it.

    I think you do an awesome job, and that you work hard to raise your family to be healthy. I know how hard it is to do it all some days.


  57. Personally, I couldn’t care less if you had advertisers on your site. I come to read your blogs not the ads. If in your blog, you recommended a specific company, then I pay attention. Just so you know, your website was the first one I stumbled upon when looking for natural remedies. I was very impressed with the amount of reliable research, that after awhile, I stopped feeling the need to check up on the things you suggested and began to just trust you. It’s because of your site, I began following mama natural, the health home economist, and orawellness. I’m a young mother of four boys, and don’t know any one in person who shares my love for a natural life. This online community really helps me not feel like such an outsider. When people hear of the things I do, they think I’m insane. Ex, oil pulling, garlic infused olive oil to help eat infections, and when I make homemade chicken soup, I add the heart and lungs for added health benefits. Just wanted you to know.

  58. I didn’t have any judgements before, lol. I don’t agree with or ha e the need for every post you write, but its nice knowing its all there for later. I consider your blogs pretty easy going and straightforward,so its pretty clear to me that this is your personal recommendations and experience, as opposed to hyped up advertising or promoting (often obvious by the amount of exhuberant exclamation points, haha). What has kept me subscribed is that the material is well rounded, as opposed to a mommy or hippie lifestyle-turned-Paleo-sweets blog (oh yeah, I don’t eat Paleo). Your lead-ins to recipes are not complete fluff (which is typical i think), and I like that you give them some personal or research background, etc (its why I often share links when friends ask me about stuff, since your explanations save me the wind!).
    You kinda remind me of myself (except I have one kid…..kudos to 5, I’m DUN – mucho cred for you there): trying to live as crunchy as possible and help people without getting too much credit / looking phony. You deserve the money if the ads would bring a lot back to you (I can say that bc it’s its not me, ha!)… I’m curious to see what others say. I don’t think I’d notice a difference…..though I read on my phone.
    Whatever happens, take care of yourself without feeling the need to fake anything (more content, perfection, etc), otherwise I bet we will notice. 🙂

  59. you are wonderful. I want you. Whatever that means to you. I come because of your integrity. When I say blog many folks look with a suspicious eye. But I say wellness mama is legit because she does all the research I would do. I’ve turned so many people onto your podcast and website because I believe you rock. If I have a question I google wellness mama + (whatever I want to know) because I trust you. Many discussions I start include “well wellness mama says”. It speaks even more to your character that you want to be genuine. Thank you. If raw is what you wanna show then do it! If not, I get it. I think I myself may start showing more of the “behind the scenes” of running this house instead of the “highlight real.” Just do your thing sister! Thank you! I’ll keep coming back because I can tell you’re the real deal.

  60. Sometimes, I don’t need another reminder about the things I’m not doing. I can’t find the time, energy, money to make ALL the lifestyle/daily changes that you show, but I WANT to. Little by little I am getting closer to living the clean life I want.
    You do whatever you feel comfortable with for what you need to promote/advertise on your site, I understand why. I hope you do can earn more money for your family/charity in a tension-free way. I hope to see you be more the ‘real’ mom/woman. I love to feel that connection of wanting to achieve something but just falling short- because that’s OKAY.

  61. Katie, I think that you are an amazing young lady, and I really enjoy your posts on Facebook. I found you accidentally while researching a thyroid question, and am so glad that I did. I think that most of us would rather see the raw, unfiltered Katie than the perfect one, so that we can relate to you. Yes, tasteful advertising that is relevant to your topics is acceptable to me!!! God bless you and your family. Thank you so much for all of your interesting research that you share that helps so many people.

  62. Thank you so much for your honest words. I am a new blogger and I am constantly turning to you veteran mom blogs for guidance. I love your message and I love your ideas, but I promise I won’t steal them!!
    I don’t think you are selling out with ad’s. I know it’s a fine line but yes, the back office part of blogging is expensive and you have to make it up somewhere! I never imagined until I started blogging, how much time goes into each post. The pictures, the research, the editing. All of it is precious time and you deserve to be compensated for it.
    I would love to know if you would be interested in an ebook to help beginner bloggers. Your path and your story of how you have created Wellness Mama is one that I would love to learn from.
    Thank you again for opening up. Blogging is so much fun, but there is a dark side. The true, genuine readers can tell the difference though. I truly believe that.
    All the best to you!

  63. Katie,

    I recently read a quote recently though I can’t remember who said but it was something about how our identity is not our online presence. It may be a part of us but we will never be able to justify or explain ourselves to every person that reads our writings and posting. Unfortunately with technology and society today, we feel the pressure to be or do just that. Though you can not change what others may perceive, twist presume/assume, you can still filter what becomes concrete into your heart and mind.

    We, as your readers, will never fully know who you are. But there are some of us who are able to look beyond this website and reason that you are a human being, wife and mom with so much on her plate and even more to who she is. And we can appreciate that you even take the time to share such valuable knowledge with us.

    Blessings to you as you figure out the struggle and juggle of life. Thank you for all you do.

  64. Katie, you have been an amazing inspiration to me in transforming my family & home to my paleo lifestyle. One thing I would ask, well it’s since living in the UK and kinda wished I could share my enormous experience, literally the only thing that puts me off it is social networking, so Facebook, Twitter etc. what about blogging alone, that’s what inspired me & I would love if all us mums stood together against social networking for our children’s sake. Just a thought. I would love to share my journey one day, I always get huge “wows” so will never ever doubt that paleo mama is the way to be!

  65. I’ve just found your blog (and love it! It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life!!)

    I don’t know the squeaky image of the Wellness Mama, but I do know that to be dishonest about who we are is doing such a disservice to ourselves and humanity. We are all in this big messy life together. We all hate and love, heal and hurt, laugh and cry, and we all need forgiveness and grace. Sometimes it’s hardest to give it to ourselves. No one expects you to be perfect. We are all pitifully broken.

    I respect you for what you do. For your integrity to find the truth and share the truth in a world where most things are scams and most people con artists.

    You share truth in love, and there can be no greater gift. Thank you.

  66. Bottom line your Blog is not only your passion but your business so RUN it like a business. If it were a brick and mortar business and a customer get’s out of hand you would escort them out the door same for someone leaving a comment who wants to start trouble. Also much like a brick and mortar you would carry the brands your customers want and what you believe same with blog sponsorship.
    I think the smartest thing yo do is Solicit feedback from your followers. You listen to what we need not what you want us to need. I appreciate your time and dedication and with all things in life we learn from our mistakes and get stronger and wiser and with you we also get healthier. 🙂

  67. Wellness Mama!!! You have changed my whole life!! I tear up as I write this because you and your blog have been such a huge blessing to me and it’s because of everything you’ve just shared in this blog post. It’s because of who you genuinely are and you’re infallible intentions. In the world of “healthy” I found a woman with rock solid integrity and I follow you religiously because I know I can trust you.
    Girlfriend, throw some ads on this darn site if it will make some money for your family! It’s not selling out, it’s providing for yourself! I’m always searching through your blogs to find the affiliates anyways. It would make my life easier.

    As far as what I’d like to see more of? Quite frankly, I’m buying whatever you’re selling. I’m happy with whatever you put out. So much love to you and your family and congratulations on this personal moment of transformation.

  68. I don’t think you would be selling out if you had advertisements. What is valuable to me is that you have done the work to choose the best products and resources. I WANT to pay you a tiny commission by clicking the links/ads as my way of saying thank you for helping me find what I need. You should get paid for this valuable service and be compensated for being a trustworthy guide.

    I want the real Katie, please.

    Not sure on the last question… but I love your website because I can find what I need when I need it.

  69. Real you, select advertisers, more ebook how to tutorials

  70. Thank you for this wonderful letter to us. I love your blog and frequently go to it for reference. I think advertisements are just fine, as long as they are not pop ups or unrelated, like other commenters mentioned. I would love to see more rawness, on one condition. 😉 I have noticed that it’s almost a new competition fad to be more ‘real’ than the next blogger. I get tired of the, look I didn’t brush my hair today, look at how messy my bedroom is, look at how imperfect I am….etc. There is a time and a place for it, and it can be encouraging at times to the reader. But sometimes it comes across as almost bragging and like they want attention for it. I’m not sure how to distinguish between the two, but as an example, what you said in this post did not bother me. I hope this does not come across negatively, as I fully support what you shared here. It’s just the ungenuine posts I see all the time, where they think it’s funny or cute to have a dirty house, that I get sick of. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Great point! I’ve seen that too but haven’t been able to articulate it. Almost a fake “real.” Thanks for the input!

      • Dear Katie,

        I don’t have a problem with a minimum of advertising. I think that something like a sponsorship for a week or a month would be a good idea for you. Take the advertising for a company you personally use and promote them as your sponsor for the week/month/whatever. Maybe they could give your subscribers a discount?

        While I agree with many of your opinions, I disagree with others. There is no need to get upset or nasty about it. And, nobody should. One of the biggest problems people have today is thinking that there is a “right” answer to everything. Well, there usually isn’t. I find it odd that people get so worked up about things. I try to go with what I think of a “good, better, best” approach. Sometimes, it is just a “good enough because any better would make me lose my friggin’ mind (or what’s left of it.) Also, what is right and healthy for you may not be right or even healthy for me. We are different people with different family health histories.

        My only suggestion to you is that you keep in mind that the median HOUSEHOLD income is less than $55,000 dollars. Many women, myself included, and some men decide to stay home to make life better, but that also means giving up a second income. Some people make less than that on 2 incomes so a stay at home parent is not an option. It wasn’t for me when my kids were little. Ordering out, expensive cookware and supplements are simply not an option for many families. I am not an economist or accountant but I am guessing that half the families in this country need to pay all their expenses for less than $850 a week. Reading about expensive options that you can’t afford and being told that what you can afford is not acceptable is simply very frustrating and discouraging. That’s why I try to look at things in a “good, better, best” manner.

        I stumbled upon your website while looking for something else and revisit it frequently. I look at your opinions as you saying to your readers, “This worked for me!” Nothing wrong with that. I feel that your intentions are good, your heart is in the right place, and I hope you don’t get discouraged. You may never sell me on the Paleo diet (too expensive for me) but you have sold me on other things.

        I appreciate all you do and thank you,


  71. I love reading your blog because of your genuine personality. You are an incredible person and an excellent roll model for women everywhere. As far as the blog goes, I have no problem with advertisements and affiliate links, especially when I know the money raised from them is being used for a good cause (a REAL family).
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your life with us.
    May God bless you and your family.

  72. I feel like I have to tell you about my experience with stumbling across your blog. I found your site around 6 months ago and have been soaking up so much information that was all very new to me at the time. I loved your blog instantly since you seemed like someone that I could trust. I read at least one of your articles per night to my husband and started implementing changes in our household. I currently have water kefir fermenting because of you and feel healthier for drinking it. I have a Himalayan lamp and love the glow. I’m seeing a functional medicine doctor. I use your toothpaste and love it (it’s also the only homemade stuff that my husband hasn’t complained about). We’ve installed the flux software and sleep better at night. The list of improvements that we’ve made literally seems never-ending. The biggest one is that I had no clue that grains were the bad guys until I came to your site. You’re the reason for absolutely all of this so I personally don’t care what image you want to portray. I say do whatever you feel like and be yourself because I’m pretty sure we’re all still going to adore you. However, I do tend to be more cautious of sites with ads. Just my two cents. 🙂

  73. Forgive me if this has been answered but you mention a regret regarding the essential oil co you had recommended. Do you no longer recommend Rocky Mountain oils? I have been trying to find a reputable and affordable company. I don’t get to read your blog daily but what I have read I applaud!

    • I still use and love Mountain Rose Herb’s oils. I very briefly recommend one of the multi-level companies but backed out within a week realizing it wasn’t a good fit.

  74. Katie, what an amazing post. This is why I love , you are so sincere and kind and that is a rarity these days.

    To answer your questions:

    1) It would take a lot for me to ever think you were “selling out.” I don’t mind you promoting anything and everything, as long as you believe in it yourself, even if you don’t use the product, if you think it’s a good option for some people, go for it! I don’t mind ads- make that money, girl!

    2) I don’t mind a bit of nitty-gritty real life, but at the same time, I would miss the squeaky clean wellnessmama that I have come to know and love : )

    3) I do not really want to be offered courses and e-books. I will buy a real book over an e-book any day. Products, yes, maybe. But I’m just not a fan in general.

  75. Katie{{}}
    What shines through from you is your authenticness and your passion for health. Be true to yourself, and most importantly you and your family come first, after that the rest is icing. You’re my ‘go to’ for health but your family come first. Be true, squeaky clean is not what I prefer to answer your question. God Blessxxx

  76. Please follow your heart and show us what you are passionate about. I don’t need to see some squeaky clean image for your blog, the real you works just fine. If you are careful about your ads, please go for it. It won’t diminish how I feel about your blog.

  77. I NEVER comment on sites, but I have to say, I LOVE your blog. I started a couple of blogs during the last 1 1/2 years. Because I work full-time I am not able to put in the time needed. Because of your blog I decided to delete mine. I feel (hope I am right) that you really do appreciate your readers and that you care about about ALL content that goes into your site. I deleted mine because I too wanted to genuinely share the wealth of information I have been researching about becoming Paleo, supplements, and anything healthy. The more sites I visit the more I see duplication. I would NEVER want to be that blogger, it is NOT right. I have also had the numerous emails from sites I choose to follow, wanting me to buy this or that and a direct link to a totally different site. I understand the sales aspect, but keep some originality!!

    I think if you want to put ads on your site, you should. I am if you feel the way you stated, that you would be very thorough in reviewing the best options.

    I also think you should just be yourself! You seem like a wonderful person in general, never feel like you have to meet others expectations. Just keep doing what you have been and keep as simple as you can. Family does come first.

    I haven’t purchased your cookbook yet, but intend too.

    I do HOPE that you are really this genuine 🙂

    Many blessings!


  78. Katie,
    Well said Katie. I love your site and have been a regular visitor for a long while. Some people can be so heartless. Myself, I want the true Katie, the raw Katie. The one who wrote the above blog. She’s the one I want to read everyday. As for your question about allowing advertisers to use your page, I would say YOU should do what makes YOU happy. You have put a lot of sweat into your blog page and I think only you should reap the rewards. I personally love when you share the products you make. Truly fascinating. Before I began to read your blog, I had not a clue you could do what you do. I have learned a lot from you and would love to learn more.

    Your blog is very interesting, it keeps me wanting to visit to see what new thing you might be sharing with us today.

    You really should have your own make-up line. We want good pure products on our face. Not a bunch of garbage. I wish you would develop an anti-aging cream. That would be awesome.

    Be yourself Katie. If people don’t like it, well it’s there loss for not following a fantastic woman. A woman who truly cares about her readers.


  79. Dear Katie,
    I really, really, really, really love your blog! I think you are doing a fabulous job! And even though you are soliciting reader advice, I think you have really sound judgement to decide to do what’s best for you and your family!
    If it would help you to make money by having a few more advertisements on your site I think you should totally go for it! I would just make sure the products jive with your overall philosophy. We all know how tight things can be financially especially when you are a stay at home mom and trying to be as healthy as possible. Making money through your blog would be awesome for your family!
    I have 4 children and I find the most helpful thing at this stage of life is blog posts – they are short enough to read quickly and assimilate the info. I don’t find ebooks or online courses doable at this stage of my life. So, reading regular blog posts is definitely my favorite way to get information.
    Oh – and I really enjoy you just the way you are – I haven’t thought of you as uncensored or as squeaky clean – to me you come across as a genuine wonderful woman, a loving mother and wife who has cared deeply about the well being of her family and has so graciously shared that knowledge so the rest of us don’t have to do all the research. I really appreciate your work and am so grateful for it! I hope you can keep it up and that my family can grow with yours over the years as I always look to you (your site) for information!
    You are a truly wonderful person Katie! Thank you for all you do and for persevering through tough times. You are in my prayers this evening!

  80. This blog is a job and it definitely should make money for you. <3

  81. I am so appreciative not only of your heart-felt, honest post but of the sincere & compassionate responses of your readers/bloggers/fans. It is so maddening, in this cyber-age of texting, tweeting & blogging, to read comments from people filled with bitterness, insensitivity & just plain rudeness. It was a breath of fresh air to read all the supportive responses to your post & questions. Imo, it is a testament to how much we enjoy & appreciate all that you do…to me you are an inspiration.

    I think your site is perfect, easy to navigate, very informative & even exciting because it helps me solve life-long, irritating battles: I can now make my own healthy lip balms. Do you know how great that is for someone like me who loses theirs every time they turn around? So I say, as others have expressed:
    You have created a fantastic site….if you want to allow ads-go for it. If it doesn’t work out that can be remedied.

    If you want to vent now & then-go for it….makes you seem less intimidating (to me) because of all the fantastic things you do (Holy Cow) and more relatable. Humor helps with vents-love the “3 nights of eating hot dogs” comment…as a mother, who can’t relate to that?

    Bottom line: you should do what’s best for you & your family. That’s the most important thing. I trust you to make the right decisions because it’s obvious you care about your readers, your fans, your bloggers, etc. It’s been my experience that moms, such as yourself, have inner radar when it comes to knowing what’s best when it comes to our families. So trust your gut, keep your chin up & as far as I’m concerned I will support you 100% in whatever you decide. You make my day! ????. Oh, and keep in mind that you are not alone in your fight with Amazon. Pffffttt

  82. I’ll take more of the real Katie…things like where you laugh at yourself. I enjoy your positive approach.

    I also think that you should get well compensated. Perhaps if you had relevant ads as you described, you might have a more powerful blog and the other leeches might decline. I am sure you know it’s a blogging game and many are in the game for money whereas you are not in it for money first.

    Since I found you, I have seen so many other blogs, posts, etc reference your information. You have become a trusted brand and that takes time to build. I can understand that it can diminish very quickly if not nurtured.

    Keep up the good work and I would rather you set your own priorities and gives us what is left, in your usual authentic self.

    Best to you, Katie.

  83. Easy. 1) You are absolutely NOT a sellout for posting ads to your site. You are providing a service (an amazing, invaluable service) to your readers and as long as you are promoting products you yourself are passionate about, you have no reason to feel guilty for posting ads on your site. You deserve financial abundance for all the love and passion and hard work you put into this blog. 2) Bring on the raw, real Katie! I know all too well the repercussions of stifling your true, authentic self and it’s soul crushing. No “image” to upkeep is worth losing yourself. Plus, it would be refreshing to see that you aren’t June Cleaver after all! 3) Products! I love any opportunity to replace my health, beauty and cleaning products with non-toxic homemade alternatives that actually work.

    You go on with your bad self, Katie. I hate to quote Taylor Swift, but she has some sometimes wise words to impart: “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…”

  84. I’ve been reading your blog posts for many months now. I am relatively new to the idea of approaching optimal health and wellness through a more holistic approach and I am continually learning everyday, thanks to the information you provide on here.

    I think I know what you mean when you say that others have copied your content for their own. I have read blog posts from other bloggers using the same recipes as you have and wondered if that’s what was going on. It’s unfortunate and a disservice, but I don’t think that there is anything that can really be done about it…’s the internet. Don’t despair over it – you know the truth and your devoted readers know it, too.

    No, I don’t think that there is anything wrong at all for allowing us, your readers, a glimpse of the “real” Katie. None of us are perfect, thank God, how boring would that be? Be yourself and let your light shine! The more “real” you are, the more all of us can relate to you, IMHO.

    As far as feeling like you are selling out? As you said yourself, you have 5 kids to raise……do what you have to do to provide for your family and don’t worry about what anybody thinks. As you get older, you will care less and less what other people think about you, (yeehaw! I am so glad to be in my 40’s). You are NOT going to make everybody happy. The only people that should matter are You and your family. Do what makes you happy! I think when you are truly authentic to who you are and what matters most, others will respond in kind. All you need to do is “show up,” be yourself and the resources will be there for you when you need them. God never gives us a task to do without providing our needs to complete said tasks.

    Please continue to be a messenger of hope and encouragement to others who are on similar paths. You have a gift – don’t go and bury it in the backyard because some people are being “jerks” to you or your vision for how you want to live your life. The more Good you do, the more adversity you will face. Keep your head up and keep on keeping on!

    Peace & Love, may you find it, embrace it and spread it around!

  85. 1. I don’t think it’s selling out to allow advertisers – especially if you’re picky about who you allow. I would actually like some advertisements for natural products and websites!
    2. You are an amazing woman (so are we all!) and I don’t mind listening to the real you at all because, like you said, this is a community and you help us with your posts. If you need a little help or e-support and need a little rant, I certainly don’t mind “listening.”
    3. Whatever you’re willing to give/ I don’t really know how to answer that one! lol

    Ps – I’m not sure what you’re working on for now, but I just need to say – I seriously hate your comment section. It takes up the whole page! Is there a way you can make the comments into pages so I don’t have to scroll for 5 minutes to reach the bottom (or get back to the top)? It would be very much appreciated. That being said – my hostile feelings toward the comment section do not extend to you (at all!) and I will continue to read and follow you, regardless of the ease of your site. 🙂
    And thank you for sacrificing your life to help us make ours better! You are awesome!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jeneal. I haven’t found a better way to handle the comments than the current display. There’s actually a small arrow on the bottom right of each blog post that when clicked will scroll back to the top automatically. Hope that will help a little!

  86. Hi Katie,

    Parts of this post kind of hit home for me as a fellow blogger because I too am an amazon affiliate and sometime stress about whether or not including my links feels forced. I too always include things that I use and love but at the same time question whether it’s annoying or feels like I’m just trying to make money. I also feel this way since I spend so so much time on my blog and have made so little money off it that sometimes I question whether it’s worth it to include them. Of course my blog is a million times smaller than yours but I can still relate to that struggle. I don’t find them annoying when they are just embedded links for things being discussed in a post, but sometimes I do find myself questioning whether or not a post is more enjoyable if you don’t feel like someone is trying to sell you something. But at the same time, I’ve made like 5 cents an hour or something I’m sure for the time I’ve put into my blog, so do I really need to feel guilty for that? I guess this comment isn’t terribly useful but I feel your pain and certainly struggle with this as well. But anyways, your blog is great, keep up the good work and if you want a few select ads on here then go for it!

  87. Katie, thank you for your raw and honest post. I would like to personally thank you for all the information you share. Your blog has changed my life. No other blog has inspired me so much to try new things, make gorgeous things, that are for the good of me and my children. I sincerely thank you.

    I think considering ads on your blog is not a cop out. I think you deserve to have a large amount of income streaming to you. I think this may help you understand your worth more. I think we can all see it and it is time for you to receive. Perhaps all those products you endorse can be avenues of income too because I certainly take note when you recommend something.

    Not many people would be prepared to work for free. Do what is best for you and your family.

    You may not be perfect, and thank god for that, but you are an amazing, smart, articulate inspirational woman.

    • I agree. Well said.

  88. Katie~
    I just want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, and I have learned SO much from you! I’m sure that there many other readers that would echo that sentiment. You are so very appreciated!!! Your writing/research/recipes, etc., are a true gift to your readers. Please do whatever you want to do with your blog! You can’t go wrong in my eyes! God bless you, Katie.

  89. Oh bless you! It’s not often you see such raw honesty! I understand why you are annoyed and upset by your hard work being stolen from you by fakers, some things you can control but some things you just can’t. This is my favourite page on Facebook because it’s genuine, you can see the difference. I searched for years for sites with ideas on how to make my life more natural and yours is the only one that I have kept reading and love still as much as the first day, in fact just the other day I shared one of your post on my wall telling friends and family that I love this site! As for adverts, I HATE adverts, I think they are taking over the world…but saying that you would be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you don’t put some adverts on. I don’t mean that in a hypercritical way, but I read your site from my facebook page & facebook have adverts on the side anyway so why not put some adverts on your site? Like you say they will be far more carefully selected and that’s much more than 99.9% of sites do.
    As for what we want to see, you could pull yourself apart trying to please everyone. I say carry on the way you are as I love it, but it sounds like you might want to be more raw, would that be a nicer for you? I might be wrong but it sounds like you might have been putting pressure on yourself and looking for a way to relieve some of that burden. Please do what would make you happiest, I can assure you that you wouldn’t lose any of your devoted followers, you are far too genuine for that to happen. Have faith in yourself sweets!
    Regarding what we want, personally I love the video’s, I am dyslexic so sometimes reading long articles, although they are great, can take me longer than the average person and with a little 8 month old I rarely get that time in the day. A quick video, or even a video quickie of a longer article can be a godsend 🙂
    Keep it up babe, but look after yourself too!!! We need you healthy wellness mama to help us be healthy 🙂 xxxx

  90. Katie – THANK YOU for creating and sustaining Wellness Mama, and for this honest and beautiful post! Yours is one of the few blogs I am always excited to read; others I scan for recipe ingredients or authenticity of content, and I often come up short. The beauty, honesty, research, and timelessness you put into each post is one-of-a-kind! Please know how rare you and your blog are, and how many people you have helped and encouraged to grow, as a result.

    I am a new blogger, myself, and while I love posting, the ebooks and e-courses I’m working on are surprisingly, so fulfilling. Go with your gut and be a simple sheep; taking on too much or things that don’t bring you peace and joy on some level, are not worth it. So, do what you love! Keep up the great work!

  91. I actually really value ads, because they are giving me something for free – YOU! 🙂 Or whatever else I’m doing that’s ad supported, like Facebook or Pinterest or TV. That’s honestly how I look at it, and I think that’s how everyone should look at it! In this age of “give everything away for free to get off the ground & make a name,” we’ve all become big babies when it comes to the reality that nothing is actually free.

    Now obviously “selling out” and offering raspberry ketones for quick weight loss would make you lose credibility, but ads for things that are a great fit for your readers in and of themselves are a completely logical way to make money. And you should make money. This is a job, it’s taking you away from your family, DON’T FEEL GUILTY!

  92. Oh my Katie, you sweet, intelligent, loving & caring young woman, mother & wife! I skimmed most of this blog, but I can & do completely agree with you & sympathize regarding those unscrupulous persons who raid your fabulous blog & claim as their own the things YOU have worked so delicately & tirelessly to bring to us, all of your real FRIENDS. I read & greatly appreciate you & what you have put forth to enrich the lives of us readers & help make us use more NATURAL & HEALTHIER foods & products!!! YOU can be very proud of your efforts! I thank you for enriching my life. I just wish i could afford to make more healthier choices as you do( especially to go GLUTEN FREE) but am on Social security & barely scrape by. May you be blessed! Loyal reader, Anne

  93. Thank you so much for this! None of us are perfect, but I think we all strive to be better and move toward the best we can be.

    I am so in love with your site. Like another comment said, this was my gateway drug. I found you when I was looking for answers about PCOS, and you have led me to so many other amazing things. I can’t wait to get to know a raw you! I love your recipes for natural cleaning (love love love your all purpose cleaner) and personal care, I signed up for meal planning which has helped me tremendously, and I nabbed a hard copy and eBook version of your cookbook (one is a gift). I nearly always check out your affiliate links, and have picked up a few amazing products along the way (Himalayan salt lamps!). I wouldn’t mind a few ads here and there, as long as the products fit with the Wellness Mama message.

    Whatever you chose to share with us, I hope you are passionate about it. You make being a natural family seen so effortless, and any tips or tricks you have about working things into everyday life are much appreciated.

  94. Love this, Katie. You have helped so many, and I think you are wise to cut out all but the “best stuff” in your life, and when raising kids and nurturing a marriage those things often trump all else! I’m trying hard to implement the same principles in my own life. It would take some pretty sleazy advertising to drive me away from your site, I say go for it if you want! I like having a raw real voice, but you are also the most practical site I go to and I would miss that aspect of things if you just started blogging about heaps of laundry and dirty floors and ended it with a “none of us are perfect”….I like those posts of course but I just love the thoughtful research and real practical recipes and ideas you share. You are hands down my favorite blogger, Katie, you started me on my paleo/natural journey and it has revolutionized my whole families life. Thank you for all you do!!!

  95. you. Are. Wonderful.
    My role model. I have four and am home schooling and trying to do real food. It’s very hard work. I love that you’re actually doing it. Would love to hear about your hard days too.
    You’re doing so great.

  96. I’ve been following you for about a year or so. It’s unbelievable all the BS that goes on. I’ve only been blogging myself, I must be too boring to deal with any of the BS yet. lol

    1. As for selling out and ads and such. I think it’s your blog, do as you wish. People like me will follow regardless. My opinion of you and your blog over this will be nothing short of wonderful.

    2. As for the real you. Let it shine through, the good, the bad and the ugly. Because it’s all part of you, on days you feel the need to be more polished, then polish. On a day you need to feel you, just plain you with no pressure, then let ‘er rip !

    3. As far as content I’d like to see. I have no suggestions, and that’s because I already love what you post about. I personally would change nothing. I love your posts and content. It has helped me, I’ve tried many of the recipes.

    I’m sticking around no matter what. Keep up the good work. Chin up. We Moms can do hard.

  97. Katie, I am so glad that you are not “prefect.” And please show us your “imperfections.” To tell you the truth, I was so frustrated with the perfect Wellness Mama who has 5 kids, cooks from scratch, write posts every day, grows her own vegetables, makes her skin care products, and just published a book. I was so frustrated that I even was considering to stop following you. I felt you were not real and made up. I am so glad that I can relate to you now. I am also a blogger and struggle with the same issues. I do not sell space on my blog but do have affiliate links/banner of companies I researched and use myself. In an ideal world, I want to be hired by consumers/readers and have them pay for ebooks, helpful cheat sheets, etc. My first attempt was to sell a wallet sized list of baby wipes in the order from least toxic to the most toxic. The sales of the list has not been going very well. Although individual reviews of baby wipes are available for free, somebody even accused me for not caring about babies. I guess people are used to have information on blogs for free and prefer bloggers to be paid by advertisers. And the comment I read to this post proof my theory. The sad truth is that people do not understand that if they do not pay for information, somebody else does. I personally won’t sell out. But not every blogger can work long hours essentially for free. Thank you, Katie, for everything you do. You are my biggest inspiration. It is so great to know I am not alone. Hugs, Irina

  98. Katie, I love your blog. I trust things you write about and I thoroughly enjoyed the wellness summit. I don’t think I missed one speaker and I loved that it was recorded (not live) so I could pause when I wanted and take notes, eat, etc. Even if I saw something written on another blog, I would not accept it as fact unless it was in line with what I read on your blog. BTW, I have a 34 year child and I have used your advice for myself and passed what I have learned on to her. I love being able to go to your resource section and order things like supplements that you approve of. Please don’t stop doing that. As far as ads, I have no problem with that as long as it
    is something you approve of. Please continue to research and share that wealth of knowledge.

  99. What an awesome post. As a new mom feeling like I am struggling to get everything in with a full-time job and an almost 4 month old at home, I have always wondered how ou “get it all done” with all the things you make homemade, the blog, and 5 little ones! I would love more raw, uncensored Katie posts. I would love more recipes and selfishly would love more baby advice especially feeding baby real food once they are ready odd solids. I don’t think you are selling out by putting carefully selected ads….you do the work, you deserved to be compensated and everyone knows it’s a job! Rock on, Mama, you are so inspirational to me!

  100. Thank you for all that you do. You started me on my journey to get real about health in my household. You are doing so much good work. Please do allow links to affiliates that you trust. Knowing that you have researched them is all I usually need to know. I typically trust almost everything you promote. Usually, I check in with your blog before buying a supplement or product.

    Also, thank you for being real. Yes, please continue sharing your real struggles of working against the current of this fast paced over-processed world. I loved hearing that your family ate organic hot dogs 3 times this week. I need to hear you struggle too. I often wonder how you homeschool, make everything from scratch, raise 5 children on top of everything else. I have started to get up at 4:30 to do it all, and I know I fall short everyday. It comforts me to know that you, someone I really look up to, also feels the same. Thank you again for all you do. You are making a difference especially in this household of 6.

  101. I don’t understand the difference between potential ads on your site vs your affiliate links, as they both provide for compensation….? Oh, and the real Katie, for sure 🙂

  102. I don’t think it would be selling out at all. If you want to share a product with us, and you have a system for vetting which advertisements are on the blog, then why not? If you feel the products are good products, why not also help those companies out a bit, while also helping you reach your goal of starting a charity.

  103. I don’t mind ads as long as they aren’t pop up that cover the content.
    I want the “real” you whatever it looks like that day. Always.
    I love your practical advice and recipes that are simple. Doesn’t needs to be an ebook. I don’t have that much time (5kids too)

    You’re doing great! Take heart. You are one of my favorite bloggers and my go to when I need to search for a simple paleo recipe. I’ll say a prayer for you in this time of change.

  104. LOVE this, and I love YOU! Between you and Heather of Mommypotamus, I have begun a transformation into the natural, chemical free and healthy lifestyle I have always wanted but just never had the tools to fully complete, but I have learned SO much from your blog and implementing more and more changes I am so excited about! So I’m excited for uncensored Katie and hope for more courses and ebooks in the future! Thanks again for being you!!

  105. Wow! So many people have commented, (I skipped to the end after reading quite a few). I am new to your site, and I am up the challenge of making some changes. I appreciate your efforts and your passion. Allow yourself to be human, life is so much easier! I wrote a little newsletter for our MOPS group when my kids were little. It had a disclaimer on it, basically stating that although I can’t stand typo’s and grammatical errors, I simply didn’t have the time to check for them! Maybe a short statement (for the newbies) about the new you. EVERYONE appreciates honesty.
    I discovered you were not perfect when I saw you with a Mr. Clean sponge or magic eraser or such in your charcoal teeth whitening video! (Ha Ha Ha), I use them to, but please in the future wear gloves. Those things, although they work like a charm, have “cooties”.
    Blessings to you.

    • Thanks Kim. It’s true- they do… but they speed up cleaning. I do need to wear gloves 🙂

  106. I’m probably not your target audience, not being either a mom or paleo, but I LOVE your blog! I have found many great blogs, but this one is really something extra special. I have found information here that I haven’t read anywhere else. And I tell people and they think I must do lots and lots of research, which I don’t have time for at the moment. So Thank You!
    I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself. I hope I get to do half of the things you do for your family. You are an inspiration and I wish every good thing for you!
    Don’t worry about selling out, even if you did I would still be here. But I admire your resolve to not do so. I think you can be as real as you want and people will only like you more. Also, I think you should definitely make products for people to buy. What you do are of great value to a lot of people and I think they want to support you.

  107. I love your blog and have recommended it to many of my friends. I am sure that whatever changes you decide to make (or not) we will roll with it and not be fazed. I’m sorry that you are getting some negative crap thrown your way, but don’t let it get to you. There is an old song (can’t remember the name right now) but there is a line that I often sing to myself when stuff hits the fan and that is….. “Just turn your pretty head and walk away”.

  108. Hey Katie,

    I so appreciated the genuineness that showed through in this post (it shows through in all of your posts, but like you said, this one was a little different and more personal). Just so you know–you are AMAZING! I would love to see more of the “real you” shine through in your posts. It makes you more relateable and helps us better connect with the content you are sharing. No one is perfect, and I am SO impressed that you are able to do what you do while caring for your five kids–major props for that!

    As for ads, I think you should feel free to use them (as long as they are appropriate), because you absolutely deserve to be compensated for all of the wonderful free content that you publish for your readers. You shouldn’t feel bad about making money online, so long as you are doing it with integrity and in a way that helps people.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, and please don’t be too hard on yourself! THANK YOU for all that you do!

  109. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your “rant”. I have gotten so tired of the constant recommendations/affiliate posts that clog my Facebook feed every day from other bloggers. I usually just scroll past most of them without even looking at what their post is about. However, whenever I see your lovely face, I stop and read. I trust you because of the fact that you don’t spend the day putting a ton of posts up. You seem very genuine and I appreciate that. I use so many of your recipes on a daily basis, including your Magnesium Body Butter!

    If you had carefully selected advertising on your page of products that resonated with you, I don’t see a problem with it. Not that my opinion should matter much. This is your baby. As for seeing the real you…every mom loves to know that she isn’t alone in the craziness and that it is okay to not be perfect! And, of course we would all love more e-books, recipes, etc. from you. I am so thankful that I found your site. You have helped me to make so many positive changes in the lives of my family. Keep up the great work and post when you can. Your loyal readers will be here waiting!

  110. Katie, thank you for caring. Your blog has helped our family out tremendously and I often turn to it for a point in the right direction. I can only imagine the wisdom and discernment it must take to run a blog – not to mention the energy! I have often toyed with starting a blog and all these questions have come up. Keep pushing forward in your convictions. Thank you for being real! – that is the ultimate blessing to your family and yourself. I am grateful for you!

  111. First of all, I love your blog, your originality, and your down to earth mommyness. That said, if you want to get advertisements, do it! You’ve built the traffic and deserve a little income from it. In today’s age, we grew up with ads it’s easy to tune them out and if I wasn’t expecting them, I wou lent be online. We see them literally everywhere. Be the real you, just keep up the quality…you help me make my family healthier. If you are looking for ideas, I would love ideas for gardening for food and medicine!

  112. I absolutely adore your blog. I like wellness and lifestyle blogs where people are transparent about their own journey. This is why I only subscribe to three of them at this time. This is what makes yours stand our from the crowd. No one can copy and paste your authenticity!

    Please don’t try to be perfect. Perfect is so boring. And it’s not selling out to tell us about a product you’re excited about. I actually appreciate that. It’s hard to find like-minded people who live the type of lifestyle we live. Often I know that I get sneers or treated like a weirdo, so having a place like this to come is like getting together with a girlfriend who shares the same hobbies and gets excited over something so simple as toilet fizzies. Love them, by the way!

  113. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! You answer questions, are extremely knowledgeable and your genuineness and humility shine through your words. Thank you for doing all that you do! Follow your heart, always. If you want to be real and raw, be that. If you want and need to spend more time with your babes, do that. We are here to read your great information, when we can. All mommies struggle with ‘doing everything right’ and we all will do what is right for us. You have never made me feel that you are better than anyone; that feeling comes from the reader, their own insecurities, not you! Unfortunately, people project the negatives inside on others; anonymous, harmless bloggers who are actually just trying to make suggestions, to help people.
    Thank you for inspiring us to do better for ourselves; taking better care of ourselves and our little miracles! Love, encouragement, peace and blessings to you always Katie! Keep being wonderfully you!

  114. you are awesome. i like both versions we get to witness. the squeaky clean and raw alike. it’s how most of us present ourselves to the world and feels very real. as far as ads, i trust that you will do whatever you need and want to do with integrity. being a blogger much be a very frustrating pursuit for all of the reasons you mentioned. the lack of integrity present in some is astounding and must be beyond infuriating for you. thank you for having such integrity. you seem very genuine and true.

  115. We want the raw/unfiltered Katie – probably because we can relate to you more! I have pretty tight dietary restrictions (organic, no dairy/gluten/refined sugar/carbs/soy/caffeine/alcohol) and I have very high standards about what I allow in my body (and my families body) and our home – from beauty products, cleaning, etc…no wonder I am a reader of yours, right? And I struggle with PCOS, so some days look so disjointed and I can’t even imagine having more than my 1 child while I deal with everything – so you are superwoman in the way your family needs you. We all are. We all do the best we can, and we cannot do it all, so I don’t know who believes that anyone has a perfect life!

    I’m an avid reader and recipe follower, so keep them coming please. I’m all for affiliate links as long as you continue to recommend only the products that you truly believe in. I have to say that there were a couple times I felt off about a recommendation or two you made (1 was the school for something and I can’t remember the other) but I think everyone needs to remember that your recommendations are incredibly helpful but we are ultimately responsible for making our own decisions and buying our own products, so it never hurts to do your own research if something doesn’t seem right.

    Anyway, we love you and what you do.

  116. oKatie, lovely Katie…
    Thank you so much for trying so. darn. hard. . I love your blog and tell someone new about it EVERY DAY.. You are so authentic. You are a mother of amazing human beings who were created ( as you were ) because God thought they would enjoy it !! See the joy more and please …no stress anymore about US. WE love you, and need time to go back and ponder all of your early stuff, too ! Surrender this unhealthy community of greedy bloggers…Their toxic competition will pull you away from your family. I think 3 posts a week are a wonderful goal, and what happens is…people will take the time to READ that minute what you are saying because , did I say this already ? WE LOVE YOU !
    laurie in st louis…

  117. I’d like to offer words of encouragement because you’ve helped me so much. I know you’re not perfect and I much prefer you don’t try to be. Give me your honest opinions and your best advice and I’ll keep coming back for more. I’d like to see your apps improved because that’s what I’d use most. It would be wonderful to have all your beauty and household recipes in one place that can be accessed offline with more pictures and tutorials. I’d be more than happy to pay for that content. As far as adds, I’m so used to seeing them and ignoring them I’m sure I wouldn’t even notice if you started using them. You should get some compensation for your efforts, as long as they aren’t too distracting.

    • Thanks for the insight Michelle! A natural beauty guide is in the works (app, book and ebook form) but probably not until next year 🙂

  118. First of all, I want to see the real you in your stories, but not necessarily in researched articles (if that makes sense). For instance, I really like Cookie & Kate’s vegetarian food blog because she lets us know when the blender blows up, or something didn’t turn out right, and the turmoils and triumphs of her blog and her life, but I still love to see her fabulous pictures of beautiful food because that is what she does so well. In the end, I’m inspired by her recipes, but make up my own mind about exactly what I put in my own renditions.

    Second, I don’t mind advertisements to items you actually use, plan to buy, or recommend for certain projects or wellness concepts. In the end, I always make up my own mind but I’m open to new ideas. That’s why I read health and food oriented blogs.

    Lastly, as others have said, I don’t like ads that intrude on the content, or track me. I really hate to see ads that appear to show something I’ve previously searched for on Google or Amazon. That happens more than it should.

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog, and was really happy to learn about “bulletproof coffee”. I’ll keep reading!

  119. Thhere is a lot I could say in regards to this post but keeping it simple is best. We the readers understand where your coming from as a parent. Yes we love when you post and Im sure im like most other people and can’t wait for the next post but your family must come first. I was told by my boss just recently that from the time your child is born until they turn 18 you only have something like 960 saturdays with them, when I think about that, it really doesn;t feel like muc time. Spending time with them while growing up is soooooo important and the stress of feeling like you need to post is not good for your healthy, though im sure your aware of that. I found you about a year or two ago and I love the content. My mom a few years back started to have health issues and was diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease (im sure im buthering the spelling). Anyways I have been sharing a lot of your information and she to loves reading what you have to say. I dont think you should censor yourself. No would should need hide who they truely are. Thats what makes you who you are. I enjoy the links you post to products that you have used and I enjoy that there isn’t ads all over on the blog. I know that can bring in some extra cash for didn’t expenses but I dont care for adds all over the internet. Lots of distubring suff and bogs down what im trying to focus on. The content I enjoy is pretty much anythiing you post to mkae your household a much more healthy “organic” household. I pick and chose right now what I want to change as funds for us are tight with a newborn but we want to raise our son in a more “organic” lifestyle as I was raised on a lot of procssed food and what not with having such a busy schedule. What I really want to say is dont let life get you down…there is always going to people and things that frustate you but keep up the good work and post what you want when you feel like posting. We will always be here to read what you have to say 🙂

  120. You’re awesome, don’t let anyone get you down.

    1. “Selling Out” can mean many things to many people. I think it’s something only you can decide based on how comfortable you feel posting ads or recommending products. Follow your intuition so that you have no regrets. In the end it’s YOU feeding your family and having money to live and its YOU who has to feel comfortable with what you’re blogging and allowing on your blog.

    2. I love the non-perfect mama! It’s comforting and encouraging to know that others are out there with laundry still in the baskets and too busy to make a full course meal for dinner. Share your experiences of how even though you were too busy to cook, what healthy “fast” food you fed the kids.

    3. Share your real life experiences of non-perfect mama!

  121. Katie, YOU are the only person in the world responsible for me figuring out lifelong health problems. I will never forget that you did that for me. YOU deserve to make money more than any blogger out there if you ask me. I want this blog to help you as much as it helps me, now start filling those college funds!!

    • Thanks Sally 🙂 I’m so glad it was helpful to you… comments like yours make it all worth it!

  122. I draw the line at sponsored posts (mostly) and ads embedded within the post. Ads that do not interfere with my reading are EXPECTED in a blog, I don’t find those offensive in any way. If you select ads that fit your theme and message I have no problem with them. In fact I actually like them because I often find products I didn’t know about! When they are a good fit it’s good for everyone. Sponsored posts bother me because they don’t seem genuine. Affiliate links also do not bother me at all. And for the love of God, make some money! Your blog kicks ass, it should be paying your bills too! Would love to see more raw and real. Just be yourself 🙂

    • Thanks Kristin. I agree… I’m not a fan of sponsored posts either. Thanks for reading 🙂

  123. Katie- I love your blog and you are an inspiration to me, I kind of like thinking that if you can do all this AND with 5 kids , then I can definitely handle my one. However you decide to change your blog, I am sure it will still be perfect. BTW I love your cookbook. Please keep up the beautiful inspiration anyway you can.
    1. I am not sure exactly if I am on the same subject but I appreciate your product links, it makes my shopping list easier because I trust what you endorse, thanks for doing the legwork and my husband probably DOES NOT thank you lol
    2. However you decide to present going forward, it will still be you and so it will be great
    3. Not a fan of course and ebooks for some reason, I would totally buy your homemade products if you ever sold them though : )
    Thank You so much for this blog!

  124. thank you for your bravery and honesty.I have no issue at all in advertising products that you believe in, I don’t think that selling out at all, I think it is nurturing yourself and your family which is the place where all inspiration comes from. No sense in becoming a martyr. This needs to be sustainable for you so that you can continue to share your passion and wonderful information with the world and serve your purpose in life. I really relate to all of the things you were talking about and I think the most important thing is caring less about what we think and more about being authentically you. And you know what one of my great mentors told me? If everybody likes you then you aren’t doing your job 🙂 I always think about that in the hard times.

  125. 1. I like it when blogs have (I buy this one here) type of links in their recipes. It’s not the same as allowing advertising, but it is sharing with us those products and producers you’ve found that have quality and integrity.

    2. I find it a little refreshing to hear that you’re not always perfect.

    3. No opinion other than you should share what you’re currently passionate about.

    4. Thank you!

  126. I come here to learn. I have shared many of your recipes to my facebook page and I have used and adapted your recipes to fit me. When I make a change to a recipe, I post the link to your site to show where I got the recipe and tell how I adapted it (example, your brown sugar scrub. I adapted it to include kombucha). I like your blog. At the same time, this is your business. I assume you make a living with this blog. So if you want to give us ebooks and lessons and such, I am definitely happy about that and will surely avail myself of the resources you provide. If you choose to have advertisers on your blog, I consider that your choice. You can do whatever you need to do to support your blog since you are not charging me to read your stuff. I don’t consider it selling out. I consider it business and your prerogative. As for seeing more of the raw you ,,, not sure that matters. There is no need to expose yourself to a bunch of perfect strangers unless you feel it advances your cause. Otherwise, you are not under any obligation to expose yourself to us any more than necessary. You are entitled to your privacy and you don’t owe anyone any explanations, apologies or anything. We are here by choice and because we value what you do. If that changes, we can always leave. I come hear to learn. And I always do.

    • Thanks Denise! I love that idea about adding kombucha! Brilliant… If you ever want, leave it in a comment here or email it to me and I’d love to share it on social media for you…

  127. Katie I regularly share your posts from FB and your Blog on my Food FB page. I generally keep my blog for recipes unless I am going to post giveaways
    By the way I’m in Australia 🙂
    Blogs cost money to run, time taken away from our family costs us Bloggers or anyone who spends the time to write articles or recipes is giving of their time.
    I am like you in that I will only promote a product that I would use myself. I’m not even into advertising like that as I am not anywhere near big enough for that. But I do giveaways.
    If someone contacted me asking to do a giveaway or a review of a product that went against my beliefs I wouldn’t accept it.
    One of the things that gets me is the amount of copycats. That makes me mad!.
    The other thing about blogging that makes me mad is the people that like to tell you how you should speak on your fb page or blog and what you should and shouldn’t write
    But then that just comes down to how rude society has become in general
    You’re doing a great job
    Regarding your questions Katie you do what “you” feel is right for “you” and for “your blog”
    The rest will take care of itself

  128. Katie, I SO support you in following your heart. I think that your candid post today is a mark of “Wellness” in itself. I want to thank you for having the courage and trusting your gut enough to share this with us.

    You have worked so hard giving us all exceptional information, encouragement, and valuable resources. Having said that, I think allowing ads that align with your values would NOT be selling out. Rather, it would be another way to leverage your hard work so far.

    I have learned so much from your site. I have hypothyroidism, too. I recently took your elimination diet challenge after reading your inspiring info on it. I didn’t realize how bad I had been feeling until I did this and feel so much better!

    I look forward to your next steps whatever they will be.

    I love your vision of the mission with serving meals to those who are in need. Have you considered something like kickstarter ? You have such a following, I think you would have overwhelming support.

    Just a thought.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder to be yourself online and off. You Go Katie!

  129. Woman, first of all thank you for being so open about your feelings. Maybe what you need is a good dose of billion THANK YOU from all of us. You know, you are one of the few humans with an amazing, helpful, simple, honest, creative, well balanced website that actually returns emails. I have emailed you a few times and theres has never been one time you don’t respond. That says a lot of your kind, honest, caring Soul. You are here to help, to truly be the change you want to see in this world. You walk your words and even though I don’t personally know you, I can tell you this.
    Im just going to tell you how much you have helped me ( without even knowing each other) and improved my life thru the wonderful work you put in your website, your advices about food, health, kids, natural products,etc that I am sure have cost you time and money until you get it done the best way possible to be shared with us.
    I first heard about a grain free diet and how grains impact your life thru the Gluten Summit session by Sean where you were one of he guest, and your speech left me speechless. I immediately went and checked you out. What I found was much more than I expected. I found a place that I could trust, recipes that were not only delicious but healthy. I found a gorgeous woman, mother of 5….5 kids! a wife, an advocate of Health, true Health! do it yourself-save money-be nice to earth-to yourself human Being!! I immediately subscribed to your blog.
    To make a long story short, you gave me HOPE.
    Thank to you I have changed bad habits to better choices. Thank to you I don’t go crazy thinking what to cook everyday because I can find delicious health recipes in your blog. Thank to you, every time I want to make my own beauty products I have a place to go and find out recipes, and not only that, I trust your recipes and advices so much that I don’t bother doing research somewhere else because anything I have learned and made from your website has worked. The other day a bunch of friends got together to make limp balms and body lotion and we did it Thank to Wellness Mama recipes;we can’t stop posting how happy we are with the lotions! Thank to you, a friend of mine who recently had a baby and felt so overwhelmed and confused with all the information about how to start feeding a baby, read one of your articles and now she back on her feet. Thank to you, Thank to you, Thank to you….!!! and the list can go on and on, and on.
    The other day i felt so good because I told a friend about your website and she went: Wellness Mama? of course i know her, she’s awesome, I make all her beauty products!…it was a very warm feeling to know there is so many women out there that look up to you, your advices, your blogs, recipes….and mostly that I feel a connection with you because I also care about my family, earth, health and I can find a woman out there that also does the same.

    So PLEASE, do what makes you happy, if you have to ditch a few out of your blog, cancel a few others, say no, say yes, take a break, give less of a damn about what others think…do it! you deserve to be respected as a human Being for your wonderful job and supported by those that resonate with you. Listen, you will have a few pain in the but beings out there, that is part of life, we are not a jar of Nutella to be loved by every single human being in this world. Keep up the amazing, beautiful, inspiring, so helpful job you have been doing all these years. And whenever you feel you are riding down on this roller coaster call life, just remember that out there, just like me, there is a hell of a lot of women that feel TRULY THANKFUL to have you in this world.

    Eternal Thanks Katie <3

    • Lourdes, thanks for the sweet words… it made me tear up and I so much appreciate you! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  130. Katie –
    You are a fabulous, giving and kind soul. I love your blog and think you do a fantastic job.

    As for your questions,
    I think that if you have advertising it is of a product you yourself use and love.

    As for the “real” you,
    Yes just be yourself. It’s always nice when, as a reader, I can relate more.

    Adding classes and such,
    I say go for it. I love everything you write about. I’m trying to get a handle on how to detoxify my family’s life because my 5 year old is battling cancer and i want to minimize her side effects and produce a better environment for both my girls.

    You’re doing a great job and while I do not know you personally, you have gained my trust with your recipes, recommendations and information.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  131. I can’t even remember how I discovered your blog, but have I ever been glad that I did! I have loved your clear, concise recipes as I have become more proactive in my own health journey. I love your style of blogging and personally wouldn’t change anything.

    What keeps me coming back to your blog it’s your genuine nature and love of what you do that shines through in your writing and posts. Regardless I’d whatever changes you make I know that will always be there so I endorse any changes you decide upon.

    As for carefully selected products to promote … I’m Canadian so I half if the time I can’t get a specific product anyway and have to have an alternative. I never felt anything was pushed on me on your blog ever so I have only positive things to say about this site. Thank you for the time and effort you so obviously put into it.

  132. I love your blog, it has been such an amazing resource for me and I have learned so much through your posts. It’s one of the first blogs I recommend for living a healthier lifestyle.
    I would love for you to be more real, I love when blogging are real and honesty seeing mistakes or a not quite perfect posts is a great reminder we are all human and we all make the mistakes and I think at ge end of the day in a positive way helps people feel more adequate about themselves. 🙂
    I don’t have a problem at all with bloggers having ads like amazon and google and whatnot as long as it’s not so full of ads the page doesn’t load! That annoys me… But I know bloggers at least have to make enough to cover their expenses, just maintaining the website alone between the domain, hosting and whatnot it really adds up. Plus especially blogs that are providing such amazing information the time they took to research, write, review, all the thoughts, that time is worth something and I think bloggers like you deserve to make money off your blog, I don’t at all see it as selling at to have ads up. My personal opinion anyway. 🙂

  133. Oh sweetie. I only just discovered your blog and I really love it but I’m cynical enough to know that you are very likely imperfect. I don’t believe in perfect moms. Frankly every mom I’ve met that obsesses over the whole being perfect thing, or even worse believes themselves to be so, usually negate their perceived perfection with their overt obnoxiousness. Perfection is just that, a perception. It is not a defined state but merely an idea and everyone’s is different. I mean come on, 5 kids and developing all those products, the research and writing, the book, etc….I’m sorry but frankly I bet this isn’t the first week that hotdogs have been the special in your house, and that’s totally OK!

    I really don’t understand why people like us who strive for a more holistic, natural and honest lifestyle feel like if we earn a little income from our lifestyle that we’re “selling out.” It really drives me crazy! You’re great at what you do and you care about it and you have developed it from the ground up, why should you feel guilty about the prospect from earning a living at it? Isn’t that everyone’s dream? And yes while advertising can be really invasive and sometimes misleading, honestly it’s not inherently evil. I mean, there are plenty of great products that I use and love that I only knew about because of an ad I saw. Of course you wouldn’t saturate your blog with ad space, and yes I would be pissed as hell if your sold your list to spammers, but if a small banner advertising a natural wholesaler popped up on your site it really wouldn’t bother me in the least and I know it would be helping you to bring me the content that I love!

    Finally, it doesn’t have to be either or. You don’t have to back off the blog to spend time with your kids, and you don’t have to feel like your kids are being neglected because of your site. I’m about to say the four letter word that some consider the most heinous and insulting concept towards womanhood – HELP! Why women consider the idea of procuring help so terrible is beyond me. I have seen working moms and SAHMs completely burn themselves out simply because they have too much pride to admit they could use some help. Think about it, you start earning just enough ad revenue from the blog to hire a virtual assistant or temp to help filter comments, emails, some basic research, etc. Perhaps you can also afford some part-time assistance around the house. You wouldn’t be the first working mom with 5 kids to need a little help on both fronts, and it really can help you do both jobs better.

    So that’s just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks Susan. I love this: “I’m about to say the four letter word that some consider the most heinous and insulting concept towards womanhood – HELP!” So true and definitely something I do need to work on. 🙂

  134. Katie: I don’t usually follow any blogs on an on-going basis but for the last 6 months I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts you’ve made. You have such well-written, factual material that I’ve been challenged to consider so many of the items you make and promote. So many items I have had questions about and you’ve had the ‘how-to’ so I can move forward. I have always enjoyed your genuineness – it’s a rare quality these days and I sooooooo appreciate it. I’m much more comfortable with someone who isn’t ‘perfect’ as it makes it easier for me to relate. I often marvel at your ability to keep the posts coming with all of the demands that you have with your family.
    Do whatever feels ‘right’ to you; as long as you are endorsing products that can help your readers, it’s a win-win for all of us. Just know you are much appreciated (by me as well as hundreds of others) and altho’ you are much younger than I am, I know you are very intelligent and have already achieved so much. Keep up the good work and follow your heart in your decisions. You will never regret it:) (Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  135. hey, all your readers are not moms. 🙂 i do think it’s great that so many SAHMs have blogs that they are able to use to share their passions, create community and also earn some income from. as for ads, if they are tastefully done and there are not too many i think it’s fine if you believe in the products. just please don’t let them overrun your webpage and do require that they are well-designed. don’t be afraid to tell a company that they need a more well-designed ad and if you know of designers you can refer them.

    blogging for a living sounds challenging. there is a bigname blogger, in another industry, who has been talking about her challenges with it recently. one thing i was rather bothered by was that she mentioned she has posts that are sponsored content but nowhere on her blog have i ever seen any posts labeled as being sponsored content. to me, that is selling out. if you ever do sponsored content do please label the posts as such. while not my favorite thing if they are labeled as such they are not a problem.

    being real is good, imo. we all struggle to live and eat healthy and it is such a huge undertaking that i think your lessons learned can really encourage others.

    as for ecourses and the like i’d keep the advertising on the blog for them to a minimum. i know i don’t like to feel inundated when i come to read a blog with popups and constant ads for ebooks, etc.

    with comment moderation maybe using discus or something similar would help cut down on the spam. that must take a lot of your time to have to deal with if it isn’t automated.

    bottom line, just be true to yourself and keep up the good work!

    grace + peace

    • Thanks Linda. I definitely agree. I’ve never done sponsored posts because they don’t seem authentic and don’t anticipate doing them in the future, but I would definitely make that very clear if I did!

  136. I’ve loved your blog for a few years now and often mention it to others. You are my go-to source for all things health related. Really. Anytime something comes up I search your site before looking elsewhere.

    As far as the feedback you requested, I was just visiting another blog I love and noticed that an ad popped up at the top. My thought was, “Ugh. Was that there last week?” A few tasteful and relevant ads along the side are different though, in my opinion.

    Yes, I want the “real” Katie. I thought I was getting her, so now I’m intrigued as to what we’ve all been missing out on!! Be you… this reader wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Please step away from the managing (Love the idea of deleting irrelevant questions! Especially those that have the answer located within your blog post! Grr…) and focus on quality writing and products. I’d love to see more from you!

    Thank you for everything you’ve done through your blog to empower me as a person and a mother. I’ve embraced coconut oil, the paleo lifestyle, and learned so much about my autoimmune disorder among many other things, because of you. (No one else ever convinced me to make lotion before you!)

    Thank you so much!

  137. Katie,

    I just want you to know how much you have inspired me. You were the first blog I came across with regards to a more natural lifestyle. Your recipe was the first I used for my daughter’s butt cream, which I have come back to time and time again. Your frequent mention of essential oils are what got me to purchase my first few bottles, not to mention the kit my husband said he’d get me for the holidays. 🙂 Your extensive, concise, and thorough post on beans and why they aren’t the healthiest are what got me started on the pathway to paleo…still working on maintaining this one.

    Now I know these might seem like trivial things, but they are not. You helped me get on the path to a better lifestyle and had it not been for this blog, I’d still be slathering harmful chemicals onto my toddler.

    I often thought how does she do it all and have come to realize that like most mom’s, you have learned to multitask and have become quite good at it. It truly breaks my heart to read some of these things you’ve posted about because you are wonderful and have influenced so many in a positive way. I look forward to your blog and love it.

    I think the real, raw and uncut posts are refreshing because it reminds us that you are not superwoman, nor do you need to be. You are perfect the way you are and I think that little bit of vulnerability reminds us all that you do have so much on your plate, as do we. More importantly that we take things for granted and probably undervalue ourselves and please don’t ever do that to yourself.

    I will continue to read your posts in order to give my family a better life.

    You are a wonderful person and I can’t even begin to thank you for helping me.


  138. Katie, What you have created, is an incredible resource for those of us who want to improve our health and our family’s health. I think the raw, real Wellness Mama is part of the inspiration you offer. None of us are perfect nor will we ever be… However you bring hope and encouragement that we can make changes one step at a time.

    I found your site shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My experience with the western medical system is that they really don’t want patients taking charge of their own health. But my belief system leads me to think processed foods, highly chemicalized home and beauty products and sugar played a huge part in my health issues. Your site has been my most valued resource. Over the past year I have joined and quit several health blogs and newsletters. Yours always seemed honest, real and caring… plus I really appreciate your recipes.

    I believe that you simply MUST do the things that you need to sustain your family and your health and by doing so you lead by example… Imperfect, real, caring, mama of 5, loving wife and encouraging trusted health leader.

    As for advertising… One of the things I love about your site is it is filled with information without sell, sell, sell hype. Yet it makes sense that you should be able to have an income for all your work. Well placed ads for products you use and can honestly recommend could be helpful for negotiating what products can be bought and which should be handmade. A little side income never hurts.

    Thanks for being you. Blessings and Peace.

  139. Oh my gosh you’re not a sellout! Thank you for being so real. Not going to lie, sometimes I read your blog and look around my house and think “I’m not good enough. I only have one kid and I can barely keep afloat and he doesn’t eat all organic and….” the list goes on and on so I appreciate how real this post was. Anyways, advertising is just fine with me. I don’t find it to be a sell out move as long as it doesn’t impede my ability to read the content. Also thank you for making a cookbook! I’m looking forward to getting it. I love real meal ideas. I’d definitely be interested in more ebook like stuff too. I’m going to try and start making my own cosmetics and whatnot so I was super excited about the mascara recipe you posted the other day!

    I think every mama goes to bed at night convinced that they’re the worst mama. But I was told this week that God gave you your family because you’re the best mama for them.

  140. Katie, let me say how amazed I am by your blog. You are the first blog I have ever read regarding wellness several years ago. Because of you I began making my son’s homemade wipes and powders, lotion bars, and more. Because of the knowledge you imparted, his eczema which he had at birth has not made a peep. I was then inspired to start creating my own natural recipes, and the passion grew from there. I believe your voice has spoken through your articles. If you feel you have been holding back then go for it. As a reader, I see your passion come through for every post. You are a professional and your blog reads as such. In the same token, I personally don’t believe it’s selling out to be paid by reputable sources for your time and energy. You are making a living, and can do so without compromising your integrity. In fact, your honesty is such a rarity that as a reader I would love to know what you endorse as I know I will be purchasing from quality if you use it yourself. In the future, I would love to see a culmination of all your recipes in a book with chapters from homemade baby care to a cleaning section, and so on. People are looking for easy ways to wellness, and the culmination of all of your best work in one place would be a wonderful way to start the journey in book form. Thank you for all of your work and efforts, you have transformed our lives.

  141. Girl, your blog is awesome, don’t change a thing! I love that you don’t have those floater ads after every paragraph, I close those blogs right away, and they won’t have me look at other pages, even if I like the content. To answer your questions:

    1. What do you consider “selling out?” If I were to allow advertisers (carefully selected of course) would your opinion of as a trusted resource change? – Selling out is pushing a bunch of products that you are unlikely to have used long or enough to form an accurate opinion; it’s obviously impossible for a reader to prove, but sometime you just know, you know? 🙂 Like this blog I like ‘Nourished Kitchen’ started advertising way too much stuff on social media, and it’s getting kind of old. I think ads need to be either part of a post, like what you do right now, which I think is very tasteful, or be placed on the side, where you have featured posts right now. Again, this is just one person’s opinion. Here is an example of a clean blog that respects the reader: I’m not a huge fan of the content since I am not fond of their featured quote “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” (accomplished carnivore, this one here), but it is a beautiful site as far as their attitude towards advertising is.

    2. How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image? – Real you – always, not a doubt in my mind. All those Paleo blogs that used to be cool a couple of years ago are starting to get that ‘ squeaky clean’ thing that takes the personal touch out of it. I’ve stopped following a bunch of them since now they ‘know everything better than me’, and relay it in an almost condescending tone.

    3. Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you? What type of content and information will be most helpful to you moving forward? How can I best provide simple answers for healthier families for you? – I think it’s helpful, and I think you should charge a fee, not like $24.99 but something reasonable that would still make a difference to you. I have no problem paying for valuable information within reason, in this case probably under $10. Also, if you give an option to pay with PayPal, or something of that sort, that doesn’t require a reader to go look for a wallet – it would probably be effective in getting those ‘lazy’ folks like me make an easy purchase. I also love it when someone provides service/product for free and gives an option to donate whatever amount they want.

    Hope this is helpful! 🙂


  142. Your website helped change my life and I thank you. Advertising is fine as long as it doesn’t become all that your blog is about. I have enjoyed your links for items you use and it has made it easier for me to make some of your recipes. I appreciate your site because of you! The person you are. Be yourself because that is who brings us back time and agan.
    God bless you and your family!

  143. Wow! Thanks for sharing and being real. It takes a lot of courage to share that honestly with the interwebs, lol. But all joking aside, to answer your questions:
    1) I wouldn’t mind ads from companies if you have personally used their products and consider them useful and worthy. Basically, it’s just you providing more helpful resources for those of us who are hungry for information and don’t have the time, energy, or money to research everything ourselves. If you happen to make a few dollars from those ads, then good for you! You and your family deserve to reap some financial benefits from the important work that you do every day. And all the better if it helps the start-up fund for a charity that is near to your heart.
    2) Be as real Katie or as Wellness Mama as you want. Or as the mood strikes. Just keep doing what you do!
    3) I like the posts and would definitely be interested in whatever direction your heart is leading you. You’ve done a great job in helping me improve my family’s health so far, and I trust that if there is a new direction, it will be an exciting and worthwhile one!

  144. I think you are amazing!! I have learned so much and used so much information from your blog for my family. In fact…I’m going to make many DIY Christmas presents from some of your recipes as well. 🙂

    I think you should do Ads to your discretion. I think you should make money (I’m sure you do, but don’t feel bad about that). I’m sure you work your tooshie off on this blog and I truly believe you should make money on that! Don’t feel bad or like you are “selling out”…your work should awarded! You do awesome work! That’s why you have so many followers and I think you deserve return on that.

    You should show the real you (and filter as you feel is right). I wouldn’t worry about upsetting people because your followers (like me) and supporters (like me) will stand behind you. And if we don’t agree…so what, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think you should be what you want to be on the blog and be that proudly, because your imperfections are just normal to us. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do! I, for one, love your site! 🙂

  145. Katie, I read every one of your posts. Please don’t change how you do things around here. I trusted you before and I trust you more now. I’m a busy mom with six kids, ages 19 to 7. I really, truly appreciate everything you do here. You are a huge blessing to my family. Thank you for all of the effort you pour into your blog. And when you find time, I would love to see more ebooks.

    If you get a chance, could you let me know if there are many recipes in your cookbook that do not include coconut oil? My 19 year old has several food allergies/sensitivities and one of them is coconut. 🙁

    Thanks again for everything you do! Gina

    • Thanks so much for reading and for the kind thoughts Gina! Many of the recipe in the cookbook do have coconut oil but with rare exception (like the homemade chocolate), you could use butter, tallow, lard, or another similar fat in its place. 🙂

      • my kid is also allergic to coconut oil (and dairy), but ghee works and I always replace coconut oil with ghee.

  146. Hi, English is not my first language but I follow your blog for almost a year and to be honest, I’m glad to feel normal reading your blog. Yes, I do feel those feelings when I see the “perfect” life other bloggers have especially in our tropical country. Beach pics, beach bodies, beach breakfast, meanwhile I struggle with another things.
    But keep on going because you’re so young yet so wise, and to think about your family first is the main reason I keep learning from you! I want to be like that as a mom.
    Keep up the good work!

  147. Hi Katie!
    1. I think you should advertise because I would love to see those brilliant babies of yours go to awesome colleges and become amazing world leaders (hopefully working with my babies!).
    2. I’d love if you did a “Q&A” segment because there’s so many times that I have wished I had your phone number to ask you something.
    3. Have you thought about having virtual assistants? They could answer a lot of your email questions and comment questions according to your standards. And if they don’t know the answer that you would say, they can just forward it to you!
    4. I would definitely buy your products. I’m about to buy your cookbook just because I know you worked so hard on it (I hate cookbooks and don’t own a single one). Kid products would be great. Maybe you could work with Dr Bonners somehow – that would be amazing!


    • Thanks Valerie. I love the Q&A idea and that would be fun to do… I’ll see if I can figure that out!

  148. Honestly, I love your blog, trust what you write, and consider this website my go to for deeper info about a natural lifestyle. Deeper, as in beyond “you can use vinegar for stuff!” I have followed, and subsequently unfollowed, many “healthy living” blogs because it quickly becomes clear that they are rehashing tired content they found with a google search in an effort to make money off their blog. This is obvious regardless of whether there are ads or not on the site. If you have ads, your content will still be superior. I expect blogs to have ads – I mean, you need to make money to live, no shame in that. I understand the difference between an ad in the sidebar and an affiliate link that you personally endorse. I imagine all of your readers do. Thank you for all of your careful research and great posts. However your online presence looks in the future, I think you are awesome!

  149. I am sooo GRATEFUL for you and your blog. It has given me a way to learn and set my family on an amazing path. Your my main resource for everything! I appreciate your honesty and truthfulness in this post. We are all human, no one is perfect. We can all just try to do the best we can, giving priority to the truly important things in our lives like family and our kids. Please do whatever your intuition and heart tell you, it’s gotten you this far!!

  150. I am on your page almost every day. I love the information you post as well as the conversation and comments it ignites in people. I have gone through two miscarriages this year and look to your site for encouragement and natural information in a world where Dr. prescribed tests and medications rule. Thank you for everything you do.

  151. I was a blogger for four years before I suddenly quit in 2013. I never planned on quitting but it happened after a lot of struggles and frustrations you described in this post. So, sadly, I know how it feels. I don’t know how I came across your blog but I stayed because I like your approach and style. We know you’re authentic, Katie. If I find a recipe that reminds of something I read on your blog, I come back here and check the date you published it. It’s usually a couple of years older than a copycat one. So, I know you’re real and I keep browsing your blog all the time even though I never comment. Keep doing what you feel like doing and what makes the most sense to you. If you make a few buck along the way – good for you girl!

    • Thanks so much Mira. I completely understand. I’ve had many days when I threatened to delete the blog or stop blogging. I really appreciate the kind words 🙂

  152. i will get a gravatar to make your life easier – or does it not help? Idk but you suggested it and I trust your suggestions. But I’m on an iPad right now so it will have to wait.

    On to the subject at hand. I can totally not relate lol. I don’t have husband or children. Nevertheless I got inspired to make homemade cleaning supplies because of you. And I plan to make some for my best friend who turns out has lots of allergies to things she didn’t know she had. (I already made her some soap and perfume). I eat the right oils now. I will no longer use antibacterial soap lol. And so on and so forth….

    I’ve helped my best friend with her autoimmune and thyroid issues due to you. And I love her so much and she has a child so you may have saved her life and potentially her child’s (her health issues are dire due to years of not eating well, too much stress and chemotherapy). You are indeed an inspiration. I have no idea how you get even 1/4 of what you do, done, even if ALL you eat is hot dogs – just making your own hot dogs alone is inspirational!!

    You go right on ahead and post Ads . In fact I would be most pleased with more ads because I’m always looking for good sources and if you say someone is a good source then I trust that. You make my life easier by posting those ads!

    I DO relate to not liking being angry. I rarely feel real deep down anger. I usually will just get annoyed. (In fact I have a little trouble because I can’t access my anger well enough and it turns to depression – so get it out!!! Don’t hold back – that will save your health too ya know, save you from turning that anger inward and causing you undue stress. Perhaps some good advise from me? :). ). All your feelings of inadequacy are, of course, something I relate to but you know what, you are perfect the way you are and you are doing everything right, making the correct decisions for you and your family and helping the world tremendously. You are a bright light of hope in a world that is so frightening.

    I’m very thankful for your blog as it has had a huge impact on my life. Be yourself because you are special not because we would like it (we would!)! We’d be missing out if you didn’t show all your true colors (remind you of something? or are you too young?). Anyway, those goals you listed for yourself are perfect and I like them and will appreciate them very much!!!! Even you spending more time with your family indirectly helps me. So go girl!!

    Thank you for all you do


    (P.s. Just to add to your already enormous to do list, if you could publish more of your book then I could buy one for me and my best friend!!)

    • Thanks so much Cynthia for the insights and kind words. It really means so much! 🙂

      Also, Amazon is not showing the link to the cookbook since I self published but here is a direct link you can use 🙂

  153. I like your blog very much. You have posted interesting content that deserves attention. You should allow companies to sponsor you if you believe in the products and services they deliver, and even charge your readers like me for your cookbook and other items you feel deserve attention. As they say one hand washes the other and we depend on you to inform us. There is weakness in not asking for help when needed and you my dear are not weak. Thank you for taking the time to write your articles.

    • I like your blog very much. You have posted interesting content that deserves attention. You should allow companies to sponsor you if you believe in the products and services they deliver, and even charge your readers like me for your cookbook and other items you feel deserve attention. As they say one hand washes the other and we depend on you to inform us. There is weakness in not asking for help when needed and you my dear are not weak. Thank you for taking the time to research and write your articles.

  154. Katie, I just love your blog and website. You’ve taught me so very much about how to heal myself with food and supplements. Today, I fit into a pair of shorts and jeans that last month were getting to tight on me. I have been working very hard to stick to the autoimmune diet this month. After reading so many of your posts, I knew I needed a big change. At this moment, I should be incredibly bloated since my period is a few days away and I’m not. I’m not moody, not breaking out as bad, and best of all, no gastrointestinal issues! I am so glad I ran across your site. The cookbook has been ordered and I can’t wait to tear into it.
    If the ads aren”t right for you, don’t do them. Do what feels honest to you. I would love to see an autoimmune ebook. That way all of that stuff is at my fingertips. Be true and honest to yourself and your feelings. I appreciate all the time and energy that you have put into this, research and testing and searching for folks to learn from and get new ideas. Thank you for all your hard work. I am sure you are a great mom. I have a 2 year old and for the most part she’s a very well behaved child and other times you know what hits the fan. You have five sweet gifts and I wish I had that many. You do what’s best for you and your family. It’s time that ladies stop judging each other and lend a helping hand. Here’s my hand.

  155. You have made a great difference for me. Thank you. I have Fibro/chronic fatigue and I used to get so angry that the “me” who used to be able to do so much was taken from me. So was my obsessive cleanliness, my impulsive temper and a hundred other things that I’m too tired to worry about any more. Entering, is the “me” who can read everything I’ve ever wanted, learn from you and the other active participants of life. I seem to have been given the gift of learning what matters most. Of letting go and prioritizing. So here’s my two cents worth… Your family will rise up and call you blessed. The world will not. So if your wonderful blog becomes simply crumbs of information, we are still grateful. If it goes by the wayside, we Wesco thank you!!!

  156. I have only just recently begun following your blog. I was searching around on the internet looking for information on how to impliment more essential oils into my life (and for my friends and family!) I have found your blog very informative and personal and I consider it one of my “go to” sites!! Notice I said “ONE of my go to sites”. While I certainly LOVE your ideas and appreciate and respect all your efforts, I realize that you are a human being and should not be followed “blindly” as gospel for my life or anyone elses. As a blogger you have a responsibliity to be honest and trustworthy. As we all know with the internet, thats not always the case. We as your readers also have a responsibility to use your blog as a tool and test things for ourselves. I appreciate you showing us the “choice” products and people you approve of as well as making a little money for you and your family through this blog, so please do! Readers need to remember that they always have a choice to use a product or not. We all love to read about REAL people and REAL lives and REAL ways to make those lives a little better. Thank you for being REAL and thank you for all your hard work on maintaining this blog! I will keep following along with you and encourage you to always be honest with us and yourself, and keep your integrity level high and continue on. May God bless you and guide you in your life!

  157. I love all the supportive and grateful comments that I have read. Many of these posts sum up everything that I could say, but I just wanted to add that I feel that you are an amazing and necessary person in this world and I am so happy that I stumbled opon your page. I have been reading your blog off and on for some time now and I am energized, encouraged each time I read a new post. I am amazed that you have the time to do it all, and would not expect anyone with five children and a drive to keep everyone happy and healthy to be completely perfect! I know for myself you have helped me greatly in times where I doubted myself, mostly because it is so hard to go against “main stream” thinking, especially when you are surrounded by it. I feel that you should embrace the imperfect you, and not worry about being perfect, we as mothers all now how hard that can be – and nobody wants perfect anyway, because that is just not real! I believe that if you added a few ads to your page, that would not deter me at all, you deserve to be making a little money for all the hard work you do, and time you have to sacrifice from your family to help the rest of us! I am happy you were able to vent to us as well, and I feel that your readers will support you know matter what!

  158. Katie,
    First let me say that we probably have nothing in common… I am 41, single, childless, probably considered an atheist, and I eat quite a bit of grains! That being said I have to tell you that I love your blog. I stumbled across it looking for a recipe to make my own sunscreen, and there you were.
    I love Pinterest so I see a lot of blogs, yours is the only I subscribe to and I open all of your newsletters AND follow you on Pinterest.
    I say do what makes you happy, I wouldn’t mind if you put in more ads, something’s got to pay the bills, right?
    I prefer your blog ebooks solely for ease of use.
    And as for the rest, just be you Mama, we already know you aren’t perfect and could frankly care less:)
    Thanks for all of the great info!

  159. Excellent post! I do not mind ads on the side if they are related to what you do…essential oils, all natural ingredients, etc. that go hand in hand with what you are using in your recipes and projects. I don’t think you would allow ads that do not blend well with your all natural approach. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to fine good quality items for the recipes. I would hope that you don’t use pop-ups that you have to clear off just to see the site but ads aren’t going to bother us if they are off to the side.

  160. Your sites have opened my eyes to a whole new world of healthy living/eating. Of the many that I have read, yours was the one that rang true and did not come across as a charlatan. Please, keep up the great work and keep true to yourself or it will come across in your writings as it does in ones voice. As for ads, I don’t mind a few if they are true to what you are doing. Keep the passion!

  161. Wow. All these amazing comments. I didn’t read them all but I agree with the ones I’ve read. First of all, I’ve been a regular reader of Wellness Mama for at least two years now. I think I found your blog when I was online googling and desperate for answers for my all of a sudden facial Rosacea outbreak and crazy bad acne. I learned about so much nutrition and health wise from your blog and still use your blog to search for any new issue I’m having or recipe or whatever. I’m 37 and pregnant with my first baby. I even followed your fertility ‘recipe’ on things to do increase fertility. Typical ‘negative thinking’ me always told my husband that it’s gonna take forever for me to get pregnant because I’m 37, blah blah blah. First month we ‘tried’ to get pregnant I actually got pregnant. I don’t know if it would’ve happened that fast or not if I never read your fertility advice but either way, you inspired me to take fish oil pills, make bone broth (which I rarely do because I’m do freakin lazy) , spray magnesium oil on my body every day, take Prenatals, probiotics, raspberry lead tea, etc etc. I think if my husband hears the words ‘wellness mama’ anymore he wants to kill me because I’m obsessed with everything I learn from you. When I want to piss him off I spray magnesium oil on him because he hates it and says it makes him itch too much. Lol. ANYWAY, please keep posting and everytime you recommend products include the affiliate link!!! You deserve to be paid for your hard work. I definitely don’t make the soaps or anything that requires a ton if ingredients because I’m just too impatient and would rather buy at the store but I’m always amazed how you find the time to do so much. Here’s a little tip that I enjoy when I read other blogs. I like when the blogger is honest and says “you know what readers, I’m tired and need a break today so I won’t be posting” or ” hey, here’s a great recipe from the past for you to try because for the next few days, I’m spending time with my and I’ll share about it when I’m back”. I like truthful honest posts like that. We all have crappy days and we all have lazy days and we don’t need to feel bad for it. Keep up the amazing work. You are such a gift to so many people and please don’t forget that !!! Lots of love and appreciation. Xo!!!!!

  162. Katie,

    1. Get the advertising. This is America. You are a professional at being awesome in a way that is tangibly valuable to families, and that involves great sacrifice on your part. Anyone who wants you to do that for free just so they don’t have to scroll past an advertisement should start showing up for work and refusing their paycheck and see how they really feel about what they call “selling out.”

    2. Of course, be honest. But I also don’t know where this crap comes from about you having to post all of your shortcomings just to be likable to your readers. People on the Internet are GREEDY for material that makes them feel better about themselves, and nothing is more satisfying and convenient than reading about how your idols are failing daily. That’s sick. Letting them read all the details about your flaws is not something you owe to anyone. This bull crap about how you have to be laid bare in your worst moments just to be authentic and trustworthy is just beyond stupid to me. Guess what: you are an expert in your field. You put out really great content. If I lose sleep feeling inadequate just because you didn’t post as many self-deprecating photos and laments as you did awesome recipes that you invented, that is my own problem and I need to go fish my big girl panties out of the laundry pile. Did I say pile? I meant mountain. Do you like me more now?

  163. Well said, Wellness Mama! I love this blog and, although this is my very first comment, read it regularly. I also use it as a resource – sort of my first line of research on so many things. Advertise as much as you need to, your content is amazing and engaging and you are one of the few bloggers I actually click through Amazon links to check out products when they are posted. 🙂

  164. Hello Katie,

    Thankyou for sharing and caring…but at the end of the day your health and all round wellbeing and that of your family is paramount.

    The things you outlined you had a problem with and those you mentioned you struggle with I do too and can empathise. The decisions you make in regard to them whether that means less of your quality blog posts, include side site adds, deleting/removing people not aligned, reading you more ‘uncensored’ or whatever else is required to maintain your equilibrium then so be it. The later may be more cathartic for you. I know you will remain centred and true to yourself.

    We get so much help from your well researched posts and I know they are appreciated by many. Thank you for what you have given us and I will be grateful for what you provide in the future.

    Thank you from Australia.

  165. You’re not “selling out” if you’re recommending/promoting things that you yourself would or do use.
    The uncensored you is great, more “real” and therefore you’re representing a more attainable goal to others.
    I like books in any form for learning, but all your little snippets of information are things I enjoy reading. Some get filed away in my mind, some written down, and from some, I make shopping lists or ‘to do’ lists to make more progress on becoming healthier.
    Great Blog, you’re doing great!

  166. I know your blog is focused on families (which I hope to someday have), but I love it as a single lady – you have truly helped me in so many different ways. I really like your content content – especially create your own things like toothpaste, Kombucha (and all the ways to make it more appetizing..heh), and hair tints/coloring. When I need a recipe or tips along these lines, I search your blog, because I truly appreciate all the research you do so I can save time in that department. So thank you!
    I honesty enjoy seeing the real you, because every aspect of your life truly makes you a more beautiful person! I understand your position with adds, as I have those too being in the blogging world, but I believe if you believe in a company or product than there’s nothing wrong with the add – unless of course, it’s obnoxious, flashy, and scrolling across the center of the screen with every scroll on the page 😉 And to your final inquiry, I honestly don’t know – I really enjoy how to resources I can quickly and easily access.

  167. Katie — You are making all the right moves! Thank you for all you do for us, your readers. Your dedication, intelligence, thoroughness and honesty shine through every post.

    Answers: Don’t advertise. Don’t even do guest posts or sponsored posts. Make money with your ebooks, seminars, podcasts. Can you sell a line of natural body care or cleaning products? Put your name on them and pay someone to manage that spin off-business?

    As for the other two questions: you’ll have to find a comfortable middle ground between sharing yourself and being an inspiration. Many of us follow your example, thinking, if she can do it, I can do it. We know you’re not perfect, but we don’t need to be reminded of it too often.

    PS. Don’t assume all your readers are young mothers. My children are adults with their own children, and I read all your posts and use your advice for myself.

  168. Hi there!you have helped my family of 7 immensely. Yes, I have 5 children also, I think our youngest are about the same age. It was your info on GAPS and knowing that you did it as a mom to many that kept me going through the GAPS. And now my son is doing so well.Thank you. Please advertise things that you use or have used and would use again because I trust you. If you only advertise products you would use,that would save me a lot of time and money doing my own research. I love the Q and A idea somebody earlier had. I have seen blogs where they did q and a post on a regular basis. Please write in whatever style you want, it is your blog, do it your way. I would buy an ebook from you…. I would also buy a paper book from you (I like the paper ones more) my idea for a topic of a book, pamphlet or blog post is “prevention and treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy”. I suffered with it during each of my pregnancies and I have done research but I have found very little helpful info. I am still hopeful that because Princess Kate has had it during her pregnancies there will be more research for the rest of us. You are so sweet to ask your readers opinion when the blog is yours. God Bless You, Jennie

  169. Girl, I totally feel you! and I sympathize 🙁

    But you are not alone in that respect… that kind of BS goes on in every “circle”, every “community”, every group of “like individuals”, whether the folks do or don’t know each other! It’s worse when they are friendly to your face, and when you turn around they copy every. thing. you. do. and act as if it is their own and they thought of it first. EVERY community has these. It is totally INFURIATING.

    They often appear when something is the “hot” thing… they figure out how to use it to their advantage to make a buck, undercut, and they’re fly-by-night. Good thing is that they usually don’t last long… bad thing is… well, a lot. But those kind of folks will always be there, they never go away. If it ain’t one person, it’s another.

    You can’t let them get to you and get you down.

    BECAUSE, the REST OF THE COMMUNITY knows who’s fake, who’s a sellout, who’s a poser, AND WHO IS THE REAL DEAL. It’s obvious to those that are paying attention. The brand-newbies might not immediately know, but it doesn’t take long to figure out once ya’ start paying attention.

    The TRUE ARTISTS, the GENUINE, the FOR REAL FOLKS… persist. They are in the game for the LONG HAUL. They’re not in it to be famous, rich, or whatever. They’re not ‘fly-by-night’ like these others often are. They’re not in it for anything other than they have a personal calling that won’t let them sleep if they don’t follow their heart. They’re incomplete without their art. Lost, if you will, and sad.

    Wellness Mama is your ART.
    The VISION is YOURS.
    The community is a by-product that formed around your art.
    Did Dali, Warhol, or Frida Kahlo ask for permission?
    Neither do you.
    You don’t need to check in with your community, although you can certainly share your feelings like you did in this blog!

    My 2c for what it’s worth:
    Go for it. Advertise. I think you already know in your heart where the line is between what’s OK and what’s not OK. Trust yourself. I think you work damn hard and deserve to make money off of your amazing and brilliant website. Furthermore… IT’S OK TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOUR ART. IT MAKES CONTINUING WELLNESS MAMA POSSIBLE. (which absolutely NEEDS to happen)

    For the rest of your questions … follow your heart. It will not lead you astray. You will not lead us astray. Wellness Mama is your ART. it is your SOUL. your HEART. your PASSION! Without personally knowing you, it’s nonetheless obvious that you are not going to short-change yourself as a person, Wellness Mama, or the WM community.

    My husband chimed in and said “it’s easier to cultivate the positive, than discourage what you don’t want.”

    One last thing… have you ever read/done “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron?
    It takes 12 weeks to get thru the 12 chapters. If it’s at all possible (and I know you have a busy life), you should consider it. Even if you do it at a slower pace, the exercises are INVALUABLE. I think it will help you silence the static/interference and reveal answers that are already present within yourself.

  170. Thank you for writing this post. I am one of those readers who was starting to think you were some miracal working mother. I agree with your post regarding bloggers who try to sell their readers stuff. That is such a turn off for me and I don’t appreciate it when it’s pushed out to readers. Looking forward to your new blogs. Cheers.

  171. What a breath of fresh air! Thank you! I think all moms thank you because reading blogs can have such a double-edged affect; giving valuable information but also building a false standard that these blogging mom’s always do everything perfect. Especially with food, I often find myself feeling guilty if I can’t provide the best; it is so encouraging to realize that even the bloggers who help set these standards are not always meeting them…it helps me realize they are an ideal that we can continually aspire to, but not feel guilty when we can’t do everything.
    For me personally, I feel like having a limited number of ads (NOT pop-ups though, I detest those!) would be less of a “selling out” than getting a large number of emails promoting such and such’s product/conference/etc. I feel like every health blog I read has promoted so many conferences and deals in the last year, that I have started to doubt everyone’s authenticity unfortunately. I’d rather to see a few ads than email upon email of “for the next 24 hours, this package is only $200!” (I’m not saying you did this, just an example). I consider that more of a selling out than the ads. Note: I HAVE enjoyed many of these free conferences, so I don’t think promoting a conference you believe it/are talking at is bad! I just get turned off by all the follow-up “buy now” emails from everyone.
    2. I think more of what you shared in this post is perfect. Honestly, your intuition seems pretty good; be you, bravely! You will know what to post. I think for me, I get turned off from mom bloggers that are too negative as a way to try to let people know they are normal…but I don’t get that sense from you at all! I think one way to encourage other moms would be to include a “I’m normal” snapshot (visual or descriptive) once in a while at the bottom of a post about something super-mom-ish (like making your own vitamin gummies for example ;-)…like a pile of that laundry maybe? 😉
    3. I personally get way too overwhemed with the e-course/cookbooks/etc. There are just SOOO many!! I find simple articles and pinterest-able stuff way easier to organize for actual use. The e-courses and cookbooks just sit, downloaded somewhere on my computer, never to be seen again! (my fault, not yours, but just saying)…this is why I bought your “real” cookbook!! I can actually have it in my kitchen and USE it! yay! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing so openly!! It really, really encourages me!!!!!

  172. I have a saying that I use when I start to get too hung-up on the idea of perfection.

    Perfection is for pansies!

    Okay, the version I use in the privacy of my own home might be a little more obscene than that… but you get the picture.

    Think about it, though. You have to be brave and tough to live a public life, showing your imperfections. But, imperfections are interesting, humanizing and real. Perfection is… boring. If you were perfect, everything would be easy. Too easy. You wouldn’t learn anything from your mistakes because you’d already know. I’m not sure what the point of anything would be if we were perfect. What would we reach for?

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for being brave enough to share this post as well as **al**l the wonderful stuff you’ve shared with us already. You do good.

  173. Wouldn’t life be a whole lot better if we weren’t our worst critic? I implore you, because staying stop never works for me, to cut back on being so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as perfect or even really normal. There is just this wide range of people plugging along and doing what works for them. Many work really hard to make the world a better place, like you do and some, well, some just have well, we’ll say priorities that you and I may not agree with.

    Many years ago my blog was getting stripped and posted elsewhere. They didn’t even have advertising or anything, just wanted to piggyback on what I wrote . Hurt, astounded, and flabbergasted are the first emotions that come to mind that I felt at the time, then I got mad. Luckily, once I told this dear person that what they were doing not only was not nice, it wasn’t how you created a following and it was illegal, they quit it. I hope you have a similar easy outcome. It’s a compliment, a royal pain to deal with, but a complement none the less.

    What do you consider “selling out?” I get the sense that your definition of this is more stringent than mine and I thought mine was fairly conservative. Having a blog costs money, your time is valuable, your posts and books are a creative product that only you can create. As long as your advertisers are “vetted” by you, you are not selling out. Stop stressing about defining the term and feel comfortable sharing your sources for things you use in your own home and posts via advertising, not just affiliate links. Trust me, it won’t hurt and if you are worried about turning people off, run an occasional survey or the like asking your readers how they feel about it.

    2. How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Being human is wonderful. Being a logo is less so. I think you already answered your own question in your post. Being perfect is stressful. Filtering everything you do feels un-authentic. Your personality shines through with every post I have read and I, and others, keep coming back. Give yourself permission, this isn’t always about what the readers want to see, it’s about what you need to get out or off your chest. (I don’t mean rants, think the positive things that you share all of the time)

    3. Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you? I may be the wrong person to ask for this one. I live on a super tight budget and usually have to pass on everything other than ebooks, so I don’t feel “qualified” to say “Yes, courses or products!” when I can’t then support your efforts.

    P.S. I usually follow the supply/affiliate links in your posts and have never used your resources page. I just checked it out and it is wonderful! Genius move to sort it the way you did, lettings us know what you take and suggest all on one page. See? You know how to do this without selling out or shoving it down people’s throats.

    Smile. Breath. Hug your family. Repeat.

  174. Katie, thank you so much for all of your hard work. Your honesty and integrity come through so clearly in your writing, even before this post. I refer to your website and apps often and I am grateful for all that you share with us as readers. In response to your questions:

    1. I would trust your choices with respect to advertising and I wouldn’t refer to your site any less frequently or feel that you had sold out, should you choose to allow ads.

    2. Sometimes reading about the ‘real’ or the ‘raw’ person behind our favourite blogs, especially as mothers, can be relieving and can help us to remember that we are all a little bit of a hot mess and that is totally ok. However, for me, it can be soothing to read pieces that perhaps give us the ‘squeaky clean’ image of Wellness Mama. It is kind of like looking at homewares catalogues, where everything matches and makes sense. You know your living room will never be quite that organised but the pictures are inspiring and calming nonetheless. I feel like there are many blogs/pieces out there right now aimed at being brutally honest about the nitty-gritty, rough and tough, crying on the bathroom floor aspects of motherhood and wifehood. I certainly appreciate that we live in a time where these aspects can be openly discussed and that there is a growing recognition of the seriousness of issues like post partum depression. Goodness knows I have been awash with relief while reading some such pieces, during my own dark or tough times. But, I enjoy the ‘squeaky clean’ Wellness Mama because she inspires me. Deep down, I know that you are as ‘real’ as any of us. Your writing is too grounded and authentic to think anything else. So, if it were up to me, I would choose the ‘squeaky clean’ Wellness Mama, peppered with some more ‘raw’ material like this post. Perhaps don’t overthink it though? If you need to vent or want to cover a not so pretty topic, go for it. And if you want to be Wellness Mama – Squeaky Clean Version that day, I would guess that she is as, if not more, inspiring to you as she is to us.

    3. We are building a new house and one of the things I am doing while I (not so patiently) wait to move in is to make a list of all the recipes/lists etc from your website that I want to print out and then I will make a folder for them. These will include things like the cleaning checklists and daily schedules as well as recipes for cleaning and beauty supplies and the list of remedies for when sickness hits. Perhaps a e-book along the lines of the Healthy Home Diary or something like that would be popular?

    Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  175. what you are doing is a full time job and i think if you use advertising, because of who you are the ads will be of good quality and useful and we would know they are ads so can always skip them if we want to. Google ads probably wouldn’t work for me but something similar to Soulemama who has a subscription service for her advertisers who have to apply to her etc would be great. You work hard and you deserve to get an income and make your businees as big or little as you wish.. you helped me on the path to health and your blog gave me the courage to cancel the dentist appt to pull 2 of my 7 year old son’s teeth out. The teeth are now completely healed.

  176. Be real be real be real!

    I don’t want perfect. I want reality. I like seeing people’s imperfections.

    My self-serving interest is the how-to’s, and I wouldn’t mind if they are less “perfect world” and more “I’m too busy and everything’s crazy around here” and how you make things in those situations. I think you’re already posting your short-cuts for many of those, and I appreciate that. Even as a single woman with no children, my life is also busy, crazy, and highly imperfect. 🙂

    Also, thank you very much for this post. It meant a lot to me to read.

    • Perfect words! Eliza

  177. My, you’ve had a lot of response to this post–I had to scroll down forever to get to the commenting box!! Don’t have time to read them all, but will say I am glad for your conscience, as when you changed essential oil companies, I felt you were getting more commercialized. Also have wondered with the seemingly extreme amount of blogging lately what your kids were doing. So am glad to see conclusions you have made. (From an older mom and businesswoman)
    Now on to something more positive–would you consider putting the nutrition link which is embedded at the bottom of your Why Grains Are Killing You Sloely as the top post on your Start Here page? When I tell people about you, they go to the start here page, and there are many wonderful articles, but not an overriding philosophy to set the stage. The nutrition article accomplishes that, an my opinion. Thanks for all you have taught me and that I have shared with many people I come in contact with as a grower of organic fruits and vegetables sold at our farm stand 3-1/2 hours from home, where they are greatly appreciated.

  178. Hi Katie,
    In response to your questions:

    What do you consider “selling out?” If I were to allow advertisers (carefully selected of course) would your opinion of as a trusted resource change
    Selling out for me, would mean going against what you feel is the right thing to do. It is your personal decision. You have dedicated an extensive amount of your time love and energy to help others and you should be compensated for it. If you feel you made mistakes in judgement learn from it and move on , yesterday is over start fresh today. I trust your decisions you have helped me and my family to live happier and healthier. We are very grateful to have you as part of our lives.

    2. How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image?
    The truth is freeing, let it rip. The main thing is to be true to yourself and the rest will fall into place. If you take care of yourself first, you will be able to take care of family and balance your busy life without resentment. I was told it is like being on a plane with a baby with the oxygen masks dropping. You have to put your mask on first or you and the baby will both perish. Another words it is not selfish to take care of our needs and health first.

    3. Do you want me to create more courses, ebooks, and products for you? What type of content and information will be most helpful to you moving forward? How can I best provide simple answers for healthier families for you?
    I would LOVE it! You mentioned it is what you have wanted to do early on. Follow your hearts desire it is your life to live. As you already know when we do what we love, everything falls into place. Maybe the recent events are helping steer you in a different direction that resonates more true to you. Katie, what ever you decide to do you have my trust and respect. Thank you for all you do my family appreciates you.
    Love & Peace

  179. You go girl! Katie, you are my favorite blogger and the one that has helped me get healthy. I’m currently working on healing myself from Candida and I don’t know if I would have realized that Candida was the problem if it weren’t for your blog.

    I trust your content and I respect you as a wife, mother, and professional. I especially respect that you do not use your last name, even in your cookbook. It shows that you want to be a helper and a celebrity.

    Also, my mom also has Hashimotos and she now sees your personal doctor–he has helped her so much already and it’s great to see her have energy again.

    I bought your cookbook the day it came out and my fiance is super excited because he has loved every recipe of yours that I’ve made him so far! (As a side note, wedding registries are a wonderful thing and I have several of the products you recommend on ours because I am committed to a healthy future for our family.)

    You shine so brightly that people want to be like you and want to exploit you. I know that you must be under tremendous pressure. Thank you for not giving up.

    As far as eCourses go, I would love if you would make a session that would allow a small group of women to get together in a kitchen with the ingredients they need and videos from you explaining how to make personal body products. You could have a “Chapstick, hard lotion, and [something else that uses the same ingredients] course so that the women could get together for a few hours with a few ingredients and create a stock pile for their families. You have such a great free resource on your blog, so some people might not want to pay for it, but I know that I would love to have the steps explained in video form so that I could bring my friends on board with me as I switch over to natural products.

    You are doing a wonderful job and I’ll keep you in my prayers. God bless.

  180. Not going to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

    Just look at all the effort you put into this one post here about how angry you are with the beast of blogging that you created.

    you spend way too much time on the things that aren’t important in life

    pick up a bible or better yet: All About Jesus, The story from Matthew ,Mark, Luke, and John.

    Get close to God and stop fighting this senseless fight

  181. Katie, I believe that God has given you the gifts to help many and that you are doing so. You are one of the main blogs I read and while I don’t always make everything you post or agree with everything, you are my go-to! I find myself recommending you to people and maybe even quoting your info. You just be yourself and do what you have to do.
    I have found some of the bloggers I read seem to be more worried about making money and sometimes it seems to me they are selling themselves out in the advertising and money-making things, but I guess you have to do what you have to do………
    I appreciate everything I have learned from you and am glad to call you a “friend”.

  182. I would be extremely sad if you were to change your approach in any way. I often think you are the Martha Steward of all things healthy….the comparison, of course, in how much great information! articles, recipes, etc you share with your readers. I LOVE your site and appreciate that you haven’t sold out…although I’ve noticed some of the no-as-good references to other sites lately. I personally don’t mind some advertising because you should benefit from taking the time to share your incredible wealth of knowledge…..I trust your references…..I trust you…..and I tell everyone about it….and will continue to do so.

  183. Hi Katie,
    I have often wondered how the writers of blogs I regularly follow do it–given they are usually Mom’s (often homeschooling moms which means they have NO FREE TIME), when it takes me most of my free time to read them ;-).

    I offer you my humble gratitude for all the thought and effort you put into your posts. I use your recipes daily and I’m always grateful I can come here for information and recipes. I always buy from your affiliate links so I can support you financially because YOU DESERVE IT! I would not mind some advertisements (but pop ups would be a big drag so if you can avoid that it would be appreciated). You work hard for this information to get out into the world and I believe you deserve to be compensated for it.

    As for the ‘real you’, a little reality among the information is always appreciated, because we all have our moments when we feel like we can’t keep up with our own benchmarks and then we feel guilty about it. Perhaps your language could change slightly from ‘we always use /do this’ to ‘I try to use/do this ‘. This is a record of your life as well as information, so you should decide what kind of record you wish to make. I am a regular reader of soulemama, and many people criticize her for always being too positive and squeaky clean, but she has a statement up about what her blog is for her, and while she acknowledges her life has all the yelling and messiness that everyone else’s has, she does not wish to document it in her space. YOU should decide for YOU what you want, and then We can decide for ourselves if we want to read your articles.

    I know either way I will always come back to you because you are an authentic person making a difference in the world.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  184. 1. I know you would choose only the right advertising and this would not change my opinion
    2. You should be you whether its squeaky clean or real
    3. I love all of your receipes for food and health. I have also read your articles each many times and super appriciate the ones of certain things and their benefits or non benefits. So much information.

    I could never thank you enough for the information you provide.

  185. You are my go-to website for most things most days. I appreciate all that you put out there and how you put it out there each and every day. Stay true to yourself and be raw!!! It’s what keeps me coming back…

    As for the ads, I don’t mind them if they’re ads for products/ items that you actually use in your own home/life on a regular basis. I’m always clicking on your “what I use” links to amazon, so I see nothing wrong with having ads for items like those on your page.

  186. 1. Make your money, take care of your family, help the world; we will be here to help you do that in whatever way we can so long as you continue to treat us with the love and respect that you always have.

    2. It is SO REASSURING when you can go to a trusted resource, someone who’s content you rely on to better your own life, only to see that they struggle too. Life is so messy, and we would all be better off by embracing that in all its’ glory.

    3. I will most likely appreciate whatever content you decide to put out, but I would love a beginner’s guide on essential oils!

  187. Hi Katie,

    You are amazing. There is no such thing as a “perfect” Mom/Human. To err is human. We all do it and those who believe that they are “perfect” are living in foolishness.

    I was far from “perfect” a few years ago, until I found your blog. It has completely changed my life and has set up a healthy environment for my now six-month-old son. I am so incredibly thankful for you and for the information you have provided me with to better myself and my family. The people in my life laugh and roll their eyes at me when I bring up “Wellness Mama”, because honestly, your name comes up at least once every day! You are at the heart of every healthy decision I make in my life and every piece of advice that I provide others that I have learned through your blog.

    Please, be the uncensored, raw Katie that you are! It is challenging to be the real you in this day and age of judgement, but remember, only God has the true power to judge us for our doings and sayings in life, and as long as you stay true to your helpful, compassionate self, the Wellness Community will be filled with like-minded people. Your community loves you and will support you.

    Ads are great! I know that you won’t allow ads that don’t follow suit with your beliefs, and I personally purchase many things through your affiliate links already to support you, this blog, and your family. I trust every product that you recommend, so bring on the ads!

    I feel that if you’re being steered toward e-books, courses, and such, you should definitely throw yourself into it! If that is where your passion lies, the outcome will be beyond amazing! I would pay for reliable resources such as these.

    And of course, family comes first.

    Lastly, follow your heart, Katie. God will strengthen you and bless you. You are perfect in His eyes and that is all that matters. 🙂

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do!


  188. You are my go to blogger for everything. I love your blog. I don’t have kids but I love hearing about how you are raising yours. I think you blog is my favorite because you come to it honestly and don’t try to be perfect all the time.
    I think if you do advertise I would trust you would only use companies that you would use for your own family and I would not mind. I have found the best companies from your blog.
    Whenever someone ask me about this lifestyle I refer them to your blog.
    I would defiantly be interested in more educational product form you. I can’t wait to get your cookbook.
    Stay true to yourself and always put your family and your health first!

  189. Very well written and well received Kate!!!
    Keep things just the way they are!!
    Tell us “who” the other websites are and I will boycott them.
    You are correct, many other sites try to sell us many expensive items just for a quick buck.
    I truly value your website and truly enjoy it.
    BTW, I went to Barnes and Nobel to purchase your new cookbook, but they did not have, I have a credit from their, otherwise I would have purchased it at Amazon but I just lost my job and cannot currently afford to get.
    Take five, enjoy your family and keep your chin up girlfriend, and as my kids say, “PEACE OUT”!!!

  190. Good for you Katie … for … well … simply FEELING SO DEEPLY about this! You are SUCH a good writer who I always enjoy reading. I always feel as if I am getting the “real deal” through your words.

    Do I wish I could have someone like you (and your readers) living close enough to me that I could meet face-to-face once in awhile across a good cup of coffee? You betcha! But thank GOODNESS for the internet (and for your blogging), because its far reach still allows me to share that cup with you … even if you and I are sitting in our own separate kitchens!

    You have inspired ME Katie … and I am sure, many others! Keep on following your heart! Too many of us don’t. But the Heart, in truth, will never let us down!

    Here’s a great big e-hug to you for being able to express the power of your ever-present Heart thru words!

  191. I so so so appreciate this, and your heart! I for one would not feel at all like you were selling out if you had ads for products you truly trust. And I trust you to be honest! For all the time you spend helping us you deserve to make some dough!!

    I enjoy seeing both sides of you on the WellnessMama. The side that strives to be everything you want to be for your family and for us, and the side that is honest when you can’t be- and how you think and feel about that.
    I cannot express how grateful I am for your integrity in the blogger world!! <3

  192. Hi Katie, while I am new to your site, I can say that I love it! I found it doing a google search for handmade lotion, and plan to make yours within the next few days (I’m also a coconut oil freak, and use it for my dogs as well–with great success).

    I really don’t mind ads, except for the pop-up ones that really interfere with website navigation and even with just reading the content. I think affiliate programs are best, including amazon, because you can choose products that you would actually use and/or buy yourself. I think some bloggers don’t realize that their ads can be confused for actual recommendations by their readers, so being able to control the ad content would be great or adding a disclaimer of sorts if you cannot choose your ad content directly (for example, if you use google ads).

    I personally prefer “raw Katie.” Otherwise, there is that danger of unintentionally creating that ideal woman that no one can emulate and, alas, frustration and “failure” can result. Raw, real, honest is the best path for you and your readers, and this post demonstrates that you can definitely do that. Honestly, this post also makes it impossible for you to go back and be anything other than the raw Katie. 🙂 That’s a good thing.

  193. Katie I think you are amazing and I am grateful for your blog and all of the info and products I have learned/made!!!!! I have 4 boys-the oldest with 3 auto immune diseases:one being type 1 diabetes and another hashimotos. I’m grateful for the natural products you posted recipes for, and the delicious natural healthy food recipes!! I think it is totally ok for you have the ads-I would love to know what other products you believe in! You need to take care of you and your family:)! Also- showing the real you is awesome! After all-we can’t be squeaky clean all the time LOL!! I will read anything you post because I trust you and your judgement:)keep on being amazing!!

  194. your blog is great. more ads would not change my mind about it.

    I would prefer a real you, no airs, just like you are. no one is perfect!

    I would like to see more about hormones.

    Congrats on your 5 children, wonderful.

  195. If only I had known Wellness Mama thirty years ago…….it’s amazing my children survived! They had lots of love but I didn’t know the first thing about proper care. What you are giving the young mothers today is priceless. The knowledge that you have worked so hard to obtain and share is tremendous. Eight years ago my husband and I became gluten and MSG free or as free as we can be, what with the FDA regulations. But only since trying to be chemical free in home products and discovering you do I feel I’m truly on the right path, which I’m now sharing with my children and grandchildren. Keep up the great work. You have a true gift from God in wanting to help others, giving so freely of yourself, and wondering if it’s all worth it. Believe this old girl, it’s all worth it. Those of us following you can not thank you enough, no matter age or lifestyle. Thank you, know that you are loved. God bless!!

  196. Man, I loved this post. I even read it to my husband :D. The thing I find so refreshing about your blog is that I do feel that honesty from you. I love to know that a. your recipes really do work (I usually check your blog first) and b. you’re not trying to sell me something. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing if things that are promoted (like a specific non-toxic bed on a couple of natural blogs) were gifted to the blogger so they would write about them, or if they got a special promo discount for themselves because they were a better-known blogger. I do not know if that happened, but things like that would feel dishonest to me. It’s easy to promote something that you didn’t spend your hard-earned money to come by. That’s the reality of being a “real” mom. I understand the argument that a person may need to try something so they know if they like it, but that’s the biggest difficulty I have with health blogs right now. We have converted our home. We use natural things. I cook everything we eat. We are living this “lifestyle”. And at the same time, I don’t always feel like I can totally trust whatever source it is, just for the fact that I don’t know what sort of “deals” have been made behind the scenes. I realize that it’s a part of life, but it makes me sad.

    I also understand the reality that blogging (especially for a large reading audience) takes time and money. It truly is your “job”. I know a lot of bloggers are turning to charging for their content (I can’t blame them), but I wish it weren’t so much about marketing to people. It feels like people start blogs because they’re interested in the subject and want to help people, and then it turns to a money-making operation–which is fine, it’s just not the original purpose they had set out for. I feel like the point of a blog should be more about sharing and writing about information–personal discoveries to make life easier–and not to start that way and do a “bait-and-switch” as it were.

    It’s a tough problem. Maybe what would help is some transparency (you’ve been on the front lines of providing that!), but if a blogger is gifted something, say so, and say it often. I have a harder time with promoted products than ads themselves. I guess I feel like an “ad is an ad” and I know it as such. I have a harder time with knowing if the actual blog posts themselves and the products linked to within the posts are coming through honest means or maybe out of a deal made with the blogger. I’d like bloggers to me the REAL things that would come into their decision-making process if a person REALLY had to buy it for him/herself. I think the connection that some bloggers hope to make with their readership is changed because of that “private club” of bloggers, that “dark side”, as you call it, where we really are being marketed to amidst a few helpful tips to build trust. The companies know it…people’s success stories sell things.

    I don’t know if I have any true answers to your questions, because I understand both sides of the problem you face…this needs to be sustainable for you. I guess it all comes down to your vision and mission with the the blog and answering the question of if you want Wellness Mama to be more of a company. It seems like it might be worth working with someone who can really help flesh that out and maybe help to come to some of those answers.

    Thanks for your blog. You are helping so many people.

  197. I love your blog. It sounds like you’re struggling with the same types of issues Crunchy Betty was. She has a cute and sarcastic way of educating us. But it stopped being fun for her. That’s just sad. As far as my opinion for the future direction of your blog, I think you need to do what is best for you and your family. I’m certain you started this with every intention of helping others. And you do that beautifully! As a consumer, I think it’s our job to research anything promoted in a blog. I understand your instinct is to protect us, but we have a responsibility to research what is out there ourselves. It shouldn’t all be on your shoulders. Your blog should be fun and exciting to you and your whole family…. Take care of yourself. Your health is very important. You know that. You tell us all the time…. Good luck with your choices. I very much look forward to reading your book that just arrived! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and please take care.

  198. I’ve read most of the comments and say a hearty Amen; Ditto, ditto, ditto…instead of re-say it all; except for how much I love your whole blog.
    It was one of the first I discovered when, as a senior citizen, finally got on the band wagon of doing what I could to get healthier and give up the toxic junk in my life. You are amazing and wonderful…and can just be yourself here. WE are your friends and what works for you, is fine with me.
    I say “go for it” to spend more time with your family…time goes too fast not to do that. I KNOW…my grandkids are all grown and I now have 2 greats. Where did that time go??? I love being able to share your things with these young families, so that they can all have healthier futures.

    Thanks for sharing…you are special!

  199. Why I like your blog: You are obviously a real person. I never see ads on your blog, and all the recipes you post about are all easy, affordable and within the reach of me: a mother, on a budget, trying to create a peaceful, chemical free home for my child.

  200. Oh you sweet thing!!!! You are truly amazing!! I so respect your determination to be honest!! Testing, creating and sharing your own inventions earns my highest respect… In terms of how much advertising I can handle? Some trusted products on your page are ok… Another blog that I have subscribed to for about two weeks has sent me emails this week exclusively selling me stuff.. So I’ll unsubscribe to her. Next – you be yourself girl!! Always!!! When my children were small it was all about convenience… And I still didn’t function like the wife and mom I wanted to be… You are amazing and the real you is a beautiful person that makes all our lives better… As for dealing with negative people…. Personally I run a small FB group trying to help people enjoy eating only healthy food… I delete, block and remove negative influences with abandon and not a shred of guilt!!!! Stay true to yourself, you are giving us so much and are appreciated everyday!!! Love on those babies, we’ll still be here waiting to learn something new???????????? we love you!!!

  201. Hi there, Katie Wellness Mama.

    Wow, thanks for asking! I can see how ads wouldn’t fit on a fledgling blog that has a grass-roots vibe. But I can also see how your growing readership is changing the way you need to operate. There’s nothing noble about being weak and vulnerable to business sharks. My wish for you is that you take these new steps guilt-free, with all your wisdom and integrity. You’ve put yourself out there as an effective grass-roots leader, and now you are shifting up into a different scale, with the same humble goals. It’s an opportunity to practice and promote something new: the ethical (big) business model. Your mission seems made for that; why shouldn’t you amplify your business and make a profit while doing something ethical? There’s so much to keep moms feeling small and powerless and guilty if we shine too much or make money “off other people” — it’s cultural, religious, lots of stuff. But you can serve more people if you go bigger and more efficient. You can show more moms how to be as big and glorious and imperfect as they are and still be wise and clever and business-like. I’m inspired by you!

    Also, I find affiliate posts more bothersome than well-chosen ads, because the affiliate links always seem contrived and make me doubt your integrity. As in, are you just saying you use this so you can make a dime? Ads are straight-up; we all know they’re ads. Also, I strongly feel, personally, that I WANT you to make more money doing what you’re doing. I really do wish for that. Strongly. (Wow, and I’m supposed to be a lefty bleeding heart to boot!! LOL)

    I don’t really want you to post this, but I do want you to read it. Thanks for everything you’ve given here. I wish there was some way to deal with the content-thieves who are pirating your blog and selling it off as their own. Please let me/us know if there is something we can do as readers.

    Good luck, Katie!

  202. Katie,
    Thank you so much for this post and for all of your posts. I am just starting to grow my blog and trying to figure out how to make money ethically from it. I really appreciate your words and your thoughts about how you will not sell out. Your work is really admirable.

  203. I really appreciated this post…. I’ll try to answer your questions:

    If you allowed advertisers, my opinion of you/your site would not diminish. I’ve followed your blog for a long time (at least since 2011, but maybe earlier), and the care to take with your articles, recipes, and research is very clear to me, even if my opinion or interpretation is slightly different. I feel like I KNOW you would be selective, and would only allow advertisers that had the same healthy philosophy as you. (On the other hand, I also hardly pay attention to advertisements on websites…)

    Over the time that I’ve followed your blog, I feel like I have seen your understanding on things grow. Not like your viewpoints have changed really, but you are continuously learning and, to me, that shows in your articles. I think thats shows some “realness”. But I think most people like to see the raw, real side of the bloggers we follow. Not that your articles have ever made me really feel like a failure (I appreciate your tone), but it’s kind of makes me feel… justified? Like I’m normal? Like I have backup? when I see other people who care so much about health and wellness and learning and family, but don’t get it perfect 100% of the time. Personally, I would rather have more, less-polished posts from you than fewer “perfect” posts, if that makes sense.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you were talking about the passion shining through the info. Do what you feel passionate about, and your “real” readers will love it.

    Overall, this post was inspirational for me. I’m working on a blog venture myself (not sharing details because it’s not ready for the public 🙂 ) and the research I’ve done on actually making money blogging (although that’s not my goal) or even just getting your blog out there to readers is daunting! I just hope that when I am ready to publish my stuff, the care I’ve taken to research and write and edit shines through the way it does here. 🙂

  204. I run a small organic, family farm. I do so because I love it, but also because my children have severe, life threatening allergies to many many foods and environmental toxins. I deal with food allergies, environmental allergies, asthma in my family and autoimmunity in myself (thyroid). I grow/raise what I can to keep my family happy, healthy and safe but I only recently decided to step away from the conventional health system and for months have been voraciously learning as much as I can and changing our lives for the better. This involves diet, nutrition, holistic health, making my own…everything…. and CONSTANT learning. Summits, seminars, blogs, books, articles, research on and on and on. You have been a part of that, although I never comment (I never do ANYwhere) but I think perhaps it’s the moms like me you most need to hear from. The imperfect, frazzled, quiet, desperate to make life better for their own kids, moms out there who benefit from all you do and never take the time to say something to you about it. Not that I think we mean to be dismissive, but after all…we have that laundry on the floor too ya know. 😉 So, I first want to say, thank you. Thank you for caring the way you do, for having the generous spirit that you do, to not only learn what you do for the sake of your own family, but for sharing with us all, and going through all the stress and blog drama you do for the sake of it. I think you are amazing for having the fortitude to do so. I want you to know it IS worth it. You ARE helping people. There are thousands of moms like me, who’s lives you change for the better in the work that you do. Now, mom to mom…you’re being too hard on yourself girl! It sucks that the blog has been a source of stress and you feel like you’ve made some bad decisions regarding affiliations. But it truly seems like you have a good head on your shoulders and trust me, we see that. If these “alliances” are the wrong fit, ditch ’em. This is still your blog, your space, and you call the shots. We’ll still be here, trust me. So do what makes it easier for you. Take a hiatus if need be, put up some ads if it helps you. Write less if it makes you a happier person and a better mama. Do what you need to, to keep the joy in what you do alive. Many of us who come here to read you, will be here, and will completely understand. It’s your voice that draws us in to begin with, not the bells and whistles. And no one can steal that from you. Now, as to your questions. 1. I would consider it selling out if every single post was written by someone else and/or every post was about selling something. “Here’s something you desperately NEED in your life to be healthy….oh and btw…I happen to have this cure on sale for 29.95 for one day only” And I don’t ever see you going there. As to ads, I trust your judgement. You seem to have a pretty high standard for yourself, your family and what you would offer up to us. I trust that. If there’s something I’m not fond of, I will just ignore it anyway. 😉 2. I don’t need a squeaky clean image, so be as raw and comfortable as you would like. I don’t aspire to be you, I don’t need some fake iconic image to emulate. I need strongly researched and well presented information and ideas on how to take care of the ones I love and myself. 3. I think you are already doing an amazing job of providing content. If you have the time, ambition, inclination to provide more, please do. As to content, again, for me, I trust your judgement. I think your path to discovering your own health needs and that of your children is something that many moms are also following. You just happen to be ahead of many of us on that road. So think about what you needed when you first started out, the things that you wish you would have known back then…and share. Share any pertinent information you learn that helps you now, any new research and the like. Healthy recipes and ideas. Basically more of the same. Again, thank you for all you do, you really are helping many people in their own journey and I hope you can feel the blessings in that daily. 🙂

    • Thanks Angie! I have so much respect for you and others who run small farms. You are making such a valuable contribution to your children, to society and to the environment. I can’t even imagine how much work it requires and kudos to you for your dedication in that. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  205. I have found your site only recently. I wished I would have found you a long time ago. But I found you as a result of of recent struggles with my thyroid. I feel like no one is listening to me and reading your posts have made me feel like there is someone else that has been there and understands where I am. I homeschool my four children and I struggle with “being good enough” but because of my health those thoughts have intensified. I like hearing the “raw” stories because I like hearing that you made it to the other side. I Love, love love the recipes. Because I trust the material you present, I also trust the material that you advertise. Thank you for the time you put in on writing relatable information. Thank you for all the research. Your site has become one of go-to sites when I have a question or concern. I really appreciate you and who you are.

  206. I actually really appreciate it when bloggers have thoughtful ads on the side. This is often where I go for unusual Christmas/birthday present ideas, especially since I mostly follow Catholic bloggers who have at least some religious art/gift type ads. It points me in the direction of legitimate business and as long as it’s not the annoying pop-ups, it’s not distracting.

    One thing I’ve seen other bloggers do is to have a monthly “affiliate” post where they highlight who their ad affiliates are and any new products or special deals they might have going on this month. I also like it when they introduce a new affiliate in a post so that I’m not just wondering what this product is on their sidebar.

  207. Katie – I am the mom of a mom with a 2-year-old. She (my daughter) put me onto your blog. I very much appreciate what you are doing, and I applaud your desire to take care of yourself and your family in the middle of all this. We don’t want you to burn out!
    What I most want from your blog is recipes for how to make personal care products and links to where I can buy the ingredients. It matters to me that you trust the quality of the ingredients that you recommend.
    I got your cookbook and love it. Thank you for all the time and energy you spent birthing that baby!

  208. Hi Katie,

    You are perfect the way you are with all your imperfections. People usually see what they want to see, just don’t worry about it. Follow your passion because it really shows!!!! The Wellness Mama breaths and lives you, it shows your love and passion and that’s the reason people love reading your blogs! I’ve been subscribed to your blog for some time now and I love it! As a matter of fact you’ve been on my mind for some time now as I wanted to reach out to you ( but I didn’t as my family duties took over). But not to promote me, I want to help to promote you.
    I’m in the same shoes as you; mom of 3 small kids, full time corporate job, and a passion – magazine for women with a mission to help women to change their lives. Showing them how to tap into their inner power and use it to change their lives. I’ve been publishing the magazine from my home, I don’t even have office, just a laptop on our dining table…I do it few hours a night…or weekends…instead of scrubbing floors, doing laundry or playing with kids. Sometime I feel like I’m not a good mom because of it, but when I see the response the magazine has, and how positively it affects women’s lives …I just can’t stop (so I dream about hiring a cleaning lady one day :)….we are not perfect Katie, we are trying to help, because so many people need a help these days! And we are doing it for our kids too, to create a better, more healthier world. Don’t give up and PLEASE do not feel bad, the dishes will be there, the laundry too…but you are making a difference!!!
    Yes, people think it’s easy, but it’s not; it’s a hard work and there are costs attached too! You need to be awarded for your time and effort and that’s how it is supposed to be. So please continue doing what you are doing, because you are making a difference!
    I’m not going to put a link to my magazine here as I don’t want to use your blog for promotion. But for some time now I’ve been wanting to contact you and offer you a part of contributing author in health/home section. I would be honored to publish your articles, your home-made products and promote your blog that way. It’s aligned with my mission of making a positive change in women’s lives.
    I’m really sorry for the plagiarism you noticed, you certainly do not deserve it. You deserve the recognition for our work because you are doing such a great job!!!!
    Sending you a lot of love. If you want let’s get in touch, if not now, perhaps in the future.
    Hugs and kisses, stay strong!!!


    • Thanks Daniela. Please do reach out about the magazine at some point… so glad to see resources like this available for moms!

  209. Don’t know why others are unkind. You do a marvelous job and I enjoy all you send.
    1- Advertisers- I trust you to do what is right and you do a great job there
    2- Squeaky clean VS the truth from you/the real you? no contest, truth is the best
    3- create more books, etc. VS being with family? family won’t always be there
    You are a great woman to share your gifts with us. I thank you for all you have taught this ole bird. You are doing just fine. If someone complains about what you do, it is probably jealousy- because they can’t do what you do so naturally. Keep up the good work. hugs and GOD Bless you and yours

  210. This is a refreshing blog entry 🙂
    3) Add ads. I’m shocked that you haven’t already. I’ll even pledge to click on them from time to time to help you out. You should be compensated for the service you provide, and if it’s as easy as enduring a few ads and clicking on them occasionally, that’s a no-brainer to me.
    2) Be you – it’s part of what makes your blog great and we’d really love to see more of that along with all the great work you do on research and stuff. It might help a bit; to be quite frank, I sometimes thing you’re a bit over-the-top on the perfection end and it’s good to hear (read) that you struggle to balance real life with ideals as well.
    3) (lol) I’m quite sure that most of the products you put out there will be well-received. Knock yourself out – or not as it suits your schedule.

    I’m among your quieter fans, promoting your site by sending people your way when they ask me questions about aspects of my lifestyle, because you have a very clear, well-considered article that includes links to scientific studies and resources on just about every topic that people ask about. I think you rock 🙂

  211. I also have hashimoto’s and the information and resources you have provided has helped me greatly in my life. I have the deepest respect for people that are real and authentic and stepping out and showing your true self today is something your should be proud of! Although I “only” have 2 girls of my own I grew up in a family farm with 5 kids and I know how hard my mom worked! With your new cookbook just release don’t forget to take time to reflect and enjoy your huge accomplishment which will also give your body some extra rejuvenation time. Have the best day!

  212. Thank you for the heartfelt post on the dark side of blogging. I am relatively new to the blogging world and through links and online seminars have began following quite a few bloggers in the ongoing quest for health. But lately I’ve become a bit uncomfortable with all the repeat posts and the “buy” this product that I am seeing. I’m seeing the same thing “pushed” by several of the same people, people who I initially believed to really want to help. This makes me unsure of their true motive. I have no problem with people making money, but do it honestly. I’ve been thinking about “unfollowing” some people for that very reason.

    Feel free to accept ads. I know how to ignor them and I will ignor them unless there is something different that sparks my imagination.

    Stay true to yourself. You don’t have to be squeaky clean for me. I would much rather you say it like it is than say something you think I want to hear.

    I can’t for the life of me imagine doing what you do, nor would I ever want to but good luck to you and thank you for doing it.

  213. Just discovered you lately….and am grateful for all the wonderful content.

    And what a plus that you have such integrity.

    You deserve to be rewarded for all your effort. There’s only two ways for that to happen. Your readers pay you directly or advertisers pay you in the hopes that it will increase their sales.

    Your standards and ideals appear to be in line with Good Housekeeping Magazine. I;d encourage you to be picky like they are and ensure that your advertisers meet the Wellness Mama Seal of Approval.

  214. Katie – wow thank you so much for all the work and research you do behind the scenes!

    I honestly would like to see more of the real you though. We can all go to numerous websites to see the “perfect mom/wife/woman” portrayed and while these places may make us want to strive to be better they also make us doubt ourselves; similar to all those photo shopped pictures out there of the “perfect” body.

    I just want you to know a few things that I, and I hope many others would agree with:

    1) Blogging should NOT be volunteer work. You have a job and a responsibility to yourself, your husband, your extended family and most importantly to your kids. You must make them priority.

    When your time has ended on this earth (hopefully many many many many years from now!), many will wonder where the WellnessMama has gone but it will be a passing thought. Another website will come along and you and your advise, while it may have touched many and changed many lives, it will only be just that “internet relationship” you mentioned. We are not your family and so when striving for that balance ask yourself “on my death bed am I going to say I wish I had put more time into WellnessMama?” or will you be content with the life you have lived and the family that surrounds you?

    2) Its NOT SELLING OUT if it is a product that you yourself support and believe in; regardless if you are getting money to advertise or otherwise support it. As long as you know that in your heart you are supporting it because you believe in it and have researched it. As long as the monetary gain NEVER factors into your decision making than we trust you and you can trust yourself. Do not feel guilty for trying to carve a life of balance for you and your family.

    3) Lastly – many of us our visual learners – I would LOVE to see more videos on how you make things, more courses and just all around healthy living stuff. Basically just more of the wonderful things you are already doing but perhaps with the addition of more videos. If you are camera shy the video can zoom onto your hands while you are making stuff instead of your face 😀

    • Thanks Tracy…
      1- excellent point
      2- I agree- I could only ever promote things I personally use & love and I think that is a good litmus test (If i wouldn’t promote it for free, I should never promote it for money)
      3- Working on this! I am definitely camera shy though

  215. Wow, thanks for sharing from your heart!
    After what you just wrote I would completely trust that if you decide to go with a few ads that they would be completely appropriate, and not viewed as “selling out”, but go with your gut. If YOU feel like you’re “selling out”, then don’t do it.
    I greatly appreciate and respect bloggers who are real, honest, even raw at times. That is life! Let’s not fake it and pretend we’re all ok, that’s why we are surrounded by people but still lonely and have few deep relationships. We ALL need to be more real. Vulnerability does run the risk of getting hurt, but it’s the only way to experience love and true friendship.
    As far as additional content, like ebooks and such, I’m sure we (your readers) would love it, but again, follow your gut. Don’t sacrifice time with your family for us, they are so much more important (but I know you already know that!) 🙂
    Thanks so much for all that you do and for your heart and passion. I pray that God will bless you and your precious family.

  216. Katie! I just want to say that your website is a fantastic source of information and pretty much the first place I look to when I have questions. That said- if you were to have ads- I would actually appreciate it! As someone who purchases a lot of products online, I would value an easier way to both get the products I’m going to buy anyways and make sure you get a compensation for the recommendation.

    Keep up the quality work and also enjoy yourself in the process. As a mom, I think we give our children a beautiful gift when they witness us doing the work that we love.

    Congratulations on the book!

  217. Hi Katie, I just wrote about how Fluoride in water can cause eczema, I had found from your article on getting the chemicals out as well as other sources I sited that vitamin C can neutralize the water. There’s definitely a grey area when you learn things from multiple sources and you replicate it in your own way in order to share it with your audience.

    When I write I like to include your articles, recipes, etc. But I always make sure to link to your site and give you the courtesy when necessary.

    As a graphic designer for NHC, I’ve had multiple infographics stolen. Either the entire thing ripped off, no credit whatsoever. Just the colors were changed. For example, you can Google What Toxic Chemicals is your body absorbing and look at the image search. It will show you my same infographic multiple times but slighty changed or not even changed at all.

    It does make me upset too, and I hope you aren’t referring to NHC when you went on your rant. Because we talk about you in our posts all the time, linking up so people can check you out. We respect your site and your words and appreciate that there are people like you who spread the healthy word. Just like we want to do.

    When it comes to my creative content getting ripped off, I humble myself and have the same thought as you – At least we’re helping a lot of people.

    • Thanks Ashley… so true… at least we are reaching people. Definitely wasn’t talking about you or NHC 🙂

  218. Katie,

    I am a scientist at heart. All the world and my life is an experiment. I test things (including myself) and what is not valueable or purposeful is thrown out. I research, I compare, I do. I streamline, file, and exact information that is readily applicable to my life. Your emails and website have been invaluable to me. Yes, there have been others along the way, and I am grateful also for their help, but you have lasted. I have used more of your ideas and tools because they are simple, straightforward and good. I need to hear from someone who has HASHIMOTOS and KIDS!!! After diet experimentation for 7 years. The AIR diet was the one that got rid of most of my inflammation in the form of chest pain and overall inflammation in my cells and gut so that I could absorb the things my body needs. I give you props for that, cause I HAD TRIED ALOT! and like you had a LONG wait for a Dx. Thank you Katie. I know it is isnt easy. I am a FIRM believer that HONESTY is the best policy. And YOU being YOU is they way you were hand crafted and designed to be. Neither of those are the easier choice. BUT it is my vote. I love your product research and your recommendations. It saves me time and money wasted on poor products. I also enjoy the network of people I meet on your site. Thank You again Katie. If I had a mailing address, I would send you a Christmas Card 😉

  219. Hi Katie,

    thanks a lot for sharing all your great ideas – products – experience. To your questions – more adds as far as they are not popping up every couple seconds or anytime you want to scroll down/up and are about the topic I do not mind and since I think you would not do the adds the way I described above and will choose the promoted products/companies carefully, I will be glad to see them. Stay as raw yourself as you can.
    I really like your blog since it is so simple and gives so many good advices and tips.

    Stay yourself!!!

  220. Katie, I hope you are crying tears of joy as you read all the wonderful posts people have posted about you. My sister-in-law and I were just talking this morning about how we love to go to your site! You have so many wonderful posts and are so very knowledgeable! It is hard as you go to people’s blogs and feel like they are perfect and have all the time in the world to cook, bake, make their own lotion, soap, etc and still have time to be the perfect parent. I would love to see more if the real you! Keep up the awesome work, and if you do decide to use adds, I am sure people would go to them and utilize them as long as it is a trusted source:)

  221. Hi Katie
    I read your post yesterday and saw the outpouring of support which made me so happy. I had a few thoughts that came to my mind, but then I saw the tons of replies, containing basically a lot of my similar sentiments , so decided to not add more words that repeat what everyone else is saying, namely, you and your site are amazing!
    But I couldn’t sleep well, as I kept thinking, I have to tell her what I think.
    So here it is for what it worth.

    YOU , along with all the other what I like call young HERO MOMS of this new generation, are the ones who will be in a large part responsible for changing the course of health and wellness of our children and maybe even the future ability of our planet to sustain humanity and every living species.
    This may sound extreme, but it’s what I have come to believe, both from my own personal experience and those of the many clients I support in their difficult challenge of moving from chronic illness to health and wellness
    I am a Certified Health Educator and GAPS practioner , and also a mom, although my kids are starting to have kids , who by the way many of which have health challenges, either food allergies or behavior difficulties or various other symptoms ( eczema, sleep issues etc) : namely the absence of robust health that should be the heritage of babies being born into the wealthiest country. on earth. Not so.
    I talk with people on a daily basis who for years have been searching for answers , had so many tests, seen so many doctors , taken so much medication and spent gobs of money and are still sick and suffering. And demoralized
    We all know the story-
    So what’s the point of all this
    It is young moms like yourself that give me hope -and its spreading , quickly.
    At the beginning of Nov. I was able to attend the Weston A. Price Foundation gathering in Indianapolis, and it was there that I became even more convinced of this fact.
    1,000 people attended this year, half of them new to WAPF
    Yes , there were really smart, educated speakers, Doctors and PHDers, that are also sacrificing often very lucrative careers by choosing to go down the path of wellness and health education and treatment, rather than sustaining and treating disease .
    And they were wonderful!
    But it was the young Moms there , lots of them, (many of them contributing to the conference with cookbooks, and support groups and as practioners) that inspired hope in me
    Their presence , tenacity and dedication to the truth at all costs for themselves and for their families that thoroughly convinced me it will be through their courage determination that we will find success in turning around this epidemic of chronic illness and the decline in health of the next generation and of our world.
    This is for me, without a doubt ,the truth.

    And YOU my dearest Katie , are one of the leaders at the front of this movement !
    You the no. 1 link that I refer clients AND family to( no matter their age ) to help them as they begin to face the long and complicated process of understanding their bodies, the language it speaks to them, what might be contributing to their illness(es), and where to go and what to find help for healing.
    ( I even referred a total stranger to you , a young new mom that I “happened” to sit next to on a flight from Washington to Chicago about 6 months back, who shared so many concerns she was having with her new baby. I knew I would never see her again, and so I thought, if I could give her one resource that might she might remember and could her help begin to find some answers , it would be Wellness Mama)
    Your manner of presentation, your information , your humble and practical application , and your incredible ability to connect with people out there in the trenches is a tremendous gift to all of us that have been somehow blessed to find ourselves part of your “on line” family.

    Your transparency and generous passion for sharing what you have learned with a desire to see only how you can help others is part of the reason why I have absolutely no reservation in sending people to you.

    The issues of how to be compensated fairly while still retaining these essential pieces of who you are and what you have been able to do to get this thing rolling are difficult . And ageless. Man has struggle with this from the beginning of time and it as often been the ruin of great contributors to world, but also the witness of tremendous heroism and success. It not difficult to see how it can be a snares nest of how and where to draw the lines. You mention some of those in your blog.
    And the importance of safeguarding the balance of the needs of your own children and husband and yourself with the needs of others that you are helping by your work cannot be understated.
    These are deeply difficult questions to address, and have many repercussions.

    But I have total confidence in you to walk these tight ropes well!!
    Everything I have read or seen from you shouts that you are an authentic person that is engaged the “good fight” of navigating life, a life that is centered on giving and enriching every life around you that touches yours.
    Thank you Katie!!!
    I want to tell you that you and your family will be in my thoughts as you face these complicated and challenging issues.
    And no matter if tomorrow you were to decide that you would not be able to write one more word ( which of course would be a tremendous loss to all of us) ,what you have given to each of us has positively changed our lives in too many ways to state.
    And so be free to follow your heart.

    • Wow… thanks so much for all the kind words, Katie. Your support means a lot and I think and hope you are right that we are finally seeing the pendulum swing and things start to improve for the next generation 🙂

  222. You are awesome! I love that you worry about being imperfect, because we all worry about that. I love that you feel safe enough to trust your readers with an honest post, like this one. I prefer fewer posts and getting the raw uncensored Wellness Mama. I am not a mom, but I am a teacher and the mommy of a fur baby….. and all I want, are tips that are practical about how I could be living a life that is safer and less toxic. I love your blog and am so grateful it is part of my every day life. Keep at it! Thanks for all you do!

  223. First let me say that I LOVE your blog! I just wanted to offer you a different perspective…#1-get thicker skin, I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. I work in the uber competive beauty industry and would not work for my company if I didnt’t love their product. With that said, in the world of beauty as in the world of health, you come across MANY products/ brands/ blogs/stories that are very similar. There’s always going to be competition in ANY industry- that’s reality. I think it’s the same thing with health and blogging. I can read articles about bone broth and geltain on a million websites. Just as I can go out and buy my favorite mascara at a MILLION different places. The point I’m making is that the reason I buy my mascara at one store vs. the other is because of the quality of my experience. I personally love your blog and refer to it often. I took to your style of wrtiting and the info you’re providing. It shouldn’t matter what other people say or think. You have to stay centered and remember why you started on this journey and what YOU have to offer. As they say- stay in your lane. As for the selling out, only you can decide what that looks like…but news flash people do this everyday when they start ANY retail business. They sell things they love and make money-why is that so evil? You particpate in this exchange every time you walk out your door and buy anything! I’m pretty sure you’re more ethical than Exxon Mobil or Walmart so stop worrying so much! 🙂 People buy what they beleive in and the people who get it will read your blog and shop with you and the ones who don’t won’t. Its the same reason one might prefer Target to Walmart or Whole Foods to Trader Joes. There’s no shortage of people selling the same stuff. People come to YOUR blog because they like YOU. And selling something you love doesn’t make you a horrible person. People have always sold things they love and would reccommend, so why wouldn’t you? Sometimes the hardest part about getting healthy is just knowing where to start and arming yourself with products that you would never find on your own. You selling or advertising products would make it easy and could only help people.

    I leave you with this last piece of advice…delete your comment box lol, who cares what other people might think, stop paying attention to what shady bloggers are doing. DO YOU, and DO NOT apologize. There’s plenty to go around. Be genuine and you’ll always stomp the competition. 🙂

  224. Your blog has been an answer to prayer as I have been searching for solutions for my health. Your information on supplements, hormone balancing, exercise are amazing and I feel so blessed to have found your blog a month ago.

    When things get tough, it often means that you are doing what is right. Stick to what you feel God is leading you to do.

    AND thank YOU! for all that you do and give.

  225. Katie, I just had to comment to give you a huge virtual hug.

    Well done.

    You of course know that I have been there – in the places where you are. And am right now. I have had so many mean things said and done to me, especially in the past few months, that I think folks would not believe it if I shared all of them. Most all of them have to do with my blog. The CEO of one company I used to recommend is now sending me threatening emails. Not fun.

    You are doing a good work. I know you know that, but it’s always nice to hear it again, right :)?

    God will lead you in the steps you need to take. But I totally echo you on needing more time with my family and also with those in the local church. No one else can be “mom” and “wife” so you are right on on whatever you need to do to be the best in those roles that you can be (imperfections and all).

    I read most of the above comments and I agree with so many of them. I think the “realness” can be overdone in this day of “reality TV” and bloggers baring their souls in “over the top” ways. I think ads can be “OK”, but I still struggle with them. I had one on my site last week that was really inappropriate and couldn’t get it off no matter how hard I tried. I struggle between wanting to tell my readers about good deals while not wanting to sound like an infomercial.

    The internet and blogging is a blessing, but it has to be managed well and it’s not the easiest thing to do.

    I will continue to support your work because I know it’s authentic and well done. I’ll take the good days and the bad, the plenty and the sparse. You are striving to do the best and that’s all anyone can be expected to do.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  226. Katy, thanks for sharing. You are very brave. When I started reading this I thought “why the wellness mama is writing an angry post??? she is all peace and love.” Then, I realize you are just a mother like many out there. I understand that the value about blogging is to share and be honest. Bloggers are not meant to follow a script made from corporations and your struggle is a struggle with the whole system. Kudos for you and keep the good content. Love xx

  227. You are amazing. Us Readers aren’t as dumb as other bloggers might think, we can read between the lines when something is not genuine or the sell comes across way too strong. It turns us off. I have learned so much from your blog. It is one of the only ones I read. I follow you, Dr. C, Sean Croxton, and through all the summits etc we all have been exposed to you all stand out, keep doing what you are doing. I do not mind at all if you have advertisements on your site, you need to make a living and keep us all informed. I like the raw honest Katie, like this post 🙂 Love the meal planning, practical tips and a peek at your life, organic hotdogs three times a week and all 🙂

  228. Katie- THANK YOU for your website. Even more importantly, thank you for this post. There are FEW people on the web that I trust when I read something written but you are one of them. I SOOOOO appreciate your blogs for healthy living, that is what I came here for. I have implemented so many of your tips, recipes, etc into my life and the life of my family and I am forever grateful for them because on my own I would have no idea! I don’t mind seeing ads on your site, knowing it is something you truly believe in. I want to hear from the REAL KATIE- not some squeaky clean, let me look good blogger! I want REAL and that is what I expect from you! Please work on ebooks, courses and products of all kinds because that is what I come here for. I am especially interested in how to implement a healthy lifestyle for me and my family so anything from food to personal care products to household products interest me. THANK YOU for what you do, for being genuine and real and for striving to make a difference in the world. God has given you a special gift and I am thankful you are sharing it!!! Blessings!

  229. Hey Katie! I love your blogs/posts/meals/product ideas very much. Your email is one that I truly want to open and READ. I hope you can be the real, perfect or imperfect person that you wish to share with us, your readers. We love you. I have gotten many an idea just from opening and reading your blogs. I’m getting ready to try and make your beef bone broth soon, bought a Wet Brush for my daughter & also have laundry laying on my floor. Which by the way, drives me wild. As a mom of 2 small children, I want my children to have more nutritious meal, better health and be happier. So, keep at it! I’m glad you didn’t sell out to Amazon with your cookbook….even though you may have needed to. Anyway, I better run – I have floors to clean! Jen

  230. 1. I love all of the products that you post links to and I have seen and heard many great things about them. I don’t enjoy anything Pop-up, but if you were allowing adds from companies that you yourself use and love (such as Mountain Rose Herbs–I’m obsessed) than I wouldn’t mind. I believe that you work hard and deserve to get paid for that. You have very high standards so I would trust the adds that you post…I think (;
    2. It was cool to hear who you are. I feel that your blog is unique because I don’t have to scroll through 5,000 words about your day just to get to a recipe. However, this was passionate and I liked hearing about it. I think you should let yourself shine through, but I love that you post recipes and diy projects instead of posting shallow things like how you took your dog for a walk or what you are for breakfast. You seem deeper than that, anyways.
    3. I agree with feeling a bit overwhelmed already. I am newer to your site and a beginner to being this healthy so I’m having a hard time deciding where to begin (how many different things do you drink/take daily?! Do you combine them all in one giant broth/gelatin/charcoal/magnesium/essential oils filled cup?) but I love everything that you post and spend lots of my life pouring through your well written words. I also love how throroughly you research. I love your credibility and being able to share your work with my friends with confidence because you know what you’re talking about.

    I love your blog. I actually read through what you write before getting to the recipe where with other blogs I have to scroll through 5000 meaningless words and 18 pictures just to find the simple instructions posted at the bottom. I talk about your work with everyone I see and I have so many products on my Christmas list. I feel better about my self and my marriage. I have a better sex life, and increased self esteem, so I feel peppy. I feel like I’m making a difference now and that my future kids will benefit In incredible ways and ugh it just makes me sappy. You’re a dream boat. Keep on keepin on.

    • Also, if you ever sold a ‘breakfast with Katie package’ or ‘personalized Q&A with Katie via Skype’ I would completely pay for it.

  231. *HUGS* It’ll be okay!! I do sometimes read your blog and wonder how do you do it because I suck at time management but I think your amazing!! And if your happy and your children are happy than thats all that matters!

  232. Katie,

    You are one of the few blogs I visit regularly every since I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago. I can certainly understand your frustrations. I’ve noticed that other bloggers rip off things from others quite frequently. Needless to say, I never go back when I see that. because it just upsets me so much. You, on the other hand, are truly amazing and you provide wonderful, informative posts that I come back to time and time again. My kids are eating homemade gummy snacks, drinking kombucha, taking elderberry syrup, taking detox baths and using natural lotions…. all thanks to you! And I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface because your site has so much useful information. Keep up the great work. Whatever direction you decide to take your blogging activities, I will be there!
    Wishing you well from Canada!

  233. Katie, I’m a new member of your blog. Purchased 3 cookbooks for myself and my two daughters. I appreciate all that you offer. I am 72 yrs old and can tell you from many years of experience (having lived thru the Super Mom era of the ’70’s) we are all a work in progress. Some days are perfect, others less so. Such is life. So move on and do what you can do. My only question for you is your background in nutrition. Are you self-taught or ?

    • Thanks Dola. I do have a degree in nutrition but I feel like I’ve come to much different conclusions that I was taught in school so I don’t like to mention my degree much.

  234. Love Love LOVE this and YOU Katie!! I have no idea if this comment will be redundant or not because I simply could not read them all… but from me, Sarah… you are absolutely an inspiration and encouragement. You are changing the world, and myself & my family would not be where we are today without you!! I don’t even think I can say enough to say how grateful I am for everything you do here on the blog, and as a person. Your true passion and care come out in everything you do and it is Contagious!

    In response to your questions at the end…
    1. I would not think Any less of you for having advertisers, whatsoever. I think your convictions and transparency has been so evident in the way that you promote products. I fully trust you, and actually strongly look to you for guidance in this area (as a blogger). I have learned so much from you in the way that you have protected your readers and the integrity of your content and promotions, and I think that advertising can certainly fall in line with that without compromising your core values!

    2. Katie, I think you are fantastic, and I for one wanna see the REAL YOU!! 🙂 Uncensored and awesome 😉

    3. Okay, so I think courses would be totally great… especially like just downright Practical stuff, like How on Earth do you balance a whole day of creating real food and having chitlens running around the whole time… I also think it would be really cool to see some sort of a “shop” from you where you have your DIY products available for purchase (like pre-made, OR maybe like a DIY kit for those folks who don’t have all the products or simply need a little more assistance in the crafting dept)… I’m thinking like your beauty products (obviously) or maybe like herbal tea blends with the Wellness Mama branding… I would totally buy those! 😉 Anyways, just a thought!

    Thank you for this honest post Katie, I am totally right there with you as a wife, mom, nurse, blogger, etc trying to balance it all, it can be absolutely maddening and consuming if you let it be! I appreciate all that you do and give, and who you are! 🙂


    • Thanks Sarah. I really appreciate your kind words! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  235. What Laura said, especially this part:

    As fun as ebooks and courses are, I rarely take the time for them (partially because I’m already trying to digest the information I have) But, I do use your blog as my “go-to” resource. So, keep up the marvelous work and add appropriate ads if it helps you achieve your goals for the site.

  236. 1. selective ads will not change my trust in your blog
    2. the “real me” is much preferred
    3. translating your experiences to the blog is what I like best (whether homemade soap, a recipe, or healing Hashimotos), big projects aren’t necessary
    I have never understood how you do all you do and then really couldn’t believe it when you wrote about your paper towel alternative : ) Then, when I learned you had Hashimoto’s, I was astounded at your workload and felt even worse about myself and my own limitations. In any case, go with your intuition and the direction you want. Less frequent content is okay (spread your normal weekly content over two weeks and do bi-weekly wrap-ups). I subscribe to so much content that I can’t keep up with it all and wish for reduced frequency so I can truly follow it (like when Mercola increased his emails to daily). Thanks for all the blog info. I particularly rely on your opinion to distill health subjects better than others, and for your expertise in herbal/natural medicinal/cosmetic/household alternatives. My favorite blogs were probably your birthstories!

  237. Your blog has been a huge inspiration and has been life changing for me. I can’t tell you how Thankful I am for the work you do. So very grateful for the “Raw” Katie and please keep true to yourself. I have no problem with advertisers that are true to your beliefs. Please keep up your weekly post.

  238. I never, ever post but I read your blog all the time. You are my go to for recipes and I love your podcast. Your blog is probably the reason I use coconut oil and EO’s, have switched out my traditional cleaning products and tried to reduce my gluten intake. I reference “the wellness mama” when talking to people in my daily life, no joke! I trust you and your blog. After reading this I thought I wanted to share a quick comment with you, just to let you know how much I appreciate the community you have created. I wish I could remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I do not. I am positive the reason I keep returning is because it is ad free, easy on the eyes and not complicated to navigate. Not to mention… above all, the passion and competence for what you write about shines through. Your emphasis on the literature and new research is impressive. In essence, I trust that you write from the heart and I can believe what you write. I don’t have a lot of spare time or the desire to sift through blogs for answers or information. Wellness Mama is awesome because it gives me everything and more than I need. I don’t blog so my advice or opinion probably shouldn’t count for much… But as long as you stay authentic to your true self and take care of yourself this blog will be amazing.

  239. Go with your gut feeling. Look inside and don’t give a crap about the negative people. But do however read the comment that you can learn from.
    1 About advertising. Those who know you and have been here for a while know your motives are genuine but I wouldn’t overdo it since there are more and more readers looking for you every day who might miss out on you then.
    2 Be yourself always. When there is no Katie there is no Welness mama.
    3 I did an E-course recently on health. It was perfect. You ‘d be perfect at it too but consider: de FB-group keeps on chatting (to get your opinion) and researching themselves so it will take a lot of time. So make sure you have a lot of time on your hands. Furthermore, your readers are all over the world so suggestions about shops etc. would have to be worldwide. (If you want suggestions for Australia and/or Holland you can mail me back and I’ll gladly help you). The course I did was short but the group is still going expecting the writer to react. This was her first course but she is planning other courses too. Just imagine how much answers you’d be providing after a few courses (she hired an assistant).

    What is great about e-courses: they will separate to good writers / researchers from the copycats. Give it a go! You have the knowledge to back it all up.

    Good luck Katie.

  240. Katie,

    Rather than repeat all of the points others have made before me which I couldn’t agree with more, I would like to add one (money-maker?) thought. I would love it if your had your own “Katie’s Store” where you sell only your home-made products, everything from lotions and potions to household cleansers. Of course, be sure to hire some help to make your products. Those of us who don’t have the time or the inclination to make your products ourselves, but know we can trust you, would absolutely buy your ready-made products.

    By the way, you and Natural News are the only blogs I follow regularly. I ordered your cook book and I’m waiting on pins and needles for its arrival. Best wishes with your blog and may life give you all you deserve in abundance for your dedication and hard work.

  241. It seems that more & more bloggers are trying to sell me something. I would prefer they have a store separate from their blog. I read blogs to educate myself & help my family. I don’t trust the sales pitches & would prefer that they stop. The SCD guys are the absolute worst – they offer no information, only a sales pitch. Offer the readers the information & then direct them to your store but stop sending me your e-mail asking me to buy your product several times a week. Once or twice a month would even be a bit much. Webinars do the same thing – each & every day of the webinar, they are selling the “lifetime access”. Thanks but the information does change as the science does.

    You deserve a right to earn a living but by signing up for your blog, you make money from advertisers so I believe I deserve a little free information. I will purchase something here or there as my budget allows (not much these days). I see more & more bloggers succumbing to the quick buck scheme – I unsubscribe from those.

  242. I love your blog, Katie. I have learned so much over the past year, it’s incredible. I just made the natural toilet cleaner fizzies, and they worked perfectly. I think your blog is terrific just the way it is, and I thank God for you!

  243. Katie,
    Thank you for your willingness to share your struggles and successes with all of us. I hate to hear you doubting yourself and many of the decisions you must make in order to maintain your blog. It should be exactly what you want it to be. I, for one, appreciate all you do in sharing such helpful information as I certainly don’t have the time or inclination to do so. Ads or no ads, you do what you feel is right for you. I love your explanations and recipes and hope you find peace with however you decide to proceed. Thank you for all you do! God bless you and your family.

  244. Katie I personally love how I can identify with the real you. Some elements of raw and uncensored make me feel quite normal!

    It is you passion and sharing of ideas info and recipes that leave me inspired to give new things a go. That’s enough for me!

    I have just started a blog to share my journey into the natural world and it is my honour to refer people to your blog should I gather any readers. Like you it is not for money but just a way for me to express myself, to share and to link with other like minded people in a fun way.

    Keep doing what you do!

    Warmest regards

  245. Hi Katie,
    I’ve been reading and appreciating your blog for several months, and one thing I really get from it is how down to earth you are with what you share, and how your intentions in helping people are extremely genuine.

    1) I don’t think it would be selling out to allow advertisers who you carefully select. I see it as the same as promoting a product that you believe in through affiliate links.

    2) Raw and real expression is always the most inspiring and helpful. There’s no need for anyone to be ‘more’ than we are, and trying to hide parts of ourselves and highlight others feels like it takes away from the magnificent wholeness and the entire beautiful spectrum of the human experience.

    3) I think that whatever you feel a fire inside to create is what is most helpful because it is the energy behind your creation that infuses it’s greatness.

    Thanks so much for your amazing work!

  246. Katie, I’m a health coach, mamapreneur, lover of natural living, and fellow blogger, and I just had to stop everything I’m doing right now to sit down at my computer and send you a note after reading this post.

    First for the appreciation: You’ve single-handedly given momentum to a movement that’s changing the way people raise their kids and address their health problems. I love everything you do and have followed you from almost the very beginning. Recently I was working with a young mom who has a new Lupus diagnosis, and was able to send her to your 30 day autoimmune reset to participate in your recipes and menu plans to help her follow the gluten-free and anti-inflammatory guidelines I recommended. She’s feeling SOOOO much better, her labs show that Lupus has stabilized and isn’t worsening, and her kids have had some big improvements in their health too because of your diet and recipes. Your easy-to-follow diet was the perfect complement to my protocol and supplements, and now a young mom is enjoying her kids and feeling better about life. Because of you.

    I have a police officer and his school teacher wife that I’m coaching in a small town in South Carolina, where they’ve never seen healthy lifestyles modeled. Of all the resources I offered them to help get on track with food choices, they fell in love with your recipes. He’s lost 26 pounds in the first month and is on the road to getting off of his blood pressure meds, his wife is sleeping at night and losing serious amounts of weight too, and when I meet with them they gush with tears because of the change their life has taken in a month. My coaching with dietary guidelines supplements and workout programs would be missing something without YOU and your recipes, and the way you teach healthy living in a way that normal people can relate to. I see this couple posting recipes and tips from your FB page on their own page all the time, or texting me ideas from you, and it makes me smile. You inspire the average Joe to make a change toward a healthier life. And you make it feel cute and easy.

    As a holistic health coach, I feel like I know a thing or two about health, but it was during one of YOUR online webinars recently and after reading some of your own stories that I began to realize that what was keeping me from full recovery after my own near death and recovery from major infectious decease was LEAKY GUT. You gave me an “AH-HA!” moment that led to a major shift, and just 3 weeks after beginning your gut-healing protocols combined with my own program (which I’ve used on others but never myself haha) that I have felt my best ever since before my illnesses.

    Your work matters, and you do it all in a way that’s very approachable, personable, and beautiful and I’m grateful to you with all my heart, and so are my clients and friends and partners. My husband knows that when I talk about “Katie”, I don’t mean any of my Katie friends…I mean Katie the Oracle of Healthy Homes aka Wellness Mama Katie. In fact, we’ve had conversations where he’s asked “Katie the neighbor or Wellness Mama Katie?” then corrected himself after realizing that of course I don’t care what Katie the neighbor says about toothpaste. And he knows that if Katie says something, it doesn’t matter what our doctors or partners or PhD nutritionists or other consultants say, Katie is right. We work with actual doctors, and I bounce their ideas off of your posts…you’re always my second opinion.

    So thank you, and please know that you’re building something bigger than you can see.

    And on the note of blogging, there are just a lot of people out there these days whose moms apparently never told them that it’s bad manners to be rude. I watched one of my own little blogs shoot from 5,000 readers to 17,000 one day, then read the flood of hate mail and death threats pour in because people didn’t like the way I covered a local tornado. Scandalous! People told me they hoped my husband left me and my kids died. It was just a month or so after you had written a lovely and informative article about “Why night lights aren’t advised” or a similar topic, which for no sane reason riled people up and prompted “How dare you say that” and “no you DIDN’T!” comments. We live in a culture where confrontation and argumentativeness are full-time hobbies for some, and where the sweet and genuine humans on the other side of our favorite websites are so totally dehumanized that people feel ok hurling hate at them. Computers and the virtual interactions that go with them create an inherent feeling of detachment and disconnectedness, and I’ve learned that I also need to mirror the virtual culture by detaching from my computer self. I pour my emotions into the material and the people on the other end, but that’s where it stops. I can’t let myself expect a healthy relationship with appreciation and reciprocation from a virtual mob of full-time nit-pickers. Send all your good energy out, but make it a one-way street and don’t allow energy to come back to you from your web spaces.

    I met a woman who has followed me for a while and heard of me from others, and she commented that she didn’t recognize me from my photos and videos…she actually thought that I was the sister (probably the older more wrinkly sister) of the woman she expected. The day we met I had on a baseball cap and ratty sweats, and my youngest son was munching on a french fry. She couldn’t believed the incongruity. But the radio show and videos and classes and blogs I write are little snapshots of the GOAL, and it’s a goal for me too. We’re all working toward the ideal of healthy, happy, vibrant families, and behind the scenes the Katies of the world aren’t as perfect as the ideal, and we all know that. Keep showing us the goal, inspiring us with the ideal. And if you want to let some of the real Katie with the everyday stuff you go through come out in your virtual realm, do that too. It’s kind of fun to read the word “d*mn” from a cute little mama once in a while. Be who you want to be, and know that there are countless people who love love love it.

    Jennie Green

    • Thanks so much Jennie for your thoughtful words and for sharing your story!

  247. Loved this post, Katie. 🙂

  248. EMAIL TO “WELLNESS MAMA”… Saturday, November 22, 2014

    There is much I could say in response to every one of your written words, doubts, fears, and personal resolve. However, all that is required of me at this moment in time is to emphatically state to you – WHAT YOU DO IS A MARVEL!
    You have what it takes to make a difference.
    Most of us just sit back and talk about it; knowing full well that we, too, have the ability and the twinkle to make it happen in our own personal world – yet we don’t take that one tiny step forward…. for whatever excuse our brain deems true.

    I can’t even imagine what your 24-hour day must be like.
    The overwhelm.
    The pressure.
    The sheer exhaustion.

    All I can say is that I NEVER miss opening one of your emails. I find them more informative and are truly written better than the countless blogs I have unsubscribed to.

    If there are products and companies out there that would like you to advertise them on your site, so you can earn what you DESERVE – then so be it – as long as they are TOTALLY IN LINE with your BELIEFS and you can be PROUD to be affiliated with them. Why not?
    Yours is a BUSINESS formed from BELIEF.
    Pay it forward, so that others may benefit and continue on to help others.
    Be true to “it” and “it” will be true to you.

    There will always be ‘nay-sayers’ out there with a jealousy level beyond reason that will tear you down, so that they can feel better about themselves. Their words are not worth the time your brain cells take to read their negativity.

    My motto has always been to DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND RUN LIKE HELL. 🙂
    You are FABULOUS just the way you are – nothing to change. Don’t worry what others may say or think. YOU KNOW in your heart that you are doing GREAT things.

    Tomorrow is another day to create and play with the Angels. May yours be joyful and prosperous.

    Kind & Warm Regards,

  249. Thanks for the help you have given me. I discovered you 2 months ago and being on a limited budget and not always able to have money to buy books , products. I have appreciated the free health recipes, heads up advice.
    Please be YOURSELF , at the end of the day like Dr Oz says” there are unscrupulous individuals using my name to sell inferior products, I do not endorse them” these people will not last and your true friends will and have recognized that you do care.
    Take care of yourself first so that you can be the best of you for your family, then care about others. We are all just people who have everyday things going on. I don’t want you to be anything other than what I’ve seen on your site. Thanks for being you!

  250. Katie, we read your blog because we value your opinions, knowledge and heart. If you write the blog that you would like to read then you are being true to yourself and we will all be happy. My only advise would be to remember that families come in all different shapes and sizes. I don’t have any blood realatives in my life, I don’t have children either. But I have my friends, my pets and my community. They are my family. As for ads I don’t mind but would hope you will keep in mind your international readers…. Ie on line international sales

  251. Howdy Katie! I’m so thankful for your site. I’m a college student suffering with Hashimoto’s and of course, adrenal fatigue. I found your blog earlier this year and have been a huge fan of your posts, your podcasts, and the wellness summit!!
    I want you to know that YOU have inspired me to go back to my doctor and ask to be taken off thyroid replacement because I’m determined to reverse this autoimmune disease. I even started the paleo autoimmune protocol after reading one of your posts. 🙂
    What’s more, you’ve inspired me to pursue a career as a functional medicine practitioner. I’ve truly been inspired and encouraged by your work!
    Any e-courses and books would be very helpful. I hope we’ll get to see more of the “real Katie” as you keep blogging, Be encouraged, you’re making a huge difference!!! 🙂

    • That is awesome Maisey! We need more people like you and more functional medicine practitioners.

  252. Wow, I feel so connected to you after reading just this one blog. I am not a blogger, I am a Realtor. In my business I too deal with, unfortunately, a lot of dishonest individuals that make me often wonder how the heck they can stay in business and be successful. Well, I guess Success can be defined many different ways by many different people. I have found your website simply by googling grain free menu items as this is my new “lifestyle”. I too suffer thyroid problems and now potential diabetes if I did not change my ways (3 months of eating this way and my blood sugar is back to normal!). Today was the first day that I stayed on your website after I got the recipe I googled and actually discovered you and your mission. I would define you as quite a success in every way possible. I thank you so much for going before me and paving the way for me to be successful on this new eating plan. My work keeps me very busy and I don’t have time to do much more then type the words into google. May I then encourage you to forget those things which are behind and instead reach for those things which are ahead pressing on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called you. No unethical thief can stop you. If God be for you, who can be against you! Thank you, your website is a blessing to me and my good health!

    • Thanks Maggie 🙂 Sorry that you have to deal with this kind of thing too!

  253. My Mission Statement

    As a believer I will pursue a relationship with Jesus by studying His word, daily prayer and listening patiently for His answers. I will endeavor to submit to His will for every area of my life.

    As a wife I will place my relationship with Will as my top priority. I will take the time to learn how to honor, love, and obey him. I will make sure he knows how much I admire him and appreciate all he does for our family.

    As a mother I will make spending time with our children a priority, teaching them about Jesus and His love for them. With the Lord’s help, I will help them grow in character and wisdom and be Godly men and women. I will embrace this season of my life as a blessing, while my babies are little and I am their whole world.

    As a homemaker I will live my life creatively, simply and healthy, work with my hands, mind my own affairs and give glory to God in all I do and say. I will work on nurturing and caring for myself so I can care for those entrusted to me. I will work on making our home a peaceful place full of love, laughter, and learning.

    As an educator I will spend any extra time ? pursuing knowledge about the world, food and herbs God created for us so I can glorify Him by passing that information on to my children and others.

    • Somehow the beginning of my comment did not make it! Just the end 🙂
      My beginning said that I personally would rather see less of you than none of you at all! That said – spend time with your family and healing yourself. I am so impressed with you being able to keep a blog up (I am a homeschooling mommy of 6, soon to be 7, kiddos and cannot manage my time well enough to even think of handling something like this!). I made up that mission statement when I was really struggling with “helping everyone” as an herbalist. I was sure to put “educator” at the bottom of my list. Meaning that helping other with their health issues HAD to start coming after the Lord and my family. I have this Mission Statement hanging in my bathroom in a pretty frame so I can read it every morning as I brush my teeth. So – all that to say – I would rather you spend time with your family and see less posts than for you to get totally overwhelmed and stop blogging all together! Right now is a season of little ones, learning and loving. I know just where you are right now. You are such a help to us though that I would hate to see you go completely. Praying that you embrace this season and know that we will still be here, even if you are not posting every day 🙂
      I hope my first post makes more sense now!

  254. I really like visiting your site and not worrying about clicking on something that takes me to a whole different site selling something. Personally your site is easy to maneuver, and I know what’s on there is yours, and your specifically approved posts and ads on the right side. it is more than frustrating clicking on something i think is from the blogger and realizing that it’s not, but it’s actually an ad. it’s worse when they put it into their post sneakily. Or have ads that have nothing to do with the site or the specific post. I love that you highlight and underline the places to go in your post if we are interested if searching for a product. You make things easy to find if we are looking for that ad or website to go to for purchases. If you want to add more, go for it! But your site is not cluttered with the crazy ads on the side and that is very refreshing. If there’s a way to keep it clean and advertise more the way you have it, I say YAY!

    And I love your recipes, health, cleaning, all of it. I love to see the real side of you too. Show us more real Mama! 🙂

  255. There are so many comments – I don’t know if anyone has said it yet, but even Jennifer Aniston does not feel like “THE” Jennifer Aniston. We all fall short, but because of you, I have learned about triclosan, triclocarbon and ways to combat them. Thanks a heap!

  256. I discovered your blog when looking for home made recipes for sunscreen. Other websites might post things like that, but I keep coming back here to see what new things you have to say. I think it’s awesome that you take the time to learn about all these things and give that information to other people.
    To answer some of your questions, I don’t think it’s “selling out” if you share info about products or have sponsors if you really believe that they’re good products. I like to assume that some people out there are actually trying to market good things, so we need people like you to share what those things are! I also never thought you were trying to say you were the “perfect” mom, but I think this particular post is probably very helpful to people.. Some people may be afraid to try any of the things you talk about because they might feel like it has to be an “all or nothing” approach to trying to make their families healthier, and worry that they just couldn’t do it all. You can’t make everybody happy, though, so I think you should just write about things the way you want to 🙂

  257. Awww I think your amazing! I hope to run my family just like you someday… Ignore stupid comments and people! Just carry on being you, an ace mom, ace blogger and ace idol! X

  258. I’m a new comer and “love” your everything! We don’t live in a perfect world and being who you are confirms the likeliness of us out here. I find everything I have read so informative and “real” . So I thank you for all you do and continue to do. You are what we all want to be the “real deal” not the imitation. Keep your style…Wellness Mama!

  259. I had this lovely long post typed up for you and then… computer ate it…..aaaahhhhh!
    So here is my shortened and condensed version……
    THANK YOU!!!! For being real. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for not being afraid to put it all out there. You spoke the truth in every moms heart…..whether they are honest enough to admit it. None of us are perfect! None of us have it all figured out…. And those who act as though they do…only serve to sever any true chance of a relationship with other moms. I mean a real, supportive and meaningful relationships!!!That can only happen when we are true both to ourselves and other people.
    Thank you for your transparancy. Makes me respect you all the more!! I love your site. Love your posts. And am truly grateful for the sacrifice you make in order to keep it all going!
    Let the volume of relplies to your post speak to your heart! What a testiment to you and your hard work….and to your honesty!!
    Praising God for His mercy and grace to rise up each morning and start new!

  260. Your site is an incredible resource that I come back to time and time again. I don’t have much to say other than I appreciate all your hard work and the incredible content you produce!

  261. oh and another thing! You are awesome! Ur site is the only site I visit daily. I am trying to absorb everything. you seem to do so many steps daily, I”m not sure where to start! My family really enjoys the food recipes that we make weekly. You are a GODSEND!

  262. Hi Katie

    I came upon your blog by chance.

    You have a large fan base who are devoted, why don’t you make your site a membership site whereby people pay a small subscription every month. You will have residual income that you can depend on every month. It does not have to be much. You can ask your readers how much they would be willing to pay. You might then be able to keep the site ad free.

    You could offer them a couple months free then start charging.

    You can still have some free content.

    Personally, I do not see anything with ads as long as the products serve a useful purpose. There are so many good health products out there. You are already an affiliate for products that you love to use so you could advertise those products to start with..

    You work hard and have many expenses to run this blog, you should not feel guilty about being paid for it.

    Also, do you have a DMCA policy on your site displayed prominently. I have not checked. This might put some people off copying your site. I personally know of someone who was able to get a site closed down because they were copying material.

    A lot of sites do curate heavily but as long as they give credit to the author and create links back to the originator then I do not see this as a problem. It exposes your content to a wider audience and can generate more traffic for your site.

    Oh yes, and do outsource your most tedious tasks. The most you should be doing is the research and writing and nothing else, as this alone is a lot of work.

    I apologise if I am repeating what may have already been said.

    Good luck

  263. Hi Katie. Love your site which I stumbled upon some months ago. I love your down to earth style. Also love the book which I bought!
    Be true to yourself and follow your heart. Do what is best for you and your family. You do an amazing job and have helped many.
    I am in my late forties and only really overhauled my habits in the last 18 mths and the eating habits of my ramily, and you have been a part of that. Over here in Oz I recommend your site to friends and colleagues and patients (I’m a nurse). Thanks for all that you do. You are very genuine. I would be interested in anything you offer in the way of ebooks , courses etc.
    Have a wonderful day.

  264. As a new reader to the blog, I cannot really answer your questions. I personally wouldn’t mind scrolling past ads or even clicking them to help fund things for your family. I believe in energy exchange and realize now that I don’t even know if you have a donate button. I’ve barely cracked a dent in the articles and such to date, and in my limited, very busy day would not likely do an e-course. I signed up for one about a year ago, and found it just wasted money as I couldn’t work it in to my days. As to you being you…well, there are tons of blogs, and I have read and poked about any number of them, but yours is one I actually signed up for….the only other blogs I have done that with are my 2 best friends….everything else is hit or miss. So, maybe You could choose to just be You…and if there is honesty there, then the light shines through. Bless you and your family.

  265. You have the best crunchy blog. Hands down. You have the most informative articles and the most helpful recipes.
    I always come back to you because I perceive that you are genuine because you never have had all of the affiliate links like A LOT of other blogs. I like to come back to your blog specifically and click on your links because I don’t feel any manipulation here. I feel like you really do promote only what you use or what you believe in. Please don’t change that.
    You have a wonderful voice in the natural community. Please don’t let the pressure get to you. This blog is truly the most authentic.
    God bless you and your family!

  266. Well, Katie, that had to have felt good to get all that off of your mind! Good for you!! I just made your beef and cabbage stir fry recipe for dinner tonight. My hubby and I love that stuff!!

    I have enjoyed reading a lot of the comments. You have so many great, supportive readers and I am glad to be part of the Wellness Mama community! I have been devouring your website for about a year now. I love your way of living and I have learned a lot from you. At the risk of sounding like a creep, I have to say it – I WANT YOUR LIFE!! I am embarrassed to say, though. that I have not incorporated much yet. I have a really bad habit of reading a lot of health blogs (yours is in my top three- very real and honest!) and overwhelming myself with information, but not incorporating it, because I am overwhelmed! But now, at least, I know what kind of life I want to live. It is focusing on one thing at a time that is hard for me. There is something about the natural life that is so attractive and that just feels SO right and I am excited for it, I crave it!

    When I first started reading your blog, I remember thinking this lady is WONDER WOMAN! And even with your revelation of being “imperfect” (LOL – Us women are always too hard on ourselves), I still think you are WONDER WOMAN! From the outlines of your cleaning schedules, to the entire Thanksgiving dinner plan and shopping list, all the recipes and health tips, the playground you and your husband built for your kids, etc., etc., and all that you are and do besides being a terrific, hardworking blogger…..You have to realize that you are AMAZING!!

    I agree with what the majority of readers said in response to your questions. So I would like to add something different. No matter how you decide to move forward, I really believe that you should consider taking a break, until the end of the year!! You deserve it!! You need to practice what you preach. Don’t let you health suffer anymore. Seriously, you should unplug your computer until Jan. 1 and next chance you get, open a bottle of organic wine, listen to some relaxing music, take a nice non-toxic bath. Stop and smell the roses, MAMA! Enjoy the holidays with your family! Ok, so anyone that is with me on this and thinks Katie should take a break, SAY SO!!!!


    • Thanks Jennifer. Great recommendation. I actually am taking a substantial break until the new year. I’m just writing new posts (and many are pre-written) which I love doing and not worrying about anything else 🙂 Thanks for reading and for the support!

  267. I like your blog am glad if you can profit from all your efforts, have learned a lot about helpful things to do with my Do Terra essential oils, rally like reading new clues about help with thyroid issues. hope there will not be any ads that interfere with the scrolling process.
    and guess what naysayers can hit the delete button or unsubscribe be cause one can never please all people all the time.
    God bless you and I am looking forward to all your future entries.

  268. I appreciate your honesty in writing this post. I want to encourage you to definitely spend more time with your family. To me, family comes first, because we have such a short time at home with our children before they’re off to create their own. I appreciate your blog and diy guides for the groups that I manage. I refer clients and others to your site often for great information and recipes. Since you’ve such an established set of posts, I would think it would be a great time to post less often. I think people are looking for courses they can take online as well; I know people would enjoy taking yours. I also think posting about your journey toward healing with your thyroid is important – because so many people on our culture suffer with endocrine problems. I have been on a path for the past 10 years to heal my thyroid. We lived near a conventional farm for a time and I am certain they sprayed the current version of Agent Orange on that field. My whole family’s health plummeted after we lived there (we have 9 children). It’s been quite the struggle to regain and detox out all the dioxins from that place. When my thyroid is back to 100%, I will definitely share my story if you’d like to hear how I have gone about my natural healing. Praying wisdom and peace for you.

  269. Keep it Katie! You rock!! More online courses and ebooks for me and my coworker really loves your links you provide to back up your info and links to the products you use.. Please post some info on homeschooling!!! Im looking all over your site for HS 411 and I can find any!! Im grappling with my desire to home school and the fact that my 4 year old and I butt heads. How do you do it? Where did you find your info?!? I really think you could start a whole section on homeschooling and that would just add to your awesomeness!!

  270. I just have to say that you have helped change my families life just by the good content you have. I have come to trust your site compared to others I have been at. You can always tell a genuine site when you get to one.
    1. Advertising: I feel what ever is in your heart to do is what’s best for your family and we should respect your decision for your family. I understand how hard blogging is and how much time it is so you should get paid for what you do.
    2. I like the way you have your article set up. I loved this post because we saw you and that you are real with real feelings. Whenever I find a new blog I always keep in the back of my head that these are real people and they have their own struggles but you shouldn’t have to show your struggles if you don’t want to.
    3. I would love more ebooks and stuff you have a great way of writing.
    I really appreciated this post you are a wonderful woman and I have respected your word since I found your site. Thank you for being you. Have a wonderful day.

  271. I think it’s just fine to advertise anything you believe in. Why not make money when you do so much to educate us?! Be raw and uncensored! It will make ME feel more normal. 🙂

  272. First of all, my dear lady, please let me remind you that it’s not just mommies that read your blog. As a middle-aged single guy, I regularly find a tremendous amount of value from the information that you provide. For one example, I recently started using the Remineralizing Toothpaste. Love it, love it, love it! (Thanks, by the way.) Further, whenever I have a question about or interest in natural cures or I need a recipe for natural cleaning products, I always check your website first … and maybe lesser respected websites later. 😀

    You’ve established yourself as an expert in the internet community. Well-deserved, by the way. Kudos to you for your excellent research and your seemingly effortless way of communicating that information back to your readers.

    As for your affiliate relationships, anyone who is the least bit internet saavy understands the cost of maintaining a popular blog. They also understand that these affiliate relationships go a long way to helping to defray these costs. But please understand the highly important service that you’re providing your readers. We trust you, Katie. If you find a product/service or a company in which you have confidence, we want to know (at least I do!). But we, as your readers, have a certain amount of responsibility to do our due diligence also to ascertain whether or not your recommendations are optimal for our own consumption.

    Always remember that your highest responsibility is to yourself and to your family. Be true to yourself and never do anything that would make you question yourself later. Everything else will fall into place.

    And so, again I thank you for the excellent and much-needed service that you’re providing. I hope that the responses that you receive from this post gives you a small indication about the tremendous number of lives that you’re impacting in a positive way!

    • P.S. I hope I didn’t miss the point of your post! 😀

      And, incidentally, like someone pointed out earlier, I do hate those pop-up ads … but if you wanted to include ads for Mountain Rose or even Amazon, I would totally 150% okay with that … and would even find it helpful many times.

  273. I love to hear the products you recommend. I know you use them and trust them. I really need to know what you like and use. So, “recommend on!”
    Also, you are one of the few that are sell outs. It’s obvious.
    I think it’s great you’re committed and real and I’d LOVE to hear about just the real you inside of your amazing posts… that you have laundry on the floor, etc.
    eBooks and whatever you are passionate about would be great! MORE please!
    Thanks for all you do. It’s very obvious you love people and you really are making a difference in our lives… so we can make a difference in others lives. xo

  274. First off, you rock!

    Secondly, you provide amazing content for a much wider audience than you realize. I am a 54 year old woman with no children but suffer from leaky gut, thyroid and adrenal I inefficiencies, and other autoimmune issues. I have implemented many ideas from your blog and bookmarked many more.

    Third and finally, trust your gut. If it feels bad, there’s a reason. Be yourself and the rest follows. It is when you are not genuine that the discomfort follows. Took me 54 years to get that.

    You are amazing. Don’t forget that! And thanks for all you do. It is obvious by the number of comments that I am not alone in this assessment.

  275. This post. Right here. It’s why I read your blog. You are my ‘Go To Blog’ when I have a health question. (And I’ve had lots of them for the past couple of years). Everyone above me has already said it all. You. Are. Awesome. 🙂

    Yes, please make some money on ads. I don’t mind seeing an ad on the side. No one says says I have to click on it if I don’t want to. I trust your judgement. Now, go forth and earn more money for all this writing and researching and encouraging you do.

    Just keep on keepin’ on. I love all your posts. Share what you feel
    comfortable sharing. I am going to be reading whatever you decide to post and it will be great.

  276. Katie, you are my source to wellness. I trust everything you post. I trust that whatever you put as advertisement is because it is beneficial.

  277. Katie, Katie, Katie!

    First of all, if your were “prefect” … whatever that might be, it would definitely send me on a major guilt trip because perfect I am not! You are wonderfully imperfect, just as you should be. Trying to anything but will make you miserable and send you to an early grave. We love you too much just the way you are.

    Do we want raw or censored. I choose raw. It is totally honest and vulnerable. Censored in a sense, is dishonest trying to be something/someone that you aren’t. I would much rather know the real Katie. As Mr. Rogers said, “I like you just the way you are”; me too!!! I think that is one of the reasons I have been so drawn to your blog. You are very genuine and I take you at face value. My circle of friends doesn’t have too many “censored” people. I don’t trust them.

    I agree with the others that you should be compensated for all the work, love and genuineness. Volunteering for a good cause is one thing, but for the thousands you are reaching and the amount of time you devote … is a HUGE cause and it is totally unreasonable to expect you to do this without some sort of compensation.

    Thank you for all you do for “us”. I love your blog because of all the great information but …. and this may sound cheesy …. I really felt that if I was ever able to meet you in person we would actually be good friends.

    God Bless you and all you do.

    From an imperfect fan.

  278. Katie, I have learned and continue to learn from you by reading your web-site. I came across your web-site while searching for a lip balm recipe that works. My knowledge has grown tremedously since I started referring to your web-site for help. My skin is so much happier in that I clean my skin with the oil cleasning method, and my health has improved with the use of coconut oil. My favorite lotion recipe is yours as well. I could go on and on because I have learned so much from you, and should have written sooner to tell you how much I appreciate what you do to help to educate us all. Whenever, I have given a friend or family member a gift that I made using one or more of your recipes I let them know the recipe is yours, and share your web-site. I am 51 years old and have learned so much from you. I do not have children; however, I do have a husband and two dogs and family and friends that have all benefited from what I have learned from you.

    To answer your questions:
    1) If you provide advertisements via your site, I trust you and know you will not allow advertisements for products you would not buy yourself. I agree with Marta’s comment on this subject.
    2) I appreciate honesty and would like to always hear from the real you.
    3) I would love to be able to buy a book of all your DIY gift ideas and recipes such as your lotions, lip balms, shampoo, shaving cream, coffee recipes, etc. (right now I have my favorites written on index cards and reference on each card that I got the recipe from your web-site).

    Thank you for all you do.

    Best regards,

  279. I say show more of the real you – sometimes health bloggers that only blog about the positives come across as being quite pretentious and it’s off putting. I’d much prefer you talk about YOUR genuine life and offer us readers information that’s going to help – I currently love your posts though if I’m being honest.
    Like you’ve said you’ll always get the good, bad and mediocre comments so being the perfect Katy won’t stop that so just be you.

    As for selling out, I think if you’re offering a product or affiliate code to an item that’s relevant and genuinely a good deal, reliable company or a service, website or brand you feel would be beneficial then it’s not selling out – if you make money for it great as long as you say it’s an affiliate code etc. I hate when some bloggers ONLY promote affiliate codes or products and will only blog about products that they can include a product or code in.

    Hugs Michelle xx

  280. Hi Katie,

    I have rarely commented here, but today I feel like it’s due.

    Your blog has been a cornerstone for our healing journey in my house as well as my extended family’s. You have provided insight and guidance when I felt like I was venturing out into uncharted waters. The knowledge you share with all of us, is something that I feel goes unnoticed too often. You have helped me to turn my life around, and I want to say thank you. You have helped my family to heal from PTSD and multiple health issues. You helped me find answers when no one else would.

    And to answer your questions, do what you need to do. I do appreciate when you recommend products (and always purchase through your links), as this saves me time. We farm here, and I am an editor from home with one son. At one point, I thought I wanted to be a big time blogger (I also self published a children’s book), but that is not in the cards right now. I am to grow where I am planted. We grow a garden for the food bank in town, and don’t see a dime for the food. We live at poverty level, and oftentimes, I think that surely I could evolve my blog to a business. I could become like the other blogs out there who go on to become ‘famous’, but then the stalls need to be mucked, the fields plowed, the goats are having babies at 3 am, there is one more story to be read, and another hand to hold.

    I mean no disrespect to the blogs that are profitable, as long as that is what the author wants. We only have one live to live, and it’s too short to be spent trying to please others. Your authenticity and your tenacity for healthy living is obvious, and I am so grateful for all you have done and continue to do.

    Prayers for peace and guidance.

  281. I want you to show us as much or as little as you are comfortable with! I’ve learned a lot from you, so do whatever you want. I will always keep checking in to see what’s going on and what new things there are to try out. Please don’t stress yourself out so much!!!

  282. Hi Katy ~ wow alotta comments! You are loved! I love your blog too, I don’t love ads but I understand the need. What if one of your children ask you these questions how would you advise them? That’s how i resolve some of my delimas…. Xoxo

  283. Katie – this post really spoke to me (clearly, since I’ve been reading your blog for years and have never commented; sorry about that) and my heart was angry and kind of breaking for you because as a blogger, too, I understand where you are coming from. I think you are in a very small, unique subset of bloggers that try harder than anything else to stay true to who they are intrinsically – which is so rare with a blog as large and successful and demanding as yours. Many others would have sold out long before now because the opportunities are there and it’s easy. Thank you for being you; the fact that this is agonizing for you speaks of your character and integrity. You are inspiring to me. Not only with this post and your blogging philosophy but also in what you share with the world (several of your immune boosting remedies like the elderberry syrup are staples of my large family and I am slowly making changes to make our family more holistic and healthy). In answer to your questions, I know how much work goes into blogging and think that if you can find advertising that fits your soul then it is a no-brainer. You aren’t the type of blogger that will let the ads take over…but advertising isn’t bad if it helps offset the costs of running a blog as well as provide your readers with products that align with what you believe and share anyway. I think advertising (and even affiliate marketing) used to be the “sleazy car salesman” of blogging but times have changed and I respect bloggers who choose to make money from their blog while staying true to who they are at their core. Good luck with all of this. And thanks for sharing a peek into the real you. I agree with many others on here that I love the realness. Keep it up! Your family is blessed to have you and I’m guessing you will never regret backing off a bit to spend more time with them.

  284. Dear Katie, I love this quote from Dr. Jen Bermann – we don’t need to be the perfect parents, we have to be the good enough parents. This quote has helped me tremendously!, you are above being good enough, you are so knowledgeable, you have helped so many people and you should feel really proud of yourself and a great role model for your family. Keep up the good stuff and don’t waste your time on what some people with no principles are doing. You are doing good to the world and life will reward you!. Thank you very much for being you!.

  285. Hello Katie,

    The time is now 12:35 a. I just finished making a batch of detergent and my very own fabric softener. I have been on a “natural” living kick heavily, for the last year or so. It started out with food and has now moved on to bath and body products and house cleaners etc.

    On my journey, I would type in random recipes for body butter or bath salts or essential oils and your blog kept coming up repeatedly. I just signed up for your newsletter last week. Its funny that I decided to drop by, this late Saturday night to see what new challenge you had to offer and I was met with this heartbreaking “rant”. Its funny because I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about your wonderful blog and how its changing my life! Its funny because contrary to popular belief, I don’t think anyone in this community expects you to be perfect.

    I’m new here and in fact this is my first post, to reach out to you personally. I was saddened by your post and just wanted to encourage you to stay at it, genuinely. Whatever genuine means to you, is what it means. Whatever ad you decide or not decide to post is up to you. You’ve started a community but don’t get lost in it, I value your opinions and know that if you post something that it is to be taken to heart and yes that even includes a lip balm recipe!

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I hope you continue this blog with the same devotion as I can see you always have. I’m not a mom yet but when my kids are old enough to ask me about all this “stuff”, I’ll be more than happy to tell them; “the Wellness Mama taught me.”

    Get some rest,

  286. I love your blog! I love the authentic YOU!

    My two cents:

    Monetize girl!

    Get your media kit ready and approach the companies you respect and are a customer of. Approaching companies directly will give you more control than Google Adwords (although Adwords are easier to set up)

    Re-purpose much of the content you already have as e-books. Many of your readers will pay for the convenience of having what they need all in one place. You can have an e-book or a course on green cleaning, or handmade body care products. I understand there are many others, but you have AUTHORITY, and a large audience.

    I think a course would be better than e-books actually. They feel more personal to me. I like hearing the person’s voice and I’d rather view slides and screenshots than read a lot!

    I know there is a lot of money and time that goes into this site. I’ve been into web design for a few years and I can tell this is a custom (or highly customized theme). Websites that look like this don’t come cheap!

    Also, I like the suggestion that someone made earlier about paid Skype consultations. Get paid for all that knowledge!

    I’m sure you don’t have a lot of free time(if any), but you might want to consider listening to one of the “business of blogging” type podcasts. I’ve listening to a few different ones, and I’ve grown very picky. I like Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income) the most. He comes off as the most authentic.

    Lastly, this week I began making turmeric golden milk because I saw the recipe on your site and we’ve made it 4 times since last Tuesday. My whole family loved it, well, the 7-year old didn’t want to try it but the rest of us are hooked.

    Much love,


  287. I am not sure why this post made me cry at the kitchen table. Maybe it is because I am a blogger and I wish people say the cost and time that really went into. Maybe it is because I have never felt perfect. Never felt good enough. Or maybe it is because the blogs I do follow show all of these incredible women who seem to have time to run the world, run their houses, make the perfect mom and be a super wife. It just makes your reality so much harder to absorb. So I appreciate a post like. I think this is one of the best posts you have ever made in fact. Yes, I said that. Because it was real. It was from the heart and it is full of honesty. Thank you!!!
    And I don’t want you to change anything…
    I think creating more e-books is a great way to generate income and help your readers – especially if everything is all in one place – if the research is all done for them – people love convenience
    But I don’t really think you should change too much!
    I think you are perfect just the way you are – and so is the blog!

  288. Katie I am a new member to your blog and would like to thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration, to me with all your knowledge on nutrition. I have had cancer three times now and it is wonderful to finally find different recipes for using cleaning products and beauty products, without the chemicals in them. I have just recently purchased you cookbook and really enjoy learning new ways to eat healthy. I am changing my lifestyle to become a healthier person and my families too. Please keep up the good work. You are AWESOME and have a Blessed Day.

  289. Hi Katie! I hope you are feeling the immense love and warmth from all of these dozens of readers right now and are finding some relief and encouragement from them! Clearly you have been doing something right 🙂 I hope you see how much not only what you do is appreciated, but also who you are. Even if it may not always seem like it to you, the heart you have for all of us, our future generations and your own family comes through in every post you write. I am 28, have no kids and am getting married in about 6 weeks and your blog is the first place I check for any possible random question that pops into my mind pertaining to health/natural living. Almost every time your blog is the ONLY blog I end up checking, because 99% of the time I have to look no further because you have provided such thoroughly researched and helpful information on such a broad range of topics. When I use the information you post in my everyday life I feel that I can trust that I’m going about something the best possible way because it is obvious to me based on what you write that what you recommend is something tried and true by you and that you genuinely care about all of us. Rest assured that your standards and integrity are most definitely evident. Thank you for that. Please continue to be true to yourself, follow your heart and maintain that level of integrity. I would not be bothered by a non-animated side bar ad if it is a product you truly recommend. You DESERVE to be compensated for the tireless work you do. Every time you post something new I think, how in this world does she find time to research these things and have the energy to keep going and come up with fresh and helpful ideas for new posts? Please feel proud of what you accomplish even in the midst of criticism and scrutiny and having the passion and strength to keep going through the exhaustion and stress. Be proud of the person you are. You and your family are what’s most important and being able to contribute more income for the sake of your family for what you already do is more than reasonable. You should get back all that you are investing. Also know that not all of your readers moms, married or stay at home. I’ve been reading your blog for years now and have probably been in a completely different walk of life than many of your readers but what you have to say is still extremely relevant to me and my life. I am getting married very soon and you are an inspiration to me as a woman whose priority is her family. I hope I am half the wife and mom that you are based on how much you invest in their health and quality of life. I work full time now, but at some point I will become a stay at home mom and will be proud and excited to be that. Your blog has allowed me to learn and gather such valuable information for when that time comes. I actually save your posts about pregnancy and kids just to be able to refer to years down the road! I love how open and honest you were in this post. As far as your question of being raw and real and letting the emotion and imperfections show? The answer is most definitely yes! It’s great to see your feelings coming through and not just information all the time. It makes everything else you write all the more meaningful because it is coming from a real human being with a heart who struggles with the same challenges, self doubt and stress that we do. That’s so encouraging in our journey to being a health minded person and creating that for our families or maybe even building a foundation for our future families. Yours is literally the only blog I have ever taken the time to comment on. As far as more ebooks and programs? I would love to see more of that as long as the regular posts don’t become scarce as a result. Find the balance that works best for you and your family. Take a break from the volume of things if you need to. Enjoy this time of just having published a book! Be incredibly proud of all of it. You are a wonderful example to people who consider stay at home/work from home moms to be without a real career, unimpressive or selling themselves short. You have become a role model for all women in showing that you can be a mom and follow your passion and create a career for yourself while still keeping your kids and how you parent them your highest priority. So know that you really are impacting people’s lives and I hope you feel more rewarded in your work after today. Best of luck to you in all that you choose to pursue!

  290. Also, I second Sarah above on you selling your own wellness/beauty products or any product that is your recipe. I am constantly trying to find new healthy beauty products especially and scowering sites like etsy for them! I would definitely buy those sort of things from you and it would keep me on your blog more regularly!

  291. Dear Wellness Mama,

    I came across your blog this past August and in these three or four months since, it has become a well-worn and trusted roadmap for completely transforming my life. I had never given a thought to slathering chemicals on my skin, or to making organic produce a priority in my budget. I didn’t really even cook. I drank tap water. I spent most of the last 10 years chain smoking. I was a mess. I still am… but shortly after switching to OCM and chemical-free conditioner, I was literally crippled by candida overgrowth, and then had no choice but to eliminate grains and sugar and start cooking everything I eat. To help regain strength after the illness, I’ve been rebounding. I have ordered a Berkey. I think I’ll soon be strong enough to start sprinting and strength training (for the first time in my life). This is all quite literally thanks to you.

    I am partial to raw. To human. I’m definitely partial to authentic. That said, I will read your posts in whatever form you are comfortable writing them. I think your content itself said to me that you wrote to help, before I read this latest post. I’m so glad you do. I want you to know that I for one have benefited, in a pretty dramatic way, from your painstaking research and loving writing.

    My girlfriend and I try to channel you, sometimes: “I think Wellness Mama would say…” It’s a gift, having you as a guide as I navigate this new terrain. Thank you with all my heart.

    • Thanks Joanna- so glad you’ve seen such amazing health changes! Congrats on all of your hard work and best wishes for continued health

  292. Katie

    Be yourself…you are fantastic, lovely, kind, creative and so much more!
    I love your website and your posts.
    You can’t do anything wrong in my book.
    I would love to be able to purchase your cookbook here in the UK.
    Keep up the good work xxx

  293. I so, so, so trust you, Katie. If allowing some ads on your site helps you make it all work, do it. I think your readers are smart enough to filter the fluff from the real stuff because that’s why we’ve all been drawn to you and we can do that with ads too!

    And lay it on with raw, unedited Mama stuff. I need to hear that from other people. I’ve actually thought about writing to you before, when I get through a day and feel I’ve accomplished nothing even though i only have one kid, to ask you how you do it all. I mean, what your day actually looks like. Motherhood is so intense, especially when we’re trying to do it the best of our abilities on ever level. We need each other. Brutal honesty always makes me feel way better. Thank you!

  294. WOW, Katie,

    I live on the opposite side of the world to you, in Australia. I have never met, spoken or emailed you. Your inspiring site is one of a very few that I bother to look at. I love everything about what you and your site represent. If more people could learn from your tremendous information we would all be a lot better off.

    I know because of who you are, you would be very mindful of any advertising which you endorse. If advertising is what you want to do, then go for it. Arh, the real Katie or the ‘image’ Katie? It doesn’t matter. My opinion of you is already high, just relax and be yourself.

    There will always be those in life who are jealous of what you do and achieve because they just can’t cut it themselves. They don’t have the morals or honesty or indeed the ability to attain the achievements you have. In Australia we call it, “THE TALL POPPY SYNDROME”. Easy said, but, keep coasting along, stay focused and ignore them.

    Trust me your site is refreshing and uplifting and if others can’t handle that because of their own insecurities you don’t have to explain anything to anyone to placate them.
    You are doing a wonderful job, keep up the great work. Much appreciated.


  295. You are an amazing lady and I thank you so much for your posts. Life is full of people who copy others ideas, but there are not many leaders, and you are one. One day you will look back on your life and be so proud of what you have achieved. God bless

  296. Dear Katie,
    I am a fairly new reader to your blog. I am a 54 year old mom of three adults (I frequently question that status for my youngest). 11 months ago I succumbed to my 26 year old son’s constant criticism of my lifestyle and adopted the paleo lifestyle. Through research of many, many websites and blogs I found you! You are such an inspiration to me. I wanted to incorporate a healthier home to compliment my healthier life. I enjoy your posts, recipies and general content.
    My point is, your message is getting through. Though you are experiencing the frustration of dishonest, greedy “others “you still want to get your message to your readers. You still show passion integrity and commitment to your cause. It shines through, Katie.
    It seems to me that you are experiencing a real world phenomenon called the dirty side of business. My husband and I have experienced it many, many times in our lives. We opened our first business and within a week, competitors had slashed the tires on several of our delivery vehicles. We did not close down, we simply had the tires repaired and ran a successful business for 10 years until we sold it. We were successful because we lived by values of honesty and fairness, even though many competitors around us were pretty slimy.
    Stick to your values, don’t let outside forces into your inner circle and you will continue to grow and thrive!

  297. You’re doing a great job, and this was a great honest post too! Just do what feels right for you…

  298. I rarely comment on any blogging sites, but when I read what you wrote here this morning I felt compelled to put my two cents worth into this long list of replies.
    First let me echo what so many others have written here, that your site is my “go to” and most shared of all the health-wellness websites I visit (which is a ton!). Our children are all grown, but I pass along so much of what you share to our grandchildren, as well as using so much of it for myself! I have your app too, (which is awesome), listen to your podcast and have pretty much followed you at all the online summits. Your transparency and honesty are just a few of the things that, I believe, set you apart -along with all the research work you do to provide us with such valuable useful information.
    As for the whole issue of Ads on your site, again I would agree with others, follow your heart and only allow those you truly believe in and support. People trust you, which can feel rather weighty in terms of not wanting to violate that, but staying true to yourself and your family first will help keep you on track.
    Thank you Katie, for all that you do from the passion in your heart for women, mothers, and families to live clean and healthy. You are VERY much appreciated!

  299. I came across your site a few months ago after seeing an interview where an actress mentioned she made her own toothpaste. My mind was blown, I had no idea people did that. I went to Google and your site was the first one I came across. Not only did you have homemade toothpaste recipes, but so many other personal products as well. I spent hours looking through everything. I have been having issues for a few years with commercial toothpaste irritating my mouth and was looking for a better alternative. I was also toying with the idea of going paleo and your site really helped me take the plunge. It also made me realize that lifestyle factors other than diet play a part in your overall health. I’m not a mom myself, but I really admire your dedication to making future generations as healthy as possible. I also love how well researched everything is and how you explain why certain things can be good/bad for you.

    I wouldn’t mind ads if that will help keep your site going. I definitely look forward to your emails every week. I also think if you feel the need to let more of your personality come though, then go for it! Do what makes you happy! You’ve been so generous with your time and knowledge, you shouldn’t feel restricted as to what you can or can’t say. I would like to see some new ebooks and products. I love finding out about new health products and recipes. I’ve found out about so many things I never even knew existed just from reading your blog.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to the new changes!

  300. Katie, I found your blog a few years back when one of my friends on a diaper website linked it during a discussion. Your practical, down to earth ways have been wonderful and are getting easier for me to replicate. I am from Canada, work FT and have three amazing children, one of whom has special needs. The info I have learned from you has helped me from when I speak with his doctors about nutrition and diet to the creams I use on him after his surgeries to help him heal. Your blog is the only one my sister and I can both read, agree on and discuss without fighting. 🙂 I occasionally click on your links but most of them I can’t use as they have outrageous shipping fees but that is just the nature of us being in different countries. I appreciated the ad-free nature of your site but do respect that ads do make revenue for you and so I would be fine with ads. I value honesty and would love to see more of the ‘real you’. Personally I don’t have a lot of time for e-courses and books, I prefer blog posts because they are more concise and with the extra-busy-ness of my time these days, I can start and finish in one reading session. Lol basically when I read one of your bog posts I feel accomplished because I was able to read something in its entirety instead of starting and stopping!
    With thanks from a friendly neighbour north of the border who values and respects your hard work and dedication. You rock!!!

  301. You truly are an inspiration. I loved this post, you are one of the most genuine and passionate bloggers that I follow and it shines through in every post (even if you are censoring the real Katie)
    I don’t have any children myself, but I have been following your blog for just over a year now and implementing a lot of the knowledge you have shared in me and my partners day to day life. You have inspired me to seek out and discover a lot of new things, to not be afraid of accepting the natural lifestyle (which I have always craved but denied myself because my family were so against it)
    To answer your questions
    1) selling out to me is when a blogger starts promoting products, courses, etc that they don’t really believe in or deem necessary. If you think it’s worth something then I will take your opinion on it as one of a friends.
    2) I love the snippets of your personal life that you share with us. I would never want you to feel like you have to share more than you are comfortable with though. Personally I like seeing that you aren’t always able to be the “perfect mom” or whatever because it shows that you are a real person. I don’t get inspired by people who try to convince readers that they are always on top form. I feel it creates a division between the readers and the bloggers ( I’m not “perfect” either but I like who am I and I enjoy the “trying” part of this lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with that)
    3)Yes! I would love more e-books and courses by yourself. You have a great way of breaking down information into easily understandable resources for your readers.

    Thank you Katie for this blog and all you do for the people who read it!
    Your message and how you approach sharing it is inspirational, your family must be so proud of you!

    Keep up the good work

  302. Please know I cried for your struggles when I read this post. I cannot imagine the “stuff” you get thrown at you to promote.
    So, speaking as a mom, grandmother, and soon to be Great grandma, I’ve been around a while and can sort out phonies, sooner or later. You are not one of those otherwise I wouldn’t read your wonderful blog. So here’s my thoughts: keep doing what you want to do, listen to your instincts, and do not go against your gut feelings. Thanks for asking our opinions, but at the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself.
    So to answer your 3 questions… 1) I do appreciate your recommendations for select products and ads. I can choose whether or not to link to them. If you make some money in that way, You Go!!! 2) RAW. We women have labored forever meeting the “perfect” standards so let’s not try to keep that facade going. (It just breaks my heart when I see my own granddaughters falling into that!!!, talk about “where did I fail!!!??”) and 3) Again do what makes you happy because I think we who enjoy your blog will enjoy it as well. For me, I like the idea of an e-course.
    Lastly, thank you for your ideas, knowledge and anything else that is perfectly imperfect.
    Warm and kind wishes for you and your family this Thanksgiving.

  303. Katie! You are incredible! Keep up the good work and keep on doing whatever it is that helps you get through the day and create whatever success means to you on your terms. Your authenticity comes through loud and clear, which is not an easy thing online. I am a 45-year old working mother of 3 kids – I consider myself reasonably smart and successful – but I bow to your words of wisdom, recipes, suggestions, etc. Your site is my go to for healthy living, healthy recipes, and a wholesome life (three things that are super important to me). THANK YOU for putting so much into it!

    Sending you positive energy and well wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!


  304. I found your blog while pregnant with my first child and it changed my life. I’m so grateful for the free content you provide and the genuine concern you show. I have no problem with you allowing ads that you feel are legit, especially if it financially helps your family. I appreciate honesty and sincerity and think you shouldn’t have to worry about presenting a ‘cleaned up image’ if it feels fake – BE YOU 🙂 I’m so impressed you’ve found the time and energy to put any of this out here for us. I value your efforts and support the decisions you make for your blog and family. Keep being your awesome self, flaws and all – we’ve all got them! We like you best that way.

  305. Wow, you’ve gotten a million comments here so I’ll try to keep it short. First, I just want to say I love your blog and I’ve been inspired by your writing many times. You are a great resource!

    That said, when I read blogs like yours I definitely feel like I fall short. it is a real struggle for me to find enough energy, time, discipline, etc to live the way I want and it seems so effortless to you and a few other bloggers I follow. So yes, I would absolutely love to hear about your “failures” such as eating hot dogs 3 nights a week from time to time and purchasing detergent at the store. I seriously never thought you did that. I strive with baby steps every day to make improvements to my diet and lifestyle and it comes with a lot of failures and feelings of inferiority. The key for me is to keep trying despite my failures, to not get discouraged, and to try not to compare myself to people like you. It’s an ongoing process. I guess my point is that it is motivating to me to see this same process play out with people who seem to be able to do it all perfectly.

  306. I love your blog and have made many thing with your “recipes” . I share it with everyone I can and give you credit for the products I’ve made. I did not like the EO you promoted( those people are over the top crazy with there claims) but have learned a lot about EO and use them regularly because of you. I like ( Mountain Rose Herbs and NYR Organic) . Thank you for taking the time to educated us and I trust you and all you post! I’m a fan!!

  307. First of all, like everyone else, I adore your blog! It is full of so much valuable information that has helped my family in so many ways! I know that if you allowed ads you would do it tastefully and it wouldn’t bother me, especially since I know how hard you work! As for being more “raw” on your blog, I fully support that! This post was so refreshing and made you much more relatable! I tend to see you as a super mom, (which you are!) but it helped me to know that you’re just like me in some ways too. 🙂 While I’m not a blogger, I can relate to your feelings of putting on your best all the time. I don’t even have a Facebook because I can’t handle the pressure and competition! Anyway, I love your posts as they are but I fully support you being YOU. For the last question: your site has tons of resources and it’s easy to find them. However, I do really enjoy having a book in front of me, so if you made e-books that I could print I would love that. Sometimes it’s easier to have everything in one spot. I would love e-courses too, but not sure I would have the time for them. And if you didn’t do either of those I would still be coming back to your blog every day! Thanks for all that you do. 🙂

  308. You are good enough! Never ever less than that!! Go slowly and be mindful and you will remain good enough always.

  309. Katie, I wouldn’t want you to be perfect. Then you would be too far above us and we wouldn’t be able to begin to try. Be yourself, your readers want honesty as much as natural. I absolutely love your blog and have recommended it to many people. I’ve made many of your recipes and plan on making several for Christmas gifts. One of the things I love about your site is that it’s not cluttered with advertisments. I understand that you do need to make money, so if you have some ads I wouldn’t stop visiting your site and who knows, I may find a new vendor for products. At the end of the day, you need to feel good about the work you did, and from where I stand….you’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work and be yourself, we love you just the way you are…warts and all. 🙂

  310. Katie, you have been such an inspiration to me since I started following you 2 yrs ago! You were one of 5 that I started following, that is now down to only 2 (your blog is one of 2 that I continue to follow) because the other bloggers extreme over advertising. By that I mean ‘flashing, pop-up ads that you must click off to read the post” or just blatenly posting about a product for people to buy with a coupon code, etc. It’s too much, but a simple link in a post to something relevant to your post that people might want that provides you some compensation is more than acceptable.

    I am a newbie blogger, that found inspiration from you, because I believe in a sustainable lifestyle. I do not have ads (haven’t been offered), but I write just because I love to write and share and am not looking to become anything more than a small time blogger (I only have 5 followers) . BUT I do refer to your blog in some of my posts and provide links to your page whenever the post or quote originated from you, even if I tweaked it. And this is not just professional courtesy, it’s meant as a compliment.

    My question to YOU is… Is that okay with you? I do not copy and paste your post as my own though! Credit is given, where credit is due.

    Thank you for caring and sharing! This is your blog and you should be able to do as you feel and if there are people who do not like what you do, you should not worry about it as long as you are being true to yourself. Trust your instincts… they got you this far!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Sharing links and even quotes or parts of posts with attribution is always ok and welcome. So glad that you are blogging too… I think we need as many voices as possible to hopefully reach enough people to create some lasting change. It is very slow in the beginning, but I hope you keep it up!

  311. I don’t always trust that a product is best because I see an ad on a site but they don’t really bother me either so, go for it! I always prefer when people are real (not that a polished you isn’t real). It helps me to realize that “hey, you are like me!” It helps me to feel like you can actually relate to me and the struggles I have…my laundry is piled in baskets every day. 😉 I usually can’t afford courses but if they have helped others, it’s probably worth doing! Thanks for your blog. I love it! I’m going to make some gluten free muffins for my kiddos now. 🙂

  312. I don’t mind ads or affiliate links (especially affiliate links, they are awesome!) as long as they are not pop-ups and as long as they’re not animated. Otherwise, I LOVE to support you, and if I can do it by looking at a few pictures next to the article, then I’m game!! I just need clarity on what is a personal recommendation from you and what is not.

    I would absolutely love to see anything new you come up with. I use your blog as the go to for anything health and food related, if I find someone else talking about a new ingredient or practice or whatever, I’ll search your blog to see if you wrote anything, because I trust you. Same thing if I have an issue I want to solve. Basically I guess if I need to know something, I’ll use your blog as a much more trustworthy google.
    Programs and ebooks and cookbooks would be super useful for me, I would love a cookbook for cooking with kale or one for cooking without a mixer. I would rather pay less for a small one on a theme I know is useful for me than pay more for an all encompassing encyclopaedia (though that would be pretty awesome).

    At the gist of it, I love you Katie, dirty laundry and all 😉

  313. I love everything you’ve provided! You have opened up a whole new world for me and my family!!!! I appreciate the products that you DO endorse – the ones you use for yourself – because I feel that I can trust you over the manufacturer’s descriptions.
    I don’t really have the time for e-courses, but I do rely on the quick recaps to direct me.

  314. Katie, I am a long time reader/subscriber, but have never posted a comment before, as I am content to quietly lurk. In fact, I almost didn’t post this time, because I am reading this post on my phone, and it took me FOREVER scroll down to the bottom to leave a comment! 🙂 Which tells me you are getting a lot of good encouragement!
    I very much appreciate your honesty and authenticity, with this post and with all your posts. I am very thankful for the Wellness Mama. You have become my go to as I slowly make healthy and more natural changes in my and my family’s life. You have saved me hours and hours of research and searching, because I know how well you do your research! If I am looking for a recipe or wellness idea, your blog (and Pinterest page) is my first “search engine”. And you have made a believer out of my husband, which is HUGE. He enjoys all the wellness mama meals I have attempted. 🙂 Thank you for the time you spend doing all you do and the sacrifices you have made to make it possible. This mama is grateful!! You just be you girl, and your readers will stick with you just like we always have. And you do what you need to do to help provide for and raise your sweet babies. You are beautiful inside and out! Blessings on you and your family!

  315. Katie, I have seen some wonderful comments on this post so I don’t have much to add other than telling you I’ve been following your blog for almost 2 years, and even though I have never commented before, (I rarely comment anywhere online) I just had to let you know how much I have appreciated not just your blog but the fact that you are raising 5 kids with purpose. God bless you!

  316. First off, well said! Your site is wonderful and I use it for looking up cleaning and cosmetic recipes. I love the fact that they are personally made, tried and tested. That you use them gives me confidence to use them myself.

    To answer your questions:

    I think you are nuts not to have ads on your site (though your reason is very noble). You work hard for what you do and should be rewarded for it! As long as the ads aren’t annoyingly in my face, I’m fine with it.
    However, if it is just not your thing, I would happily pay (if it is not too expensive) for an ebook with all those nice diy healthy cleaning and cosmetics recipes. It would actually help me out because I won’t have to search around your site to find them.
    As for seminar type things, I think it is amazing that people do this, but it’s not for me.

    As for personality, I coinsidently just blogged about healthy life changing sites that are written by these wonderwoman moms that seem to be perfect and shoot out 5 kids while keeping a huge blog running that contains all their own recipes. I’m sorry (embarrassed?) to say I had you in mind. Though it was actually a complement for you because I love your site, it did make me realize I felt a little inferior. Thanks so much for these lovely and personal words. It made me realize you are not super human, just really passionate and dedicated. So hurray for more personal thoughts!

    Last: you might not be perfect, but you are amazing! And who wants to be perfect, it would be boring 😉 and we wouldn’t believe you anyway lol.

    Yasmijn (part of your ever growing international community I presume, I live in the Netherlands)

  317. Katie,

    I HAVE adopted (some) of your things. Not all. It’s too overwhelming. I’ve been striving for years to try to eat better. I FEEL like a failure.

    Thank you for admitting that you struggle also.

    Between you and my positively GREAT doctor, I’ve been able to get a better idea of what I should be doing. For the first 45 years of my life I believed that real medicine had to be an Rx and that nothing I ate could hurt me. I ‘laid myself down’ before my doctors’ opinions and believed every word they said. But, there were some things that didn’t make sense…..and then there was the allergies. Anyhow, I digress. What I mean to say, is that I was ‘brain washed’ by society into believing anything but my responsibility for my own health and that food was for nourishment, not just enjoyment.

    Your website (and my doctor) help to dispel this myth and to remind me that I am on the right track.

    You WILL have to deal with the bad as you are doing so much good and people don’t like the truth all the time. It’s all about the money with some.

    God bless you for standing up for what you believe and sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.

    I read a blog the other day. The guy said he suspected there was no connect between intellect and wisdom. Well, I much prefer your wisdom to ‘doctor’ intellect.

    Thank you for being you.

  318. Katie, I enjoy your blogs and weekly updates. I have followed the links to products that you recommend and decide what I can use or not. I have forwarded your content to friends and family for a starting point when they want to get healthier. I think more e-books is a great idea and more of “Katie” in your writings. ( More like this article.).. I don’t believe that you are selling out and to me making money at all costs is just that. Keep up the good work and I look forward to all your future articles.

  319. Dear Wellness Mama,

    Thank you for sharing your passion and truth with us. I’m new to your blog. First and foremost you INSPIRE me!!! Everything you mentioned in “The Dark Side of Blogging” – your reason for doing what you do – sharing with the sole intention of helping others navigate the quest to live healthier, happy lives! Your commitment to being genuine and authentic – It so comes through exactly like that! At least for me. Secondly, truth be told, my considerations about starting my own health & wellness blog were slightly dashed by how good your’s is! Here’s what this post (The Dark Side of Blogging) did for me. Reminded me to not compare myself to others. Instilled in me that absolutely everyone goes through moments of self judgement, insecurity & doubt. It inspired me to give it a go without worrying so much what other people think. It helped me remember to just be me, share what I’m passionate about and what works for me! It reminded me to love the process and let go of expectations (mine & others) about the outcome. If I’m doing it for me and it makes me happy then I am successful.. If someone else likes it – well that would be extra whipped creme on top! Anyway, shame on anyone for blaming their own insecurities on to you! Myself included! You share nothing but positivity. It was very generous of you to share this particular post. You certainly didn’t have to – your intentions for your work are so very clear! But in true Wellness Mama form you, in an extremely supportive way, had no problem spelling it out for those who somehow missed it or forgot?! Keep doing YOU Wellness Mama! And thank you for it!!

  320. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have stumbled across your website and blog! I have been following you for a little over a year now, I believe. I have definitely become more knowledgable about health because of you. I have learned so much about making my own cleaning supplies, and hygeine supplies becuase of you. You have made a huge difference in my life as well as my family’s and friend’s lives. You have simplified things for me! I’m not having to spend a lot of time searching out something. It’s usually on your site!!!!

    Keep up the great work. It’s so refreshing to hear that you aren’t perfect either! Quite honestly, I don’t have enough hours in my day either. I’m not the perfect mom–sometimes not having the “fun” time I want with my kids becuase of my job, appointments, homework, daily tasks/chores, etc. I find that people that are driven or motivated have to budget their time and somehow, it all gets done. The great thing is that the kids see that hard work, drive, and dedication pays off.

    As far as things from you—Don’t regret any of what you’ve done that you look back on and wonder why. That’s how we grow! None of us are perfect or always make the best decision. I think a lot of times, we trust someone or think they will have the same beliefs as us and then find out later that they don’t. It’s ok to change your mind. It’s great that you realize that you maybe shouldn’t have done something. That means you learned from your action. Just continue to be the person you want to be and it will come out in your blog and your decisions. And sure………….. there are going to be some hiccups! It’s part of life.

    As far as your material– I love your short articles and recipes. Ebooks are great but quite honestly in my busy world, the short article is best for me. I love the recipes for the everyday toxic things we used to use–ie. lotion bars, sunscreen, toothpaste, cleaning supplies. I also love the recipes and fun ideas for kids.

    Thank you for being you! And for being real!!!! I so appreciate all you do for us!!!

  321. Sweet Katie please read through all of my comments, though they’re long 😉 Thank you for being so open about your thoughts and feelings related to your blog. Most importantly THANK YOU for being YOU. You have no idea how much you have helped me change my health, and also the health of my family. I feel so empowered by everything I read, and I also feel strength that I can do it too (even if its not always easy).

    My general advice for you is to first number your annoyances/concerns. What is the biggest problem you have? Then, tackle them one by one. For example, if mean people posting comments is really draining you the most, then deal with that FIRST. Tackle them one by one. Because you have prioritized them, you feel the greater amount of peace by doing it this way and will have continued energy to move down your list and deal with more. Overall, we can feel trapped, stuck or even helpless. Those are the times when we need to take that power back and making a list really helps me.

    Now onto my responses. As a little background for you, my sister is a big-time blogger. Enough so, that it remains her full-time job. I have watched her evolve, change and lose her sense of self. I have seen the ugly comments. I have seen her tears. I have seen her house a disaster before the perfect picture was posted. I have seen her create events ahead of time. I have seen her free, very pricey garb from advertisers. This wasn’t overnight, it happened slowly over the past six years. All I can say is don’t try too hard. Let things happen that are supposed to happen. Those that aren’t supposed to happen, well, stop them. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR BEGINNINGS. Always stay true to those feelings, reasons and motivations that got you here in the first place.

    Relating to advertising, ask yourself: “IF I wouldn’t make ANY money from the company would I STILL support them, mention them, etc?” That is the true test. Follow your answer and gut. Money weaves a tricky web that thread by thread, gets stronger and stronger until you forget who you are. Perhaps you decide how far you will go to promote something FIRST, before opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, you may fall prey to something you later regret.

    Next the mean comments. As someone once said, “those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.” I realize this is easier said than done, but for what its worth those negative people need help because they are unhappy themselves. As an idea, can you have someone else do a preview filter, looking for the mean, hater-type comments? Really, you don’t need to see those! If someone else was able to delete, then you could at least have the positive ones to filter through. I like the comments, but if its causing you lots of pain maybe just eliminate those for awhile.

    Lastly, Katie you are beautiful. I value that you are a balance of the clean and the messy. I think you have a realness about your blog that is what is attracting people. You are a very beautiful person that is genuine, honest and caring. Remember that you will have support if you are happy. Hopefully my advice might be helpful. Just remember above all else, WE ALL LOVE YOU! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Annie. Really great points. I think what you said is so key : “IF I wouldn’t make ANY money from the company would I STILL support them, mention them, etc?” That is the true test. Follow your answer and gut” I definitely wouldn’t ever promote something if it violated that 🙂

  322. This is the first time posting on a blog.

    I love reading and passing your wonderful work on to others that can use the information. This is my Sunday morning leisure reading time. It brings back memories of raising my four children back in the 80’s, all natural, homeschooling, no immunizations….

    Follow your intuition, which you seem to be in touch with, and thank you for the reminder of deleting the negative and using our time here for the greater good.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to making a huge difference in the world.

  323. Karie, Youe blog is wonderful and readers can tell the amount of time and effort you put into each post. None of us is perfect and I learned many years ago that while others don’t seem to mind, we ourselves, do. However, with age I have learned it’s okay not to be perfect, just knowing that removes a lot of stress.

    My children are long gone from the nest and I did the best with what I knew while I was raising them. Today I realize my knowledge was sadly lacking. However, I forgave myself and am now trying to change the world my husband and I live in, so we can improve our health and as an example to those children now in their middle 40’s. My hope is my grandkids will see me and change what they can for themselves and their families.

    You asked 3 questions and my answer to you is; BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! I dislike sights with large numbers of advertisers because the content seems to become less important however, I would not quit coming to your sight for the information I need if they were present. I love e-courses because I can learn at my convenience but they can be time consuming for the preparer and other things may be more important at this stage of your life. Just be true to yourself, you are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate you for it.

    At the age of 69, I am living with type 2 diabetes and thyroid problems. My 73 year old husband, of nearly 50 years, is living with MS and has since he was 30. I don’t mention the other health issues purported to come with old age, creeky joints, arthritis, sore muscles and changing eye sight because they dim in comparison to our major problems. Many of the things we are doing to improve our present life are due to your instructions and information. I make lotions for pain, magnesium oil for spasms, all my own makeup for the natural ingredients. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

    I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong, not afraid to learn new things, and not afraid to move past problems if there seems to be no solution. In the grand scheme of things nothing in this life is that important except family, friends and love of both. You keep your values in line, the rest will take care of itself.

  324. I am probably not your target group. I am a retired women who is waiting and hoping for grandchildren and their future. I am on a fixed income and have health issues. I can’t afford to “buy out” many things. I find your recipes very helpful. In fact.,having to worry about my global footprint, expense, and my health, the information you supply is essential to the quality of my life.
    Having age and experience on you I do have some advise. First of all: just know that all, anyone, can do is do what they can do with the time (and unfortunately the money) that they have. You are real and you are “doing good”. Thank you for that. The second part of my advise is the most important part. Don’t sacrifice too much of your time to doing good for someone you can’t embrace. Your children are growing and you will miss out on too much. You won’t be able to get the missed things back. You brought them into the world. They are your( and our) future. So even if your readers miss out a recipe or two. We are not your responsibility or your true joy. Thank you and best wishes.

  325. Katie, I’ve gotten so much out of your website, thank you so much for all your hard work. I love reading your posts. I know you’ve done the research, I trust your choices, and I really want to know about companies you love…and ads are the way to do it! At the end of the day, you have a business, so please don’t worry about “selling out” if you run ads. It’s great that you’re purpose is to help your readers, but if you’re struggling with expenses, your site won’t be around to help me :). Go ahead, make some extra money with ads, if you want. You deserve it!

  326. I cannot begin to properly express how much I LOVE your site. I found you over a year ago by a friend on facebook. I constantly make lotion and I am so glad you turned me on to Mountain Rose Herbs. I’ve just recently decided to make kombucha, it’s currently brewing. I have made magnesium oil and am going to make the magnesium lotion soon! I think you are doing a super fantastic job considering you have a husband and 5 kids. Kudos to you Katie, you sound like superwoman to me 🙂 In answer to your questions, I think ads would be great if they were things relevant to your site and things we’d want to buy. I love when you post links so I can use the products you trust. I value your opinion and feel as though you scrutinize things closely, I like that! I wish I had more money I’d but more stuff from Mountain Rose herbs, they’re fantastic. I’m also not sure how to make sure when you promote something from Amazon that you’re getting the credit for it. If that was easily displayed that would be extremely helpful. As for you being yourself with all your imperfections I say that’s all of us, it’s ok to be human and let it shine through. I think more women will respond. Just make sure your editing is good, my one pet peeve, lol. Which you do a good job of now! I love what Sarah said in response to courses, ebooks and the like. For me I prefer to just come to your site, I’m not a huge fan of online reading, I’m old school, I like print. But I understand in today’s world this is so much easier. I’m not a big fan of courses, but it’s partly because I don’t have a long attention span at the computer. But I still think lots of other people will benefit. I’m sure a few other people have said this but I’ll reiterate it, your kids are only young once, enjoy it while you can!!! Keep up the amazing work Katie and thank you for everything!!

  327. I’m all for the raw you! You have a fantastic site with so many beautifully polished articles, but now with your strong community of readers, maybe it’s time to let more “you” shine through. As far as the ads, I wouldn’t mind them one bit! If it helps support my favorite wellness blog (and the well-being of the author), I’m all for it. The only thing you might want to keep in mind is how incredibly easy it is to read and use your articles from a mobile phone and sometimes ads can load incorrectly and mess with the structure of the page. I trust that you would know what you’re doing with them though. 🙂 You’re awesome, Katie, thank you so much for your efforts and honesty with your readers. As you said, there really aren’t that many genuine online personalities in the world and we all greatly appreciate your integrity.

  328. Katie,

    I’ve always interpreted you and your blog to be genuine and coming from a good place. I hate to hear that you are dealing with these struggles and I want to recognize the goodness that you have spread… Thank you! I have a deep respect for the fact that you put so much time into your blog, yet don’t receive a paycheck from an employer, because you in essence ARE your own employer. Some days I wonder how you actually do it all! So with that:

    1. I don’t think you are selling out by promoting items that you actually use in your home. Even items that you have used then stopped and researched well and enjoy but can’t use due to your own financial limitations or reasons. When you promote items though that you have only trialed for a short period, having never before used, or even use for a short time then stop, then I think that is walking a finer line and picking that argument apart might take more time. But it sounds like you may have made decisions to promote in the past and have perhaps had second thoughts. We are all human! And the fact that you recognize that publically says huge things.

    2. YES! I’d love to see a blog about the real you! People naturally compare… it’s a human trait and a side effect of blogging perfect pictures and situations, at no fault of your own. I love the idea of blogging about – not just the best but the in between stuff too.

    3. Be true to yourself. If you want to blog about ecourses and such, then go for it! Especially if this is an avenue that might help you out financially. After all you have a family to support!

    I’ve received my copy of your cookbook. I am so excited to have it! You have drastically improved our family’s way of living, that I am happy to help support your mission in return with that purchase. The recipes look delicious. I’ll be making the Chicken Broccoli Casserole today in fact.

    You are in inspiration Katie!
    Thank you for sharing everything that you do!

  329. Oh Katie if you only knew how appreciated you are by me -a total stranger. You have no idea how much I look forward to your posts. I have tried many of your recipes (and have laughed as they didn’t turn out nearly as perfect as your pictures!) but nevertheless they worked. You have helped me through your various links, to connect to many of the health summits and thankfully and very greatfully I owe my own journey back to health because of what you are doing. I trust your judgment on the products you advocate and if you get a percentage for promoting them that’s great. You are totally honest and that is so hard to find nowadays. Be raw, listen to your own intuition, and as others have commented be true to you. You will never regret that and we will love you even more. Just know WellnessMama is a trusted site and I have mentioned your site to many many friends of mine. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you so much for it!

  330. Katie, I am new to this community but love what you say to everyone. I am probably one of your oldest followers. You are honest and can’t be responsible for those who ‘use you.’ We know the difference.
    I also appreciate the fact that you are human just like I am. It is too difficult going through life and seeking an unattainable perfection. We all do our best!

    Thank You!

  331. I have followed you for long enough to trust and believe in your judgment. I know the things you post are only those that are healthy and safe.

    I say go for the ads as I know you will only choose those that are the best products for us all. I must admit I don’t like flashing ads but do what you need to do to help you and your family. I raised four kids and my youngest is a diabetic. The challenges of having a child with an incurable illness are hard to deal with. I am now the care giver for my mother who is in the middle stages of dementia. I have used many recipes for personal products from your site and they have all been wonderful. I make healthy gummies for my grandkids.

    I enjoy your blog very much and truly appreciate all of your research. I know it is very time consuming. I will say I like the “raw” Katie. I am so glad you decided to write this blog and show us what you go through to keep us so informed. I will continue to follow you no matter what you decide to do.

    I must admit I haven’t used any of your courses yet and haven’t bought your cookbook although I am seriously considering it. So, you should still offer these things as so many people will benefit from them. You have taught us so much regarding grains and things like not using antibacterial soap. I wish my hubby would believe how bad it is but he just laughs at me.

    Keep up the good work. We all believe and trust your judgment.

  332. Katie,

    My wife and I have been following you for about a year now. Your post have helped us beyond belief. I feel that how you have your site currently with links to the products that you use are extremely beneficial to trying to regain out health. It isnt easy to find these resources and products. We love your voice and the help you provide. Thank you for everything you do and provide.

  333. Hi Katie! My husband and I found you a few years ago. We love getting your Sunday email with all your top posts and then following the links around your blog. We have your app and have used several of the recipes. I love to listen to your podcast while I’m working in the kitchen and have enjoyed your interviews on some of the recent internet summits. Our kids are both on their own and getting married, but we still are learning so much from you. I wish you were around when we were raising our family! We come to your blog because you are authentic and we can trust what you post. We are in the process of trimming our in box because of the explosion of internet resources in the real food and healthy living area and are keeping only those who we trust and who add value to our lives and you are in that category for us. Trust us when we say the time with your precious children will fly by, make your own family your first priority. Don’t forget your husband, keep your marriage strong. Stay true to yourself and live life with no regrets. We have appreciated your honesty and apologies through the highs and lows of this past year, good for you for trying new things, failing, and being honest about what you have learned through the process. We’ll be here on the journey with you learning right along side. Wish we could have a “do over” on so many things with our kids, guess that’s where our faith has to take over. Remember there is only One who was perfect, we can only put our hand in His until we meet Him face to face and give it all we’ve got until then. We are looking forward to what you will share this week and in the future. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you have already taught us.

    Ps. I really appreciated your post on how our bread is not the bread of Bible days. It really helped me make that first leap to gluten free before I was even diagnosed with my Hashimoto’s and all the subsequent books and podcasts about wheat and grains were available. Thanks again Katie!

  334. Hi Katie,
    I really appreciate your blog and all you do. As a blogger, I know it’s an incredible amount of work behind the scenes. I also appreciate your honesty! A lot.

    I don’t blog for the money either. I started a blog (in which my only readers were my husband and my mom) because I enjoyed writing and sharing there so much and I’ve continued blogging over the years for the same reason. I also hope to inspire others and share what I’ve learned in the hopes it will be of some help. And sometimes I probably hold back a bit because putting yourself out there for all that judgement can be hard.

    As I’ve switched to a different platform, my costs have gone up and I also spend a lot of time each day on blog work. So I understand the need to bring in some income from blogging and also understand wanting to do it in a way that feels genuine and true. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with seeing ads in your sidebar. If they are things you want to promote, then others can benefit from finding out about them too.

    Thanks for being so honest and sharing so much. I appreciate the information you put out there!!


  335. As I skimmed through this article I began crying. How horrible that some people are stealing your hard work and reprinting your articles as their own–criminals! Katie, you always come off as genuine and honest and I trust your well written articles because I know they are thoroughly researched and that you are sincerely trying to promote the health of our families. I love all of your pledges and definitely want to see the real you; by being true to yourself, you will be true to your family and to us. Hey, maybe without the squeaky image, your posts will be less likely to be pilfered? Many times I have marveled at how you do it all, and know that most of us would struggle to do half of what you do well.

  336. Katie thank you for your commitment to helping families become healthier every single day! You are such and inspiration to me and your example has helped me better the lives of my family in so many ways. I want you to know that i’m inspired daily from your example and want you to always do what you feel is right for your family and the readers no matter what the path. I have no problem with adds that are true products we would use in our daily healthier lives. Thank you for being you and showing that we all are human! I just received your cookbook and can’t wait to get started cooking!!! Bone broth is up first!

  337. Precious Katie, (Wellness Mama)

    Be yourself!!! It is quite refreshing to have a role model who is real!! The people who are copying you could likely be sued, but I doubt it would be worth the cost.

    People sense what is real and what is not. Let God handle them. I am 71 years old, and every time I asked God to take care of things, He took longer than I would have liked, but did a much better job than anything I could have done. When I forgave, I was free. The thief never is!!! They are in a prison of their own making. (the worst kind)

    You have wonderful motives for writing this blog. I have enjoyed it so much!!

    I applaud so much your decision to spend more time with family! You will never be sorry for that.

    Ads are not my favorite thing, but I respect the persons using them UNLESS they use them as personal recommendations, then make money from me. If it is just an ad, keep them to a reasonable number. Just don’t say you use it and love it unless you truly do. (I beleve this would be your stance, anyway.)

    I would be glad to know that you could do the charity work your heart longs to do.

    (Could they be lumped in one place?)

    All of this, (my first post) to say, be yourself. Be true to your beliefs. Go with your gut feeling and don’t worry about the few who are going to find fault with everything.

    Remember that we care about you, and your family loves and needs you even more than we do.

    With Love,

    Barbara N.

  338. I want to start by telling you how much I LOVE your blog. When I became pregnant with my first son, I started looking into more natural ways of living, and I found your post for cloth wipe spray. I was immediately hooked! I don’t expect you to be perfect because it just doesn’t exist. I am a firm believer that the only perfect person gave His life for me to live, and I cannot attain that perfection. I will still keep you in my “supermom” file, along with a friend of mine who just seems to do everything and more. I love the truth and research you offer on your blog. 1) As far as advertisements go, I don’t pay much attention to the ads on most blogs. Ideally you could find ads that support the truth and message you’re trying to send to your readers. We all understand the difference a little bit of extra income could make! I would still come to your blog often and still think of you as a trustworthy source. 2) Honestly, I find comfort in moms who aren’t afraid to show us their vulnerability and imperfections, because no mom is perfect. I like knowing that even my “supermoms” don’t have everything all together all the time. I constantly feel like I don’t do enough or am not enough, but seeing that every mom struggles with these inner battles calms my spirit and encourages me to just be happy with trying my best. Again, I will still consider you a trustworthy source even if you are raw and uncensored. 3) I am one that needs to be explicitly shown how to do things. When I took on the more “crunchy” lifestyle, I did a TON of research because, first, I wanted to be knowledgeable (especially when explaining to my skeptical husband why we need to use cloth paper towels or make our own laundry detergent) but, second, I wanted to make sure I did it exactly right. I know I would benefit from courses or ebooks. I like making my own products; knowing exactly what is in what I’m putting in and on my body. I know making my own skincare has made a huge difference – I rarely wear makeup anymore because my skin looks better than it ever has! I would benefit from knowing how to make my own products. I also like knowing the latest research on nutrition. My mom and sister recently did “Whole 30” and were telling me beans and legumes were bad, which was contrary to what I had read (and I had prided myself on being the “healthy” one of the family.) The first thing I read was a post you wrote about exactly what they were saying, so I figured it must be true because I value your opinion/knowledge/research! To conclude, you are doing such an amazing job! I had the idea of blogging, but don’t know that I could be as dedicated as you are. I have gained so much as a mother from your blog and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Wellness Mama in the coming months! Keep up the AMAZING work. 😀

  339. I’m very thankful for you and your heart! Your passion for health and helping others is very evident. Thank you for this very raw, very real post! You’ve helped me and my family become healthier…what a gift that is! So thank you for your heart. I’m so sorry others can be so rude and heartless. They have no idea what it takes to create and share the things you do…who needs those people?! Focus on us others that love you for you and love the passion you share and allow us to translate that into our own lives. We adore you–focus on those people, because THAT is the “why” and the “who” you are doing it for!! I love that you are just going to delete the others…they aren’t worth your precious and dedicated time. Keep up the good work Katie! We are in your corner!

  340. Katie, I LOVE you! You were my first (health/nutrition blog), and you have opened my eyes to a whole new world. My teenage children laugh at me now when I tell them we are going to make laundry soap or air freshener or hairspray, or some other product they think only works if they pay big bucks for it at a store. Hopefully, after the laughter dies down and they see me actually doing it, some of it will stick with them as they move into adulthood. I so wish that I had known some of the stuff you are teaching me when I was younger!!! As far as your blog — you do what you need to do. I would love to see that you are “human” because “perfect” is pretty hard for us mere mortals to live up to. Learning from mistakes, ours OR yours, is much more effective. Speaking of the other bloggers who use your words and your ideas without giving credit, I wish you woud name names so that your loyal followers can actively boycott the sites of those with so little integrity and creativity of their own!

    Keep doing what you are doing — so many of us can’t live without you now!! <3

  341. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    1. I do not consider having ads on your page “selling out”. That is just part of the business of blogs and we as readers understand that. I’m not sure if you have control over the ads that appear on your page or if those are generated by the browser but it would be helpful if you explain that to us as ads starting appearing so that we know whether the ads we see are your recommendations or just ads from the browser. I really appreciate how well-researched and thorough your content is and think that you should be rewarded monetarily for all of the work that you do. I think it is great for you to make money from your blog from advertisers so that you can continue to provide the information to us for mostly free. You talked a lot about the community that has formed on this page and know that we in that community care about you! We want you to take care of yourself and live a balanced life with lots of time for your family while providing us such great resources. I would love to see you generate revenue and use that to hire people to help you. I couldn’t believe a few months ago when you personally answered an email that I wrote with concerns about the meal plan system. You need help to do those basic things like moderate comments and answer emails so that you can focus on writing content and research and your own family. I am a home-school mom too and I know how busy it can be.
    2. I read a number of homeschool and wellness blogs and while I usually join for the info, I often end up staying because of the connection I feel with the blogger or will unsubscribe if I don’t feel a connection. Honestly I do not feel that connection with you because you don’t share about your personal life. With your blog, I stay a part of the community because of the great info that you provide. And that is ok. I really respect your decision to keep yourself and your family private because once you open that up to the world, you are really vulnerable to more personal attack unfortunately. I, and probably most of us in your community, would love to hear more of your uncensored life and would respect you all the more for it, but I understand that there are outsiders who come in and attack. I have no problem if you want to continue to keep yourself and your life private. I see your blog as different from other blogs in that way and that is ok, different is ok. I always felt like you had made the decision to keep this more of a professional blog than a personal one and that is fine.
    3. I would love for you to develop more material but as I said in number one, not if that comes at too high of a personal cost to your health and your family. For me personally, I am 100% on board the wellness train so to speak and have adopted many changes to my diet and lifestyle but I would love to hear more about how to help others in our households and in our extended circles of life about why these changes are so important. Honestly if we as readers have to pay for the courses, ebooks, etc, I don’t know how much I would be able to purchase. I already struggle to prioritize healthy food and products in our budget and there is so much free info out there, that I usually don’t pay for that type of info. Not that you don’t deserve to be paid for it. You definitely do! But if you can get paid from the advertisers and continue to provide information to us for free, I would prefer that. Thanks so much for listening to us and considering our feedback.

  342. Thank you so much for your wonderful honesty. I just started a blog of my own and learning all the behind the scenes work can be very daunting. It’s refreshing and encouraging to hear about it from someone else’s perspective. Thank you again for the inspiration!

  343. Well, my friend and I love your blog and we often conversate over many of your topics and recipes. We actually just sent each other this article link knowing the other would appreciate its content 🙂 Just the other night we were commenting on how hard it is for us to read all these “mom” &/or “health” blogs and wonder how they “do it all so well”!

    I love when I see the REAL person behind the blog screen, and this is mainly because as moms, we so often struggle with feeling “less than” (as you have stated so well above). Generally speaking, I think most moms are out there trying to do the best for their families and blogs like yours are helping us get there.

    But that “squeaky clean” image that many put forward can only kill our gusto when what we do on this side of the computer screen fails to produce the results Ms. Blogger Mom has experienced. It’s REALLY NICE to know when your attempts have failed too (but then go ahead and share what you found that DID work 🙂 ).

    As far as ads go, I think you’ve done a good job at showing/explaining the brands/companies you trust and why. I have no problem with bloggers promoting companies they TRULY believe in and back up – I would. It’s also helpful when bloggers do a brand comparison explaining why they’ve chosen to use the brand/company they do (although I know it takes time to do the extra work). It allows us as the reader to see why you’ve chosen what you have and then decide if our reasons/preferences match up with yours. I think Katie @ KitchenStewardship has done a nice job of this in the past.

    I will say this, I have often wondered how you are able to do all that you do with a family of five! I have 4 kids under 5 and struggle daily to get the simplest tasks done (let alone write for my blog, which has sat dormant for over 6 mths now.) I LOVE reading your content, but would definitely appreciate seeing how you manage all you do (or don’t do) on a daily basis. One of your most helpful posts described your discovery of the book, A Mother’s Rule, and how it changed your life. I have since poured over & through that book and has changed my life in many ways too!

    If you’re looking for suggestions on what your readers would like, eBooks and eCourses are great, of course, but practical applications of what you do in your home and with your kids, how and when you construct your remedies and cleansers and such would be incredibly helpful. Does that make sense?

    At any rate, I think you’re awesome and appreciate all you’ve put forth. Deep down I know you’re not perfect, even though there are days that I wonder, and really appreciate the honesty you presented in this post. Keep going girl, whatever that may look like for you now! LG

  344. Katie, It looks like we just got a great dose of the REAL YOU!!! Yeah Baby that’s what I’m talking about! Keep it coming Girlfriend!

  345. With regards to advertising. I think you go for it with brands you trust. You put so much into this blog and absolutely deserve a healthy return on your investment….plus, people want to know what products you like so they can buy them. A win-win if you ask me. Personally, I’d never think of a person making money from their blog as “selling out” via advertising, webinars pitching a product or service, or even MLM so long as the products were consistent with their message. My two cents, you deserve to make a good living from this while helping people. Thanks for all you do!

  346. Hi, Katie,

    I appreciate your your transparency and authenticity. I am an older mama, like many who read your blog. You are doing a great job! You are right to note your family is the first priority after God. There is really nothing I have to say that hasn’t already been stated very clearly by so many. I will continue reading and following regardless what direction you go, because you have earned my trust. I keep learning and growing as well, and love that there is always something new to discover…many times on your blog first! Many blessings to you.

  347. WOW! So many responses! I couldn’t take the time to read them all, but I hope they were all positive. I have had many subscriptions to blogs. I regularly have to unsubscribe to some because I notice them taking up too much of my time. But yours, Katie I will not unsubscribe because it has been of such value to me and my family. I’ve come to trust you. I’ve come to recognize you are genuine. Please keep doing what you’re doing. There are so few out there who ARE genuine. We need you. 🙂

  348. My two cents:
    Your blog is AMAZING! I’m a huge fan! Your questions:
    1. I get the hesitation to advertise. BUT if it is done tastefully, you are actually doing a service to your readers. There is nothing at all wrong with it and it’s actually a great way for readers to connect with products an services they might not otherwise find on their own. I think you should do it. Maybe the money that comes in could be a way to spend more time with your family and less time at the computer by getting help on the blog. I don’t mind affiliate marketing at all either,a s long as it’s put right out there. The reader can decide based on whether they trust you or not if they want to use it.
    2. I love seeing real people on their blogs, but that is different for everyone. I want to see you however you are comfortable. I don’t know the story of what happened, but if you are getting criticized for your blog image, it’s all their ‘stuff.’ I don’t feel anything but love and GREAT content from your posts. A lot of people like to find a place to direct their insecurities, I guess.
    3. Yes, more info products! I personally love your DIY stuff.
    best, cari


  350. 1). I ignore ads anyway unless you link to a product in one of your discussions about which I want to follow up.
    2) I like the squeaky clean Katie, but I know that you are doing too much to not be stretched too thin. Whittle it down to suit you but please don’t leave me with the image of Katie in curlers and pjs blogging. 😉
    3) I usually go straight for the recipes you post so if you choose that and ebooks no complaints here.
    I’m a non-practicing health coach and grandma/holistic nutrition student. No “mama” anymore in the “I have little kids” sense. I enjoy the generic “everyone can use my tips” info you provide best.

  351. It doesn’t take long to figure out which sites are solely for the purpose of making money. I have no problem with people making money but the manner in which they choose to make it does matter to me. Endorsing something for the sake of payment is imo dishonest. And you’ve never been dishonest and that’s why your blog is one of the few that I use and recommend to others. When you say raw I’m pretty sure you don’t mean language. A well placed (and deserved) damn in a vent is not a problem for me. Trusting your gut and keeping it real in a fake world is all you can do. Love on those babies and apologize to NO ONE for your choices. p.s. LOVING the golden milk

  352. As a blogger, not a wellness blogger, I too have struggled with the ads and other things that seem to use my readers. I have made rather non-traditional blogging choices because of my feelings. Thank you for your genuine concern and compassion. It shows. Real is always better than artificial. Real always shines through. Real. That’s the best. Thank you.

  353. I suspect that the wealth of comments ahead of mine have given you a good idea of where your readers stand. Namely, with you.

    I am so up for ads that meet your approval. How many times have you linked to tropical traditions or mountain rose in your posts? Stick those ads up there! If it’s something you’d want to link to, then go for it!

    Quite frankly, I’m not likely to purchase ebook or courses. I’m eyeing up your book and will figure out how to get it (Canadian 😉 ), but digital products don’t interest me.

    I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now, 2 years or so. I love it. When you get going with the science behind what you think and try? Whoo! I’m there. I want to keep reading it, and I would enjoy learning more about you as well.

    We’re with you, and I think you know where that line is for you. You got this, Mama.

  354. I am sorry, I have not read the comments. But to answer your questions at the end of the post:
    I want anything you’d like to offer, in any way, Katie or Wellness Mama, does not matter. Anything you can/will/would like to offer – I’ll take it. Most of all, please, take care of yourself. We all need you. We need you to be healthy, sane and happy. That is more important that blogging for us. If you have to do the blogging not so often – it is fine, don’t worry about blogging often and spending lots of time on it. Just take care of yourself and your family. Please.

    I’m fine with advertising, when I can read content without the sound of advertisements. It is also annoying when advertisement covers part of what you want to read or requires you to click something on it (even the “close” button), before it lets you read it.

    Personally, I don’t see myself at this point, taking any online courses. And I am more an audio-book listener (while doing house chores) at this point, so no e-books for me. But I am sure lots of people would buy those products from you, if you make them!

    Thank you for the cook book! Love those rings! The book actually stays open where you want it to!

    Good luck with everything you do! And THANK YOU for all you do for us!

  355. I love you Katie and try to read everything you post. Even if I can’t get to a recipe or new product to make, I enjoy seeing what it’s all about and know one day I will get to it. I love everything about what you do. Once I got pregnant last year for the first time, I went on high toxin alert, came across your site and have been hooked ever since. I want raw Katie. Videos on how to do stuff would be great too! And I don’t mind links to companies occasionally for the products you’ve discovered to be wonderful. I think that’s helpful! Thank you and keep it all coming. Thank you for being true to yourself and true to your peeps out here 🙂

  356. you are a pioneer, Katie…it’s so wonderful we have a place to go to find documented proof about our uneasiness with the food we eat , toothpaste we use, weight, sleep, skin etc. You’ve done all the work, and we are free to seek out, link to, read or purchase any of the stuff you highlight …OR NOT. We value the research you’ve done. ! We are adults , and I certainly don’t feel bad if I can’t afford , or don’t have the time to do everything wonderful you do …t admire you more for it. I just love all of the sharing in your easy, companionable way. We all feel like your sister…

  357. and more on advertisement: if you let more of it and you don’t like it, can’t you just turn it off, go back to what you had before?

  358. Katie,
    This post was so timely for me. (I just got the chance to finally read it.)
    I don’t have 5 kids, but I do have two, who I homeschool.
    I found myself wondering just the other day how you do it all! I was asking myself why I can’t seem to get everything accomplished? And here I am with only 2 kids and yet you have 5 kids, a new cookbook, a blog, and how on earth do you find the time for all your research!?!
    I was comparing myself to you, which was really unfair to me and my family. No one has asked me to be you. They want me to be me, imperfect though I am.
    I LOVE your blog, your meal planning website, and I just got your cookbook (because I’m a sucker for cookbooks – I read them like they’re novels).
    Learning that you are not as perfect as I thought doesn’t make me like you less; it makes me appreciate even more everything you are putting out there.
    Thank you for everything you share with this community.
    As for you making money from the blog, I don’t have a problem with that as long as what you are presenting is something you would or have used in your own home. I really appreciate the links to Amazon & elsewhere that make it easy to find items that I am not familiar with.
    At the end of the day, I think it is most important that you are comfortable with what you put your name on. Your integrity has no substitute. We won’t know if you’ve sold out, but you and your family will. I trust your website. And I think you are exactly the kind of person who respects that trust.
    Thank you for all you do.

  359. First I’d like to thank you so much for this lovely blog.
    I came here just wanting to learn how to make gelatin snacks lol and ended up subscribing because of all the great info.
    I love the home cleaning things, recipes and just great ideas that I find here.
    So again thank you and please keep blogging. ^_~

    If your promoting great products I don’t get how that’s selling out lol. ^_^’
    I mean you’ve been promoting some really good products or websites so far.
    Which I have no problem with I really do love MR and TT.
    Now if you where promoting things you don’t even use or like then ja that’s selling out but we all should know by now that you would NEVER do that.
    So just keep doing what your doing which was adding the links to where your getting the things you use from that works well enough right.
    IF you wanted to do more that’s up to you.
    Your ideas have been really good so far so go with what feels right to you ok. ^_^

  360. katie,

    Your post really rings a bell for me. I am involved in a nutrition program right now. It seems the goal after graduating is to become a world famous online blogger/health coach. Many of the tactics You mention above, don’t feel right to me either. Your post is exactly what I’ve been feeling, just in your words. As I formulate what I want my online presence to be, I realized I don’t want to be world famous or Even pursue clients, I want to create a place where people come to feel like they are part of a community, a place where you feel like you’ve finally found “your people”. It seems the nutrition/wellness field is beginning to become a little smarmy. I get spammed every. Single. Day. by some of those wellness coaches. It’s annoying and definitely not me. I, like you, want to help people see alternatives to what modern society usually offers. I want to help save wellness, the earth, it’s animals, and raise my daughter to know what’s really important. Thank you for your blog post. You made me really respect you all the more! I love what you are doing and will support you any way I can .

  361. Wow! I just literally continuous scrolled for 5 straight minutes on my phone to get to the bottom to write my comment. Do you see how much love and support you have from your readers? We love you and we appreciate every single second you put into doing this blog that has helped so many of us live better, healthier lives. You are amazing!

    To answer your questions:
    1. Selling out is not about how much money you make. It’s about whether or not you stay true to what you believe in, what you’re values are and how you feel about things. It’s about being true to you. You have a living to make and a family to take care of. I don’t care if you put up ads. The only thing it’ll do is help me find more did to live healthier. I trust you and your decision of what you’d feel comfortable advertising. I know you would never steer us in a direction that you yourself wouldn’t take. Make that money!
    2. I’d hope you would always show us the real you. Those of us who love you and truely appreciate everything you do for us and how much you have helped us better our own lives would never judge you. Real is always better.
    3. Ebooks and courses and such would be so helpful.

    This is your blog and you need to be who you are. This blog needs to be what you want it to be. I found you several years ago when I first started my own journey. You are still one of the few that I go to every single day after I realized so I can and can’t trust and who has the most original content. You come up with fresh ideas and keep it excited and not monotonous. It’s funny, the few other blogs I follow, you mention above. I trust you and them like I’d trust my friends. Probably more so since none of my friends follow the same healthy, natural way of living that I’ve come to live by.

    Be you! Do what you need to live your life how you want to live it. This is your blog……your just kind enough to share it with all of us!

  362. First and foremost, take care of yourself and family’

    I have often wondered how you do it all and I find it comforting we are all in the same boat. It’s very hard to get everything done. We are told to prioritize..that in itself is hard because we want it all and it’s hard to stop unless “all that” is done where we want it to be. All that we want to accomplish grows each day, as you know.

    I thoroughly enjoy our blog and it is by far the best. I initially subscribed to some others as well. I can say they lost their credibility because, at the end , they wanted to sell me something. The reason I want to go natural is to stay away from more product or a pill to take. What I mean is one claimed I could cure digestion problems , if I purchsed this bottle of capsules for only 69.95 a month. I want to learn to do that myself and make my own remedies. (I’m not interested in some sort of seaweed from Norway) Your blog has taught me very useful ways and recipes to create a healthier and natural lifestyle using ingedients that are accessible and affordable.

    Keep up the good work you do. but please take care of yourself most of all!

  363. How much of the “real me” do you want to see? Do you want more of the raw, uncensored Katie, or prefer the squeaky clean, “Wellness Mama” image?

    Of course, I prefer the raw uncensored Katie. I don’t like or follow blogs of people who pretend their lives are perfect.

  364. Wow, I think you’re doing fine. I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing the real you. I think we’re all a little like diamonds — and we need a certain amount of pressure to make us so. So… but diamonds don’t become diamonds by putting pressure on themselves. The pressure is put on them. And the beautifulest of and genuineness of diamonds do have “flaws,” so yeah — be real. Let’s be real. If you want to make a post and later delete it, so what. I do that all the time. It’s okay.

    Listen, diamonds, once they’re cut have many facets to them. Don’t we all have many sides to ourselves and personalities? Are we not constantly growing as we acquire new knowledge?

    Personally, I don’t come here all that often, but when I do I could lose and entire day because your stuff is really cool. I have taken baths in epsom salt and used vitamin C powder to neutralize the chlorine/chloramine (although I can’t really figure out why my bath water is still so freaking blue). I’ve learned a lot from you and while I haven’t implemented everything, it’s gonna take a while to make the transformation.

    By the way, a chiropractor here in Southern California (Huntington Beach) mentioned you in one of his talks about health and beauty. I just found him the other day on YouTube (he thinks you’re amazing, and that’s saying a lot coming from him because he’s pretty cool and down to earth himself). Anyway, I’m cool with whatever you decide to do, and you’ll definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Times are tough, and you do have little ones to care for, so think of them but take care of yourself, because they’ll see what you do with your time and mimic it in their own lives. DEFINITELY spend time with your children because you’ll never get that time back but you’ll always have the ability to grow your site. I think you’re a smashing success.

    I’m sure we’re all humbled by your generosity and willingness to “share the wealth” so to speak. Do what you feel comfortable with and make changes as you see fit and you acquire new knowledge. But don’t put pressure on yourself. That’s what we’re here for. hehe

  365. I raised four boys as a single mom….and am now an empty-nester. I subscribe to several blogs but enjoy yours because you support the healthy principles of the WAP Foundation and I do love your DIY stuff. I have never thought you came across as someone who had it all together. I would not mind your use of ads, and congratulations on your cookbook!!! All that said, I must say that I do not know how you and so many other moms with young children have time to do the things you do. I can relate to the energy and drive to do more and be more……….but I want to encourage you to not get too busy, not too “out there” and miss this small window of time that you have with your children, loving and training them, creating an oasis for your husband and family. Sooner than you think, they will be gone…………..and you will have all the time you want…. to blog and write and help millions. Please don’t take this as criticism. I think I just understand now, more than I did years ago, how important our job is as mothers………….keepers at home.

  366. Katy, I found this post really touching. Thanks for being so real and honest. I HAVE sometimes been that mom that thinks how does Katy do it all…and so well! I’ve even found myself looking at my toy-zone wreckage of a living room and thinking, ‘I only have one kid, Katy has 5 and I can’t keep up the house work while she does x, y, AND z!’ This is NOT your fault, obviously, but I want to thank you for reminding us that you’re human and we all are.

    I love your blog and find myself mentioning it to friends so often I fear they might think I’m obsessed! So keep up the good work and follow your heart. I’d be very happy with you showing ‘the real you’ as often as suits you.

    Regarding advertising, I love that your blog is ad-free, but I’m used to ignoring ads from gmail, facebook, etc. I feel like you deserve compensation for the service you provide and ads could help do that.

    And lastly, THANK YOU!!

  367. Katie,
    Thank you for your honest post! I will not go in to all of the positives that you bring to my health & well being but know that they are many. I am a Registered Nurse & I don’t have a family (yet) but I value all of the time you dedicate to your posts and all the research it must require. I find that your information is SOLID & reliable.
    I wouldn’t mind some advertising (it’s up to me to click it or not) and I trust that you will research before allowing the source on your website.

    I do look to you for product selection (I bought my squatty potty because of a post you wrote!)

    I do like all of the recipes, homemade products, tips & tricks. All in all, I would say keep up the great work!

    Your REAL supporters understand that you are human with all the joys & challenges that presents.

  368. Hi Katie

    I am a grandmama from Cape Town, South Africa. Came across your blog a year ago, love it, changed my family’s eating, drinking, rubbing and scrubbing etc habits and pin your good stuff on my pinterest often, for my own references…I have seen some posts repinned by others.

    I like what you stand for…so my penny’s worth of thoughts…I think you will be able to make a “clean” business of whatever you choose to do with your blog…and if you take a wrong turn somewhere, it is fine, you will be able to choose the right direction again…the whole world deals with choices everyday.

    As a businesswoman, writing my own paycheck and have to deal with ads, customers etc… the choice between “business and personal” is not always that clear – but in the end – if my choices balance fairly between value, money and satisfaction, I like to live another day.

    Oh and why do we have to take life so seriously…goodness it is so short, have fun! (says the grandma!)

    Have a wonderful day and do your thing honey…lots of us like and support it!

  369. I found your blog about a year ago when a youtube blogger Kassie CloudyApples referenced you for the marshmallow recipe. I cannot overstate how happy I am that this happened and it was THE biggest shift in my journey and understanding of natural self-care, better diet choices and health in general. I read other bloggers, but you’re *by far* my most trusted source. Even my boyfriend, who is very skeptical of most opinions and always searches for more “proof” (we’re both like that, the “side effect” of doing doctorate studies :)), reads your articles and loves your writing style. I do not know what else to say to emphasize how much I appreciate your opinion and tremendous work that you do. Please do not be afraid of coming across as “selling out”. I honestly do not care how many ads I am going to see on your page. I can always tell when a person is genuine (through writing style, topics they choose, the self-imaging etc.), and I most certainly assure you that you are much trusted and loved. One of the things that I’ve been doing lately was to visit your blog and click on affiliate link to amazon right before I’m planning on purchasing something from amazon, just to give back this little something for the invaluable information that I get through your blog. Like I mentioned before, I love your writing style as it is, but if “less polished” format is easier and less time consuming for you, that’ll work same great. Thanks much again, Katie! Please know your work is highly appreciated and valued 🙂

  370. I just wanted to say I have been reading your content for a while and have often wondered how you do it all! I am a health therapist, freelance writer and researcher so I know what goes into putting together real, useful and original content. it takes enormous amounts of time and effort unless you are merely copying someone else or spewing out garbage. I have developed quite a good ‘bullsh*t detector’ and can generally spot when someone is not coming from a genuine place. I know I can trust what you say and am constantly impressed by the depth of information you offer – for free! So stick to your principles, you are doing an amazing job and hey, a few adverts are not going to put me off. You can’t live on love and fresh air and you deserve to be rewarded for the amazing job you do

  371. I have to add my two cents…First, I have no problem with you adding ads to your site. After all, it is your site. Bless your heart for sharing yourself with us. You could so simplify your life by abandoning the blog and concentrating on just your precious family but thank you so much for giving us so much of yourself. You have truly changed peoples lives and that is something extraordinary.
    I agree that ads that pertain to this lifestyle would be helpful. It’s kinda difficult at times to implement the suggestions you present. Having advertisers that can provide easy access to the products you use would be great.
    I am amazed at how much of yourself you do share. Your sincerity shines and I think most of us feel like we know you. You are probably harder on yourself than you think any of us are on you. I always come back to your blog. You inspire me to try and do better. I’ve tried to softly implement some of your healthy ideas into my adult childrens’ lives and I often refer to you when they ask me health questions. Whatever of yourself you feel comfortable sharing with us, we’ll take! You are such a wonderful source of information and your honesty and integrity are so refreshing in this world of selfishness and greed.
    Please, please take care of yourself. If blogging a little less often will bring balance and peace to your life then we’ll get by. I’m sure I speak for others when I say that we would rather have a little bit of Katie than none at all. I am currently disabled because I thought I was superwoman when I was younger. Years of burning the candle at both ends and not taking time for myself has left me with three autoimmune disorders and mental health issues. Your blog is giving me hope that I will once again be able to participate in life.
    As far as content offered, whatever gives you joy should be your focus. When you put out quality information that helps you, that helps others too. Personally though, I love your podcasts. You always ask the questions I’m thinking of and your voice and demeanor are pleasant to listen to. I listen to you almost every night. Since I can’t remember things very well, I always seem to discover a new little gem of information every time I listen to a podcast.
    Most of all, I hope you feel the support and admiration of your readers. We appreciate you so much. Please take care of yourself and your family. Lean on us if you need us. This is not just a one-sided relationship. We seem to take so much from you, but if you need us, just let us know. We are here for you too!

  372. Katie,
    I truly respect your approach and work ethic. You absolutely help many people through your authenticity and selflessness. I appreciate your pledge to re-set a few boundary lines; it is certainly what every effective leader does, when appropriate.
    You are a mentor to me. Here are 3 points that clarify what I mean:
    First, as I read your posts and follow your resource recommendations for myself (and my wife and 2 teenagers), your authenticity and concern are obvious. We’ve all heard of the law of the harvest… where we reap what we sow. You are reaping the respect and appreciation of hundreds of parents who want to keep making things better for their families. It sounds like that’s why you started your blog in the first place. Congrats… you’re competitive and caring… and you’re winning.
    Second, as I go through the struggles to build my own ecommerce business with a friend while we still have full time jobs, the quality of your work (and the success of your site domain) inspires me to keep my integrity. I’m 1 year into a long journey toward success. I was certainly tempted in my first 4 months to “copy content and sell out” to the easy way. It would reduce the 4:30 a.m. workload that I put myself through before I drive an hour to work. But, we’ve all heard about the chick that dies soon after emerging from the egg shell because a well-meaning person cracked the shell to make it easier for the chick to get out. The lack of the struggle set the stage for the little guy’s doom. We need the hard work. It is what it is. Your hard work has been driven by your desire to inform and help others. As a result, your site is ranked in the top 12,500 on planet earth and you have earned over 3,500 voluntary backlinks. (according to StatsCrop) As as businessman, I have found a mentor to follow.
    Lastly, I appreciate your desire to gather direct feedback from your community. We will build our community with the same strong foundation (on rock… not sand). To answer your questions: 1) I want you to earn advertising revenue to promote products and info that you truly believe in. I will follow those links and benefit from your endorsement. Go for it. 2) Speaking for my imperfect self and at least a few other imperfect but highly effective parents in your community. we want to see a blend of squeaky clean ideal and raw imperfect Katie. How do you feel when you write that particular post? Do you want to set the bar high for yourself or us, or do you want to bring us into a conversation about the struggles and how we’ll get through them as a community? Write how you feel at the moment… it’s authentic and vulnerable… and that’s good. 3) I’ve been following your blog for over a year now, and the only request I feel comfortable making (since you’ve already figured out how to help others and sustain a fast-growing community) is to dive deep into those “crazy busy” days where we need to scramble around to 3 towns to get to a soccer tournament, then a little league game, and then a little cousin’s birthday party. Or, there’s the business travel day, too. These days are common. How do we best prepare for them in advance and “stay on track” for our own health and the health of our whole family?

    Thanks! You’re a valuable mentor. (and we know that you need to say “no” sometimes to your community… that’s a healthy habit)

  373. I read your blog thing at the bottom of the email kickback I got. You asked for our comments:
    You are going to have a breakdown of some kind. Mental or nervous, don’t know which. You expect to get a weeks worth of work done before you go to bed, a weeks worth of site work done before you go to bed, and a weeks worth of parenting before you go to bed or you feel like a failure. Just do like everyone else and get as much done in a day you can and relax, go to bed and do all you can the next day. That’s all anyone can do. You expect WAAAY to much of yourself…


  374. Normal and perfect are two words that I have tried to eliminate from my vocabulary. Neither of those words help anyone and they both mean something different to everyone. You are an individual, we all are, and we all should be. You are a smart, funny, well educated individual who has been doing everything you can to help us all. I know I was so happy to find your site. Sometimes it’s difficult to find like-minded individuals to help, share with, and learn things from. I knew there was a better way but I couldn’t find exactly what I felt was “the right way” until I found your site. Granted, I do experiment and change some of your recipes to suit my own family’s needs, but I don’t re-post any altered versions of your work. I don’t blog, I rarely comment. Not much time. I just wanted you to know, that for me you have been a God-send and that you should do whatever makes you happy. Would I turn away if you put up more ads? No. I don’t have to click on them. Would I like more e-courses and books etc.? Sure, when you get to it, if you have time. Don’t overload yourself trying to please everyone. Do you. Family first. Do I want to see more of the real you? I would hope that you would be comfortable in forever being the real you. You do have some really loyal readers out here, myself being one. You are a very important resource to me improving life for myself and my family. Thank You for all that you do!

  375. Go for the ads just so what they are advertising doesn’t compromise your beliefs. Everyone needs to make a buck. Also, be yourself. EVERYONE knows no one is perfect, sot he people who try to come across as being perfect are fake!

    Love, love, love your website and all the DIY recipes. Have made many of them.

  376. Hi Katie!

    I absolutely love your website and the quality content that you post! I’m sure you’ll make the right choice for your blog. As you can see by the commemts you’ve received that you are an inspiration and what you do and stand for is very much needed! Thank you for all the time, money and effort you put into your heart’s work. Keep up it up!

  377. You’re the best. The BEST. I’m one of nine kids and I know very well how hectic it can be with five little ones – then on top of that you do this blog and try to live a clean lifestyle?! You’re Wonder Woman!!
    For the record, I honestly would be HAPPY if you were to add one or two ads or continue with affiliate links. If it is stressful for you or you feel it’s unethical then by all means, don’t do it. But seriously, I believe I speak for all your faithful readers when I say that I want to give back to you just the way you’ve been giving to all of us. 🙂

  378. 1. I think “carefully selected” is the key to advertisements. You need resources to keep the machine running!

    2. Real Katie is best. People relate to genuine qualities, the good and bad.

    3. I love your recipes and value the information you pass on, particularly about things that are good or bad for us. I trust information coming from you because I know that you do research and speak from experience. I am disappointed when I realize others are sharing content that is not original.

    Katie, you are doing an amazing job and I am so grateful to have your blog as a resource. Like you, I started getting into natural remedies and organic products when I started my family. It is so important to me to do everything I can to make our bodies and living environment healthy and safe, and YOU are helping me to do that. THANK YOU!

  379. You are amazing! I love your blog and your newsletter and routinely refer to it for questions about my health and my family. I think it is important to be 100% YOU, 100% authentic and congruent with who you are. I would love ecourses and books and products. I also don’t think that carefully selected advertisers would be detrimental to your site, or to mine (or anyone else’s opinion of you or your content). You gotta be you and there will always be haters. Thank you for all of the LOVE you put in and for helping to change the future for our kids!

  380. Katie,

    As so many commenters before me have said, thank you. I found your blog about a year ago and I have to say it is the best one out there for matters of health, wellness, family matters, and well…just about anything. Your passion for your family and for the health of your readers comes through so clearly. As a mom and wife, I really appreciate how your family is incorporated into your writing and your recipes (both food and body).

    Because of you, my family now eats a healthier more well-balanced diet and I am making my own cleaning products, soaps, detergents, and so much more. I am called the “practical hippie” in my Mom’s group now. Always touting homemade bone broth and gummies.
    They think I’m a little nutty, and that’s just fine with me!

    Also, your blog is one of the most visually pleasing out there. Evey thing is organized and searchable. Your color scheme and lay out is well thought out and relevant to the topics at hand. I can’t tell you how many blog’s I have visited because of a FB or Pinterest share only to get there, see a mess of a page and just close it. How the information appears on the page is sometimes just as important as the information itself. You have a very good grasp on that.

    To your questions:
    3. After all of these years your commitment to your core values shines through. I trust that if you decide to allow advertising on your page that it will be tasteful and ascetically sound. I will never hold someone back from being monetarily compensated for their work, and you my dear work very hard.

    2. Real Katie all the way! Be you, we all like you.

    1. I am not a particularly big ebook reader, but I have nothing against it. I did very much enjoy the Wellness Summit so I am excited at the prospect of more courses. One suggestion I have is to create some “how to” videos. Some of your recipes seem very simple…until you are in the middle of it! If you would be willing to re-create some of your lotions, bars, toothpastes, etc. for us it would be so helpful!

    Good luck in making your choices. And remember few things in life are permanent, try it one way, if it works, great! If not, try another way.

  381. Katie,

    First of all, you have to take care of YOU, your family and your business. I think everyone knows that advertising is a part of our life today……you can’t get away from it anywhere. You have a wonderful website/blog and always offer lots of good, well-researched information…….you have to be paid for that somehow!!

    Keep up the good work and don’t be so hard on yourself…….life is about enjoying those small precious moments, and you’ll totally miss them if you are too stressed out.

    You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first! My children are all grown now and I wish I had this kind of information available 20 years ago! Thank you for all you have shared!

  382. Katie, this message is a bit unique. If you do not have time to read it, I’ve added bullet points at the beginning. Just as you respect our time by getting to the point, I respect your time —

    *please advertise, these companies are changing lives, the world and good for the economy and I know that you will only use companies you both respect and admire – it’s a win win for all
    *I really prefer seeing the 100% no holds bar raw and honest Katie. I loved your other post about the USDA health plate (new food pyramid, but round 🙂 and you were using your voice. I love who you are and different situations will apply who you present yourself as, but don’t be afraid to break out. I was so relieved that you aren’t perfect because I thought you were and it did make me feel a little badly about what I could accomplish as a woman, mother, wife, business woman, And now I know the truth —-THANK YOU
    *please do not remove or destroy or ‘over’ edit (because someone will not ‘receive’ your posts well… you have enough on par excellence work that if I disagree with something, who cares. Friends, family, they disagree or have different preferences, etc — it doesn’t mean that you need to be self-conscious and struggle to change to ‘fit’ my idea of what you should be. Leave those old pieces in tact — they are not unlike Sean Croxton who had old videos in a very dingy little apartment but his soul was so bright and his hope… that now he is in such a better place AND HE LETS US SEE THAT, we can deduct his circumstances have changed. And that is INSPIRING! Let us see your growth. If you take a picture of your kid and because it isn’t set up perfect throw it away? I am a minimalist and if you have 5 copies, throw the rest away but just because it isn’t perfect you want to remove it? Please don’t. LET IT GO – focus forward. You have dinners to make, kids to teach, and information to share….

    *I do have some suggestions on blog topics that you have not written about that I will PM you about or you can PM me because I know you have my email. And lastly…
    *I know you are so busy and have received SO MANY comments. So first I am going to answer your questions…. and start at what would be the end of my ‘comment’ — Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you buy most or all of your products that you review or recommend, and that you do not advertise. I do love your standards you have set in that regard. You REALLY stand out with integrity.

    However, I love Rose Mountain Herbs and Starwest Botanicals, neither of which I would have ever heard about before your blog. I also think it would be good for you capitalize on your HARD WORK (volunteer or not) by sharing other wonderful businesses who are changing the world by their very existence! In fact Katie, I feel it is almost a duty because these companies are making a difference! And isn’t that what we all want? They deserve your (our) support!

    Of course, I dislike huge e-newsletter pop-ups for newsletter sign up or free books (think Paleo site with Rob Wolf or Mercola) — and perhaps I recall you tried this before? One can not read for a few moments (especially on an iPhone) without signing up (even if you already did sign up it still pops up). Trust me, and you know this. If people want to sign up THEY WILL. You don’t have to ‘harass’ them. Not that ‘you’ are, but generally speaking.

    And no one cares for obnoxious neon flashing ads of products I won’t use or companies without integrity. And like you said I have seen bloggers whose work I appreciate but their ads clash for what they stand for. While I maintain absolute respect for these individuals I have to admit there is some cognitive dissonance going on there, for me as their reader and for them as the relayer of information. But I TRUST that you will support good companies that will help your readers. In turn this will support a revolutionary economy that is good for people. How can you not allow advertisements, honestly? This is a long time coming. I have been following your blog almost 2 years. Now when I have a health question, I search your site first because I trust you have done the research that I may not have had time or prefer not to do due to other time or work constraints.

    I’m being quite honest when I think of you during the week when I am making golden curry tea or straightening up essential oils in my bathroom cabinet that your kids and family must have it SO NICE. I imagine they are getting the best natural health care, nutrition and yummy meals… but then I notice your posts. I notice the solid content and research behind them… and I know from first hand experience of writing articles about things I care about and the research that goes in to support them, even when being as time efficient as possible TAKES TIME….

    I wondered if you had an extra 4 hours or something in the day like you said 28 hour days! The first time I read your article, I made it probably about 2/3 through and my eyes were watery because I felt what you were going through. And I think it was unknowingly brilliant on your choosing to follow your instinct and share with us because now I know you aren’t perfect.

    Do you know what a relief that is? I know that you struggle with laundry on the floor and boring repetitive dinners when work or your passion over occupies or steals your time away from family or home. It is so refreshing to see that you have made mistakes, and I appreciate you sharing and going into detail. I also like that you can be brutally honest and I liked the cursing even if it isn’t PC because that’s real and whatever religion you are or aren’t is irrelevant to the sharing of information to help people. I see a lot of flack on here regarding religion.

    If you believe in Jesus, know that he wouldn’t judge someone for cursing. And if I know ANYTHING about you it is that you are educated, intellectual researcher who loves to write and writing (even if it is exhausting) the finished product is something people will continue to appreciate indefinitely – an archive if you will – and personal expression with the words you choose convey your own personal art with the stroke of a pen. Be/do you. xoxox Ava

  383. The saying on my mirror this week seems fitting…

    The world needs you NOW…
    Not when you become perfect.

  384. Hi Katie, I love your blog so so very much! you have really changed my life (even if I’m only 15 years old) and ever since I started reading your posts I started to pay attention to what I put in and on my body. Thank you for posting so much awesomeness and helping others. Love, Marie.

  385. I’ve been a reader for about a year now and have no complaints about your blog. I admire your passion and enjoy your posts. In answer to your questions:
    1. If it’s a product you love, use, and trust, then I wouldn’t mind seeing the advertisement. However, I despise the pop-up ads that you have to watch before you can continue on the site.
    2. I don’t necessarily mind raw, real, and imperfect, but I’m not sure about uncensored. If that means I will see lots of curse words and profanity in your posts, I will be less inclined to read. I’m only commenting, because you asked my preference. I’m not judging, because I’m not perfect either.
    3. I like your blog and your material fine the way it is. Your posts are short, but efficient and easy to access.

  386. Hi Katie,

    You’ve inspired me! Your blog is the motherload of information I have been seeking out for years. I wasn’t able to find all the answers I was looking for without your site, and some times I would be on the wrong path because I wasn’t able to do the proper research first. I work full time as an Accountant and I reserach healthy living issues in my spare time, but I don’t have the same education as you, so now that I have found you, I rely on your research.

    The recent Wellness Summitt was a HUGE educational opprotunity for me and I’ve been sharing what I learned every chance I get with family and friends. For instance, I thought I new alot about gluten & PMS, but I learned new things about both that I’ve never heard of, or read about, before.

    You are changing lives & families so don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t short yourself either. I hate abnoxious ads like the ones that cover up the site’s data or the ones you have to click “close” on in order to read the site. I appreciate ads that have products similar to what I’m already interested in…like the people, books and suppliers you had at the summit. If keeping your site running and your family provided for means selling some ad space, then I say do it. I have a business education, and I value ethics more than most. I have appreciated that your site doesn’t have ads, but I think there’s a way to balance the two (business & ethics) so that you still have a win-win situation for you and your readers.

    I can’t provide good advise about the whole image issue. I prefer down to earth conversations, but I understand the stakes are different when the image is the business.

    In regards to content, I guess I would like to see videos on how you make some of your products. I learn better with a demonstration.

    Also, I think balance is key and it sounds like that is what you are struggling with yourself. It might help everyone if part of your new content is about how to balance MAJOR life changes (like diet changes, new babies, relationships, aging) and the everyday issues (emergencies & non-emergencies alike). I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t struggle with these issues, probably because we all take ourselves a little too seriously, and sometimes just a honest confession or a laugh is all one needs to melt away the worries.

    Keep up the great work!

  387. Dear Katie,
    I love your blog. It has made a real difference in my life and in the life of my family and friends-because I talk about what I read on you blog a lot!
    I am also a homeschool mom and I know the time and energy that requires. It isn’t an easy job.
    So here is what I think. Put the ads on and make some money! I am a capitalist and you should be too. You spend a lot of time working on what you put on the blog and you should reap benefit from that.
    I am also a perfectionist and I love to pour into the lives of others. I have been doing it for a long time. I just want to caution you to keep your priorities in line. God first, then your husband, then your precious children and then the rest of us! My parents own a business and for 40 years they have poured everything into the business and their customers at the expense of their relationship, the relationships with their children and grandchildren and just about everything else.
    We so appreciate what you do, but in 10 or 20 years your children are the ones who will remember where your head and heart were. We will all love the things you have shared and taught us and we will be using them in 20 years as will our children. What you do is valuable and important and greatly appreciated. Please get paid for it!
    Thanks for all you do!

  388. Katie, I have been following your blog for several years and have learned SO much from it – you are still my go-to for pretty much everything crunchy health-wise, because your articles are so well-researched. However, I have to say this is one of my favorite posts you’ve written. I am a Therapeutic Chef and definitely do the most of anyone I know as far as “going the distance” to make sure everything in my family’s life is as natural, non-toxic, and healthy as possible. And yet, I found myself feeling less-than-enough after reading your blog all the time, because I just kept saying “She has FIVE KIDS, AND her blog, AND she’s a doula, AND and and…” when I only have 1 kid so far….?!

    So, PLEASE show us more of the real you!! It was very encouraging to see that you are, in fact, human 😉 I, for one, would frequent your blog even more if you got rid of some of the “Perfect Wellness Mama” image. I think it would make us all feel a little more capable haha! And you, of course, are AMAZING! Thank you so much for all that you do – I send people to your site ALL the time, because whenever they ask me about something, you’ve already written an awesome article about it and I know I can trust your research!

  389. Katie, I found your blog at a time when I was frustrated. I had been ill for several years with no diagnosis, no answers, and only vague responses from my doctors. I had tried several things and turned to more traditional modes of healing to find those answers. I was slowly healing but still with no idea what was wrong. It was at this time that I found your blog. I loved the all natural ingredients to your recipe’s, I loved how simple they all were, I loved your posts and how human you allowed yourself to be on them. Not long after I found out what was wrong with my health and also learned that the ingredients in many modern household items were making it worse. Your blog became invaluable to me as I started to, and continue to replace all the store bought junk with home made quality products. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  390. Advertizing – as long as its not in my in-box – is fine with me. And I’d always prefer to read about the “real” you than a front you are trying to portray. I know I’m not perfect and never will be and I don’t want you to feel like you have to be.

  391. To answer your questions:

    1). An ad in the upper right hand corner is fine. If people know it’s been vetted by you, and maybe if you had a disclaimer about how you personally approve of the link in your affiliate disclosure I doubt anyone would lose trust in you.

    2). I think a little bit of a peek into your personal life would be interesting, but I personally would like the site less if it turned into a “This-is-what-I-thought-and-felt-today” blog. Those are not as helpful as what you provide right now. In general I don’t read blogs to connect with someone, but lots of other people do so my advice might not be the best to take.

    3). I like your DIY home solutions and remedies, so some sort of product that delved deeper into that category would appeal to me. (But again, being a guy I might not be representative of most of your readers. Pregnancy guides don’t hold my attention much :))

  392. I have always appreciated your blog! I would not mind a few carefully chosen advertisers on your blog. I know that you would only allow the ones that met your standards and that sold products you personally use and would endorse. It would even make it easier to find some of the companies that you’ve previously recommended. The one that’s coming to mind is the cookware you use, or the earthing mat that you’ve raved about.
    Definitely spend more time with your family. You’ll never regret it! I recently went back to work half-time and I am really starting to miss my kids. I will be reevaluating some things for 2015 as well.

  393. I just discovered your site today. I immediately liked your down to earth, real person to person, conversational style. What’s interesting for this discussion is HOW I discovered your site. Another site, focused on herbs and herbal formulas, sent me an email with the subject line “how to make herbal root beer video”. When I clicked on the link, I discovered the video was only available as a “bonus” with an order of a product they were selling for $19.99. I felt like I’d been reeled in under false pretenses. Why not GIVE me the recipe that got me here and promote the product, too? After all, there are lots of root beer recipes available for free with a simple search, which I did, and I found Wellness Mama! So happy I found such a wonderful resource! So, my advice is…ads are fine as long as they don’t overwhelm the site and irritate users with constant pop-ups. And don’t make selling your products and services the main focus of your site. Stick to your “roots” and your values as you make the changes you need to make. Meanwhile, I’m unsubscribing from the other site mentioned earlier because all of their posts and emails are focused on selling, even though they, too are family operated.

  394. Your post is SO refreshing. I have been reading blogs for a long time and have become very disillusioned. Everything is about clicking on affiliate links, buying products, and promoting each other!

    An example is one popular blogger who promoted Red Palm Oil. Okay. I had read enough anyway to know about it so on her recommendation, I went ahead and bought it. It’s impossible to use it due to its very strong taste. When I asked for ways she incorporates it in her recipes…silence. Later the post came up again, another reader asked for tips on how to use it…silence. There seems to be no recipes on her blog using this. So I finally learned that bloggers aren’t to be trusted. It’s all about the money. The information posted wasn’t new. I could have said the same things online w/o ever using it, also. I tried to unsubscribe from her blog and it was too confusing so I finally marked it as spam. And I read blogs with a very jaundiced eye now.

    But I have you in my primary e-mail because I still trust you. And even more so now! You make it real, and personal. I wouldn’t mind if you promoted or allowed certain ads because I trust YOU to have thoroughly vetted the company or product.

  395. Katie, Thanks so much for your marvelous blog! I use it as a resource all the time. Your integrity shines through in all your writings. I am sure the same integrity will serve you well if you decide to use some ads on your site. I don’t think you need to change a thing. I have found that when I purchase an e-book…I seldom refer back to it so I don’t really purchase them anymore. ( but that may be because I am technically challenged)
    I have felt confident using the links to purchase products you recommend many times.
    Please keep up the great work…you are reaching and helping so many!

  396. I’m sure people would enjoy you any way you want to be. I enjoy all your postings. I’ve been making soap for years and all the hunters around my area save their fat for me. I love giving soap away, especially to the elderly. I’ve learned many new things from your posts and have tried them all. When I raised my 10 children doing natural things was like a taboo but I did it anyway. My husband and I are into using more vegetables in all our meals. Also planting a garden and eating from it. I do buy my milk from our neighbor who has Jersey cows which we turn in to kefir, yogurt and simple cheeses. We are making less trips to the store. We definitely need to make more things for ourselves from products we trust. I am grateful for your study on the products you present. It sure saves me time. Enjoy your family more and post less often. Thank you for all your hard work. Judith

  397. you’re doing the best you can for your family. You are genuine and I support you 100%! keep it real friend

  398. I don’t normally comment but I felt you needed to hear from as many of us a possible 🙂 Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. After having my daughter just over a year ago my whole mindset shifted and you were there to help me along the way. I am thankful everyday that I found your blog (through another amazing group of like-minded woman) – you’ll be on my list of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving too 🙂 I cannot imagine the pressure you must put on yourself while creating this blog so my wish for you would be to let it go and feel OK with showing us the uncensored version of you. All of the feelings of inadequacy you mentioned are the same for SO MANY OF US! There is such comfort in simply knowing I’m not alone. So to answer your questions:
    1. Do what you feel is best for your sanity – you aren’t going to please everyone on this one. It stinks but as long as you continue to be up front and honest I know I will still support you!
    2. The more uncut and raw the better 🙂
    3. I like the blog posts best since they are quick and easy to read. Although, as others noted, the ebooks and courses are good for more in depth topics.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and THANK YOU!

  399. I found your blog a few months ago and love it! It is the only blog I check daily. I have read every blog you have wrote and it has helped me greatly. Your deodorant recipe is fabulous… The activated charcoal is a great teeth whitener. I love your lotion recipe. My kids love your gummy recipe… I could go on and on. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
    As to the ads, do what you think is right. I don’t consider it “selling out” and personally check out all your recommendations. And, your family should always come first so if you feel it’s the right thing for your family, do it.
    I’m sorry to hear others steal your info and present it as theirs. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.
    I would love to hear your “real” raw unfiltered opinion. 🙂 Honesty is always best.
    Thank you again and I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  400. I read your blog:
    1) To gain a thorough understanding of holistic, healthy living. Maybe that includes organic, all-beef hot dogs. I started kettlebells with an amazingly knowledgeable trainer a year ago with a seed planted here at Wellness Mama.
    2) To check out your recipes. I have found and ordered product from OraWellness, Mtn Rose Herbs, and a few others. I make my own tooth powder, lotion bars and bug spray because of your recipes.
    3) to check out any new affiliate links or products. I know about places to buy grass-fed meats, bone broth, grounding shoes and mats, etc. You can package those things any way you like and I’ll still be reading.

    All the best to you.

  401. Be you! Do what makes you happy, what makes your life easier, what makes you proud of you. I have enjoyed this site so much, have learned new things, have incorporated those things and ideas into my own life as well as share them with friends…..I am grateful to have found this site and will continue to visit it, read your posts and value the information no matter what you decide to change or keep the same.

  402. Be the real you, follow your