Homemade Natural Body Wash

Homemade Natural Body Wash Recipe

When I played soccer in high school, I spent a lot of money on fancy body wash products (and fancy personal care products in general). I definitely bought into all the claims of how they would make your skin softer/tighter/smell great/acne free/etc and had several that I mixed and matched to get the scent and effect I wanted (chemical cocktail anyone?)

I don’t use most conventional products anymore and usually just default to using bar soap, but when I still want the skin softening, great smelling benefits of body wash, I make my own.

Natural Body Wash Recipe

This body wash combines several of my favorite skin care ingredients. I use:

I use a natural sea sponge (like this one) with this body wash and it works really well. Since all ingredients in this recipe are shelf stable, it seems to last a really long time, though I still make it in small batches so I can customize the scent to my ever-changing favorites.

Body Wash Ingredients

Body Wash Instructions

  1. Carefully mix all ingredients by hand with a spoon in a glass liquid measuring cup. Do not use a blender, whisk or had mixer as this will create bubbles and make it impossible to get into a container.
  2. Pour into a (preferably glass) container and use in the shower as a body wash. I use with a natural sea sponge for easy use.

Note: This recipe will last for several months at room temperature.

What do you use for body wash? Or are you a bar soap type of person? Weigh in below!
This homemade body wash combines natural ingredients like liquid castile soap, honey, oils and essential oils for a skin nourishing recipe that works.

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