Natural Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

Natural Toilet Cleaning Fizzies Recipe

Once upon a time, I made a few huge batches of my regular sea salt bath fizzies and postpartum bath fizzies as gifts for friends who were expecting babies.

Natural Effective Toilet Cleaning Fizzies RecipeI kept a few of the ones that broke when I removed them from the molds and was planning to use them myself. I had them in a bag by my bathtub and my one year old got into them (in true one-year old fashion). She was going through a phase of putting everything in the toilet, and these were no exception.

My first reaction was to stifle my annoyance for yet another thing being thrown in the toilet, and then I was angry that I wouldn’t get to use the bath fizzies myself.

I didn’t want to flush the toilet until they finished fizzing since I wasn’t sure that would be good for the pipes. As I stood there watching them fizz and mourning the loss of my relaxing bath, I noticed that the toilet seemed to be getting cleaner as they fizzed.

I used the toilet brush to make sure they had all dissolved and when I flushed the toilet, I was shocked how clean it was. I realized that the bath fizzies had a lot of ingredients that were naturally detoxing, and that these ingredients also worked great for detoxing and cleaning toilettes.

I played with the recipe to make it a little more potent since it wouldn’t need to be gentle enough for skin. The result was an inexpensive, easy-to-make, highly effective toilet cleaning disk. The best part? The kids love using these because they are fun, so my toilets are getting cleaned three times per week or more.

These freshen the bathroom and leave the toilet sparkling. I store them in an air-tight glass jar in the bathroom and use them as needed. I’ve found that if stored correctly, they keep for months.

Natural Toilet Cleaning

If you are still using the “call the poison center if you eat, drink, inhale or look a this wrong” type cleaners, try these instead. All of the ingredients are food grade and can be used in cooking (though I definitely wouldn’t eat them because of the concentration of baking soda and citric acid).

Note: I haven’t tried flushing the toilet before this has fully dissolved, but I would not suggest trying it (I’m thinking that kind of pressure in pipes isn’t the best idea!)

Toilet Cleaning Fizzies Ingredients

Toilet Cleaning Fizzies Instructions

  1. Mix the baking soda and citric acid in a glass bowl. I suggest wearing a mask and some latex gloves for this to protect your skin and eyes).
  2. Slowly mist the dry power with water, mixing as you go.
  3. You want to barely wet the powder to get it to stick together in the mold. Literally 1-2 sprays should be enough and too much will cause fizzing .
  4. Add the essential oils and continue mixing.
  5. When done mixing, you’ll need to separate this mixture into single use sizes. You can either use a 1/2 – 1 tsp measure and place them on a piece of parchment paper until they dry, or use a silicon mold.
  6. Let dry overnight and carefully place in an airtight container like a jar or a gallon zip lock bag and use as needed.

More natural bath cleaning recipes here.

What do you use to clean your bathroom? Ever came up a recipe randomly like this?

Natural toilet cleaning fizzies are a great and effective way to clean a toilet without chemicals. They contain baking soda, citric acid and essential oils.

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Reader Comments

  1. Katie, these sound awesome. I’m curious how many fizzies you get out of one batch. Is it just enough to fill your 24 count mold or do you get more out of it than that?

    • I halved this recipe and it made 23 1 tsp molds. If that helps. 🙂

      • Erica, Please be careful how you are storing these. Last night I had a bottle like the one in the photo but much larger literally explode. Just like a bomb. A coworker gave me a jar of handmade peppermint bath salts and put them in a large mason jar. She used the exact same ingredients as listed here, I had never opened the bottle because I don’t take baths that often, I was in my kitchen and heard an EXPLOSION in my bedroom. I thought someone had shot out my windows, Scared the crap out of me. Then I saw all the glass. The bottle of bath salts exploded, My room looked like an explosion in a Meth Lab…The bath salts turned into a snowy substance and glass blasted trough my bedroom over 15 FT. If I’d been in my room I’d be in the hospital or worse. It blow everything off my dresser. I called another coworker who also got the same gift. Her’s had exploded also a few weeks earlier but was in a cabinet. She wasn’t home at the time so didn’t know it had exploded until later that night. Really Scary. It’s the baking soda, it’s a deadly combo if not stored in a container with holes for air.

        • I was excited about this recipe but although it really fizzed I couldn’t see any evidence that it really cleaned any stains. Still wound up having to scrub with the toilet brush. I halved the recipe could that be why? They seemed to turn out perfectly though. I mixed in a plastic instead of glass bowl is that why they aren’t cleaning? Really fizzed up though.Many thanks for the blog!

  2. I made the postpartum ones recently for my sister and she loved them. Do you think I could just mix the baking soda, citric acid, and essential oil in an airtight jar and put a scoop in the toilet as needed?

    • I did this and they worked beautifully but when I pressed them into moulds and used them they hardly fizzed at all!! The next batch I make I am just keeping at the powder stage 🙂

      • Mine too, I’m thinking more citric less water?

  3. Misting the powder doesn’t make it dissolve? I definitely want to try this, since I already have most of the ingredients, but was curious about that part of the instructions. Is this something you could make a video for?

  4. would these also work for dishwasher detergent?

    • Hi I have seen simular on another website
      and yes you can also use them to wash fruit
      put into dishwashers
      they also clean stubborn stains in your house
      say in your bath just wipe with them 😉
      hope this helps

  5. Katie how much are you using for each cleaning?

      • Is your “one” one tsp or one 1/2 tsp? So excited to try these!

          • Hi:

            Great idea!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

            I’m looking at the picture of the fizzies beside the lemon and wondering if they’re in perspective. The fizzies look much bigger than a teaspoon. Is it possible they are the size of a tablespoon?

  6. Thank you for this simple recipe. Is a mask necessary? Does combining baking soda and citric acid give out any fumes? If so, should it be made outside the house? Just making sure as I have a toddler.

    • No fumes, and it is probably not necessary but I always do this when mixing any kinds of powders

      • It’s completely unnecessary here. Citric acid and sodium bicarbonate form sodium citrate + carbon dioxide + water. Absolutely nothing that would cause any harm to a human even if it got on your skin.

  7. Hi there, I was just wondering approximately how many this will make?

  8. Wow this is awesome!!! I have been looking for better cleaning alternatives. I’m just now kind of letting my products run out naturally before replacing them. I’m book marking this for later use!

  9. Can you give me your original bath fizzy recipe? I also need an idea for what I can color my bath fizzies with… please reply soon:)

  10. Approximately how many does each recipe make? Can’t wait to try these! Thanks.

  11. Thank you for this! I’ve been switching over to homemade cleaners over the last several months. I have been using baking soda to clean the commode, but I think the fizzing action will make it much less work.

  12. I made the postpartum one’s recently for my sister and she loved them. Do you think I could just mix the baking soda, citric acid, and essential oil in a sealed jar and put a scoop in as needed?

    • You could certainly try it… but the form factor is part of the fun 😉

    • I tried this, and the whole jar hardened into one clump. That could be because I live in an area of high humidity, though. I found it better to form them into molds. They work so well! I never would have expected to be so thrilled by a sparkling white toilet. It’s the little things, I suppose. 🙂

  13. Mine are puffing up while drying, are they supposed to do this or did I get too much water in the mix? I guess I’m in the Halloween frame of mind, but this makes me think of cleaning the toilets with Ghost Poop. 🙂 Can’t wait to try them!

    • Well, this morning, each of my puffy blobs has merged into the next so I now have a big sheet of this stuff! Haha! I thought I mixed it to the consistency of wet sand. Does it need to be on the drier side? I wonder if I can cut them up (mayyyyybe without them crumbling to pieces) and still use them?

      • I making them right now and have come back to the post to see what I’m doing wrong as well. Mine keep expanding and overflowing the mold. I’m going to wait and see if the mixture will quit expanding so I can get it into the mold.

        • Mine are puffing as well. :-/ Any ideas??

          • Theyre too moist. Mine turned out like that the first two times. I dont mist – just add two tablespoons of water (the mix looks deceptively dry) and firmly press into molds. I just made some and they turned out perfect. I like the idea of omitting water and just scooping the powder from a jar. Thank you Wellness Mamma for all your hard work. I am literally (!) in awe and extremely grateful.

      • Mine are puffing as well. Katie…..are we doing this right? Looks like there’s about 4 of us on here with the same concern.
        On another note, I put lemon extract in mine and it smells wonderful!

        • I just found this recipe and mine did the same thing.. as well when i dropped one in the toilet it didnt fizz up at all.. it just kinda melted 🙁 what went wrong?

          • Mine didn’t fizz either but only fizzed a tiny bit while making them. I pressed them into an ice cube mold, no expansion and they popped right out the next day. I only had a few tiny bubbles when I put one in the bowl. What did I do wrong?

          • If they’re swelling up, they’re too wet, and all the fizz will be gone. The mixture will look dry, but you should be able to squeeze a handful and it sticks together. I have rescued a batch before, by immediately sifting in a small amount of baking soda and mix, mix, mix to “dry” out the mix before it uses up all the fizz.

      • the same happened to me !! could you cut it once they were dry?

      • This happened to me too!! I remeasured them and they swelled right back up!

  14. Thank you for this post.
    What is the cost breakdown for this recipe? How many tabs can I make from this recipe, and how much would a tab cost me? Just want to make sure that it will save some money.

    • Citric acid is at bulk barn super cheap- but you can find it cheaper at freshco in with the bulk spices. 200g for 1.99. baking soda- 1kg cost me ~3$ This is enough to make at least 30 1tsb tabs (using less than 1/4 a thing of baking soda) hope that helps!

  15. Love this idea!! Using homemade cleaners, my toilet doesn’t have that “fresh and clean” smell anymore. I saw you mentioned vanilla extract, I have a gallon of homemade, would this just replace the water in the recipe? Sounds like it would smell really yummy!

  16. Thank you for this! I can’t wait to try it! One question – is it really just ½-1 teaspoon? Yours (and the molds) somehow look more like ½-1 tablespoon? Thanks for your help!

    • You can definitely use more and to be honest, I didn’t measure the molds, but it will work with as little as 1/2 to 1 tsp if you are trying to stretch it 🙂

  17. Amazing ! Was just thinking that I wanted a better way if cleaning loo other than the bicarbonate and vinegar I have been using – great shout 🙂 I need to bulk but citric acid to get started if Xmas bath bomb making!

  18. What a great idea! It seems so simple too. I can’t wait to try it, I love experimenting with new ingredients ..

  19. Nice! Side note– have you done a sourcing list for the jars you use? I’m trying to do a pantry overhaul and would love airtight jars with hinged tops. Thanks for being so naturally rad! 😉

  20. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid
    NaHCO3, C6H8O7

    chemical – noun
    noun: chemical; plural noun: chemicals; noun: chem.
    1.a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared

    So while baking soda and citric acid are certainly less harsh (in multiple ways) than many other cleaning products, they are indeed chemicals.

    I appreciate the promotion of less toxic and harsh cleaning products and choose to use them myself. However, to say you are cleaning without chemicals isn’t accurate and may contribute to further misunderstandings about the helpful chemicals that we all use every single day.

  21. Is the essential oil necessary? Wondering if I can make it without it. Thanks!

    • It is just for scent and a little extra cleaning power but you can leave it out

  22. Can we replace baking soda to washing soda

    • If you use washing soda, be sure to wear gloves and be very careful not to inhale the dust. Washing soda is a more harsh natural chemical than baking soda. I thought about trying it this way, too!

  23. Hi Katie, this sounds awsome. one question… are they ok for septic systems??

    • I’ve used them without any issues, but always do your own due diligence if you’re worried about it.

  24. Hi Katie,
    Thank you so much for this great post.
    When you put them in the mold, do you press them down with your fingers to compress and is it ok to fill to the top of the mold? How long do you leave them to dry? Do they come out of the mold whole or tend to crumble?
    Sorry for so many questions but I am excited to try this.
    Thank you again. I love your site. Your toothpaste recipes have been awesome.

  25. I’ve been using Baking soda and vinegar with success but love the fun factor of this! Great accidentally find – thankyou 1 yr old! hahha. I’ve also had success with washing soda (4 parts) and sodium per-carbonate (1 part) scoop into the toilet bowl – let sit for few mins, scrub and flush…..I was thinking I could play with your recipe and this one and create some cleaning fun too! Thanks for the inspiration Katie. Your such a blessing to so many peoples lives….

  26. I made these last night. I don’t know if I used too much water? They began fizzing while I was making them and puffing up.

    But I continued in with them and left them to dry over night. They dried just fine. But they didn’t fizz when I put them in the toilets. Any suggestions are welcome from those who have made them! I LOVE this idea and will try again.

  27. Mine are all puffed up too….what did i do wrong? Or should they do this?

    • You didn’t do anything wrong. The citric acid and sodium bicarbonate reacted to make carbon dioxide and sodium citrate. You should use only essential oil and not any water. No idea why this recipe even calls for any water it’s completely ass-backwards from a chemistry standpoint. May as well just buy sodium citrate (which is dirt cheap) rather than add water to the mixture.

      Just mix equal parts citric acid and baking soda (or washing soda for heavy duty cleaning) and add essential oil till you can mix it around and then let it dry out being absolutely sure that no water gets on any of the mixture. Store in a plastic (do not use glass) container that is completely dry and air-tight.

      I recommend diluting your essential oil in a cheap carrier oil so you don’t end up wasting a bunch of essential oil.

      • Thanks! I just used your method, it makes total sense and worked beautifully!

  28. found this a few days ago. found the citric acid. Made this today.
    I’m not sure what went wrong, probably too much water, the whole time I was
    scooping, it was growing. my 1 tsp scoop spread out bigger than a silver dollar. It says wet sand,
    I made it wet sand. It is now dry and i took one to the toilet and dropped it in, nothing happened. just melted and sank to the bottom. After I was finished i have decided this is how school kids make volcanoes. I would also like to know where you get the silicon mold that is only a tsp size. im not going to rate this because i would really like it to work, if someone can tell me what i did wrong.

  29. I had the same problem with the reaction taking place and the mixture kept expanding. Was this due to too much water? I added more baking soda and just kept pushing it back down. After my balls were made and put in the toilet (I tried before they had hardened for a day) the fizzy was very minimal in the toilet and I don’t see a huge improvement in the cleanliness. What are your thoughts on this? Do you use the toilet brush in addition to the fizzies? Thanks!

  30. Aww man after reading the comments I’m a little bummed! I was all excited to go home and make these, but I’m going to wait for Katie’s suggestions, which will hopefully better explain how to make them fizzy and fun! Thanks Katie!! I LOVE your website.

  31. Having the same fizzing and overflowing problem. Not sure what I’ve done wrong and if I’ll be able to use. Do you know Katie? thanks!

    • It is likely from adding too much water. I literally only added a few squirts of water. They are still usable, but won’t fizz as much because they already have fizzed some.

  32. Mine didn’t work either and I read through all the comments and she hasn’t answered any of the previous questions from people who had the same problems.:/ I was so excited but now really disappointed

    • If they fizzed too much when making, likely too much water was added. They should be barely the consistency of sand and stick together loosely when squeezed. If they fizzed while you were making them, that is likely why they didn’t work.

  33. Mine are puffing and fizzing too. I should have read all of the comments before trying this. Quite disappointing as the ingredients aren’t cheap and I hate to waste my EOs. Maybe the instructions should be revised to indicate that very little water is needed – that’s not what I thought from reading these directions.

  34. I also used too much water… 🙁 Today they came out right, and I can’t wait to see them when I take them out of the mould 🙂 But the ones I used too much water in, I found a slightly different way of use 🙂 I put two “cakes” in a pan I had cooked porridge in, and in was bit brown and burnt. (The kids liked to look at the little fizz, and the pan was in the sink). But after 1-2 hours the pan was almost clean, I could use a brush and carefully brush out rest of the brown parts! So thank you for this recipe, it came out great even if I did it wrong the first time 🙂

  35. So excited to try this! We just started making our own cleaners and blogging about it ourselves! Sounds like a chore my kids won’t complain about.

  36. The first time I made bath bombs I had the same exploding problem but then I figured out never to add water! I use nice oil to get the baking soda and citric acid to the wet sand consistency. For this recipe I think I will try a little pure olive oil to get it to hold together but not water.

  37. So disappointed. I too wish I’d read the comments before making this. The recipe really needs to be changed to indicate how little water is needed. It said wet sand, so that’s what I aimed for and really didn’t add much water. Big, puffy mess. What a waste! Hardly fizzes at all in the toilet. 🙁

  38. I made these and I used 1 tsp, and got 60. But if I ever do it again I will skip the misting part and just mix the powder and keep it in a jar and scoop out 1 tsp at a time. Way too much time making them into molds and I also did not understand “wet sand” so mine puffed up a little. But they clean and smell nice. Without the hassle of misting the right amount and making into molds I would rate the powder itself a 5.

    • I really like your idea! Make it, stick it in a mason jar, and just scoop into the toilet. Did it fizz?

  39. I made a batch yesterday and I tried them today, buy when I dropped one on the toilet it did not fizzed. Any Ideas why?

  40. I use baking soda and vinegar, just flush toilet to get sides wet, sprinkle baking soda around inside of bowl, spray with vinegar, let sit 3-5 minutes, brush & flush, cheap, safe and east and works great….

  41. My did not puff up but they will not hold together either. So what did I do wrong?

  42. I, too, had the same fizzing up problem. Now I just have a mess 🙁

  43. I just made these. Before I could scoop them into dollops or an ice cube tray, they fizzed to the top of the bowl. They are outside drying and the dollops have spread off the parchment sheet, and the ones in the ice cube tray are overflowing. The consistency of wet sand must be different for different people; must have made mine too wet, but hate to waste the ingredients. Could I just add the essential oils to the soda and citric acid, seal in a glass jar and dip out into the toilet bowl? Also, is this safe to use to scrub nonporcelain tubs and showers surrounds?

  44. When misting the mixture, (use a fine mist sprayer) only squirt 2 – 3 times. Then, mix the mixture some more, mist again. Repeat until the mixture has the look of sand that is almost dry, but can be formed. (Think crazy sand or kinetic sand texture). I use witch hazel instead of water, it seems to hold together better.
    The important thing is to never get any area really wet. The citric acid will begin to fizz if you do.
    Wear gloves, the citric acid will irritate your hands if you make a lot of this.
    Hope this helps!

    • I always keep some baking soda in my sifter, ready. If I get it too wet in any spot, I just sift in some soda a mix to “dry” it out. I mix with a wisk, which sounds weird, but works well. I use witch hazel, also.

  45. Mine never hardened. And they just plopped into the toilet with no fizz. I am certain I added too much water because I was striving for a nice tight clump in my hand. I fixed it by adding 1 part baking soda and 1/2 part citric acid and after I mixed it in, I spooned some into the toilet to see if it worked. It did. So then I just used a tablespoon from my silverware and pressed a heap into it to form my balls. They aren’t real pretty, but I thought it would be easier than using my snowflake silicone mold and trying to get them out of it.

    If it won’t form a clump on the spoon just spray one spray of water and mix well and try again, repeat one spray at a time until it forms a clump that will come off the spoon without breaking up.

  46. I use witch hazel in a spray bottle. It is much easier, and I haven’t really had a batch not work. One time I got close, and it looked like it was going to “grow” a little. I quickly sifted a little more baking soda in and mixed with my hands. It dried the batch enough I didn’t lose all the fizz.

  47. Hi there! I was so thrilled to find this recipe. I tried them today and when I misted them with water, they started fizzing, and when I scooped them out onto a cookie sheet, they continued to “grow” until they were just a flat pancake of mixture in my cookie sheet! I just threw the whole mess into a jar, but it has continued to fizz and grow and it’s overflowing the jar! I put a couple spoonfuls into my toilets but it’s continuing to grow. What happened?!

  48. I made a half size recipe. I put the dry ingredients in the glass bowl, mixed together. I added about 60 drops of lavender essential oil. Thoroughly mixed that into the powders, and put into a glass jar. I added two teaspoons to the toilet and very little fizzing. Curious as to why the powders are not causing a bigger reaction in the water. Do I need to add more cleaning powder to the toilet? Help!

    • I’d probably add more citric acid. I haven’t tried it as a powder though so I’m not really sure.

      • Thank you for your response. I will add some extra citric acid and see if that won’t be a little more “bubbly”. Appreciate your natural cleaning ideas!

  49. I made the fizz bombs and they came out nicely, fizzed a little bit during the mixing process but it resembled “wet sand” and it molded and all. But when dropped into the toilet, they did not fizz at all.
    They are all hard and dry and smell lovely but no fizz :(. What went wrong?

  50. Made these and they came out great. After reading the comments I was very cautious to not over water. I used a fine mister that I keep in the kitchen with lemon essential oil already in it that I use to spruce up the sink when company comes over. I used a whisk and held the bottle high up and continually whisked only giving it one spray at a time. The mixture will not look wet, will actually look crumbly. If you wait until it looks like sand I think you have put too much water because you still have to add the oils which makes it even wetter. I just kept checking between my fingers. If you drop some of the mix in the sink it should fizz, if it doesn’t fizzed it has too much water. This didn’t work for me on the cookie sheet, worked perfectly using 1 heaping kitchen spoon in mini muffin pans. 1 recipe made 45 heaping muffin molds. Pressed down it is 1/2- 2/3 full. Easy to get out when they are dry and have a nice shape. I just kept pressing the last few crumbs a second time around to get them to really mold. Dehydrated a few lemon and orange slices in the oven, dropped a few of the essential oils on these, glued them to a swing top mason jar and they look nice on the back of the toilet and smell fresh when you open the jar. I am going to try them for the holidays with pine fragrances and pieces of fresh pine + dried cranberries in the jar. Fun, thanks for the recipe Katie!

  51. Tried it. Liked it. Added some tea tree oil to kick it up a notch (a little tea tree oil goes a long way). They made my bathrooms smell really nice, and my toilet bowls are cleeeeeaaannnn. I don’t think a mask is necessary. Neither citric acid nor baking soda are toxic…both can be ingested. When you spray it, powder doesn’t fly up in your face.

  52. I was so excited to make these. They came out great and the fizzing is really fun. But I’ve been using them for about a month, and they are really ineffective at cleaning my toilets. Two stars, because I’m going to have to start using something else. 🙁

  53. Sounds great, but how do I use them?????
    Put them into the toilet and wait until they dissolve?How long will that take?
    Or do I need to leave them in there for hours?


  54. I just made my first batch, but altered it a tad. Instead of water I used thieves cleaner and for my EOs I used Thieves and Lemon.
    I can’t wait to try this! I have a couple of very old toilets that I can’t get clean no matter what I try. I’m hoping this works!

  55. I have two questions

    1. If I keep it in the dry stage to store and scoop out 1 tsp for each toilet does it store as long as the molded recipe?

    If I follow your original recipe is it safe to use plastic ice cube trays for molds?

  56. does this clean under the rim as well or does it only fizz up midway?

    • It might depend on how deep the water in your toilet is… If you have a low flush toilet it may not get up high enough. I still have to brush under the rim in my toilet anyway, just in case.

  57. Hey darlin I attempted to make these and for some reason when I added the misting spray (vanilla extract and water) it started to fizz. Did I do something wrong and then they also began to expand so when I attempted to separated them into the ice trays they expanded and foam over even with the small 1/2 teaspoon serving size. Then when i put them in the toilet and just dissolved, no fizzing. Please help I need to know what I did wrong before I attempt again.

    • It will fizz when the water is added, but the trick is to add just enough to moisten and pack down as it does so that it will fizz when added to the toilet. If too much is added at the beginning, the reaction occurs too early.

  58. dear katie – most importantly, thank you for everything! amazing content, attention to detail and your honesty. i just read the dark side of blogging and thank you for laying it all out there.

    do you have any suggestions for removing hard water stains from white toilets please?
    we live in arizona and no amount of scrubbing with a brush and baking soda has been effective.

    appreciate if you have time to reply or if anyone else has suggestions please.


  59. thanks katie!
    no luck with vinegar and a toothbrush:(
    if i find something that works i’ll post back here 🙂

  60. One thing I know is that citric acid is acidic while baking soda is alkaline; chemically when one adds baking soda to a citric acid solution the baking soda neutralizes the acid and produces carbon dioxide gas in the process (your bubbles). I have never used this combination for cleaning toilet bowls, but I would think that citric acid in solution had to be more effective as a cleaner than the resulting sodium citrate!

  61. Do you know if these fizzles are hard on your water pipes? Just wondering if the citric acid tends to corrode them.

    • Not that I’ve found, but check with a plumber if you’re worried about it…

  62. I’ve just made these. Being time poor I haven’t moulded them, just put in a plastic container as powder. I’ll head out to find a nice looking container or tin (not glass thanks to other comments) for the toilet fizz sometime this week. I’ve put some in the loo and awaiting for the magic to happen 🙂

    I did a cost breakdown. (Using my costs, my scales)

    2 cup big carb was 450g.
    $7.30 1kg at 450g is $3.28.

    2\3c citric acid
    $6.50 1kg for 100g is 0.65

    I’m not sure exactly how to work out cost of the oils as I don’t know how many drops per jar lol and I didn’t weigh the drops. But I used 30 drops of citrus.

    So 1 tsp weighed in at 6g. The whole weight was 550 so we have 91.5 treatments 🙂

    I’m usually a every second day toilet cleaner so that’s going to last me around 6 months at a cost of $3.93 not including the oil! Not bad ? I’m prob chuck some vinegar in too so ill have to work out that additional cost if its needed.

  63. FYI I used this recipe as inspiration for my day retainer cleaner tablets. I’m very happy with the results.

  64. Citric essential oils + baking soda in a glass container make a bomb. Please, please, be careful, I had one of these blow up in my face. Thankfully I wear glasses. Do not gift these to someone in a sealed glass jar you could cause them serious harm. I love the idea just make sure they can vent as they will continously produce small amount of gas that will build up in a jar.

  65. Hi Wellness Mama!
    What brand of toilet paper do you use? I just switched to recycled since I’m trying to avoid chlorine but just read an article that recycled may not be the way to go since it may have BPA in it? I’m so confused!!

  66. I’d love to try out this recipe but I am not sure about cups vs. grams 🙁 different sources say different things. Can you please help?

    Many thanks in advance.