Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe

Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe

Coffee is a controversial topic in health circles and I could write equally supported posts about why coffee is great for you and why it is horrible. The bottom line is that when sourced correctly, coffee can have some health benefits but there are also people who should avoid it. Like most aspects of health, the answer is personalized to who asked the question.

I’ve written before about my favorite way to drink coffee with added nutrient dense foods like coconut oil, grass fed butter and sometimes spices.

I still love drinking coffee this way and often add liquid stevia or herbs/spices like cinnamon for extra flavor (this is my favorite brand of coffee). When I was working to intensively support my body to get my autoimmune disease into remission, I wasn’t drinking coffee, but found that I could create the same flavors by making a strong tea of dandelion root and chicory root. I fell in love with the flavor of Chicory when I visited New Orleans and sometimes prefer my herbal coffee even when I can have caffeine.

The Problem with Regular Lattes…

In college, I used to subsist on Vanilla Lattes from the coffee shop on campus, and I still love the taste of them. Now that I’m not consuming pasteurized milk or sugars, I don’t drink coffee shop lattes and I definitely don’t drink pre-made coffee creamers (seriously- check the ingredients if you still consume these). I wanted to find a real-food alternative that tasted just as good.

Brain Fuel Coffee

I’d been experimenting with my original favorite coffee recipe and adding Collagen Peptides (blue lid- an easily digestible form of Gelatin) and finally found the perfect blend. If you can tolerate Stevia, adding a few drops of English Toffee or Vanilla stevia makes this taste better than a coffee shop. If not, a splash of vanilla creates almost the same flavor.

I love that this recipe combines some of my favorite nutrient rich foods and is a good combination of fats and protein. I often drink this in the morning and have tons of energy and mental focus all day.

But why is the recipe a Superfood Latte?

Super Ingredients

  • Grass fed butter is a great source of Vitamin K2 which helps decalcify arteries and is important for proper blood clotting. There is also research that it can lower the risk of heart disease. (source)
  • Coconut Oil (or MCT oil) is a great source of Lauric Acid and Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which are an excellent easy fuel source for the body and brain
  • Collagen Hydrolysate is an easily digestible form of gelatin that supports skin, hair, nails and digestion and is a good source of protein. (This is the collagen hydrolysate I use– the blue lid)
  • Chicory and Dandelion root (if using) are naturally supportive of the liver. I order both dandelion root and chicory root in bulk and make them like coffee in a glass french press.

If you are a latte fan and usually spend $3-5 on a sugar-laden one at a coffee shop, try this real food recipe instead!

Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe

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Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe



Yield 1

A delicious latte (with coffee free option) that combines superfoods like coconut oil, grass fed butter and collagen for a protein and beneficial fat rich morning drink.



  1. Brew coffee in a french press for best results, but any coffee will work.
  2. Place brewed coffee, butter, coconut oil/MCT, collagen and vanilla in a blender. Note: do not use a magic bullet or other closed in blender as it can crack or explode.
  3. Blend on high for 10-15 seconds until froth forms.
  4. Drink and enjoy.

Courses Drinks

Cuisine Superfood

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What do you drink in the mornings?

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Reader Comments

  1. Mmm…I can’t wait to try this!

    Can you recommend another good brand of coffee? Bulletproof is a little too pricy for us.

    Thanks Katie for all that you do!!


      • Thanks! 🙂

        I am a little concerned about the Vanilla Sweet Leaf because of the “Natural Flavors” ingredient because sometimes “Natural Flavors” can mean sugar, gluten, etc. I’m trying to find what they use as their natural flavoring, but I can’t seem to find anything. Do you know anything about this?

        • Hey Elle! If you want the bulletproof one for a cheaper price, order the 5 pound bag of the bulletproof coffee and it is way cheaper that way 🙂

          You can also vacuum seal bags of it and put it in the freezer so when you need more you just take out one of the bags, let it warm to room temp, and then its good to go!

          • I’ve read it’s a bad idea to freeze your coffee. You should only buy what you will use within a few weeks. We are lucky enough to have a local coffee shop that roasts their beans in house and provides several fair trade, organic versions!

  2. Is the butter salted or unsalted? Thanks!

    • You can use either one. I like both. Salted gives a more salted vanilla caramel latte taste and regular gives a sweeter taste

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe! I cannot wait to try it: I love the taste of chicory root as well.

  4. This recipe sounds delicious. i would love to try it with dandelion and chicory root. How do you brew that tea?

    This is also a lot of fat and calories for one drink. Do you count this as your breakfast?

    • This does often count as my breakfast but I don’t ever count (or limit) fat or calories. I brew both by adding a tablespoon of each to a french press and adding boiling water.

  5. I mostly prefer my coffee black, but once in a while I’m in the mood for a sweet coffee drink. This one looks great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. I drink two beverages each morning:

    — bone broth, 8 oz.
    — coffee from a roaster that goes around the world, working with small estates and buying directly from them for a higher price than the farmer would get through so-called “fair trade” programs.

  7. Thank you for your knowledgable and encouraging posts!! I can not tolerate coconut oil or MCT at this time. Is the above recipe still acceptable without the MCT or will it affect the finished product?

  8. Hi! Do you use kerrygold butter often? It’s grass fed butter? How about for cooking?

  9. How did get your coffee (in the photo) to turn that creamy color without any milk or cream?

      • I tried it and I loved it! I used unflavored stevia drops, a splash of homemade vanilla and about a teaspoon of raw honey to make it a little sweeter. Perfect! I used to drink my coffee with international delight creamer (nasty ingredients) and I hated that I did that but I just couldn’t give it up. Finally I did it. I quit drinking coffee cold turkey because I could never find a way to enjoy coffee without the nasty creamer. That was about a month ago and I am so happy to have coffee back in my life in a tasty and healthy way! Thanks for the recipe!

  10. I am new to your blog and really enjoy reading about your home made substitutions to otherwise generally unhealthy everyday products. The dry shampoo for brown hair has become a favorite! I will definitely try your recipe for the vanilla latte – it sounds very interesting.

    Our family has found a wonderful low acid coffee that we love. PUROAST LOW ACID COFFEE, made in California. The scientific proof of drastically reduced acid levels is available on their website. It is truly delicious, and offers organic whole bean, ground or k-cup. If you are interested in giving it a try the website is


  11. Do you usually drink chicory root/dandelion blend while pregnant?

    • I am curious about the dandelion/chicory as well. I am 25 weeks. I just brewed a large batch of dandelion/chicory tea. I am wondering if it is safe during pregnancy?

      • I’d check with a doc. I’ve taken dandelion tea during pregnancy but I’d double check…

  12. Katie,

    I have been told that I can consume coffe while trying to heal from an overgrowth of candida in my stomach. I usually use coconut oil in mine do I appreciate this recipe! Did you ever struggle with candida and if so did you also consume grass feed butter through that process? I eliminated dairy a few years ago but perhaps this option would be ok. Any advice on that?

  13. Can I use an immersion blender? I am new to this site. I have immune issues that were made worse by Lyme. I appreciate your sharing this info. I am trying to implement paleo. I love my am coffee. Have been using coconut creamer but look forward to trying this.

    • You could certainly try that but it froths a lot, so just give yourself plenty of room in the cup.

  14. Tried the latte, had everything on hand except butter – it was FANTASTIC! I <3 coffee and had been in the throes of IBS for a long time which meant I couldn't tolerate it. Yay! I know there is an Aztec god of Chocolate, wonder if there is one for Coffee? 😉

  15. Raja’s Cup antioxident tea is a great coffee substitute. I can’t wait to try it with your morning “latte” recipe!

    Question: Do you think this is an appropriate morning drink for kids, using the herbal tea and not coffee?

  16. You mention MCT oil, and link to an online store: What IS MCT oil? The website didn’t say, either. I’d like to KNOW what something is before I buy it!!!

    Thanks for the great blog and this recipe. I plan to try it soon, as coffee really isn’t my thing, but occasionally, I like some.
    I usually have a ‘blended’, using cream, (or half and half) espresso (organic, of course!), ice, and ganache made with organic heavy cream and organic chocolate.

    • Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is a combo of coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

  17. I have done some research on the Kalona and Kerrygold butters. Kalona is not from 100% grass-fed cows – it’s from a variety of local farms, but they can’t guarantee the cows are not fed corn. The Kerrygold butter is from 100% grass-fed cows, and is also delicious!

  18. I have dark hair and when the solution dried, there was salt visible all through my hair and also dropping down to cover my shirt. I looked like I had a serious case of dandruff. I didn’t use an excessive amount and mixed it well with the exact ingredients. Is 2 Tablespoons of Epsom salt correct?

  19. I have the regular beef gelatin in the orange container. Would that work in place of the green container or would it not dissolve properly?

    • It is going to gel up in a way that the collagen won’t.

  20. Dear Katie!
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I am curious though about the flavoured stevia being used. The ingredients of that one has “natural flavours/natural aromatics ” or something to that effect but I am worried how natural that actually is, since it’s not a regulated term. Can you clarify why that one is acceptable? I am sure I will just use pure vanilla, but I would like to know if that brand of flavoured stevia could be another option for me to use if you think it’s acceptable.

  21. This looks delicious! How does it do iced? Could you make this into a gummy/gelatin type item? Thank you!

    • I actually have not tried it iced or as gummies… but I bet it would work. If you try it, let us know how it worked!

      • I tried this iced with a dash of cinnamon, it was fantastic! I used frozen butter, so I had a few small, salty slivers in my drink that were a lovely surprise.

  22. Tried this yesterday morning and it was really really good! I am going to play around with the amounts to better suit my taste as this was just a touch too strong. That is due to the brand of coffee I’m using though, I’m sure. I did add a couple more drops of the Stevia and next time will decrease the coconut oil just a touch. It was frothy and silky when I poured it out of my blender. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Great plan -i have loads of gelatin at home so i guess i could maybe switch in that? I love coffee but am def trying the herbal options right now – which i have to say are lovely too. Loving your podcast to by the way:)

  24. Katie, I LOVE coffee and have read a lot of studies over the years, basically looking for reasons to keep drinking it. I’ll admit, I am hardly objective to risk vs. benefits in this area. I look for benefits.

    Mainly, when I was pregnant, most doctors wanted you to give up coffee and caffeine in general. I worked weird hours and really, really, did not want to. Plus, I love coffee. I had no problems giving up anything for the health of my baby, even coffee, but I wanted to make sure that it was necessary. At the time, I found nothing that connected 3 cups of coffee or less to an increased risk of miscarriage. Although, I endured many snarky comments from an also-pregnant co-worker who gave up caffeine, I had no issues with that pregnancy which went full term and resulted in a healthy baby (he is leaving for college tomorrow). Since that time, anything about coffee and health has always caught my eye.

    Most studies agree that coffee for MOST people is not harmful and may have some benefits. Before commenting, I wanted to take the time to do some checking and see if I remembered the facts correctly. This is what i found. I will start with a negative.

    A french press and other unfiltered methods of brewing coffee do not remove oils called terpines. Diterpines, specifically cafestrol (in coffee) can raise cholesterol, including LDL’s. Low density lipids/LDL’s are the “bad” cholesterol. More than 12 studies link coffee to increases in cholesterol. A paper filter will remove these. In Europe, some place use perforated filters to enhance flavor (when they use filters). Those will not remove enough of the oils to help.

    The good news is that Harvard did a large study of over 130,000 coffee drinkers and found few negative effects on health and many benefits. Even the increased cholesterol was not much of an issue when compared to other factors such as smoking and being overweight. Johns Hopkins University has also studies coffee and health.

    I do have a strong family history of heart disease and hyperlipidemia. Because of this, I personally do not drink unfiltered coffee. My cholesterol levels run high and using a paper filter is one of the measures I use to keep it under control. Although I am middle aged and kind of fat these days, my cholesterol levels are no worse than when I was 25, much more active, and on the verge of being underweight. I will take the small victories when I can get them.

    Reasons to skip coffee and other sources of caffeine include bladder irritation, irregular heart rate, and digestive upset. If coffee causes these issues, it might be time to give it up but there are things that you can try if giving up coffee makes you sad to even think about it. If coffee upsets your stomach, check into cold brew methods which result in lower acid content. Decaf coffee may help with irregular heart rate and bladder irritation but other compounds in coffee can contribute to all of these problems so it may be best to give it up entirely if decaf and/or cold brew don’t help.

    I did not have time to check into the link with coffee and caffeine with fibrocystic breast tissue. If I remember correctly, fibrocystic breast tissue is not harmful but can make it harder to detect the early signs of breast cancer. I had one friend who eliminated caffeine from her diet (she was a diet Coke addict and quit drinking it because of issues with bone density, not because of breast issues) and her mammogram one year later had no signs of fibrocystic breast tissue where she had lots of it before. The change was so dramatic that the radiologist actually came out to speak with her. The female radiologist called her “the poster child for giving up caffeine.” If you have problems with fibrocystic breasts or a strong family history of breast cancer, you may want to check into this further. Remember, the fibocystic breast are NOT cancer. Coffee does NOT cause cancer, to my knowledge, but it may make it harder to detect for some women.

    In conclusion, most of us can drink coffee and just enjoy it but I will take mine filtered, please. Cheers!

  25. I make something similar in the mornings as well! I’m not a big breakfast eater, so I use a stick blender and blend in 2 eggs to my coffee…with some coconut milk, grassfed butter, a dollup of maple syrup, 1 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 Tbs gelatin, cinnamon, turmeric, and a pinch of pink salt. Ha, it seems like a long list, but it seriously tastes like the best spiced mocha ever! I love it and it totally keeps me going till lunch without having to shovel a bowl of eggs down my throat before work. Maybe I will get some stevia drops to try instead of the maple syrup. I typically don’t like stevia because it has a weird aftertaste….but I will see! Didn’t know they had different flavors 🙂

    • Allison, I tried your recipe, because I don’t yet have the collagen, and I liked it! You didn’t give all the measurements, but I figured it out, and although I do buy pasture raised organic eggs, I was a bit reluctant to consume raw eggs….just the thought! But I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. I have noticed that for me, if I drink any coffee drink, I am not very hungry for some time. I drank your concoction around 6-8am ( It made two full insulated coffee mugs full).
      I didn’t use the immersion blender, but reading about not using a closed container, I poured the fresh brewed coffee into the cups 3/4 full, used my magic bullet, added the eggs and everything else, blended it up and added the remainder 1/4 of it to the two coffees. I didn’t get hungry until after about 11 am. This is very similar to Katie’s salted caramel latte…which I have made and I really like it too.
      I am anxious to get my order of the collagen, so I can make Katie’s recipe using the dandelion/chicory just to try them out… I probably won’t use stevia, as I am not a fan of it, either honey after it cools, or maple syrup will be my choices.
      Great post, as usual, Katie!

  26. I definitely agree with you that some people should avoid coffee. My boyfriend can drink 3 cups a day and feel great, but when I have just one it increases my anxiety. But, I think if you enjoy coffee and your body tolerates it well, the good vs the bad is pretty much equal (as long as it’s organic).

    I used to be a coffee fiend/snob… If you like really good quality coffee here are some recommendations on making your brew even better!
    1. Use beans that have been roasted in the past 2 weeks
    2. Grind your coffee per cup immediately before using them
    3. Use the pour over method or a french press to brew your coffee
    4. Use filtered water!

    Great post 🙂 I’ll definitely try this with some dandelion/chicory blend!

    • Does using beans that are freshly roasted ensure reduced mold? Is this better?

    • I noted someone else mentioned that although a french press makes good coffee, it is not the best because it leaves the oils which have something in them that isn’t healthy for you. (Can’t remember just what it is right now, but you could research it online). Today I used a drip machine, but I have a percolator, the very old style, and I’ll be using that with a filter…that’s for my power-less coffee …sans use of electricity, over a camp stove…

  27. I can’t wait to try this. I love roasted dandelion root and chamomile as a coffee alternative. The chamomile sweetness really balances the bitter from the dandelion. I’ve never tried it with chicory root! I’ve made a recipe similar to this using just regular coconut oil and the red canister of gelatin and it works fine. The heat from the coffee dissolves to gelatin but if you let it sit to long it does start to gel. I don’t actually understand the difference between mct oil an regular coconut oil so I’ve never bought it

  28. This sounds great and the way you explained it makes it sound easy to try. I have been looking for a better creamer option so thanks for this idea.

  29. I took your recipe for the “brain power smoothie” and like you suggested, I added coffee as the base, and sometimes I add a couple drops of honey or maple syrup, or none, as I like the plain old coffee taste as well, and its really good. it’s a great frothy coffee smoothie!

  30. Exccellent modification of the Bullet-Proff coffee! Delicious!! Thank you.

  31. Is Dandelion Root coffee safe to drink while breastfeeding (and possibly pregnant) ?

  32. For those looking for a good brand of coffee, I prefer Ravens Brew. Yum. It is a little pricey, but its good quality and they sell organic of most of their blends. My favorites are the Bruin Blend and Deadman’s Reach. Although, dead man tends to have a little more caffeine than I should consume.

    I’ve heard of using dandelion and chicory as coffee substitute before. I used to add chicory root to my cheap coffee to make it taste better. What are the proportions your using when you make the dandelion/chicory blend? I didn’t see it above.

  33. I used the links above to get the collagen hydrolysate and roasted chicory root. I received them today and the roasted chicory root came in an unsealed bag. I am not sure if this is how yours comes but I feel quite uneasy about it. Also, the collagen had a misspelling in the label which also makes me feel uneasy about using that. Do you know of other sources to buy these products?

  34. You can get the chicory or dandelion root from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are a great company, and I use them as my go-to for most all of my recipe ingredients. They are local for me, and I pick up at their warehouse, and they have always been great about questions, and any issues I have with their products. Not sure about the collagen….sorry.

  35. I tried a slight variation of this recipe today and I quite like it. I have never had a latte, but thought what the heck. I did use a few drops of vanilla essential oil and just a few of liquid stevia, very good.

  36. I just made this today, and it’s delicious! I used Teeccino Dandelion Caramel Nut, and I also just used regular vanilla extract. I think next time I will add a tiny bit of raw honey to sweeten it a bit. I will definitely be making this again! Thanks!!

  37. Do collagen peptides have a taste? Why do we need to “work up to” a tablespoon? I would like to know before I order them if you can help me with this.

    I discovered “WellnessMama” through a friend who has nursed her very sick husband back to health using the information you have on your site.

    Thank you for the information you give us. It is such a relief to know I can take what you say, do a little extra reading if I choose, then feel confident about my choices. I had given up on much of changing things for health’s sake after my reading would come up with something like this: never eat fruit without protein, never eat fruit with protein, you don’t even need fruit and you don’t even need protein. It was making me crazy!

  38. This recipe is fantastic! I’ve been making this for the adults in my family for the last month or so and they LOVE it. They look forward to it every morning.

    We bought Starbucks this morning and they couldn’t stand it because they were used to your recipe, which is so much better! I also love that the healthy fats slow the release of caffeine into the bloodstream, meaning a more steady release of caffeine.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe with us!

  39. Hi Katie,
    I love this coffee! I make it every morning. Only thing is now I’m 17 weeks pregnant, do you think organic vanilla extract is ok even if it has alcohol in it?

  40. I love my cup of joe with a generous dash of cinnamon and even some coconut oil. Do you know if the brand of coffee beans you use are considered acidic or alkaline?

  41. I just tried this today!! I Was surprised and quite pleased with how yummy it turned out! Super creamy and so much better than a regular latte. I just got my collagen in the mail yesterday and was happy to start using it! I’m really hoping it will help my skin and nails! My pregnancy was difficult and have been trying to get back on track to a healthier me! Thank you so much for your site! I’ve discovered so many wonderful things!!

  42. Has anyone ever used the gelatin with the green lid? That’s all I have. I’m wondering if it might turn out like a frappucino? Help!! Thank you!