How to Make a Natural Linen Spray (DIY Recipe)

How to make a refreshing natural linen spray

People in laundry commercials can be quite entertaining. Images of flowers, sunshine, and a background of snowy mountains promise laundry as fresh as a day in the Alps! But those man-made chemicals don’t hold a candle to real, natural freshness (that is actually good for you too).

This natural linen spray recipe uses essential oils to leave fabrics smelling clean and fresh, without any harmful artificial fragrances.

Natural Linen Spray or … Chemical Soup?

Homemade laundry detergent gets clothes clean without chemicals, but it does have one significant drawback. We all love our laundry not only to look clean and fresh, but to smell that way too. And natural scents like essential oils just don’t last as long as the artificial chemicals conventional detergents rely on. (It’s kind of freaky how strong those scents are and how long they last… )

Laundry washed in conventional detergent may smell nice, but it hardly seems worth risking brain cell death. One study analyzing over 90 fragrances reports that these artificial scents may mutate cells in the body, and are even implicated in contributing to autism.

This scent of this homemade linen spray recipe won’t last a full week (and then some!) like the conventional options, but it’s easy to reach for whenever a boost of natural freshness is needed.

And no bad side effects … in fact, only good ones!

Essential Oil Linen Spray: Double Duty

Linen spray is nice to have around not only for laundry but for bigger fabric items that can’t be run through the washing machine: carpets, bedding, sofas, pillows … even a child’s favorite life-size teddy bear.

As a bonus, essential oils don’t just mask the scent but thanks to their antimicrobial properties, actually work against the bacteria that causes unpleasant odors.

A few key players in this linen spray are:

  • Lavender – A gentle microbial essential oil that is disinfecting and cleansing, while calming and uplifting the mind.
  • Citrus oil (lemon) – Similar in its actions to lavender oil but more invigorating and uplifting as it cleanses surfaces.
  • White fir – Calming and grounding, in addition to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Cypress – A woodsy smelling oil that’s known for its ability to help ground the emotions.

All together these essential oils combine to create an uplifting, calming, and refreshing linen spray with notes of woodsy, citrus, and floral scents.

Refreshing DIY Linen Spray Recipe

A word about essential oil brands- I am brand neutral. I use several brands and like them all. The particular brand in the picture just photographs well so I used it. I typically use either Plant Therapy essential oils or Eden’s Garden essential oils (and just didn’t have matching bottles in these).

Linen Spray Ingredients

Linen Spray Directions

  1. Combine the vodka and essential oils in the spray bottle, and give it a good swirl to combine. Let sit for 15 minutes for scents to combine. Shake again.
  2. Add water until almost full, leaving about ½ inch of space at the top.
  3. Cap the bottle and shake again to combine.

Instructions: How to Use the Linen Spray

  • Shake the bottle well before each use, and liberally spray on fabrics as desired.
  • This spray is safe for most fabric types, but a small area can be patch tested if there are any concerns.
  • The linen spray can be used on bedding, clothing, fabric-covered furniture, etc., for a fresh scent.
  • With the alcohol, this spray will last for months without the need for refrigeration.

What’s your favorite way to keep fabrics smelling fresh? Have you already made the switch to natural scents for clothing and fabrics?

This natural linen spray recipe uses essential oils to leave fabrics smelling clean and fresh, without any harmful artificial fragrances.

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks, Katie for the article. This would help me (and many people who follow this) in preparing and using a natural and safe spray without side effects.

  2. I was wondering if there was a good substitute for the vodka. As a recovering alcoholic, O don’t dsre have any in the housse

    • Witch Hazel is what I use, it does not have the nasty smell of rubbing alcohol and is good for you skin. You add the EO into it shack then add distilled water. 1 part Whitch Hazel, 3 parts distilled water.

      • Grain alcohol would be the best. The purer the alcohol, the less of smell. Also, witch hazel is 80% water and thus not really good at solubilizing and dispersing the essential oils. They’ll just float at the top of the spray bottle.

    • Yes Witch Hazel is better option than vodka or alcohol if you prefer and it makes it a safe body spray as well:)

  3. Is this spray safe for use on baby items (nursing pillows, etc.)? Wasn’t sure, with the different types of essential oils….

  4. Thank you for this post! I’ve wanted a safe option to appease my husband who wants scented laundry detergent.

    It is scary how long some laundry detergent scents last…I pulled a shirt out of my drawer I had not worn in almost a year and a half (switched to more natural detergents after getting pregnant so I know it was in there since that point), and it was still heavily scented. Gross.

  5. The love sandalwood oil but it’s hard to find and expensive.

  6. Can this double as a room spray ?

  7. Why deliberately not mention DoTerra brand oils? I love them!

    • I have tried and used dozens of different oils over the years, but my current favorite brands are Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden. I’m not a big fan of the MLM brands, as they are over priced and I don’t like their distribution model…

  8. Hey Katie,

    Thank you for this article. It is always good to understand what goes into our clothes when we launder them. In reference to the linen spray, it seems like the amount of essential oil drops is too much. Hopefully, the desire is to be sustainable with the essential oil we use so that the flowers, plants, trees, etc that we get our oil from could be around for our children to enjoy. Is there a way to use less and get the same effect?

  9. Will this get rid of pet odors & urine smell? Love this recipe. Going to order the oils I need tomorrow. I use Rocky Mountain Oils which are 100 percent pure, no additives. I also se Plant Therapy but haven’t tried Edens Garden. I will check them out as well. Thank you for the recipe & God bless.

  10. Excellent Information:::::What size bottle does this formula make? Thank You!!

  11. I can’t wait to make this. Sounds wonderful! Thanks

  12. Hi Katie, I just made a batch and it smells fantastic! I made it exactly per your recipe. WOW!

  13. whoops, I didn’t real the instructions carefully and I mixed the water, alcohol and eoils all at once without letting the oils sit in the alcohol for 15 minutes. Will this still work?

  14. Thanks for such a great article.

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