Natural Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

Homemade Natural Diaper Cream Recipe

I’ve shared my homemade baby care recipes before but I get a lot of questions about variations of the natural diaper rash cream specifically. I’ve played around with some recipes and settled on one that is by far more effective than any other options I’ve found.

Natural Diaper Cream- Where to Find Ingredients:

I chose all of the ingredients for this natural diaper cream recipe for a very specific reason and together they are really effective at battling diaper rash. For this recipe, I use:

Shea Butter – I use this as one of the core ingredients in homemade diaper cream because contains the fat soluble vitamins A and E. It is soothing to the skin and has a natural SPF of about 6. Additionally, it helps protect skin from drying out since it contains five essential fatty acids. The two brands I’ve tried are this one from Mountain Rose Herbs (my favorite) and this one from Amazon.

Coconut OilI use coconut oil for everything, but it is especially helpful in diaper cream since it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is actually pretty effective on many types of diaper rash if used alone but is more effective when combined with these other ingredients. I use this coconut oil but any unrefined coconut oil will work.

Beeswax– Provides a protective barrier for the skin and helps hold the other ingredients to the skin so they can be effective. I’ve used this beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs and this one.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Liquid– A secret ingredient for helping heal baby’s bottom. Fish oil is often used in conventional diaper creams but the Weston A. Price foundation recommends fermented cod liver oil as a first food and used on a baby’s bottom since it is a good source of fat soluble vitamins and baby will only absorb what is needed from the skin. This ingredient is optional but helpful. I prefer Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil but for this recipe, a high quality regular cod liver oil works as well. Note that this can go rancid so you won’t want to use this ingredient if you don’t plan to use the cream within about 3 months.

Zinc Oxide– An ingredient in main brands like Desitin and Balmex, zinc oxide is insoluble in water and coats the skin. When mixed with the other ingredients, it makes skin water proof and keeps it from drying out. If you rub a small amount of this cream on your arm, you’ll notice that water beads on top of your skin and won’t absorb. I use this non-nano zinc oxide.

Bentonite Clay– Helps control moisture and fights bacteria on the skin that can be making the rash worse. I like this brand.

Natural Diaper Cream Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon beeswax pastilles
  • 1 Tablespoon Fermented Cod Liver Oil (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons zinc oxide powder
  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay
  • Optional: A few drops of chamomile essential oil

How to Make Natural Diaper Cream

  1. Mix shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax in a double boiler or glass bowl over a small saucepan with an inch of water. Bring water to a boil and melt the ingredients. I keep a double boiler just for making beauty products since it is difficult to clean dishes after making anything with beeswax or zinc oxide.
  2. Remove from heat and add the Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Zinc Oxide, Bentonite Clay and Essential Oil (if using).
  3. Stir carefully as it starts to cool. I recommend using a popsicle stick or disposable straw to stir so it can be discarded since it is difficult to get the mixture off of dishes.
  4. Pour in to container you are going to use to store it and stir a few more times as it cools.
  5. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to 3 months.
  6. Use as needed for diaper rash.

Ever made a homemade diaper cream? How did it work? Share below!

This all natural diaper rash cream recipe contains coconut oil, bentonite clay, shea butter, zinc oxide, and fermented cod liver oil.

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Reader Comments

  1. This looks awesome!! Is this safe for cloth diapers? Thank you so much for all that you do!!

    • I have a with cloth because.of the beeswax? It might clog the pores and make it unable to absorb water (since a feeling of this ingredients are moisture repellents)

    • Cod liver oil is not safe for use with cloth diapers! It will make them smell like dead fish. (I would assume that fermenting the cod liver oil would not make a difference here, but maybe?) I would leave that ingredient out if making for use with cloth diapers (even if using a diaper liner, because those always seem to shift around on us).

      • I used to use A&D Ointment on my kids the very few times they had diaper rash. A&D has cod liver oil and while it smelled not so good I never had any problems with it making the diapers smell bad. But I washed the diapers in hot water. Also I gave my kids cod liver oil as a supplement, used cloth diapers to wipe their cod liver oily faces and it washed out easily and diapers smelled just fine.

    • Zinc is not recommended for use with cloth diapers. I’m wondering if you have any advice to increase the melt temperature on this recipe?

    • I use cloth diapers and at every diaper change I apply a layer of coconut oil/thieves oil (2-3 drops of thieves for every tbsp of coconut oil, stored in an airtight container) to her bum. This has been preventing any kind of rash for her entire first year.

      • Thieves has multiple different essential oils in it that are not safe for use on babies. Please research the essential oils you are using on your children before you take some sales persons word for it.

      • Hello,
        I’m having a tough time with laundering my cloth diapers. We have an HE washer and it doesn’t use enough water- it will drain out any additional water that I add. After multiple washes, the diapers smell and look clean but we’re getting that horrible ammonia build up smell that is horrible for baby’s skin and smells horrible. Thanks HE:(

        I’m prepared to get an old washer – do you have any tips for keeping the cloth diapers clean? I have been going crazy trying different things!


        • I’ve heard great things about “Rock in Green- Funk Rock” it’s a bit pricey but I’ve heard not a single negative response about it. It lifts and removes any built up on cloth diapers targeting on ammonia.

        • I’ve heard of people using soaked towels to trick HE washers to think there’s more clothes in the wash, thus adding more water. To help prevent ammonia build up I pre-rinse all diapers with a diaper sprayer before tossing in the diaper pail. It helps a lot. But before I knew that I had ammonia build up on my sons diapers, so I had to strip them. For HE washers I believe it’s 1 teaspoon of regular dawn ultra dish soap and up to a cup of bleach. I have a regular washer, but this was cheap and effective. There’s a YouTube video on this from mama natural.

  2. I cloth diaper and anything with fish oil or cod liver oil makes them stink like fish. Can I leave out those ingredients and still have a functioning product?

    • Yes, I’d also use a liner with zinc oxide though since it can cause them to repel.

      • Does it make them smell? Here is the recipe I am planning to make will it work for cloth diapers? •Shea butter (mountain rose herb)
        •Coconut oil
        •Bees wax pellets
        •Vegit able glycerine
        •chamomile flowers
        •calendula flowers
        • tablespoon bentonite clay
        •2 Tablespoons Fermented Cod Liver Oil

        Is this recipe good? I combined a few

        • I would leave out the fish oil… it will leave an strong fishy odor that is impossible to get out!

  3. Thank you so much I came up with my own yeast diaper rash cream last weekend for my 1 month old and never thought of adding bentonite clay. I’m going to remelt and add some to mine. Thank you for the idea. Will this be okay for cloth wipes and diapers?

    • What is your recipe for yeast rash cream? My 9mo daughter has been fighting a yeast rash for over a month now. 🙁

      • I don’t mess around with yeast because it spreads so quickly, is hard to get rid of and it leads to a very painful rash. When my son gets it, I use OTC medication that knocks it out. It’s the same medication that’s used for athlete’s foot …and you can buy it for a dollar at the 99 Cent Only store.

        • Anyone with yeast rash issues!!! Best natural way to get rid of yeast related rashes… french green clay power. The same stuff you can mix up for your homemade face masks. It absorbs crazy amounts of moisture which yeast needs to thrive. I’ve used it on rashes that OTC and Rx treatments could not resolve. They were gone in hours. Get good quality, pure french clay. Can be purchased online for cheap… like $12 for two pounds which will last you forever.

    • What did you use for your recipe?

  4. This is great! Can’t wait to whip it up. We love CJ’s BUTTer Spritz Oil because its a way to gently coat the tushy without getting our fingers goopy. I’ve scoured the web for a homemade version but can’t find one. Would love to know if you have something in mind!

  5. My baby girl had a bad rash and I mean her butt was burned. We tried everything from destin to sunshine. The only thing that worked was motherlove diaper rash and thrush balm. I call it magic cream and we put just a little bit on and she’s been good ever since.

    • my grandson had a rear bottom and nothing his doc recommended worked but i told my daughter-in-law to use castor oil liberally spread on his bottom and in 24 -hrs a lot of the redness had disappeared by day two he was back to normal also used extra virgin coconut oil as as an alternative as well so give it a try and see if it works for you, good luck!

  6. Hi Katie–is this safe for cloth diapers? I can’t remember what diapering system you use, so not sure if you’d have experience with this or not. Thanks!

  7. Hi Katie,
    Great site! You´ve really been an inspiration at the start of my DIY journey.
    A little question: what can I use if I can´t find bentonite clay? Both here and in the homemade toothpaste recipe. Can I replace wiyh french clay? rasshoul?

  8. On the other end of the age spectrum, I am thinking this would work well for the elderly. My mother is in an assisted living facility. She has some incontinence issues and we are looking for soothing creams to deal similar skin issues caused by adult “diapers”. Thanks for the option:)

  9. Made this last night! Didn’t have the cod liver oil (only the butter oil blend, and didn’t think that would do too well). It’s fantastic. So moisturizing and very easy.

  10. Thank you, Katie for all the information you provide! It’s been a blessing to our family!

    Should we be sure not to prepare and/or store this cream in a metal container? My understanding is that the Bentonite clay is “deactivated” (i.e. the ions get messed-up) if used in metal. Is that your understanding as well?

  11. I have started using bentonite clay as a face mask and my face always turns red afterwards. Would it do the same to the diaper area?

  12. I love this! When our 4 year old was in diapers, we had a hard time finding a diaper cream that he didn’t react to. I am saving this for the day we are blessed with another child. Thank you!

  13. Why do you add Real Dose?

    • Super potent Omega-3s to help calm the inflammation but they aren’t needed…

  14. Hi, do you need to store the cream in a refrigerator?
    Some of the ingredients may deteriorate pretty fast at room temperature

  15. Do you think I could put this in a Goo Tube?

    • You could try it… The only thing I would worry about is the zinc oxide settling.

    • Did it work. Was thinking about the same thing.

  16. Hi. Awesome recipe can’t wait to try it! Two quick questions. 1. Could I use the fclo/butter oil blend? 2. Could I add an essential oil such as grapefruit or sweet orange oil to make it smell a little better, especially if using fclo 🙂 thank you so much!

  17. Hi! I cant wait to try this! two quick questions…1) can i use the fclo/butter oil blend and 2)could i add maybe grapefruit or sweet orange essential oil to help with the smell, especially if using the fclo?

  18. This is an old Louisiana home remedy that clears diaper rash almost instantly. it replaces baby powder, and makes your baby smell like popcorn =3

    My son has very sensitive skin, and even tho baby powder isnt good, his diaper rash would get so out of control, i broke down and used it. But then it only made things worse!!!
    So thankfully, my mother in law gave me this recipe. I cant tell you how effective it is, and it works for all skin types! (make sure they dont have a allergy to flour first tho!)

    To start, take dry flower and put it into a pot on medium to medium high heat.
    Now be sure to constantly stir it untill it has a brown paper bag color.
    Let cool, and put in a jar with poked holes, or any other convenient container!
    You can make as much as you want at a time.

    You can also put some to the side and make a traditional Louisiana gumbo by adding olive to some of the finished product. Adding oil to it makes rue, the base for the gravy.

    If you kinda burn it, dont worry! its okay to still use as baby powder, but not to cook with.

  19. What type of double boiler do you use? Thanks and sorry if this information is somewhere out there already in one of your posts, I am new to the Wellness Mama..
    Thanks for sharing so much with others!

    • I have an old stainless steel one I got at a thrift shop but a glass bowl on top of a small pot works too.

  20. Thanks for the recipe! If I made this without the zinc or FCLO, would I need to add extra clay?

  21. I love you site!!! I found it a month before I had my baby 3 months ago when I was looking for a natural barrier diaper ointment that used coconut oil. I stopped using mouthwash, lotion, deodorant, lip balm, and leave in conditioner and now use only straight coconut oil in place of these items. While I was sure the coconut oil would work for diaper changes, it is sometimes nicer to have something a bit thicker that “stays put”! I adjusted the recipe according to what I had on hand and ended up melting 1/2c coconut oil, 1 TBS beeswax pellets, and 1 tsp vitamin E. We absolutely love it!!!! I had a c-section and because I was given antibiotics afterwards and was nursing the baby, she developed a yeast diaper rash. They gave me two different RX ointments to use to get rid of it over the course of 4 weeks and nothing was working. It was so sad. She was developing open ulcer-like sores from the rash getting so bad and the RX creams burned when we applied them. Finally, I decided I would trust my instincts and stop the RX creams and use only the cream I had made. The rash went away in 3 days!!! So now we use the cream after every diaper change and she hasn’t has any kind of rash since! I am getting ready to mix up my next batch of ointment and would like to add chamomile (for the added soothing element) and lavender (just because it smells so wonderful). How many drops of each would you recommend adding? I was thinking 10-15 of each but I didn’t want to add too much. Do you think this ratio would be okay??? Thanks again for your site!!! So much useful info!

    • That might be a little much… start with maybe a little less.

  22. Hi there, just wondering if this recipe would need to be refridgerated as it contains the cod liver oil? and do you by any chance have a post on nappies if they are good or not? (not the cloth ones just normal ones you buy from the shops) Many thanks, your website is amazing

  23. Hello I have been recently looking into how to Change all of my home things into all natural and safe for my unborn baby. She is due in 3 months but I would like to be prepared for when she is here. Is the shelf life only good for 3 months or can I add another ingredient to make it last longer since im in the process of moving and I wont have much time?

    • Wow, look at you being all prepared! That’s awesome! Well, you could leave out the fermented cods liver oil… That’s really what will spoil, and it’s not strictly necessary. It is extra healing for sore rashy bums.

      • Could you sub vitamin E for the cod liver and dha? Would it do approximately the same thing?

  24. I was wondering if I can use a 100% beeswax candle insure of the pellets. I found it at a local store.
    I love your Blog and DIY remedies. I don’t use duaper dreamer all since my second child was newborn and had severe diaper rash that got worse with everything I tried otc or rx I ended up switching to cloth diapers after trying to change diaper brands with no results. I used the cloth diapers and put Potato Starch on the bum within 2 days it was clear. My baby was then about 4m old and the rash about 3m.
    Now my 1 year old has a rash and I am using on it coconut oil/lavender and Corn starch. I don’t mind trying something new as long as I know its natural and I did it myself 🙂
    I don’t have cod liver oil though and am sceptixal about the zinc oxide. But the bentonite I would try have had great experience when using it on other skin infections.
    Thank you so much for all your great info and recipes keep it up 🙂

  25. Hi Katie,
    I am very new to your incredibly amazing website! And I thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge to your readers. Anyway, I have a baby boy who just turned one last July and I am wondering if I can give him fresh milk(from grass Fed cow). I am nursing but I have to supplement because my milk supply is low. At the moment I am supplementing him with formula. Any advice you can share?
    thanks a million,

    • I’d check out the Nourishing Traditions organic formula recipe. I’ve given my kids raw milk at that age, but I usually add probiotics and other ingredients to improve digestion.

  26. Hi Katie,

    thank you very much for your reply. It’s good to know that I can start giving my baby raw milk now. May I ask what particular brand of probiotic do you use and how much do you add to their milk? I want to try adding that too!

    many thanks,

  27. Just wondering about how much a batch costs?

    • My 1.6L of coconut oil cost just $12 that’s ask you need for diaper rash creme. Done. Easy simple cheap. This week last you a year plus!

  28. I just use coconut oil. Nothing else 7 months running no problems. Don’t need to use every natural thing under the sun. Just coconut oil.

  29. Hi Katie!

    Just wondering if I could use cocoa butter in place of shea butter in the diaper cream recipe? Thanks.

    • I haven’t tried that, but it would probably work just fine.

      • Thanks for your response!

  30. Thank you for the awesome recipes! Would those capsules of omega fatty acids work well in the lotion bars too?

  31. I made this and it works amazing my question is, mine came out super thick, not creamy until I rub it in, is that correct?

  32. I just made this following your recipe pretty close other than J added lavender essential oil and a little rose hip oil but it smells incredibly fishy! Is that how yours turns out? I’m just wondering if maybe the tbsp should be tsp….? Would appreciate you letting us know how youra turns out with the 2 tbsp of fclo. Thanks!! Ellie

  33. It looks kind of green afterwards – is that normal? Your photo looks so white. Add more zinc oxide?

  34. mine came out grainy, is that right?

    • Mine too I was wondering about it. I continue to use my bentontite/water/coconut oil add eo according to preference.
      I doesn’t to remelt this mixture and see if it may somehow help.
      Or is there anything else I can do?

  35. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I have read that you should not use essential oils on infants 3 months and younger. You suggest chamomile essential oils are optional, but have you ever heard of this?

  36. I recently read (in an essential oils book) that you should not use any essential oils on an infant younger than 3 months. I know chamomile is super mild, but just curious if you have ever come across that in your research?

  37. I am glad I stumbled upon your bog. I do have a question about this one – can we do without using Fermented Cod Liver Oil and zinc oxide powder? tried to read how that helps but couldn’t find a clear answer. Also for chamomile oil can I replace it with tea tree oil?

  38. as per diaper rash is consider, it is harmful for children, ecological diapers are one thing which help in fighting diaper rash.
    ????? ???????

  39. I just bought some Redmond brand bentonite clay and was reading the back, it says it contains trace amounts of lead. I’m wondering if this is still safe to use for diaper rash cream and if this is also the same with other brands?

  40. Should this be blended in a processor to get the whipped consistency like the picture in this post?

    • I use an electric mixer to whip mine after it’s cooled down. It comes out beautifully.

  41. You can add a little vegetable glycerine (5%), allantoin (0.1%) and dexpanthenol (vitamin B5 – up to 5%) to hydrolat for cream to better maintain skin moisture, and to have calming and healing effect.

  42. Hi! Thank you so much, this recipe looks fantastic! I was wondering if cod liver oil can be substituted for the fermented cod liver oil? Please respond, I can’t wait to try this recipe out!!! Thank you!

  43. Katie–love what you’re writing and doing here for all us trying the natural way to care for ourselves and our children, thank you!! Thank you especially for this diaper cream recipe. I have kokum butter on hand which is my preference for lip balm and soap so I plan to use that in place of the shea here and I’m wondering if there’s a reason you choose shea over kokum in so many of your recipes? Mountain Rose writes that it is “highly prized and under-rated” and “works well in healing lotions” as it promotes regeneration and elasticity in skin (hence my preferred use in lip balm). I’m relatively new to homemade I’d love your opinion! I imagine its harder consistency will make the end product harder unless I add more coconut oil or beeswax. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  44. Hi Katie–I love your blog and all your recipes. I have been trying them all out on my family and they love them too.

    Would you use something different for adults in diapers? My father is getting big red sores from his diapers even though we’re changing them all the time. I was thinking of using some of the Vinegar of the 4 Thieves on the sores to disinfect them and then the diaper cream. I don’t want to burn him, but I hate the look of those sores…

    • Ouch! Yes, you could certainly try it. I know of bicyclists that use it as a rash cream, so it can help reduce chafing etc.

    • I know this is an older comment, but manuka honey (though expensive) works well on bed sores for the elderly and other bed-bound patients.

  45. Can I make this without the fish oil and it be just as effective or do you recommend a substitute? It will be for a cloth diaper system.

  46. does this have to be stored in a glass container? or can i store it in a plastic squeeze bottle??

  47. The zink powder is not dissolving, why won’t it? What can I do?

    • It’s not really supposed to… It should be evenly distributed, but it won’t dissolve.

  48. This diaper cream is AMAZING!! Occasionally we have struggled with diaper rash; once when my child was teething he had a horrible bleeding rash for almost a week. Nothing was working. This cream cleared it up in just a few hours! Also, I have started using this along with German chamomile hydrosol for my 12-month-old’s eczema and it is getting rid of the eczema when nothing else works!! I know it’s weird to use diaper cream for eczema, but I just massage a small amount into his skin, and it is doing a fabulous job of clearing it up. Thank you so, so much for this recipe!!

  49. I want to make a barrier cream for my grandmother who’s incontinent. Would this recipe be good for her or is it designed solely for rashes? (I would be leaving out the cod liver oil and Real Dose.) I’m thinking of including calendula and chamomile flowers from your older recipe. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  50. I’m wondering approximately how many ounces it makes?

  51. Would it have the same effect if I substituted the Shea butter for Cocoa butter?

  52. Wellness mama-
    Hi, I am wondering if you get all of your herbs and butters from rose mountain herbs or is there a certain brand you get from amazon also?

    • Generally I purchase from MRH but I have backups on Amazon that I also use if MRH is out of stock in something that is a bit time sensitive.

  53. Hi Katie,
    I was wondering if it would work to put witch hazel or is that too strong for baby’s bottoms?

    • I know people who have used it on little ones… just use one that isn’t primarily alcohol

  54. Hi! Wondering if all of these ingredients are on for Infants? Could they be allergic to any of them that young on by chance?

  55. I am making this with zinc and without. Would the one without zinc be ok for every diaper change? TIA

  56. I checked into the Mountain Rose Shea Butter and cannot find out if it has been tested for mercury, lead, bacteria, mold, etc. by the American Shea Butter Institute. I use the one you use and made your cream mixture for my daughter’s diaper rash. However, I just learned not all shea butters are equal and should be tested for such dangerous things by the American Shea Butter Institute. I wanted to bring this to your attention so you are aware and are careful along with any others who read this page and buy Mountain Rose’s shea butter as I have. Do you know by any chance if their shea butter is certified premium grade A and have been tested? I will keep trying to find out, but I feel so sad if I have been putting heavy metals or microbes on her like that. Thank you!

  57. Hi Katie! I am a big blog fan and have started to dabble in your homemade remedies! I made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it hardened up a lot after it cooled down…so to use it on my son, I have to kind of crack a chunk off and rub it all over my hands to get it to spread out and not be chunky. Is that normal? I see people mention above that they whipped it. Do you recommend that?

  58. Hi Katie!

    I am a big fan of the blog, and have started dabbling in your homemade remedies! I made this and shortly after it cooled, and I put it in a mason jar, it hardened a lot. I thought maybe my jar wasn’t sealed well enough so I re-melted it and put it in a better one with a good seal, but it did the same thing. It is still usable, but you kind of have to rub a clump between your hands and fingers a lot to get it to the right consistency to spread on my son’s bottom. Is this normal? I see people mentioned above whipping it in a blender or with a hand mixer. Is this what you did, and do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!


  59. Would a vegetable omega 3 oil work in this recipe instead of cod liver oil? I take Udo’s blend, a mix of flaxseed and sesame oil.

    • I haven’t tried it but it might work. Let me know how it goes if you try it! 🙂

  60. Anyone ever add honey to this? I’ve been using Destin for years, but on my horses… My one horse gets a fungal infection every year on his ankles from all the rain and mud in Florida 🙁 I’ve always mixed some other stuff into my Destin and used it as ointment because it actually stays put when the horse is out in the field. I’m wondering if I can use this recipe plus some more antibacterial and antifungal stuff, like Manuka honey, tea tree oil, etc…. Is it gooey and sticky enough to stay put?

  61. You think it would work ok if I substituted organic castor oil and vitamin E for the two fish oils and corn starch for the zinc oxide. I know the difference between the two last items, but saw arrow root in a comment above and that is usually used as a substitute for corn starch. It looks green at the moment. Is that ok? Is it just because of the lack of zinc oxide?

    • I haven’t tried it but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Let me know if you try it…

  62. I used this recipe minus the fish oil and put it on my daughter tonight. It was ok for a while but then she kept pulling at her diaper and whining. I am not sure what ingredient bothered her but she has only ever had Ava Anderson Non Toxic diaper cream previously and I was trying to make my own. I am wondering if any of your kids reacted this way? She did not have a worse rash or anything, I gave her a bath and then she seemed fine. She is 16 months old.

  63. Do you know if this would be safe stored in a mason jar with a metal container even though it contains the clay?

  64. Hi Katie, Would you recommend taking the Bentonite Clay OUT in light of the new information about lead in BC (from the Bentonite Me Baby product tests)? As their product is 100% BC I assume all BC could have lead in it, and it could get absorbed through the skin?

  65. I don’t know if you’ve answered this already or if I got the ratios wrong but the bentonite clay has made my cream gritty with sediment. Is that normal? I feel like it would be uncomfortable for my baby. I’ve tried it on him a couple of times only with mixed results. Unfortunately I quadrupled the formula to make one big batch. Do you have any ideas Wellness Mama? I thought maybe I could try a sieve, except may it have one fine enough to use, and/or change the ingredients like add more beeswax, Shea butter, zinc oxide… What do you think? I also find that olive oil is more nourishing and protective than coconut oil as a moisturiser. Has anyone tried Olive oil?

    • you can defintiely use olive oil too and adding more zinc and mixing with an immersion blender while melted can help. This recipe can be re-melted and strained or blended if you’d like, though the texture has never seemed to bother my kids.

  66. Is there a way to make it last longer than 3 months?

  67. I just made this and it sat overnight but is still runny. How can I firm it up? Add more shea butter?

  68. Hi I am wondering if there is another zinc oxide you recommend? The one you recommend is always sold out on amazon lol. I keep missing it! It was available to order this afternoon but i was busy and so i just got on to order it and it says its unavailable now. The other top rated one is from Essential Depot. I also see alot that say they are non nano and uncoated but French pressed? And I see some that are cosmetic grade. Is that the same as pharmaceutical grade?

  69. Hello,
    Great post (again)! Your recipes are so easy to make and turn out great.
    Question: Would this be suitable for daily use or only when there is diaper rash present?
    I whipped up a batch, but didn’t have all the ingredients so had to modify it a bit. I omitted the Zinc (used more clay) and used a coconut/grapeseed oil blend infused with dried calendula flowers (in place of straight coconut oil). The texture seems good, although the colour is poo brown (ha!). Not that I care!
    Thanks again!

  70. I would personally use Kaolin Clay instead of the powerful Bentonite Clay for anything going on my baby’s sensitive diaper area. It’s much more gentle and yet has much of the same effects. I think Bentonite is just too harsh for a baby, especially on their genitals and bums. Please take a minute to look into it before deciding which to use.

  71. Hi,
    I love your recipes and have made the nappy rash cream, sunscreen and face cream in the past. my 2 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with an allergy to honey and coconut oil. I too looovvvve coconut oil and put it in everything, but I will have to change that now. What could I use as a replacement for coconut oil in these recipes?
    Thanks so much in advance!

    • Avocado should work, you just won’t need as much since it is liquid.

      • Hi – fresh avocado or avocado oil? Thanks again!!

  72. Thank you so much for this recipe! If I add some Vitamin e and leave out the fish oil, will this extend the shelf life?

  73. Hi,

    A great post and inspirational for me to start preparing rash cream on my own. I will be a follower.

    I wonder if I can do combinations of ingredients for a given purpose?

    e.g. combine arrow root power + zinc oxide powder half and half for needed quantity (if I want to reduce quantity of zinc oxide)

    What does bentonite clay provide? Will it make this solution much thicker if I add that? Should I decrease arrow root powder if I add bentonite clay?

  74. I’ve been making your diaper cream recipe for a year now for my grandmother, it’s amazing. She just turned 100 years old 🙂 I’m considering adding the optional cod oil, but I have two questions. Does it have a strong odor? And since the recipe only calls for a tablespoon at a time, how long will an open bottle last in the fridge? Thanks, and thank you for all the great information you provide 🙂

  75. Hey Katie, I only have the following ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and bentonite clay. So far I’ve been using just coconut oil, Shea butter, and beeswax but just realized I now have bentonite clay (using it for my new deodorant recipe). I was wondering, would adding the bentonite clay (without the other ingredients) mess up the overall recipe? Since I only use Shea butter coconut oil & beeswax? Or would adding the bentonite clay be ok?