Virgin Diet Cookbook Review

The Virgin Diet Cookbook Review

JJ Virgin recently released her first cookbook, “The Virgin Diet Cookbook.”

She also wrote “The Virgin Diet” which was tremendously popular because she was able to help a lot of people lose weight and improve digestive issues by addressing food intolerances. Her new book, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, combines an overview (cliff notes version) of The Virgin Diet with 150 recipes and a plan for determining if you have food allergies or not.

The Good

All of the recipes in The Virgin Diet Cookbook are gluten free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, peanut free and sugar/sweetener free. JJ focuses on food intolerances as a way of losing weight.

JJ has a background in nutrition and fitness and she shares what she learned through years of trial and error. She focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet, which is helpful for many people, and which is sustainable even with kids.

The Just Ok

There are several things I don’t agree with JJ on. A major one is using vegan protein powder. I do agree that many people have problems with eggs so some people should avoid those in the morning (at least for a while), but most vegan protein powders contain pea or rice proteins, which can still be problematic for some people, especially those with autoimmune issues. I use gelatin instead of protein powder (here’s why) and try to stick to real foods in the morning (like leftovers, sweet potato hash, grilled veggies and chicken, etc).

JJ also recommends foods like legumes, quinoa, and gluten-free grains, which can be problematic for many people, especially those with gut problems or auto-immune disease, so many of the recipes in the Virgin Diet Cookbook may not be suitable for people with those problems.

JJ recommends avoiding all dairy, and doesn’t make the distinction between raw dairy (which can be very healing for some people) and pasteurized dairy (which everyone should avoid).

Other than that, I really liked some of the recipes in The Virgin Diet Cookbook and think it could be beneficial for those struggling with food intolerances or weight loss resistance.

What aspect of health do you struggle with the most? Have you read the book? Share below!

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